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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 42: BlackWarGreymon’s Awakened Power and ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s Wrath

Author's Note:

Hay everyone I'm back. And with a long title to go with a long chapter.

Sorry that I've been away far longer then I liked. A lot of things happened at home. But things are starting to get back in line again. And I'll try to get another chapter ready soon.

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Flying in the skies of the Crystal Empire, the dark incarnation of BlackWarGreymon, ChaosBlackWarGreymon, was on the search for his new rival.

At the beginning of their epic fight, the two Mega level Digimon were evenly matched. Possessing all of BlackWarGreymon’s techniques and powers, the clone was able to match him blow to blow. But the moment he started the use dark magic in the fight, inherited from King Sombra, the battle instantly turned to his favour. With protection and teleportation spells, he was able to avoid and counter any attack BlackWarGreymon could throw at him. His advantage was that despite his experiences, the black armoured warrior had never fought a powerful foe that had magic.

With magic by his side, the grey armoured Digimon poured unrelenting pain on BlackWarGreymon. Pounding him, throwing him around, electrocuting him, he even neared enough crushed his body.

But when came the moment he was about to end BlackWarGreymon’s life, Princesses Twilight, Luna and Cadence interrupted him by attacking from behind. After he dispatched them, ChaosBlackWarGreymon found out that the Alicorn attack was just a diversion for their Digimon friend to escape.

Which actually happened.

As he flew above the crystal buildings, the evil Mega grunted at how he was deprived of not ending the fight quickly enough. To add to his annoyance, he had to look for BlackWarGreymon somewhere in the empire. He couldn’t sense him either because the good Digimon also suppressed his power level. Forcing the evil clone to constantly look left and right just to spot him.

‘Come on! He surely couldn’t had gone too far! Not after the beating I gave him. And him hiding his energy isn’t helping either.’

He then spotted a large group of buildings up ahead. Believing that BlackWarGreymon was most likely hiding there, he landed on a nearby roof of a tall building overlooking the area. Standing tall, the evil Digimon called out.

“Hay! Why are you hiding!? You’re scared because I almost took your life!? For a Mega, you sure act like a Rookie!”

Behind one of the buildings, the battered BlackWarGreymon was indeed hiding. But not by fear, by strategy. By carefully watching ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s every move, he would find a chance to take him by surprise. Also to see how patient his insane clone was. Overall, he had to be careful. If not, any mistake could cost him his life.

As his taunting appeared to didn’t work, the evil Digimon tried another tactic to lure BlackWarGreymon out.

“Oh boy! Sure do feel winded from our fight and trying to kill your pony friends! Sure would suck if you jumped me from out of nowhere! Since now I’m letting my guard down!”

He paused. Waiting to see if his pray took the bait.

Predictably, it hadn’t worked. BlackWarGreymon wasn’t that stupid to fall for an obvious ploy.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon tried saying something else.

“Oh no! Some dust in my eye! This is the worst!”

Again, his ploy didn’t work. He then glared at the buildings in anger. His patients was unbelievably thin.


He then raised his arm and formed a Shadow Destroyer orb at the tip of his claws. If he couldn’t lure BlackWarGreymon out, then he would blast him out. He threw the orb aimlessly at one group of buildings. Seeing his chance, the black armoured warrior jumped from his hiding place and quickly back-handed the dark sphere. Sending it back.

Briefly startled, ChaosBlackWarGreymon ducked out of the way for the orb to fly over his head. With the danger over, he got up and spoke to his rival.

“Ha!! Nice try! I knew you would jump out to deflect my attacks in hopes to frighten me! But now you’re mine. All mine you…!”

His speech was interrupted when to his surprise, BlackWarGreymon instantly flew away at very high speed.

“Wha…HAY!!! Get back here, I wasn’t finished!!” The clone shouted as he chased after him.

Back on the other side of the empire, Princess Twilight and all her friends confronted King Sombra.

“Just what do you hope to accomplish from all this!?” Princess Cadence asked him.

Despite the outbursts, the dark Unicorn King spoke calmly.

“I thought it’s rather simple. Taking complete control of the Crystal Empire. As it should be. Your BlackWarGreymon friend is an obstacle in my way. That’s why I created ChaosBlackWarGreymon. To dispose of him permanently.”

“But what makes you think he won’t turn against you?”

Sombra raised an eyebrow at Luna’s question.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

Twilight explained, understanding what the older Alicorn meant by.

“Just like BlackWarGreymon, ChaosBlackWarGreymon has his own free will. We’ve seen that. Especially from the way you two argue.”

After getting the picture, Rainbow Dash joined in by taunting the king.

“Yeah. So who’s really in charge? You or him?”

King Sombra scoffed at what the mares were implying.

“Absurd! Of course, it’s me! I’m a king and he’s merely my monster. A monster who’s loyal to his master. Not some battle obsessed thug that he appears to be.”

Right on cue, ChaosBlackWarGreymon landed on a roof of a nearby building. After spotting him, Sombra gave him an order.

“Ahh, my creation. Forget BlackWarGreymon for now and eliminate these pests for me.”

The group felt a twinge of fear from Sombra’s order. But to their surprise, it wasn’t obeyed. Looking carefully at the Digimon, he appeared to be looking to his left and right as he searched. As if he wasn’t listening to begin with.

Not wanting to believe that the mares might’ve been right all the long, King Sombra glared angrily at his creation for ignoring him.

“Well? I know you can hear me!? I said destroy them!!”

Again, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was ignoring his creator. As if he was living in his own little world.

Then to everypony’s surprise, the evil Mega spoke out to what they could guess was BlackWarGreymon.

“This cat and mouse tactic of yours is really getting old! Now you get out here! And fight me blindly like a Digimon!”

Then all of a sudden, the roof he stood upon erupted from within. And to his surprise, BlackWarGreymon rose up in front of him.

“As you wish!” He shouted as he punched his evil clone in the face. Sending him crashing into the ground before he could react.

Not wasting his opportunity, the heroic Digimon flew down and repeatedly punched his rival in the face while he was down.

Unfortunately, his punches were weaker then they were before. Therefore, not dealing as much damage as he’d hoped. Sensing that, ChaosBlackWarGreymon blocked one punch and then threw one of his own directly at BlackWarGreymon’s face. The stronger punch made the black armoured Mega stumble and fall onto his back.

Seeing his opponent down, the evil Digimon rushed over to attack. But before he could, BlackWarGreymon reared his legs up to his chest, and then threw them forwards. Slamming his feet into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s chin.

The surprise blow sent the clone stumbling back before quickly regaining himself. Moments after, he glared angrily at BlackWarGreymon as he slowly got back up.

“Why you!”

Using his dark magic, he trapped BlackWarGreymon in a levitation spell. Then after lifting him into the air, he threw him back down. Smashing his body against the crystal ground. He continued to smash the Mega into the pavement several times. Making a massive crater as shards of crystals flew everywhere from the impacts. Afterwards, he threw BlackWarGreymon back several meters before quickly drawing him back. As he came closer, ChaosBlackWarGreymon kicked him in the gut hard. Sending him crashing into a nearby building.

Again, BlackWarGreymon was out-matched by his clone’s magic. As he weakly emerged from the hole in the building, he briefly stumbled before falling on all fours. He breathed heavily as he felt his muscles burn form the heavy strain. BlackWarGreymon truly was on his last legs. On the brink of defeat.

“BlackWarGreymon no,” Luna whispered as she felt her heart ache from watching him being overwhelmed and trying to stay alive.

The others too watched on in horror. Unable to say a word.

As he tried to catch his breath, BlackWarGreymon heard footsteps approaching him. Then it stopped. Looking up, he saw ChaosBlackWarGreymon looking down on him in amusement.

“You’re definitely full of tricks. I give you that, BlackWarGreymon. But I’m afraid our little game ends here.”

Then raising his left arm, he formed a large Shadow Destroyer orb above his palm. Almost half the size of himself. BlackWarGreymon looked on defiantly at the dark sphere.

Then out of nowhere, a blue magic beam struck ChaosBlackWarGreymon at his raised arm. The attack left no damage to him, but he guessed who it belonged to. Looking over his left shoulder, he saw Princess Luna glaring angrily at him.

“Don’t you dare!” She shouted. Her voice carried desperation.

All her friends looked at her in surprise. Amazed by the fact that she was more protective of BlackWarGreymon then they were.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon stared at her in both amusement and annoyance. But he released a quick chuckle as he turned his sights back on BlackWarGreymon.

Not wanting her friend to suffer anymore, Luna charged towards him with her horn glowing bright. A move that even King Sombra was surprised at.

“No! I won’t let you!” She shouted, almost at her Canterlot voice level.

“Luna no!!” Twilight called out as the others held their breath.

“Luna,” The worn out BlackWarGreymon said weakly as he watched. He was surprised at how determined the blue Alicorn wanted to help him. Even if it meant putting her life in grave danger.

But his surprise expression turned into horror. Because ChaosBlackWarGreymon growled in annoyance as his angered eyes glared over to her.

“Don’t interfere you LITTLE BRAT!!!” He shouted as he turned around and threw the Shadow Destroyer sphere, intended for BlackWarGreymon, straight at Luna!

The night princess immediately stopped in her tracks as she frighteningly saw the ball of darkness came flying towards her. What had she done? She spared BlackWarGreymon several more moments of life, by risking her own.


Moving faster then he ever had before, BlackWarGreymon stood in front of the fearful princess, and took the full force of the attack.

The orb exploded on impact. A bright flash of green came before the plume of smoke. The ground also briefly shook as the shockwave followed.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon was admittingly surprised, but he was satisfied that his attack had at least struck someone. The same could be said for King Sombra.

Twilight and her friends were stunned at what transpired. Plus hopped that both BlackWarGreymon and Luna were ok.

As the smoke faded, the blue Alicorn opened her eyes in astonishment as she looked over to the standing form of BlackWarGreymon. The Digimon successfully shielded her from the explosion. But at what cost?

As silence filled the air, the sounds of dripping caught Luna’s ears. Looking down to its source, she saw black fluid dripping down by BlackWarGreymon’s feet.

‘Oil?... OH NO!!!’

Alarm rang through her head as she realised what the fluid was. And who it belonged to. Rushing over to BlackWarGreymon’s front, extreme pain could be seen in the expression in his yellow eyes. But it wasn’t that what shocked her to the core. Though there was no fatal wound, she clearly saw large cracks across the centre of his chest. While it appeared to be ordinary armour damage, but BlackWarGreymon’s armour was a part of him. It was essentially his very body. So the damage to his armour would be more painful then it appears. Especially since black fluid was leaking from it.

Then to Luna’s surprise and shock, the centre crack suddenly got bigger. Covering across the Digimon’s centre chest plate and causing more drops of fluid to leak out.

“No! BlackWarGreymon!!” Luna cried out, but he couldn’t respond.

After seeing the damage he had done, ChaosBlackWarGreymon started to mock him.

“Ha! Serves you right for helping others!”

He then proceeded to laugh insanely. Meanwhile as Luna stared sadly at BlackWarGreymon, she saw something in his eyes. While it showed pain, it suddenly became mixed with anger as he stared at the ground. He then started to grunt. But not from pain, it was from rage.

“Oh what’s the matter now?” The evil Digimon asked mockingly, noticing the change.

Then in a rage-filled growl, BlackWarGreymon spoke up. Loud enough for his friends and his clone to hear.

“You…almost killed…my friend!”

But just as ChaosBlackWarGreymon was about to mock him some more, he suddenly flinched in shock and surprise. Something about BlackWarGreymon just became odd. Very odd.

‘Wait, that can’t be right. His power level is… Is it…rising!?’

Being the closest to BlackWarGreymon, Luna felt it too. As he grunted loudly, his muscles lowly became tensed as his eyes briefly flashed red. Sensing of what was about to happen, Luna teleported back to the others and watched on in amazement with them.

As the Digimon continued to grunt, a faint red aura began to form around his body as his hair slowly started to flow. Then the ground started to shake.

“No way. Is..is he…?” Rainbow Dash tried to ask, but her excitement was interfering with her voice.

“What…what is this?” Sombra asked. Finding the situation strange.

Then the angered Digimon spoke again, but louder.

“Torturing me wasn’t enough for you. You DARE try to kill my friends!!?”

Then to the surprise of the whole Crystal Empire, thousands of red magic orbs appeared instantly across the sky. Brightening up the area as if it were clear skies. Then all of them began to shoot down and converge towards BlackWarGreymon. The red lights merged with his body, making his glow brighter by the second.

“Wha…What’s with the light show!?” ChaosBlackWarGreymon asked as he looked at the lit-up sky, and then at BlackWarGreymon. Panicked by sensing the Digimon’s power rising higher and higher.


After his speech, BlackWarGreymon crossed his arms and released a long loud echoing grunt. Letting all the energy orbs enter his body and becoming more and more energized. Even the crystal ground beneath him began to crack open and give way. His feet slowly buried within.

“Ohmygosh, ohmygosh, ohmygosh, he’s doing it!” Rainbow Dash whispered to herself. A shiver of awesomeness flowing through her spine.

“S-Seriously!? What is happening!?” the evil Digimon asked, his voice showed panic as BlackWarGreymon absorbed every last orb.

As his power reached its peak, BlackWarGreymon revealed it in a loud cry. Screaming at the heavens.


Throwing his arms apart, his entire body suddenly gave off a blinding red light that forced everyone to shield their eyes. The shear power of the blast of energy made everyone’s hair and tails flow wildly, the ground beneath him burst open from its source, and even dissipated the stormy clouds above. Giving the empire sunlight again.

Seeing the blue skies once more caught the attention of the evacuated crystal ponies. Wondering what caused the storm to go away so quickly. As they glanced up at the clear sky, some of them saw a glimmer of red at the corners of their eyes. Looking at its direction, and to their amazement, they saw something glowing in the distance.

Back at the scene, the gusts of wind died down and the tremors stopped. The bright light also died down enough for the group to see again. Looking to where their Digimon friend was standing, they were in complete awe at what they saw.

‘Background music’ ‘Last Man Standing by Hammerfall’

Though his body remained damaged from his fight, BlackWarGreymon was once again standing tall and in his prime. His whole body was surrounded by a bright fiery red aura that flowed from his feet to the top of his head. Giving off pulsing sounds for all to hear. His yellow hair flowed upwards along with the new energy. But the biggest change was the one that couldn’t be seen. His energy had skyrocketed to a much greater level than anything he had achieved so far.

While all his friends gawked in surprise. Shockingly, it was Fluttershy who was leaping in the air in excitement.

“Yeah!! He did it!! He finally did it!! Woohoo!!”

While in shock, some of the mares spoke up too.

“I don’t believe it. He actually did it!” Twilight said with happiness.

“Is this the power he was on about before? Is this… his Ascended form!?” Cadence asked, but the answer was clear.

Seeing the ascended BlackWarGreymon for the first time truly surprised the royal couple and Flash Sentry. But as for Luna, Spike and the Mane Six, they all cheered on. Knowing that with magic flowing through him, he had the power to defeat ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

While Sombra was in shock, his creation seemed to be the most surprised. Oddly, despite possessing all of BlackWarGreymon’s traits, he had no knowledge of his Ascended form.

“Woah… what’s with that glow? What’s with your hair? And…and what’s with your eyes!?”

Another change BlackWarGreymon went through was that his black pupils, were replaced with a bright white glow. Shining with the added energy within him.

“I don’t get it. I mean… he’s just staring at me. And I can’t stop trembling,” The clone said quietly to himself. Feeling his legs wobbling slightly.

Then BlackWarGreymon spoke to him. Briefly surprising him by the fact that his voice sounded slightly darker.

“Tell me, clone. Does a freak like yourself ever experience fear?”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon regained his composure as he answered. Denying the fact that he should be scared despite possibly feeling it.

“W-what!? Of course not! Don’t be ridicul…AAAHH!!”

His sentence was cut short when BlackWarGreymon suddenly went forward and uppercut him in the face. Sending him hurting through the air.

“Let’s fix that shall we!” BlackWarGreymon said before he chased after his clone.

As he hurtled through the air, the shocked ChaosBlackWarGreymon instantly received a blow to the face by BlackWarGreymon’s right elbow. The before the clone could react fast enough, the ascended Digimon flew in and gave three punches to the face. And then sent him flying again by a left kick to the chest. Making him yell in pain.

Then BlackWarGreymon continued.

“Because when I’m through with you!!”

In a blink of an eye, BlackWarGreymon turned into a red blur and flew behind the flailing clone. He then rammed his head into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s back. Sending him flying in the opposite direction.

As the startled grey Mega turned around to control himself, he was met with another punch to the face. Then within a second, the ascended Mega followed up by a left kick to the face, a right punch to the chest, a left jab to the head, and another left kick to the face. After the second kick, he spun around and slammed his right foot into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s chest. Once again sending the pain-filled clone flying uncontrollably.

With the clone unable to react fast enough and to fight back the pain from the attacks, it was very clear that BlackWarGreymon’s physical strength and speed had heightened to an even greater level than before.

Then the energized Digimon finished off his combo’s, after he finished his speech.


As ChaosBlackWarGreymon hurtled through the air and in full view of the ponies and dragon below, BlackWarGreymon flew underneath him and smashed his right foot into his gut with enough force to make cracks in his golden chest plate.

The evil Mega gagged as the air escaped forcefully from his body. The attack also sent him higher into the air, of which BlackWarGreymon responded by flying above him and elbowed him in the back. Then with a kick to the back of the head, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was sent crashing to the ground. Throwing up crystal shards from the impact.

With his clone down, the ascended BlackWarGreymon brought his arms close and charged up a bright green sphere.


Then with a thrust of his arms, he fired a hellfire of green blasts at the downed Digimon. His cries could be heard as the attacks smashed into him.

Twilight and her friends noticed something. Unlike before, where he could only fire several bursts of his War Blaster attack, his attack seems to continue without end. They guessed that because BlackWarGreymon became ascended, his energy attacks also had become heightened. Showing that they were stronger than ever.

After he fired somewhere near thirty bursts, BlackWarGreymon stopped firing and charged up his energy. Making the green sphere in his palm bigger. He then fired a single oversized blast that exploded upon striking ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

The green explosion created a plume of smoke as crystal shards fell from the sky. All eyes stared at the smoke, wondering if the clone was destroyed.

But then to their disbelief, ChaosBlackWarGreymon survived. Staggering out of the smoke cloud, his armour revealed scratches and cracks in the chest area. The group could even hear him breathing heavily.

Staring at the ground, the clone slowly began to speak.


He then shot his head up towards BlackWarGreymon. Glaring at him in hate as he shouted in a rage filled voice.


With anger inside of him, ChaosBlackWarGreymon launched off the ground with alarming speed and flew towards BlackWarGreymon. But as he came to throw the first punch, the black armoured Digimon levitated out of the way far quicker than he ever did.

High in the skies, ChaosBlackWarGreymon tried to chase after his foe to punch and slash him. But because BlackWarGreymon became ascended, his speed dramatically increased. His glowing form evaded every attack thrown at him.

Then as the frustrated clone attempted to impale his enemy once more, in a blink of an eye, he instantly vanished.

“Wha…he’s so fast!”

Then to his surprise, the ascended BlackWarGreymon appeared behind him.

“And you’re too slow.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon yelled as he turned around to throw a punch. But to his shock, BlackWarGreymon was nowhere in sight.

“What!? Where did he…!?”

Quickly using his senses, the started clone turned around and looked down. Seeing BlackWarGreymon’s glowing form on the ground. Glaring back at him as he waited.

“It’s not so funny when you can’t touch me anymore, isn’t it?” He said to mess with ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

His mockery worked. The grey armoured Digimon growled angrily as he threw a fit.

“Grrr! DON’T YOU MOCK ME!!!”

Flying down at high speed, ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw another punch at BlackWarGreymon. But in a brief flash, the ascended Mega vanished to avoid it and reappeared in front of a building. Again, the clone charged forth to throw a right-handed punch. But BlackWarGreymon merely tilted his head aside to avoid the punch. It instead impaled through the crystal wall.

Then the two entered a stalemate. As ChaosBlackWarGreymon advanced, he threw punches left and right at the head of the retreating BlackWarGreymon. But the latter kept moving his head side to side, avoiding every punch thrown. The onlooking ponies and dragon were truly amazed at BlackWarGreymon’s new found speed. While the evil Digimon started to get frustrated from not landing a single blow.

Then as the clone threw a right punch, in a blink of an eye, BlackWarGreymon threw his head forward and slammed into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s face. Briefly yelling in pain, the evil Mega stumbled back while grabbing onto his face.

He couldn’t believe that one headbutt caused him so much pain.


Then before he knew it, BlackWarGreymon rushed to him and gave him an uppercut. Sending him hurtling through the sky once more.


Just as he stabilized himself, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was greeted to a knee in a gut. He again yelled in pain.

Seeing his advantage, BlackWarGreymon wasted no time by repeatedly punching ChaosBlackWarGreymon in the face. The blows were so hard, the clone couldn’t focus on fighting back.

“Yeah BlackWarGreymon! Knock his block off!” Rainbow Dash said as she and the others cheered him on.

While most of the onlookers either stared in awe or cheering, King Sombra tried to get through his creation.

“What are you doing, ChaosBlackWarGreymon!? Throw a damn punch!!”

While under attack, the cloned Digimon managed to answer back.

“What…do you…think…I’m…trying…to do!!?”

The ascended BlackWarGreymon ended his combos by kicking ChaosBlackWarGreymon in the chest with his right leg. But then immediately threw his left leg to kick his foe in the side of his face. The attack caused the evil Digimon to crash back down on the ground.

As BlackWarGreymon landed softly on the ground, emerging from the crater, he saw ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Growling in pain, anger and defiance as he glared at the glowing Digimon.

“Alright…just for that…”

Bursting out of the crater, the clone ran full speed at the ascended Mega.

“…I’m not gonna take it easy on you anymoAAA!!”

He was silenced when BlackWarGreymon slapped him aside. Crashing into a building beside him.

“Wow,” Twilight simply said. She and her friends were in awe at how much stronger their Digimon friend had become.

Running out in the open, King Sombra glared at the heroic Mega with his horn glowing. Sensing dark magic behind him, BlackWarGreymon turned his glowing gaze onto the Unicorn.

Sombra was briefly startled as he looked at the Digimon’s eyes. With his pupils glowing white, it looked as though the king was staring into the light of good. He instantly shook it off before he spoke.

“How dare you defy me!” He shouted as he released countless beams of magic towards the Mega.

But before the attack spells could even touch BlackWarGreymon’s armour, his fiery aura dissipated the blasts. Rendering them useless as they faded away. What was happening was that BlackWarGreymon’s ascended energy was purifying Sombra’s dark magic.

Seeing his attacks fail completely, Sombra glared at the ascended Digimon defiantly.


Before BlackWarGreymon could respond, ChaosBlackWarGreymon came bursting out of the rubble and got into position behind him.

“You dare turn your back on…!”

He instantly paused his sentence when he got his foe in the suplex position. The moment he touched BlackWarGreymon’s body, he started to scream in agony. Smoke was also seen on his body.

To everypony’s surprise, BlackWarGreymon’s fiery aura was burning ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

Unable to withstand the burning forever, the evil Digimon backed off while his chest and arms was releasing smoke.

“Why does his energy burn!?”

BlackWarGreymon then rushed up and slammed his foot into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s chest. Sending him back flying into the same pile of rubble.

Then as he released a hate-filled yell, the evil clone launched himself out of the rubble and swung his right leg out to kick BlackWarGreymon in the face. But the ascended Digimon instantly caught the leg with his right hand. Then turning around, he threw ChaosBlackWarGreymon away. The clone’s body was sent skidding and hopping across the until he slammed into a building.

Knowing that the evil Digimon would bust out of the hole, BlackWarGreymon began to run towards him. Predictably, ChaosBlackWarGreymon charged out of the building and towards is foe. When the two Megas collided, they released a flash of light that temperately blinded all whom were watching.

As they regained their vision, they turned their sights back on the two in awe. Both Digimon had their claws locked onto each other as they wrestled. With his gauntlets being the only part that was touching his opponent, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was safe from being burned by the bright red aura. As they wrestled, the clone appeared to be trying much harder then the original. His posture was more horizontal, his muscles were very tensed and he was loudly grunting. BlackWarGreymon meanwhile was more vertical in posture and his muscles were the same as before. Showing that his strength had ascended beyond ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s.

Infuriated at how resilient his rival was, the evil Mega tried to slam his armoured knee into BlackWarGreymon’s cracked chest. But he couldn’t inflict anymore damage. Again and again he slammed his knee into him, but his foe’s defence was also heightened by his new power.

As he found an opening to attack, BlackWarGreymon slammed his own knee into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s chest. The effects were reversed, the evil Digimon froze as he gawked in pain. The air escaping his body from the surprisingly hard blow.

With the clone stunned and his arms locked onto his own, the ascended BlackWarGreymon threw him up off the ground until he was just above him. then with a kick to the chest, he was sent crashing through the roof of the building behind him.

After recomposing himself, the black armoured Digimon turned around to see what his evil clone would do next.

‘Song end’

“NO!” King Sombra called out. But he was more concerned of his plan falling apart.

At first, silence filled the air. But it was shattered when ChaosBlackWarGreymon charged through the wall of the house. He then paused before glaring at BlackWarGreymon in anger and shock. Taking deep breaths all the while.

“How? How is this possible!? How have you become so much stronger!? How are you doing this!!?” He demanded. His questions left the glowing Digimon stunned.

“Strange. Being my clone, I thought you would’ve known about my Ascended form.”

The eyes of the evil Mega widened at what he heard.

“What!? Your… Ascended form!?”

He then took a moment to properly sense the type of energy that was flowing through BlackWarGreymon. Upon realising that it wasn’t negative energy, his eyes widened even more as he gasped in shock.

“I-Impossible!! You weren’t created in Equestria! How do you possess magic!!?”

Surprisingly, the glowing Digimon chuckled at the clone’s response.

“Sounds to me that you’re scared after all.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon growled in frustration. BlackWarGreymon was able to achieve something that he couldn’t. He then spoke out in a growl-like voice.

“How do you do it? Tell me how you ascended!?”

“And why should I tell you?”

BlackWarGreymon then gave ChaosBlackWarGreymon a glare that was half mocking and strangely half factual.

“Besides…even if I did, you will never be able to achieve this form.”

Out of the group, only Twilight sensed the hidden meaning in his words.

‘He…He now knows how to ascend!?’

The red eyed Digimon growled even louder in frustration.

“Why? Tell me!? Tell me why or I’ll beat it out of you!!”

After silence followed, BlackWarGreymon answered. But in a form of one single hum.


The clone took it as a sign. Of which it triggered him greatly.

“That’s it!! I’ll force you to tell me!!”

After channelling destructive magical energy into the claws of his right arm. ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw a large green orb directly at BlackWarGreymon. But to his shock, the ascended Mega merely backhanded it high over his shoulder. Leaving it to crash into the road behind him.

Then pointing his glowing claws at him, the evil Mega surrounded the saviour in a green magical hold.

“Now you’re mine!” He declared.

But again to his shock, also including the others, by raising only one arm, BlackWarGreymon broke the restraining spell.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon briefly stuttered as his favourite spell failed. He then used it again, but on the ground beneath BlackWarGreymon. Throwing his arms up and close together, the clone magically forced two sections of the crystal ground to sandwich the Mega.

But to his dismay, the ascended Digimon broke free with just one slash of his claws. Then with extreme speed, he charged forth to throw a punch. However, the clone teleported away just moments before the claws touched his face. Reappearing in the sky behind BlackWarGreymon, the evil Mega came in to kick him with his right magically charged leg.

Unbelievably without looking, BlackWarGreymon raised his right arm and blocked the kick. The shockwave from the impact caused the ground to rumble slightly.

Startled, ChaosBlackWarGreymon backed off while BlackWarGreymon turned to face him. But his determination to end his life was getting the better of the clone. As he charged once more, he instantly teleported away.

As first, it seemed as though BlackWarGreymon didn’t know where the doubleganger was. But when ChaosBlackWarGreymon reappeared behind him to attack, he immediately spun around and backhanded the clone in the face.

His friends gasped in amazement. It was as if he knew every move his evil double was about to do before he even done it.

As he hurtled through the air, he once again decided to use his body as a projectile. Teleporting away and reappearing beside BlackWarGreymon, he hoped that he would slam into him. But the black Digimon’s heightened senses kicked in and responded by spinning around to give ChaosBlackWarGreymon a hard kick.

After skidding across the ground, the clone landed on his feet while staring at BlackWarGreymon defiantly. Infuriated at how his magic wasn’t working.

“Nice try, but your magic tricks won’t work on me anymore,” The ascended Mega said, noting his clone’s futile attacks.

As it seemed he was admitting defeat, ChaosBlackWarGreymon gave a sneaky glare.

“Very well, I’ll just use my powers! SHADOW FIRE!!!”

Throwing his arms in the correct order, ChaosBlackWarGreymon unleashed a huge wave of green fire towards BlackWarGreymon. But to his shock, as well as Sombra’s, the ascended Digimon dispersed the attack with just a wave of his right arm.


After gathering his dark energy, the clone fired seven red bursts. The duplicate attack of BlackWarGreymon’s War Blaster. But instead of protecting himself, the black armoured warrior took every single attack. Exploding against his body with several plumes of smoke.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon thought that he had managed to damage BlackWarGreymon. But to his disbelief when the smoke cleared, the glowing Digimon was revealed unharmed.

The evil Digimon had to think of something. Two moves down, three more to go.


Covering his body in dark red energy, ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew at full speed with intent to tackle BlackWarGreymon. But as fast as he was, the ascended Digimon’s reactions were even faster. After he jumped in the air to avoid his clone, he immediately came back down again. He successfully stomped ChaosBlackWarGreymon into the ground.

After he jumped off, BlackWarGreymon landed fifteen feet away from the dust-covered crater he just made. Knowing that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was within.

Then the clone’s outburst was heard.


In a column of swirling green winds, the grey armoured warrior launched out of the crater before heading towards BlackWarGreymon like a torpedo.

But again, BlackWarGreymon’s newfound power was proven to be superior. Leaping in the air directly in front of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s tornado attack, he swung his right foot straight into the tornado’s side.

Amazingly with one kick, he knocked his evil clone out of his own attack.

As BlackWarGreymon landed back on the ground, he glanced up at ChaosBlackWarGreymon as he flailed in the air. After he controlled himself, he glared down at the ascended Mega with burning rage. His mind and body were stressed considerably at the sight of his powers failing before him. First his magic, then so did four of his five abilities. But he saved his best for last.

“That’s it!! No more messing around!! SHADOW DESTROYER!!!”

After creating a sixty-five-foot-wide ball of darkness, ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw it down towards BlackWarGreymon. Shockingly, the black armoured Digimon hadn’t left his spot on the ground. All he did in response was simply raising his right gauntlet to cover his face.

The energy ball exploded upon impact. Blinding light and shockwaves could be seen and felt throughout the Crystal Empire. Ata a safe distance, King Sombra, Twilight and her friends all had to shield their eyes as they lay low to not fall over.

“What in Equestria is BlackWarGreymon thinking!?” Rarity shouted as blasts of wind whipped through the area.

“I hope he’s ok!” Fluttershy joined as both the winds and tremors died down.

As the light faded away, all was seen was a thick blanket of smoke from where BlackWarGreymon stood. Up in the air, ChaosBlackWarGreymon began to chuckle. Thinking that he had won. On the ground, the group stared at the slowly fading cloud. Hoping that their friend was ok.

To their amazement, they saw a red glow shinning through the thick smoke. Bright and fiery as ever.

“I don’t believe it,” Shining Armor said as he and Cadence stared on in disbelief. The others meanwhile stared on in awe.

As the smoke faded away, the ascended BlackWarGreymon was standing in the heart of the rubble that lay around him. Though it destroyed the ground around him, the giant energy ball didn’t even make him flinch. He only reacted by lowering his arm back down to his side.

“He just took it as if it wasn’t a problem!” Rainbow Dash said, noting how calm BlackWarGreymon was.

The same couldn’t be said for ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“N…No way. This…this can’t be happening!”

“My turn,” BlackWarGreymon responded as he slowly reared his left arm back.

Within the palm of his hand, he formed a four-foot-wide Terra Destroyer sphere. Unlike its usual negative red appearance, the new energy changed it to resemble a fiery sun.

“TERRA DESTROYER!!!” He shouted as he tossed the orange and yellow energy ball directly at his clone.

Unable to think straight, ChaosBlackWarGreymon only responded by bringing forth his grey shield. He had hoped that the attack would be deflected away.

But to his horror, it exploded on impact.

The Digimon clone screamed as his body was consumed in its blinding light. The blast was unusually large for such a small attack, even by BlackWarGreymon’s standards.

As the light faded, the evil Mega was revealed. And to Sombra’s dismay, the bottom half of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s shield was gone! What was left was the top half with molten patches at the bottom. Dripping down to the ground below. Also, parts of his body had suffered burns from the intense heat.

“Wow, that attack melted his shield,” Spike said as he looked over Fluttershy’s shoulder.

“That’s gotta hurt,” Applejack joined.

Trying to ignore the pain in his body, the grey armoured Digimon placed what was left of his shield back on his back. Then he glared down at the ascended BlackWarGreymon in disbelief.

“That attack was small…but it really hurt!” He said, his voice shaken.

“But do you want to know something?” BlackWarGreymon asked him.


The next thing the glowing Mega said shocked the clone to the core.

“As strong as I am now, this isn’t even my full power.”

Everyone who heard him all gawked in shock and disbelief. The whole fight BlackWarGreymon wasn’t being as serious as his words showed. He was just toying with ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

The clone could feel his eye twitching from the level of stress he was experiencing.

“You’re kidding me! You were holding back this entire time!?”

“That’s right! If I wanted to, I would’ve destroyed you in an instant.”

Though hovering in the air, ChaosBlackWarGreymon slowly backed away in fear.

“But…but you didn’t. Why did you hesitate?”

All eyes looked over to BlackWarGreymon. Eager to know the truth themselves.

“To make you pay. To make you suffer for everything you’ve done to the empire and my friends. To make you regret the day you were created from me!”

BlackWarGreymon’s voice was dark and frightening. Almost filled with unbridled rage.

“Look if it’s all about the whole ‘me torturing you’ thing can’t you let it sl…”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s sentence was interrupted when BlackWarGreymon launched off the ground and punched him in the chest. While the evil clone was sent hurtling through the sky, the ascended Mega flew behind him with superior speed and kicked him higher. After the glowing Digimon flew past his flailing twin yet again, he dived down and tackled him from behind. The two then smashed through a roof of a building and, judging by the loud impact, crashed into the floor. The impact shook the ground as if a rock fell from space.

Then as quickly as it happened, the ascended BlackWarGreymon rose from the hole in the roof. Hovering in place in the sky as he looked down at his concealed counterpart.

Then with an angry grunt, ChaosBlackWarGreymon burst out of the roof and then hovered in place in front of the original. Though his body was damaged as much as his armour, like BlackWarGreymon he wasn’t the one to give up.

The stunned ponies and dragon all looked up in suspense. The evil Digimon was outmatched but he doesn’t know when to quit. As BlackWarGreymon stared silently with an angered expression in his eyes, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was painting for breath. He was also glaring back at him with anger. But as he spoke, he decided to use a mocking tone.

“Ok. I admit. When I dreamt of fighting you, I never expected this to happen. You gaining power through means of magic. I thought I was the only one who could do that. So what next?”

But BlackWarGreymon didn’t respond. He kept giving him the same angry expression. Almost as if he was no longer interested in the fight.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon spoke again, his mocking slowly started to show signs of anger.

“What’s the matter? Out of speeches? Cat got your tongue? No more words to gloat!?”

He then gave up on the mocking. BlackWarGreymon’s lack of response was causing his anger to boil. Evident in his next question.

“Just because you have this… so called Ascended form, you think you’re better than me!?”

Again, BlackWarGreymon was unmoved. In a rage, ChaosBlackWarGreymon answered his own question.

“WELL YOU’RE NOT!!! I know all your memories! I have all your powers! I am a part of you!! I AM YOU!!!”

Determined to even the odds, the clone thought of an idea.

“And if you can ascend, then so can I!!”

The group below held their breath. Despite what BlackWarGreymon said earlier, could ChaosBlackWarGreymon really ascend?

They were all about to find out.

Believing in his own words, the glowing Mega stayed put. Watching his clone and his attempt to ascend.

Attempting to use as much magic as he could, all six of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s claws were glowing bright in a surging green aura. Then channelling his dark magic through his body, the evil Digimon grunted as he felt all his muscles tensing up.

The Digimon continued to grunt loudly as the glow from his claws spread up to his Dramon Destroyers. Then with a mighty yell, his body completely shined in a green aura.

Feeling his strength and power increased, the clone started to gloat.

“See!! How do you like me now!?”

While it could’ve been a shocking discovery for the group below, the feeling they mostly felt was confusion.

Instead of BlackWarGreymon’s Ascended form, ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s was different. His glowing aura looked more soft and eerie, instead of strong and fiery. There was also no glow in his eyes and his hair wasn’t flowing.

Though a tiny bit startled, BlackWarGreymon was otherwise calm. As if he already knew the truth.

“Yes! Now finish him off!!” King Sombra ordered.

“With pleasure!” ChaosBlackWarGreymon said as he charged forth with his increased speed.

“Take this!” He shouted as he prepared to throw a punch.

But just as the clone was mere inches away, BlackWarGreymon instantly vanished out of sight.

“What!?” He shouted as his punch hit nothing.

“Try again,” BlackWarGreymon taunted as he reappeared behind ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

The evil Digimon growled in anger as he turned around. But as he threw another punch, the ascended Mega backed away with much quicker speed.

Then across the sky, red and green blurs from the two Digimon were seen as they flew at high speeds. But despite ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s attempt to attack, BlackWarGreymon was one step ahead of him.

“Wait, is BlackWarGreymon still faster?” Rainbow Dash asked as she and her friends watched on.

Then all of a sudden, the glowing black armoured Digimon stopped and spun around. Kicking his glowing clone away and into a building. But as quickly as he came in, the evil Mega launched out of the building while yelling loudly.

Then without hesitation, ChaosBlackWarGreymon gave his foe a right-handed punch straight to the face.

Everything fell silent as the sounds of the punch echoed through the area. Freezing everyone in suspense.

Just as ChaosBlackWarGreymon was about to chuckle in delight, his voice stuttered as his eyes widened in terror.

Not only his punch didn’t harm BlackWarGreymon, but the ascended Digimon showed it by slowly pushing the clone’s arm back with his cheek. Looking back right at him.

“No way! He took it like it was nothing!” Shining Armor said while in shock.

“BlackWarGreymon’s still stronger,” Luna joined in, impressed and relieved.

“How is he doing this!?” Sombra asked as he gawked at the two air-borne Megas.

Sensing trouble, ChaosBlackWarGreymon instantly backed away as he looked at his right arm in disbelief.

“What the… That was my hardest punch…and it did nothing!”

His whole body began to shiver and tremble in fear.

“This…this can’t be happening!”

He then quickly looked at the ascended BlackWarGreymon.

“How come you’re still stronger!!? I’ve also reached a new level! I’ve also ascended!”

Then BlackWarGreymon finally spoke out. Explaining what was happening and in turn, the truth on how to ascend.

“You’re not ascended. You just believe that you are. All you’ve done was a little power boost.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon froze in place, for once interested in what BlackWarGreymon had to say. Sombra, Twilight and all her friends also remained quiet as they listened on.

“Yes, you used magic to increase your strength and speed. But the magic you used was your OWN magic. I ascended by absorbing the magic of Equestria itself. You can’t ascend because I have the one thing you don’t.”

All ears payed close attention even more. But it was both ChaosBlackWarGreymon and Twilight Sparkle who seemed to be the most intrigued of all.

“A pure heart. Once you have a pure heart, you’ll have the power to reach new heights. To ascend. I may not had started out with one, but after all the lessons I’ve learnt since coming to Equestria, I have one now. By rejecting my dark past, I began to appreciate for what this world is. For what I was given. And for what I have become.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked over to his stunned friends.

“I have my friends to thank for that.”

Hearing what the glowing Digimon said made the whole group smile proudly. He then glared back at his clone in anger.

“You however have no friends and your heart isn’t pure. That’s why you can’t ascend! That’s why you will never ascend!! YOU HAVE LOST CHAOSBLACKWARGREYMON!!!”

The information given was too much for the evil Digimon to accept. So much so that his enhancement spell wore off. BlackWarGreymon’s words were strong, but he didn’t want to believe it. But it did seem true. For out of the two of them, only the good-hearted Digimon was able to reach a greater power.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s mind began to strain as his body snapped. At first, he realised several quiet grunts. Then all of the sudden, he yelled out very loudly in defiance as his claws glowed bright green.

Then while he was yelling, he teleported out of sight. BlackWarGreymon was briefly startled as he looked around to find him. But he couldn’t see him anywhere and he couldn’t sense his power.

Could ChaosBlackWarGreymon had teleported out of his reach? Why? And for what?

The group below also looked at their surroundings to try and spot the evil Digimon. But with no success.

“Hay, where did he go?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“I don’t know. He just vanished,” Princess Cadence answered.

“Well let’s hope that he stays away,” Flash Sentry said.

As the group looked left, right, up and down, Twilight saw a faint glimmer high in the open sky. It was also fast approaching.

After several moments of staring carefully, the purple Alicorn gasped in shock.

“BlackWarGreymon!! Above you!!”

The Artificial Digimon quickly looked at Twilight before glancing up to see his clone coming in at extremally high speeds.

Apparently after he teleported away, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reappeared so high in the sky it was impossible to be seen from the ground. Then by flying down fast, added by the gravity and his magic, he dive-bombed in hopes to strike BlackWarGreymon unprepared.

It worked. Just as BlackWarGreymon spotted the incoming glowing Mega, he received a punch so strong, it sent him crashing to the crystal ground. The impact caused the ground to shake, dust to rise and a crater in the middle of an open road.

Hovering above ground, ChaosBlackWarGreymon laughed in triumphant.

“HAHA!!! Who is stronger now!!?” He boasted.

But he soon wished he hadn’t. Because in response to the surprise attack, the ascended BlackWarGreymon instantly flew out of the dust filled crater, reached just above ChaosBlackWarGreymon, and gave him a kick that send him into the very same crater. Because of the ascended strength, the clone was sent even further into the crater and making the ground shake even more violently.

The group were shocked at how different the comparison was.

As the quakes ended and the dust settled, all what was revealed was a deep crater. But by hearing ChaosBlackWarGreymon groaning in pain, he was well within.

Though he couldn’t be seen, the group heard him talking in a pain-filled tone.


As BlackWarGreymon landed by his friends, to his surprise, Rainbow Dash started to chuckle. She then laughed, making everyone look at her in confusion.

As she spoke, she revealed what was funny to her.

“Well I guess that answers that! BlackWarGreymon is clearly stronger! That clone didn’t stand a chance!”

Believing that they had won, the blue Pegasus called out to the fallen Mega within the crater.

“Hay, you in there!! You better give up now while you’re ahead, phony! Unless you want to get your butt kicked again by someone you thought was weak!”

Then to the shock of everyone, in response to Rainbow Dash’s taunting and mocking, ChaosBlackWarGreymon released a rage-filled scream as the crater began to glow green. Seconds later, he unleashed an explosion from his body. Destroying the crystals he was entombed in and making the crater much wider.

As crystal shards rained down around him, the evil Digimon stood his ground. Huffing from pain and rage. Even King Sombra had never seen his creation so angry. It made him felt uneasy.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked up from the crater and at the others, he shouted at them in defiance.

“I will not stand for this!! Being beaten into a pulp is one thing! But I will not be humiliated by runts like you!!”

Everyone was silent from hearing the violent outburst. But believing that BlackWarGreymon could win the battle with ease, made Rainbow Dash cocky in her words.

“HA! Looks like somepony’s hit his chrome dome head too hard.”

Pinkie Pie snickered at the remark.

“He,he. Chrome dome.”

“Rainbow,” BlackWarGreymon said in protest as he looked at her. Knowing she was not helping.

Hearing the snickering and the mocking was slowly getting to ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Traumatizing him as he clenched his eyes in frustration. Second by second, his growls were getting louder and louder. He wanted nothing more than to make his enemies pay. Even if it meant doing something reckless. In fact, his insane mind began to reach that limit. He no longer cared about going easy. He no longer cared about Sombra’s wishes and desires. Ultimately, he no longer cared about the plan. He just didn’t care anymore!

With his rage snapped, he shot his eyes open. Revealing perfectly slit pupils. He had enough of it all as his loud grunts turned into a roar.


Then in a blink of an eye, ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s body erupted in a blinding green flash before he launched himself off the ground. Within seconds, he reached higher than the tallest tower in the empire. But the glow he was giving off could be seen from the ground.

Everyone on the ground were shocked at what transpired. Mostly at what the clone said. The volume of his outburst sent a dead cold shiver through their bodies. Even Sombra’s.

As he hovered in place, the enraged ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked down at the group below. His eyes burning with rage hotter than the sun. Determined to end it all.

“SAY GOODBYE TO THE CRYSTAL EMPIRE!!!” He shouted as he placed his claws together. Ready to charge up his strongest attack.

The ponies and dragon all gasped in horror in response. Scared if the clone was serious in his words. Even BlackWarGreymon stuttered in shock.


Then out of the blue, King Sombra stepped forth and barked at his violent creation.

“No!! What do you think you’re doing!!? Have you forgotten our plan!? I need the empire to rule it!! I need it intact!!”

For once, the others agreed with the Unicorn king. But for different reasons. But the response the Mega gave not only shocked everyone even more, but sent dread in Sombra’s black heart.


After he raised his arms over his head, ChaosBlackWarGreymon formed his devastating black sphere. Measuring about one hundred feet wide.

“NO!!! Sombra shouted in command and defiance. But his voice fell to deaf ears. All the others, even BlackWarGreymon were stunned in silence.

Knowing his attack wouldn’t be enough, the evil Digimon said and done something truly shocking.


As he shouted, he accessed the deep depths of his power. Which caused his attack to double in size at an alarming rate. Reaching two hundred feet wide.

It was a big shock to everyone below. Too in shock to take in what they were seeing.

But to their horror, it wasn’t over.

“Bigger!!” The clone shouted again, pouring more power into his orb. Increasing its size to three hundred feet.


Using every ounce of power he had, further enhanced by his magic, the sphere further increased to a staggering three hundred and fifty feet in diameter. Large enough to be described as a black sun.

‘Perfect,’ ChaosBlackWarGreymon thought to himself as he glanced up at his oversized attack. He then growled as he glared back down at those he hated the most.

“Sweet Celestia!!” Rarity shrieked as the others stared fearfully at the colossal sphere.

“That thing is gigantic!!” Shining Armor said, fear causing his legs to wobble.

Unlike the others, the ascended BlackWarGreymon stared on in disbelief. He knew ChaosBlackWarGreymon wasn’t fooling around. For once, he was being very serious.

The evil clone displayed his seriousness through his outburst to his rival.


With the largest attack Equestria had ever seen locked in his grasp, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reared back. Preparing to unleash hell.


With one mighty overhead throw, the giant destructive ball of darkness was released upon the empire. Due to its size, it looked slow as it descended. Making the threat all the more scary. The citizens who saw it all screamed and ran for their lives. Trying their best to survive the outcome.

Back at the scene, all eyes of the group stared in terror of the gigantic attack heading straight towards them.

“It will destroy the whole empire if that hits!!” Shining Armor said before Cadence moved closer to him. Sticking by his side no matter what.

“But what can we do!? There’s no way we can stop that thing!!” Rainbow Dash cried out.

Just as it seemed hopeless for the residents of Equestria, BlackWarGreymon stepped forward. Everyone looked surprised as he stared at the attack with determination.

Even in times of peril, he would stay true to his word. He would protect his friends no matter what.

“No!! I won’t let that happen!! I WILL SAVE YOU ALL!!!”

Suddenly, BlackWarGreymon’s red aura got brighter at his own words. Then to the shock of his friends, he took off into the air to intercept the giant Shadow Destroyer orb.

As the glowing Digimon flew closer, he crossed his arms in front of him. Using himself as a battering ram to push the orb away.

Then as the two powers collided, it released a bright flash of red as they made contact. As the flash faded, the ponies and dragon below, as well as the whole empire, all looked up to see what was happening.

It didn’t look good. Even with his ascended strength, BlackWarGreymon was being pushed back as he tried to hold back the giant orb. He grunted loudly as he tried to push back, but all he could do was slow down the orb.

“Come on, BlackWarGreymon!! You can do it!” Twilight called out to support him.

“Yes, don’t give in!!” Luna joined.

Hearing his friends calling to him made BlackWarGreymon glance over his shoulder in concern.


Hearing the urgency in the Digimon’s voice made the group oblige to his wish. Twilight, Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor teleported themselves and all their friends some distance away. But kept their awed vision on their struggling friend. Sombra did the same but reappeared somewhere else.

Despite the struggles, BlackWarGreymon was being pushed back closer and closer to the ground. His mind raced with alarm when his feet touched the crystal ground.

“I mustn’t let it touch the ground!!”

With a firm grip on the ground, BlackWarGreymon’s muscles burned and ached as he held back the attack. Causing him immeasurable strain. The shear energy from the struggle caused gale-force winds to blow through the area. Forcing any pony within its way to keep low or hide.

Despite his reluctance, BlackWarGreymon could feel the giant attack trying to force him down even further. His legs slowly bending from the excess pressure forced onto his body. It even became too much for the crystal road to cope with. Slowly the ground beneath the Digimon’s feet cracked all over. But as the pressure continued, the floor gave way. Though his feet were buried, the ascended Mega continued to grunt as he tried his hardest not to give in.

Even though the group had fear on their faces and tears in their eyes from watching the ordeal, they never stopped cheering their friend on.

“Come on, BlackWarGreymon!!”

“You can do it!!”

“We know you can!!”

“Never give in!!”

High above the scene, ChaosBlackWarGreymon watched on in joy and rage.


As the struggle continued below, BlackWarGreymon’s mind was racing with thoughts.

If he gave up, the giant Shadow Destroyer attack would turn the Crystal Empire into a giant smoking crater. If he gave in, hundreds of innocent lives would die. Including all his friends. Despite the danger, they were all cheering him on. Not just for their survival, but for his own survival. They all wanted him to win. To see him pull through, no matter the odds. If he succumbs, he would let his friends down. He would let everyone in Equestria down. His new life would be taken away like before. And he would fail to fulfil his destiny. But worst of all, by the hands of a him of what could’ve been. An him that was on the path of evil.

BlackWarGreymon then felt as if his heart began to glow. Bristling with hope. Everything he just thought of might indeed happen. But he would be damned if that were to happen for real. No. He would NEVER let that happen. The lessons he learnt and the feelings he felt all came from his friendships he made in Equestria. And he would not let that die! They needed him as much as he needed them. He would fight on no matter what. For his life. For his friends. For everyone in the new world he called home!

As BlackWarGreymon felt the glow flowing though his very being, the fiery red aura around his body began to flare brighter then before. As his grunting slowly became louder, he found the strength to stand. Slowly pushing the giant dark orb back with his eyes closed to focus on his inner energy.

On the side-lines, all his friends stopped cheering and stared in silent awe. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. One second BlackWarGreymon was on the verge of being crushed, then the next he was not only standing, but he was slowly walking out of the hole he was in.

“No way,” Twilight said, almost speechless.

Though BlackWarGreymon was straining from holding the giant sphere back, he was advancing. Then amazingly, he started to levitate off the ground. Pushing the ball further away from the ground.

“I…Impossible,” ChaosBlackWarGreymon said as he watched his attack being pushed back. His eyes widened in shock.

Then as BlackWarGreymon felt his ascended strength reaching its peak, he did something extraordinary. As he held the attack in place, he adjusted his arms so that his claws were imbedded inside the orb. Then with one mighty yell, he managed to successfully move the giant Shadow Destroyer sphere until it was held over his head. As if the attack was his own.

Then BlackWarGreymon did the impossible. With one echoing yell, he channelled the power of his Ascended form into the Shadow Destroyer sphere. Within moments, the back orb’s negative power and black magic were destroyed and replaced with ascended power. Transforming the black orb into a bright orange sphere with a white light at its core. BlackWarGreymon’s power also expanded its size even further! Measuring a colossal four hundred feet!

As all eyes stared on at the majesty of the new attack, BlackWarGreymon locked his sights on his clone, reared his arms back, and shouted the name of the new attack.


With one mighty throw, BlackWarGreymon released the even bigger attack and sent it flying towards ChaosBlackWarGreymon at alarming speed.

The clone Digimon watched on in shock as what was once his own attack came hurtling towards him. But by manoeuvring to his right as quickly as he could, he narrowly avoided the giant sphere. Only suffering from a minor burn to his left shoulder. Then with the rest of the empire, the Digimon clone watched as the attack flew higher and higher into the open sky. Right up to a point when it exploded. The sky looked as though it was ignited by the ball of fire as it lit up the sky. The blast could be heard for miles, but it could be seen ever further beyond.

As seconds ticked by, the deafening explosion faded away as the sky dimmed back to normal. Everypony below then realised how close they were to complete annihilation.

“That…was…close,” Rainbow Dash said, almost lost for words.

BlackWarGreymon huffed and puffed for breath as he landed back on the ground. Exhausted from his ordeal. As his power dropped like a ton of bricks, his magnificent aura faded away. Reverting back to his regular form.

Seeing his accomplishment caused the Mane Six to rush up to him in shear joy. Completely overwhelmed.

“Dude, that was beyond awesome!!” The blue Pegasus cheered as she hovered above the Digimon.

“You said it, Rainbow! Truly amazing!” Rarity joined.

“You were incredible!” Fluttershy said, followed by Applejack.

“Ya had to be crazy brave to jump in and stop an attack like that.”

“And that was super-duper!!” Pinkie Pie cheered.

As the rest of the group joined in, Twilight and Luna noticed how tired BlackWarGreymon was. That and the fact he was no longer in his Ascended form.

“You’re ok?” Luna asked as she approached him. Joined by Twilight.

“What happened to all your strength?”

BlackWarGreymon briefly looked at his worn body before answering.

“I had to use a lot of my power for that attack. I guess… my Ascended form wore off.”

He then looked up at his clone.

“But I’m not the only one who’s low on energy.”

BlackWarGreymon was right. Creating such a large-scale attack in the first place, consumed much of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s energy. It left him in the same boat he was.

After staring at the spot in the sky where the attack exploded, the evil Digimon slowly turned his sights on BlackWarGreymon below. His crimson eyes driven in rage from being deprived of a kill.

“He hurt me. He mocked me. And now he bested me. That’s it… now I’m seeing this though to the end!”

Before he could move in to attack, a voice stopped him.


Appearing in front of the Mega, was the enraged King Sombra. Floating in the air via dark magic. His sudden appearance startled the group below, wondering how it would play out.

“That’s enough, ChaosBlackWarGreymon!! What do you think you were doing!!?” The dark Unicorn demanded.

“What you said. To destroy BlackWarGreymon,” The clone answered back, not tearing his gaze away from the group below.

“By destroying the empire with him!?”

“Who cares!? It’s just an empire!”

Sombra gawked at what the cloned Digimon said.

“Just an empire!!? You disobedient brat! I need the empire! It’s my birth right!”

As he looked at him, ChaosBlackWarGreymon disgraced Sombra even more before looking away.

“I don’t care about your birth right! What matters here is my fight with BlackWarGreymon! The greatest battle Equestria had ever seen! Of course, you wouldn’t understand!”

The king’s rage snapped as he growled in frustration.

“How dare you!! Have you forgotten who I am!? I am your creator! I am a king! And you are my monster. You will obey me!!”

In his rage, Sombra failed to notice the Digimon’s eye twitching in anger. But not at BlackWarGreymon.

“Could you rephrase that? I didn’t hear clearly,” He said, his voice hiding sinister intent.

Sombra then spoke out.

“I said, I am you master!! AND YOU WILL DO AS I SA…AAAAAHHH!!!”

King Sombra’s sentence was immediately cut short when in a blink of an eye, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reached out his right arm and grabbed the Unicorn’s throat.

He briefly gagged for breath as he fearfully looked at ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s sinister eyes. Then the Digimon spoke.

“You miserable old fool.”

Then with his left gauntlet, the Mega sliced off Sombra’s horn! The king screamed in agony as a massive jolt of pain shot through his head.

The group below all gasped at what they saw. ChaosBlackWarGreymon had turned on his master. And by chopping off his horn, the former king was powerless. Left dangling by the neck as he squirmed in pain.

The evil Digimon gave him the look that showed he didn’t care.

“I don’t take orders from pathetic weaklings.”

Despite the pain, Sombra managed to speak to the Digimon.


ChaosBlackWarGreymon then explained the reason why he turned against the Unicorn.

“Because you’ve been around for far too long. You’re a relic. Old and weak. It’s time for a new generation of evil to take root. You know what they say. ‘Out with the old, and in with the new’.”

As the clone Digimon spoke on, Sombra gawked in disbelief.

“You and I possess unique dark magic. But unlike you, my magic is stronger because its within a more powerful body. The moment you helped in my creation… you became expendable.”

“No. You lie!” Sombra shouted in defiance.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled in response before he said something shocking.

“Well that’s what the boss told me. He knows very well how powerful I am. That I can handle dealing with the ponies on my own. So why do you think that he sent you here with me?”

The king’s eyes widened in shock and disbelief. Puzzling together the horrible truth.

“He…He tricked me!”

“That’s right. Now that I’m here with your magic, he no longer needs you. He also said I can end you any time I want. And guess what? That time is now.” The Mega said as he raised his left arm up to reveal his sharp claws.

Fear began to grip Sombra. An emotion he rarely ever felt in his life. He couldn’t believe that his master had decided to dispose of him. And he knew very well that he wouldn’t get resurrected again.

For the very first time since he became king, he pleaded for his life.

“N…no. It can’t end like this. I…I gave you life. I created you. I helped shape your very body. Please… don’t do this. Let me live! Have mercy!”

“Mercy? I’m the dark incarnation of BlackWarGreymon,” The clone said. But then his eyes narrowed as his voice suddenly became cold.

“I have none.”

Then as fast s a thunderbolt, the Digimon slammed his right knee into Sombra’s gut with the force that he fought BlackWarGreymon with.

The Unicorn king gagged silently as he could not only feel the air leaving him, but as if the attack had done more hidden damage to him. the blow broke several of his ribs and very likely ruptured his insides. His body crippled as he lost a lot of feeling.

Just as he was about to fall, the Unicorn was held in place by ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s magic. The aura around his body was identical to the claws on the Digimon’s left arm. The next thing Sombra saw was the claws of the Digimon’s right arm pointing directly at his face.

He stuttered in fear, from what the Mega was about to do and from what he said to him.

“Goodbye, daddy.”

Then at the tips of his extended claws, formed a bright green sphere of dark magic. An attack spell intended for Sombra.

With his body paralyzed, he couldn’t defend himself physically. With his horn gone, he couldn’t defend himself magically. Feeling certain doom fast approaching him, all the once great King Sombra could do was yell in defiance.

“No! NO!!! NNOOOOOO…!!!”

A large blast of magic was all that was needed to silence the Unicorn king. The bright green light consuming the stallion’s body completely.

Then a stunned silence followed. As the magical light faded, all that was left was a small patch of black smoke. Which then faded away into nothing.

All eyes in the empire couldn’t believe what they just saw. The former ruler of the Crystal Empire, the tyrant Unicorn King Sombra, was no more.

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