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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 27: Night of Fright

With the Grand Galloping Gala drawing to a close, it was time for the invited guests to return home. Though the current Gala wasn’t nearly as chaotic as the previous years’, but undoubtly it was the most exciting.

Thanks to her idea of inviting both Discord and BlackWarGreymon, Princess Celestia concluded that the Gala was a far greater improvement than the ones that she was so used to.

The excitement of the party was in fact caused by the two former villains. Though it was mostly Discord. Seeing the Spirit of Chaos against the ultimate anti-hero was indeed thrilling to the audience. Even Discord couldn’t handle BlackWarGreymon’s power.

But the real highlight of the evening, was when the Digimon had his first slow dance with Princess Luna. It was truly a moment to remember. It was because of the dance, that Celestia suspected that the real reason Luna decided to attend the Gala, was because BlackWarGreymon was attending too. Could there be a reason behind it? Celestia wasn’t entirely sure, but she would need more evidence before coming to a conclusion. But one thing was for certain, Luna had enjoyed her moment with BlackWarGreymon. The way her mane and tail glowed wouldn’t had happened otherwise.

Not many ponies know, but an Alicorn’s body and a celestial object they control reacts to the emotions they would be experiencing.

As the last of the guests left Canterlot, the Main Six, the Cutiemark Crusaders, Spike and BlackWarGreymon volunteered to clean up the place.

“Well, this was actually a fun night,” Rainbow Dash said as she pulled down the decorations from the ceiling.

“Oh most definatly, probably the most interesting Gala yet,” Rarity joined before turning towards BlackWarGreymon.

“And you mister. You were simply dazzling on the dance floor! Just how in the world did you learn to master dancing in just a few hours?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think before answering.

“I’m not exactly sure. Its’ almost as if my mind… recorded your dance with Spike, and it all just stored in my mind. And when the dance happened, it all played out through my body.”

“So ya brain is like… some sorta’ video recorder?” Applejack asked.

“I guess you could say that. I am digital after all,” The Digimon said.

“I thought it’s because you have a mind of an elephant.”

Everyone in the room looked at Spike with puzzled expressions. The dragon became startled that all eyes were on him.

“What? Elephants never forget.”

“Well it’s better than having a mind of a goldfish. I mean they forget things in the next five seconds,” Scootaloo mentioned, earning chuckles from Applebloom and Sweetie Belle.

Then arriving from the Canterlot gardens were Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie.

“Goodbye little friends!” Fluttershy called out to the animals in the garden.

“Wow Fluttershy, those animals have gotten so used to you,” Twilight said, noting the difference in behaviour from the previous year.

“Well, it was in fact BlackWarGreymon who helped out. You should’ve seen him, Twilight. He was so gentle with the little critters.”

“He did? That’s great. It means he’s learning friendship very well.”

Then Twilight, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie met up with the rest of their friends in the main hall.

“Are all the decorations taken down outside?” Rainbow Dash asked the three whom just arrived.

“Done and dusted,” Pinkie Pie said with a smile.

Then suddenly, the group were startled by a sudden sound of lightning. When the loud echoing rumble ended, Fluttershy, who was hiding under a carpet, spoke up.

“Wha…wha…what was that?”

Princess Twilight walked towards the window to see what was going on. She then saw that the night sky was completely clouded over, with the sounds of heavy rain on the way.

“Oh, it looks like a thunderstorm is scheduled tonight.”

“Oh… I forgot about that,” Rainbow Dash said with a cheeky smile.

“Ya part of the weather team, Rainbow. Couldn’t ya changed the day of this darn weather?” Applejack asked, rather annoyed.

“The Gala was coming up. I’ve forgotten.”

Then the rain arrived, heavy droplets of water could be heard as they impact on the roof and outside the main hall. Though BlackWarGreymon didn’t mind the rain as much as his pony friends, but he didn’t felt like ruining his new suit.

Then Celestia arrived.

“Well tonight certainly is a downpour.”

“Yeah, and we have to go through it,” Sweetie Belle said, moping by the fact that the rain would soak her new dress.

The white Alicorn read the filly’s expression, then she showed that she was just as generous as Rarity.

“I know, how about all of you stay for the night here?”

Rarity was literally filled with glee from the invitation.

“Really!? Oh thank you so much, your highness,” She said, bowing repeatedly every one second.

Celestia chuckled at the over-enthusiastic Unicorn.

“It’s my pleasure. I don’t want you all getting wet. So you all know where the bedroom chambers are?”

Though Celestia asked, she already knew the answer.

“Don’t worry, we remember. And thank you so much,” Twilight said as she walked past Celestia out of the hall.

The others followed suit. But when BlackWarGreymon walked by her, Celestia stopped him.

“Oh and, BlackWarGreymon.”

Hearing the princess calling his name caused him to stop. He then turned to face her.

“Yes, Celestia?”

The Alicorn smiled when she spoke.

“Thank you for giving Luna such a great time.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at her in confusion. Then Celestia explained.

“You see, my sister hardly attends to these kinds of parties because she feared that everypony might fear her for what she had done in the past. All I ever wanted was for her to at least try to experience one and have a nice time. And thanks to you, that actually happened.”

BlackWarGreymon was moved by Celestia’s words, and finally understood why Luna was absent from parties like the Gala. But the thought of missing out in all the fun made the Digimon felt sorry for Luna.

It was tough being an ex-villain, and he knew that very well.

“You’re most welcome, Celestia. And I can say that I did enjoy myself here because of Luna.”

Celestia smiled as BlackWarGreymon walled off to join with the others.

Then a thought occurred to the Digimon.

‘Speaking of which. Where is Luna anyway? Probably off to bed I guess.’

Soon, BlackWarGreymon caught up with the girls as they approached the bed chambers.

“Well am’ definatly gonna sleep after all that, that’s for sure,” Applejack said after letting out a tired sigh.

She was then suddenly brought to attention when Pinkie Pie let out a loud gasp.

“Oh oh, Everypony! I have an idea! Let’s all have a sleepover!”

“A sleepover!?” The crusaders asked before cheering, keen on the idea.

“That’s a good idea, Pinkie. We hadn’t had any of those in a while,” Twilight said.

Spike and the rest of the Main Six were also excited about a group sleepover at Canterlot. Then Pinkie Pie rushed over to give BlackWarGreymon’s left leg a hug.

“And BlackWarGreymon will have his very first sleepover!”

While the group were even happier on the idea, the Digimon looked puzzled.

“Umm, what exactly is a sleepover?” He asked.

“Well darling, a sleepover is when a friend or a group of friends stays the night at another friend’s, house. But before they go to sleep, they play games and have fun,” Rarity explained.

While BlackWarGreymon started to get the idea, he was curious about one thing.

“What kind of games?”

“You know, like pin a tail on a pony,” Sweetie Belle said.

“Oh, a don’t forget truth of dare,” Scootaloo joined.

Then Rainbow Dash spoke while flying above the group.

“Yeah. But before we go to bed, we tell each other scary stories,” She said, trying to sound spooky.

BlackWarGreymon became more intrigued in what Rainbow Dash said.

“Scary stories?”

“Yeah. I know plenty of good ones,” Rainbow Dash said, her face smug with pride.

“Interesting,” The Mega said, just as a thought entered his head. A rather cunning thought.

While thinking, he spoke to the crusaders.

“Uhh, you three. Can you come with me for just a little bit?”

“Uhh…sure. But whatever for?” Applebloom asked.

“I need you to help me with… a thing that I just forgot about.”

“Well, ok,” Scootaloo said before she and her crusader friends followed BlackWarGreymon back to where they came.

The Main Six and Spike, though confused, grew suspicious of the Digimon. His reply sounded more like an excuse. A cover-up for something else.

‘Now just what is he up to?’ Twilight thought to herself.

Unknown location, hidden lair.

After persuading the queen of the Changelings, Chrysalis, to join him on his quest for conquest, King Sombra led her and her Changeling army through a series of dark passageways. Bringing them ever closer to the meeting place.

Though the Changeling solders didn’t trust the dark Unicorn, but he was an acquaintance to their queen. So, they had to ether trust him of put up with him. But after reaching inside the caves, their dislike of Sombra was the last thing on their minds.

“These passageways are a lot longer than I remembered. How much further, Sombra?” Queen Chrysalis asked.

“Almost there,” King Sombra replied.

“Q…q…queen,” A voice behind Chrysalis uttered.

When the queen looked back, she noticed that her children were shaking with fear after every step they took.

“What is it?” Chrysalis asked.

“Queen… I’m scared.”

Then another joined.

“There’s this… strange feeling in the air, mother. I don’t like it!”

“It’s making me uneasy,” Another mentioned.

It wasn’t just the three, Chrysalis could see the expressions on the faces of the rest of her offspring. They were terrified.

“It’s ok. Everything will be fine,” Chrysalis said, trying to reassure her children.

But she wasn’t sure herself. But knowing where the odd feeling was coming from, and who it belonged to, she was probably more frightened then her solders.

“So, you can all feel it?” Sombra asked as he looked over to the Changelings. He then smiled in satisfaction.

“Well you all have to get used to it. We are going to be working for him for a while,” He continued, hiding the fact that the energy was disturbing even for him.

“Wait. The feeling is coming from… a creature? One Changeling asked. Then joined by another.

“What kind of creature could give off such awful energy?”

King Sombra answered for them.

“He is a being… not from around here.”

“You mean, he’s from the badlands?” Another Changeling asked.

“No, much further.”

“How much further?” The same Changeling asked.

But Sombra’s reply sent a cold chill straight through the insect-like ponies.

“Further than you could possibly imagine.”

“Mother? What does that mean?” Another Changeling asked. But Sombra answered instead of Chrysalis.

“You’re about to find out… because we’re here.”

Sombra, Chrysalis and the Changelings emerged from the darkened passage, and into a massive chamber. Even though they were far from sunlight, the cave was somehow dimly lit. Bright enough for the guests to see all around them. The Changelings began to shiver in fear, the odd feeling they felt was definatly among them in the chamber.

Then to their confusion, King Sombra called out into the darkness.

“My lord, they’re here like you asked!”

Then to the Changelings surprise, a demonic voice called back.

“Excellent, Sombra. You have done well.”

Queen Chrysalis felt her heart froze the moment she heard the voice. It was the last voice she’d ever wanted to hear. She knew it was him. No other being in Equestria could have such a voice. Some of her solders even tried to hide behind her.

Then they got scared when they heard a loud scraping noise. As if the hidden creature was deliberately dragging his claws on the ground as he walked.

Then Sombra spoke to the Changelings.

“Children of Chrysalis, meet your new master.”

Then out of the shadows, the creature’s three-toed foot emerged. Followed by a loud footstep. As he walked, he let out deep growl-like breaths. As the evil Digimon stepped into the light, the Changelings quaked in terror as their eyes trailed up to the rest of his body. His long arms were indeed dragging his clawed hands across the stone ground. But to the solders, the most horrifying thing about the bizarre being was his face. With his demonic horns and his piercing yellow eyes, it was like the stuff of nightmares.

Even Chrysalis tried to avert her gaze as the Digimon looked her way.

“Ahh, my dear Chrysalis. It’s been a while since I last saw you.”

“Shame that it’s sooner than later,” Chrysalis said, finally gaining enough courage to look at the creature.

The Digimon would had taken her tone as defiance. But he decided to toy with her instead.

“Still afraid of me?”

The queen of the Changelings gulped as she turned her head away. She didn’t want to admit that she was scared, but she showed it clear as day.

“Good. You have every right to be afraid of me. Soon all of Equestria will fear my name,” The Digimon said in satisfactory.

The Changelings had learnt a lesson about their queen. Even she could be afraid.

“A…As you requested. I’ve brought my solders too,” Chrysalis said.

The evil Digimon tilted his head to the side to get a better look of the solders. He then revealed his white razor-sharp teeth, making the Changelings back off in fear.

“You’ve outdone yourself, Chrysalis.”

Then to everyone’s surprise, the Digimon immediately stretched his right arm out and crashed his hand beside Chrysalis. The Changelings yelped in surprise, thinking that he was attacking.

Then all was silent as Chrysalis stared at the dust cloud, thinking that the beast had crushed one of her children. Then to her confusion, a series of loud squeaking could be heard. Then as the Digimon lifted his hand out of the dust cloud, a small white rat was revealed. Having its tail grasped in-between the clawed finger and thumb, the rat shrieked and squirmed around, trying to get free as it was brought closer to the monster.

Using his other hand, the Digimon scratched the rat’s stomach with his index finger.

“You’ve even brought ratatouille too.”

As the Digimon tilted his head back, he raised the suspended rat above his face. He then opened his mouth wide. Seeing the teeth of the beast caused the rat to squeak in panic as it tried to wiggle free.

Although all eyes were away from the sight, they could all hear everything. First the squeaks of the terrified rat, then it was silenced by a squelching munching sound. Even Sombra found it disturbing.

The Digimon just ate a live rat.

Then, one Changeling was brave enough to speak.

“Have…have we done good?”

The freakish Digimon was silent at first. Fiddling the inside of his mouth with his hand. He then shockingly pulled out a perfectly clean leg bone. After looking at it, the Digimon chuckled as he tossed the bone to the Changelings. Scaring them in response.

“Have a bone.”

Canterlot castle, bedchamber

Though the group were given individual rooms, the Main Six and Spike thought that it would be more fun to be in one large room to have their fun and games. To prevent their clothes from getting messy, Rarity took them off her friends and neatly put them aside.

As they sat in the middle of the room in a circle, they waited for BlackWarGreymon and the crusaders. Wondering what was taking them so long. To pass the time, they started playing truth or dare.

“Ok darling, truth or dare?” Rarity asked Twilight.


“Oh. Is there something going on between you and Flash Sentry?”

The Unicorn’s question caused the Alicorn to blush while bringing her mind into a frizz.

“WawaWA! No! It’s nothing like that. Besides, I hardly see him.”

“Oh, but you must. If you want to get anywhere with him,” Rarity added.

“Well…” Twilight tried to answer, feeling deeply awkward.

Next was Rainbow Dash’s turn.

“Ok Pinkie, truth or dare?”

“OH! OH! Dare! Dare!”

Then the Pegasus brought out a tray of cupcakes.

“I dare you to inhale all these cupcakes,” Rainbow Dash declared.

After pausing for a moment of thought, Pinkie Pie took in a deep breath. Inhaling the air in front of her powerful enough to suck in all the cupcakes. After consuming every last crumb, the pink pony stopped inhaling and wiped her lips with a tissue.

The others just stared at her in shock.

“Woah! I didn’t think you can even do that,” Rainbow Dash stated.

“You’ll never know until you try it,” Pinkie Pie said as if it was nothing special.

Then to the delight of the group, BlackWarGreymon finally entered the room.

“Hey big guy. You sure took your time,” Rainbow Dash said, noting on how long the Digimon was gone.

“My apologies for keeping you waiting,” BlackWarGreymon said.

“Oh, before you sit down, allow me,” Rarity said before using her magic to remove BlackWarGreymon’s tuxedo he wore at the Gala.

“Thank you,” He said. He felt more comfortable being back in his usual armour. Well, minus his shield and Dramon Destroyers he’d left back in Ponyville.

As BlackWarGreymon sat in the circle in-between Twilight and Fluttershy, Applejack asked him a question.

“Say now, where is my sister and her friends?”

The Mane Six and Spike didn’t know why, but the Digimon paused for a few seconds before he answered.

“Well, Princess Celestia wanted them for something. Probably ideas on how to get their cutiemarks.

Though his answer was convincing, the group felt that something about it was fishy.

“So, what were you doing?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“Oh, we’re playing truth or dare,” Fluttershy answered. Then Twilight explained the rules.

“It’s a game where a pony asks another a truth or dare. If a pony chooses truth, then they must answer a question with the absolute truth. If a pony chooses dare, then they have to do anything that pony tells them.”

“Seems simple,” BlackWarGreymon said.

“Allow me to demonstrate,” Pinkie Pie said as she looked over to Applejack.

“Ok AJ, truth of dare?”


After a quick second of thinking, Pinkie Pie thought of a dare.

“OH, OH, OH! I got one!”

‘It’s got something to do with me, isn’t it?’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself. Immediately feeling like a victim.

Then the pink pony spoke the dare.

“I dare you to touch BlackWarGreymon’s hair.”

‘I knew it.’

Applejack looked confused.

“Ya want me to touch his hair?”

“All hooves in the air if you touched BlackWarGreymon’s hair,” Pinkie Pie proclaimed.

Along with her, Twilight, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash and Rarity raised their hooves. The only ones who didn’t were Applejack and Spike.

“Ya all did?” Applejack asked.

“Oh you should, darling. His hair just feels fabulous,” Rarity said.

“And Scootaloo said that it feels just like a cloud. And I kinda agree,” Rainbow Dash joined.

“Well if it’s a dare, then I’ll do it,” The orange mare said.

“Umm, can I too?” Spike asked as he raised his hand in the air as if he was in school.

“Of course. If you don’t mind that is,” Twilight said to the Digimon.

“Go right ahead,” He said as he tilted his head aside.

Using her magic, Twilight levitated Spike and Applejack above BlackWarGreymon’s head. As soon as they’re within reach, the orange pony and the young dragon reached out and touched the yellow digital hair.

Both were amazed at how it felt.

“Well I’ll be! Ya all right,” Applejack said.

“I never knew it could be so soft,” Spike joined.

With the dare done, Twilight placed Spike and Applejack back in the circle.

Then it was Rainbow Dash’s turn.

“You’re next Flutters. Truth or dare?”

The yellow Pegasus normally picks truth every time, but she felt that she could give dare a go.


‘It’s going to be me again,’ BlackWarGreymon betted.

After a few seconds of intense thought, Rainbow Dash briefly glanced over to the Digimon and let out a giggle.

‘Called it.’

Then the blue Pegasus spoke the dare.

“I dare you… to kiss BlackWarGreymon.”

BlackWarGreymon and Twilight were not entirely surprised at the question, since it happened before. But as Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Spike were the ones who weren’t aware of it, they were completely surprised.

“Y…You want Fluttershy to do…that!? Surely you couldn’t suggest such a…”

Rarity was interrupted when Fluttershy spoke. Somewhat happy.

“Ok then.”

As Fluttershy flew off the ground, Rainbow Dash couldn’t believe that her friend would immediately accept the dare. To them, it was strange that she seemed happy about going through with it.

“Wait a sec, Flutters. Aren’t you even embari…”

She was silenced when unbelievably, the usually timid pony flew up beside BlackWarGreymon’s head and without hesitation, kissed him on the cheek.

Though it happened for the second time, the Digimon again felt just as surprised as before. Even though she heard about it from Fluttershy herself, Twilight was surprised to actually see it. But to the rest, it was a complete shock.

When the Pegasus landed, she saw that most of her friends looked at her in complete disbelief.


“What do you mean ‘what’? You just kissed him!” Rainbow Dash stated.

“We thought that you would be… nervous,” Applejack added.

“Well I’m not. That was the second time after all,” Fluttershy said. Earning more silent intense stares from her friends.

“YOU KISSED HIM BEFORE!?” Rarity, Pinkie Pie and Spike asked at the same time.

“Well, the first time was when he saved my animals from the Bugbear.”

The group were once again surprised at what they heard.

“Wait! You were attacked by the Bugbear!?” Rainbow Dash asked in a worried tone.

“Yes I was. But BlackWarGreymon defeated it without even trying,” Fluttershy said before nuzzling on BlackWarGreymon’s leg in gratitude.

“Wow. So, the fight wasn’t difficult at all?” Rainbow Dash asked the Digimon.

“It was the easiest one I had in this world yet. I didn’t even use any of my powers.”

“Ok, it’s my turn. BlackWarGreymon, truth or dare?” Twilight asked.

After feeling like he was the centre of attention the moment he walked into the room, BlackWarGreymon tried to give the game a go.


“Well… this is kind of a plain question but… are you happy being in Equestria?”

Twilight’s question caused everyone else to become serious all of a sudden. They all stared at the Digimon as he gave his answer.

“Of course I am. I never had fun like this before.”

Pinkie Pie gasped when the Mega mentioned her favourite word.

“Did you say you had FUN!?”

BlackWarGreymon then spoke the truth.

“Yes. Being in this world and amongst all of you, had freed me from all the problems I had back in the Digital World. I no longer feel the same pain. I could even go as far as to say that… I feel at home here.”

His words surprised the whole group. He was even willing to accept the world of Equestria as his home. They were all so happy to hear him say such warm and loving words.

“Hay, BlackWarGreymon. How about you take a turn?” Spike asked, moving the game to the Mega.


The Digimon then chose Rarity.

“Rarity, truth or dare?”

“I’m going to go with… dare.”

BlackWarGreymon then tried to think of a dare. But not just an ordinary dare, it had to be a good one. A perfect one. One that they would never expect for him to say.

He then remembered the dare Rainbow Dash gave to Fluttershy. To everyone else, it was so unexpected. Maybe his dare could be something similar.

His eyes narrowed as he came up with one such dare. He even chuckled at the thought of it. If he had lips, he would’ve made a sinister smile.

His chuckle made Rarity feel nervous she had no idea what the Digimon had in mind. But she soon found out.

“I dare you to kiss Applejack.”

Predictably, the reactions he received were of pure shock.

“W-Wha-WHAAAT!!?” Rarity shouted while a blush of embarrassment formed on her face. Applejack followed suit.

“Are ya serious!?”

But the others were of no help to them.

“Ooohhh! A juicy dare!” Rainbow Dash said.

“I never thought that kind of dare is even possible,” Fluttershy joined, blushing at the thought of the dare.

“I’ll get my camera!” Pinkie Pie declared.

There was a reason why BlackWarGreymon chose Applejack to be part of the dare. She was a rough hard worker and Rarity was clean and elegant. They were opposites. Which made the dare all the more amusing.

“The…there’s no way I can do that!” Rarity said in protest.

“As strange as it sounds, but you have to do it. It’s the rule,” Twilight mentioned.

Rarity and Applejack became too embarrassed to even look at each other. But it was a dare, so they had to go through with it.

“Well……it’s just for fun…after all,” Applejack said, reminding Rarity that it was just part of the game.

“Yes…just for fun.”

After a few moments of hesitant stares, Rarity and Applejack closed their eyes with their lips puckered. Afterwards, they moved very slowly towards each other.

“Oh, they’re really gonna do it!!” Spike said, finding the situation hilarious.

Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Twilight tried to contain their giggles, BlackWarGreymon silently watched on in amusement, and Pinkie Pie was ready with her camera.

Sweat was constantly dripping from the embarrassed Rarity and Applejack. Pressured by the dare and all eyes watching them. Both mares knew they were getting close, even with their eyes shut tight. They could feel each other breathing from their nostrils.

But just as they were mere centimeters apart, the two immediately parted from each other.

They failed the dare.

“No! Ah can’t do it!” Applejack said.

“Me neither! It’s just… unusual!” Rarity joined.

“That’s a bummer. It would’ve made a funny photo,” Pinkie Pie said, complaining that she couldn’t get a picture of the moment.

“Still, the looks on your faces were priceless!” Rainbow Dash said. She would remember it forever.

Then Fluttershy made a suggestion.

“Maybe it’s time to do something else?”

The others nodded in agreement. BlackWarGreymon was keen on one such event.

“How about the scary story thing?”

“Must we? So soon?” Fluttershy asked, worried that the stories might scare her for days on end.

“Come on, Flutters. You’ve got to get over your fears some time. Why not now?” Rainbow Dash said.

Though Fluttershy was nervous, she knew that her fellow Pegasus friend had a point. She would feel better if she had conquered her fears once and for all. But if she got too scared, she could always huddle close to BlackWarGreymon.


“Aright, so who’s first?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Oh, how about ‘The Curse of the Weredragon’?” Spike asked. But the Mane Six disagreed.

“Come on, Spike. You get scared just by telling the story,” Twilight said, remembering the dragon’s last panic attack.

Then all of a sudden, a loud thunderbolt was heard from outside, and knocked out the lights in the room. While the Digimon stood firm, Spike and the Mane Six were startled. Then a dimly lit lamp was seen, turned on and placed in the middle of the group by Rainbow Dash.

“I got one for you. It’s called ‘The tale of the Headless horse’.”

While the other ponies were eager to listen to Rainbow Dash’s tale, Spike and Fluttershy had a brief shiver just by hearing the name. BlackWarGreymon meanwhile tried to picture what the Headless horse would look like.

As the blue Pegasus was telling her story, most of the group were already shaking in fright. Only Twilight and BlackWarGreymon were unmoved. The Alicorn had already heard of the story so many times, she even told it once. The Digimon was too busy listening to even think about fear. Though some bits had surprised him, hearing what the Headless horse had done.

Then Rainbow Dash finished up the story.

“Then, just as the pony thought she was safe. There, stood behind her was… the Headless horse!”

After letting out a yelp of fright, the dragon and the Mane Six laughed. Though Spike and Fluttershy were late to laugh as they were the most scared.

“Uhh… that story gives me the creeps every time I hear it,” Rarity said.

“So what about you, big guy? Were you scared?” Rainbow Dash asked BlackWarGreymon.

“The story was good, but it’s not really that scary.”

The group looked at him in disbelief.

“Wait. You weren’t scared at all?” Pinkie Pie asked him.

“Well I am confused about one thing. If it’s headless, then how does in know where it’s going?”

“Well, it just knows…”

Rainbow Dash was interrupted by the Digimon’s second question.

“And if it rains, wouldn’t its body be filled with water?”

The Pegasus was baffled at the second question.

“Well… it’s just a story.”

“I don’t think that story was thought entirely through.”

“Well, do you have one in mind?” Rarity asked him.

Rainbow Dash then grew a cocky smile on her face.

“Yeah, let’s see you do better.”

After closing his eyes in thought, BlackWarGreymon let out a chuckle.

“Oh I’ve got a story alright. A story that would make you want to shiver and hide. One that was thought to have no name. But to a few, it’s a story called… Alien.”

The group around the Digimon became intrigued. They couldn’t even remember a scary story about an alien before.

As everypony and dragon remained silent, BlackWarGreymon told his story.

“The story takes place far in the future. Where space exploration became a reality to the ponies of Equestria. On-board a reconnaissance ship, a scientific group of eight mares and two stallions were approaching a newly discovered planet. Upon entry, the ship was battered by unrelenting storms that ravaged the planet’s surface. The crew had to hold on tight to avoid hurtling about inside the ship. After passing through the storm, the ship managed to land safely and the crew decided to start exploring. But all around them, the land was rocky and barren. Empty of any kind of life other than their own. Just when they felt that the mission was a waste, one of the stallions spotted something in the distance. Something huge. As the group reached the top of a nearby hill, they too spotted it. Lying in front of them, was a gigantic spaceship that easily dwarfed their own. But from the state of the ship, it crashed on the planet and laid there for hundreds of years.

Being explorers, the crew explored the massive ship. As they travelled around, one stallion became separated from the others and found himself in a large chamber. All around him were hundreds of organic egg-like pods. All connected to each other by their organic roots. Amazed at the sight, the stallion took a closer look at one of the egg pods. As he got closer, to his surprise, the top of the organic pod opened. Peering inside the egg, the stallion saw that in had something inside. Something alive. Even though it didn’t have any eyes, the stallion could tell that it was looking right at him. then, to his horror, the creature leapt out of its egg and onto the stallion’s face. Using its ten spider-like legs, it grabbed a firm hold on the stallion’s head as it pressed its flat body on his face. The parasite then wrapped its long tail around the pony’s neck for extra grip. The stallion tried to cry for help, but only his muffled screams could be heard.

Half an hour later, the rest of the crew entered the chamber to find their lost friend. And they did. They found him lying unconscious on the floor. But next to him, was the same alien parasite. It lay lifeless on the ground, dead. Thinking that the stallion needed medical attention, the crew brought him out of the giant ship and back into their own. Seeing that the planet was too dangerous, the crew decided to abandon the planet and head back home.

However, even off the planet, they were far from safe.

After a few hours from being attacked by the parasite, the stallion woke up and felt that he was well enough to make a recovery. But every so often, he felt something in his chest.

After reuniting with the rest of the crew, the stallion explained what happened. His friends were shocked. Though they were happy that their friend was unharmed, they did wonder why the parasite ‘hugged’ his face.

Unfortunately, they were about to find out in the worst way possible. Because after telling his story, the stallion suddenly felt a very sharp pain in his chest. Crying in agony, he collapsed as his friends gather around to try and save him. But they could do nothing as the pony felt his ribcage shattering from the inside. After more cries of tearful agony, the ponies could see that something was moving under his skin. Then, after a brief silence, something burst out of the stallion’s chest. The crew looked and screamed in horror as they saw a small snake-like alien slithered away, hiding in the air ducts.

The crew mourned over the death of their friend. They also came up with a theory. As the parasite held itself onto the stallion’s face, it must had impregnated him with an alien embryo. And once it was grown, it left the host.

Somewhere else on the ship, the alien embryo began to grow. Continuously sheading and creating slime as it grew bigger and bigger. After a few minutes, the alien had fully grown into an adult. Its body changed from its snake-like look. It stood on two legs, standing seven feet tall. The adult alien had long, branching arms with sharp claws that could tear flesh form bone. Its long tail had a blade on the end, used to slice and impale. The blood that ran through its veins was highly corrosive, melting away anything that its spilled upon. It had a long cylinder-shaped head with no eyes and razor-sharp teeth. Hidden inside its mouth, was a second set of jaws. Used to shot out of its mouth with enough force to pierce metal and shatter bone.

The alien, was a pure carnivore.

Vowing to avenge their fallen friend, the rest of the crew decided to take action and destroy the creature. But it was a fight they couldn’t win. Even though they were wearing protective gear, and were armed to the teeth, they weren’t prepared to face such a monster. Using its black fleshy exoskeleton, it was nearly invisible in the shadows. And with the ability to climb on walls and ceilings, it could easily ambush the unsuspecting ponies.

Being outwitted at every turn, one by one, the crew were being killed, slaughtered and eaten. With every kill, the alien let out a blood-curdling shriek, echoing throughout the near empty ship. The massacre continued until only one solitary pony was left. With her weapon cradled in her hooves, the mare was shivering in pure terror while huddling in the corner. Hoping. Praying that the alien wouldn’t find her.

As the mare mourned over the loss of her whole crew, her friends, she felt something slimy dripping on her head. As she slowly looked up, the last thing she ever saw, was a soulless black face… and a double set of white teeth.

The end.”

As BlackWarGreymon finished his story, the looks on everypony’s faces were exactly the ones he was expecting. With wide eyes and pupils the size of pinpricks, mouths wide open and faces all completely pale, it was a kind of tale the Mane Six and Spike had never heard of. And the kind they never expected to hear. Just the thought of such a creature existing was enough to make them hide under their beds. Even just the description of the alien made them tremble in fear. Amazingly even the usually brave Rainbow Dash looked as though she’d seen a ghost.

It was truly a story they would never come up with on their own. Not even in their wildest dreams.

BlackWarGreymon may had overdone it. His tale wasn’t a scary story, it was more like a horror story.

The girls and dragon were stunned silent at first, then Applejack spoke up.

“...wow… that was… some story.”

“More like creepy,” Rarity joined.

“Wha… what if that kind of alien is real?” The frightened Pinkie Pie asked.

“No way, Pinkie! Of course, there’s no such thing as that kind of alien! Ask anypony!” Rainbow Dash said, her voice sounded loud in alarm. To her surprise, BlackWarGreymon responded to her last suggestion.

“Ok then. How about you ask… THE PARASITES!!!”

Then suddenly, as the thunder struck outside, three facehugger- shaped creatures leapt from behind the Digimon and in front of the group! Seeing the sudden appearance of the creatures from BlackWarGreymon’s story caused Spike to faint and the mares to scream in fright. The girls immediately fled the room and tried to hide in the nearest closet. The terrified mares breathed heavily from the adrenaline and the sudden scare.

“They’re… they’re real! They’re totally real!!” Rainbow Dash screamed. Huddling in a ball.

Then to their confusion, they started to hear laughing. Aliens don’t laugh… do they?

Wanting to find out the truth, the girls peered through the gap in the closet door, and saw what was going on.

At first glance, the three things liked like the parasites. But after a good look, it was in fact… the Cutiemark Crusaders!? All three of them were laughing their heads off while in fact, wearing costumes that looked like the parasites. Their suspicions were confirmed when BlackWarGreymon himself was laughing loudly. Clenching his stomach and rolling on his back, the normally serious Digimon joined the crusaders in laughter.

With no real alien around, the Mane Six emerged from hiding. Approaching the laughing four with looks of surprise and confusion.

“It…it was just you three!?” Applejack asked.

“Of course, it is! These are just costumes!” Applebloom answered before laughing again.

The Mane Six then pieced together all the events. That was why they were so late, because they were making the costumes. But BlackWarGreymon said that Celestia wanted… And that before, he had a private word with… And that the costumes looked identical to what BlackWarGreymon sai…

The six mares all glared at the amused Digimon when they finally figured it out.

“You planned all this from the start!?” Twilight asked.

“I did,” The Digimon admitted before continuing.

“Not bad for my first prank, wouldn’t you say?”

As the four culprits laughed again, the remainder of the group couldn’t help but laugh along with them. Twilight and Pinkie Pie were amazed at something about BlackWarGreymon. They never heard him laugh so hard before. He really was having a good time in Equestria.

“I can’t believe you scared us like that,” Rainbow Dash said, with Fluttershy joining in.

“Please don’t do that again.”

“Though I had to admit. That story was pretty scary,” Scootaloo said, taking off the costume.

After letting out a yawn, Twilight looked at the time.

“Well we don’t have time to think more of it. It’s time for bed.”

“Hah, if you all can sleep after that story,” Sweetie Belle said as she and the girls left the room.

The large room they were in was in fact BlackWarGreymon’s room for the night. Twilight was last to leave the room, carrying the unconscious Spike on her back. Looking back at the Digimon, she was impressed at how quickly he adapted his new life in Equestria. Just give him a chance, and he could turn out to be a very good friend.

Finally alone in his room, BlackWarGreymon laid there on a large bed made specially for him. As he looked up at the ceiling, he reminisced the day he had. It was indeed a very eventful one. First, he raced Rainbow Dash the second time, then spent most of the day trying to find a spot to think over his destiny, his little meeting at the orphanage, saving some of his friends from a hydra, trying out a tuxedo for the very first time, attending the Grand Galloping Gala, done a dance with Princess Luna and finally told a story that scared the daylights out of his friends.

A very eventful day indeed.

The Mega didn’t felt tired at first, but after an hour his eyes began to feel heavy. All the while, listening to the constant thunder and lightning from outside. Being a Digimon built for war, he found the rough weather rather soothing.

However, his peaceful rest was interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Oddly enough since the storm outside was louder than the knock.

“Who is it?” The Digimon called out.

The door slowly opened, revealing itself to be a distressed-looking Twilight.

“Hay. It’s me.”

“Oh? What’s up?” The Digimon asked.

At first, he was confused as to why Twilight was up so late. but then he became confused as the Alicorn entered his room and closed the door behind her.

“Sorry of the intrusion, but it’s just that… I’m not really fond with thunderstorms.”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to examine the Alicorn’s face. Her fur was rough, her mane was a mess and her eyes were nearly all red. It shown that she tossed and turned a lot in bed trying to get to sleep, but the storm kept her awake.

“So you don’t like thunderstorms. But then, why are you in my room?”

BlackWarGreymon’s question caused Twilight to blush in embarrassment. What she had in mind was unusual. But since pike was still passed out, she couldn’t find comfort in her room. She had to sleep somewhere else. Somewhere safe.

“Well, BlackWarGreymon. If you don’t mind, can I… sleep with you tonight?”

BlackWarGreymon looked at her in bewilderment. Was she really that scared of thunderstorms? And to her, the safest place for her was by his side? It must be true, since she came to him before anyone else. Plus by looking at her purple eyes, she was desperate. After some thought, the Digimon spoke.

“If you’re that afraid, then it’s fine by me.”

At first, Twilight was hesitant in getting to bed despite his agreement. But after another loud sound of thunder, she practically leapt beside BlackWarGreymon. After calming down, Twilight coiled herself into a ball beside the Digimon’s left arm.

“Comfortable?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“Much better. Thank you,” Twilight said as she and BlackWarGreymon began to sleep.

Then as her back touched the Digimon’s arm, Twilight’s eyes widened in surprise.

‘Wow! His body feels…so…warm.’

Twilight began to fall into slumber, snuggling up against BlackWarGreymon’s arm. Feeling a great amount of warmth from it.

The Digimon quietly chuckled at seeing how comfortable and safe she was around him. it was almost as if she knew him for years.

As he began to close his eyes, he heard a quiet voice coming from the door.

“Um… BlackWarGreymon.”

Turning his head, the Mega saw Fluttershy poking her head around the door.

“Fluttershy? You got scared by the storm?”

“N-no. Hearing your story gave me such a terrible nightmare.”

“Oh, sorry about that.”

Fluttershy then blushed in embarrassment when she tried to speak.

“Um… if it’s ok with you. Perhaps… uhh…”

BlackWarGreymon knew exactly what she was about to ask.

“If you want to join me, it’s ok.”

Happy that she doesn’t get to spend the night alone, Fluttershy quickly entered the room and flew above BlackWarGreymon. It was then when she spotted the sleeping Twilight beside him.


“Yeah. The storm kept her awake, so she decided to come here. And it looks as though my body is just the right warmth for her,” BlackWarGreymon said.

Fluttershy then landed on her spot. In-between the Digimon’s right arm and the side of his chest. She was then surprised when she accidently rested against his armoured body.

“Wow, even your armour feels warm.”

“It does?”

BlackWarGreymon didn’t receive an answer, because Fluttershy instantly fell asleep. She must have been very comfortable to sleep so suddenly.

“Is my body really that warm?” He asked himself. He too started to feel comfortable as soft pony fur pressed against his skin.

Though he did felt happy that the girls felt safer when near him. Because they knew that whatever happens, he would be there to protect them.

His thoughts however, were interrupted by another knock on his door.

By the time it was midnight, all six element bearers and the three Cutiemark Crusaders were in bed with BlackWarGreymon. Either were spooked by the storm outside or awoken by nightmares about the horror story. They all felt warm and safe by BlackWarGreymon’s side.

The reason Princess Luna wasn’t there to vanquish the nightmares, was because she was distracted by pleasant dreams of her own. She was so moved by the dance at the Gala, she kept on dreaming about it again and again, enjoying every moment.

Unknown location, hidden lair

Back in another part of Equestria, things weren’t peaceful at all. It had been hours since the Changelings arrived and all of them were terrified of their new master. Everything about him was far more disturbing than their darkest nightmares. All from his energy to his appearance. He was like a demon, but something far worse that even Tartarus wouldn’t take in. What’s worse, they even sensed that their queen was threatened even by the mention of their evil lord.

The impatient Digimon growled as he clenched his huge fists, irritated that King Sombra left on an errand.

“Where is he? He has been gone too long!”

The nearby Changelings quivered in fear, but one was brave enough to talk to him.

“I’m sure it’s fine. You just need patience and…”

The Changeling was hushed when the Digimon roared in anger and then slammed the ground hard with his foot. the impact coursed the ground to shake violently as a large crack formed like an earthquake. A demonstration of the monster’s strength. The frightened Changelings scattered themselves either in the shadows or the newly made crack in the ground.

As the tremors stopped, one Changeling popped his head slightly out of the crack and spoke.

“M…Maybe he’s stuck in traffic.”

The angry Digimon needed to get something else on his mind. Something to distract him from the absent Sombra. Looking around, he spotted Queen Chrysalis sitting alone on a ledge. The beast let out a chuckle as he made his way towards her. Despite being far away, the Digimon’s large frame enabled him to take longer strides. Quickly closing the gap as he approached her.

“Tell me, Chrysalis. Why were you trying to hide from me?”

The queen had to speak. The Digimon was as unpredictable as he was freaky.

“I…I wanted to stay away from you. I just wanted to live in peace.”

After three seconds of silence, the Digimon spoke.

“Isn’t your desire to conquer Equestria and rule it? By working for me, you can have that desire.”

“But I wanted to do it my way. Your way is…!”

Chrysalis immediately went quiet when the Digimon pressed his finger beneath her chin. She could feel the pointed claw against her jaw. Even though he was just holding her head up, the Digimon’s claw was hurting her. The Changeling queen froze, too scared to think straight. All she could do was listen to her master.

“And another thing. Have you told your children what happened to your brother?”

Queen Chrysalis felt a small tear forming in her eyes, fearing that the Digimon could snap her neck with ease. Even though she didn’t say a word, the beast conformed his answer by looking at her face.

“You didn’t. Shame if they found out that is. And what would happen afterwards? They would either doubt you and rebel against you. Or they would try to fight me. And I know that either of those options are the last things you would want.”

Chrysalis tried her best not to succumb to fear. The Digimon was blackmailing her. But she was afraid that what he was saying might become true. She didn’t want to risk it. She didn’t want to lose anymore of her family.

“Please don’t tell. I’ll do anything you say.”

The Digimon removed his finger as he chuckled in satisfaction.

“Good. Glad that we understand each other.”

Both of them then heard another voice.


Turning in its direction, the Digimon, Chrysalis and the Changelings spotted King Sombra entering the lair. The being grunted as he moved towards the Unicorn, annoyed by his absence.

“And where have you been?”

Sombra smiled as he spoke.

“Been out treasure hunting.”

The monster became intrigued.

“You got me a present?”

“You could say that. It’s a little something I swiped from the dragon lands.”

When Sombra finished, a black cloud appeared in front of him. then after using a summoning spell, an object materialized within the cloud. It resembled a long staff with a large red gem on the top. The gem itself possessed a large amount of magic.

The dark being’s eyes widened in excitement.

“Is this… the Bloodstone Sceptre?”

Chrysalis and the Changelings all gathered around the artefact. Eyeing the staff they had never seen before in great interest.

“Yes it is, my lord. It is said that whoever wields the Bloodstone Sceptre, becomes the new Dragon Lord,” Sombra explained.

The evil Digimon shrugged as he grabbed the sceptre, almost without care.

“I’m not bothered with that legend or title, Sombra. It’s the gem I’m interested in. It has a decent amount of power within. It may not grant me full power, but at least I can skip ahead a couple of weeks.”

The Digimon then ripped the red gem from its staff and held the stone in a tight grip in his right hand. He then began to absorb the gem’s magical energy, fusing it into his own body. A red trail of energy escaped the gem, flowing through his arm and into his chest. The Digimon grunted and then yelled as the adrenaline of energy channelled into his very being. His body slowly started to expand. Growing larger, centimeter by centimeter. The Changelings took a few steps back. Not only intimidated by the Digimon’s slow growing, but by a radical increase in his energy. His power was growing fast.

As the evil being drained every last drop of magic from the gem, the artefact cracked and was then crushed under the strength of his hand.

“Sombra, wouldn’t the dragons notice that the sceptre is gone?” Chrysalis asked.

“Don’t worry, I created a copy before I left. Though it may not be as powerful as the original,” Sombra replied.

After some heavy breathing, the Digimon spoke to the dark Unicorn. Then to the Changeling queen.

“You have done well, Sombra. Now we can get down to business. Chrysalis, I have a job for you. How would you like to take Canterlot?”

Though Chrysalis was intrigued, she had doubts.

“How could you be sure that we won’t fail like last time?”

The Digimon chuckled before pointing at one of the Changelings.

“You! Come here.”

Though hesitant, the scared Changeling obeyed. His eyes widened as he got very close to the towering being. When the Changeling got close enough, the Digimon raised his left hand and extended his index finger. Then an eerie yellow glow formed within his finger as he channelled a tiny portion of his energy.

“Open wide,” The Digimon commanded.

Scared of what might happen, the Changeling opened his toothy mouth. Then the Digimon placed the tip of his glowing finger into the mouth. Then as quick as it happened, the Digimon withdrew his hand away, leaving the Changeling staggering around in a brief dizziness. But then immediately regained his senses.

“Are you ok, my child?” Chrysalis asked in concern.

“Yeah, I do. In fact, I feel a little bit stronger. I’m not even hungry anymore.”

“That’s because I gave you an energy boost. Now you can take on any pony that gets in your way,” The evil being explained.

“Do…do we get one too?” Another Changeling asked.

“Well, of course.”

The Changelings were starting to warm up to the being as they formed in line. And one by one they were given the energy from their master. Chrysalis was confused. Normally the Digimon kept the energy all to himself, so it was surprising to see him offering some of it to her subjects. A little odd, in fact.

As the Digimon shared his advanced energy, he quietly chuckled in satisfaction, and deep down… a hint of treachery.

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