• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 34: Test of the Digital Warrior’s loyalty

King Sombra was known for many things. A cruel tyrant. A harsh king. A heartless sorcerer. The list goes on. But what he was hardly known for… was what he was afraid of.

His newest fear was in a form of a powerful Mega level Artificial Digimon.

In his attempt to conquer the Crystal Empire without taking on BlackWarGreymon himself, he separated them so his army, the Shadow Legion, could handle the saviour while he picked on his pony friends.

Unfortunately for him however, the four royals, Twilight, Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor, had proven to be quite the handful. Even with the added power he gained from his master, the tenacious ponies were holding their own. But if that wasn’t bad enough, BlackWarGreymon himself had emerged on the scene. Glaring at the Unicorn with a hate-filled gleam of his soulless yellow eyes.

The Mega’s appearance on the other hand, had brought joy and relief among his pony friends.

“BlackWarGreymon!” Luna said with happiness in her voice.

“You’re ok!” Fluttershy joined as she and the other ponies ran up to meet him. All of them were glad that Luna was right about him all the long.

BlackWarGreymon looked down to see his dear friends smiling at him. Thankful for his return.

“Yes. I’m fine,” He responded, relieved to see that his friends weren’t badly hurt or worse.

His caring gaze dramatically changed to seriousness as he looked past them. Locking his hate-filled glare at King Sombra. The sight of his soulless yellow eyes alone sent a cold shiver in the dark Unicorn’s spine. Finally seeing the renegade Digimon up close, Sombra finally understood why he was told to be cautious of him.

“Now stand aside. I will deal with King Sombra,” BlackWarGreymon said as he narrowed his eyes at the king. Of which the others gladly obeyed.

“Oh, you’re in for it now Sombra! The big guy’s gonna mop the floor with you!” Rainbow Dash taunted.

“Are you sure he won’t need our help?” Shining Armor asked.

Before answering, Luna looked at King Sombra. The over at the towering Digimon.

“No. We would only get in his way.”

Then Twilight joined.

“And against BlackWarGreymon, this fight is over before it began.”

Flash Sentry too stayed back, curious to see what the Digital Warrior could do.

While staring at Sombra, BlackWarGreymon took the time to sense the Unicorn’s magic potential. He was displeased. The former king may be the strongest Unicorn he had faced so far, but he wasn’t as strong as Tirek. But he decided not to tell him. Instead, he wanted to teach Sombra the true meaning of fear. Giving him a reason to truly be afraid of him. And to make him pay for attacking his friends.

As the staring continued, Sombra broke the silence with uneasiness in his voice.

“How!? How did you survive!? And where did my legion go!?” He asked, unable to sense his army at all.

In response, BlackWarGreymon turned his head to look out at the open window.

“I wouldn’t worry about your army. You could say they’re… quite in ruins”

Unsure what the Digimon meant by, Sombra cautiously walked towards the window while keeping an eye on his foe. As he reached the window, Sombra looked out to its view… and gasped at what he saw.

BlackWarGreymon wasn’t joking. The once mighty Shadow Legion, all one thousand shadow ponies… were completely decimated by the Digimon’s power! The only thing he could see across the snow-covered battlefield were countless burn marks and smoking smoldering craters.

Far below him, the crystal ponies themselves were also in awe. The Shadow Legion were one of the most frightening sights they had ever seen since Sombra himself, and yet they were all defeated by one Digimon that the rumors foretold.

Rumors that weren’t rumors anymore.

‘Background music’ ‘Warriors by Imagine Dragons’

King Sombra continued to gawk at his destroyed army for a couple more seconds before averting his gaze back up to BlackWarGreymon. Seeing how close he was to such a powerful being caused the king to quickly back away in fright.

The other reason Sombra was retreating was because the Digimon himself had his slit-pupiled eyes on him. he then moved his three-horned head to keep watch on the startled king.

To keep his distance from him, the Unicorn resorted to teleport away from BlackWarGreymon. Reappearing in the centre of the room and in full view of the others.

“Don’t worry, you can always join those pests. Because if I recall, you were dead,” The Digimon said as he started to walk towards the king.

Not wanting to know what BlackWarGreymon had in mind for him, Sombra immediately created several crystal spears. All levitating in his magic.

“S-Stay back!!” Sombra demanded as he fired his spears at BlackWarGreymon. Only for them to be shattered by a mere backhand of the Digimon’s right arm. Swatting them away with no damage whatsoever.

Cadence, Shining Armor and Flash Sentry were just as surprised as King Sombra. BlackWarGreymon brushed aside the attack with no scratches at all.

Resorting to one of his attack spells, the evil Unicorn created a dark purple orb of magic on the tip of his horn.

“I’m warning you!!”

He then launched the orb at BlackWarGreymon, exploding as it made a direct hit to the chest. But the Digimon remained unaffected as he calmly walked through the smoke.

“Thanks for the warning,” He taunted.

King Sombra couldn’t believe that his attacks weren’t harming BlackWarGreymon. He had to call up the big guns. Stomping his hooves on the ground below him, he summoned a large green arcane ring around his horn while pointing it at the advancing Digimon.

Though his friends were caught by surprise by Sombra’s choice of spells, BlackWarGreymon remained unafraid.

Then without warning, countless green magic projectiles fired out of the arcane ring like a gatling gun. All landing direct hits upon BlackWarGreymon’s body, shrouding him in explosive smoke and shaking the ground.

The others could feel the power of Sombra’s spell. But to their amazement, the explosions that the beams landed upon seemed to be moving closer and closer to Sombra.

They could tell what was going on. As powerful as the attack was, BlackWarGreymon was walking through the energy blasts like they were nothing!

Sombra had his eyes shut while focusing on his attack. But as he opened them, they widened at how futile it was. Right in front of him, peering through the smoke, he could see the Digimon’s head. With his eye sockets glowing a piercing white. Then to his horror, the Unicorn saw BlackWarGreymon rearing his right arm back with his claws pointing at him.

Then as BlackWarGreymon thrusted his gauntlet forwards to destroy the arcane ring, the king immediately reverted into his shadow form. Leaving the Digizoid claws to go through him and impale the crystal floor.

He then quickly slithered underneath BlackWarGreymon and took physical form on the other side of the room. Then Sombra fired a beam of dark magic at the Digimon. But as BlackWarGreymon turned around, he used his left gauntlet to bat the attack spell away. Sending it to explode next to Sombra. Then the dragon warrior charged towards the king without fear. The white glow had never left his eyes. As he charged, he raised his right arm, intending to strike down the evil king. Sombra quickly summoned up a tall crystal pillar from the ground, hoping that it would slow down the Digimon. But to his dismay, his crystal pillar was shattered when BlackWarGreymon charged through. With no obstacles in his way, the black Digimon threw his readied claws down. But missed their mark when Sombra teleported away and reappearing on the other side of the room behind him.

While all eyes were in awe at the sight of the warring Unicorn and Digimon, Cadence, Shining Armor, and Flash Sentry were both amazed and shocked. King Sombra was one of the most feared villains in Equestria’s history, and yet, BlackWarGreymon wasn’t afraid of him in the slightest. He was fighting the dark sorcerer as if he was just a common thug.

“He… he actually has Sombra on the ropes,” Shining Armor mentioned, with the others mentally agreeing.

Back at the duel, Sombra summoned up another crystal pillar from the ground. But the difference was that it had sharp spikes pointing at the slowly advancing BlackWarGreymon. Then with a yell and a telekinetic shove, the Unicorn sent the pillar straight towards the Digimon. However, BlackWarGreymon again swatted it aside. The claws on his left arm sliced the crystal in half before all collapsing behind him. The drafts from the impacts caused his yellow hair to briefly wave. His glowing gaze remained locked to the tyrant.

Annoyed at how resilient and persistent BlackWarGreymon was, Sombra tried a different tactic. With a stomp of his hoof, he summoned and sent a horizontal crystal pillar towards BlackWarGreymon. As it travelled under the ground, only the sharpened spikes stuck out of the surface, slicing the ground as it sped along.

The unusual attack was supposed to catch the Digimon by surprise. But instead, BlackWarGreymon knelt down and caught the underground weapon by its spikes. Effectively stopping it. Then to the king’s disbelief, BlackWarGreymon ripped the thing out of the ground as he jumped in the air. Then using it like a club, he swatted it down onto Sombra. But before it landed on him, Sombra teleported away just in time. Leaving the thirty-foot-long weapon to shatter against the floor.

The actions were so sudden, when Sombra reappeared away from the Digimon, he nearly stumbled over. After regaining his footing, Sombra growled in irritation as he pointed his horn at BlackWarGreymon. The began charging up an attack spell.

After seeing what the evil king was up to, BlackWarGreymon’s eyes returned to normal as he raised his left arm up to his chest. Soon after, a small red orb formed inches above the palm of his gauntlet.

The six element bearers, the three royals, the guard and the young dragon looked at the two. The ground around King Sombra quietly vibrated as he focused a lot of his magic into his horn. On the other hand, though BlackWarGreymon’s Terra Destroyer sphere grew by a couple of inches, it remained relatively small. It was almost like the Digimon was testing Sombra.

With a hate-filled yell, King Sombra threw his head down and fired a concentrated dark purple beam at his foe. At the same time, BlackWarGreymon tossed his own attack towards the Unicorn.

The ground shook and winds gusted as the two powers collided. Sparks of energy flew as dark magic held back the negative red orb. But shockingly, Sombra’s beam was being pushed back by the miniature Terra Destroyer. Drawing closer and closer to Sombra.

‘No! No! No!’ Sombra thought to himself as he closed his eyes. Concentrating as hard as he could on strengthening his attack spell.

But as the Terra Destroyer sphere was just inches from Sombra’s head, the red orb exploded. The king was sent flying from the blast.

Despite taking the blast to the face, after he skidded across the floor, Sombra stood up. After a stomp of his hoof, he summoned up a weapon he hadn’t used in a long time. It was his most favored when in close combat and itself was used to fight against the Royal Sisters themselves.

His crystal scythe.

Holding his weapon in his telekinetic grip, the angered king leapt forward and started to attack his armoured foe. Though surprised at the sudden appearance of the chosen weapon, BlackWarGreymon was quick to back off. Narrowly dodging the first swing.

Thinking that he had the advantage, King Sombra continued to lash out with his scythe. However to his annoyance, BlackWarGreymon dodged every swing while stepping back. Leaving Sombra to advance forward. After a couple of more dodges, the Digimon raised his right arm out and blocked the scythe. Sparks flew as crystal clashed onto Chrome Digizoid. But despite the sharpness of the blade, the black gauntlet took no damage.

Sombra continued to attack, of which BlackWarGreymon proceeded to block with his claws and even his shin guards. Sparks flew as the sounds of metal clanging filled the air.

After more successful blocking, BlackWarGreymon took to the air. By summoning a crystal pillar underneath himself, Sombra was lifted into the air to catch up to the Digimon. After two more clashes between the two, BlackWarGreymon lowered himself below Sombra and sliced the crystal pillar with his claws. Cut off from his base of support, Sombra fell off the falling pillar. However, by turning the lower parts of his legs into black smoke, the Unicorn was able to successfully levitate in to air while maintaining his physical form.

With the two airborne, King Sombra and BlackWarGreymon continued to clash. But since the Digimon had more experience fighting in the air, he was able to out-maneuver the Unicorn. Plus, strength and mobility were on his side. When they engaged head-on, BlackWarGreymon merely shoved Sombra aside. Other moments when they clashed, the Mega would kick at the Unicorn. Sending him through the air and taking him by surprise.

Below them, the others felt like they were on the edge of their seats. The fight was intense. But despite BlackWarGreymon’s strength advantage, Sombra had magic on his side.

As the Digimon swung his claws at him, Sombra pulled a dirty trick by teleporting BlackWarGreymon back to the ground.

As he slashed at the unexpecting open air, BlackWarGreymon stumbled as he became off-balanced.


Both he and his startled friends had no idea such a tactic was possible, let alone Sombra had done it himself.

Although taken by surprise, BlackWarGreymon was quick to notice Sombra flying down towards him with his scythe at the ready. But to the shock of everypony, except Luna for she had seen it once before, BlackWarGreymon angled his head perfectly so his nose horn took the blow. Blocking Sombra’s scythe in a truly amazing way.

Then with a thrust of his head, BlackWarGreymon’s nose horn flung the scythe away. But it remained in Sombra’s magical grip, so the dark Unicorn swung the crystal weapon down upon the Digimon. Intending to slice him in two. But BlackWarGreymon raised his claws on his left arm up to catch the weapon. Sombra tried his might to push the blade further down, the weapon pressing hard on the base of the metal claws.

But his struggles were in vain, and the expression in the Digimon’s eyes showed it.

With one twist of his arm, BlackWarGreymon’s Dramon Destroyer snapped off the blade of Sombra’s scythe.

Time seemed to have slowed down around Sombra as he watched his most trusted weapon reduced to shards before his very eyes. The scythe itself was made from a crystal that was tougher then ordinary crystal weapons. So to see it fail made Sombra’s eyes widen in fright.

His eyes widened even more as he looked down. Because while BlackWarGreymon blocked the attack with his left arm, he was preparing a three-clawed uppercut with his right.

Sombra tried to make a forcefield beneath him. But before he could complete it, BlackWarGreymon swung his right arm up and shattered the incomplete barrier. The force from his destroyed spell sent the king hurtling through the air.

Before King Sombra had time to recover, BlackWarGreymon leapt off the ground and flew towards him. Positioning above Sombra, the Digimon elbowed the king in the stomach. Making him yell in pain. The force of the blow sent Sombra crashing to the ground. The impact made his body bounce before resting on the floor.

But it didn’t end there. As the disorientated Sombra tried to stand back up, BlackWarGreymon landed behind him with enough force to crack open the floor. One of the crystal shards from the floor flung the surprised Unicorn into the air. BlackWarGreymon followed up by slamming the back of his right arm into the king. The Digimon’s back-handed attack sent Sombra crashing into a crystal pillar that he summoned up earlier. Sombra gasped as he felt air escaping his body, the attack almost squashed him into the crystal. Then to his shock, BlackWarGreymon charged into him, destroying the crystal pillar in the process.

The collapsing crystals threw up a thick blanket of dust in the air, shrouding the two.

The impacts sent vibrations through the ground. It felt like the whole room was coming down. The Mane Six, Luna, Shining Armor, Cadence, Spike and Flash Sentry felt like they should run and hide. But at the same time, they wanted to see if their digital friend was alright.

Then a sight sent a vibe straight through the group. It was not a vibe of fear, it was a vibe of awe. Rising from the dust cloud was BlackWarGreymon. He then raised his right arm up, revealing in his grip, the struggling King Sombra.

All gasped as they watched BlackWarGreymon holding Sombra up by the scruff of his neck. The king squirming, trying to break free, but the Digimon’s grip was like steel. Then turning around, BlackWarGreymon threw King Sombra across the room. Skidding across the crystal floor before slamming against the far wall.

‘Song end’

All was silent among the onlooking group. They could cut the tension of the atmosphere with a knife. They couldn’t believe that while it took a lot of effort from them to stop Sombra, both past and present, BlackWarGreymon bested him with ease.

Remaining still by the window, the black Digimon watched as the weary Unicorn struggled to rise back on his hooves.

“I’m disappointed Sombra. I thought you would be more formidable.”

While BlackWarGreymon merely stated a fact, to Sombra the sentence was mockery. Standing fully back up, the king felt furious from the apparent insult. He glared dangerously at his tall foe as his horn began to glow.

“Well then… try stopping this!”

Pouring all the boosted power into his magic, Sombra fired three huge magic blasts from his horn. The aim was more random then focused, because while the first blast exploded as it hit the floor in front of BlackWarGreymon, the second hit directly onto the armoured chest while the third collided into the upper frame of the window behind him.

King Sombra didn’t stop. He yelled as he continued to fire more and more green projectiles at BlackWarGreymon. Each one getting bigger than the last. Green trails streamed across the open air before landing in BlackWarGreymon’s vicinity. Either on the ground, the wall, or the Digimon himself, the attacks created smoke which completely engulfed the armoured warrior.

Sombra didn’t care anymore. He continued to rapid fire blindly at the cloud of smoke, most of which he guest had hit BlackWarGreymon. The explosions also sent violent vibrations through the ground. The others struggled to remain standing. Some of Sombra’s stray attacks destroyed the open window, causing a big hole in its place while some of the attacks flew out and onto the empire below. The terrified crystal ponies ran in terror as streaks of green rained down upon them.

As quickly as they came, the attacks stopped. Despite the ferociousness of the attacks, amazingly nopony got hurt. The attacks only caused property damage. All eyes looked up at the gaping hole on the side of the tall castle. From where the attacks came from.

Back at the castle, Sombra huffed after he finished attacking. Exhausted from overusing his magic. Him and the frightened heroes stared at the massive cloud of smoke where BlackWarGreymon stood.

While some were worried that BlackWarGreymon may had gotten himself hurt from the surprising large-scale attack, King Sombra started to grin. Then started to chuckle in satisfaction.

But just as he was about to roar in laughter, he suddenly felt a vibration through the ground, causing him to stop.

The others felt it too, then the vibration was followed by another. And another. Until it almost sounded like…footsteps.

“Wh…Wh…WHAAAAAA!!?” Sombra gawked in horror as he saw the Digimon’s silhouette through the smoke.

As he continued to advance on the frightened Shadow King, BlackWarGreymon emerged from the cloud with the same hate in his eyes as before. Despite that every inch of his body had been hit, and that smoke was seeping from the blasts on his armour, BlackWarGreymon remained unharmed!

“No way,” Flash Sentry said in mild horror. Thinking that the Digimon in front of him was invincible.

“Sombra just gave everything he had…” Shining Armor said. With Cadence finishing his sentence.

“And he didn’t get so much of a scratch.”

Meanwhile, the Mane Six, Spike and Luna all smiled in joy. Sombra’s attacks were like nothing to their otherworldly friend.

King Sombra started to back away in fright as his foe continued marching towards him. Not just because of the Digimon’s power or strength, it was from the thought of what he would do to him.

Unlike all the other foes he had faced in the past, whom were heroes, BlackWarGreymon was an anti-hero. Sombra knew that well. And since BlackWarGreymon hadn’t started out pure of good, he would not be merciful. Upon seeing how dangerously violent the Digimon was, plus the fact that Sombra was once dead, it’s entirely possible that BlackWarGreymon wouldn’t even hesitate to kill him. Riding Equestria of another one of its villains.

No. Sombra would not allow that. The king had endured over a thousand years of boredom from when he was sealed away. Then experience his first death by the power if the Crystal Heart. Only to have been resurrected by his master. He didn’t want to risk another failure. To succeed, he had to give it his all. No matter the odds, even if all of them were against him.

With his mind and his dark heart filled with rage, he channeled all his anger into his horn. Charging up a hate-filled attack. The ground slowly started to shake from the build up of energy. He snarled as he felt the strain from collecting up the deepest depths of his magic. While saving a few in case he needed to escape.

Those whom were watching from the sidelines were worried. They had never seen Sombra so furious before. Even Luna. And yet, BlackWarGreymon marched on towards him with no fear whatsoever.

As the Digimon got closer and closer, the evil Unicorn unleashed his fury.


From out of his curved horn, King Sombra fired a powerful beam at BlackWarGreymon point blank! The huge river of green magic consumed the Digimon and continued to fire through the hole in the wall behind him. Launching outside in the distance.

The attack caused the ground to shake violently again. As it stopped, Sombra and the heroes looked to where the Digimon stood. The whole place shrouded in smoke.

“Come on. Surely that did the trick. There is no way that he could…!”

Sombra stopped mid-sentence when the smoke in front of him cleared. And to his horror, plus to the relief of the others, BlackWarGreymon was still standing. Glaring down at Sombra while smoke seeped from his armour.

Though relieved, the Digimon’s friends again were in awe. Even after an attack from Sombra at its fullest, he wasn’t hurt by it at all.

Sombra couldn’t move, frightened that his attacks failed one by one. BlackWarGreymon had a hint of amusement in his eyes upon sensing Sombra’s fear.

“A valiant effort, I’ll give you that. But Twilight was right,” The Digimon said as he quickly reached down and grabbed Sombra by his head. Then to the Unicorn’s surprise, he was being lifted off his hooves as BlackWarGreymon stood back up. Sombra struggled as he felt the iron grip squeezing his head.

“This fight was over before it began!” BlackWarGreymon continued before he spun around and threw the Unicorn across the room.

Sombra grunted in pain as he skidded across the hard floor, eventually coming to a stop. Not wanting to give up, Sombra painfully rose back on his hooves. Glaring at the tall Digimon with hate as he listened.

“Fool. Your attacks cannot hurt me. My power is too great! You cannot defeat me!”

“Oh yeah!?”

Trying to exploit the only weakness he could think of, Sombra teleported behind BlackWarGreymon and yet again fired an attack spell. Exploding at the back of the Digimon’s armoured head. However, all it did was made his yellow hair wave wildly. BlackWarGreymon proved the attacks’ ineffectiveness by turning his head so his slit-pupiled eye was staring directly at the Shadow King. Sending another chill of fear up his spine.

“You claim to know what fear truly is?” He asked, continuing after turning to face King Sombra.

“Compared to me, you know nothing.”

Some members of the group on the sidelines were confused as to what BlackWarGreymon was implying then what confused them even more, as well as BlackWarGreymon himself, Sombra started to chuckle.

As he snickered, the dark Unicorn spoke up.

“You know, if you were truly pure of heart… you would’ve never said those words.”

“What do you mean?” The Digimon asked, but had a feeling what the answer was.

“Oh, I believe you already know.”

Sombra paused before continuing.

“You were evil yourself, weren’t you?”

The three whom hadn’t known BlackWarGreymon for long gasped in shock. Knowing that what Sombra said about BlackWarGreymon’s words were true.

“Wa…was he…?” Cadence asked while her husband stared in disbelief.

“A bad guy!?” Flash Sentry uttered, realising why he felt uncomfortable around the Digimon in the first place.

The others grew concerned for the three. They hoped to either tell them later of avoid the subject entirely.

What they didn’t know, was that secretly it was one of Sombra’s tactics. A phycological attack. Trying to mess with his opponents’ heads so they may either doubt each other or turn against each other.

After a moment of guilt-filled silence, BlackWarGreymon spoke up.

“Yes…I was. But that was who I was, not who I am.”

“Oh? And I suppose your friends didn’t know?” Sombra asked with a sinister grin, thinking that he had BlackWarGreymon’s quaking in fear.

Unfortunately, a response from Luna was not what he was expecting.

“We already know!”

King Sombra paused for what felt like an eternity. The veins in his head throbbing in stress and frustration. He then snapped his head to the group as he lost his calm demeanor.


“Yeah, BlackWarGreymon told us on the day he arrived in Equestria. Heck, some of us had even seen his past.” Twilight mentioned, shocking Sombra, Cadence, Shining Armor and Flash Sentry.

Shocked to realise that the ponies and the dragon knew about it the whole time, Sombra slowly turned his attention back to BlackWarGreymon. Gawking at him as his attacks fail one by one.

“First my physical attacks, then my magic attacks, and now my phycological attacks. They all aren’t doing a thing! Wha…what are you!?”

If BlackWarGreymon had lips, he would be grinning at the sight of the fearful sorcerer. The only proof was in his eyes. After another frightening glare at the Unicorn, BlackWarGreymon spoke.

“Listen well Sombra, it may be the last thing you would ever hear. I may had done evil deeds in the past. I admit that. But do you know the true difference between you and I? You were born as a normal Unicorn, but you sold your soul to the darkness that made you who you are now. Me on the other hand… I was HANDCRAFTED from darkness! Created to destroy! My speed, my strength, my stamina, my power all rival…no…DWARF YOURS!”

BlackWarGreymon’s words were making Sombra quaking in fear. And what he said about being created from darkness were sending frightening vibes to some of his friends. Mostly the royal couple.

But the Digimon wasn’t finished.

“You may call yourself king, Sombra. But in comparison to you, I am a god!”

Without knowing, BlackWarGreymon’s brief anger caused him to release a pulse of invisible negative energy from his body. Blowing dust from the floor as well as slightly pushing Sombra back. The others too felt the pulse. To them which felt like a strong gust of wind as it blew through their manes.

“I can annihilate you in a blink of an eye! Don’t you forget it!” BlackWarGreymon finished.

After BlackWarGreymon’s performance, even his most trusted friends became nervous. Worried that the ‘old’ BlackWarGreymon was returning to the surface.

They hoped not.

Though intimidated, Sombra was admittingly impressed. He definatly detected a hint of malice in the Digimon’s voice.

Then a lightbulb lit up in his head. Formulating a cunning idea to turn the tables around. He grinned as he spoke up.

“It may not even come to that. You have great power BlackWarGreymon. A marvelous talent that even I envy for. Why not join me, instead of wasting such talent on helping the weak.”

The others couldn’t believe what Sombra had just said. Some even gasped in shock. But if BlackWarGreymon had gone so far into his friendship with them, they knew that their digital friend would refuse.

Lucky for them, BlackWarGreymon thought the same way.

“You’ve got to be kidding. I will never become evil ever again! And I would never join forces with you!”

Despite his loud outburst, the others breathed a sigh of relief as his choice. Twilight, Luna and even Cadence smiled at the Digimon’s decision.

While it seemed he’d lost a potentially powerful ally, King Sombra let out a toothy grin, then made his move!

As his eyes and his horn glowed green, he changed into his shadow form and charged full speed towards the Digimon before he could even react.

The surprised Digimon wasn’t prepared for what was next to come. As the black mists passed through his head, BlackWarGreymon yelled out an agonizing scream as pain struck into his mind.

All his friends let out gasps of horror at what was happening in front of them. Hoping that a horrible feeling they felt wouldn’t happen.

As he continued to scream, BlackWarGreymon became paralyzed as Sombra flew by and took physical form behind the Digimon. Grinning in triumphant.

“You have no choice.”

King Sombra then lit up his horn, increasing the effectiveness of his spell that he’d placed upon BlackWarGreymon. His actions caused even more pain to the black Digimon. Grabbing the sides of his head to control his thrashing. But to no avail.

What was happening was exactly what Luna feared. King Sombra was known for his mastery of magic. One of which… was mind control!

“Stop this, Sombra! You’re hurting him!” Cadence demanded, but Sombra didn’t listen.

“BlackWarGreymon! Snap out of it! Don’t let him control your mind!” Luna shouted to her friend in urgency.

“Yes BlackWarGreymon! Fight him!” Twilight joined while the others too urged on.

However, BlackWarGreymon was too in pain to listen. Stumbling around as he tried to regain his thoughts. Screaming all the while. Then thoughts of his past came flowing back into his mind. Reminding the Digimon of what he was. What he had done. What he was created for. BlackWarGreymon clenched his eyes shut, trying to force the thoughts out of his mind.

“BlackWarGreymon!! Don’t give in!!”

Then Luna’s voice quietened.

“Please. I beg of you.”

BlackWarGreymon kept on thrashing and screaming for a couple more moments as Sombra kept up his mind attack. The Digimon was literally at war with himself. Then all the sudden, all was quiet when he stopped thrashing. The Mega then lowered his arms away from his head, dropping down to his sides.

While King Sombra was unsure if his spell worked, the others became concerned from BlackWarGreymon’s lack of movement.

“BlackWarGreymon?” Fluttershy uttered, hoping that her friend would respond.

After a few more seconds of silence, all ears heard BlackWarGreymon… growling? Then as he raised his head, his eyes snapped open. Revealing an eerie green glow!

All his friends gasped in horror at the sight of him having his mind possessed. Sombra meanwhile seemed started.

“Wow it actually worked. …WOW IT ACTUALLY WORKED!!!”

He then blurted out an evil laughter at his success. Then Twilight turned to him with anger in her voice.

“What did you do to him!?”

After he stopped laughing, Sombra happily answered.

“You see, the mind control spell I used is only ineffective to those pure of heart. Obviously, he is not pure of heart. So the spell worked and now your precious warrior is under my control!”

He then had an idea to prove it.

“To see if he serves me. BlackWarGreymon! Face your enemy!”

Sombra gave the command, to test if his spell really was working. At first, BlackWarGreymon didn’t respond. Then to the surprise of everyone, he turned to face whom he deemed were his enemies. His own friends!

The mares and stallions took a few frightening steps back. Staring into BlackWarGreymon’s glowing green eyes as faint purple mist escaped from them.

“BlackWarGreymon no,” Luna said in despair, already feeling a tear forming in her left eye.

Sombra meanwhile couldn’t be more happier.

‘This is brilliant! I can now redeem myself! If I take him back to the lair, my lord is sure to reward me! With him and BlackWarGreymon, nothing can stop us! Not even the mighty Alicorns.’

The evil Unicorn grinned at the fearful group, deciding that it was time to end it for good.

“I’d like to thank you all for bringing BlackWarGreymon to me. He would make a useful slave. But now it’s too late for you!”

Then to the horror of the group, Sombra turned to the Digimon with a new order.

“BlackWarGreymon! Destroy them!!”

The Mane Six, Luna, Spike, the royal couple and Flash Sentry began to quake in fear. BlackWarGreymon had defeated every opposition in his way. Unfortunately, they were next on the list. One thing on their mind was, how was he going to end them.

It didn’t took long. While glaring at the group, BlackWarGreymon lifted his right gauntlet with his palm faced up. As his arm reached beside his chest, the possessed Digimon formed a small Terra Destroyer sphere inches above his palm. The red glow glowing bright.

It was the one thing the group never expected. To be killed by their newest friend.

Powerless against someone like BlackWarGreymon, the Mane Six and Spike all huddled together with tears in their eyes. So even if the end comes, they wouldn’t be apart. Shining Armor cradled the trembling Cadence close, staying by her side no matter what. Flash Sentry stood in front of the couple in an effort to protect them. He too was terrified of what he thought was the upcoming end.

Princess Luna was the only one still standing. Although just as afraid as the others, the emotions she was experiencing the most was pain and sadness. Tears were flowing out of her eyes at the sight of her dear friend being controlled.

Desperate to get BlackWarGreymon back, Luna spoke to him once more.

“So is this what you want, BlackWarGreymon? To live your life being controlled? To become evil once more? You’re better than this, BlackWarGreymon! Didn’t our friendship mean anything to you!? Do you really want to throw away everything you accomplished, just to become Sombra’s puppet!? His slave!? The very thing you despised the most!?”

It seemed as though… Luna’s plea fell to deaf ears. BlackWarGreymon’s expression hadn’t changed, his eyes were still glowing green and the small Terra Destroyer orb remained in his grasp. Luna held her breath to see if the possessed Mega would respond in any way. But since he didn’t, Luna felt like to collapse and weep. But she couldn’t. She just didn’t know what to do.

The reason BlackWarGreymon hadn’t attacked yet was because King Sombra was mentally holding him back. He wanted to hear the grief and sadness from those who were friends of the Digimon. Thriving on their misery. He would do the same to the Crystal Empire once he would take control of it.

Once he felt satisfied, Sombra gave the command that terrified the group.

“DO IT!”

Everypony and the dragon all closed their eyes tight, not wanting to see their demise by BlackWarGreymon’s hand. Wishing that it was all a nightmare and that they needed to wake up.

A second went by. Then two more. Then five more. Over ten seconds went by… and nothing happened.

Slowly opening their fearful eyes, the mares, stallions and the young dragon turned to the possessed BlackWarGreymon in confusion. He didn’t move a muscle. He remained still with the same red orb above his palm.

“Why didn’t he attack?” Twilight asked with a shaky voice, scared that it might be a delayed death.

Sombra too looked at BlackWarGreymon in confusion. With the mix of surprise and anger that his minion didn’t obey an order.

“Did you hear me? I said do it! Destroy them!”

Though the group flinched, their Mega level Digimon friend remained still.

“Obey! You will obey me!!” Sombra shouted, enraged by BlackWarGreymon’s disobedience.


The Mane Six, the royal couple, Luna, Spike, Flash Sentry and even King Sombra were surprised to hear BlackWarGreymon’s voice. His glowing green eyes showed that he remained possessed. But yet, he spoke back to Sombra.

“What was that?” The king asked. But the Digimon repeated himself.


“Are you defying my orders!?”


Sombra then stomped his hoof in rage. He couldn’t simply not tolerate disobedience.

“Do you know who I am? I am King Sombra! I am your master! And you will obey me!”


The group didn’t know what to feel. But since BlackWarGreymon was questioning the king’s orders, it must be a good sign. With no words to say, most of the group slowly smiled in hope. Thinking that the true BlackWarGreymon was fighting back.

‘Could he be… resisting my mind control?’ Sombra thought to himself. Bu then snarled in anger.

“You disobedient brat! You will follow my orders!”

His horn lit up in green magic. Trying to reinforce his spell on BlackWarGreymon. The Digimon twinged slightly from the sudden pain. But he remained still. The red orb in his palm was seen flickering as he tried to regain control of his powers.

Then all of a sudden… a miracle happened.

“I…take orders…FROM NO ONE!!!” The possessed BlackWarGreymon shouted as he quickly turned around and threw his attack at King Sombra.

The small Terra Destroyer sphere landed in front of the Unicorn, the explosion that followed blowing him away.

“Wh-What in the world!?” Sombra shouted as he recovered from the blast, stumbling while doing so.

The others stared at the Digimon in amazement. Though his eyes were still glowing green, it looked as though he regained some parts of his mind. Luckily, his tendency of being disobedient.

What he said next startled Luna. As if what she said before had reached into him after all.

“I…am not… your slave. I am no ones’ slave!” The Digimon shouted to King Sombra. Then clenched his hands on his head to try and get his mind back.

BlackWarGreymon grunted as he closed his eyes, trying to focus on regaining control. Trying to force Sombra out.

“Get…out…OF MY HEAD!!!”

After a few more moments of yelling, BlackWarGreymon calmed down. Then after taking in a deep breath, he opened his eyes. The green glow only briefly seen before fading away completely, revealing his signature yellow eyes.

“I’m back,” He simply said, stating his return to normality.

The others were literally blown away at what they saw. Their friend had just got his mind back. A true feat since no one had ever resisted Sombra’s mind control spells all on their own. They suddenly cheered for BlackWarGreymon. Some were so happy, they felt like giving him hugs. But that would have to wait.

King Sombra slowly started to walk to his right, while BlackWarGreymon did the same. Circling each other while glaring hatred at one another. The others knew things weren’t going well for the Unicorn. They could see that he was slightly limping from BlackWarGreymon’s last attack, and that some could sense that his magic was running very low. The Digimon however had virtually no change whatsoever. He had plenty more energy and remained in his prime.

As the two continued to circle each other, Sombra found himself very near the whole in the wall that lead outside. The spot exactly where he wanted to be. He then stopped and grinned at BlackWarGreymon, taking a quick second to glance over to the Digimon’s friends.

“I’ll be back. You and your friends will be disposed of and the empire will be mine once again. But for now, I’ll leave you a little gift!”

With a mighty stomp of his forehooves, Sombra successfully summoned two shadow ponies in their ‘giant’ forms. Seeing the nightmarish creatures made the heroes on the sidelines gasp in fright.

BlackWarGreymon glared at Sombra in anger. He knew that the king would use them to aid in his escape. The Digimon had a choice. Ignore the shadow ponies and finish off Sombra, or protect his friends from the two members of the Shadow Legion.

BlackWarGreymon knew what he had to do, but it seemed Sombra predicted it.

With an outburst of evil laughter, King Sombra changed into his shadow form and escaped through the hole in the wall. He then fled to the mountains as fast as he could.

Back in the castle, BlackWarGreymon grunted in anger. One of the things he didn’t like the most, was letting his opponent escape. At least with the two giant shadow ponies, he had something to take his anger out on.

The two shadow ponies charged forth at BlackWarGreymon, with the Digimon himself doing the same. The mare, stallions and the dragon watched on in anticipation. They were getting to see some of the ways how their tall friend took out the shadow pony army.

The distance closed quickly as BlackWarGreymon charged towards the first shadow giant. The creature was first to attack, leaping towards BlackWarGreymon’s head. But the Digimon ducked down to avoid it. As the giant pony flew inches above his right shoulder, BlackWarGreymon immediately rose back up. Using his shoulder to push the shadow pony high in the air.

As the panicked shadow pony flailed in the air, BlackWarGreymon leapt into the air and twisted his body to face the creature. As he rose above it, the Digimon reared his right arm back. Claws pointing at his foe. As the two started to fall back down, BlackWarGreymon launched his arm forward. Impaling the shadow giant through its stomach area.

The two landed, metal claws remained imbedded in the shadow pony even after it faded from existence. Looking over his shoulder, BlackWarGreymon saw the second Giant Pony charging towards him. Quickly twirling around in an anti-clockwise angle, the Mega slashed his claws on his left gauntlet at the giant. Slicing it in two as it charged by.

Within seconds, both the giant shadow ponies had been destroyed. The peace in the Crystal Empire had been restored.

The others on the sidelines were in awe. Seeing how swiftly and efficiently BlackWarGreymon finished off the shadow ponies.

Sensing no more threats and that King Sombra was long gone, BlackWarGreymon lowered his arms and relaxed his body. Taking in a deep breath while doing so.


The Digimon heard the voice behind him, quickly followed by a rush of hoofsteps approaching him.

While turning around, BlackWarGreymon spoke.

“Are all of you alri…!”

His words came to a startling halt when he felt something wrapped tight around his left leg. At first, he thought it was either Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy. But to his surprise, when he looked down, it turned out to be Princess Luna.

“For a second I thought we lost you!” She said, sounding both worried and happy at the same time.

BlackWarGreymon looked down at her in amazement. He had never seen Luna acted so emotionally. Then a thought occurred to him. When he was possessed by King Sombra, he definatly recalled hearing Luna calling out to him. Trying desperately to get through to him and draw him out. Since it was her voice, the Digimon understood why the blue Alicorn would be so relieved.

That’s what BlackWarGreymon liked about Luna. Even though his power was much greater then hers, she felt very concerned for his wellbeing. Even though it should be the other way around.

Upon seeing how much Luna cared for him, it caused BlackWarGreymon to feel odd again. The warmth in his chest, his increased heartrate, feeling almost breathless and in addition, a warm feeling in his cheeks. As if he was blushing deeply. That and how speechless he was.

Luna continued to embrace her tall friend. Until she heard a voice.

“Umm… princess?”

Upon hearing Applejack’s voice, Luna’s eyes snapped open in realisation as her face suddenly turned from blue to red. Embarrassed at what she had just done openly.

Quickly pulling herself away from BlackWarGreymon, Luna stuttered as she tried to think of something to say.

“Oh…ur…sorry. It’s… just from the excitement.”

While all ponies stared at her in confusion, Spike was the only one who seemed oblivious.

“Yeah, no kidding. I thought Sombra had you under his spell for a second.”

When Spike brought back the subject of the matter, all eyes turned to the tall Mega. Thinking of the same thing. Then Cadence briefly looked over to Luna, wondering about what she’d just seen.

“You’re ok, BlackWarGreymon?” Twilight asked.

“Yes. I’m fine now,” BlackWarGreymon said as he looked out to the hole in the wall that Sombra flew out off.

Though angry that the Unicorn got away, he knew that he would return with a vengeance.

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