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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 48: A Digimon’s Warpath

Far away, high in the sky, was the famous Wonderbolt Academy. Sat atop on a giant plateau, it was an ideal location for the elite flyers of Equestria. The dense clouds provided perfect obstacle courses for when the Pegasi were training.

But all was not calm at the facility, as alarm bells could be heard all through out. The only time such an alarm would ring, was when there was a big emergency.

Shooting off the flight deck and ascending higher into the sky, a Wonderbolt squadron, led by Spitfire, were on a dangerous mission. News of attacks in Equestria spread like wildfire. And when one of their lookouts spotted something incoming at high speed, they only had a short amount of time to prepare themselves for the fight of their lives.

“Hay Spitfire, I was a little late for the team brief. What’s the situation?” Soarin asked.

“A monster is attacking the outskirts of the area. We have to provide assistance to the citizens and stop him before he reaches the academy,” Spitfire answered, the look of determination on her face.

“From what I read in the description, this monster sounds very similar to the saviour. Don’t suppose you think he’s turned against us?” One Wonderbolt member asked. Of which Spitfire denied.

“No. BlackWarGreymon would never turn against us. Me and Soarin met him at the Gala. He’s a close friend to the princesses, so the attacker couldn’t be him.”

Suddenly, the squad felt a very uncomfortable vibe. As if something evil was nearby.

“Did anypony else felt uncomfortable for a second there?” Soarin asked the group. But Spitfire answered.

“Of course. Because were near.”

The squadron then changed course, towards the distant sounds of screaming.

In a nearby village made of clouds, the Pegasi were fleeing in terror. One such family evacuated their home just moments before a black energy ball flew straight through it. Though the house of clouds didn’t explode, it was indeed destroyed. Which was enough to satisfy the attacker.

Hovering above the clouds, ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked down on the fleeing crowd with a sinister glare. Chuckling like the Unicorn tyrant who created him.

Though he took his rage out on Manehattan, he wasn’t entirely satisfied. So his twisted mind commanded him to carry on his destructive rampage. Even though his attacks on Manehattan and Griffinstone shortened his already depleted power, his chaotic pride wanted something to make up for his defeat at the Crystal Empire. The end result was to cause as much cataclysm and mayhem as possible.

As he watched the Pegasi fly away, he laughed insanely at how terrifying he was to them.

His laughing stopped when he heard a mare shouting at him from behind.

“Hey you!!”

Though he didn’t turned around, the Digimon could tell she wasn’t alone. As the rest of the squad flew beside her, Spitfire spoke to him again.

“Stop your attacks and go back to where you came from! Or else!”

The response the Pegasus received was an amused chuckle from the dark Mega.

“Are you threatening me? If so it is most unwise. But go right ahead…”

He then looked over his left shoulder to glare at Spitfire.”

“… I could use some entertainment.”

It was when Spitfire realised it. The monster in front of her looked just like BlackWarGreymon. Except his colour scheme was different and his voice was of a higher tone. But it was his eyes that got to her. They looked as though they were glowing. Either from his inner power or just from his hate alone. She then felt a wave of fear as she looked at his crimson eyes. Paralyzing her speech.

Luckily Soarin was there to back her up.

“You heard her! Leave now or the Wonderbolts will beat you!”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon briefly chuckled as he turned to face the Pegasi. His voice carrying a hint of laughter.

“You!?” Beat me!?”

Unable to contain it, the Digimon blurted out in insane laughter. Relishing in the ponies belief that they could stop him.

As the Mega continued to laugh, Soarin flew dangerously close to him.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said!?”

After he stopped laughing, ChaosBlackWarGreymon took in a deep breath as he secretly glared at the Pegasus.

“Ahhh… this is rich.”

Then without warning, he reached out his left arm and grabbed Soarin by the neck. The Pegasus let out a surprised gag as he was pulled towards the Digimon.

Hearing her comrades gasp in shock snapped Spitfire out of her trance as she too watched on.

As Soarin tried to struggle free, ChaosBlackWarGreymon used his thumb to raise the stallion’s head as he inspected him.

“So which one are you? The clown of the Wonderbolts?”

“Let go of him, you monster!” One Wonderbolt member demanded.

After giving the mare a blank stare, the armoured Digimon obliged.


But instead of letting Soarin go, he purposely threw him into a nearby cloud. After pulling his head out of the cloud vapor, the stallion re-joined the group.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon only did it to stir up the anger in the Wonderbolts. Which worked from watching their angered expressions.

“Looks like we have no choice. Wonderbolts attack!!” Spitfire commanded.

The immediate response was the whole squad scrambling to every direction around ChaosBlackWarGreymon. While some circled or held back to find an opening, others flew in to attack. By working as a team, their flight patterns covered up some of their weaknesses while on the attack. They gave it everything they had, punching and kicking on every part of the foe’s body.

But while the attack pattern would work on most creatures, even adult dragons, they did little to nothing to the Mega level Digimon. He stood still as he allowed them to attack. While their attacks were hard and full of force, to him they felt more like weak playful slaps.

Being the only one not involved in the manoeuvre, Spitfire could see the reality of the situation. Frightened at how resilient ChaosBlackWarGreymon was.

But then with one backhand of the Digimon’s left gauntlet, he battered away five Pegasi.

“You call yourselves the best? This is more like child’s play!” He said as he swung his right leg out in a kick. Knocking more Pegasi away.

Knowing that he couldn’t be hurt physically, Spitfire came up with an idea.

“Wonderbolts! Tornado manoeuvre!”

Upon command, she and seven other Pegasi started to fly around ChaosBlackWarGreymon in a circle. As they sped up, they started to form a tornado.

Feeling that they trapped the Digimon in the growing whirling vortex, Spitfire spoke out in triumphant.

“Ha! Let’s see you get out of this!”

Looking to her left, she saw him. Though flying at high speed, she was shocked to see that the Digimon remained still. He didn’t even budge from the strong buffeting winds.

He then replied to what she said.

“Ok. Chaos Tornado!”

Spinning on the spot with his arms raised, he formed swirling green energy around his body. But with his motions accelerated by the Wonderbolts’ tornado, his tornado grew drastically. And from within, the tornado around him burst apart in a boom of wind. Sending more of the Pegasi flying.

Spitfire was the only one to recover quickly enough to see the green tornado. Which quickly shrank and faded away when ChaosBlackWarGreymon stopped spinning. Then glaring at her in amusement as she stared back in fear.

“How!? Just… how strong are you!?”

“You really want to know?”

Looking below him, the dark Digimon spotted a small empty plateau. He then decided to make an example of himself.

“Alright, let me show you!”

He then surprised Spitfire by flying straight down to the plateau. Then with a mighty yell, he smashed his right armoured fist straight into its top. The sudden force and vibrations from the impact traveled through solid rock. Causing it to crack and crumble. Then as the rocks gave way, the whole top section of the plateau fell down the rockface in a form of giant boulders.

The orange Pegasus was shocked at the amount of strength ChaosBlackWarGreymon had. The sight left her speechless.

As the evil Mega flew back up to her, he saw both her expression and the Wonderbolt Academy behind her in the distance.

“I take it that you’re impressed. But that’s nothing compared to what I’m about to do to your little base.”

Realising what he was talking about, Spitfire quickly looked at the academy and then back at the Mega. She could see in his eyes that he would destroy it with no hesitation.

“No. You… you can’t!”

“Oh, I can. And I will!”

Before he could carry on, a lightning bolt appeared out of nowhere and pushed ChaosBlackWarGreymon back. The two looked up and saw a large black cloud. With Soarin by its side.

“Don’t you dare you monster!” He said as he kicked the cloud once more. Launching more thunderbolts at the Digimon.

With ChaosBlackWarGreymon distracted, Spitfire quickly flew up to Soarin.

“Are you ok?” The stallion asked.

“I am. Impressive cover, but he’s going to destroy the academy!”

As the two looked down, they could see the armoured being glaring at the academy in the distance. Then with a slight chuckle, he proceeded to fly towards it.

“No! Let’s get him!” Spitfire said as she pushed the large cloud over the speeding Digimon.

While Spitfire moved the cloud, Soarin kicked it to fire more thunderbolts upon the Digimon below.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon swayed left and right to avoid the raining thunderbolts. Deciding that he had enough, he formed a tiny Shadow Destroyer orb within his right hand, faced up and threw it towards the pair.

The attack flew straight through the cloud, destroying it and the Ponies best hope for an attack.

“No!” Soarin said as Spitfire watched the Digimon once more. Shocked that he was closing in on the academy fast.

“Wonderbolts! Stop him!!” She ordered. Her voice made the command more like a desperate plea.

Ahead of the advancing Mega, only three Wonderbolt members were left. Charging towards their foe in an effort to protect their academy.

Though a brave and noble effort, it didn’t stop ChaosBlackWarGreymon from storming through them. He clothes-lined two of them, knocking them out. And then kicked the third high in the air, followed by a blast of green magic. Sending the Pegasus straight into a cloud.

With the academy exposed and undefended, and nearly all their comrades out of action, Spitfire and Soarin could only watch on as ChaosBlackWarGreymon prepared to undo all their hard work.

“No.” The Pegasus mare quietly said as she took her goggles off.

“CHAOS TORNADO!!!” The Digimon said as he performed his attack. Aiming straight for the base of the plateau.

Like a drill cranked up to max, the spinning Digimon drilled into the side of the rock face. Then came bursting out through the other side. After doing a U-turn, ChaosBlackWarGreymon drilled through the rock again. Making three holes in the plateau. But instead of emerging through the other side, the flight path of the academy cracked open, and the spinning form of the dark Mega came bursting through.

Then to the horror of the Pegasi, the unthinkable happened. As soon as he stopped spinning, ChaosBlackWarGreymon had his right arm raised high. And on the tips of his claws was a fairly large Shadow Destroyer orb. Then with a mighty yell, he threw the black orb down to the flight path and straight through the hole he came from.

What came next was a sound of a large explosion. Then a blast of green light shined through the holes and erupted from within the plateau itself. Every building and the entire top section of the plateau became engulfed in a green light. Huge chunks of rock and debris flew everywhere from the blast wave.

Spitfire and Soarin gawked on in horror at the destruction of the academy. They couldn’t believe that it was completely reduced to nothing.

“No. The…the academy…gone,” Spitfire quietly uttered. Mourning over the loss of the place she held so dear.

“Spitfire. I’m so sorry,” Soarin said as he tried to comfort her.

But their saddened moment was shattered by a crazed chuckle. They then turned to see ChaosBlackWarGreymon slowly levitating towards them. The two Pegasi tried to back away in response.

Not too far away, a mass of swirling black energy began to take form. Then in a burst of power, it transformed into a portal. Soon after it appeared, BlackWarGreymon flew out of the portal. He then paused to take in deep breaths. Creating a portal to cover such a distance from Canterlot used up quite a lot of his energy.

“Right. Now where is…”

He was cut off when he heard sounds of panicking from the portal behind him. turning around in confusion, he recognized who the voice belonged to.

Then just as the portal closed, Rainbow Dash emerged out of it. Slightly disorientated from her trip.

“Woah… I’m dizzy.”

After she got her sights straightened, she saw BlackWarGreymon gazing at her in concern.

“Rainbow Dash!? Why did you follow me!? This is dangerous!”

“Sorry big guy, but the Wonderbolts mean a lot to me. I couldn’t just sit by and let your clone have his way.”

BlackWarGreymon was amazed. Rainbow Dash would even go as far as to risk her life to help something that she loves. Even if it meant standing up to a powerful foe.

But amazed as he was, he was deeply concerned for her safety.

“I appreciate the help. But you’ll get yourself killed if you don’t leave.”

“I’ll be careful. Besides, I’m here now. And if we don’t stop arguing, then ChaosBlackWarGreymon would continue to destroy. And I know you don’t want that.”

The black armoured Digimon paused in thought. Rainbow Dash was right. The more time they spend bickering, the less time there would be to save lives. Also he had little to no choice. If he created another portal to send her back to Canterlot, then he would have no energy left to fight. And it was very unlikely that he would convince her to leave otherwise. She was too determined.

After a brief moment of thought, BlackWarGreymon hesitantly gave in. It was no time for arguments.

“Alright. But be careful,” He said as he began to look around. Trying to sense the energy of his clone.

Spitfire and Soarin hovered backwards in fear as ChaosBlackWarGreymon slowly advanced towards them. Glaring his crimson eyes at the two all the while.

Then all around them, the remaining members of the Wonderbolts all yelled as they charged at the dark Digimon. All engaging in a final assault.

Though his sights remained on Spitfire and Soarin, ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened briefly as his claws began to glow green. Then out from his body, came a green magical forcefield. Unable to stop in time, the Wonderbolts bounced off the bubble the moment they crashed into it.

With their comrades flailing and crashing into clouds, Spitfire and Soarin again tried to back away. But unable to retreat any further with a giant cloud behind them.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon grew ever closer, he slowed down his approach. As soon as he did, the dark clone spoke.

“You know, despite my destructive rampage, I have not claimed any innocent lives yet.”

The pupils in his eyes slowly became slit as he showed off his claws to the fearful pair.

“Care to be the first of many?” He added in a dark intimidating tone. Sending even more fear into the two Pegasi.

The two began to slowly tremble. They gave it everything they had, but they couldn’t stop ChaosBlackWarGreymon from destroying the Wonderbolt Academy. And it looked as though they couldn’t stop him from claiming their lives.

Or so they thought.

Just as ChaosBlackWarGreymon reared his gauntlets back, a black three-toed foot smashed into his left cheek, as BlackWarGreymon came in for a kick.

The blow sent the evil counterpart flailing through the air and crashing into a large cloud. The pair were startled as they looked at their saviour.

“Your reign of destruction ends here, ChaosBlackWarGreymon!” BlackWarGreymon said to his hidden clone.

“Wow. There really is two of them,” Soarin said as he and Spitfire stared in awe.

Then they heard a familiar voice.

“Spitfire! Soarin!”

Averting their sights, the pair spotted Rainbow Dash flying up to them.

“Rainbow Dash?” Spitfire asked.

“Don’t worry. BlackWarGreymon’s here, and everything will be alright.”

All of a sudden, the three Pegasi received a bad vibe. Following BlackWarGreymon’s line of sight, they saw that a cloud was glowing green with dark magic. Then slowly ascending from the cloud, was the glowing form of ChaosBlackWarGreymon. The look of rage within his eyes.

Then as he hovered above the cloud, the dark Digimon turned his sights on his true rival. Then it hit him. His whole reason of attacking Equestria was all because of BlackWarGreymon. Just the sight of the black armoured Mega reminded him about the events at the Crystal Empire. Plus all the pain he felt during their fight.

He then snapped. All thoughts of reasoning, morality and compassion had been lost. Replaced with rage, hate and vengeance. With thoughts of negativity clouding his already chaotic mind, bringing him in a insane-like trance, it all devolved him into saying only a single word.


Every muscle in his body began to grow tense. Readying himself for a rematch. His voice grunting in hate before he spoke.


The three Pegasi began to feel worried. The evil Digimon looked as though he was getting more angrier by the second. Plus they could see his eyes becoming more predator-like. BlackWarGreymon meanwhile remained calm as he glared at his clone. Without fear and determined to end him and protect his friends.

The lack of response he was receiving only enraged ChaosBlackWarGreymon even more. Shown by his eyes glowing completely red and his violent outburst.


His voice shook the sky as it echoed through the air for all to hear. Even the clouds beneath him quickly parted from his voice alone. Ignoring the Pegasi completely, the clone charged at BlackWarGreymon in a blind rage. Then as he threw his right gauntlet out to form a punch, his foe blocked it with his left arm. Then responded with a kick to the chest. Sending him flying.

“Rainbow Dash! Look after the others! I’ll hold him off!” BlackWarGreymon said to his friend before he flew higher in the air. He then noticed that he was spotted by ChaosBlackWarGreymon as the clone charged at him once more.

‘I have to lead him away from the others’ BlackWarGreymon thought to himself as he flew away with the evil Digimon in hot pursuit.

As the two Megas fight, Rainbow Dash inspected the two Wonderbolts.

“Are you guys alright?”

“I…think so,” Spitfire answered.

“What’s going on, Rainbow Dash? I thought there was only one of him,” Soarin joined as he pointed at BlackWarGreymon.

“At first. But an evil Unicorn king cloned him at the Crystal Empire,” The blue mare explained.

“A…A clone? No wonder why we couldn’t stop him,” Soarin replied.

Then as Rainbow Dash looked around, she noticed that something was missing.

“Hay, where’s the academy?”

Author's Note:

Hay everyone. Back with a new chapter.

Yeah. For the next few chapters, I decided to go for an emotional tone. But if you think the destruction of Rainbow Dash's most loved place was emotional, then be prepared for what will come in the next chapter.:fluttercry:

Also, sorry if this chapter is a little short. But you know what they say. 'Better then nothing.'

Hope you all enjoy this chapter. Leave a like. Leave a comment. And see you after the summer holidays.

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