• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 1: Departure

Earth, Japan

This was the home of the DigiDestined, a group of young teens who travelled to a world that ran alongside theirs, the Digital World. In that world, the young heroes made friends with creatures that were destined to become their partners. They were called Digimon, short for Digital Monsters. Together they fought evil and saved the Digital World many times.

But now they’re back home on Earth, and it’s in danger.

An evil Digimon named MaloMyotismon had possessed a human named Oikawa and was currently causing havoc, and the DigiDestined were there to stop him and his minions. As Oikawa fired his dark blast at one of them, a dark Digimon stood in its way. He was one of the most feared and most powerful Mega level Digimon, for he was responsible for destroying nearly all of the Destiny Stones and he was known for not having mercy or even pity. He was over ten feet tall, with demon-like horns on his head. His skin and his chrome Digizoid armour was as black as night, with bits of yellow here and there. He also has yellow hair, a chrome helmet that was a mix of silver and grey, and a black Brave Shield on his back. Finally, he has yellow soulless eyes that can strike fear to any who see them.

Because of his resemblance, some say he was a mockery of one of the Digital Worlds’ great defenders. Born from one hundred Control Spires, he was created for evil, but he broke free to find his true destiny. Up to his current moment he tried all means to find his purpose in life, even if it meant trying to fight one of the four Digimon guardians, Azulongmon.

He was the ultimate anti-hero.

His name was BlackWarGreymon.

He stood there, taking the full blast of dark energy in the chest. When the attack ceased, he fell to one knee, shocked to realise that more damage had been done to him than he realised. Far more.

Seeing that his work was done, Oikawa and his minions turned and fled.

Seeing the stricken BlackWarGreymon made the heroes feel concerned for his condition, to the point where his golden counterpart, WarGreymon, ran up to him to keep him on his feet. Despite the big battle the two had the other day, he wanted to help him in any way he can, but BlackWarGreymon knew it was too late.

His wound was fatal…but he knew what to do.

Despite the reluctance from the defenders, especially WarGreymon, BlackWarGreymon walked away. Feeling his strength and energy fading rapidly, he said his farewells to his new friends, and took to the skies.

As he flew, he began to think back to his whole short life. From the day he was created to the day he protected a flower…later only to squish it himself. From his conversation with Agumon to his fights with the DigiDestined. From seeking to destroy the Destiny Stones to his battle with WarGreymon. And everything in between.

He then began to think to that moment just mere seconds ago, where he saved a life at the expense of his own. It was an act of bravery, an act of good will, an act...of heroism.

Realising that was what he wanted, he will not die as a monster, he will die as a hero. With those thoughts crossing his mind, he closed his eyes, screaming from the pain he’s feeling as he felt his entire body being hollowed out.

From the ground, the young teens and their friends start to see dark misty trails seeping out of BlackWarGreymons’ open wound. Afterwards, his body began to fall apart, scattering into tiny pieces of data, and then nothing.
BlackWarGreymon was gone. Forever in this world.

But his plan worked. The energy from his body closed off the link between both their worlds in the area, preventing his executioner, MaloMyotismon from going to the Digital World. Giving the DigiDestined more time to find him and stop him.

BlackWarGreymon may have done terrible things, but in his last act he will be missed.

What the DigiDestined already know was that when a Digimon dies, its data gets reconfigured and comes back as a Digi Egg. When a Control Spire Digimon dies, its data just poofs. Disappears into nothing.

But what the young heroes don’t know was that what happened to BlackWarGreymon was none of the above, for fate has other plans for him. For his future, his new life and his true purpose was in a completely different world.

Unknown realm, unknown time


BlackWarGreymons’ eyes shot wide open, as if he just had the world’s most painful headache or the world’s most frightening nightmare. He tried taking slow deep breaths to calm himself down.

That’s when he just realised something.

“Wait. I’m…breathing? But I wa…”

He was too shocked to finish his sentence when he looked down at his wound. Only to discover that the wound on his chest completely gone, as if it never happened.

“I’m fine? But how? And where am I?”

He looked around to see that he was floating in what looked like space. If the shining stars, the black void and swirling galaxies were anything to judge by.

'What happened to me? Is this where Digimon go when they die? Then why am I the only one here? Is this a dream?'

He continued to think over what’s happened to him. He was so caught up in trying to find answers that he didn’t realise a white portal just opened behind him.

“No, it feels too real to be a dream, I am alive.”

It was at that moment he began to feel a strange force pulling him backwards. He turned to see the source of the pull.

“A PORTAL!! This can’t be good!”

He tried to fly away from the white light, but the pull keeps getting stronger by the second, pulling him back.

"No!! NOOO!!!"

But BlackWarGreymon knew shouting was getting him nowhere, but backwards. As his words died down, he was sucked into the portal and the entire world around him turned to pure white.

But not before seeing a blurry image of a mysterious horned being.

What happened to him next was something that even HE never comprehended. He was given a second chance, to live his strong and powerful life in another world…and its inhabitants would never expect his arrival. Nor their lives would ever be the same again.

Author's Note:

There. The story that's been inside my head for a while is finally starting to become reality. I hope you like the opening, and just a heads up there will be no BlackAgumon in this story. This is a story about our favourite badass Mega level Digimon.

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