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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 58: Dreams to Dream

The hidden Luna was stunned at the stunt BlackWarGreymon was trying to do. Recalling Ayumi’s unfortunate history with an evil Digimon in her own timeline, she was surprised to hear the black armoured Digimon admit that he was once evil right in front of her. The blue Alicorn silently stared on. Worried about how the former Twilight would react.

Upon hearing BlackWarGreymon’s confession, Ayumi gawked at the Mega in disbelief. Even taking a single step back from intimidation. Her mind recalling back to the evil Digimon that destroyed the world she knew. She just couldn’t believe it. Her suspicions were correct from the start.

“You… you were evil?” She asked. A hint of shock and fear in her voice.

BlackWarGreymon didn’t need to look at the Alicorn to see what she was going through. He could tell that his words had shaken her to the core. Yet admitting that she was right to suspect him all along. He then gave his reply.

“In a manner of speaking. Yes, I was. I’m an Artificial Digimon.”

But while fear began to gain a grip on Ayumi, it also gave way to confusion. BlackWarGreymon described his kind being mindless and obedient. Yet the entire time she knew him, he wasn’t like that in the slightest. What was also confusing to her was his benevolent nature. He had the power that he claimed had almost doomed his whole world. Yet, he was kind and gentle. He had protected Equestria from numerous threats and never took advantage of it. Celestia even called him the saviour. But the biggest confusion for her was the Digimon’s connection to Equestria itself. She had seen it firsthand. BlackWarGreymon’s negative energy, entwining with the magic of the land. Which proved that he had good intentions. But what’s more, a sign of a being who had a pure heart.

She mentally asked herself. Why would someone who was created for evil, turn out to be so noble and kind?

Her confusion caused her to question BlackWarGreymon’s statement.

“But… I… I don’t understand. You say you’re evil. But…how…?”

Ayumi was lost for words. She hadn’t felt so confused since before her world ended. BlackWarGreymon could see the confusion on the Alicorn’s face. She was clearly struggling to understand what was going on. Not wanting to inadvertently turn Ayumi against him, he decided to explain himself.

“I’m different.”

“Huh?” Ayumi uttered as she glanced up to BlackWarGreymon. Seeing that he was trying to gain her attention. To which she saw the expression in his eyes. Showing that what he was about to say was in a sincere tone.

“When I was created, the data from all those Control Spires gave me more than life. It gave me my own self-awareness. A conscious. It gave me a mind of my own. While I may had performed acts of evil, I didn’t do it for fun or for the sake of being evil. I did it because it was all I know. Back then, I thought that friendship and kindness was weak. And that my only goal in life is to be the strongest. I thought it was my destiny.”

BlackWarGreymon paused. Remembering the rampage he caused back in his earlier days. He then heard Ayumi speaking up. Asking him a question in a curious tone.

“Was it though?”

BlackWarGreymon looked down at Ayumi. Seeing that she was questioning what he thought was his destiny. As he looked back out at the Everfree Forest, he gave his answer.

“No. I believe that was what my creator Arukenimon wanted. And all it took for me to stop was a little pep talk from a Digimon Guardian.”

“A…A guardian!?” Ayumi asked, admittingly amazed that Digimon even have such being of authority. BlackWarGreymon continued.

“Yes. He’s one of the four guardians named Azulongmon. He told me that as long as I have my own free will, only I get to decide what my destiny is. And that even my life has meaning.”

Ayumi slowly began to put together the pieces.

“So… is that when you began to change?”

“Not quite. But my way of thinking changed when I spoke with Agumon. He’s the first Digimon who tried to befriend me. It was he who told me the benefits of friendship. And while it is good to be strong, it is best to use that strength to help others rather than for self-gain. As well as having lemon pie… for some reason.”

Ayumi silently giggled from the last sentence BlackWarGreymon said. She could see that the one called Agumon was the kind who liked to eat and have fun. Similar to her friends from Ponyville. BlackWarGreymon quietly chuckled from seeing a genuine smile on Ayumi’s face. But what he was about to bring up next would surely take that smile away. Something that the eavesdropping Luna was bracing herself to hear.

“I left to think about what Agumon said. But before I could make up my mind, trouble came about. But with the enemy pulling the strings.”

“What enemy?” Ayumi asked. But when BlackWarGreymon answered, she sensed the hate in his voice.

“The master mind who provoked the war from the start. MaloMyotismon.”

As he continued, his tone began to lose its anger. And was replaced with something else entirely.

“By controlling one of his pawns, he attempted to kill an innocent life. But…”

“But what?” Ayumi asked, wondering why the Mega paused. To which he revealed.

“But I got in his way. And took the full force of that attack. I saved a life that day… by sacrificing my own.”

Ayumi paused from BlackWarGreymon’s choice of words. Wondering if she heard him correctly.

“What? Y-you don’t mean…?”

“Yes,” BlackWarGreymon said as he looked down at the Alicorn.

“That was the day I died.”

Ayumi was completely taken aback by what BlackWarGreymon said. The stunned Alicorn stared at him in complete disbelief. Shocked to find out that someone as strong as he had lost his life.

“Y-You died. For real?”

BlackWarGreymon could see the expression on Ayumi’s face. While surprised, he also saw that the mare had sympathy in her eyes. Feeling sorry for him for apparently getting himself killed. He answered back while looking at her.

“Yes. But in my final moments, I threw away my selfish ambitions for strength and power, and called the heroes my friends. I may had been born to be evil, but with my final act, I died a hero. At least that’s how the others saw it.”

Ayumi couldn’t believe what she was hearing. But as she thought back to when she was telling the group about the Digimon who destroyed her world, she remembered BlackWarGreymon asking her a strange question that involved the evil Digimon’s identity. She decided to make her enquiry.

“Wait. Back when I was telling you about my past, you asked me a strange question that involved the Digimon’s appearance. You thought that the Digimon… was the same one that killed you, didn’t you?”

BlackWarGreymon looked to the ground as he answered.

“I had my suspicions, yes. Destroying lives is something MaloMyotismon would do. But my description of him didn’t match the Digimon that ruined your world. From what I recall, he had a vampire theme in his transformations.”

Then Ayumi remembered something.

“But wait. If you died, then… how are you here?”

BlackWarGreymon was admittingly surprised that Ayumi didn’t ask that question in the first place. But as he answered, he looked up into the sky. An orange hue illuminated by the sunset in the horizon.

“Honestly… I don’t know. After my death, I ended up in some place I’ve never seen before with my fatal wound completely healed. But as strange as it sounds, I later found out that the energy I felt from that realm, it matched perfectly to the Tree of Harmony.”

Ayumi once more paused in shock at what words entered her ears. Surprised to hear that a possible connection BlackWarGreymon had to Equestria had already formed much earlier than she expected.

“Th… the tree?”

She began to think, but what she thought she found impossible. It almost sounded like the Tree of Harmony itself had summoned BlackWarGreymon to Equestria. In her mind, it sounded farfetched. But since the Digimon had already defied all her expectations in their earlier battle, she didn’t know what do believe anymore.

Before BlackWarGreymon continued, he tilted his head downwards. Looking out to the Everfree Forest in the distance.

“Not long after that, I fell into a white portal, and ended up crashing into the forest over there. After I woke up, I started to sense trouble. And that was when I encountered Tirek.”

Ayumi froze from when the Mega mentioned the centaur. She knew exactly what he was talking about. The day when the timelines of their two worlds divided.

“You… saved them,” She quietly said. Already knowing what happened next.

As BlackWarGreymon carried on, Ayumi stared blankly at nothing in deep thought. Listening to every word the Digimon said.

“Tirek wanted me to be his ally, but I had none of that. My days of being a servant was over. We ended up battling in the clearing, with me being the winner. I thought that seeing me in action, Twilight and her friends would be frightened of me. But to my surprise, they praised my actions. They even summed up the courage to talk to me. To learn everything about me. So we sat down and talked. Then they took me to Ponyville and showed me around.”

BlackWarGreymon paused briefly as he thought back on his first day in Equestria.

“During my fight with Tirek, I made a promise to myself. I may had failed back in the Digital World, but it was something I began anew in this world. And that was to carry on being the good Digimon I can be. To protect this world from all threats. Even to my last breath. And that was what I’ve been doing since I got here. From then on, I’ve learnt many things about friendship and kindness. Formed bonds with those that I hold dear to. All the while, being their protector. And embracing my second chance at life. I guess… you can call it my destiny.”

He then began to think of the evils that Equestria threw at him.

“But it hadn’t all been sunshine and rainbows. I’ve had my fair share of incidents and conflicts. Some that the others had delt with before. Even ones that were… unexpected.”

BlackWarGreymon had neglected to inform Ayumi about ChaosBlackWarGreymon. But he did it with reason. He feared that if she found out about the existence of an evil Digimon, she would freak out. He thought that after her ordeal in her world, and after the heartwarming reunion of the friends she lost, an evil would be the last thing she wanted to hear. He would tell her eventually, but after she settled in.

“But no matter what happened, I was always able to prevail. Sometimes on my own. Other times with help from my friends. I wouldn’t be who I am if not for them. They helped me in more ways than one. And I don’t think I could ever repay them for that. Friendship has really changed me for the better. I couldn’t be happier to be here.”

Behind the two, the hidden Luna felt incredibly touched from BlackWarGreymon’s words. He was not only embracing his new life with them but was very grateful for what they had done for him. He truly was a very different Digimon to what he once was. In fact, he was different to the BlackWarGreymon she first met. As days went by, the once evil Mega grew more and more content with his new heroic life. Luna smiled at how much her Digimon friend had grown. She wanted nothing more than to tell him at how proud she was with him.

That was… until she noticed Ayumi. The younger Alicorn hadn’t spoken a word in a while. In fact, she hadn’t moved at all. Her head hung low. Her eyes hidden behind her mane. A sign that she was going through something that might had touched her nerve. It was something that BlackWarGreymon picked up. The Mega too took note of her lack of response.

“Uhh… Ayumi?”

Ayumi didn’t replied back. She didn’t even pay attention to him. The former Twilight was lost in her thoughts. Thinking back to the day when Tirek attacked then in the Everfree Clearing. She then whispered. BlackWarGreymon could just about hear what she said.

“Both our worlds turned out very differently. But… it was all caused by one change.”

To BlackWarGreymon’s surprise, he started to see tears running down Ayumi’s cheek. She was crying.

“Are you alright?” He asked. Concerned for her wellbeing.

But the Alicorn continued to be lost in thought. Her voice while saddened, was clearer than before. Even Luna could hear her words. And surprised at what she said.

“One change. That one… stupid change. It’s… it’s not fair. Why? Why were we the ones who had to suffer? Why did we have to go through that hell? I couldn’t save them. They all died… and I couldn’t do anything.”

BlackWarGreymon stared in silent horror at what Ayumi was saying. But more precisely, what she was going through. The only difference between their worlds was him being Equestria. His arrival was what changed the course of the current Equestria’s history.

Ayumi herself clearly understood the revelation too. The teary eyed Alicorn trying her best to keep herself from sobbing loudly. But when she spoke again, her tone took a drastic change. While it had sadness and guilt, it shockingly sounded… hostile.

“Where were you? Why weren’t you there?”

BlackWarGreymon was taken back by her tone. He could clearly sense that it was aimed directly at him. She was… angry at him.

Then… in an outburst of sadness and anger… Ayumi sharply turned to face the startled Mega. Her glaring eyes filled with tears. Giving him a question to which she would never get an answer for.


BlackWarGreymon took a step back in surprise by Ayumi’s outburst. Looking at the former Twilight in complete shock. He had nothing to say. It was as if she was accusing him of something that he was not involved of. It wasn’t his fault for not showing up in her timeline. It was something that he had no control of. All he could do was silently stare back at her. Her face covered in tears as she breathed heavily. As she stared back at him, Ayumi saw the disbelief in his eyes. But it wasn’t just disbelief she saw. She was looking at the eyes of a person who had been wrongly accused of something he didn’t do. That was when she realised something. BlackWarGreymon may be very powerful, but he had feelings too. She didn’t even lay a hoof on him, but she managed to succeed in hurting him. Her eyes grew wide in realisation from what she had done. She may not be the same Twilight as she once was, but she was still the Princess of Friendship. And she just lashed out at BlackWarGreymon… as if the disaster was HIS fault. That HE was to blame for the destruction of her old home.

Ayumi felt as though she had just betrayed herself. She may never get over her loss, but it was wrong for her to accuse others for what had happened. It wasn’t BlackWarGreymon’s fault for arriving in a different Equestria. Fate seemed to had plans for him. He had saved the present Equestria from a number of potential disasters, yet she was mad at him for seemingly abandoning hers. Which wasn’t the case in the slightest. He had no idea that there were multiple timelines of Equestria. What’s more, she was angry at a Digimon who had a first experience of death itself. Something that not even she went through. If fate turned the other way, then BlackWarGreymon may never had a second chance at life. While Ayumi went through trauma in the later years of her life, BlackWarGreymon’s life was nothing but trauma. Throughout his time in the Digital World, he was met with nothing but confusion and doubt. And when things finally turned around for him, his life was taken away in an instant.

Ayumi felt horrible. No. She felt disgusted with herself.

The Alicorn turned away from BlackWarGreymon. Looking down at the ground in guilt. But while BlackWarGreymon was surprised, he also felt bad for Ayumi. He had never experienced loss in the way she did. But he remembered what loss felt like. On the day of his death. Despite his body breaking apart into countless pieces of data, he could hear WarGreymon calling out to him. From remembering the tone the golden warrior used, it was a clear sign that he was experiencing loss. Losing a friend. It was the same as what Ayumi was going through. She was just upset that her friends weren’t around anymore. That from just one change in the timeline, the fates of two versions of Equestria changed drastically. But for a strange reason, BlackWarGreymon did felt guilty. If he was there in Ayumi’s timeline, even if he was a couple of minutes late, he would do anything in his power to save her friends. But it wasn’t meant to be. And he felt bad for it.

Wanting to give any sort of comfort to Ayumi, he spoke up.

“I’m… I’m sorry.”

But to his surprise, Ayumi spoke back.

“No, BlackWarGreymon. You have nothing to apologize for. I’m the one who should be sorry.”

She finally looked back at BlackWarGreymon. Her eyes full of guilt and sympathy.

“I shouldn’t have lashed out at you. It was never your fault. I’m sorry, BlackWarGreymon. Can you ever forgive me?”

To the Alicorn’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon knelt down on one knee. Lowering himself down to her level. Then with the upmost care, despite wearing his Dramon Destroyer gauntlet, he placed his right hand on Ayumi’s shoulder. The look of forgiveness in his yellow eyes.

“That’s what friends are for. Right?”

Ayumi was completely taken back. With no hesitation, BlackWarGreymon forgave her without a second thought. It truly was a sign that he had changed. A Digimon that had been reformed. Redemption and forgiveness were some of many things Ayumi thought Digimon were incapable of. Especially from one that was created to be evil. From her awe, the once broken Alicorn began to smile. Her tears changed from sadness to joy. She could definitely see why the other ponies look up to BlackWarGreymon so much. It wasn’t because he was very strong. It was from his genuine desire to help. Friendship was so strong, that it changed the Artificial Mega to be even better than what he was intended to be.

After many many years of hiding and fighting, the former Twilight had learned a friendship lesson. Friends can take countless forms. Even ones that you would least expect it.

BlackWarGreymon had shown Ayumi kindness and his statement of wanting to be her friend. To repay him, the Alicorn had done something that she thought would be the last thing she would ever do. She gave the Digimon a hug.

The black-armoured giant was mildly surprised when Ayumi reached up and wrapped her hooves around his neck. Pulling herself in to hug him. From this physical interaction, Ayumi began to notice something that she hadn’t during their battle. Despite wearing armour, BlackWarGreymon’s body was very warm.

“Thank you, Black. Thank you for looking after them.”

BlackWarGreymon’s expression softened from hearing her words. It seemed that she was not only grateful for him protecting Equestria, but also accepting him as a friend.

Hidden from the two, Luna was touched by the sight. She honestly thought that Ayumi would never warm up to BlackWarGreymon so quickly. If not, at all. After all, it was a Digimon that destroyed her world. But there was something else. While she was glad that the two had become friends, she felt a little… uneasy. While the sight was a heart-warming one, it also left her… uncomfortable. On edge even. Ayumi was an older version of Twilight, who had experience in fighting Digimon, had the power to almost match BlackWarGreymon’s… who was currently emotional… and embracing him in her hooves.

Could Luna have been bitten by the jealousy bug?

After seeing the two pulling away from their hug, Luna felt that it was time to emerge from hiding and show herself. Somewhat acting as if she had just arrived.

“There you two are.”

Hearing the sudden arrival of Luna caught BlackWarGreymon and Ayumi by surprise. The Digimon standing up to his full height before answering back.

“Oh, Luna. Is something the matter?”

Luna walked up to the Mega with a smile as she answered his question.

“No. It’s just that me and Celestia are heading back to Canterlot. It’s getting late. You should rest after that fight.”

Understanding that the blue princess was concerned for his wellbeing, BlackWarGreymon complied with her suggestion.

“Yeah, I probably should.”

Luna watched silently as BlackWarGreymon walked past her and towards Twilight’s castle. But just as Ayumi was about to follow suit, she was surprised when Luna stretched out her left wing directly in her path. Blocking her way forward.

“L-Luna?” The confused Ayumi asked. Wondering why the older Alicorn stopped her.

But she received no reply. Instead, Ayumi saw that Luna kept her sights on BlackWarGreymon. Curious as to what was going on, the younger Alicorn too looked at him. Then as the image of the Mega disappeared over a little ridge, Luna finally spoke up.

“He’s really something else, isn’t he?”

Upon realising that Luna was talking about BlackWarGreymon, Ayumi gave her honest thoughts. While remained puzzled as to why she was being questioned once the Digimon’s gone.

“He’s… incredible. On the night when I first arrived, after I sensed his energy, I never thought he would be so… interesting. I never imagined that he would be so complex.”

Ayumi paused in thought. She felt as though she was being tested by Luna. Strange, considering that she already explained everything that had happened to her as well as her reason for being in the current Equestria. She had nothing left to hide. At least, that was what she thought. She felt as though Luna was figuring out something about her that not even she had thought of. To which was why she struck up a conversation. From what it seems, something about BlackWarGreymon.

As Luna closed her eyes and smiled, she began to relate to Ayumi.

“He truly is fascinating. Despite the pain he goes through, he endures it and pushes forward. He’s an inspiration to us all. Which is why… I wish only for the best for him.”

Ayumi looked over to Luna in surprise. The way she spoke about the Digimon, it showed that she had high hopes for him. She held him on a high regard. Something that was entirely opposite to the Luna she once knew. In fact, her version of Luna may had hated the Digimon more that she herself did.

Then to her surprise, Luna shifter her attention onto her.

“You are a cleaver pony. When you first met BlackWarGreymon, surely even you could see what his intentions were. The fact that someone as powerful as he was amongst pony kind. Traveling to the clearing to see that something was amiss. All just to protect his friends.”

Ayumi was slightly unsure where Luna was leading to. But when she began to realise, Luna spoke to her in a shockingly stern tone.

“And yet, you chose to pick a fight with him.”

Ayumi looked over to Luna in surprise. And was startled to see Luna’s change of expression. Her face matched the tone in her voice. She clearly wasn’t pleased, let alone amused. Feeling as though she had upset Luna, Ayumi quickly explained her reason.

“Uhh… well…like I said… it was a challenge to see his strength. To see how powerful he was.”

To her surprise, her reply was met with skepticism from Luna. As if the Moon Princess was seeing a different picture to Ayumi’s reason to fight BlackWarGreymon.

“Is that a fact?”

Ayumi felt conflicted at what was happening. If it was a test, it clearly didn’t feel like one. She felt as though Luna could see a different reason for the battle. To which the older Alicorn announced as she turned to face the baffled Ayumi.

“During the climax of the fight, you looked as though you were really trying to accomplish a goal. And that final attack of yours. You said that you used it to destroy the evil Digimon. The same one you used against BlackWarGreymon. You even resorted to take away his shield to get a direct hit on him.”

From looking at Luna’s stern glare, as well as hearing out her suspicions, Ayumi quietly gasped when she realised what was happening. Luna was thinking that Ayumi’s intentions were not what they seem. As if, during the end of the battle, she was TRYING to destroy BlackWarGreymon. The alternate Twilight stuttered from the shock. This was something she had not prepared for in the slightest.

“Uhh… n…now… Luna. It’s… not like that. It’s never like that! Honest! I was just…”

Luna held up her hoof for Ayumi to stop talking. To which, the confused young Alicorn complied. Despite the words she used, Luna knew all too well that Ayumi was innocent. She was just trying to find out if her final attack could defeat BlackWarGreymon. Not destroy him. But that being said, there was one more thing that Luna would not abide to. To which she addressed.

“I know that you’re hurt from the loss of your world. I can understand that, and I wish to support you. But what concerns me is your resentment to Digimon kind. I do hope that you will not hold such negative thoughts towards BlackWarGreymon. After all what he’s done for us, it would be wise to treat him with respect.”

Ayumi finally understood what had got Luna so worked up. But remained intimidated at how stern she was towards her.

“O-of course. I would never doubt him. Not after today.”

While Luna’s expression softened, her tone remained stern when she told Ayumi one more thing.

“Good. But if such things do happen, you will answer to me. Do you understand?”

Ayumi felt very intimidated. Despite being the more powerful of the two, she was almost afraid of Luna. The last thing she would want was to upset the Moon Princess.

“I-I understand.”

With Ayumi complying to her request, Luna lost her stern look and replaced it with a smile. Then after giving her a friendly nod, the blue mare walked past Ayumi and towards Twilight’s castle. As the younger Alicorn followed suit, she couldn’t help but realize another difference between the present Luna and the one who trained her. The present Luna was far more intimidating. She was also surprised at how seemingly protective Luna was over BlackWarGreymon. Despite the obvious power gap between the two.

As she walked over the ridge, Luna was surprised to see BlackWarGreymon waiting on the other side. Apparently waiting for her. But from the fact that the Mega wasn’t really too far away, Luna began to suspect that he had overheard her talk with Ayumi.

“So, you heard?” She asked. To which BlackWarGreymon answered.

“I did. You didn’t need to be too hard on her.”

“I know. It’s just that… I don’t want you to feel like you’ve done something wrong when it clearly isn’t your fault.”

To Luna’s surprise, she heard him chuckling.

“What?” She asked. Wondering what the Mega found so amusing.

BlackWarGreymon then gave Luna a caring, yet playful expression when he replied.

“Nothing really. It’s just that the way you keep looking out for me, it’s rather cute of you to do.”

Luna began to blush deeply from being called cute. Seeing that her concerns for him he found endearing.

“Y-You think so?” She asked as the two chuckled some more.

Behind the two, Ayumi paused from the sight of Luna and BlackWarGreymon interacting. Though she didn’t hear what they said, she could see the expressions they were showing. They were clearly having a good time. In fact, they were enjoying each other’s company. Something of which she never thought she would ever see. The sight caused her to think back to what Celestia told her. The white Alicorn told her about how BlackWarGreymon and Luna first met. When he saved her from the giant yellow dragon. And that since then, the two had become firm friends.

But as Ayumi kept her sights on Luna and BlackWarGreymon, she noticed something. It was the way the two briefly looked at each other before departing. She couldn’t help but notice a certain sparkle in their eyes. As if… there was a special connection between the two.


After what felt like a very long day, night-time had finally arrived. After saying their farewells, Celestia and Luna returned to Canterlot. Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy went back to their homes. Leaving BlackWarGreymon, Spike, Twilight and Ayumi in the crystal castle. To which the four went to their respective beds. Even the Digimon felt a little worn from his battle with Ayumi. Despite being offered to sleep in the same room, Ayumi felt that for the time being she would sleep in a room of her own. Since the castle was filled with many unused rooms, lack of space was non-existent.

After settling herself in, Ayumi could finally do something that she had been longing to do. Sleep in a bed. The comfort of the mattress. The softness of her pillow. The warm embrace of her covers. She deeply missed all that. Finally, after many years hiding from the enemy and being lost in the timestreams, she could at last sleep in peace.

That was… until she started to toss and turn. She desperately tried to fall asleep, but something kept causing her to stir and wake up. She lay still in her bed, looking up at the ceiling in thought.

‘What’s going on with me? This world’s at peace. This timeline is different to my own. So why? Why do I still feel… uneasy?’

Dream Realm

For Luna, it was just like any other night. Exploring the dream realm to dispel any nightmares that the citizens would go through. It was her duty.

That was, if there were any nightmares to begin with.

Luna had flowed through the dream realm for what felt like hours, yet she hardly came across any nightmares. Sure there were a few bad dreams, but nothing too severe. It was as if BlackWarGreymon’s presence in Equestria had triggered a ‘peace time’ amongst a large majority of the citizens. Mostly ones in Canterlot and Ponyville. Though it was a good sign, that everypony was going to have a very peaceful sleep, for Luna however, it was boring. With nothing to challenge and counter, all Luna could do was observe. But with the amount of dreams she already witnessed, they were becoming predictable.

But as Luna was about to leave the Ponyville area of the dream realm, her sights fell upon a very familiar sight. Amongst the doors to the minds of the ponies, was a large metal slap-like door with a symbol of a tower on it. It was the door to BlackWarGreymon’s mind.

Seeing the door in the dream realm meant only one thing, which caused the blue princess to smile. Though she hadn’t told anyone, Luna had recently looked forward to the days when BlackWarGreymon goes to sleep. For it meant that even when the two weren’t awake, Luna could still spend time with the Digimon through his mind. It was an idea she had ever since the trip back from the Crystal Empire.

With nothing better to do, Luna entered BlackWarGreymon’s mind. Upon entering, she found herself in the middle of a lush green field. She had entered a dream that the Mega was currently having. Being in an open area, it didn’t take long for her to spot her favourite Digimon. The large warrior was lying on the grass while looking up at the open sky. He clearly was having a very relaxed dream. Probably trying to unwind from his earlier battle with Ayumi.

As BlackWarGreymon calmly looked at the open blue sky, she was suddenly met with Luna’s face looking down at him with a friendly greeting.

“Nice dream you’re having.”

BlackWarGreymon was a little surprised from Luna’s sudden arrival. As she stood back slightly, she allowed the Digimon to sit back up as he turned to face her.

“Oh, Luna. This is a surprise,” He said, not expecting his favourite princess to appear. To which she explained herself.

“Well there aren’t many nightmares at all recently. But I noticed that your asleep, so I thought I’d drop by.”

The two began to mingle more in BlackWarGreymon’s mind. With the serenity of the Digimon’s dream, Luna began to surrender to the calmness that was all around her. Relaxing as she rested beside the Digimon. Even though it was all playing out in his mind, it didn’t stop BlackWarGreymon from enjoying Luna’s company. It almost made him wish that he could sleep more regular like any other lifeform. As the two talked, Luna then brought up something that caught BlackWarGreymon’s full attention.

“What? You tried to go into Ayumi’s mind?” The black armoured warrior asked. Surprised by what the princess said.

“I did. I figured that if I went in her mind, I would see into her memories. To see what kind of Digimon she had to fight against. But I was unable to do so. I believe it’s because she hadn’t gone to sleep fully yet.”

BlackWarGreymon looked away in thought.

“Still. I’m surprised it’s not MaloMyotismon.”

Hearing the name of BlackWarGreymon’s killer caused Luna to look at the Mega in concern. She knew that it would be difficult for him to mention the name without thinking of the day he died. The blue Alicorn even looked down at BlackWarGreymon’s chest. Where he received the lethal wound. She felt an uncomfortable chill up her spine from remembering the Digimon’s cries of agony as his body broke down into countless pieces of data. To distract herself, she continued the conversation.

“A-And you don’t know who was responsible?”

“No. I’m afraid not. I wish I did though.”

Silence followed. Seeing that the two were stuck, Luna spoke up.

“Then… perhaps a change of subject is needed.”

Her suggestion caught BlackWarGreymon’s interest. Him having an idea.

“Yes. Actually, there’s something that’s been on my mind for a while.”

“What is it?” Luna asked, keen on hearing the Digimon out.

Luna was surprised when BlackWarGreymon turned back to look at her. From just looking at his yellow eyes, she could tell that whatever the Digimon was about to say, he truly wanted something answered for. But BlackWarGreymon found it hard to speak up at first. He knew that the subject in mind would be personal to Luna. Probably something to not bring up. But he was too curious to let it slip by. Besides, he didn’t know when he would need his next sleep. The present moment could be his only chance in a while.

Letting his insecurities go, he spoke up.

“Luna? Do you remember the night after you went into my memories? The time when we… spoke about ourselves?”

Luna could tell that BlackWarGreymon was nervous about something. But she could see nothing wrong about the question.

“Of course. How could I forget?”

BlackWarGreymon then revealed what made him uncertain about the subject.

“Well… there was a moment in that talk when you said that… there was a time when you became a villain. When you became… Nightmare Moon was it?”

Luna flinched in surprise from the name of what she once became. But further surprised from the fact that BlackWarGreymon brought the subject up.

“Oh…yes. The time when I rebelled against my sister. Why you wish to talk about it?” She asked. While uncomfortable about the whole thing, she was curious as to why it was on the Mega’s mind.

To her surprise, BlackWarGreymon stood up on his feet. All the while keeping his sights on Luna. He then spoke up the reason why the subject was on his mind.

“If you want, I wish to see those events for myself.”

The startled Alicorn too stood back up, completely surprised by the Digimon’s request.

“What!? You mean… when I first became Nightmare Moon!?”

BlackWarGreymon replied with an honest, but firm answer.


Luna felt baffled at what was happening. The shock was so sudden that it almost made her legs wobble. Was he serious? Did he really wanted to see what was essentially the worst decision she’d ever made on the worse day of her life? It was something that she really didn’t want to relive through. But after everything that BlackWarGreymon had done for her and Equestria, she found it very hard to deny him. Especially since he had never asked her for anything. She began to feel anxiety building up. She was afraid that if he saw her becoming Nightmare Moon, he would think less of her. Or worse, be put off of her as a whole. It was something she would never want to happen. In fact, she felt afraid of the possibility.

She began to think back to the date she had with him on Hearts and Hooves day. It was one of the best nights she’d had in a very long time. Even declaring that he would be her secret boyfriend. The bond she shared with him. The feelings that she was discovering towards him. The very idea of losing all that terrified her.

But her worries took a turn from seeing the Digimon in front of her being concerned for her lack of response.

“Luna? I know it’s a lot to ask. But if you don’t want to…”

Not wanting to hurt BlackWarGreymon in any way, Luna quickly perked up.

“N-No. It’s just… uhh.”

She then tried to think of a reason why the idea might not be a good one.

“Well… if I took you to that day, you might not like… what you see.”

From hearing Luna out, BlackWarGreymon responded with a very good point.

“Worse than what happened in my past life?”

The bewildered Luna looked at the Mega level Digimon. But before she could retort, she paused. BlackWarGreymon’s question made sense. She had witnessed the trauma that was the Mega’s traumatic past. Without permission at first even. It was only after his consent that she began to see more after the day he was created. Though she ended up imprisoned in the moon for a thousand years, at least she never experienced death like BlackWarGreymon had.

She had seen him at his lowest end. And all he was asking was to see hers. She began to think out loud.

“Well… when you put it like that. And after looking in your memories, it’s only fair.”

Sensing that Luna was going to cooperate, BlackWarGreymon spoke up.

“You mean… you’ll show me?”

After letting out a hesitant sigh, she answered back. She just didn’t have it in her to say no to him.

“Alright. I’ll show you. But… just prepare yourself for what you’re about to see.”

Even though he was the one to request it, BlackWarGreymon felt nervous. He was about to witness the day his favourite mare becoming a villain.

Using her magic, Luna transported herself and BlackWarGreymon out of the Digimon’s mind… and into her own.

After a bright flash of light, BlackWarGreymon found himself transported to an entirely different location. Looking at his surroundings, he found himself in a large throne room. But the layout was very much different to the one he saw in Canterlot. But he recalled that the Royal Sisters once lived in a castle in the Everfree Forest. Only he wasn’t surrounded by ruins and rubble.

“So, this is your first castle?” He asked.

But as he looked to his side, Luna was nowhere to be found. He was alone. At first, he assumed that she didn’t want to witness her past herself. But then another answer came to mind.

“Maybe… she wants me to watch without interruptions.”

Shortly afterwards, he heard hoofsteps approaching from the darkness. Turning towards the sounds, BlackWarGreymon saw Princess Celestia entering the throne room. Knowing full well that the white Alicorn he was seeing was her past self. But before she could enter the room fully, an echoing voice called out to her to stop. A voice that took BlackWarGreymon by surprise.

“Not another step!”

Facing towards the two thrones, BlackWarGreymon saw the past Luna emerging from hiding. Standing in front of her blue throne as she glared down at Celestia. The Digimon took note of the blue Alicorn’s posture. With her wings flared out and her spiteful expression, it was a clear sign to him that she was being defiant. Something that made him felt uncomfortable.

Luna then called out to Celestia once more.

“Did you really expect me to sit idly by, while they all bask in your precious light!?”

Turning around, BlackWarGreymon saw the look of shock and horror on Celestia’s face. The older Alicorn surprised at what her little sister just said. But the enraged Luna continued.

“There can only be one princess in Equestria! And that princess… WILL BE ME!!!” She shouted as she smashed her hooves onto a small balcony.

Using her magic, a shadow began to rise up against the wall behind her. The cause also made the wall crack up to the window above her head. Seconds later, the window and the surrounding frame burst into pieces. The sun shining bright through the hole. BlackWarGreymon was then surprised at what he witnessed next. As she rose into the air, Luna used her magic to move the moon into view. Proceeding to block out the sun, it triggered an eclipse. The whole world around them darkened as the sky changed from day to night.

But what happened next caught BlackWarGreymon completely off-guard. Due to the surging darkness within her, dark blue magic began to envelop Luna. Despite resisting it at first, the blue mare surrendered to it. Her body completely concealed in a black ball of energy. To which then it began to glow orange, which grew more intense by the second. From the way the image was shown, it reminded BlackWarGreymon of Digivolution. Which was an indicator of what he was about to witness.

Luna’s transformation.

The bright orange ball of energy started to dim as the orange light was concealed in many shades of blue. Then in an instant, the blue light revealed to be a mane and a tail. And the princess within made a startling change. Her fur became pitch black. Her regalia had altered in design. She had slit pupils and sharp teeth. And a blue helmet worn on her head. As she landed back on the ground, her transformation was complete. The Alicorn laughing manically at what she had become.

BlackWarGreymon was shocked at what happened to his friend. But before he could utter a word, the transformed mare began to display her newfound powers. Firing a blue beam of magic at the ceiling above her. The attack exploding on impact, sending rubble to fall to the floor. Despite it being a memory, it didn’t stop the surprised Digimon from stepping back to avoid the falling debris.

As a dust cloud filled the room, BlackWarGreymon was stunned at the sight of the transformed Luna walking away from the throne. Seemingly towards him. But turning around, he saw Celestia. The latter giving a disappointed look at her sister. The white Alicorn flew up towards the ceiling. Wanting to see how her sister would act. To which the blue Alicorn responded by firing a blew beam at her. Celestia swiftly dodged out of the way before landing back on the ground.

Wanting thing to go back to the way they were, Celestia pleaded with her sister.

“Luna! I will not fight you! You must lower the moon! It is your duty!”

But the transformed mare had other ideas. Even an idea of changing her very name.

“Luna? I am… Nightmare Moon!”

The onlooking BlackWarGreymon felt a slight chill from hearing that name.

“T-That’s Nightmare Moon?”

The Digimon was further startled from what Nightmare Moon declared next.

“I have but one royal duty now. TO DESTROY YOU!!!”

Then with a bright blue flash of her horn, Nightmare Moon fired another beam at Celestia. But the Sun Princess was quick to fly out of harms way. Leaving the beam to strike the ground where she once stood.

BlackWarGreymon was speechless at what he saw. Nightmare Moon was still Celestia’s sister. Yet, she had shown no hesitation at striking at her sibling. Not one bit of it at all.

From seeing Celestia escaping through the hole in the ceiling, Nightmare Moon gave chase.

“And where do you think you’re going!?”

Wanting to see the results of the clash between the two sisters, BlackWarGreymon flew after Nightmare Moon. Through the hole in the ceiling and into the night sky. In an attempt to shoot her sister out of the sky, Nightmare Moon fired another spell. But Celestia managed to narrowly evade the attack. Along with the second spell that struck one of the surrounding towers.

BlackWarGreymon paused as he watched the fight carry on. Celestia being relentlessly pursued by Nightmare Moon all around the castle grounds. But with every missed shot, the latter rained destruction upon the castle. Her attacks exploding against everything they touched. The Digimon was left horrified at the sight. The image of Luna trying to bring harm to her own family felt gut wrenching. He could see why Luna was hesitant on showing him her memories. He felt as though if he was there at the time, he would’ve stepped in to stop the fight.

But then as Nightmare Moon fired another blast of magic, it landed a direct hit on Celestia. The white princess screamed in pain as the attack struck her. She then fell back towards where she came from. Crashing back into the throne room. Concerned for her wellbeing, the speechless Digimon flew down after her. All the while hearing Nightmare Moon laughing in victory.

Upon landing beside the downed Alicorn, BlackWarGreymon could only stare in shock. Seeing the unconscious form of Celestia on the ground, knowing full well that it was the actions of Nightmare Moon, it caused an unpleasant feeling within him. Looking back at the hole in the ceiling, BlackWarGreymon looked to where he last saw the villain. He knew that even if Luna turned bad, she would never try to kill her sister. But when she transformed, she was like a completely different pony. One who’s personality was entirely different from the original.

Hidden in his gauntlets, BlackWarGreymon’s fist’s clenched hard as his eyes slightly narrowed. The unpleasant feeling within him slowly surging up.

But the sounds of movement beneath him snapped BlackWarGreymon out of his trance. Looking down, he was glad to see Celestia standing back up on her hooves. Looking up at the night sky with determination. The Mega could see it in her eyes. Celestia had a plan. To which she revealed.

“Oh, dear sister. I am sorry. But you have given me no choice… but to use these.”

Using her magic, she opened a hidden door in the floor. To which a large contraption rose from the floor. A large stone sphere sat upon a plinth. Attached to the plinth were five stone arms that swivelled around in position. On the ends of the arms were small platforms that each held an artefact that resembled gemstones. But while BlackWarGreymon didn’t recognize the shape, he did recognize the colours of the gems.

“Wait. Are those…?”

In answering his question, Celestia flew up to the stone sphere and began to use her magic. The five stones each had a golden aura around them, matching Celestia’s horn. Then levitating towards the white Alicorn. Then emerging from the stone sphere, was an artefact that BlackWarGreymon indeed recognized. The Element of Magic.

After obtaining the Elements of Harmony, the six elements began to spin around Celestia’s body. Moving so fast that they became a blur. Then to BlackWarGreymon’s amazement, Celestia’s body was engulfed in a bright rainbow light. The princess reenergized through the elements. The Digimon then realized that he had never seen the Elements of Harmony in action before. He was quite eager to see what they can do.

With the Elements of Harmony at her side, the confident Alicorn rose to the night skies once more. Determined to put an end to Nightmare Moon’s reign. BlackWarGreymon flying after her.

The two Alicorns faced each other once more. Nightmare Moon could clearly see Celestia using the elements but paid little mind to them. But she did respond to Celestia’s increase in power. With her horn glowing blue and her eyes glowing white, the dark mare was prepared to use the fullest of her powers. As well as a white light appearing beneath her hooves.

As she gave Nightmare Moon one last look, Celestia began to cry. She knew that by going through with her plan, it would mean losing her own sister. Both of them would be without company for many many years. But to protect her people, it had to be done. He had to do it.

As her horn glowed bright, she surrounded herself in a transparent barrier. Then after pointing her horn at Nightmare Moon, she placed the Element of Magic in front of her horn. The other five elements formed around the sixth.

Nightmare Moon fired first. Her blue beam of destructive magic heading straight for her sister. Celestia fired back. As beams of light from the other five elements channelled into the sixth, the white Alicorn fired back a spell. The rainbow energy filled with harmonious energy. The two beams clashed together. But it was clear that with the artifacts, Celestia was the stronger of the two. Her beam pushing back Nightmare Moon’s attack. It was only when the golden rainbow beam got ever closer to the blue armoured mare that she realised she had lost. After yelling out in defiance, Nightmare Moon’s body was consumed in Celestia’s spell. In which the spell carried on shooting into the night sky. Heading directly for the moon above. When the beam struck the moon, an image of an Alicorn appeared on the surface.

BlackWarGreymon knew exactly what had happened. Celestia used the elements to imprison Luna in the moon.

Then to his surprise, the memory ended. BlackWarGreymon was left speechless as he felt himself being drifted in the dream realm. He never imagined that Luna’s decent into evil would play out in the way he had seen. To him, it was almost sad.

As he remained still, Luna appeared behind him. She felt uncomfortable at how quiet BlackWarGreymon was being. Worried that he would be having second thoughts about her. Despite the two of them performing acts of evil sometime in their lives, there was one difference. BlackWarGreymon was born into villainy with no idea about life being good. Luna however had been a good pony for most of her life but then became evil. She feared that one difference might change the Digimon’s way of thinking about her.

But there was something else. During BlackWarGreymon’s viewing of her memory, Luna was secretly watching the Digimon. Seeing how he would react to the events shown. And there was one moment that left her scared. It was when BlackWarGreymon stood beside the unconscious Celestia. She saw him look up at the sky to where Nightmare Moon was. Though it wasn’t entirely shown, but Luna saw something in the Digimon’s yellow eyes. As he looked up at her past self, she saw unkindness. She saw antipathy.

She saw… hatred.

That was what terrified her. Was he angry at Nightmare Moon? Or was he angry… at her?

Luna truly didn’t know how to approach the situation. It was the reason why she hesitated. She didn’t want BlackWarGreymon to hate her. She feared the outcome. The two had been through so much since they first met. It would destroy her if he began to resent her for her actions. But just as she was lost for words. She heard BlackWarGreymon’s voice.

“What happened next?”

His question caught Luna completely by surprise. Not just his question even. It was his tone. There was no spitefulness. No resentment. Just… curiosity. He wanted to know what happened to her after her banishment.

He then spoke up again. His voice showing something that Luna didn’t expect. Sympathy.

“Luna? What happened after that?”

Secretly relieved that BlackWarGreymon didn’t took the sight in a negative way, Luna replied.

“What happened next was like I told you once before. I was banished to the moon for a thousand years. Then managed to make my return. Then Twilight and her friends used the elements to free me from what I became. I guess… even as Nightmare Moon… a part of me wanted to go back to the way things were.”

Her last statement made her think back to when she was restored from her Nightmare Moon self. Her reunion with her older sister. She had never been so happy to be back in the warm embrace of Celestia.

Luna then brought up her recent insecurities. Since BlackWarGreymon still had his back to her.

“From seeing how you reacted from my past actions, I thought that… you were angry.”

To Luna’s relief, BlackWarGreymon cleared the air.

“I’m not angry. I was just… surprised. When you told me about your past, I didn’t think it was anything like what I just saw.”

Luna took in a deep breath to ease her anxiety. Relieved that BlackWarGreymon was only reacting out of disbelief. He wasn’t angry at her. She began to feel silly. Since it happened so long ago, it would be pointless for the Digimon to be worked up about it.

But then BlackWarGreymon said something that gained Luna’s full attention.

“Hold on.”

Luna stared at the Digimon with his back to her. The tone in his voice carried uncertainty and… to her surprise… confusion. BlackWarGreymon was puzzled about something.

“W-What is it?” She asked, wondering what had got the Digimon worked up.

BlackWarGreymon began to think out loud. Luna hearing every word.

“You said that it was Twilight and her friends who freed you. So your return from the moon was fairly recent. But the events of you becoming Nightmare Moon… was that after your battles with the villains?”

Uncertain at what and why BlackWarGreymon was so concerned, Luna spoke up.

“Well… yes. The conflict with Discord, Sombra and Tirek all happened before the events of what you just witnessed.”

Upon realising that his confusion was confirmed by the princess, it left the Mega all the more puzzled.

“What? But… that doesn’t make any sense.”

Luna fent uneasy. It was as if BlackWarGreymon had figured out something that she had never realised before. Which only caused her to be all the more curious.

“What’s going on? What doesn’t make sense?” She asked, her voice carrying a hint of urgency.

BlackWarGreymon looked to his side in deep thought. Halfway at looking at the Alicorn behind him.

“Luna. Your conflicts with those villains, were they problematic?”

Luna looked baffled at the question presented to her. But the unsure princess answered nonetheless.

“Y-Yes, they were. Between Discord’s powers, Sombra’s curses and Tirek’s magic stealing abilities, the battles were hard fought.”

Her answer only reinforced the Digimon’s confusion.

“That’s what I don’t understand.”

Luna was left speechless. She had no idea what BlackWarGreymon was piecing together. But since it involved her, she felt uncertain. The Mega looked over his shoulder to look at Luna as he spoke. Explaining what he found puzzling.

“Before then, you and Celestia have been ruling Equestria for thousands of years. And after all those battles, surely the bond that you share with her would be the greatest of all. Unbreakable even.”

As he turned to face Luna fully, he asked her a question. Something that no soul had ever asked her.

“So why… after all that… you started to resent Celestia?”

Luna was about to respond back. Only to realise that she had nothing to say. In fact, the question caused her eyes to widen in shock as uncertainty dawned on her. BlackWarGreymon was right. After everything they went through in the past, she and Celestia should have been inseparable. For thousands of years, they looked out for one another. Protected each other. The white Alicorn even had to help raise her when she was but a filly. To teach her all she knew. She was always there for her and she was always there for Celestia. Then why did she suddenly rebel? Why after countless centuries of raising the moon, did she suddenly see a different side of her role? Why did she suddenly felt betrayed when the ponies sheltered themselves from the night? Surely that fact would’ve been something she’d noticed much earlier in her reign. Maybe she did notice but paid no mind to it. But why after all that time, did it bother her so?

But what made the revelation worse for Luna, was that she not once thought about it. The Alicorn began to experience both panic and confusion at the same time. Something had happened in her past, yet had no idea how it originally occurred. Something about her past… that she could not uncover.

“Y-You’re right. She and I should be close. So…why? W-What made me change? I…I…”

Luna couldn’t think straight. All she could puzzle together was that when she started to have negative thoughts about Celestia, the resentment was sudden. Almost out of nowhere.

Something caused her to feel that way. But what? And why?

But before Luna could try to figure out more about her past. She suddenly gasped in shock as her eyes widened in disbelief. Turning around to look at what looked like nothing. Much to BlackWarGreymon’s confusion.

“What is it?” He asked. To which he was surprised to hear Luna’s answer.

“It’s Celestia! Something’s wrong!”

Without a second thought, Luna immediately used her magic to transport herself out of BlackWarGreymon’s mind. Leaving the startled Digimon alone in his mind. But as his subconscious faded away, there was something that both he and Luna failed to spot.

Hidden in the confines of BlackWarGreymon’s mind, was a black swirling mist. It didn’t belong to the Mega, and its origins were unknown. Whatever it was, it was malicious. And slowly spreading.

As for what suddenly got Luna so worked up about Celestia, was that she was having a nightmare. She tried desperately to fight against the nightmare and force it out of her head. But she couldn’t, as if she was trapped. Unlike any other nightmare she had in the past, the one she was witnessing… was probably one of the most traumatizing she ever had in her long life.

Celestia’s nightmare

Before the darkness clouded her dreams, Celestia was having one of her favourite dreams. Having a friendly picnic with her dear friends and sister. It’s especially her favourite since it involved cake. But as her thoughts reached its peak of happiness, the entire world around her suddenly went dark.

To her shock, she suddenly felt as though she was falling into a black abyss. With many faces of countless foes floating past her. Among the many faces of her past foes, she saw Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and Lord Tirek. But as she looked down at the bottom of the pitch-black abyss, she saw something she had never seen before. But something truly threatening. A pair of yellow soulless piercing eyes stared back up at her as it released a terrifying growl.

Celestia felt frightened at what she was seeing. But it was only the start of her nightmare.

After everything went black, the whole world transformed into Canterlot. But not the same as before. The towers, the castle, the entire city was in ruins. Buildings had collapsed as smoke and ash filled the air. Darkening the once bright sky. But the worse thing possible, were the bodies of lifeless ponies. Littering the grounds of a once proud capital.

Princess Celestia ran through what was left of her beloved city. Her fur was dirty and ruffled with numerous scratches and cuts on her body. Her left wing was broken, and her horn was damaged. She panicked. Running through the rubble as if she were being chased by something.

Running out of breath, the white Alicorn stood on top of a downed column. As she looked around franticly, she called out to anyone who could hear her.

“Hello! Is anypony out there!? Please answer me!! PLEASE!!!”

Despite her desperate plea, it was left unanswered.

As she looked around once more, she saw yet another unpleasant sight. The shattered remains of what was once a black clawed gauntlet.

“No. BlackWarGreymon.”

Celestia was then startled by the sound of a loud footstep. Too heavy for it to be from a pony. But from hearing a frightening growl, she knew it was him. The monster she was running from. The monster that ruined everything.

She once tried to fight it off, but the creature’s strength was far greater than anything she could hope to achieve. It showed it by destroying Canterlot and slaughtering the citizens.

Knowing he was nearby, Celestia again tried to run from it. As she left, a large hand rested upon a slab of metal. Then as the beast passed by, his blade-like fingers scrapped across the surface. Sparks flew as he left behind five long gashes in the metal.

As she continued to run, the fearful Celestia occasionally paused to look behind her. Through she couldn’t see him, she knew he was following her. As the Alicorn reached to the furthest edge of Canterlot, the princess looked down at the cliffside.

There was nowhere to run. And with both her horn and wing damaged and broken, there was nowhere to hide.

Looking out to the distance, she saw one of the things she feared the most. Canterlot wasn’t the only place to be hit by the monster’s wrath. Ponyville was reduced to dust. Cloudsdale fell from the skies, and the mountains were engulfed in a sea of fire. As for the lands between the mountains and the settlements and beyond, there was nothing but ash and decay.

Equestria… the great land that she ruled and loved for thousands of years… was gone. Her beautiful home was no more.

Just as Celestia was about to weep from such a horrible sight, grieving for those who had lost their lives, a yellow energy blast shot straight past her from behind. She yelped in surprise as the shot narrowly missed her side.

Turning around to the source of the attack, Celestia saw the monstrous towering figure. Through his posture was slouched forward, his height was over fifteen feet tall. Much larger than the white Alicorn.

As the monster stared down at the terrified princess, he fired another blast of destructive energy. The attack struck the ground in front of Celestia, violently exploding on impact. The force of the explosion knocked the Alicorn off the cliff. She screamed in panic and pain as she tried to work her working wing. But she was falling down to the dark depths.

But she was briefly saved as she landed on a ledge sticking out of the cliff face. The impact of the fall stunned Celestia. Unable to move as she started to slide off the edge. But after regaining her senses, the princess quickly managed to grab a hold on the ledge. Stopping her decent.

Painting from exhaustion and fright, the once elegant princess looked down at the depths below. Frightened that the fall could’ve led to certain death. But then to her shock, she felt a large tremor from the ledge she was on. Meaning that something large had landed on it with her.

Looking back up, Celestia stared on in horror at the monster in front of her. With the dimming moon behind him, the Alicorn saw the monster’s silhouette. His huge shoulders, his long thin arms, his wide demon horns and his yellow piercing eyes.

After hearing his spine-chilling chuckle, the last thing Celestia saw was a bright flash of yellow.

Before the end came to her, Celestia woke up screaming. After her outburst, the princess panted in shock as she sweated from stress. Not a moment too soon, Princess Luna burst through the doors frantically.

“Sister!! Are you alright!?” She asked as she ran up to Celestia’s side.

“Oh, Luna. I just had the most terrible dream! It was so awful,” She replied. Through fighting the urge to cry, she held her bed covers close in an attempt to comfort herself.

But she was about to receive the most terrible shock of her life.

“I’m afraid I sensed that it’s not just a nightmare sister.”

Before Luna could carry on, she was startled to see Celestia giving her a fearful stare before reaching out to grab her shoulders. She almost shook her sister frantically as she spoke. Her voice full of fear and desperation.

“No! Please Luna! Anything! Anything but a vision!!”

Luna paused. She had never seen such fear in Celestia’s eyes before. Though she hadn’t seen it herself, but something had scared her older sister right down to the core.

But she had to tell the truth.

“I’m sorry, sister. But it is a vision. But of what? Is it Tirek again?”

Luna waited patiently for her sister to answer. But was surprised further when Celestia got up and went in to hug her. The blue Alicorn could feel her sister’s body trembling in fear. And then heard her soft sobbing.

Celestia couldn’t fight it anymore. She began to cry. Tears forming out of her eyes as she spoke quietly.

“No Luna. It’s something worse. Much… much worse.”

Author's Note:

Here we are as promised, the next chapter.

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