• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 17: Midnight Stroll

Author's Note:

Hello! After some requests, I decided to up load this chapter sooner then expected. Showing the aftermath of the Memory saga.

Can't say much. But thanks for the support and I'll see you all soon.

It was early in the morning, but the sun wasn’t shinning over the horizon. It was too early for that. It had been a few hours since Twilight, Celestia and Luna left BlackWarGreymon’s mind and back into their own. But despite the calm serenity of Canterlot Castle, the three princesses were restless from their experience.

In the Sun Princess’s royal bedroom, Celestia finally managed to get to sleep after hours of uncomfort. BlackWarGreymon’s kind words and his lesson about friendship should had put her mind at ease. But the memories of his sacrifice kept replaying in her thoughts, like a record player on a constant loop.

She shed a few tears of sadness from viewing the Digimon’s death over and over again against her will. For a long time Celestia thought that beings with power that far surpassed her own could hardly experience death, if not never. But BlackWarGreymon was one of those kind of beings with unbelievable power, and had experienced death.

Plus the kind of death he went through, being hollowed out from the inside, shouldn’t even be allowed upon any living being, never mind a powerful one. The white Alicorn felt like he didn’t deserve it at all. But if his death hadn’t happened, then he would’ve never arrived in Equestria to begin with. But still, she couldn’t help but feel that there may be another way.

Twilight Sparkle however, was far less fortunate. Being the first pony to make contact with BlackWarGreymon, she felt like she was his closest friend. And as the youngest Alicorn, she had little to no experience when it comes to losing a friend… permanently.

So seeing her friend’s demise, repeating in her head constantly, made her fall into tears. Even at the present moment she was sobbing in her pillow. Her tears soaking the fabric while cradling it as if she was holding on to someone. Never letting them go.

It seemed though at the rate she was at, she would cry herself to sleep.

That was, until she heard someone knocking at her door.

She jolted up in surprise, but the realised that her crying may had woken someone up and wanted to see if she was ok.

“C-Come in?” Twilight said, her voice was shaken by her sadness. She was also unsure who it was on the other side of her bedroom door.

When the door opened, Twilight was surprised that it was someone that she wasn’t expecting.


Standing in the doorway was indeed the Digimon himself. While lacking his gauntlets and his shield, he had a look of concern in his eyes.

“Wha… What are you doing here?” Twilight asked while wiping the tears from her face.

“I sensed that you’re in distress…” He said while crouching down to fit through the doorway. “…and I came to see if you’re alright.”

“I- I’m fine. Really,” Twilight said while mentally pushing aside her emotions to reassure the Digimon.

But BlackWarGreymon wasn’t falling for it. He knew exactly what was going on.

“You’re clearly not, Twilight. You were thinking about my death, weren’t you?” He asked, despite already knowing the answer.

The young princess sighed in defeat, tears slowly creeping out of her eyes as she was reminded of the subject.

“Yes. I was. But… the visions of it just… just wouldn’t go away.”

BlackWarGreymon was in a way startled by her reactions.

“Wow. I never thought witnessing my death would affect you like this.”

“Of course it would. My friendship with you is the same as all my friends. I would go through the same thing if anything happened to them,” Twilight said with words of true honesty.

BlackWarGreymon was taken back by Twilight’s words. She cared for him the same way she cared for her friends. He originally thought that she only liked him because he saved her and her friends. But the truth was she liked him because, despite his past, he was good, protective, and even caring. All those who follow the path of good would make friends no matter what.

As Twilight started to sob again, BlackWarGreymon felt that he had to ease her mental suffering. He knelt down on one knee and placed his hand gently on the Alicorn’s shoulder. Surprised by his actions, Twilight stopped crying and looked at the Digimon in the eyes.

Then he spoke to her in kind soft words.

“Now listen Twilight, I know watching a death of a friend can be devastating to the heart and soul. But you need to realise that if my death never happened, fate would’ve never brought me here, and I would have never met a friend so great as you. Now that I’m here, my death and everything before it is now a thing of the past. And I believe that because of my actions of heroism, fate gave me a second chance to live in the right way. To help others instead of helping myself. I believe that is the purpose I was looking for in my life. To defend the good and make great friends along the way. Because of you, your friends, the princesses and everyone else, this world has given me a new life. And in return, I will use all my power to protect it.”

After BlackWarGreymon finished his speech, Twilight was so awe-stricken she couldn’t say a word. He was only in Equestria for two days, and already he completely trusts her and her friends. The Artificial Digimon in front of her was entirely different to the one in the past. He had evolved.

To the Digimon’s surprise, the young Alicorn reached out and wrapped her forelegs around his neck. Pulling him in for an affectionate hug.

After sheading a few tears of joy, relieved to hear him say such things, she spoke to him in a quiet voice that almost sounded like a whisper.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon. Even when you’re not using your powers, you continue to amaze me.”

She continued to embrace the Digimon, enjoying the touching moment. Then to Twilight’s surprise, she felt something wet dripped on her back. After releasing her hold and pulling herself away to look at BlackWarGreymon’s face, she saw something that she truly didn’t expect.

“BlackWarGreymon? Are…are you crying?”

“I am?”

The Mega was surprised by what Twilight said, but he felt that something was in his eyes. After stroking his left eye with his finger, he looked at it. Only to see that Twilight was right. It was his tear.

“Strange. These are my tears but… I’m not even sad.”

Twilight too was taken back by what she was seeing, but then gave a heart-warming smile when she realised what it meant.


Her voice was quiet, but BlackWarGreymon heard her and became curious.

“What? What is it?”

“You know when your creators said that you have no feelings? And that other Digimon said that you don’t have a heart?” Twilight asked, making BlackWarGreymon confused of the reason behind the questions.


“Well… they have no idea how wrong they are.”

BlackWarGreymon understood what the Alicorn meant by. Since the emotion he was feeling was in fact joy.

“Thank you, Twilight.”

After their little heart to heart, BlackWarGreymon left Twilight’s bedroom. Leaving the purple princess to finally sleep in peace.

The story in Luna’s bedchamber was different altogether. While Twilight and Celestia managed to get some sleep, the Night Princess couldn’t get to sleep from the start. Unlike the other two Alicorns, the thoughts that were going through her head were not just about BlackWarGreymon’s death. It was about all of his past. The birth, the constant fighting, all the pain and suffering he went through, all the lessons he learned. All those thoughts forced Luna awake, no matter how hard she tried to sleep. It was evident in her tossing and turning on her bed, plus sweating from the strain.

After letting out a gasp from the exhaustion, she let out deep breaths to calm herself.

‘Why? Why can’t I get these thoughts out of my head?’

Climbing out of her bed, she decided to walk out to her balcony to get some fresh air and to cool off.

After resting her head on the balcony fence, getting a clear view of Equestria’s night, Luna was alone in her thoughts.

Why couldn’t she stop thinking about BlackWarGreymon’s past? Why did he had to suffer so much? Why did he had to die in the way he did? How did fate save him? Those and many other questions were swarming through her mind. But the one question she was fascinated in was, how was it that his past reminded her of her own? Was she really that similar to him?

‘Background music’ ‘Shine bright like a Diamond by Rihanna’

Her thought patterns were soon interrupted by a noise she heard coming from beneath her. Looking over the edge of her balcony, and onto the balcony below her, she saw BlackWarGreymon walking to its edge.

Luna became curious. After looking carefully, she noticed that his shield and gauntlets were back on.

‘What is he doing up so early?’

Luna stood there in silence, watching BlackWarGreymon to see what he would do next. But from the looks of things he was just standing there, looking out to the city of Canterlot.

The Digimon remained still for another moment until he turned his head left, and then to his right, to see if he was being watched. His actions confused Luna, thinking that he may be up to something.

After thinking that the coast was clear, BlackWarGreymon took one step forward, and then leapt into the air. Flying away from the castle and towards the city.

As he gained some distance, Luna became even more curious. She wanted to know where he was going at such an early time. Hesitant at first, the blue Alicorn eventually jumped off her balcony, spread her feathered wings and then flew after him.

At first, Luna lost sight of BlackWarGreymon. Given the fact that he wore black armour made it very difficult to see him in the dark.

‘Wow. Twilight was right. His armour really is as black as my night.’

After several moments of weaving in and out of the empty streets, trying and failing to spot the Digimon, Luna found herself in a large clearing of the Canterlot city square. As soon as she realised she saw something above her, she looked up. But couldn’t believe the sight she was seeing.

The princess not only caught up with the Digimon, she was near enough below him to his left. But the way his body was angled and being in-between her and the shinning full moon in the sky, the light of the moon made his smooth armour gleam in the night. As time seemed to slow down, Luna saw the moon light in his yellow eyes as his hair waved freely in the wind.

To Luna, it was a sight truly to behold. She witnessed his past and watched him take down a dragon, but once she never saw that side of him. Seeing him in such glory was making her heart race. She could practically feel it pumping in her chest. She didn’t know why, but she liked seeing him in such a way.

‘Wow. He’s more handsome then before.’

Her thoughts were cut off when she saw BlackWarGreymon change course, heading to the outskirts of the capital city. Of course, Luna followed. She remained confused as to why he was out and about at such an early hour.

As she trailed behind him, keeping her distance to make sure the Digimon couldn’t either hear her or sense her power, she noticed that he was checking his surroundings from right to left.

‘Is he… looking for something?’

What she didn’t know was that BlackWarGreymon was doing that very thing.

‘Well… nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. No trouble, no problems. Everything seems just fine.’ He thought to himself, unaware that he was being followed. He was too focused on what he was doing. Patrolling the area.

After seeing that everything was in order, he then left Canterlot and flew higher in the early morning sky towards the clouds. He wasn’t feeling sleepy and tried to think of what to do next to pass the time.

That was when it hit him. He could finally choose what HE wants to do purely of his own free will. Back in his past, back in the Digital World, although he had done things on his own, but it was when he was greatly confused about his destiny and had to find answers. He never really wanted to do the terrible things he had done, but he felt as if he had no choice. He thought it would all lead him to his purpose in life, so he had to do it. Plus, what made his decisions in the past more intolerable was that his creators, Arukenimon and Mummymon, were constantly following him and mocking his confused state.

If he had to admit the truth, he hated it. He hated every single bit of it!

But in Equestria, BlackWarGreymon felt as if he had finally found his purpose in life. His destiny. So instead of constantly pursuing it, he could learn from it. Embrace it. And even love it. What made it a bonus was that his creators were no longer around to make fun of him.

BlackWarGreymon felt that he could explore the world he was in, his new home and all its beauty. He felt free. He was finally free!

His eyes widened. No words could describe what he was going through. He had been trapped in a state of confusion and doubt for so long, just the thought of all those problems and all the suffering going away was bristling him with an emotion he rarely felt. Happiness. And with his problems gone for real, he could hardly contain his happiness as he let out a chuckle. Which was slowly turning into laughter.

With joy overtaking his body, he increased his flight speed to a point only a few could match.

Luna, who followed him all the while, was caught by surprise by BlackWarGreymon’s sudden burst of speed. Leaving her confused as the Digimon disappeared into a group of large clouds.

‘Now what’s he doing?’

After a brief thought that he might had noticed her, the Alicorn suddenly saw him emerging from a giant cloud. Flying vertically as he spun his body around, leaving a spiral cloud vapour trailing from his claws.

Luna was surprised. Both by the spectacle and by BlackWarGreymon’s behaviour.

After the Digimon stopped spinning, he dropped back down into the clouds. Disappearing from sight.

Feeling the strain from her wings from flying too long, Luna found a small patch of cloud and landed on it. While resting on her cloud, she looked around. Trying to spot the Digimon.

It didn’t take long, because she spotted him in a distance not too far away. Flying in and out around a large group of clouds as if they were an obstacle course.

While he was weaving in and out, BlackWarGreymon’s mind was bristling with thoughts.

‘Ha! I’m… I’m free! I’m finally free!!’

He then flew above a massive mass of cloud, then he’d done something he thought he would never do. He stuck his left arm into the cloud as he flew by, feeling the packed water vapour in his hands.

‘I can’t believe I’m saying this but… I’m so happy right now!’

BlackWarGreymon then flew away from the cloud with another burst of speed, and sped towards Canterlot. All the while Luna was watching him despite the darkness of early morning.

‘He can’t be heading inside, his speed is too fast.’

It turned out that he wasn’t heading inside after all. BlackWarGreymon was in fact heading to the large waterfall on the outskirts of the city at remarkable speed.

After reaching to the waterfall’s edge, the Digimon flew down with the falling water at matching speed. BlackWarGreymon looked to his side to see a large water droplet falling beside him. He had got his speed just right.

As his fast decent was quickly approaching the river below, he immediately leveled his altitude so he was five feet above the waterline. As he increased his speed the draft that was created left a big grove in the river. Making massive ripples spread all over the water’s surface.

After following along the bendy river at the base of the mountain, BlackWarGreymon increased his speed even further as he tilted his body upwards towards the sky above. What he didn’t realise was that he was already traveling at such speeds he turned into a black blur, but yet his speed was increasing further than before. As the Digimon kept flying faster as he streaked across the sky, he suddenly heard a loud boom which seemed to had come from him. Caught by surprise, he immediately came to a halt at discovering his new revelation. Which was also his recent achievement.

“Was that… a sonic boom?” His eyes went wide when he realised that it was. “Did I just broke the sound barrier!?”

He then decided to test it again.

Back on her cloud she sat upon, Luna lost sight of the Mega the moment he left the river. All the while she was confused as to why BlackWarGreymon was behaving in the way he was. But after comparing to the similar things Rainbow Dash does, then it meant that he was celebrating something.

But her confusion only spiked up when she heard a loud boom in the distance.

‘What was that? It didn’t sound like an explosion.’

Luna’s attention was then brought by a sight of a speeding black blur against a thick gathering of clouds. She knew immediately it was BlackWarGreymon, but she never saw him flying in such speeds as what she was seeing. Then it happened. Just as she got the image of the Digimon in her vision, she saw a shockwave erupted from him. the wave pushed aside any clouds that lie in their path, which was then followed by the same boom noise the Alicorn heard before.

Although Luna was surprised, deep down she was also impressed.

“A sonic boom.”

As the Night Princess continued to watch the armoured being traveling at the speed of sound, she noticed that he was slowing down as he descended towards the ground. Flying after him, she found out that he was landing on a nearby hill with a single tree on its top.

‘Song end.’

The Alicorn then flew down towards the tree and hid behind it, unnoticed by BlackWarGreymon. As she peaked around the tree, she saw him standing tall. Looking out to see the view of Equestria’s land as it was lit up by the bright moon.

As he gazed at the scenery, he was alone in his thoughts.

‘Interesting. I’ve never flew that fast before. Could this world be making me faster as well as making me stronger? Hmm… maybe later I might have a rematch with Rainbow dash.’

BlackWarGreymon then closed his eyes as he felt the cold wind on this face. His yellow hair swaying in the cool breeze.

After a short moment of silence, the warrior from another world opened his eyes as he spoke out.

“I know you’re there.”

Luna was caught completely by surprise, she thought she was well hidden in the shadow of the tree. Apparently during the silence, BlackWarGreymon’s senses picked up the Alicorn’s energy signature. What started her more was that he was looking in her direction.

Realising there was no point of hiding anymore, Luna stepped out of the shadows. Her body revelled by the moon light.

“Seems your senses are as sharp as your claws,” She said with a smile. In a way, she was glad that she was spotted by him. So she could talk to him.

“What are you doing out here?” BlackWarGreymon asked, confused as to why the princess was outside instead of resting. Since she was recovering from her dragon attack.

“I only followed you here. And I was about to ask you that very question,” Luna answered.

Her question left BlackWarGreymon uneasy, but he had to answer quickly.

“I…uhh… I was just patrolling the area. You know, to see if there was any trouble during the night.”

Luna had read the expression in his yellow eyes, the way they looked was as though what he said was only half true. But truth be told, it was.

“At first maybe, but I don’t think flying around at great speeds count as patrolling.”

Luna’s response made BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widen, but then realisation hit him.

“So you’ve seen me the whole time?”

“Like I said, I followed you from Canterlot. But the way you were flying around those clouds, it was as if you were… happy.”

The Digimon took a deep breath before answering.

“That’s because I was happy.”

BlackWarGreymon then turned away from Luna and walked to the edge of the hill. Looking at the moon in the sky.

“The reason I’m happy is because that since I came to this world, I never felt so free. Back in the Digital World, I was alone, feared and hated by many. And every choice I made was only on impulse or my desire to find my destiny. Which meant hurting others. For a long while, I always dreamt of all my suffering to go away. And now that it had, with no other Digimon to mock me and my destiny closer than ever, everyone here actually accepts me as a friend.”

The Digimon’s whole statement made Luna pause in thought. Since her trip in his mind, she couldn’t believe how similar their pasts were. The way he describes his problems was almost identical to her own.

BlackWarGreymon looked at her over his shoulder before speaking to her.

“I don’t expect you to understand.”

His sentence snapped Luna out of her trance as she looked at him in confusion.

“You don’t know what it was like to be feared, rejected and treated like a villain. Even though I desire something otherwise,” The Digimon said as he looked back at the moon.

BlackWarGreymon then heard hoofsteps as Luna walked up to his right while staring at the moon as well. After a brief moment of silence, she spoke up.

“You’re wrong, BlackWarGreymon. Because I know exactly how you feel.”

The warrior was so surprised he didn’t made a sound, but it was evident in his eyes. Although he was expecting her to say such things in an attempt to help him ease his pain, but what surprised him was that the tone of voice she had. It was very honest as if she was telling nothing but the truth. Not one hint of it was a lie. The fact was reinforced when BlackWarGreymon looked at Luna. Her face was of sadness and regret. As if she had done something she shouldn’t had done.

“You… you do?”

After another moment of silence, Luna confessed.

“Yes. As you know, Celestia and I ruled Equestria for centuries. My sister raises the sun to bring day, and I raise the moon to bring night. We were at it for so long in perfect harmony.”

After a brief pause, the blue Alicorn continued.

“But then one day, over a thousand years ago, I grew jealous of my sister.”

“Jealous?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“Yes. You see, while all our subjects enjoyed basking and playing in her sunlight, they all slept during my night. Completely missing out on the beauty that I create.”

Luna paused upon hearing a noise to her side. When she looked over, she saw BlackWarGreymon sitting down next to her. She was surprised that he was interested listening to her problems.

“Then what happened?” The Digimon asked.

Luna too sat down beside him. After realising that she was near enough the same height as him, though about a head or two shorter, she continued.

“Jealousy got the better of me. After I refused to lower the moon… I then transformed into a monster. A nightmare. Nightmare Moon.”

“Nightmare Moon?” BlackWarGreymon asked, confused at the name he had never heard before.

“Well, that’s the name of my darker self. A form that I regret to this day,” Luna explained.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to examine the expression on Luna’s face. It was the same as his own when he told her about his death. Which meant only one thing.

“Something else happened to you, didn’t it?”

After releasing a heavy sigh, Luna spoke up.

“Yes. After I transformed, I threatened to grip all of Equestria in eternal night. And then… I threatened to destroy my own sister.”

Her sentence shocked BlackWarGreymon to a point he didn’t said a word. He just kept on listening to what Luna had to say.

“After she and I had our battle, Celestia did the very thing that tore her apart.”

“Tore her apart? What did she do?” BlackWarGreymon asked.

“By using the Elements of Harmony, Celestia defeated me and sent me to the moon. It was there where I was imprisoned for a thousand years.”

BlackWarGreymon then pieced together all what Luna said.

“I understand now. Although she did it to save Equestria, but it ended up with loosing you. Her own sister.”

Luna’s expression saddened even more after hearing those words in the open.

“True. She ended up looking after our land, all on her own.”

Both of them felt sorry for Celestia. For enduring a thousand years of loneliness. After a moment of silence, the Digimon asked Luna another question.

“If you were imprisoned on the moon, how did you return?”

“I escaped by using the stars. But I was still Nightmare Moon at the time and tried again to bring eternal night. But after Twilight Sparkle and her friends rediscovered the Elements of Harmony, they defeated me and transformed me back to my normal self.”

BlackWarGreymon remained silent as he listened on.

“Of course, Celestia forgave me and Twilight and her friends offered their friendship to me. But as I tried to make friends with my subjects, they all ran away in fear. Scared that I was still Nightmare Moon.”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened when he finally realised something. Because the ponies feared her as a villain, they treated her as one. Leaving her feared, hated and rejected. Just like he once was.

Luna continued to explain herself.

“Of course, it’s been a couple of years now since I’ve returned. And it looks like everypony has finally forgiven me, and now loves me as the princess I am.

Silence followed as Luna finished, but was then broken by BlackWarGreymon’s chuckling.

“What?” Luna asked as he looked at him in confusion.

“I just realised something. We have a lot in common, you and I.”

Although Luna already knew it, but she was surprised to hear the Digimon say that himself.

“I mean, we both were once evil. Threatened entire worlds. Later reformed to good and tried many means to be accepted as friends instead of foes.”

As BlackWarGreymon finished, Luna smiled in acceptance.

“You’re right. We both are indeed similar in many ways.”

Then Luna realised that something what the Digimon said was rather unsettling.

“Wait. ‘Threatened entire worlds?’ I know I threatened Equestria, but not the entire world itself?”

“In a way it would. Since eternal night would mean the end of the world.”

The atmosphere around the Alicorn turned stone cold after hearing BlackWarGreymon’s words. There was a dead silence as Luna’s eyes widened before speaking again in disbelief.


The Digimon looked at the blue Alicorn in confusion.

“You mean you don’t know what would happen? But then again, this world is magical. So it might not even happen.”

Luna’s senses spiked up from both curiosity and urgency.

“Please tell me, BlackWarGreymon. What would happen if a world would experience eternal night?”

After picturing of what would happen in his mind, BlackWarGreymon answered Luna’s desperate question. But soon wished she hadn’t asked.

“Well, if the night is constant, then it will never bring forth day. Plants and vegetation all need sunlight to grow. Without it, plant life would wither and die. Of course that would affect the animal kingdom… and then pony kind.”

Luna was left shaken after hearing those words.

“I…I would have starved my subjects!?”

“True. But they would probably freeze to death before it would come to that.”

Luna thought it couldn’t get any worse. Turns out it wasn’t as the Digimon continued.

“Without the warmth of the sun, temperatures of your great land would continue to drop to unbearable levels. But those who would survive it would only experience something far worse. An ice age. And soon enough, all of Equestria would be frozen in ice. Uninhabited for hundreds or even thousands of years.”

Luna was speechless, she couldn’t comprehend the amount of damage she would have brought upon.

But she soon learned that it doesn’t end there.

“And by lowering the sun, then it must mean that it rises on the other side of the world. And I think their fates would be far worse than freezing.”

“Wha…what do you mean!?” Luna demanded, desperate to know the answer. But again, she wished she hadn’t.

“Well with the sun constantly in the sky, it would pour unrelenting heatwaves upon any land it touches. And of course this would create droughts. Vast areas would turn into deserts and wastelands. Lakes and rivers would boil and dry up. But the worst of it would be that wildfires would easily start up. And with dried up vegetation all around, within minutes a small spark of ember would turn into a huge firestorm that couldn’t be controlled. Once great forests would burn to the ground, only leaving ashes of them and any inhabitants unfortunate enough to be in its way.”

BlackWarGreymon then summed it up to a conclusion.

“To put it simply, nothing would survive. Half of the world would freeze while the other half would burn. But like I said, since this world is magical, that might not happen.”

Luna was left shaken after learning a dreadful lesson. Even though their world was magical, but throwing off balance that great might make those events possible. And she would have been responsible for it all.

Therefore, it was a good thing that the Elements of Harmony changed before it was too late.

BlackWarGreymon could practically feel the fear and dread radiating from Luna. He had to find a way to lighten up the mood.

“If it’s any consolation for you Luna, I honestly prefer the night rather than day.”

As those words reached the Alicorn’s ears, she instantly sparked with curiosity as she turned towards him.

“Sure, day is good and that you can see the world around you. But the view of the world can be different at night. Plus the night can hold many mysteries, and that you would be able to see things that you would probably never see during the day. It’s an amazing experience.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked up at the open sky.

“Even up there, you can see the stars that decorate the dark sky. This is why I like the night, because of all its beauty.”

Luna blushed at hearing the Digimon’s words. Although he may be referring to any night, but because he said it to her, the princess of the night, and that he was looking at the night that she made, the complement made her smile both on the inside and the outside.

Luna then tried to test him.

“You know, BlackWarGreymon. I take time and magic to create nights just like this. So, what do you think?”

Not realising he was being tested, the Digimon answered.

“I’m not going to lie, it’s definatly better than the ones in the Digital World. In fact… it’s beautiful.”

The Night Princess could feel her heart warming from hearing his answer. But surprisingly he wasn’t finished.

“Just like you.”

Luna’s eyes widened as her blush deepened. Clearly not expecting that at tall.

‘He…he thinks I’m beautiful?’

However, it seems BlackWarGreymon himself was more surprised than she was. He was only supposed to think of that, not tell it openly. Then he flinched again. Why was he thinking of it? Did he really think she was beautiful?

He then looked at Luna, only to see the big blush on her face. Although he wasn’t entirely sure about positive emotions, he knew that blushing meant that one was either flattered or embarrassed. But he couldn’t tell which was which.

“Th-Thank you,” Luna said with a smile, trying to control her blush.

BlackWarGreymon and Luna were then both silent as the two were gazing at the stars. Mesmerized by the twinkling lights.

“BlackWarGreymon,” Luna said, breaking the long silence.

“Yes?” The Digimon asked.

“The Digital World. Is it up there?”

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to think of an answer as he scanned the sky.

“If it’s a world among the stars, maybe. But if it’s in a different dimension or universe, then it won’t be up there. For all I know, it might even be in a different reality altogether.”

The Princess’s expression saddened after hearing the Digimon’s answer.

“So in a way, you’re a long way from home.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked at Luna and saw the sadness on her face. Then he decided to tell her something that had been on his mind for a while.

“True. But even if you or the others had found a way back to the Digital World, I would not return there.”

The princess was surprised to hear that. Did BlackWarGreymon chose Equestria over the Digital World? Eager to know the truth, she looked at him.

“You… want to stay in Equestria?”

“Yes. Even if I do go back, now being a changed Digimon, I already caused too much damage to be forgiven. Even if some do, there will always be some who would fear or hate me. No matter what I do, they will always see me as a creation of evil. A product built to destroy. But here, here I can start again. Since I have no past here, everyone can see me as an ally and a friend. I can use my powers for good, to defend those in need.”

Luna was awe-stricken at hearing BlackWarGreymon’s words, but he wasn’t finished.

“I…I think that’s why fate brought me here. To start a new life. A new beginning. And because that everything good had happened to me since I got here, I know that this world holds the key to the destiny that I had been searching for. This is why I will not go back to the Digital World. Because Equestria is my new home.”

Luna was so taken by those words, she felt like she could burst in excitement. She didn’t know why, but she felt so happy that BlackWarGreymon decided to choose Equestria as his new home. However, she then noticed that the Digimon’s eyes saddened as a stray thought crossed his mind.

“And to think, that I actually wanted to be a simple Control Spire Digimon.”

The Alicorn was startled by his change of mood and from what he said.

“You…wanted to be like them?” She asked, disbelief hidden in her question.

“Well…some time ago…yes. I know that they all were mindless creatures that throve on chaos and destruction. But their lives and destinies were simple and straight forward. While mine was complex and needed reason. One point in my life, I actually envied them.”

Luna understood what BlackWarGreymon was talking about. His mind was so riddled, so confused, he wanted to be simple like the other Artificial Digimon. But he couldn’t. So he tried to find a Digimon with great power to fight, so he could be destroyed by that Digimon to put an end to his mental suffering.

Desperate to help BlackWarGreymon to get his mind off the past and his faults, she tried to support him.

“You want to know something, BlackWarGreymon? I’m glad you’re not a simple-minded creature. Because being different from others makes you an individual. And that gives you your own identity.”

As Luna went on, BlackWarGreymon looked at her in curiosity, Eager to hear her out.

“From what I’ve seen in your memories, the Artificial Digimon were all identical to the originals. But you’re not, because you’re unique. Even on the day you were created, you were given a name that was never mentioned before. Because the normal Digimon, those humans, even your creators saw that you’re different. It’s that difference what makes you unique. What makes you special. And that’s what I like about you.”

Luna paused a second after she realised what she just said. She just admitted that she likes him. True that the both of them were friends, but the Alicorn couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed from saying that out in the open.

BlackWarGreymon however was new to positive emotions. So he didn’t catch on the hidden meaning in that sentence. But he did took it as a complement.

“That’s…very sweet of you, for liking me for who I am. Thank you, Luna. I needed that.”

The princess blushed from happiness. She couldn’t help but feel amazed that a being so fierce and powerful, could be also kind and gentle at times.

As the Alicorn and the Digimon looked back up at the starry sky, BlackWarGreymon noticed that the moon was lower than it was earlier. Meaning that the sun would rise in a few hours.

“I guess it’s time to head back,” BlackWarGreymon said as he rose to his feet.

“Yes, lets,” Luna replied as she got up on her hooves.

BlackWarGreymon and Luna then took to the air and flew towards Canterlot. As they flew, the princess looked to her side to see the Digimon. Of all the things about him, she remained amazed that he could fly without wings. She was also thrilled that she got to fly next to him.

Half way to one of Canterlot’s towers, BlackWarGreymon noticed that Luna’s pace was dropping and starting to fall behind. After looking at her to see what was up, he saw that she was straining from flying.

“Are you alright?” He asked her.

At first Luna didn’t answer. She was too busy trying to brush aside the strain she felt in one of her wings.

“I’m…fine,” She answered.

However, BlackWarGreymon knew she wasn’t fine. He noticed that one of her wings wasn’t keeping pace with the other.

‘She hasn’t fully recovered.’

The all of the sudden, Luna felt her energy in her wing dropped like a landslide. Unable to keep it up anymore, she dropped from the sky.

But her fall was only brief. For the moment she started to drop, she landed on something. Opening her eyes, she found herself resting on BlackWarGreymon’s back. Lying upon his shield.

“Don’t worry, Luna. I’ll get you back safely.”

Luna was surprised how much of a gentleman he really was, helping her in the way he did. She couldn’t help but smile as she was being carried the rest of the way back to her tower.

“Thank you, BlackWarGreymon.”

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