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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 33: Legion, Army of the Shadows

After what felt like a good day to introduce BlackWarGreymon to the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadence, Princess Luna, Prince Shining Armor, Spike, Flash Sentry and the Mane Six found themselves in an unknown room in the crystal castle. But that was the least of their worries, because standing in front of them was the resurrected former ruler of the empire, King Sombra. And what was worse, their tall Digimon friend was missing.

Without the protection of BlackWarGreymon, some of the ponies felt vulnerable when facing the evil tyrant. But the Unicorn had been defeated before and he could be defeated again.

But one subject was on their minds for the moment.

“How? Your… we saw your body destroyed! How are you still alive!?” Cadence demanded. But Sombra chuckled in response to her shock.

“It’s very nice to see you again… Cadence was it?”

Sombra then brought his glare towards Spike. His eyes narrowing in vengeful rage.

“And you as well you little meddling lizard.”

His tone frightened the young dragon, to a point where he hid behind Twilight.

“Like Cadence said, how are you still here!?” Shining Armor demanded.

After letting out another amused chuckle, the King of the Shadows started to circle around the intimidated group. Like a predator stalking its prey.

“Why are all of you surprised to see me? Don’t you know that evil always finds a way to return? There is no end.”

“Imprisoned or banished, maybe. But we saw you destroyed by the Crystal Heart,” Twilight said while glaring back at him.

King Sombra took a good look at Twilight, and noticed something different about her from last time.

“Hmm. So, you have become the forth Alicorn. I expected a smart pony such as yourself to come here.”

“You were expecting us?” Applejack asked.

“Yes, I was.”

After he completed circling his enemies, Sombra glanced over to Princess Luna. Whom glared back angrily.

“Though I didn’t expect you to be here, Luna. Doesn’t matter now though, all of you will become my first victims.”

Hearing what Sombra said made Flash Sentry flare his wings out. Preparing to attack.

“You! No one threatens the princesses!”

With a flap of his wings, the Pegasus charged King Sombra head on. But the evil Unicorn was quick to react by firing a blast of dark magic at the guard. The attack spell sent Flash Sentry crashing into a wall, knocking him out cold.

“Flash!!” Twilight called out, but the guard was down and out.

King Sombra admittingly was surprised at how easily the Pegasus went down.

“Funny, I expected him to put up more of a fight. Oh well.”

“You’re a monster, King Sombra,” Cadence declared as she and the others glared at him in hate.

Again, Sombra chuckled at their attempts to act tough.

“I’m no monster. But speaking of monsters, I bet you’re wondering where your new friend is right now.”

The one’s whom hadn’t realised it yet looked around, and realised that he was right. BlackWarGreymon wasn’t among them.

“What have you done to him!?” Luna snapped at him.

“Don’t you worry princess, he’s perfectly fine.”

Sombra’s tone darkened as he continued.

“But by siding with you, that Digimon had sealed his fate!”

The group all gasped in shock and disbelief. But not by his threat, but by a particular word Sombra used.

“H…How did you know what he is!?” Rainbow Dash asked.

It was a question the others also wanted answering. King Sombra had never met BlackWarGreymon, and yet he knows the name of his very species. It was completely shocking to them.

But instead of directly answering, the king decided to tease them.

“Oh you’ll find out…eventually. And I reckon you’re all eager to find out what I have in store for BlackWarGreymon.”

The group again gasped after hearing him.

“You even know his name,” Twilight uttered, almost speechless.

Their shocked faces were enough to make Sombra grow a satisfying grin, revealing his large canines. He was craving their fear, he absolutely loved it.

In fact so much, he decided to reveal his show and tell.

“There. Look out the window, and tell me what you see,” The evil king said as he motioned towards the only open window on the far wall.

Though cautious if it was a trap, the timid group walked towards the window and took a good look. They then all gasped in horror at the sight, wishing that they hadn’t looked.

Far away from the Crystal Empire, though large enough to see, was a gigantic patch of black on the snowy ground. But what was strange was that it was moving towards the empire. Upon using a spell from the Alicorns to enhance their sight, the horrified group soon realised that the patch of black… was in fact an army! A large army!

The army consisted of what looked like demons that took pony form. And just like the ponies of Equestria, there were three types. Earth Ponies, Unicorns and Pegasi. What separated them from the real ponies, was that the demon-like ponies had razor-sharp teeth, pitch black exoskeleton-like armour, blood red featureless eyes, bat-like wings and curved horns similar to Sombra’s. They also had black smoke for their manes and tails, with similar smoke seeping out the sides of their mouths.

While the group of ponies and the dragon were frightened by their appearance, Luna was frightened by another reason. The creatures looked identical to the pictures she’d seen on a forbidden scroll.

“Sombra. You didn’t.”

The king smiled back at her with an amused smile.

“So you recognize them. And yes I did.”

While the group were near paralyzed with fear, Sombra explained himself.

“You see before I came here, I dropped by the deaths of Tartarus itself and found myself one of the forbidden spells that Princess Celestia had sealed away. And to prove my dominance, I retrieved one of the most frightening of all. An army of a thousand shadow ponies!”

He then shouted out the name of the forbidden spell.

“The Shadow Legion!!”

He then chuckled as he told the finale of the surprise.

“And here is the real treat. Your friend… BlackWarGreymon… is down there with them!”

“You… you beast! You fiend!” Rarity shouted.

“How could you!?” Fluttershy joined.

King Sombra laughed at their priceless reactions.

“And the best part of all my little ponies! All of you, and the whole empire will watch his demise as the legion tear him apart!!”

Sadistic joy was evident in his voice as he turned away from the group to marvel at his new army. The Shadow Legion were totally under his command.

“Watch him as he cowers in fear of the legion’s might! Watch him tremble in fright!”

However, as he paned his view onto the Digimon himself, his tone slowly changed from joy to confusion.

“Watch him… stand perfectly still… as he watched the approaching army with no fear or worry whatsoever? W-WHAT!!?”

While the group watched on in confusion of the king’s change of tone, Luna was the only one who secretly smiled.

When the others looked out, they saw why Sombra was surprised. BlackWarGreymon was indeed standing still, hundreds of feet away from the advancing shadow ponies, with no fear at all! Even from the back, he looked as though he was calm. As if he had faced the situation once before.

“He’s…… not afraid!?” Cadence asked.

Being the one who summoned the army, it was King Sombra who was the most surprised.

“How? I don’t get it! How is he not scared at all!?”

To his uncertainty, he heard the blue Alicorn chuckling to herself. Confused if she was laughing at him or not, Sombra turned to Luna in hatred.

“What? What’s so funny?”

As well as the tyrant, all other eyes turned to Luna. Even her closest were confused of what was going through the princess’s head.

“Tell me. How many shadow ponies were there again?” She asked the evil king. Almost as if she already knew the answer.

Confused as to what Luna was implying, Sombra answered the question regardless.

“One thousand exactly.”

Luna then closed her eyes as she let out an amused huff. Her actions were confusing her friends and angering the evil Unicorn.

After Sombra grunted in annoyance, Luna’s eyes remained shut as she spoke out.

“One thousand shadow ponies… against one Mega level Digimon. A thousand against one.”

Her eyes opened as she smiled with pride and confidence.

“I still think they're good odds.”

Everyone around her stuttered in surprise at what she’d just declared.

“Explain yourself, princess!” King Sombra demanded. Of which Luna obliged.

“To anypony else, the Shadow Legion are notoriously difficult to beat. Probably near impossible. But to BlackWarGreymon… they’re nothing!”

While Sombra gawked in surprise, the others were stunned as Luna continued.

“You may have numbers on your side, Sombra. But BlackWarGreymon’s strength is unparalleled! Even if you had a million solders, he would easily overpower them! BlackWarGreymon is far more powerful then either of us, even if our powers were combined!”

She then took her stance, as if she was about to charge into battle.

“You have no idea the true depths of BlackWarGreymon’s power!”

‘Wow, her faith in BlackWarGreymon is incredible,’ Cadence thought to herself as she and her friends listened to Luna’s confidence in the black Digimon.

“How can you be so sure that his power is enough to beat the might of the legion?” Sombra asked, interested in Luna’s speech.

“Because I have seen that power for myself. He had gone up against adversaries the likes that even the Shadow Legion could never hope to compare, and prevailed!”

As Luna continued, what she said next succeeded in intimidating the evil king.

“He won’t just beat your army, Sombra. He would utterly destroy them. And mark my words. Once he’s done with the legion, he will come for you.”

Her fiends looked at her in astonishment. They had never seen Luna acting so frightening. Sombra however understood the kind of tone the Alicorn was displaying. It was similar to the Luna he fought against long ago.

But the dark stallion wouldn’t let her get the best of him.

“Hmhm. Well we’ll soon see about that,” He said as he turned to the window. Witnessing what was about to happen.

Far away from the Crystal Empire, the Shadow Legion continued to advance. All screeching out their calls like demons from hell. Far out-front hundreds of meters away, standing between the army and the empire, was the unmoved BlackWarGreymon.

Despite being outnumbered a thousand to one, the Digimon showed no fear to the oncoming legion. They didn’t scare him. To him, it wasn’t war…it was pest control.

But it was because of the vast numbers of enemies, that a long-forgotten feeling was building up inside BlackWarGreymon. He may had changed from evil to good, but deep down he was still a warrior. And what he was feeling, was the thrill of battle. His warrior side was fast returning. The last time he felt the same kind of thrill, it was when he fought against the herd of Mammothmon. But back then there were twenty, and in front of him were a thousand. Another reason he felt the thrill was because in truth, he had never fought an army before. He knew he had to protect the Crystal Empire, but he couldn’t help but feel… excited.

His excitement was evident in his half-crazed chuckle.

‘Background music’ ‘Ashes to Ashes by Blind Guardian’

At the empire, the crystal pony citizens also spotted the oncoming army. Seeing such a vast number of scary looking creatures advancing towards them scared the citizens to a point where they ran for cover. But there are some who watched on in anticipation. Because the warrior that they heard rumors of was right in their path.

The forefront of the Shadow Legion themselves soon spotted the distant Digimon. But were surprised by the fact that despite their marching, he was showing no signs if fear towards them. Deciding to start the attack, one shadow pony reared on its hind legs and released a loud roar. After sending the signal, the entire army began to charge at full speed. On land and in the air, they were quickly closing the gap between them and BlackWarGreymon.

Their attack caused a reaction to the awaiting Digimon. But not the one they expected in the slightest. In fact to them, the idea was suicidal. As BlackWarGreymon moved into a sprinting position, he dug his left foot in the ground so hard, the ground around his foot crumbled and gave way, almost caving in his foot. Then with a mighty push, he leapt off the ground and flew towards the legion at high speed. Yelling out while doing so.

Back at the castle, King Sombra and some of the others were shocked at BlackWarGreymon’s decision to engage the legion head on, alone.

“Seriously!? Is he really going to fight the whole army!?” The startled king asked, thinking that the Digimon was insane.

All the souls at the Crystal Empire could do was watch on as the hordes of demons and the jet-black dragon warrior closed the gap on each other at an alarming rate. Curved horns pointed forwards while Digizoid claws were brought to bear.

As the gaps closed, the two forces collided. A mass of the legion consumed the Digimon as they crossed paths. After a brief second, a series of three-clawed slashes were seen sliced through the air out of the group of shadow ponies. Then all at once, the mass of darkness was erased from existence. Revealing BlackWarGreymon in the heart of the advancing legion. While the army continued to run past him, BlackWarGreymon engaged those whom were in his way. As one leaped at him head-on, the black Digimon sliced it with a right uppercut. The defeated shadow pony disappeared into a puff of smoke. Then two more came at him. with his right arm still high, BlackWarGreymon swung it down in a three-clawed backhand, slicing the shadow pony. He then destroyed the second with a downward slash of his left arm. Then in a series of blows, the Mega performed another right-handed uppercut, spun around and lashed out his left arm. Destroying two more enemies in the process.

Then after a flurry of constant slashes on his Dramon Destroyers, BlackWarGreymon stomped his right foot on the ground. Releasing an invisible blast of negative energy so strong, it obliterated roughly thirty or more members of the Shadow Legion.

Back at the castle, Sombra gawked in disbelief at the large patch of black smoke ascending towards the sky.

“How is he defeating the solders so easily?”

He turned his head around and saw the group that were his enemies. But what angered him was the mocking smirk on Luna’s face. Implying that she was correct from the start.

But Sombra wouldn’t allow it.

“You won’t be smiling for long,” King Sombra stated, before turning around and charged at the group. Ready to fight the royals, the Mane Six and the young dragon.

Back on the battlefield, BlackWarGreymon used his Dragon Crusher attack on the legion. The wave of energy and the powerful wall of fire that followed completely incinerated any shadow ponies that stood in its path.

At first, it seemed the legion had got the Digimon surrounded. But the artificial warrior quickly took to the skies to engage the Pegasi legion. As he flew through the horde, his claws lashed out and took out more members. Within a few seconds in the air, the Digimon destroyed seven more shadow ponies.

Then as the airborne warrior faced towards the ground, he placed his claws to his front and charged up a glowing green sphere.

“War Blaster!”

As he swung his arms out, BlackWarGreymon fired five oval-shaped energy blasts at the legion below. As each one struck the ground, green light shined from the explosions upwards like water geysers.

The Unicorn shadow ponies decided to take action. A large group of them fired streams of green magic at the Digimon in the sky. But BlackWarGreymon was quick to react. As he flew high across the open air, dark magic beams trailed past him, missing their mark. He was too fast for the legion to aim. But a few of them decided to aim where BlackWarGreymon was going. Eventually the Digimon came to a stop as more energy beams flew in front of him.

With their opponent stationary, the dark Unicorns relentlessly fired beam after beam at the Digimon. At first, BlackWarGreymon dodged the blasts. But as the legion focused their fire, the Digimon had to block the attacks with his arms. The smooth surface of the Chrome Digizoid metal deflected the beams away. Some ricocheting to the ground and even destroying some of the shadow ponies themselves.

As the legion continued firing on the Digimon, four separate dark Unicorns fired a special kind of magic attack. Of which it could track the enemy and explode on impact. And that’s exactly what the grenade-like spells had done. After locking onto BlackWarGreymon, the attack spells flew towards him from all sides, and the four balls of magic exploded against him.

Upon seeing the large explosions, the Unicorn shadow ponies stopped firing and watched the plume of smoke. But as they thought that their opponent was destroyed, BlackWarGreymon rose up from the smoke cloud with a small red orb in his hands.

“Terra Destroyer!”

After causing the attack to grow in size as he raised his arms, BlackWarGreymon threw the fifty-foot wide sphere of destruction towards the ground. The shadow pony Unicorns tried to stop it or deflect it with their magical beams. But to no avail. The Terra Destroyer sphere exploded as it hit the ground, vaporizing a large portion of the army. Then BlackWarGreymon flew through the blinding light, ready to fight on.

Back at the castle, with both their horns turned into sword-like beams of magic, Prince Shining Armor and King Sombra clashed. Pressing their horns onto each other in a wrestle of strength. At first it seemed even, but as Sombra started to advance forwards, Princess Cadence blasted him back with a magic beam to the chest.

Despite her attack being a direct hit, the evil Unicorn’s armour took the brunt of the attack. After regaining his footing, he glared at the royal couple.

“Don’t you two know who I am!? I’m a king! The rightful ruler of the Crys…”

His defiant speech was halted by Rainbow Dash’s outburst.

“Wow! Look at BlackWarGreymon go!!”

Then all eyes, even Sombra’s, turned to the window the lead to outside. And were all in awe at what they saw.

They could see at the heart of the army, emerged a gigantic black tornado! Both dominating and decimating the Shadow Legion. They could see the members of the army being swept off the ground and into the swirling black vortex. Some even popping out of existence by the energy-charged winds.

Then as the tornado faded, BlackWarGreymon was seen spinning at the heart of the vortex. Revealing that it was he who caused the tornado. After he stopped spinning, BlackWarGreymon drew his arms close together in front of him, creating a small red orb. Then as he raised his arms high, the Terra Destroyer sphere instantly expanded to eighty-feet wide! he then threw the colossal ball of energy down to earth, where a mass of legion were standing.

Even at the distance they were at, the ponies and the dragon could tell that the Digimon’s attack was gigantic. But what amazed them the most was when the attack exploded on the ground. The red light engulfed the mass of legion below in a hundred and fifty-foot-wide blast. Even from far away, they felt the vibrations.

The ones who knew him well were amazed. And the ones who only just met him, were left gawking in disbelief.

‘How in the world is he making the legion look like nothing!?’ Sombra thought to himself.

The king was so stricken by the sight of BlackWarGreymon’s power, that he didn’t notice Applejack running up to him and slammed her rear hooves up in his side. Sombra was taken by surprise as the kick sent him in the air. Then Rainbow Dash followed up by ramming him mid-air. The attack sent the dark Unicorn tumbling on the crystal ground as the blue Pegasus landed next to her orange Earth pony friend.

“What’s the matter? You looked scared!” Rainbow Dash said to mock the downed king.

As he rose back up, King Sombra glared at the two with hate.

“I’ll show you fear!”

While keeping his toothy snarl, Sombra charged at the two. Beside him he formed two shadowy clawed hands on either side of him. Throwing his head forward, he sent the shadow claws at Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Grabbing the two girls and slammed them against the wall. When the hands faded, the two collapsed from the impact.

When the two tried to get back up, Applejack and Rainbow Dash were surprised to see King Sombra charging at them. But before he could get close, Twilight teleported in front of him and fired a blast of magic at the evil king. Sparks flew as purple magic collided into the king’s armour as it sent him stumbling back. As he recomposed himself, Sombra noticed a little gleam at the corner of his left eye. As he looked to its source, he saw that Shining Armor, Cadence and even Rarity firing beams of magic at him.

By reverting himself into his shadow form, the tree magic attacks flew harmlessly through his smoky body. While he remained untouchable, King Sombra fired a magic beam at the ground near the three, creating crystal pillars that shot out of the ground. Trying to separate Cadence, Shining Armor and Rarity from Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Spike.

Then to Sombra’s surprise, a blue beam flew out of nowhere and instead of passing through his smoky body, it froze part of it. Sombra roared in cold-filled agony before resorting back to his physical form. The ice shell that was on his previous form fell harmlessly to the ground. Separate from the evil king.

“Where did that attack came from?” He asked himself.

“Thou are getting old! You still use the same tactics!”

The angry Unicorn turned to the source of the voice, and saw Luna flying in the air.

Before he could respond, the Night Princess fired a thunderbolt spell at Sombra. The king quickly rolled out of the way as the bolt exploded on the ground. After quickly landing on his hooves, the king fired a shadow beam at the airborne Alicorn. Knowing she couldn’t dodge in time, Luna formed a magical force field around her. Though protected from harm, the power of Sombra’s attack forced her back slightly. Luna slightly strained from holding back the attack. It seemed the king had gotten stronger recently.

However, Sombra was too distracted to notice Twilight firing a purple magical orb right at him. her attack exploded when it struck Sombra’s back, throwing off his aim.

“Don’t forget about me!” The young Alicorn shouted.

Just as King Sombra snarled at Twilight, the two were joined by another voice.

“And me!”

Suddenly, Cadence fired a beam that landed in front of the dark king. Whom quickly backed away as more crystals formed out f the ground. Unlike Sombra’s dark quartz coloured crystals, the ones Cadence made were different shades of pink, purple and blue.

As he backed away, King Sombra quickly ducked to avoid a beam of magic from Shining Armor.

Thanks to their coordinated attacks, it looked as though the evil king was overwhelmed. He grunted in annoyance. He had to turn the tables in his favour.


As he slammed his front hooves on the ground, a gigantic crystal wall formed right underneath the heroes. It was a special kind of crystal combined with a trapping spell. Because when the wall finished climbing, the eight mares, the stallion and the dragon were trapped within it. Only their heads and some of their limbs remained exposed.

The amused king spoke as his captives tried to squirm free.

“Now stay put. I want to see how BlackWarGreymon is doing,” He said with a chuckle. But as he turned around to look out the window, his chuckling halted and replaced by a small gasp.

Things outside were going very badly. For him that was.

Outside, Sombra could see BlackWarGreymon flying in a loop in the sky, and then shot down towards the Shadow Legion below. Halfway down, the Digimon used his Mega Destroyer attack to engulf his body in dark energy. He then ploughed straight through the shadow troops, destroying them in the process and sending some flying. As his first attack finished, with one mighty slash of his right Dramon Destroyer, he sliced through a lot more of the army of darkness.

The Shadow King could easy tell that he had already lost a good amount of his shadow ponies. After a brief snarl, he pointed his curved horn at his army as it glowed green and purple. Sending a new command to the Shadow Legion.

As BlackWarGreymon prepared to attack again, the eyes of every single shadow pony lit up in a green glow. Then suddenly, their bodies dissolved into black clouds as they swirled around each other.

Although it was an action the legion hardly ever used, BlackWarGreymon could tell what was going on. They were combining themselves.

As one mass of cloud condensed, it took on a physical form. Its appearance was the same as before, but the only difference was its size. The new ‘Giant Pony’ was the same height as the black Digimon.

As BlackWarGreymon looked around, he could see more Giant Ponies forming. Hundreds of them. Then with a roar, the new giants charged at the Mega from all sides.

“Get bigger all you want, you still can’t defeat me,” BlackWarGreymon said before he immediately took to the skies.

Soon after, four giant Pegasi followed suit. Attempting to gain on their foe. But to their surprise, as well as the on-looking Sombra, BlackWarGreymon flew back towards the four shadow creatures. As he flew towards the first Pegasi, in a blink of an eye he slashed at the giant. Slicing of its wings, causing it to fall towards the ground. Then as he got close to the second, he grabbed its wings and literally ripped them off. The wingless shadow pony screamed as it fell. Approaching the third, BlackWarGreymon elbowed its head with his right arm. Then after an acrobatic
mid-air flip, he kicked the forth with his right foot.

His series of attacks had destroyed four giant shadow ponies with absolute ease.

“He’s destroying them just as quickly as before! How is that possible!?” King Sombra asked in disbelief. Gawking at his fallen soldiers.

After hearing Luna chuckling behind him, he turned to face her in mild annoyance.

“It matters not what they can do, the Shadow Legion are no match to the power of BlackWarGreymon.”

Even trapped in crystal, Luna’s faith in BlackWarGreymon remained unbroken. A fact that Cadence found rather odd for Luna to do. Since she normally shows the same kind of faith for Celestia.

Walking away from the open window, King Sombra was growing tired of hearing Luna’s voice.

“A bold statement. Of which I wouldn’t expect from you, Luna.”

As the battle raged on outside the castle, the Digimon remained in his prime as he chased down and destroyed three more giant shadow Pegasi. His actions had unintentionally brought him closer to the Crystal Empire.

Just as he turned to face the horde of evil, BlackWarGreymon suddenly felt that something wasn’t right.

“Wait! What’s this!?”

As he was closer to the empire then he was before, he could sense his friends in the castle. However, he also sensed that something dark was with them.

Turning his head around to look at the castle behind him, his vision zeroed in on the source of where his friends were. Even far away, he could see his friends through an open window. Plus a pony who was without a doubt King Sombra!

His eyes widened in alarm and realisation of what transpired.

“This army…was just a distraction!!?”

Seeing how such a tactic worked, BlackWarGreymon’s eyes narrowed in rage. He wanted nothing more then to save his friends and make Sombra pay. But he had the Shadow Legion to deal with. If he left them alone, they would attack the citizens. And the fact that he could still sense his friends from such a period of time, then it meant that they were holding their own against the tyrant.

But they could do nothing while imprisoned in crystal. He had to help them from the outside.

Placing his claws close together, BlackWarGreymon formed a tiny green sphere. After aiming with pin-point accuracy, he fired a single War Blaster burst towards the castle window. Afterwards, he resumed his attack on the legion.

Back at the castle, King Sombra continued to advance on his captives. Then Twilight spotted something outside heading straight towards them. Seeing that it was one of BlackWarGreymon’s attacks, she quickly alerted her friends.


As they followed Twilight’s gaze, the others too saw the War Blaster shot. They then shifted their heads as far as possible from where they expect the blast to hit. The centre of the crystal wall.

Confused at the actions of his captives, and knowing that if something was incoming it would be through the window, King Sombra quickly turned around. And was then surprised to see a green projectile heading towards him.

As the single War Blaster shot through the window, Sombra immediately ducked to avoid it. As the blast flew over his head, it collided with the crystal wall. The explosion that followed blew apart his trap.

Sombra shielded his eyes from the falling crystal shards. Afterwards, he opened his eyes and glared at the sight. Twilight, Luna, Shining Armor and Cadence were free, while the others remained trapped in balls of crystal.

“Give it up, Sombra!” Cadence shouted as her horn glowed bright. Followed by her husband, her aunt and her sister-in-law. Preparing to fire.

“Never!” Sombra shouted back as he too charged up his magic.

The king immediately fired a beam of dark magic towards the heroes. Of which the four responded by firing back at the same time.

As the beams collided, it gave way to a beam struggle. The sheer force from the combined magic shook the room and created gusts of wind that swayed their manes.

However, facing against four opponents at once was a loosing battle for King Sombra. As the combined magic from good was pushing his beam back. He could feel the strain form trying to hold them back.

‘This isn’t good! I know! I’ll use the power boost my lord gave me!’

By tapping into the depths of his power, Sombra successfully increased his magical power. To the heroes’ surprise, as well as his own, Sombra’s magic was slowly pushing back the good magic.

‘No! Sombra has gotten stronger!’ Shining Armor thought to himself as he, Twilight, Cadence and Luna tried desperately to hold on.

On the side-lines, the shocked Rarity could see the situation.

“They need our help!”

After looking around, the white Unicorn spotted a large chunk of crystal that was a fragment of the crystal wall. Using her levitation spell, she lifted the crystal fragment and sent it flying towards the evil king.

King Sombra was too distracted to notice the hurtling crystal. He roared in pain as the fragment shattered against his left rear leg. Loosing control of his magic.

Sensing that Sombra’s magic was thrown off, Luna gave the command to push forward.


The prince and the tree princesses gave their all as they channelled more of their power into their spells. The sudden increase of power quickly pushed Sombra’s magic back towards him.

By the time the dark Unicorn turned his attention back to his assaulting opponents, the magic of his enemies had reached his head. What followed next was a loud explosion that blew Sombra off his hooves and skidding across the hard crystal floor.

He could feel pain throughout his body, but Sombra wasn’t the type to give up so easily. After grunting from the pain, Sombra looked at the fading light of the explosion and then at the faces of the four royals.

As they advanced on the fallen king, they failed to notice that his curved horn was glowing. Sending a new command to his army outside.

Back outside, things had gone from bad to worse for the once mighty Shadow Legion. By combining their numbers to form Giant Ponies, they had decreased the total numbers of their army. Plus to make matters worse, BlackWarGreymon was showing no signs of exhaustion and was destroying them as quickly as before.

Bursting out of a pile of giant shadow ponies, the Digimon flew high while lifting a Giant Pony in each of his outstretched arms. After throwing them back towards the ground, he followed up his attack by throwing a small Terra Destroyer sphere. Through small, the attack had obliterated a small group of the legion.

After landing on the battered ground, BlackWarGreymon looked out at his opponents. There wasn’t much of the Shadow Legion left. If they remained in their smaller forms, he estimated that there would’ve been two hundred left. But by combining five of their members to grow into their giant forms, there were only forty giants left.

Just as he was about to declare victory, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the eyes of his enemies were glowing again. With five Giant Ponies standing in front of him, the Digimon watched as they again combined themselves to create a twenty-foot-tall ‘Goliath Pony’. Unlike the previous two forms, the Goliath Pony resembled an Alicorn.

Guessing that the others had done the same, BlackWarGreymon guessed that there were eight left in total.

Seeing the bored expression in the Digimon’s eyes angered the Goliath Pony. Whom was twice his size. After a bellowing screech, the giant dragged its hoof on the ground. A sign that it was about to charge.

‘I’ll give it three strikes,’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself. Planning to see what the giant could do.

The towering beast suddenly charged with no hesitation. Flapping its wings to propel itself faster. Then without warning, BlackWarGreymon too charged but was first to jump over the stampeding giant. As he did, his metal claws sliced through the creature’s wings.

‘Strike one,’ He thought to himself as he landed on his feet, listening to the pain-filled screeches of the Goliath Pony.

Turning around, the shadow pony roared as it threw its head sharply. Firing a black magic beam from its horn. The attack exploded against BlackWarGreymon’s back, throwing up magic-filled smoke.

The creature snarled in satisfaction, thinking that it destroyed its opponent. But then as fast as a blinking eye, a black blur flew out of the smoke and again passed over the giant. A loud slashing sound was heard, just as the Goliath Pony’s horn was sliced off.

The giant again roared in agony from feeling the piercing pain in its head. BlackWarGreymon could be seen standing behind it.

‘Strike two.’

As the Artificial Digimon turned to face his foe, the giant turned its head sharply at him. after giving him a death glare, the Goliath Pony roared in rage as it charged at full speed.

As he watched his fast approaching foe, BlackWarGreymon was disappointed. He thought that the wingless hornless fake Alicorn would’ve learnt that it was no match for him. The Shadow Legion reminded him of the other Control Spire Digimon. Mindless, obedient, and without mercy. They don’t even learn from their mistakes.

With his friends and the empire on the line, BlackWarGreymon would have to end the threat.

‘Strike three,’

As the charging Goliath Pony leapt off the ground like a pouncing cat, BlackWarGreymon reached out and grabbed the underside of its right front leg. As he was in the perfect position, he wasted no time in flipping the giant over his shoulder. Smashing its face to the ground.

With a firm hold on its leg, BlackWarGreymon spun the Goliath Pony round and flew times before throwing the beast high in the air. As he too leapt into the air, he used his Black Tornado attack to not only strike at its back, but drilled straight through it.

Before it disappeared, the Goliath Pony let out its final scream as the spiralling black winds and the Digimon burst out of its stomach.

With his opponent destroyed, BlackWarGreymon landed on the ground with his back to the remaining giants. Like the badass he was.

At the sight of one of their own in their strongest form, being easily destroyed right in front of their eyes, caused the last seven Goliath Ponies to feel something that they never felt before.


For once in their existence, the Shadow Legion had learnt a lesson. But it was a lesson too late. The seven gawked and trembled in fear as they saw black mists of their fallen ally seeping from BlackWarGreymon’s gauntlets. As he turned around to give them a hate-filled glare, BlackWarGreymon charged forth at the remaining members, yelling all the while.

‘Song end.’

King Sombra had locked horns with Princess Luna. The black and blue beams of magic slashing against one another. After a brief wrestle for strength, the Alicorn threw her head up, forcing Sombra away. She then slashed her magical blade across the Unicorns chest, causing sparks to fly as Sombra roared in pain.

Then using their combined magic, Twilight and Cadence lifted Sombra off his hooves and threw him into a wall.

With their backs to the open window, the three Alicorns were joined by Prince Shining Armor as they stared down at the fallen king.

On the side-lines, Flash Sentry had finally regained consciousness and surveyed the situation. Seeing some of his friends trapped in crystal, he hastily rushed over to free them.

“Don’t worry, I got you,” He said as he stomped his front hooves on the crystal trapping Spike.

After a couple of hard stumps, the crystal was shattered, and Spike was free. The Pegasus then moved onto the others whom were trapped.

Back at the scenes of battle, King Sombra rose back up on his hooves and stared angrily at the four royals.

“Don’t think that you had beaten me. You’re only delaying the inevitable. The crystal ponies will be my slaves! The Crystal Empire will be mine once more! And all o…of yo…”

The four royals became confused at Sombra’s fading voice. Plus even more so when they saw him gawking in fear at something which appears to be behind them. His body even showed signs of trembling.

Turning around to see what had got King Sombra so scared, Twilight, Luna, Cadence and Shining Armor all saw in front of the large window, glaring down at the evil Unicorn with piercing yellow eyes, was BlackWarGreymon.

As King Sombra stared fearfully at the towering Digimon, seeing the yellow gleam from his enraged eyes, he could hear Luna’s words echoing in his head. Remembering what she said to him.

‘Once he’s done with the legion, he will come for you.’

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