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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 68: Omen of Armageddon

Deep within the confines of Ayumi’s mind, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence had journeyed there to understand the events that lead the former Twilight to their own world. But to do that would mean to witness the demise of Equestria itself. But unforeseen circumstances had lead the pair to witness a nightmare that couldn’t be prevented. Much to Luna’s confusion as to how she couldn’t talk to Ayumi’s conscience.

But after following the trail of zeros and ones, Luna and Cadence travelled to the darkest depths of Ayumi’s mind. An area where it was more digital than magic. It was there, being surrounded by a dome of zeros and ones, where the two heard a deep, demonic voice. Addressing them by their names and their titles, the voice sent shivers of fright to the pair. Then, looking at the gap in the dome, they saw a giant pair of eyes. Eyes that were identical to the one from Ayumi’s nightmare monster. Piercing yellow eyes with pupils that penetrated the body and look into one’s soul. He then spoke the question that questioned itself what was real.

“Haven’t I killed you?”

Silence filled the void as the giant pair of eyes stared down at the fearful Alicorns. Luna and Cadence looking at the entity with looks of disbelief, confusion and horror. The eyes were the same as the Digimon they saw in Ayumi’s nightmare. His voice matched the demonic growls of the beast. The two then felt the biggest trembling feeling they had ever felt. Despite all that they knew, a single conclusion came to mind. A conclusion that shouldn’t be possible yet, was literally staring at them in the eyes.

Despite the fear in her voice, Luna spoke the question.

“Are… are you the one? The… the Digimon that… destroyed Equestria?”

There was a brief moment of silence as the pair of yellow eyes continued to stare at her and Cadence. But then a reply came in a form of the same demonic growl.

“I am.”

Luna and Cadence flinched in response. They were talking to the very same being that turned Ayumi’s Equestria into a literal hell. And looking into the eyes of a destroyer. The very revelation caused the two to take several steps back out of fear. Never in their lives had they felt so afraid.

“H-How? Sh…She killed you,” Luna uttered. Her voice just above a whisper.

The evil being’s eyes began to shift. As if trying to convey an expression that showed puzzlement.

“Strange. You’re aware of me. Yet, you act as thought you’ve never seen me before. And how are you here? Alive?”

Then after a brief pause, the yellow eyes slightly widened as they glowed for a split second. Him realising and remembering what had happened.

“That’s right. She has finally done it. She had found another Equestria to call her own.”

It then averted his gaze back to the two before him. His tone showing a hint of sadistic joy.

“So you're the Luna and Cadence of this world. And I assume that she already told you about me. About how I destroyed your lives… and butchered your kind.”

His last sentence struck a nerve in Cadence and Luna. It was true. He really was the Digimon that destroyed Ayumi’s home. The fear in the two grew ever more apparent. But with it, came outrage. As Luna tried to deny what was true.

“But…But how? Ayumi said that she destroyed you. Reduced you to nothing! H-How are you…!?”

“Still alive?”

The blue Alicorn froze from having her sentence finished by the Digimon. It had sent an unspeakable wave of fear within her. Just conversing with the evil being was filling her with all sorts of emotions. But then paid attention when the voice spoke out again after a sinister chuckle.

“She may had destroyed my body, but my conscience still lives.”

The two mares remained silent as the voice explained himself.

“The Digimon that the cursed pony had slain were more than just my mere followers. They were a part of my being. My children. But we all share the same mind. So when she absorbed the data of my offspring, she absorbed my conscience as well. Despite destroying the true me, I still live on inside her.

When he spoke again, he made it out as though he was the victim.

“How ironic. That a supreme being such as me, is now forever condemned inside this body. Tragic, is it not?”

As Luna tried to process the information that she was given, she suddenly heard the voice of Cadence. The mare that had previously been silent the whole time.


Luna turned to look at the pink Alicorn. Surprised to see the look of anguish and hate on the face of the usually lovable mare. She was staring daggers at the giant pair of eyes that shifted to look at her directly. She then let out a hint of her temper.

“Tragic!? How about all those innocent lives that you killed!? How could you do such an awful thing!?”

When she spoke again, her voice grew all the angrier.

“And… poor Twilight. Why!? Why would you hurt her!!? She had done nothing to you!!”

Silence filled the void. Luna was stunned at Cadence’s outburst. She had never seen the Princess of Love so angry before. She was always calm. Using her breathing technique to contain her frustrations. But by not doing so, she’s letting her frustrations show on full display. There was no reason for her to hold back. Ayumi was essentially Twilight. As such, she was like a little sister to Cadence. The pink Alicorn had every right to be upset and angry.

The conscience of the evil Digimon too silently looked at Cadence. But the silence was broken by an evil demonic chuckle. Surprising the confused pair.

“I don’t remember seeing THIS side of you, Cadence. Much better than the one I encountered before.”

The two looked surprised when he mentioned the Cadence from the other Equestria. But from what he was about to say next, it only served to aggravate the pink Alicorn.

“The Cadence I met, was a coward. She just stood there in terror as I tore apart the Crystal Empire.”

“S-Stop,” Cadence uttered. Already feeling provoked by the Digimon’s words.

“You should’ve seen the faces of despair from the crystal ponies, when I stained my claws with your blood.”

“Stop it!” Cadence loudly uttered. Her eyes starting to be filled with tears.

“Don’t listen to him. He’s just trying to upset you,” Luna said. Trying to calm down the younger Alicorn. But her concerns fell to deaf ears. Cadence’s horn was beginning to flash blue.

“Your husband would’ve died of heartbreak… if I hadn’t got to him first!”

The Digimon’s last sentence about Shining Armor caused Cadence to snap. She gave the evil eyes a hate-filled glare before letting out a frustrated yell. But before she could get the chance to attack, the panicked Luna used her mastery of the dream realm and cancelled out Cadence’s magic.

“No, Cadence! You mustn’t!”

“But, Luna! He’s…!”

Luna then revealed to as to why she was stopping her.

“We’re inside Ayumi’s mind. If you do this, you will only end up hurting her more.”

Cadence froze from hearing Luna’s words. With everything she had learnt about the former Twilight, she wanted her to avoid any further harm. And the last thing she wanted was to be the one who would harm her more. She would never harm her. Realising what her outburst was just close to doing, Cadence immediately tried to calm down. But in place of her rage, came sadness. She collapsed on the ground as she began to cry her eyes out. Despite not being the same Cadence as the one who perished, she just couldn’t help but feel remorse for those who had fallen by the Digimon’s claws. Her subjects. Her family. Her own life. All slaughtered by the very same Digimon that was right in front of her. Cursed to be part of Ayumi’s mind forever onward. And that there was nothing she could do to fix the tragedy.

Luna knelt down to try and comfort her. Feeling just awful for her niece. Cadence always had the kindest heart of all the princesses. So to see her break down in tears was a very distressing sight.

Despite the tears in her eyes, Cadence glanced up at the entity. The pair of evil yellow eyes remained locked into her own. But he remained unmoved. Not swayed by her sadness in the slightest.

“Why? J-Just why? Why did you do it?” The upset Cadence asked as Luna too looked at him. Her own expression cold and stern.

The Digimon’s eyes continued to stare at the two Alicorns. Even as he gave his reply.

“Because you’re weak.”

As he continued, he revealed more of his disdain for the pony race.

“You’re kind act big, but all of you are soft. When you face a threat, you don’t kill. You merely lock them away or turn them into stone. You don’t have the stomach to act when it mattered. The only reason Twilight was able to end me was because she absorbed my data. Making her more violent. Malicious. She made me become a part of her.

He then focused the subject onto Ayumi.

“In a way, I helped mould her into what she had become. She has ME to thank for that power! She wouldn’t be the way she was without me!”


Evident from her outburst, it was Luna’s turn to stand up to the evil Digimon. Standing beside Cadence, she glared angrily at the giant pair of eyes. Despite the feeling boosting her confidence to talk back to the Digimon, his eyes still gave her a frightening chill. Then the Digimon began to mock her.

“Or what? You couldn’t stop me any more than the other you tried. You’re just as weak.”

After a moment of thought, there was something that Luna managed to piece together.

“Her nightmare. I wasn’t able to stop it. Do I have to assume that YOU were behind that too?”

The surprised Cadence looked at Luna in surprise before looking back at the eyes of the Digimon. When he replied, he confirmed the blue mare’s suspicions.

“How right you are. I’m quite proud of that masterpiece.”

Hearing those words also gained the attention from the upset Cadence. Causing her to stand up.

“W-What!? You were behind that too!?”

“Correct. Consider it a fitting punishment for ending me. For if I couldn’t kill her, then I will torment her with a nightmare of her greatest failure. Bringing her the feeling of despair till the end of time. She may have my energy, but here in her fragile little mind, I’M IN CONTROL!”

The Digimon began to remember his past. During his rampage over Equestria.

“Hmm. How I wish that my fate hadn’t come to this. Oh, how I missed the screams.”

Luna and Cadence remained silent after the evil Digimon’s speech. They couldn’t think of anything else to say at the present moment. They were still shaken form the fact that the evil Digimon that killed them in another Equestria was still alive in Ayumi’s mind. What’s more, that he was talking to him. Luna then began to think of the present. Something that came to mind that made her grow a mocking smirk. Something that the evil being noticed as he averted his gaze onto her.

“Something amusing?”

“As a matter of fact, yes.”

Luna then revealed to the two what she had thought off.

“It doesn’t matter what you say. None of it. You’re conscience may still live, but you’re trapped in here. And Ayumi is in full control of her actions. What’s more, we don’t have to worry about you coming in our Equestria. Because in our home, you’re not around. You don’t exist.”

Her words had inspired Cadence to rise out of her sadness. Seeing that whatever happened was all in the past. The evil Digimon couldn’t hurt them. So all they had to do was simply move on and look forward to the future. An Equestria free from the evil being’s wrath.

That was, until he spoke again.

“Are you sure about that, Luna?”

The two Alicorns gave the evil pair of eyes a look of confusion. Why did it ask that? Was there something there something that Luna and Cadence had missed? Or was it all just a big bluff just to scare them? Uncertain if it was all just a trick, Luna spoke up. Followed by Cadence.


“W-What do you mean?”

The eyes of the Digimon again made a questionable expression at the two.

“You mean Twilight hadn’t told you yet? Something that she had… recently discovered?”

The two princesses looked at each other in confusion. Knowing full well that the Digimon was talking about Ayumi. Since the day began, Ayumi had already left in the early morning. The next time they saw her was when she was unconscious and being held captive by Tirek and ChaosBlackWarGreymon. All that time, and Ayumi had not spoken a single word to them. Which meant that during her time away, she had discovered something. Something that the evil Digimon was enquiring.

“What…What did Ayumi…?”

Cadence was interrupted by the Digimon.

“Must you call her by her false name? She is still Twilight to the core.”

“Tell us!” Luna shouted. Demanding an explanation as she stared angrily at the yellow eyes of the beast. But started to feel uncertain as he chuckled.

“Alright. I tell you. Since it will be your only warning.”

The two ponies flinched from hearing those words. Was that a threat? Or was it some kind of warning. Despite the confusion, they listened to what he had to say.

“Earlier today, Twilight felt a powerful presence. A power that’s ancient, yet to her… very familiar. A power that dispelled all her hopes and beliefs… and filled her with nothing but terror and fear.”

The more he spoke, the more the two princesses began to feel nervous. For such power to make Ayumi afraid would have to be truly frightening indeed. But they weren’t prepared for what they were about to hear next.

“And that power… was me.”

The hearts of the two Alicorns briefly froze as their expressions morphed into a look of pure shock. Their eyes grew wide as a sudden shiver travelled into the depths of their souls. Their legs began to tremble from the weight of what sounded like a discovery. Even as the evil Digimon began to laugh, the two princesses found it hard to process what they had just listened to.


It was all Luna was able to utter. She and Cadence were just too in shock to even speak out their thoughts. The very thought of a Digimon like him on their own grounds, in their Equestria, it was the stuff of nightmares. The evil being carried on.

“It surprised even me. She sensed my power. And yet, I’m here. And she sensed it far away. Far from this body and this land.”

Despite feeling her body trembling in fear, Luna tried to deny it. Calling him out in what she believed to be a bluff.

“Yo…You’re lying! It… it can’t be! You…!”

“Luna. I have never lied.”

Luna flinched from the Digimon’s response. She then heard his chuckle as he looked at her and Cadence.

“That’s it. That’s the fear I wanted to see. The fear that what you tried to deny… was in fact real. That no matter what happens…no matter where… no matter how much you want to believe that all is well… it was all for nothing. Because in the end… I DO EXIST HERE!!

Silence once again filled the void. The zeros and ones continued to swarm around the two princesses. Cadence slowly looked over to the shaken Luna. The look of uncertainty on her face.

“Luna? Could it be true? Could he… really be here? In our world?”

Luna remained silent as both the Digimon’s eyes and Cadence looked at Luna. Seeing how she would react. But as the night princess glanced back up at the giant yellow eyes, she gave him a very stern, but determined glare.

“Even if that’s true, that you really are in our world, Ayumi can stop you. And if not her, than BlackWarGreymon would.”

The way the yellow eyes flinched, it showed that Luna’s words had gained interest from the Digital conscious.


Cadence spoke up. Noting the questionable tone in the Digimon’s demonic voice.

“Do you not know him?”

“I’ve not heard of that name exactly. But by chance, is he anything like HIM?”

Then to the surprise of the two ponies, a dot of white light appeared above the Digimon’s eyes. Quickly growing bigger. Then as the light faded, the princesses were able to see what was in its place. Luna knew what he was doing. The Digimon was showing them parts of his own memory. But what she was seeing greatly surprised both her and Cadence. The two saw an image of what looked like BlackWarGreymon. But his skin was orange and wore golden armour. The two couldn’t believe it. They were looking at the very Digimon that their friend was based on. WarGreymon himself. The golden dragon warrior was seen floating in an area that the mares had never seen before. The heroic Digimon glaring angrily at what was obvious was the evil Digimon’s point of view.

As the memory window faded away, the shocked Luna lowered her gaze to look back at the eyes of the evil Digimon.

“You… you met WarGreymon?” She asked. Her voice shaken.

“Met him. Fought him. And defeated him!”

Luna felt yet again a wave of disbelief at what she heard. Did the evil Digimon just admit that he’d beaten WarGreymon in a battle? The voice carried on.

“WarGreymon fought valiantly. But he was no match for me, even with the help of another Mega level Digimon. No matter what they tried, I remained superior!”

His yellow eyes glowed brighter as he continued. Staring at Luna intensely for having such hope for her black armoured friend.

“If this… BlackWarGreymon is anything like him, then it’s already futile! No matter what he will do, or how hard he’ll fight, the me in this world will crush him! Then, the other me will shatter your world!! You and your kind will fall and burn!! Equestria will die… SCREAMING!!!”

The yellow eyes of the Digimon looked down at Luna and Cadence below. He could see the fear on their faces from his terrifying speech. But he felt that it wasn’t enough. He then thought of something. Something that will frighten them to the absolute core of their being.


To the surprise of Luna and Cadence, another memory window began to open above the Digimon’s eyes. But unlike the first one, it emitted a bright orange light. The two Alicorns received a sudden bad feeling within them. They suspected what kind of light it was.

“Here’s a little prelude, to what is to come,” The voice said as the light from the memory window consumed both Luna and Cadence.

As soon as the two were able to see again, they were met with a sight they wished they could unsee. Their fears were true. The orange light from the memory window… were the light of a wildfire. The two stood on the edge of Canterlot. The entire city was in flames. The raging inferno consumed every building that the two could see. And to their horror, the lifeless bodies of fallen ponies littered the streets. But the most distressing were the sounds of panicked cries of trapped ponies. All crying out for help. But no one around to save them.

Despite taking in the absolute carnage around them, Cadence spoke up. Her voice consumed in fear and fright.

“Is… IS THIS…!?”

Then the two hard the voice of the Digimon talking to them.

“Yes. Twilight’s memory.”

The two froze from what they heard. The Digimon forced the two into one of Ayumi’s memories. But despite being what they had originally planned, they immediately realised that it was probably better if they hadn’t. While they were expecting carnage, but never anything like from a horror show. The two felt like they were standing in the pits of hell itself. The entire world around them was lit up by the orange flames. The smoke blocking out the sun.

Then the two heard a voice. But to Luna’s surprise, it was her own.


Their ears twitched from hearing the outcry, turning in its direction. Cadence then looked at Luna in confusion.

“Wait, Luna. Isn’t that…?”

Not wasting time, the two flew off the ground and proceeded towards where the voice was heard. After finding an opening, the two found themselves in the middle of a deserted road. And right in front of them, was a very recognizable princess.

“L-Luna! That’s…”

“Me,” Luna uttered. Finishing Cadence’s sentence.

The mare that limped before their very eyes was indeed Luna. But her mane was in a bad state and her body was covered in cuts and bruises. And judging by her limping, one of her legs had suffered an injury.

The two onlookers couldn’t believe it. They were looking at the Luna from Ayumi’s timeline.

“Sister!” The alternate Luna cried out. Trying to find her older sibling.

But just a second later, a reply was heard.


Following the sound of the reply, the three looked at the wall of fire. Then emerging from the flames was a golden magical sphere. After the barrier faded, two ponies were revealed. Princess Celestia and Princess Twilight. Both of which also suffered injuries from battle. For Celestia, the most notable was that her left wing was broken. Just like the alternate Luna, Cadence and Luna looked at the pair in utter shock. They had never seen either of them so battered and worn. For Cadence, she looked down at Twilight. Seeing the tears in her eyes revealed that something absolutely heart-wrenching had happened.

“So that’s Twilight… before she became Ayumi,” She uttered to herself. With Luna joining her.

“So… this is the day when Equestria fell.”

The pair decided to stay quiet. Watching the events of the alternate Equestria unfold. But already feeling that what they were about to witness was nothing like they had ever imagined.

Seeing that Celestia and Twilight had survived, Luna rushed up to them. Deeply relieved that they were alive.

“Sister!” Luna cried out as she ran in to hug Celestia and Twilight. The two giving her hugs back despite their injuries.

With her own tears falling from her eyes, Luna looked down at Twilight. The younger Alicorn looked as though she had been broken mentally. Luna then looked around in a puzzled manner.

“But… where is everyone else? Did they make it out? Where are they?”

Knowing full well what Luna was talking about, Twilight let out a louder cry of sorrow. Then further surprising Luna when she spoke. Her voice full of despair.

“My… my…f-friends. T-they… H…He…”

Twilight was simply too upset to talk properly. Celestia knelt down and nuzzled her to try to comfort her. She too shearing her sympathy. When she looked back at Luna, the night princess quietly gasped in horror. Realising what had happened to Twilight’s friends.

“Oh no. T-Twilight… I’m so sorry,” Luna uttered. She too feeling remorse for the loss.

As the fire and destruction raged on around them, Luna looked over to Celestia with a look of worry.

“Sister? What are we going to do now?”

Just as Celestia tried desperately to think of what to do, a sudden explosion erupted back towards the centre of the city. The yells and cries from the unseen ponies could be heard in the air. Joined by the yells of what were the royal guard. Which was then followed by a loud demonic roar from the evil Digimon that turned their world upside down.

As Celestia looked back at the chaos before her, she then looked down at the tearful Twilight. An idea formed in her head. An idea that could very well be her last. She looked over to Luna with instructions.

“Luna. I need you to listen very carefully. I need you to do something for me.”

Puzzled at first, Luna paid attention.

“What is it?”

“I need you to take Twilight as far away from here as you can. It is important for her to survive.”

Twilight, who was overhearing the conversation, stirred up and looked at Celestia with questionable eyes.

“W-What? But… what about you?”

It was a question that Luna too shared. Feeling that the plan had not included Celestia herself. As she looked back at the destruction behind her, knowing that the evil Digimon was nearby, she then revealed her part in the plan.

“I’m going to hold him off as long as I can.”

Luna gasped as what she just heard. What Celestia was suggesting was basically suicide. Twilight instantly reacted by protesting.

“W-WHAT!!? NO!!! You can’t fight him on your own!? You’ll be killed!”

Luna stayed silent. Like Twilight, she too was heavily against the idea. Not wanting to be apart from her sister. However, she stayed quiet. Despite her own arguments, she could tell that Celesta was dead serious. She would never say such things unless it was for a reason. Causing her to struggle to protest. Twilight however felt differently.

“There has to be another way! We… we fight together!”

“No, Twilight. You are a brilliant pony who’s also the Element of Magic. That’s why you must live. You are the key to end all this. I know it. But you’re not ready. You must leave, Twilight,” Celestia said to her. Her tone sad but calm. Trying her hardest to reassure Twilight that there was still hope.

But Twilight felt otherwise. She knew very well that Celestia would not be coming back from the fight. The evil Digimon was just too powerful.

“Please. Don’t. I don’t want to lose you too,” Twilight uttered. Her eyes flooding with tears.

Seeing her former student so distraught caused Celestia herself to cry. But her plan was the only one that could insure Twilight’s survival. She knelt down closer to Twilight. Her horn just inches from hers.

“I’m sorry, Twilight. Forgive me.”

It was all Celestia said before using a spell to put the exhausted Twilight to sleep. She knew that the young Alicorn wouldn’t leave voluntarily. Which was why she had to do it. Looking over to her sister, Celestia could see that Luna too was shaken from what was said. But only frowned afterwards. Knowing that the Sun Princess couldn’t be swayed.

“Look after her, Luna. Keep her safe,” Celestia said as Luna used a levitation spell to pick up the sleeping Twilight and placed her on her back.

“I’ll do all I can. I’ll… I’ll train her well,” Luna replied. Looking at her sister with her tear-filled gaze.

“I know you will, Luna. As the Element of Magic, she’s our only hope.”

The two took a moment to process what was about to happen. If the events were to unfold, it would be the very last time they would ever see each other. The two sisters knew that. Unable to contain herself, Luna rushed up to Celestia to give her the biggest farewell hug she could muster. With Celestia immediately returning the embrace her sibling. The two had tears flowing down from their clenched eyes. Quietly sobbing as they held each other.

“If… If you do make it out, then… then you come straight to us.”

Celestia couldn’t reply to Luna verbally. The only response she gave was tightening her hug. The odds of her surviving the encounter alone was next to nil.

After their long hug, the two finally pulled away. Gazing each other for what was to be one last time.

“I love you, big sister.”

“I love you too, little Lulu.”

The two then suddenly heard a loud crash coming from behind Celestia. The two sharply looked over to see a large building crumbling down to the ground. The next thing they saw was a giant clawed hand slamming down on the rubble.

Seeing that the evil Digimon was right there, Celestia turned to Luna with a desperate plea.

“GO!!! NOW!!!”

After a brief moment of hesitation, Luna closed her eyes as she turned to run. Then with a beat of her tattered wings, she took to the sky with the unconscious Twilight in tow.

As her sister disappeared into the darkened sky, Celestia turned back to where the monster was. Moving from the debris and out in the open. With a huge wall of fire behind him, much of his silhouette could be seen. Revealing just how nightmarish the Mega level Digimon looked. Which made it all the more frightening when he turned to lock his sights on the white Alicorn. Despite the brightness of the flames, his piercing yellow eyes could be seen. Staring at the princess as he chuckled before speaking.

“I found you. Ce…les…ti…a.”

The white Alicorn turned to face the Digimon fully. Her only working wing flared up as she lowered her head down to point her horn at him. The glare of anger and defiance shone in her eyes.

“I swear… in the name of Equestria. You will fall.”

It was all Celestia had to say to him… before letting out a loud grunt. Forcing her weakened legs to gallop towards the danger. Knowing full well that she was running to what was to be her final battle.

But just as Celestia was about to engage the towering giant, everything faded into white. The memory that the Digimon’s conscience wanted to show had ended. As for Cadence and Luna, they sat down in total silence. Tears running down their wide eyes of sadness. They had no idea that the fall of Canterlot had played out like that. Not in their darkest nightmares. What they had witnessed literally shock them to the core. But despite the shock, the two held a newfound deepest respect for the alternate Celestia. To sacrifice her own life just so that Equestria would have a chance of survival was something very few would do. However it only made it all the more tragic. Because by the time the alternate Twilight became Ayumi and ended the threat once and for all… it was already too late. Equestria was destroyed, and every other survivor had been wiped out. Forcing Ayumi to abandon her home.

Cadence felt awful. Starting to wish that she never had the idea to venture into Ayumi’s mind. If she had just taken the word of others, then she would’ve avoided the situation entirely. They would’ve never had to witness such a catastrophe.

“I… I don’t know what to say. Celestia. S… she…”

Cadence found it hard to finish her sentence. But as for Luna, the talk about her sister caused her to remember something. Something that may had been relevant to the entire situation. Her teary eyes widened in realisation.

“Her vision.”

“What?” The pink Alicorn asked. Just catching the sound of Luna’s voice.

When Luna revealed what had gone through her mind, she reminded Cadence about what she too had discovered from her eldest aunt.

“Celestia. Earlier today, she told us about her vision. A vision that Equestria would…would be…”

Luna paused as her face became more fear stricken. The equally shocked Cadence finished the sentence for her.

“…destroyed by a powerful monster.”

The two paused from the thought of the description of Celestia’s vision. To their horror… it matched almost perfectly to what they had witnessed in the memory window. Further reinforced by the demonic voice behind them. Who caught on to their conversation.

“Hmm, sounds like something I would do. Or should I say… had already done.”

Luna’s eyes were then filled with anguish along with fear. The pieces were becoming clearer. The disaster that they had witnessed, it truly began to correspond with how Celestia described her vision. Which in her mind, could only mean one thing.

The evil Digimon that destroyed Ayumi’s Equestria… was very likely to be in their own!

Cadence eventually shared the same thought. What the two had denied at first, was starting to become more believable. It was too much to be a coincidence. With the feeling of frustration washing over her, both her fear and temper reaching higher and higher, Luna turned to look at the giant pair of yellow evil eyes. Only one question came to her mind. A question she desperately wanted an answer for.

“Who are you?”

The evil Digimon however ignored the question. Instead, choosing to install more fear into the ponies more. First by mocking them.

“What’s the matter? Starting to believe?”

“W-Who… are you!”

Luna was getting angrier as she began to storm towards the yellow eyes looking at her. Tears of frustration forming in her blue eyes. But the Digimon carried on.

“It matters not what you think. Because the results will stay the same. Equestria as you know it… will fall.”


Luna stopped as she slammed her hoof on the non-existent ground. Causing the void around them to tremble. Surprising Cadence while doing so. Luna huffed as she took in deep breaths as she stared into the eyes of the evil being. The Digimon unmoved by her outburst. But as the silence continued, the Digimon spoke back.

“It’s time for us to part.”

“W…What?” Luna uttered in surprise. The swarm of zeros and ones began to converge towards the yellow eyes. But as they did, the Digimon still had something to say to them.

“Heed my words, princess. When the me in this world will rise, the events of what you saw will come true. You’re world will burn. The land will be bathed in your blood. And not even this… BlackWarGreymon can save you.”

As the numbers began to cover the yellow eyes, both Luna and Cadence suddenly felt as though their bodies were being pushed back. The blue Alicorn felt such a sensation before. She was being forced out of Ayumi’s mind. But the action was caused by the Digimon’s subconscious. As she tried to fight it, still wanting the Digimon to answer her question, he heard his last words to her. Just as the evil yellow eyes vanished in the sea of zeros and ones.

“You will be seeing me… very soon.”

Then just as the world around her vanished, Luna’s eyes snapped open as she screamed in anger. Rising out of the bed, as she took in deep breaths to calm down. Confused, the blue mare looked at her surroundings. She was back in the real world. Wide awake. She fidgeted as she tried to figure out what was going on. But as she started to panic, she heard a voice from across the room.

“Luna? Are you alright?”

Looking ahead of her, she saw that Cadence was too wide awake. But concerned for her wellbeing.

“No, Cadence. It’s not alright,” Luna said as she climbed out of the bed. Trying to convey everything they had learned.

“If everything he said was true, than… than we have a crisis on our hooves. That… thing. He’s somewhere in our world.”

But Cadence couldn’t figure out one thing.

“But if that’s true, then why didn’t he rise up like the one from the other world? Why is this one taking much longer?”

Luna paused in thought. It was a question she never considered.

“That’s right. In her world, that Digimon made himself known after Tirek was spotted in the Everfree Forest. But that never happened here, when BlackWarGreymon arrived.”

Luna’s head was beginning to ache from so much thinking.

“Urgh! This doesn’t make any sense. And to top it all off, we still need to figure out what happened to BlackWarGreymon!”

Cadence too was beginning to feel uneasy.

“I don’t see how this could get any worse.”

Just as the pink Alicorn finished her sentence, the doors to the room opened. Revealing to be Spike the dragon. The young reptile huffing for breath.

“Ahhh! Finally found you!” He said before taking in deep breaths to get some air back.

Surprised at the purple dragon, Cadence spoke up.

“What’s the matter, Spike?”

“It’s Twilight. She wants us to all meet up with her, right now. She says that she has something important to tell us.”

The two princesses looked at each other in uncertainty. Wondering what the sudden meeting was all about.

However, elsewhere in Canterlot Castle, lying on Luna’s bed in her chamber, BlackWarGreymon was feeling restless. Tossing and turning in his sleep as he became more and more uneasy. Grunting as he tried to force himself to remain calm.

Unfortunately, the discomfort wasn’t from the bed. It was from what was going on in his mind. He could feel it. As if, a black fog was starting to cloud his mind. Then as his grunts suddenly grew louder, sparks of dark blue electric-like negative energy started to surge around his body. The energy causing him discomfort, and for his muscles to briefly bulk.

Then as his grunts turned into growls, the black armoured Digimon slowly opened his eyes. But instead of his usual yellow irises, his eyes were a white, featureless glow.

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