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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 29: The Changeling Assault

With their new plan in motion, Queen Chrysalis ordered her entire hive of Changeling warriors to attack the city of Canterlot.

With the swarm outnumbering the royal guards a hundred-to-one, the Changelings didn’t bother using their unique shape-shifting ability. With their vast numbers, attack techniques and their newly acquired energy boost, they were confident enough to engage the city head-on.

Though taken by surprise, the royal guards were quick to fight back. With either brute strength of weapons of choice by their side, the Pegasi attacked the air-borne swarm while the Earth Ponies engaged the ones on land. With their attack spells in handy, the Unicorns went for both. Shooting them out of the sky to defend their capital and their princesses. Other royal guards operated their catapults, firing boulders into the sky and landing hits in the swarm.

But the Changelings’ newfound strength had become apparent. Whereas before it took one guard to take down one Changeling, the newer ones were so difficult it required three guards to take one on.

In terms of strength and numbers, the Changeling army had the upper hand. But the ponies had determination, spirit and honor. Plus, two powerful Alicorns with a millennia of battlefield experience.

As a group of Changelings circled above the Canterlot square, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna were at their best to take down as many as they could. Being the younger sister meant Luna was more energetic and even resorted to using her own hooves to fight if a Changeling dares to get too close. Celestia however preferred mostly her magic. Though the last time she used physical combat was when she and Luna battled King Sombra over a thousand years before.

The pair were frightened that so many Changelings appeared all at once. But if they want to protect their citizens, they had to keep on fighting as streams of gold and blue magic filled the skies and knocked out changelings continuously fall to the ground.

“There’s so many! Why are there so many!?” Celestia asked.

“I think assistance is required for this fight,” Luna added, knowing that if the fight continues, she and Celestia would be too worn out to carry on fighting.

But they had to fight on.

Then to their surprise, a large green blob fell from the sky and landed on their hooves. Effectively gluing the two Alicorns to the ground. Startled, the princesses tried to pull free from the sticky goo. But the slime had a firm lock on their hooves.

As they struggled, they heard a voice from above.

“I’m afraid that assistance would be useless.”

Though Luna was unfamiliar with the voice, Celestia knew it all too well. Looking above their heads, the two saw the Queen of the Changelings herself descending towards the ground in front of them. Chuckling all the while.

Princess Celestia glared at the tall Changeling as she said her name.

“Queen Chrysalis!”

‘Background music’ ‘End of All Hope by Nightwish’

As the leaders of opposing sides confronted each other, battles all around them raged on. Both sides showing no signs of backing down or total surrender.

Meanwhile on the outskirts of Canterlot, a lone group of six Changelings watched the fight from a distance. Justifying if they should enter the fray or not.

“I don’t think our help is needed. Looks like mother has this all wrapped up,” One of them said. With the second one agreeing.

“Yeah, you said it.”

Then one changeling, a dim-witted one, saw something in the Canterlot gardens.

“Hay! Some of our bothers over there aren’t fighting. They’re… they’re just lying down.”

The rest looked at him with a deadpan expression as one spoke up.

“They’re knocked out, you idiot.”

“Whatever. Let’s just hang back and bask in victory,” Another joined in.

The sentence was aid far too prematurely. Because when one of the Changelings looked over his shoulder, he spotted what looked like a black fog in the distance. Approaching from Ponyville.

“Hay what’s that?!”

With all six Changelings turned around, they all saw the black fog. Of which was rapidly approaching their position. But the Changeling group were confused.

“Is that Sombra? Why is he here?”

“Don’t he think we can handle this ourselves?”

As they talked and complained, one Changeling used the holes in his legs like a binocular to see what was coming. That was when he saw a truly fierce looking black armoured dragon-like being glaring straight at him. His body engulfed in black energy.

The Changeling let out a yell in surprise, then informed his comrades.

“The-there is a scary dragon thing heading right toward us!”

“We must alert the queen!”

“Too late!!” One alarmed Changeling pointed out.

Indeed, they were. Using his Mega Destroyer attack, BlackWarGreymon immediately closed the gap between himself and the Changeling group. Like a speeding black comet, he smashed into the group, knocking all six of them out cold.

BlackWarGreymon then turned his sights to the city and charged straight into the swarm.

After defeating an attacking Changeling, a Unicorn royal guard looked up at the sky and spotted the incoming Digimon. He then shouted to inform his friends-in-arms, and to startle the Changeling hive.

“The saviour has come!!”

“What!?” One Changeling said as he and some others spotted BlackWarGreymon. Whom yelled out his battlecry to strike terror into the hearts of the hive.


As BlackWarGreymon dived into the swarm and flew across the Canterlot sky, two royal guard Pegasi joined in and flew close behind. Together they took down any Changelings within their reach. They suffered a bashing from the ponies but bashing, scratches and cuts from the Digimon.

After he took down a decent number of Changelings, the black armoured warrior spotted another cluster of bug-like creatures flying in a tight formation.

Moving up towards them, he joined his hands together and batted the heart of the group away. BlackWarGreymon then cartwheeled mid-air into another group, taking out a lot of Changeling numbers.

As he kept spinning, he prepared another attack on the group.

“Dragon Crusher!”

A wave of red-purple energy pushed the Changelings back and a wave of fire that followed engulfed the whole group. When the flames cleared, the burnt Changelings fell from the sky.

Seeing how many of their brothers and sisters lost their fight to BlackWarGreymon within such a short time, a brave three dived at the Digimon while using their magic to turn themselves into green energized projectiles.

Hoverer. When they struck BlackWarGreymon directly to the chest, the Chrome Digizoid metal caused them great pain instead. As the three moaned and grabbed their aching heads, the unharmed Mega smashed his face into the three. Slamming them with enough force to knock them out.

BlackWarGreymon then detected a large magic outburst to his left. Turning around, he saw streams of blue and gold magic firing from the city square. He didn’t need to feel their energy to know that they belonged to Celestia and Luna. But what concerned him was the huge number of Changelings that were near them.

He knew what to do as his eyes narrowed and bringing his claws close together. Creating a small Terra Destroyer sphere.

Back at the city square, Celestia and Luna relentlessly fired magical attacks up at the flying Changeling queen. Even though they were stuck to the ground, the royal sisters continued to put up a fight.

After narrowly dodging some of the attacks, Chrysalis fired another greed blob at the two. By landing on the two Alicorns horns, the goo stuck the princesses’ horns together and prevented them from using their magic.

Immobilized and with nothing to defend themselves with, the two princesses were defenceless and were at the mercy of Queen Chrysalis.

As the Changeling queen landed, she let out an amused chuckle as she watched the royal sisters struggling to pull free.

“Haha! Now no one can help you now!!”

Her triumphant moment was crashed when to her surprise, a gigantic red energy orb flew high over her head and collided into a section of her Changeling swarm. With the colossal explosion that followed, the night sky was lit up like day as countless number of Changelings fell from the sky.

The explosion was large enough for all to see. The fiery light reflecting off the eyes of the frightened queen.

“What in Equestria was that!!?”

As the two princesses looked at the fading light, it was Luna who looked behind Chrysalis and spotted who was responsible. Her eyes beamed of hope when she saw him.


“Who?” Chrysalis asked as she and Celestia followed Luna’s gaze. While the Sun Princess smiled with her sister, the Changeling queen gasped at the sight.

BlackWarGreymon flew high above the square, and facing him on the other side was a swirling swarm of Changeling solders. Green light flashed from the pony-like insect’s horns as they fired blasts of their magic. As the attack spells trailed across the sky towards their target, BlackWarGreymon responded with an attack of his own.

“Terra Destroyer!”

After creating a sixty-foot wide ball of superheated energy, the Mega tossed it at the Changelings. Along the way, the negative red sphere swallowed up all the green magic blasts and then collided into the attacking swarm. Those who escaped the sphere were then caught in the one hundred and fifty-foot wide explosion.

As hundreds of defeated Changelings fell from the sky, the Digimon dived in and flew underneath them.

“Black Tornado!”

As he flew by, BlackWarGreymon’s swirling black winds caught most of the unconscious Changelings and then flew higher into the sky, attacking more Changelings.

Queen Chrysalis could only gawk in horror. A large portion of her army were knocked out, by a force that didn’t originate in Equestria. The being’s power was far beyond her imagination.

'I…It’s him! The Digimon that my master had foretold!’ She thought to herself. Frightened that there really was another Digimon in Equestria.

The queen was approached by one of her solders.

“My queen! That thing has taken out a great number of us!”

“I can see that! I don’t care who he is, no one must interfere!”

With anger and hatred taking over her mind, Chrysalis flew to the sky to face BlackWarGreymon. Leaving the two princesses struggling to free themselves from the goo.

High in the dark skies, the panicked Changelings fired their attacks at the advancing Digimon. But their magic had no effect on BlackWarGreymon’s body. He then flew close and threw hard punches at the insect ponies. knocking them out very easily.

As he backhanded another solder, BlackWarGreymon’s senses picked up a power greater than the Changelings. Turning around, he faced the queen of the Changelings herself.

Chrysalis growled as she stared at BlackWarGreymon right in the eye, whom was some distance from her.

“You dare attack my Changelings!?”

Upon hearing BlackWarGreymon’s answer, his voice sent a cold chill through her body. It sounded cold and heartless.

“Yes I dare. You brought this upon yourself.”

Queen Chrysalis’s horn began to glow as she charged up her attack spell. Intending to end the Digimon.

“Well let’s see you fight without a head!!”

Throwing her head forward, Chrysalis fired a powerful green magic beam at BlackWarGreymon. The attack landed, striking at his head and creating an explosion of smoke.

Chrysalis huffed in satisfaction, thinking she had won the battle. However, the smoke covered BlackWarGreymon immediately flew in close to her and, to her surprise that he survived her attack, gave her a hard, left-handed backhand.

Before he did, Chrysalis saw a piercing white glow in his eyes through the smoke.

The attack sent Chrysalis straight into the gardens. Luckily for her a large bush cushioned her fall, but she fell hard. As she emerged from the bush, the queen breathed heavily as she limped. Trying her best not to fall from the pain.

Despite her rough landing, it felt as though the attack itself had caused most of the damage.

‘He’s…He’s so strong!’ She thought to herself. Staring fearfully at the ground.

Then a concerned Changing solder approached her.

“My queen! Are you alright!?”

After reassuring her child, Chrysalis issued an order.

“I’m fine. Take out the princesses. They may be useful for the master.”

Obeying the order, the Changeling let out a screech that only Changelings could hear. Letting them know what needs to be done.

Back in the square, Celestia and Luna continued trying to free themselves from the green goo. But despite their struggles, they couldn’t break free.

“We have…to keep trying,” Celestia said as she tried to pull her leg free.

Luna then spotted a large green glow shinning from the sky. She gasped in shock when she looked up.

“Sister! Up there!”

When Celestia looked, she too gasped at the sight. High in the sky, a massive swarm of Changelings all fired their magic attacks. With the order to bombard the princesses and the entire city square. The royal sisters closed their eyes as the energy attacks rain down upon them.

Fortunately in the nick of time, BlackWarGreymon appeared in front of them. Standing in-between the princesses and the rain of attacks, the Digimon brought forth his Brave Shield and took the full force of the blasts. Though the attacks exploded on impact all around him, the princesses needed to be protected.

Feeling that they were being shielded by someone, Celestia and Luna opened their eyes to see their saviour protecting them from the Changelings.

“BlackWarGreymon!” The two sisters said, thrilled to see the Digimon in time for the rescue.

But to their confusion, both Luna and Celestia noticed that the eye sockets in BlackWarGreymon’s helmet were glowing bright white.

Luna gasped in realisation. The kind of glow that was shown was identical to the time when BlackWarGreymon saved her from the giant yellow dragon.

It was a moment before… he unlocked a new power!


With the thought in his mind and the adrenalin rush in his body and energy, BlackWarGreymon threw his shield apart. The Mega-powered draft that was created threw off the aim of the Changeling attacks, all landing away from the Digimon and his friends.

As the surprised Changelings stopped attacking, the enraged BlackWarGreymon immediately placed his shield back on his back and then placed his hands close to his chest. The tips of his six Digizoid claws almost touching each other. Then as he charged up his negative energy, an energy sphere formed in his claws. What confused the Alicorns, was that instead of being red, the sphere was green in colour.

After fully charging his attack, BlackWarGreymon yelled out the name of his newest ability.


After thrusting his arms forwards, the Digimon unleashed seven green oval-shaped energy spheres. Each one aimed in different directions.

As the blasts landed on their targets, they exploded on impact. Both the attack and the blast took out some of the Changelings.

Though the War Blaster attack wasn’t as powerful as the Terra Destroyer attack, they still dealt a heavy blow on the swarm and illuminated the sky like seven green suns.

Celestia and Luna were mesmerized by the new spectacle. In fact, so mesmerized, they didn’t took note that the Mega was about to free them.

With a slash of BlackWarGreymon’s claws, the green goo surrounding the Alicorn’s hooves and horns were shredded. The sisters couldn’t be gladder to be free.

“You two better stay here for find some cover. I’ll wrap things up here,” BlackWarGreymon said before taking off towards the mass of Changelings.

While Celestia thought about complying, Luna felt differently. She wanted the Changelings to pay for humiliating her and her sister. And to prove that she wasn’t weak and helpless. So without a word said, the blue Alicorn took off after BlackWarGreymon.

“Luna, wait!” Celestia said as she spotted Luna flying off. Though reluctant, she took off after her sister.

As BlackWarGreymon approached the swarm of Changelings, he was slightly startled when beams of blue and gold flew by him and striking the insect-like ponies. Looking behind, he saw the two princesses following him.

“Figured they would fight on,” He said to himself as he turned back to the swarm.

Upon reaching the Changelings, BlackWarGreymon went all-out as he threw punches and kicks at the enemy. Luna then joined him as she threw punches of her own, followed by her magical blasts. Then Celestia joined in and unleashed beams of magic that matched the intensity of the sun.

Far below them, Princess Twilight managed to teleport herself and her five Ponyville friends from Ponyville to Canterlot square. The purple Alicorn felt dizzy from using a spell to cover such a great distance. But somehow, she managed it.

As the Mane Six looked around at the warzone, they were truly amazed when they looked above their heads.

“Wow. BlackWarGreymon, Celestia and Luna…are fighting alongside each other!” Twilight said as knocked out Changelings rain down from the sky all around her and her friends.

“So awesome!” Rainbow Dash said in agreement.

Three Changelings tried to a surprise attack just as Luna’s back was turned. But just as she saw them, a black gauntlet swung over her head and into the Changelings. Battering them away.

Seeing that it was BlackWarGreymon’s doing, Luna smiled in gratitude. Of which the Digimon responded with a nod.

Seeing such a great number of their own already fallen, what was left of the Changeling swarm backed away from the trio. If the princesses were alone, they could take them on. But with the arrival of the Digimon, the tables had turned.

As Celestia flew to BlackWarGreymon’s right as Luna flew to his left, the two Alicorns began to charge up their magic. Their horns glowed so bright that their bodies even glowed slightly. Then BlackWarGreymon charged his attack in a form of a red sphere in-between his claws. As he raised his arms above his head, the Changings were surprised to see the small orb instantly expanding to twenty-five feet wide.

The Changeling solders began to feel dread as they heard the voice of BlackWarGreymon.


The moment BlackWarGreymon threw his attack, both Celestia and Luna fired their attacks in a form of gold and blue beams of magic.

Interestingly, the two beams began to circle round the Terra Destroyer sphere. Then as quick as it did, the two fused into the giant orb. As the three powers combined, the magical gold and blue glow mixed in with the negative red.

The Changelings tried to flee from the red, gold and blue sphere. But the fused attack flew straight into the heart of the swarm and exploded. Defeating the Changelings and lighting up the sky in red, gold and blue.

‘Song end’

Queen Chrysalis couldn’t describe how she felt. She failed. All around her lay the unconscious bodies of her troops. All barely awake, as if they had been through a war.

The queen was then approached by one of her children. Whom barely escaped the final blast.

“Mother! That thing had completely changed the tide of battle in their favor. Almost the entire hive is out of it! There are a few groups left, but not enough to form an effective swarm!”

Before Chrysalis spoke, she took a deep breath.

“Even if we did, we wouldn’t stand to the power of that Digimon. We have no choice. Signal a full retreat.”

Obeying his queen, the solder let out a loud buzz from his wings. Giving the signal to withdraw.

With pure instinct taking over their bodies, all the Changelings took to the air and made a hasty getaway. Some were slow due to the punishment they had sustained.

As Queen Chrysalis joined in the retreat with the rest of her children, she remembered her very brief confrontation with BlackWarGreymon. And how quickly it ended bad for her.

“First the master, …and now him. Why are Digimon so strong?”

By the time the sounds of battle died down, all the Changelings had fled over the horizon. And BlackWarGreymon, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, the Mane Six, the royal guards, all of Canterlot and all of Ponyville could breathe a sigh of relief. For the battle with the Changelings was over.

Author's Note:

Hello everyone. I'm back again. And like I promised, I bring you another chapter early.

It has been quite a while since I've done a battle in my story. Hopefully all of you like what I've made. And I apologise if the chapter is a little shorter then normal. And like I said before, things will start to get serious for our heroes.

Also the War Blaster attack is from the PS2 game 'Digimon Rumble Arena 2'

Hope you all enjoy it. Leave a comment. Leave a like. And I'll see you later.

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