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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 40: Clash for the Crystal Empire

Author's Note:

Hi everyone.

Deeply sorry for the very long delay. Firstly it was because I was on holiday and secondly it was to make sure that this chapter would be a perfect as possible.

It IS the one where BlackWarGreymon meets ChaosBlackWarGreymon after all.

I hope you all like what I made here. If you enjoyed it, leave a like. Leave a comment. And I'll see you all soon.

Chaos had brought itself upon the Crystal Empire. But not the likes that even Discord would approve.

With the combination of King Sombra’s dark magic, his master’s energy, and BlackWarGreymon’s data, the forces of evil had created a Digimon of its own. One that was said to be the evil incarnation of BlackWarGreymon himself.


An evil Mega was bad enough, but one that was born in Equestria was a nightmare in on itself. Given free access to his body’s energy, the clone was able to use BlackWarGreymon’s powers!

Equestria had become a whole lot more dangerous.

The first victims who felt ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s power was the citizens of the Crystal Empire. The crystal ponies evacuated as fast as they could as a storm brewed in the sky above. Created by the evil Digimon’s energy.

Despite his destructive ways, Sombra ordered him not to cause harm to the empire citizens. The only ones that were on his hit list, were the ones whom were not from the empire.

The group, who consisted of the Mane Six, Spike, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence, Prince Shining Armor and the two remaining crystal guards, remained still where they were. They could not hide from the grey-armoured Digimon, he could easily find them. They could not hold him off for long, he was too powerful. Fighting him was like an ant fighting a dinosaur. A mortal against a god.

‘Background music’ ‘Dragon Ball Super 46 soundtrack, Frieza is resurrected’

As the group stood in place, their visions were fixed on ChaosBlackWarGreymon as he turned to face them. He then let out insane laughter as he lowered himself towards the ground.

The way he talks. The way he fights. He was not a warrior… he was a monster.

King Sombra watched the fight on the side-lines. Admittingly impressed that his insane creation was doing his part perfectly. He would vanquish his foes without even getting his hooves dirty.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon lowered himself to the ground, Shining Armor spoke to Luna.

“So what do you think? If all of us team up, do you think we have a shot against him?”

But from witnessing BlackWarGreymon in action in the past, Luna gave the bad news.

“I’m sorry, but no. He maybe a clone, but his power is in a different league compared to our own. Even with my sister here, we’re not even close.”

Then Twilight joined in.

“Then BlackWarGreymon is our only chance. Lets hope that Flash Sentry gets to him on time.”

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon landed firmly on the crystal ground, he continued to stare the group down. Then the Digimon broke the silence.

“So Equestria’s valiant heroes aren’t going to advance? Fine, I’ll just take my time and pick you off one by one!”

Frustrated and irritated by the Digimon, the two remaining crystal guards yelled as they charged full speed at the Digimon.

“NO DON’T!!!” Twilight called out to them, knowing that they wouldn’t stand a chance. But it was too late.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon backhanded the first guard aside. Sending him skidding across the ground and against the wall. He then chuckled as he kicked the second guard. Sending him hurtling over the group and then crashed behind them.

Both guards were knocked out after the attacks.

The frightened group then turned back to the evil Digimon. All the available guards had been defeated, they were the only ones left whom were at ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s mercy. The group hastily backed away as the Mega advanced towards them. Fear and panic written on their faces.

Then as the BlackWarGreymon clone stopped and looked at the unconscious guards, he turned back to the group with a questionable look.

“Now I don’t know what’s more broken. Those guards’ bodies or your spirits.”

With the feeling of helplessness overwhelming her, Fluttershy started to sob loudly as she hid behind Applejack. While the others felt sorry for the Pegasus, the Digimon was unmoved.

“Well it’s definitely spirits then,” He said as he raised his right arm out. Pointing his claws at the group while thinking about ending their lives.

‘Song end’

The princesses couldn’t believe how ChaosBlackWarGreymon was acting. It was like that he had no compassion, no remorse, no feelings. He was being too heartless for them to truly accept that it was true.

“Do…do you think this is all a game to you!?” Cadence asked, demanding an answer from the Digimon.

“Not really. If this was a game, I would be having fun.”

“That’s right, ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Now have your fun and finish them off!” Sombra shouted in an order-like fashion.

Then out of the blue, Princess Twilight asked the Digimon a question.

“But is this fun to you?”

“Hmm?” ChaosBlackWarGreymon muttered as his eyes widened slightly. Being both confused and intrigued at the Alicorn’s reasoning.

“Would killing us really satisfy you?” Twilight asked again. Her friends were unsure why she was asking the Digimon questions like the ones she uttered. But if it’s to give them more time to live, they would gladly take it.

“What are you talking about, princess? Of course it does,” The dark Unicorn intervened.

A suspenseful silence filled the air as all eyes looked at Twilight and ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Waiting patiently for something to happen.

Then to the disbelief of everypony, the armoured Digimon lowered his arm back down. He then gave his answer.

“No. No it wouldn’t.”

The stallions, dragon and the mares looked at him and at each other in confusion. Unsure of what just transpired and if it was really happening.

Surprised at his disobedience, Sombra snapped.

“What!? What is the meaning of this!?”

Ignoring the king, the tall being spoke more about the questions that Twilight asked.

“Taking over the Crystal Empire…and killing you lot. That’s Sombra’s desire. Not mine.”

Sombra flinched at what his creation said.

“Then…what is it that you want?” Luna asked.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon briefly chuckled before answering.

“My desire you ask… is something far more satisfying. All I want… is to fight BlackWarGreymon.”

“To…fight him?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“Yes. I was created to be his rival after all.”

“And that would be something that WON’T happen. The damage you and BlackWarGreymon would do would be catastrophic.” Sombra said, angry at his Digimon’s attitude.

“Well of course it would. He and I are at the height of our powers. Besides, you created me with the sole purpose of destroying him. So why are you depriving me of my destiny?” He asked Sombra while looking at the group.

Sombra didn’t know what to say. It’s as if his own creation had rebelled against him. Most of the group were a little surprised. The amount of disobedience in ChaosBlackWarGreymon was in fact on the same level as BlackWarGreymon’s.

Then as the evil clone took a few steps forward, he chuckled at their frightened expressions. The group were worried. If he wasn’t going to kill them, then what did he had in mind for them?

Then all of a sudden, before anything bad happened, up in the green lightning-filled skies, a bright red thunderbolt appeared in the clouds.

A second great power had arrived on the scene.

While the group and Sombra stared up at the sky at the sudden red flash, ChaosBlackWarGreymon raised his head slightly. Staring blankly as his eyes showed great amusement.

“Good. I was wondering when you would show up.” He said.

Hearing the evil Digimon’s voice brought the attention of the group and King Sombra. They then gasped at the sight of something else.

Slowly descending from the sky behind ChaosBlackWarGreymon… was BlackWarGreymon himself! Though glaring down at all of them, his attention focused primely on the clone. He then landed silently. His expression was of both anger and confusion. The evil Digimon faced away from the group and turned fully towards the new arrival.

Both yellow and crimson eyes became locked onto each other as the two WarGreymons stood fifty feet apart. Red and green lightning filled the dark skies above, as if the two were radiating their powers into the atmosphere.

To the group, the tension level was unbelievable. They could cut it with a knife. They then felt an uncomfortable vibe. As if they already knew that the confrontation would lead into a fight. But with the level of power the two Megas had, the fight would indeed be extremely dangerous.

With ChaosBlackWarGreymon distracted, the group sneaked away to safety. If there was safety to begin with. After gaining some distance, the group patiently waited as they watched the two Digimon. They had no idea what BlackWarGreymon was going through. To see a living hate-filled incarnation of himself.

King Sombra also sneaked away, but in an opposite direction. Having two powerful opposing beings meeting one another was something he dreaded. But then again, it would be a worthy test for his creation. And if he plays his cards right, he could even destroy BlackWarGreymon without any bad news to his master.

Unable to say a word, the group and the Unicorn king watched on at the confrontation of the century.

As BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon continued to stare at each other, it was the clone who broke the silence.

“Well BlackWarGreymon… aren’t you going to say hello?”

The black armoured dragon warrior couldn’t respond at first. His expression was a mix of horror and disbelief. He could sense his own data within the clone in front of him. And yet, he was so different.

“How? Just…what are you!?” He asked, sounded almost disgusted.

His clone almost took it as an offence.

“Now is that the way you talk to yourself?”

BlackWarGreymon became shocked at what his counterpart said.

“Who are you!? How do you have my data!? And how do you know who I am?”

His opponent chuckled before speaking.

“Ok then, a brief introduction is in order. I am ChaosBlackWarGreymon. The living embodiment of all the negative aspects of you.”

“Living embodiment? You mean… you’re a part of me!?”

The clone chuckled, confirming the statement.

Then Sombra intervened.

“Yes. I used your essence to create him. To rival you in every way.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at King Sombra in disbelief.

“You did what!? Do you have any idea what you had done!?”

“Indeed. I’ve created an instrument of your destruction!”

The black armoured Digimon then looked like he gave up on warning Sombra. It seemed pointless.

“You have no idea, don’t you?”

BlackWarGreymon then turned his attention back to ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“I take it that it was you who tried to frame me?”

“You guessed it. But pretending to be you was rather boring. So, I decided to play with your little friends.”

BlackWarGreymon looked over to his friends in concern. Though he was relieved that none of them were seriously hurt, but he felt the pain from their frightened expressions. It was there when he noticed something.

“And that’s another thing I’m curious about,” He said as he turned back towards ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“Oh yeah, what’s that?”

BlackWarGreymon then explained himself.

“You’re a clone of a Mega level Digimon. You have the power to annihilate anyone of my friends in an instant. But instead, you stalled for time.”

The clone chuckled in amusement.

“Oh, am I really that obvious?”

Upon realising what BlackWarGreymon was talking about, most of the group stuttered in shock. Sombra meanwhile took longer to figure it out.

“What do you mean!?”

His eyes widened when he realised it too. He then turned towards his creation in anger.

“You…you delayed my order to destroy them… on purpose!!?”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon snickered as he looked over to the king.

“I did! I was created to fight BlackWarGreymon. Not to fight weak and pathetic creatures.”

As the evil two argued, BlackWarGreymon looked around at the destruction caused in his absence. Most of the buildings in the area had been damaged, some were even destroyed completely. The roads and pavements were dented and cracked. And many crystal royal guards were knocked out, twitching in pain.

When ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked at his progenitor, BlackWarGreymon looked back at him. Burning rage building up inside the black Digimon.

“First you impersonate me, and then you dare hurt my friends!?”

His muscles all became tensed as he prepared himself for battle. He then continued to speak as he brought his claws at the ready.

“I know one thing, ChaosBlackWarGreymon… there is no way you’re a part of me. Because I’m not a heartless psycho who enjoys going around and destroying lives!”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon spoke back to him, but also detailing of what would happen.

“That’s it. Good for you to bring up your fighting talk. But I must warn you, this fight would not only determine the fate of the Crystal Empire. But all of Equestria as well! So you better bring your A-game BlackWarGreymon. Because the stakes have never been higher.”

As BlackWarGreymon took his stance, his evil double remained in his neutral pose. As if he wasn’t prepared to fight at all. But the two were giving each other fierce glares.

Then ChaosBlackWarGreymon spoke after the suspenseful silence.

“Good thing your friends are watching this moment.”

He then thrashed his arms wide apart as he openly shouted.


Then without warning and in a blink of an eye, BlackWarGreymon rushed forward and gave ChaosBlackWarGreymon a solid hard punch to his face!

The shear force of the attack caused the evil Digimon to skid back while standing. His three toed feet causing grooves in the crystal ground. But shockingly, the power of the punch caused the crystal ground behind the clone to immediately crack open as the pulse went straight through him and onto the road.

BlackWarGreymon’s friends all gawked in shock. Even to Twilight and Luna, they had never seen the Digimon’s punch being so powerful. The kind of force behind it was enough to crush a pony into oblivion.

It had shown how strong BlackWarGreymon had become.

After he had received the punch to his left cheek, ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s eyes were shut as he twinged from the pain.

Then it dawned upon him. Ever since he was created, he had never felt pain before. The feeling and the stinging sensation were all new to him. That one punch hurt more then all of the ponies attacks combined. In fact, during his brawl with them, he only felt bumps from their attacks.

Feeling the pain for the first time was causing a reaction in ChaosBlackWarGreymon. He began to feel hype. His muscles twitched and tensed. He then felt excited. The fight with BlackWarGreymon was exactly what he was hoping for. It might be even better then he originally imagined. He could finally cut loose. Let loose the true extent of his strength that he held back since he arrived at the Crystal Empire.

He could finally fight like a true warrior. A true force of evil. A true Mega level Digimon!

‘Background music’ ‘Circus for a Psycho by Skillet’

As he twinged in pain, ChaosBlackWarGreymon let out an unnerving chuckle. Then with open red eyes, he looked at BlackWarGreymon without moving his head.

“Thank you, sir. May I have another?”

“Have the lot!!” BlackWarGreymon shouted as he flew forwards at great speed. First slamming into his clone and pushed him though the wall of a building behind him.

As the two Digimon disappeared into the wall, the group discussed of what to do.

“We should get to safety while they fight!” Luna advised.

“But are you sure BlackWarGreymon will be ok?” Cadence asked, concerned for their friend.

“Don’t worry, Cadence. You could say he’s the perfect one for this kind of fight,” Twilight answered to reassure her sister-in-law.

Then as King Sombra was about to surprise attack them, both he and the group became distracted by the sounds of explosive force. They could see that sections of the building burst apart. Parts of the walls exploding and shattering from within.

Then at the same time, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon came bursting out through the roof. Exchanging fierce blows as they ascended higher into the sky.

It was a clash to remember. For the first time in Equestria’s history, a Digimon would fight another Digimon. Though Twilight and Luna had seen their friend faced others of his kind, to the others, it was unlike anything they had ever seen.

Up in the skies, the two Megas continued to lash out their lightning fast combat skills at each other. In a form of jabs, punches and kicks. Then as they punched each other in the face at the same time, the blows sent them reeling back. Then as they stopped to give each other brief glares, BlackWarGreymon used one of his powers. With ChaosBlackWarGreymon replicating the same, but with a different name.



As the black armoured being unleashed a wave of red-purple fire, his clone unleashed his own wave of green flames. The two attacks exploded onto each other as they collided, creating a towering pillar of fire. Almost as tall as one of the crystal towers.

After realising that ChaosBlackWarGreymon has all his powers, BlackWarGreymon flew towards the tower of fire with his claws ready. His clone did the same, mimicking his every move.

The group below became startled by the sudden loud boom as a shockwave disburse the fire. Then sounds of metal clashing echoed as the two Digimon flew by each other. Repeatedly crossing each other as they flew away and quickly coming back. From where the group were standing, it looked like the two WarGreymons were doing a crisscross manoeuvre as they fight. As they ascend higher, then back down towards the ground.

As they came close to the ground, the two broke off their attacks. Slowly distancing themselves. Then in an instant, BlackWarGreymon brought his claws close to his chest and formed a green sphere of negative energy. Copying his foe, ChaosBlackWarGreymon did the same. Except his attack was red in colour and like before, had a different name.



Then the two fired their seven-sphered attacks. Green and red energy exploded as they smashed into each other. Sending pulse waves around the blasts and causing the ground to crack up.

As they ceased their attacks, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon charged at each other and slammed their right wrists at one another. The impact sent a powerful shockwave, causing damage to the crystal environment around them. After a brie struggle of strength, the two broke apart. The evil Digimon prepared to attack first. But as he did, his new rival leapt back. Leaving his clone to slash downwards at thin air. After the failed attack, the grey armoured being chased after him. While backing off on the air, BlackWarGreymon landed on a crystal all behind him. Then as ChaosBlackWarGreymon came on the attack, the black armoured Digimon leapt off the side of the building. Leaving his clone to slash at the building before pushing himself off to continue the chase.

As the group below saw ChaosBlackWarGreymon chasing after their friend. Flash Sentry finally managed to return.

“I’m sorry for being so late! Has BlackWarGreymon made it in time?”

Suddenly to his surprise, as well as all the souls around him, he saw a giant blast of energy within the cloudy sky. Catching everyone’s attention at its might.

“Well that answers that,” The stallion said, almost in shock.

High in the skies of the Crystal Empire, the two WarGreymons continued to clash. Flying through the air, they parted ways from the blast they left behind. Only to meet each other again to create another blast of energy from their collision. Across the skies they repeated their method of attack. After their sixth clash, the two flew away towards the opposite ends of the empire. Half way, their bodies were enveloped in negative energy.

Then as BlackWarGreymon landed on a wall of a building, he shouted out the name of his attack. With ChaosBlackWarGreymon doing all the same. Except his energy field was red instead of black, as well as a different name to the copied ability.



Then like speeding comets, the two energized warriors flew back towards each other. Foreseeing a possible collision, Pinkie Pie alerted her friends.


Following the pink mare, all the others around her also ducked low to the ground. In time to see BlackWarGreymon flying over their heads.

Even though at great speed, the two Digimon reacted enough to prepare an energized punch. As they came in close, they threw their attacks. One right armed gauntlet meeting the other.

As their attacks met, the combined energy from their glowing forms unleashed a massive pulse wave. The blast of black and red energy exploded outwards, nearly dominating everything around it.

It was then proven that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was pouring more energy then his rival did. Because the aftershocks of the blast sent BlackWarGreymon hurtling through the air and bouncing off the ground. ChaosBlackWarGreymon was after him, his body leaving a red energy trail as he flew.

After straightening his body, BlackWarGreymon landed on his feet. Skidding backwards quickly towards his friends. All the while holding his arms close, preparing for another attack.

“BlackWarGreymon!” Twilight said as the Digimon came to a stop in front of her and the others.

The group then saw a green light. Coming from an orb of energy BlackWarGreymon had formed within his hands.

“War Blaster!”

After waiting for ChaosBlackWarGreymon to charge in closer, BlackWarGreymon threw his arms out and fired three green spheres point-blank at his clone’s chest.

As his attack sent the evil Digimon higher in the air, the black armoured Digimon prepared to use his Mega Destroyer attack. With his body surging with dark energy, BlackWarGreymon launched himself off the ground and slammed into the clone.

After a pain-filled yell from the energized tackle, ChaosBlackWarGreymon gave his foe a right-hand uppercut to send him flying. Going on the attack, the cloned Mega spun around in a vortex of green spiralling energy.


Seeing the oncoming attack, BlackWarGreymon quickly brought forth his Brave Shield and blocked it. Showers of sparks flew as energized winds made contact with Chrome Digizoid armour.

While blocking the attack, BlackWarGreymon kicked his clone at his centre. Forcing ChaosBlackWarGreymon out of his attack and again sending him hurtling higher in the sky. Quickly flying above him, the saviour dived down while using one of his attacks.


Like a drill, he slammed into ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s back. Again sparks flew as the spinning BlackWarGreymon pushed his clone into a distant building. Crashing through the roof.

From seeing the epic fight and determined to help out in anyway she could, Rainbow Dash took to the skies and flew towards where the warring Digimon were.

“Rainbow, what are you doing!?” Twilight called out.

“He may need help!” The Pegasus replied as she flew away.

But as she got close to the building, the whole roof exploded apart as BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew high in the air at high speed. At the stunned Rainbow Dash’s point of view, it looked like black and grey blurred missiles swirling around each other as they left behind a trail.


High above every tower in the empire, the two WarGreymons were again in close combat. But unlike before, the two dodged every punch and kick they threw at each other. As if they predicted their every move.

It went on for a few seconds until BlackWarGreymon stopped the stalemate. He stunned ChaosBlackWarGreymon by catching both his clone’s arms with his hands. He then gave him a hard kangaroo kick to his chest.

The blow sent ChaosBlackWarGreymon straight through the open air, then straight into one of the crystal towers and then crashed into the foot of the castle.

With his foe temporarily out of the way, BlackWarGreymon quickly landed back on the ground. Surprised to see Rainbow Dash standing right beside him.

“What the…!? What are you doing here!?”

“What? I came to help.”

While the two were arguing, ChaosBlackWarGreymon quickly recovered and in a blur, shot himself off the ground and flew straight into the dark sky. Disappearing into the clouds above.

BlackWarGreymon sharply turned his gaze upwards as he sensed his clone. Realising the danger that Rainbow Dash had put herself in, the Digimon was on high alert for a possible attack.


Noticing how serious her friend was, the Pegasus obliged without hesitation.

“Don’t tell me twice!” She said as she bolted back towards her fellow Ponyville friends.

Sensing that ChaosBlackWarGreymon was fast approaching, BlackWarGreymon readied himself as he got one of his arms in position.

From the crystal ground, the black armoured Digimon saw his clone bursting from the clouds with his right arm reared back. Chuckling madly all the while. As he got in close, ChaosBlackWarGreymon swung his right arm out to attack. With perfect timing, BlackWarGreymon did the same with his right arm in defence.

As two Chrome Digizoid wrists slammed into each other, the massive impact not only created a sonic boom-like noise that could be heard for miles. It also created a shockwave so powerful, it caused the crystal ground beneath the Digimon to completely crack open. Forming a massive crater in the road.

Time seemed to have slowed down as the two made eye contact. ChaosBlackWarGreymon had sadistic joy, while BlackWarGreymon had anger and hate.

When Rainbow Dash made it back to her friends, they looked uneasy at how shocked the Pegasus looked.

“What’s wrong, Rainbow?” Applejack asked.

“Ok. He definitely doesn’t need my help,” She responded, her voice briefly stuttered from never seeing BlackWarGreymon acting so serious.

Then the group heard loud evil laugh. Turning around, they saw ChaosBlackWarGreymon flying towards them. Just when it seemed bad, BlackWarGreymon appeared from the side and slammed into the evil Digimon’s side.

As the clone crashed into the side of a building, BlackWarGreymon got into position with his arms raised above his head. He then formed a glowing red orb.


But before he could finish, ChaosBlackWarGreymon launched himself out of the wall and tackled BlackWarGreymon. Stopping his attack while pushing him through a crystal tower. With his grip locked, the evil Digimon then slammed his foe straight into a building. Causing it to collapse.

Though the attack may be nothing to BlackWarGreymon, but the group didn’t feel like just standing around while the fight goes on. Though they could only offer a little help, it was better than no help at all. It was all because they realised that the clone was just as strong as their friend. Which meant that he would also have a chance at winning.

“I don’t care how powerful the enemy is, we need to help our friend,” Luna stated.

The others seemed just as determined as she was. Nodding in agreement, the group moved towards the scene of battle. King Sombra had every opportunity to attack the group. But just like them, he too was in awe at the fight between the two Digimon. With curiosity building up, he followed the group.

Bursting out of the rubble, ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew up as he looked down at the grounded BlackWarGreymon. Seeing an opportunity to attack, he chose to take it.

“Shadow Destroyer!”

With no hesitation, the clone threw an attack twice his size down at his new rival. Though the destroyed building was empty, BlackWarGreymon felt as though he should protect what was left of it. Crossing his arms, the black armoured warrior blocked and held back the dark sphere. Then with a mighty thrust, he threw the attack back at its sender. Followed by a small red sphere of his own.

Dodging to his left, ChaosBlackWarGreymon avoided his deflected attack. Then dodging to his right, he did the same for the Terra Destroyer attack.

But then as he dodged to his left again, he unintentionally avoided a kick from the passing BlackWarGreymon. After the two looked behind at each other, knowing that one was there as the other, they swung their bodies around to use a kick. Their left shin guards slammed into each other, again releasing a sonic boom-like impact. Then in sync with each other, the two Digimon’s right fists collided as they punched. The same with their left kneecaps as they kicked.

Within the few passing seconds, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw their attacks. Only to meet with their own. Countless booms were made as punches and kicks were met with one another. As if one was fighting their own reflection.

After their right wrists and left kneecaps met with one another. The two WarGreymons broke apart and landed on the ground. Ending their locked combat. But the fight went on as the two charged at each other. A blinding explosion lit up as they met in the middle of the street.

Finally arriving on the scene of battle, the princesses and their friends, trailed by King Sombra, approached the entrance to the street. Completely in awe at what they were seeing.

At the street centre and surrounded by a bright glow of negative energy, BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon wrestled for superior strength. As their Digizoid claws pressed against each other as they pushed, their three-horned heads were locked together. Struggling as they moved back and forth. The group also noticed that both their eye sockets were glowing. BlackWarGreymon’s was a blinding white, while ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s was a burning red.

Invisible energy flowed out of their bodies as the Digimon wrestled. Causing surges of electricity and sections of road and buildings to float above ground. Caught in the field of negative energy.

The two warriors kept on grunting as they struggled for dominance, but they were evenly matched. As they pulled themselves apart, it caused a wave of energy that shattered the crystal ground apart. Then they leapt to the sky. Whirling around each other as they flew high above the tallest towers. Even the castle itself.

As he got to a perfect height to unleash his might, BlackWarGreymon brought his claws close together and formed a red energy sphere. ChaosBlackWarGreymon did the exact same with his own attack.



With both attacks reaching a colossal size, almost one hundred feet wide, the two Digimon threw them at each other. It looked like two huge planets flying across the sky towards one another. One was negative red, and the other a smoky black.

Then as the two giant orbs slammed into each other, it resulted in a gigantic blinding explosion that completely dominated the sky. Shining brighter then any magic in Equestria. From the distance, the blast looked like a giant ball of light that was almost the size of the empire itself.

The light from the explosion could in fact be seen for miles.

'Song end.'

Frozen North, Yakyakistan

Up north of the Crystal Empire laid a small town, populated by the yaks. It was recently when them and the ponies discovered each other. And on one eventful day, the yak chief would go to them for an important visit. If things went well, it would lead to an alliance.

On a snowy field, a lone young yak was making his way back home from playing with his friends. Then a sound of a very distant explosion caught his ears. Turning around, the young one’s sights became fixed on something new.

Far in the distance over the snowy fields and beyond the mountains, was a shining light. Even though it looked faint from where the young yak was standing, but he could tell that it was very bright. From the way the light broke through the clouds, it looked like a sunrise.

While the young one stared at the glimmering light, his father joined him. At first wondered why his son hadn’t come home. But soon realised why.

As the two looked, the young yak spoke to his father.

“Father. That isn’t the sun. What is that light?” He asked, feeling intimidated at how unnatural it looked.

His father took a moment to think. It was very rare for a fully grown yak to feel intimidated. But watching the light made him feel uneasy.

He then spoke up.

“I don’t know, my son. No yak had ever seen such light.”

He then realised where the light was coming from.

“It’s from the land of ponies. But that light is from a different power. Something big is happening over there.”

Father and son continued to stare at the light. Even up to the moment when it faded over the horizon.

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