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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 41: Curse of Magic

Author's Note:

Hey everyone, I'm back.

It's been nearly a month so I decided to continue the story. In case if it isn't obvious enough, the fights in this and the last chapter were heavily inspired by the fights from DragonBall Z. Both the games and the Anime.

Also if anyone was curious about what ChaosBlackWarGreymon said back in chapter 39, about his 'Trump card', it's revealed in this chapter. (I'm surprised no one was talking about that.)

I hope you enjoy this chapter. Leave a like. Leave a comment. And I'll see you all later.

It was a dark day at the Crystal Empire as the fight between BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon kept on escalating. If the warrior from the Digital World hadn’t arrived on time, his clone would’ve had his way with his friends. Ordered by King Sombra or not.

The blinding light from the collision of Terra Destroyer and Shadow Destroyer spheres remained minutes after the explosion. Almost as if the attacks had transported the empire to a completely different world. The empire itself had suffered only wind damage as powerful gusts from the blast came through the streets.

As the light dimmed enough to see, the Mane Six, Princess Luna, the royal couple, Spike and Flash Sentry could all see one another. Glad that the winds had died down.

“Is everypony alright?” Princess Twilight asked.

“I…I think so,” Princess Cadence answered as the rest gathered close together. Not daring to separate themselves.

Everyone then looked back up at the sky. To where they last saw the two Digimon before the explosion.

“Wow. That was some display of power,” Prince Shining Armor said. Feeling afraid by the might of the digital warriors.

“Twilight and I had seen every battle BlackWarGreymon went through in his past. And not once had we seen his attack being so large,” Luna added. Truly amazed at how much stronger her friend had become.

King Sombra too was stunned on the sidelines. Blown away at the collision of power between the two Digimon. The same could be said for the citizens of the empire. The ones whom were outside were motionless from witnessing the powerful blast.

As the blinding light faded, it revealed a large patch of black smoke at its epicenter. Within moments, to the suspense of the ponies below, the smoke dissipated. And to their disbelief, both the Digimon remained intact. Levitating high in the sky, unmoved and unharmed, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon silently stared at one another. Waiting to see who would make the first move. All the while green and red lightning flashed across the dark stormy sky.

Though far below them, the group could see the two airborne Digimon.

“Oh my. Those two were the closest to that explosion,” Applejack noted with Rarity joining in.

“And they’re not even fazed.”

Fluttershy and Spike shivered in fear from the situation. Flash Sentry gulped from the nerves, glad that he wasn’t in the middle of the Digimon battle.

Then Rainbow Dash spoke to Twilight. Her tone made it sound like she was eager to know something.

“Hay Twi. A while back you said that you saw BlackWarGreymon fighting a Digimon who looked like him. Is this fight just like the other one?”

Twilight didn’t even need to think about comparing the fights.

“No Rainbow. This fight is completely different.”

“Huh?” The confused Pegasus asked.

As the whole group payed their attention to Twilight, they all heard what she had to say.

“The BlackWarGreymon we know is far stronger than he was when he fought WarGreymon.”

The lavender Alicorn continued as she looked up at BlackWarGreymon

“We still don’t know why, but he’s getting stronger because of the magic of Equestria. He even said so on the day he arrived. He’s now in a completely different league to what he once was.”

She then focused her sights on the enemy.

“And ChaosBlackWarGreymon was created from his data. Giving him the same amount of power BlackWarGreymon has.”

“So they… really are gods,” Shining Armor said. Admittingly frightened from Twilight’s words.

To describe the two Digimon as ‘gods’ was an overstatement. But with the amount of power they had compared to the ponies, one would assume so.

High in the sky, the two Megas continued to quietly glare at each other. The silence was broken by ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“Enjoying yourself, best buddy?”

BlackWarGreymon twinged in annoyance at what he could guess was his new nickname. And then spoke back.

“What makes you think that I’m enjoying myself?”

The clone chuckled before giving his reason.

“There’s no point in hiding it from me, you know. You were going easy on me… because you didn’t want this fight to end. I’m clearly far stronger than any opponent you’ve faced in Equestria. So to a warrior like you, this fight is exhilarating. Am I wrong?”

BlackWarGreymon slowly looked down in shame. ChaosBlackWarGreymon was right. He was a warrior-type Mega level Digimon. Designed for war, built to fight and gain the thrill of battle. He wanted to protect his friends so badly, but he couldn’t help himself. He was at war with his clone and himself.

At that moment, he hated himself for it.

He then heard ChaosBlackWarGreymon talking again.

“Not that I blame you though. I too have been taking it easy on you. Holding back to savor the moment. You love to fight, and I wanted my first true battle to be with you. It’s a win win. It is fate for this to happen. You and I are supposed to fight!”

Before he could go on, BlackWarGreymon snapped.

“Enough with your nonsense!! I’m not here to have fun! I’m here to protect my friends, and correct Sombra’s mistake! No more games! I will defeat you! Even destroy you!”

“Even if you enjoy it?”

BlackWarGreymon was unfazed by his clone’s question.


ChaosBlackWarGreymon once again chuckled before speaking.

“As you wish. Time to get serious. No more fooling around.”

The moment he finished talking, both him and BlackWarGreymon immediately started to raise their power levels. Preparing for an intense fight.

Back on the ground, both the group and King Sombra were starting to get puzzled.

“Why are they just staying there? Aren’t they fighting?” Pinkie Pie asked, but no one answered.

‘Background music’ ‘Cry Thunder by Dragonforce’

Just as the group began to think that it was some kind of mutual respect, the images of the two Digimon suddenly vanished in an instant. Surprising the souls below.

“Wha…What happened!? Where did they go!?” Flash Sentry asked in alarm.

“Did they vanish?” Fluttershy asked.

Being the only one who understood the aspects of speed, the shocked Rainbow Dash explained what had happened.

“Sort of. But they done it with pure speed. Moving so fast that not everypony could see.”

Her friends looked at her in amazement. Then back at the sky.

“Just speed!? BlackWarGreymon had never that quick before. Just how much faster did he get?” Applejack asked.

Before their conversation could continue, they were suddenly startled by a series of loud booms. But they were happening so fast the group couldn’t see what was going on. They kept darting their heads in any direction to where they heard the noises but couldn’t see the fight.

After several intense seconds, all eyes of the Crystal Empire saw a series of impacts. Shockwaves from the booms darted across the skies like fireworks.

Again the ponies and dragon couldn’t exactly tell what was happening. But to their confusion, Rainbow Dash spoke up. In an oddly excited tone.

“I know this isn’t the best time to say this but… this is so awesome! The way they fight is almost like in a comic or a movie.”

“Wait! You can see them!?” Twilight asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. You just need to look carefully,”

The whole group looked back at the sky to try and see the Digimon. Even Sombra tried it out. At first, all they saw were the constant booms. But after more concentration, they saw them. Speeding black and grey blurs raced across the sky, creating loud booms when they collided with each other.

The fight had risen to a new extent. Beyond anypony’s imagination.

To their surprise, the two blurs suddenly got quite close to them. As they created a boom in front of them, the shockwave completely obliterated a nearby building.

“That was too close!” Fluttershy noted, she and the others felt the blast of wind that followed the boom.

The group continued to watch on as the two blurs brought their fight across the empire rooftops. They kept on slamming each other, causing more shockwaves, and inadvertently destroying more property. Then for a split second, the image of BlackWarGreymon blocking ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s punch was seen. Then the afterimage faded as they immediately split themselves apart. Then the black and grey blurs slammed at each other again. Smoke and rubble appeared from destroyed property from the resulting booms. After more intense collisions, another afterimage was seen. The evil clone was seen kicking the hero at his side while the latter was blocking it.

As the empire erupted around them, the two blurs flew high in the air and away from the group. After slowing down, the true forms of both BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon were revealed. They then resumed their duel.

Twilight and her friends, plus Sombra, looked at the sky to try and again spot the two Digimon. At first, it seemed they vanished without a trace. But then they heard more loud booms. But unlike before, the sounds were more centered at one place instead of all over.

After a brief moment, they found out why. Emerging from behind a tall building in the distance, floating in the air towards the right, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon were engaged in close combat. The difference in strength from before were evident. Because as the Digimon landed a successful blow, it released large shockwaves. Blasts of wind were visibly seen. But despite the seemly heavy blows, the two Megas shrugged them off as if they were just normal kicks and punches.

As the group watched the two Digimon fight, they felt a strange vibe flowing through their bodies. The vibe was of both awe and fear. The fight was unlike anything Equestria had ever seen.

“Wow. I’ve never seen BlackWarGreymon fight so seriously before,” Spike said as he and the others continue to stare.

King Sombra too was amazed at the duel of the WarGreymons.

“Yes. Yes! The experiment is a success. ChaosBlackWarGreymon fights just as perfectly as the master predicted.”

But then his mood turned sour.

“But at the same time, this is infuriating! I’m the rightful ruler of the Crystal Empire, but I can’t even hurt BlackWarGreymon! And yet, my creation is matching him blow to blow. Why don’t I have that strength!?”

Back at the fight, the two Megas were starting to move much faster to the right of the empire. Quickly bringing their match closer towards the ground. But they were too focused one their fight, that they payed no mind to it.

But it soon appeared that they were aware of the ground after all. When it seemed that the two crashed to the floor, throwing up a cloud of dust, the dueling Digimon sped back to the left. Fighting just a few feet off the ground. Even crashing through buildings didn’t avert their attention from each other.

Then the stalemate was finally broken. As ChaosBlackWarGreymon swung his left leg out in a kick, BlackWarGreymon caught it and threw the clone up in the sky. But then as he flew up to intercept him, the evil Mega swung both his arms down onto the good Mega. Sending him crashing back down to earth.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon landed back some distance away, BlackWarGreymon launched himself forward to throw a right-handed punch. The clone raised his left arm in front of his face to block the punch. The force of the attack sent a shockwave that cracked the ground beneath the clone. Then he responded by throwing a right-handed punch of his own. But BlackWarGreymon was quick to cross his arms to block the blow. Again, the force of the punch tore the crystal ground apart. The black armoured Mega then swung a left kick at his foe. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon raised his right elbow to block it. Then the clone raised his left knee at BlackWarGreymon’s chest, but he blocked it with his right arm.

The two then proceeded to fight in close quarters. But as they fought on the spot, the area around them suffered great damage from the strength they had. The crystal structures around them cracked and crumbled.

They then took to the skies again, their bodies emitting black and red auras.

“Mega Destroyer!”

“Nightmare Mist!”

Then like before, the two Digimon proceeded to slam into each other like speeding colliding comets. But with their bodies energized, the resulting booms were louder and the shockwaves became more powerful. Flashes of black and red danced across the sky like fireworks.

Then taking ChaosBlackWarGreymon by surprise, BlackWarGreymon changed attacks.

“War Blaster!”

Several blasts of green negative energy were all that’s needed to knock the evil Digimon out of his Nightmare Mist attack. Temporally stunned, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was left open to attack. BlackWarGreymon flew in and gave several hard punches to the face. Quickly regaining focus, the grey Mega slammed his left knee into BlackWarGreymon’s gut. Then spinning around, he slammed his right foot into his chest. Sending the black armoured being into a tall building.

Knowing that his opponent was far from beaten, the clone threw his Shadow Destroyer attack towards him. Then suddenly, a Terra Destroyer sphere of the same size flew out of the hole in the wall and towards the copied attack.

However, both attacks missed each other by mere inches. Leaving the red orb to strike at ChaosBlackWarGreymon and the black orb to explode within the building.

As the clone recovered from the attack, BlackWarGreymon came bursting from the collapsing building. Then he and ChaosBlackWarGreymon charged at each other yet again.

As the two Digimon got close, BlackWarGreymon did a midair back flip. Causing his right foot to kick his grey armoured foe high in the air. Then as the saviour flew up to intercept him, ChaosBlackWarGreymon quickly righted himself and then threw another Shadow Destroyer orb the size of himself downwards.

Not prepared for the oncoming attack, BlackWarGreymon was tackled by the sphere and was then pushed back down towards earth. As he hit the ground, the attack exploded. Destroying several nearby buildings.

As the smoke seeped from the explosion, ChaosBlackWarGreymon laughed insanely. But while doing so, he failed to notice a giant slab of crystal being thrown towards him from the smoke. The hurtling slab smacked the clone in the head, causing him to become dazed.

While his opponent was stunned, BlackWarGreymon emerged from the smoke and flew above him. in his grasp was a huge section of a crystal pillar. He then raised it overhead like a giant club.

Just as ChaosBlackWarGreymon regained his sights, he was welcomed by a huge smack from the club. The blow sent him straight through the building below. Shattering on impact.

As he lay upon the countless crystal shards, the evil Digimon saw BlackWarGreymon heading straight towards him with his new weapon. After quickly looking around, he found another crystal pillar lying next to him. As he reached over and grabbed a firm hold on his own crystal weapon, he swung it upwards to counter BlackWarGreymon’s as he swung his down.

The force from the blow created a crater in the crystal ground. Then as the two warriors leapt out of the collapsing building and into the streets, they repeatedly swung their clubs at each other as if in a sword fight. The impacts from the clash caused walls to crack and glass to shatter.

Then catching BlackWarGreymon off guard, ChaosBlackWarGreymon swung his club low and at the legs of his foe. The sweeping attack knocked the saviour off his feet, causing him to fall on his back. Then with no hesitation, the evil Digimon smashed his club onto BlackWarGreymon. Squashing him into the ground. ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled as he raised his weapon over his head to swing it down on his enemy again. But before he could, BlackWarGreymon quickly sat up and swung his club into the grey Digimon’s side. Sending him flying into a large building.

Elsewhere, Twilight and her friends began to feel worried. It had been some time since they seen the two Digimon and the sound of crystal clashing and buildings collapsing were unsettling. But if the sounds of battle were continuing, then it meant that their digital friend was ok.

On another note, King Sombra looked around at the destroyed property that laid before him.

“This is just what I feared. Their fighting is causing damage to the empire. Oh well. I guess once I take over, I’ll get my slaves to rebuild them all.”

Then a distant flash caught their attention. Looking afar, the ponies and dragon saw the two Digimon ascending from the ground and higher into the air. As they flew, they kept swinging their crystal weapons at each other. Creating large shattering sounds from the clash.

The whole group got a brief scare as the dueling Mega’s brought their fight closer to where they were. Though they remained distant, the group felt the vibrations and the shockwaves from the smashing.

Up in the sky, BlackWarGreymon smashed his club into his clone’s body. Sending ChaosBlackWarGreymon hurtling across the sky before stopping midair. Then the two charged at each other once more. As they drew closer, they swung their clubs at one another. Then as the two crystal pillars smashed into each other with excessive force, they completely shattered into tiny fragments. Unable to hold out much longer.

With both their weapons reduced to shards, BlackWarGreymon tried to surprise the clone by wrapping his legs around him. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon thought of the same attack. It ended up with both their legs locked onto each other. The black armoured warrior then started to spin, but as his opponent done the same tactic, the motions caused the two Digimon to spin straight to the ground. Crashing into the crystal ground.

The group felt concerned. It seemed as though the fight might even end in a tie.

Then to their surprise, ChaosBlackWarGreymon launched himself out of the dusty crater. Quickly followed by BlackWarGreymon. As he caught up with him, the Artificial Digimon grabbed his clone’s right ankle, spun around and then slammed his foe against the roof of a nearby building. Even though only the roof was hit, the pure force behind the blow obliterated the building. Reducing it to crumbling pieces.

While holding onto his clone’s leg, BlackWarGreymon threw him down towards the ground. Before ChaosBlackWarGreymon had time to recover, he was slammed from behind by BlackWarGreymon’s feet. Pressed against the hard crystal ground as his body was being scraped against the surface. Leaving behind a long grove in the ground. As the two came to a stop, the grey armoured Digimon threw his left feet at BlackWarGreymon, forcing him off his back. Then after gaining a hold on both the black Digimon’s ankles, the clone got back up, spun around and threw the saviour across the air and into the wall of a tall building. Before he could recover, ChaosBlackWarGreymon slammed foot-first into BlackWarGreymon. Both Digimon smashing through the building and out through the other side.

Then as ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw his right arm out to punch his foe, BlackWarGreymon caught his arm in a hold, turned around and threw him over his shoulder. Sending the clone crashing to the ground. But as he recovered, he flew back in the air and elbowed BlackWarGreymon in the chest. Forcing him back. Then the two continued to exchange blows. High in the air and in clear view of the whole empire. The booms and shockwaves echoed throughout the crystal city from the clash of the Digimon.

Then after secretly channeling their negative energy into their fists, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw their punches. As their armoured fists collided with each other, a pulse of energy sent both of them hurtling back in opposite directions. Causing them to crash into two opposite buildings.

Then as the two yelled out their war cries, both the good and evil Digimon launched themselves out of the buildings and towards each other with their fists at the ready. As they drew ever closer to one another, ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw out his left arm in a punch. With BlackWarGreymon doing the same with his right arm.

As time seemed to have slowed down, it looked as though the punches were about to collide with each other once more. But the claws missed each other by mere centimeters. Causing both their clawed fists to smash into each other’s faces. The shear force from the two punches caused the two buildings behind them to completely shatter into shards of crystal.

‘Song end’

The falling shards caused the group below to turn away and shield their eyes. Then as the shards stopped falling, Twilight turned to the others in concern.

“Is everypony ok?”

“Ah think so,” Applejack said, first to answer.

“In all my years, I’ve never seen a fight as intense as this,” Luna added. The scale of attacks from the two Digimon exceeded everything she had ever seen before.

“But what about BlackWarGreymon?” Shining Armor asked.

Afterwards, the group all looked up at the airborne Digimon. On the outskirts, Sombra did the same. The two Megas were completely motionless. Remaining still even with their claws in each other’s faces. They were quietly grunting in pain as they gave one-eyes stares at each other.

As they stood still, it was revealed that the fight had indeed escalated. Both the black and grey armour they wore had several small scratches along the surface. The first time BlackWarGreymon had taken damage since his new life began.

After a brief moment, ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s expression in his eyes changed to amusement as he let out a snicker-like chuckle. BlackWarGreymon became confused as to what his clone found so funny. But he then heard him speaking.

“This fight… is exactly how I wanted it to be.”

After retracting their fists, the two Megas moved away from each other. Distancing themselves while not everting their gazes from one another.

Then ChaosBlackWarGreymon spoke again.

“Come on. Admit it, best buddy. You’re enjoying this fight as much as I do.”

BlackWarGreymon narrowed his eyes in response. Refusing to say it out loud.

The two continued to stare at each other silently. The only sounds that were heard was the great thunderstorm above. Twilight and her friends all held their breath. King Sombra waited impatiently for the Digimon to fight again. To him, the two Megas looked as though they were just sparring with one another. Probably even training with each other.

As the two armoured dragon-like beings continued to glare, BlackWarGreymon broke the silence.

“This fight is becoming pointless. We’re both evenly matched. This fight could go on for hours.”

“True. That is… if we keep going as it is.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at his clone in confusion.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’ll soon see.”

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon replied, he moved his arms slightly away from the sides of his body. He then let out an unnerving sinister chuckle.

“I guess it’s time for me to break the mold.”

Back on the ground, the group noticed the evil Digimon’s change of pose. Unsure of what his intensions were, Rarity and Pinkie Pie spoke up.

“Now what is that brute up to?”

“Yeah. Something is definitely fishy about him.”

Twilight Sparkle perfectly knew what the pink pony meant. To her, here was something strange about the energy ChaosBlackWarGreymon possessed. A part of it was exactly like BlackWarGreymon’s energy. But the other part was vastly different. But it was also very familiar. Not just that, his pose was identical to what he demonstrated before he first attacked them. And that was just moments after he declared that he has a ‘trump card’. Something that he clams that he had that BlackWarGreymon didn’t.

The young Alicorn took all she knew in consideration. Except the fact about his different, yet not so different energy. It was on the tip of her tongue. He definitely felt as though she had felt that energy before.

But then it clicked. She had indeed felt that energy before. She was so focused on ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s negative energy, she didn’t consider properly checking his other energy. It started to make sense. It was right there in front of her. It was the same energy that made a reaction to her horn before and… there was only one kind of energy that could do that.

Her purple eyes slowly grew wide in horror as she looked at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Feeling out his unique energy… and remembering where else she felt it before.

She felt it from King Sombra himself.

‘No. It… it can’t be. Th…there’s no way! True, Sombra’s magic was what created him, but… it’s impossible for him to…’

Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw something that caught her off guard. Despite the distance between the two, Twilight saw… a faint green glimmer in ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s eyes. Then immediately afterwards, her horn gave off a quick glow.

To the surprise of all her friends, Twilight let out a loud gasp of fear and disbelief. She had figured it out. The connections were true. But despite the revelation… the facts terrified her. Because it meant one thing. Causing her to breath heavily from fear.

“I…I don’t believe it. He…has it,” She said to herself, the fear in her voice making her talk in whisper.

“Twilight? What’s the matter!?” Cadence asked. Concerned on what made Twilight scared all of a sudden.

At first, Twilight didn’t say a word. Then within seconds, instead of replying to Cadence, she alerted her friend. He HAD to be warned.


Her outburst had startled her friends and gained attention of the alerted BlackWarGreymon. Turning his head towards her, the Digimon received Twilight’s horrifying discovery.


The whole world froze as nearly all eyes stared at the Alicorn in shock and confusion.

“WHAT!!?” Everyone replied.

Before more could be said, the corner of BlackWarGreymon’s eye caught a glimpse of green light. Slowly turning to face his clone, his yellow eyes widened in shock.


‘Background music’ ‘Monster by Skillet’

And there it was. ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s trump card had been revealed. The amused-looking clone was hovering in place, with one small but big change. As he chuckled, all six of his Chrome Digizoid claws emitted a magical green glow. Identical to the glow of Sombra’s horn when he uses magic.

“It’s about time,” Sombra said. Smiling sinisterly.

BlackWarGreymon stared at the glow in horror and disbelief as his clone purposely showed off his new talent in dark magic.

“Sh-She’s right!”

Then before his very eyes, ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled more as he teleported away in a flash of green.

“T-teleportation!? He really does have magic!” He said again, his body paralyzed from the realisation.

Appearing behind his startled adversary, the evil Digimon teased him by whispering close behind his head.


With warrior instinct kicking in, BlackWarGreymon responded by turning around while swinging his arm out. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon wasn’t there anymore.

The black armoured Digimon felt uneasy. Since the Mega was evil, he could use his Equestrian magic with terrible effect. Giving his foe an enormous advantage.

BlackWarGreymon backed away as he tried to spot his enemy. But then the evil Digimon reappeared behind him to tap him on the shoulder. The spooked Mega turned around, just in time to see ChaosBlackWarGreymon teleporting away again. Then as he reappeared behind BlackWarGreymon, he gave his good counterpart a hard shove. Purposely pushing him around before teleporting away.

“Stop that!!” BlackWarGreymon demanded in annoyance. But was not prepared for what was about to happen.

“As you wish.”

BlackWarGreymon turned to where he heard ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s voice. But as soon as he looked over his shoulder, he received a hard punch to the face. As he flailed across the sky, the grey armoured Digimon teleported behind him and gave him a hard kick to the back. He did the same when he teleported in front of him to give him a back-hand.

The group below watched in horror as BlackWarGreymon was being bashed around repeatedly like a ping-pong ball.

“This is bad. Very bad,” Twilight said. Even though she and the others wanted nothing more but to help him, but the question was, what could they do against a foe like ChaosBlackWarGreymon?

BlackWarGreymon was the only one with the strength and power to fight him. But he was at a disadvantage.

Elsewhere however, King Sombra was smiling with joy.

“That’s it! Keep it up! Crush him to the dirt!”

After his fifteenth punch, ChaosBlackWarGreymon grabbed BlackWarGreymon’s leg and threw him across the sky. The black armoured Mega stopped midflight and readied himself for the next attack. But as the grey armoured being flew towards him, he teleported the second he got close to him. Knowing the attack could come from behind, BlackWarGreymon turned around. But to his surprise, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reappeared above him with his body facing upwards. Then as he did a backflip, he slammed his right foot on top of BlackWarGreymon’s head. Sending him crashing back down to earth.

As the dust faded, he slowly rose back on his feet. Due to the unprepared beating he took, his body started to show more damage. His jet-black armour received more scratches then before.

As he grunted in anger, he spotted ChaosBlackWarGreymon hovering above the ground in front of him. He then charged forth to attack. But as he did, the clone’s body flash green. Then in an instant, he created copies of himself. All with shadowy transparent bodies, including himself.

Undeterred, BlackWarGreymon went on the attack. But as he lashed out, his metal claws fazed through the ghost-like body. Rendering his attack useless.

Despite the setback, he didn’t give up. Looking around, BlackWarGreymon found himself surrounded by the chuckling ChaosBlackWarGreymon copies as they circled around him. He then attacked once more. Again and again BlackWarGreymon lashed out at the circling clones, but all his physical attacks were causing no damage. Because of their magical ghost-like bodies, he couldn’t land a blow.

Then as he stopped to rest for a bit, the real ChaosBlackWarGreymon took physical form and kicked BlackWarGreymon from behind. Causing him to stumble as he tried to stay on his feet.

Turning around, BlackWarGreymon saw that all the ChaosBlackWarGreymon copies were charging at him. All ready to attack.

The good Mega raised his arms in defense as the first of the transparent copies threw a punch at him. But like an actual ghost, the copy went through BlackWarGreymon completely. Then more and more copies charged at him, causing the saviour to become spooked and confused as he went on a complete defensive.

He was so distracted by their numbers and their ghost-like bodies, that the real ChaosBlackWarGreymon found an opening and punched BlackWarGreymon in the face. As the black armoured being hurtled through the air, all the ChaosBlackWarGreymon copies vanished. Leaving the real one to teleport behind the good Mega with his left arm raised high. As BlackWarGreymon got within reach, a magical green orb packed with negative energy formed at the tip of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s claws, and then threw it down at his opponent’s chest. Pushed down by the orb, the good hearted Digimon crashed into the crystal road below. Exploding on impact.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon landed far away on the same road, waiting for something to happen. Then from the smoke, he saw BlackWarGreymon charging at him. With no hesitation, the evil Digimon threw another large green orb. The sphere flew all the way towards the Mega. But before it hit, BlackWarGreymon crossed his arms to block it. Smoke formed from the resulting explosion, but he kept on running with his arms crossed.

One by one ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw orbs of green magic, each one scoring hits on BlackWarGreymon as he charged through them. All the while getting closer and closer. But as he reached about fifteen feet in front of the clone, BlackWarGreymon’s charge drastically slowed to a halt. He felt as if the magical attacks had secretly drained his energy.

As the smoke cleared, more and more scratches were revealed on BlackWarGreymon’s body. But as he stood still, ChaosBlackWarGreymon charged forth with his left leg glowing green. Magic being used to enhance the strength of an upcoming kick that sent the good Mega hurtling back up to the sky.

BlackWarGreymon was unprepared for what came next. As ChaosBlackWarGreymon caught up with him, both his armoured fists looked as though they were shielded in green aura. Then with one energized punch to the face, the Artificial Digimon grunted in pain as he fell towards the ground. But then the cloned Digimon teleported below him to give him an uppercut to the back. Launching him back up. Then after he teleported above the flailing Mega, the evil Digimon’s right arm surged in energy. Then the glowing aura morphed itself into a giant three-clawed hand. Then as he slashed it at BlackWarGreymon, the magical blades caused showers of sparks as it scraped across Chrome Digizoid.

As he fell back towards the ground, BlackWarGreymon’s anger snapped. Ever since his clone started to use magic, he hadn’t got one decent hit on him. Everytime he tried, ChaosBlackWarGreymon kept teleporting away. He was being tossed around like trash, and all the ponies below were counting on him to protect them.

With the sudden urge to end the fight taking over his body, BlackWarGreymon immediately controlled his fall, and took flight high in the sky towards the surprised ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Despite moving out of the way, BlackWarGreymon’s claws managed to graze the clone. Sparks flew as he made contact and continued to ascend higher in the air above him. With adrenaline rushing through his body, the black armoured dragon warrior raised his arms above his head and formed a fifty-foot-wide Terra Destroyer sphere.


With his mind set, he threw the giant orb directly at his hated clone. Amazingly, the attack moved much quicker then it ever had been. Fast enough to reach ChaosBlackWarGreymon before he could dodge. The grey armoured Digimon let out a quiet chuckle moments before the attack hit. Exploding in a giant ball of super-heated light.

‘Song end’

The explosion caused tremors as the ponies below tried to stand up straight. Then as the light faded and the tremors stopped, the group looked back up at where the evil Digimon was last. Only to see a large patch of smoke in its place.

“Has…has BlackWarGreymon won?” Prince Shining Armor asked as they all continued to stare.

Up high, BlackWarGreymon was panting for breath. With the rush of adrenaline gone, he began to feel tired from the countless beatings he took. Though he didn’t want to admit it, but his fight with the dark incarnation of himself might possibly be his toughest yet.

He continued to pant as he looked at the cloud of smoke, believing that he had destroyed ChaosBlackWarGreymon. But then his expression changed to one of horror and disbelief.

As the smoke faded, it revealed the unharmed evil Digimon. Concealed in a ball of green energy!

“What!?” BlackWarGreymon uttered as his clone chuckled in delight.

“He can use defensive spells too!?” Twilight asked in disbelief. Just how much did ChaosBlackWarGreymon knew about the extent of magic? The thought of it left the group intimidated.

Though Sombra was thrilled that his creation knew what he was doing, he was puzzled about something.

“A forcefield spell? I don’t remember teaching him that.”

Back in that air, BlackWarGreymon could be heard grunting angrily as he watched ChaosBlackWarGreymon fly up to his level. After his forcefield faded, the evil Digimon began to fly in circles around him.

“What’s the matter? Afraid that I might be superior to you!?” He mocked, only stirring more anger in the good Mega.

As the clone circled, BlackWarGreymon kept a firm eye on him. Watching his every move. Then without warning, ChaosBlackWarGreymon teleported out of sight. Then a few seconds later, a green flash caught the corner of his yellow eye. Knowing the attack was coming from behind, the black armoured warrior immediately flew up and avoided the charging clone.

He then decided to go in the attack. As ChaosBlackWarGreymon was distracted, BlackWarGreymon flew down towards him at full speed. By the time the clone turned around, he saw his foe rearing his right arm back. Yelling and ready to strike.

Then as the lightning flashed in the sky, his Digizoid claws went through his clone’s chest!

The atmosphere of the whole empire froze completely. Had BlackWarGreymon dealt a fatal blow to his new hated enemy?

The souls below thought so. All gasped in shock and disbelief at it looked as though the good had finally won.

But it wasn’t. Possessing the keenest eyesight out of the whole group, Rainbow Dash gawked in horror. Her eyes widened in terror.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

Back up at the scene, it was BlackWarGreymon whom was more in shock then the Pegasus was. His eyes widened in an emotion he rarely ever felt in his life.


His claws had gone straight through ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s chest. But not in the way it was supposed to.

Being a creature whom was created by King Sombra’s magic, it meant that he inherited all his abilities. Like turning parts of his body into living shadow. Before BlackWarGreymon’s claws could impale him, ChaosBlackWarGreymon turned the centre of his own chest into dark smoke. Thereby allowing his opponent’s claws to go through his chest with no harm whatsoever.

The evil Mega could only laugh at BlackWarGreymon’s expression. Enjoying the sight of him experiencing fear.

“Now you know what it feels like to be afraid.”

Then further using his dark magic, ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s body too turned into black smoke before departing. Followed by the smoke gathering behind the stunned BlackWarGreymon and slowly retaking physical form.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon returned to normal, for a brief second BlackWarGreymon thought that the evil Mega was immortal. As he turned around, he was too in shock to respond as the clone repeatedly punched him in the face and upper chest.

As the beatings went on King Sombra was admittingly impressed at how much control his creation had over his magic.

Just as ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw his right arm for another punch, BlackWarGreymon successfully blocked it and slammed his right foot into the clone’s chest. Sending him back slightly.

The black armoured Digimon charged forth to go on the offensive. But as the clone raised his right arm to point at him, his claws glowed green in a magical aura.

Then just before he could reach his foe, BlackWarGreymon’s body paused as he was engulfed in the same green aura. Caught in a levitation spell.

“What the…! I…can’t move!” BlackWarGreymon uttered as he tried to move his arms. But to no avail.

“Now your mine,” ChaosBlackWarGreymon said as he swung his arm to the side. Sending BlackWarGreymon straight into a building.

With a magical hold on his new captive, the evil Digimon swung his arm left and right, up and down, around in circles. All sending the captured Mega into anywhere he liked. Crashing into walls, smashing through roofs and even scraping him across the ground. Bringing destruction to the property and bringing harm to BlackWarGreymon.

Then with a mighty throw, the Artificial Digimon was sent crashing into the ground. Forming a large crater. But as he tried to get back up, ChaosBlackWarGreymon slammed his left foot full force against BlackWarGreymon’s chest. Making the crater grow bigger and making his enemy yell out in sudden pain as it felt like his chest was crushed.

After leaping off his foe, ChaosBlackWarGreymon pointed his left arm at him and used a different magic spell. After trapping BlackWarGreymon in a red magical sphere, the clone kicked him like a football high in the sky. Then teleporting behind him, the evil Digimon again kicked the captive Mega across the sky. The then did the same thing as he reappeared above him.

For the next few moments, ChaosBlackWarGreymon kept up the routine. Tossing BlackWarGreymon around like a ping-pong ball again. The group below held their breath fearfully. Hoping that their friend in trouble could somehow get himself out.

But before he could get a chance to do so, the evil clone kicked him straight down to the ground below. Exploding on impact.

“Next up, Shadow Destroyer!” ChaosBlackWarGreymon said as he threw his dark attack at his downed opponent.

With no time to react, BlackWarGreymon could only brace himself for the sphere to hit him. But it didn’t stop him from yelling as it exploded against him.

Most of the group gasped in horror at what they saw and heard. First time seeing BlackWarGreymon being in deep trouble. With fear and sadness slowly becoming more evident, Luna spoke quietly to herself.

“BlackWarGreymon no.”

As dust and smoke filled the air, all was quiet by the explosion’s sight. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon knew that his opponent survived. Pointing at the centre of the smoke cloud, he chuckled as he used a magic spell. Then lifting his arm up, me magically lifted the worn out BlackWarGreymon out of the smoke and rubble and high in the air.

“He’s ok,” Twilight said. She and her friends were relieved that their friend survived. But then Fluttershy grew worried.

“But what is that meanie going to do to him?”

As he got BlackWarGreymon high above ground, ChaosBlackWarGreymon used a restraining spell on him. Forcing his arms and legs wide apart and placing green magical rings around them, BlackWarGreymon became immobile.

“W-what is this!?” He shouted in defiance. He also tried to break free, but the only thing the Digimon could move was his head.

With his foe restrained in magical energy, the evil Digimon flew in close with no fear or worry of being attacked. Hovering a few meters in front of BlackWarGreymon, with the warrior glaring back at him in defiance.

“Try getting out of this!”

After his statement, ChaosBlackWarGreymon didn’t waste time as he delivered a hard punch to BlackWarGreymon’s unprotected gut. Pain shot though him as he felt air escaping his body. He then received a hard lefthanded punch to the face as he yelled from the pain.

Then as he circled around the restrained BlackWarGreymon, ChaosBlackWarGreymon repeatedly threw many punches and kicks at every part of his body. Moving so quick that his arms and legs were blurred from the speed. Unable to protect himself, BlackWarGreymon grunted and cried in pain as his body received all the beatings. He again tried to struggle free but couldn’t do so.

On the ground, Twilight and her friends gawked in horror as their friend was being tortured. Ever since ChaosBlackWarGreymon used magic in the fight, he was not only not playing fair, he was being cruel.

Seeing BlackWarGreymon in pain however was also making Sombra literally jump in joy.

“Yes! Yes! Make him pay for humiliating me!”

After throwing quick but hard jabs into BlackWarGreymon’s chest, ChaosBlackWarGreymon backed off slightly with another idea of inflicting pain on him.

“Time to light things up!”

As the evil Digimon raised his arm at the dark sky, he summoned forth the green lightning from the stormy clouds. Focusing them into one spot as they travelled through the dark clouds. Then as he threw his arm down, a giant green lightning bolt fell from the sky and struck BlackWarGreymon from above.

The Digimon yelled loudly in pain as volts of electricity surged through his body. Again and again he tried to break free and tried to fight off the pain. But with the beatings he took previously, it was easier said then done. As he laughed insanely, ChaosBlackWarGreymon joined in by firing green thunderbolts from his claws. Further electrocuting his rival and causing great untold harm.

BlackWarGreymon’s screaming was starting to become too much for the mares below. Tears start to fall from their eyes at the sight and sounds. Unable to do anything but watch on.

The tearful Fluttershy cowered into a ball with her hooves over her ears. Unable to take it anymore.

“Make it stop! Please make it stop!”

As flashes of green continued in the skies above, ChaosBlackWarGreymon stopped his attacks as well as the lightning strikes. Even though the attacks stopped, BlackWarGreymon could feel the pain and aching through his whole scratched but dented and smoke covered body. Then the fatigue kicked in. Though restrained and losing all feeling in his arms and legs, his body fell forward with his head hung low.

The sight of it infuriated ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“You got to be kidding me. You’re down for the count already!? Wake up!!”

BlackWarGreymon felt more pain as his face took the hard punch from his clone. Letting out a brief yell before collapsing forward again.

“I said WAKE UP!!”

In his rage, the grey armoured Digimon continuously threw punches at BlackWarGreymon’s face. Left and right he punched, trying to force him to do something other than acting lifeless. But his opponent couldn’t do anything, except letting out grunts and yells every time he’d been hit.

Even after seeing his past, Twilight and Luna had never seen BlackWarGreymon being tortured in such a way. As the beatings continued, Princess Cadence snapped.

“Stop it!! Can’t you see he’s had enough!!?”

Sombra only laughed at her resolve.

“Go ahead and help if you want. But with my creation in such a frenzy, it would be your death sentence.”

Luna scoffed at Sombra before speaking.

“I knew you were low, Sombra. But creating a monster to fight your own battles, that’s disgraceful!”

Sombra looked back at the fight while smiling, ignoring the insults.

“But it’s working in my favour.”

It was true. Disgraceful it may be, but it was effective on his part. Following the king’s gaze, the group looked up at the two Digimon. Again hurt from the senseless beating BlackWarGreymon was taking.

The torture went on for so long, BlackWarGreymon no longer made a sound from the constant punches. Barely awake. ChaosBlackWarGreymon liked hearing pain. But with his foe’s condition, constantly punching him in the face became pointless.

Annoyed at how quick the fight lasted, the evil clone reached out his right arm and grabbed BlackWarGreymon by the throat. Then he raised his head to see his beaten face full of scratches and gashes.

“You call yourself a warrior? Pathetic. You’re a disgrace of a Mega.”

After he finished talking, ChaosBlackWarGreymon let go of BlackWarGreymon’s neck and turned off his restraining spell. With nothing holding him up, the battered Digimon’s body fell towards the ground. Crashing into the crystal road upon impact.

The dust and shards soon cleared, revealing BlackWarGreymon twitching on his back. Barely moving.

“Come on!” Luna said to her friends.

With him free from ChaosBlackWarGreymon, the group decided to rush over to the fallen Digimon and hope to heal him.

But as they were running, Twilight saw something in the sky that was shocking.

“No, get back!!”

Doing what the alarmed Alicorn said, the whole group stopped in time to see ChaosBlackWarGreymon dropping out of the sky at high speed. Then to their horror, he landed full force straight onto BlackWarGreymon.

Feeling his body being literally crushed into the hard crystal ground made BlackWarGreymon wail in shear agony. Screaming loudly for all to hear.

The group gasped at the sudden attack. It was unprovoked and out of nowhere. But hearing the screaming made the evil Digimon laugh insanely. He then done it again. Leaping high in the air and landing back on BlackWarGreymon with enough force to cause massive cracks in he ground. He then done it again. And again. Treating his screaming opponent like a trampoline.

‘He’s enjoying this too much,’ King Sombra thought to himself as he too watched on.

After crushing BlackWarGreymon once more, ChaosBlackWarGreymon stood beside him with sinister intent in his crimson eyes. He then slammed his left foot onto his face. Pressing him harder into the ground as he chuckled.

“Don’t think that I’ll let you off so soon,” The evil Mega said as he kept pressing down his leg. Squeezing BlackWarGreymon’s head.

Although she was scared, Luna slowly became frustrated, and then angry. She no longer cared if ChaosBlackWarGreymon was far stronger then she was. She would do whatever it took to make him pay for torturing someone she grew close to.

As she glared at him, Luna shocked her friends by firing a blue magical beam at the grey armoured Digimon. Exploding against the back of his silver haired head.

Though the attack didn’t hurt ChaosBlackWarGreymon, but it had got his attention. Turning around, he glared at the Alicorn, almost surprised.

“Got something to say, pony?” He asked.

“That’s enough!! Stop this senseless violence at once!!”

“I’d like to see you try.”

Wanting to put the blue Alicorn in her place, the evil Digimon started to march towards her. Briefly startling her. But then he felt something gripping his right leg. Looking back, he saw BlackWarGreymon glaring at him with his right hand on his ankle.

“No you don’t!” He shouted as he immediately mustered up a much strength as he could to get back on his feet and, while holding onto ChaosBlackWarGreymon, spun him around on the spot.

After spinning about twenty times, BlackWarGreymon loosened his grip. Sending his clone hurtling through the air.

But as he sailed across the sky, ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled as he teleported away, and then reappeared behind BlackWarGreymon. By using his body as a projectile, the hurtling Mega slammed into the battered warrior’s back. Knocking him back to the ground.

As BlackWarGreymon struggled to get back up, his clone snuck behind him and got him in the suplex position. The black armoured Digimon tried to struggle free, but in his weakened state, he didn’t have the strength to do so.

“Time to go for a ride!”

As soon as ChaosBlackWarGreymon finished his sentence, he immediately took off into the air while holding onto BlackWarGreymon. Ascending high in the sky above any crystal building. As he got to a good height, the evil Mega did a U-turn and then sped towards the ground at high speed. The black armoured Digimon continuously tried to wiggle free. Knowing what was about to happen next.

Back on the ground, the horrified Twilight also knew what was coming.

“No! BlackWarGreymon!”

“Finish him!” King Sombra said, smiling in triumphant.

As he continued to fall, it looked as though both the Digimon were going to crash into the ground together. But at the last second, the evil clone teleported away. Leaving only BlackWarGreymon to slam into the ground. Like a meteor, his impact threw up a big cloud of dust and shards while shockwaves shook the ground.

Reappearing in the sky, ChaosBlackWarGreymon chuckled insanely as he flew by. Looking at the cloud of dust below.

“BLACKWARGREYMON!!!” The group called out. Concerned for his life.

As the dust settled, the fallen Mega was revealed. Lying on his back, his armour was scratched, gashed and slightly dented in some places as his body was covered in crystal shards. Barely awake, BlackWarGreymon looked up at the sky to his new adversary. Looking back at him in satisfactory.

“Pity that the fight had to end like this. Just look at yourself. Ever since I used my magic in this fight, you barely kept up at all. Maybe I am superior to you after all! Your body, your powers, but with magic at my side, I’m better then ever! You’re pretty much obsolete.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon lowered down slightly as he continued.

“As the victor, I will now claim my prize…”

The evil Mega briefly paused mid-sentence as he pointed the claws of his right gauntlet at BlackWarGreymon. Slowly charging up with magic afterwards.


The magic began to build up at the end of his claws, forming a glowing ball of green energy. BlackWarGreymon laid there defiantly. Giving his clone angered glares.

After hearing ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s words, the group decided that enough was enough. BlackWarGreymon was in a kind of trouble that not even he could get out of alone.

“It doesn’t matter how powerful they are, we need to help BlackWarGreymon!” Luna said proudly.

“Same here!” Twilight joined in.

“After all, friends stick together!” Cadence added.

With determination reaching new heights, the three Alicorns took off from the ground and flew higher and higher. Behind ChaosBlackWarGreymon, the princess reached high above him before joining the tips of their horns together. Sharing their magic and combining it into a bright orb. Glowing blue, purple and pink.

Oblivious to the three princesses, the evil Digimon continued charging up his attack while looking down at BlackWarGreymon.

“So any last words, BlackWarGreymon!? You know, besides ‘damn you’!?”

To his surprise however, it was Twilight who answered.

“Yeah!! Up here!!”

As the three princesses yelled loudly, they sent as much magic as they could into the glowing orb. Then throwing their heads forward, they fired a large blue, purple and pink beam directly towards the Digimon below.

“What!?” ChaosBlackWarGreymon asked as he turned around. Just in time for the beam to slam against his body.

The girls kept on firing their combined attack. Slowly pushing the evil Digimon closer to the ground. The decent was slow because the Mega was holding back the attack.

Then to the confusion of the princess, they heard him talking as if... he’s struggling.

“Oh no! This power… it’s …it’s too much! I can’t hold it!!”

Then his eyes snapped open, revealing an amused expression.

“Just kidding!!”

With one strong push, ChaosBlackWarGreymon bounced the beam back towards its senders. The three girls were horrified to see their combined attack heading right back at them.

Luckily, Shining Armor teleported them out of the way. Moments before the energy continued flying upwards and into the stormy sky.

Reappearing beside the prince, the Alicorns were relived for his swift action.

“Thanks for saving us, big brother,” Twilight said as she gave him a quick hug. But was softly pushed away by him as he looked back at the sky.

“Don’t thank me yet.”

Following his gaze, the four and the rest of the group all saw ChaosBlackWarGreymon looking on them will ill intent.

“So you all want to play a game of hot magic potato? Then let me have a go!” He said as he launched a green sphere of dark magic towards the group.

Using their magic, the princesses teleported themselves and their friends away. Avoiding the attack that exploded on open ground.

Satisfied, the digital clone slowly turned back towards his fallen rival.

“There. Now with them out of the way, how about we tend to BlackWa…”

He paused midsentence. For when he turned around, BlackWarGreymon wasn’t on the ground anymore. He vanished without a trace.


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