• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 74: Wheels of Fate

After letting Princess Luna go to find BlackWarGreymon on her own, Princess Celestia flew across Canterlot to find Princess Cadence. All the while the white Alicorn remained truly amazed that her own little sister held feelings towards the black Digimon. While she had suspected that something was going on but to hear it out in the open was something else entirely.

In fact, the very thought of a pony falling in love with a Digital Monster seemed like an impossible notion. Since the two came from different worlds. But it all goes to show that no matter what, love always finds a way. Celestia hoped that BlackWarGreymon himself felt the same way about Luna. Because while she was thinking about it, the two did look like a cute couple. Odd, but cute.

When Celestia finally reached where Cadence was, she found that Prince Shining Armor was near by with a section of the royal guards. With many more on the way. After landing, the Sun Princess informed the two that Luna may have found BlackWarGreymon. And more importantly, was on her way to find him.

Shortly afterwards, Celestia sent a quick letter to Princess Twilight. Detailing the same things she told Cadence and Shining Armor. After reading the letter, Twilight immediately went to gather all her friends together and prepared for another long-distance teleportation spell.

But just before the spell was complete, Spike, Applebloom, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle ran up to them and got caught in the magical field of the spell. Which resulted in the four being teleported with the Mane Six.

So when the group reappeared in Canterlot, all were surprised to see the three fillies and the young dragon. Dazzled by Twilight’s spell.

“Urrgh, my head,” Spike said as he suddenly felt sick. Covering his mouth to hold it in.

“Woah, I feel dizzy,” Scootaloo moaned as she fell on her side.

“What in tarnation are ya four doin’?” Applejack asked.

“I’m sorry, Applejack. But ya look like ya were in trouble,” Applebloom answered. Joined by Sweetie Belle.

“And we wanted to help you.”

The older mares were admittingly touched by how much the young wanted to help them. But then perked up when Spike spoke up.

“So what’s this about BlackWarGreymon?” He asked after he got over his sickness.

“Yeah, did something happen?” Scootaloo added.

Rarity walked up to the young four with a reassuring smile.

“It’s so sweet you want to help, darlings. But we are wondering that ourselves.”

“Yeah, Twilight. What’s going on?” Rainbow Dash asked.

It seemed in her haste to return to Canterlot, the purple Alicorn had neglected to inform her friends of what exactly happened.

“Sorry. I was in such a rush, I forgot to tell you.”

She then turned her attention to Celestia.

“Is it true? Has Luna found BlackWarGreymon?”

Celestia smiled as she answered.

“Well to be exact, she had an idea of where he could be.”

“And you think she’s right?” Fluttershy asked.

Then as if responding to the yellow mare’s question, a bright flash of white light caught their attention. All eyes turned towards the sky and saw the moon high in the air. Shining brighter than ever before. While all the others were amazed and confused at the spectacle, Celestia gave a heart-warming smile. Like her own connection to the sun, Luna was connected to the moon. It reacts to whatever she was feeling. So seeing it shine so bright meant one thing.

“Wow. What’s up with the moon?” Pinkie Pie asked.

Celestia answered the Earth Pony’s question.

“It seems Luna has finally found him.”

Most of the group smiled in joy form what she said. Spike and the Cutiemark Crusaders however were understandably confused at what was going on. But they will receive their answers shortly.

Meanwhile, a great new romance had forged in the cave of a large mountain. Far away from Canterlot. In a bold effort to restore BlackWarGreymon back to his senses, after what felt like an eternity of hiding, Luna, the Princess of the Night, had finally confessed her feelings to him. And after BlackWarGreymon confessed his own feelings for her in return, the two went with their new emotions and finally embraced each other.

After the two spent their whole time cuddling and kissing for over fifteen minutes under the bright moonlight, they finally calmed down and spent the rest of their time resting. BlackWarGreymon lying on the floor with his back against the stone wall as Luna laid beside him with her head resting on his chest.

“Wow. So that’s what true loves kiss feels like. I never knew it felt so amazing,” BlackWarGreymon said. The expression on his helmetless face showed that he was blown away by the new experience.

“Hmm. It was far better than the old story books showed. It felt so magical,” Luna agreed. Her face glowing with her smile as she felt the warmth of the Digimon’s body.

“And your fur is so smooth,” The Mega said to compliment the princess as he fiddled the ends of her mane with his hand. The words and actions made the Alicorn blush in flattery. Her smile grew bigger.

“T-Thank you.”

The two then looked up at the hole in the cave ceiling. Watching the bright light from the full moon shine through the hole and onto them. The two enjoying each other’s company. As silence filled the area, Luna spoke up.

“So what’s going to happen now?”

The Jet-Black Dragon Warrior took a moment to think before answering.

“You should get back to Canterlot. Celestia is probably worried about you by now.”

The Alicorn turned to look at BlackWarGreymon in surprise.

“Alone? But what about you?”

“Sorry. But I’m not sure I’m ready to face the others just yet. Not after what happened. I wasn’t… myself back there. And I did hurt those guards. I hope you understand.”

Luna understood perfectly what he meant. BlackWarGreymon was afraid that after the incident at Canterlot, some ponies might be weary of him. Or even scared of him. He figured that it was best for Canterlot to settle down first before his return. Luna's return would also help solidify the fact.

Knowing that the Digimon would definitely come back, Luna reluctantly agreed.

“I understand. Take all the time you need. Once you’re ready, you come back to me. Ok?”

Luna then nuzzled him with tender care. Showing that she really wanted him to return. And hoped that he would be ok on his own for a while.

BlackWarGreymon chuckled before responding.

“Ok. It’s a promise.”

Rising back onto her hooves, the Moon Princess gave him a loving smile before walking away. BlackWarGreymon watched her all the while. But before she could leave the chamber, the Alicorn paused and turned to face him.

“Oh, and by the way. You may not want to forget this.”

From seeing her horn glowing blue, the Mega knew she was using a magical spell. But he didn’t know which one. Seconds later, one of his Dramon Destroyers flew through the cave and landed beside him. BlackWarGreymon recognizing it as the one he dropped near the cave entrance.

“Thank you,” He replied as he picked it up and slid it onto his right arm.

Luna gave him one more reassuring smile before extending her wings. Then with a strong beat, she took to the air and flew out of the chamber. As the blue princess exited the cave and left the vicinity of the mountain, her smile kept growing bigger and bigger. For the first time in her life, a true romantic relationship with someone. She’s got a lot to tell her big sister.

Back in the cave chamber, BlackWarGreymon walked to the centre of the chamber to pick up his other Dramon Destroyer. Placing it on his left arm. He then turned to pick up his helmet. He paused when he saw his reflection on the Chrome Digizoid metal. Seeing his true face was something new to both him and Luna. He was glad that his love interest wasn’t put off by it. Though he did wonder what was going through her head. The same goes for all his other friends once he shows them.

As he placed his helmet back in place on his head, he began to reminisce on what happened moments ago. His loving moment with Luna was probably one of the best moments of his life. If not, THE best moment of his life.

“I still cant believe we really did that,” He said to himself. Fully believing that he made the right choice in calling Equestria his home.

But then, just as he was enjoying his mental bliss, something happened.

A small glimmer of light caught the corner of his eye. Following in its direction, the confused Digimon looked down by his feet. There on the stone floor, was a tiny speck of white light.

“What’s that?”

Looking up at the hole in the cave ceiling, BlackWarGreymon could see that the moon had moved over to a point where it wasn’t shining through the hole. Meaning that the light on the ground wasn’t a reflection of the moonlight.


Looking back down, BlackWarGreymon grew suspicious. Unsure what the tiny light was. With curiosity getting the better of him, the Mega knelt down towards it and very gently, poked it with the metal claw from his right gauntlet.

But as soon as he touched the ball of light, the Digimon let out a surprise yell! The light suddenly engulfed him! Forcing him to shield his eyes from the intense bright light. As he closed his eyes, he could feel as though he was in some place completely different. The gravity felt drastic. Making him feel either light on his feet or weighing him down. But his feet felt no ground beneath him. Next came the unusual feeling all around him. The magical field in the air bathed him in its radiance.

“What is this!!?” He said as it seemed the light was shining brighter. Almost blinding him despite closing his eyes.

Then to his uncertainty, the light seemed to have died down. But yet, it felt as though his surroundings was much brighter than the cave was. He also felt lighter. Almost weightless. The air around him felt warm too.

As he recovered from near blindness, BlackWarGreymon slowly opened his eyes. Which then went wide in amazement form the fact that… he was no longer in the cave at all! From looking at his surroundings, all he could see was a bright blue expanse. Dotted with floating white specks that looked like stars in the night sky. It was almost like he was in a different dimension. But at the same time, he felt as though… he had been to the strange world before. He couldn’t really figure it out. But all he knew was that the unknown world was rich in Equestrian magic.

Unsure of his predicament, the confused Digimon called out to see if he wasn’t alone.

“H-Hello! Is there someone here!?”

To his surprise, he received a reply in the form of a womanly voice.

“I’m here.”

Startled by the voice and how close it sounded, BlackWarGreymon stumbled backwards and fell on his back. Though the invisible ground felt hard, to his confusion, the impact felt soft. As if he landed on a pile of pillows.

As the Artificial Mega sat up, he began to notice that some of the twinkling lights around him began to converge a couple of feet in front of him. Unsure of what was going on, he decided to let the events happen and see where his predicament went.

As the specks of light merged together, they began to take the form of a being. A pony-like figure from the look of it. And it was indeed alive. It was slowly walking towards the Digimon as more specks of light absorbed into its body.

Then to BlackWarGreymon’s amazement, the living being of light took on a physical form. Fully revealing herself to him.

At first glance, the pony resembled a Unicorn mare. But what stood her out from all his friends was that she was tall. Taller than Celestia and just over half his height. Her horn was different too. Instead of it being straight and spiralled like all the others, it was smoothed and curved upwards. And bizarrely it ended on not one, but two points. Making it a ‘two pronged’ horn. Her fur was pale purple, with the fur down by her legs being a slightly darker shade. The fur down by her crystal cloven hooves were also longer. Her long mane and tail were also a darker shade of bright purple and strangely, were decorated with small crystalline vines and flowers. All in the same colour. BlackWarGreymon couldn’t figure out why, but those specific features greatly reminded him of the Tree of Harmony. Even her cutiemark bared a striking resemblance. Itself looking like a white six-pointed star surrounded by a dark purple star-like pattern that branched out. Her mane was also styled differently by a crystalline hairband. The overall look greatly resembling what could be best described as a ‘goddess’. Her eyes were pale blue and was also wearing a tiara on her forehead. The golden crown possessed six gemstones. Five of which were imbedded in the crown itself while the sixth, in the shape of a star, was attached on its top. It was magenta in colour while the remainder, in the shape of standard gemstones, were pink, orange, red, blue and green.

The black Digimon could also sense her magic. She was definitely strong. Much stronger than Celestia’s, but not quite on the level of Ayumi’s. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but her magic also felt familiar. And that’s not all. He thought he would be confused and maybe intimidated at being brought to a different dimension against his will. But when he looked at the new pony walking towards him, he didn’t felt those emotions at all. Instead, he felt surprisingly calm and… almost safe just from being in her presence. There was definitely a warm and inviting vibe to her.

Then he realised something. This strange mare was walking ever closer to him. Showing absolutely no fear towards him. In its place, was pure curiosity.

BlackWarGreymon wanted to stand back up to address himself. But found himself unable to do so. He was so mesmerized by the pony’s curious gaze, his body simply froze on the spot. Refusing to obey.


The immobile Mega began to feel awkward. While he was held in some sort of paralyzed state, it allowed the strange mare to walk even closer. Pass his legs and towards his chest. He then felt more uncomfortable when the pony started to climb on him. Her front legs pressed against his armoured chest as she leaned closer to his head. Her face only a foot away from his own.

She then paused. Her curious stare was both carefree and intense at the same time. Staring deeply into the confused eyes of BlackWarGreymon as if she was testing him. Her actions alone was more than enough to convince the Digimon that she was definitely no ordinary pony. To him, she didn’t just feel otherworldly. He almost felt like he was staring into the eyes of a deity.

As silence filled the void around the two, the strange Unicorn gave BlackWarGreymon a heart-warming smile. Like a mother would do to her child.

She then spoke.

“Wow. You’re much more handsome up close.”

The Artificial Digimon was intrigued by the mare’s voice. Her voice carried a soft and graceful tone. Her words even had a subtle echo to them. But it wasn’t just that. What caught BlackWarGreymon’s full attention was that her voice was incredibly familiar. He felt that he definitely heard it before.

Then it finally clicked! He HAD heard it before! Her voice… which sounded both young and old at the same time… with a tone like a wind chime… it sounded just like the one he heard from the Tree of Harmony! The one that called his name! The one that warned him about Tirek’s attack on Canterlot!


Sensing that his mind was full of questions, the mysterious Unicorn took several steps back to give the Mega room to stand back up. As he hastily rose back on his feet, he stared at the mare in shock, curiosity and fascination. All before he spoke. His voice carrying a slight hint of nervousness.

“Your voice. Are you… are you the one… w-who spoke to me before?”

The pony gave him a friendly reply. Her voice echoing through the Digimon’s very being.

“I am.”

Despite the simple answer, BlackWarGreymon felt intimidated. She was able to communicate with him from a different plain of existence. Furthermore, she knew of his name without actually meeting him. Something in which he questioned.

“W-Who are you? And how do you know my name?”

To his surprise, the large Unicorn closed her eyes as she bowed to him in respect and to welcome him. She then introduced herself.

“It’s truly an honour to finally meet you in person, BlackWarGreymon. I am the guardian of Equestria, and overseer of the Harmonian Nexus.”

After she rose back up, she revealed her identity.

“As for my name, you may call me Harmony.”

BlackWarGreymon paused as he took in her name. Repeating it.


He then inquired about her title.

“So… you say you’re Equestria’s guardian?”

The pony, identified as Harmony, answered his question.

“Indeed I am. Every world has its own share of guardians. My duty is to protect the balance of magic in Equestria and keep it in check. One of my most successful ideas of securing the harmonic balance was to extend my power into the physical world of Equestria. Which took form of a large tree.”

“A tree?” The Digimon asked. But was then quick to realise that his previous assumption was in fact correct.

“You’re talking about the Tree of Harmony?”

“Yes. The tree is a part of me. It and I are one of the same. Put it simply, I created the Tree of Harmony and its elements.”

BlackWarGreymon was stunned. But despite getting answers, it was also piling up more questions. But before he could get a headache from the question overload, there was just one thing that he needed to know. Asking the big question.

“And… where exactly are we right now?” He asked as he looked at his surroundings. He had to admit that he could see the beauty in his new environment.

Harmony happily answered his question.

“This is the Harmonian Nexus that I mentioned. A dimensional plane that exists just outside of Equestria. Not only I live here, I also use it to see the events that play out in Equestria.”

As he looked around, BlackWarGreymon could feel the energy around him. Like the tree and Harmony herself, the energy felt very familiar. But he couldn’t quite figure out why.

“Is the Nexus displeasing you?” Harmony asked him. Noting that he kept looking around instead of answering her.

BlackWarGreymon quickly corrected himself and spoke up.

“Oh no. It’s not that at all. In fact, this place is beautiful. It’s just that… why do I have a feeling that I’ve been here before?”

As the Digimon looked at the mysterious world around him, Harmony turned around with a smile on her face. She knew perfectly well what the answer to BlackWarGreymon’s question was. The answer which she gave him.

“That’s because you have been here before.”

The alerted Mega snapped to attention as he looked at the Unicorn in surprise. He then could hear her talking, almost as id she was mumbling to herself.

“Only once. And it was only for a moment.”

“I…I have!? But… I don’t recognize this place! Please explain!”

Hearing how desperate BlackWarGreymon was to find out the truth, Harmony decided that it was time to show him.

“Follow me.”

Doing what she said, BlackWarGreymon followed Harmony as she walked away. As the Unicorn walked calmly on a path made up of tiny white specks of light, the Digimon was having difficulty. He couldn’t exactly tell if gravity in the Harmonian Nexus was strong or weak. At times he felt that his weight was like over a ton or nothing at all. He wasn’t used to the dimension Harmony called home.

Not wanting to feel disorientated, BlackWarGreymon decided to fly instead. Hovering above the path of light. Then as he caught up with Harmony, the Unicorn mare explained herself.

“As you probably figured out, I’ve been around far longer than your mind could comprehend. Eons ago, my focus of duty was only in Equestria. But when I learnt that there were worlds beyond Equestria, I couldn’t contain my curiosity. So I expanded the Harmonian Nexus. So I could watch those worlds with my own eyes. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe.”

Turning her head around to look at BlackWarGreymon, Harmony smiled at him when she spoke on.

“And the Digital World is among one of my absolute favourites.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at her in surprise and amazement.

“Y…You know about the Digital World!?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Harmony stopped in her tracks. Causing BlackWarGreymon to also stop. Then with a single tap of her hoof, Harmony caused the Nexus to shift. As if the realm itself was speeding past the two at great speed. The Mega almost felt dizzy as he watched the light and colours flew by all around him.

After only a couple of seconds, it all stopped. When BlackWarGreymon looked at his new surroundings, his yellow eyes went wide as his mind couldn’t believe what he was seeing. A new… but very familiar sight. The Nexus lost its brilliant blue hue and was replaced with a black void. But rather than being empty, the surrounding area was littered with distant stars and swirling galaxies.

The silent BlackWarGreymon was all too familiar with the sight. It was one of the only things he could never forget. It was perfectly identical to the mysterious realm he found himself moments after his death. The place where he was before he was sent to Equestria from the very beginning.

BlackWarGreymon kept looking at his surroundings in awe. He was in the very same place as before. Then his shocked eyes grew even wider when he started to piece the puzzles together. After his death, and before his arrival in Equestria, he was in the Harmonian Nexus. Because of the identical energy, the Nexus was linked to the Tree of Harmony. And the Tree of Harmony was the physical embodiment of Harmony herself.

The truth hit him hard. Harmony was in charge of the Nexus. And she knew everything that happened in the realm. In fact, he had a vague memory of when he was sucked through the white portal that lead him to Equestria, he recalled that he saw a very blurry image of a creature.

A being that barred a striking resemblance…

…to a Unicorn!

As more pieces fell into a complete picture, BlackWarGreymon slowly averted his shocked gaze at the Unicorn in front of him. As she had her back to him, she was hiding a smile. The Nexus telling her that the Digimon was slowly discovering the truth. She then revealed another secret.

“To answer your other question. About how I knew your name. The answer is simple.”

Harmony then looked over her shoulder to see the Digimon. Telling him the truth.

“I’ve been watching you.”

Then with another tap of her hoof, countless white rectangles appeared around the two. Slowly circling them. Then like television screens, the rectangles began to show moving pictures. But to BlackWarGreymon’s amazement, the images he was seeing, were all the events of his past! Not just in Equestria, but way back during his time in the Digital World! His past life! All the memories of his journey were displayed for him to see. All from his birth. His disobedient phase. His confrontations with Azulongmon and WarGreymon. His lessons of friendship. His ultimate sacrifice. All up to his adventures in Equestria. The moments of calm, like helping the Mane Six and simply just having fun. The moments that were intense, like his fights with Lord Tirek, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Even moments of absolute importance were shown. Like his rematch with Tirek, his encounter with Ayumi, the discovery of his Ascended form, and even his Berserk Mode.

Harmony finished off her statement as she turned to look at BlackWarGreymon. Once more showing her motherly smile.

“All from the very beginning.”

Then as all of the visions of BlackWarGreymon’s past vanished into nothing, silence once more filled the Nexus. BlackWarGreymon stared at Harmony with wide eyes filled with awe, amazement and astonishment. He had finally found it. The long-awaited answer to the question which was on his mind the moment he took his first breath after his sacrifice. His legs started to tremble from the sheer weight of the discovery. His answer was right there. Standing in front of him.

“I… I know now. I… don’t believe it. It… was you.”

BlackWarGreymon took a step back as he spoke with shock in his voice.

“IT WAS YOU!!! You’re the one who brought me here!! You’re the one who sent me to Equestria!!”

Almost as if she was delaying the answer on purpose just to raise the suspense, Harmony finally gave her answer.


BlackWarGreymon suddenly felt as though he was hit by some invisible force. His hair felt like it was standing up on ends. His question had truly been answered. With his legs feeling like jelly, he felt like falling to his knees. But his mind was too preoccupied to do so. His mind was just blown from the truth. Meanwhile Harmony turned back around to admire the view around her.

“This part of the Harmonian Nexus is quite far from Equestria. Which is why the realm looks so dark. We’re in fact near the borders of where the Digital World would be.”

As he remained in his shocked state, BlackWarGreymon realised another fact. Something else that Harmony had done for him.

“You… saved my life.”

As Harmony looked at the surrounding galaxies, she replied to him as if it wasn’t entirely a big deal. Understandable, considering that she might have existed for a very long time without company.

“Indeed, I did. Healing that chest wound of yours was simple. But restoring your entire body and bringing it here was quite difficult even for me. Well… considering that you’re made of data, and that your power back then was quite formidable.”

Then to her confusion, the Unicorn heard a quick motion and even an impact behind her. Turning around, Harmony was surprised to see BlackWarGreymon… bowing to her!? Down on one knee, with his right arm resting against his chest, his eyes shut and his head hung low, he was displaying a great amount of respect to her. What threw her off was that she knew the Mega was the type who would kneel to no one so willingly. So to see him doing so unexpected was quite bizarre.

“W-What is this?” She asked him.

BlackWarGreymon then explained his actions.

“I don’t think you understand. What you have done for me may not be important to you, but it is for me. You’re the one who saved my life. You sent me to Equestria to find a new purpose in my existence. You’re the one who gave me a new life. A second chance to redeem myself for what I’ve done in the past. You have no idea how much this means to me. And I have no idea how to ever repay you. I’m eternally in your dept, Harmony.”

The large Unicorn was taken back by the black Digimon’s words. She never thought that BlackWarGreymon would ever act in such a way. He was praising her as if she was some kind of goddess. But one thing was true. She had no idea her decision would mean so much to him. She finally understood how important life was to him.

But one thing she mentally disagreed was his statement that what she’d done wasn’t important to her. It was in fact the exact opposite. BlackWarGreymon’s life was very important to her. But she would have to explain why later.

“You don’t need to do that,” She responded. But the Mega was insistent.

“But I must. I must find some way to repay you for what you have done for me.”

Then to BlackWarGreymon’s surprise, he opened his eyes when he felt Harmony tap her horn against his metal nose horn. With a smile, she gave her reply.

“There’s really no need. Because you’ve already done just that. You used your powers to protect Equestria when it really needed it. To repel threats which I doubt even I could defeat. You truly are a protector Equestria deserves.”

The next thing she said was of a whisper. Something that BlackWarGreymon was too awestricken to pick up on.

“Certainly, more so than me.”

As Harmony backed away slightly, the Digimon looked at her in confusion. Puzzled by one fact.

“But… why me? There are other Digimon more purer than I could ever be. Surely, they would be more worthy than I am. So why chose me?”

Harmony then let out a heartfelt reason.

“Because you’re a special case, BlackWarGreymon. You were created to be a force of destruction. A tool for evil intentions. But you rejected those ideals and chose your own path. True, you were misguided at the start. But by the time of your passing, you sacrificed your life for a noble cause. At that moment, you, a creation of evil, performed an act of good. You are young. Full of life and potential. So to see it all being taken away like that so soon… felt wrong. That’s why I chose you. So that you can not only rectify your guilts, but to further explore and experience friendship. And from what I’ve seen, it worked out. Didn’t it?”

It didn’t took long for BlackWarGreymon to answer.

“Of course, it did.”

He continued on as he stood back up.

“I care deeply for my friends. I’ll do anything to keep them safe. No matter what.”

Harmony’s smile grew even bigger from hearing his response.

“Hmm. Spoken like a true protector. And a true friend.”

Her smile then changed from honest to cheeky.

“Now I see why my daughter likes you so much.”

BlackWarGreymon looked at Harmony in confusion. Unsure what or who she was referring to.

“Uhh? What was that you said?”

The Unicorn explained herself.

“Long after I created my tree, I once thought of another idea to help keep the balance of the world in check. On that day, I used my great powers to give life to two fillies. Both with magic unlike any other. The power the control day and night.”

BlackWarGreymon instantly knew whom Harmony was talking about.

“You mean Celestia and Luna?”

Then he recalled the two words the Unicorn used. Words which slowly caught him off-guard.

“Wait. Give life? To two fillies? Harmony! Are… Are you…!?”

Harmony smiled as she answered.

“What do you think?” She replied. Leaving the answer vague enough for BlackWarGreymon to make his interpretation.

The black armoured Mega was left awestricken. If what he was thinking was true, then he was in the presence of who was figuratively, the mother of the Alicorn sisters. Meaning that the two princesses were essentially her daughters.

But then he realised something. A stray thought crossed his mind. Which started to make him feel awkward. Almost embarrassed to address it out loud.

“W-Wait. But… here. We met… just after Luna left.”

As he spoke more, he had never felt so uncomfortable.

“Does that mean…? Have you…? Seen us…?”

Harmony’s mischievous smile only grew bigger as the tall Digimon began to feel flustered. Knowing full well what he was trying to say, she cleared the air.


“…H…How long?”

“Every second.”

BlackWarGreymon was at a loss for words as he felt as if his mind crashed. Under his helmet, he could feel his checks burning up. Clearly embarrassed by a large degree. The entire time he was with Luna in the mountain cave, Harmony was watching him. Which truly meant that she saw everything.

The smiling Unicorn looked away as she spoke. Her blushing smile had never left her face. And her manner of speaking was very much like that of a mother.

“When I sent you to Equestria, I knew you would embrace friendship. But even I had no idea you would find true love. Especially with one of my daughters.”

Hearing what Harmony said made BlackWarGreymon realised something. As the one who had given life to both Celestia and Luna, Harmony was certainly the most important pony to exist. And she watched him kiss one of her children after confessing his feelings to her.

The uncomfortable Mega tried to speak up to speak. But his sudden anxiety prevented him from talking properly. All what came out of him were stutters and mumbles.

Sensing that BlackWarGreymon was unsure of how she felt about the recent development, Harmony gave him her honest response after letting out a light-hearted chuckle.

“You have nothing to worry about. I could clearly tell that your love for her is genuine. Not to mention very strong. That’s something I would not dare intervene. You two look so cute together. So I have nothing against your relationship with Luna. I think it’s very sweet.”

BlackWarGreymon breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his nerves subsiding. For a moment, he thought he was in big trouble. But luckily for him, Harmony herself was supportive of the idea. He hoped that his friends back in Canterlot felt the same.

As silence filled the ethereal air, Harmony tapped her hoof and sent herself and BlackWarGreymon back to where they were. The part of the Harmonian Nexus to where they first talked. During the brief travel, Harmony looked to the side in thought. There was a whole other reason for bringing BlackWarGreymon to Equestria. An issue that had plagued her for thousands of years. A problem too big for even her to handle. Something so dangerous the likes the world of the ponies had never seen.

Something… that she herself may had instigated by mistake.

But before she would have to confess, there was still time for her to mingle with BlackWarGreymon. To spend as much pleasant time as she could before the inevitable should happen. The Unicorn turned towards the waiting BlackWarGreymon. Trying to hide her worries behind a smile.

“I sense you sill have many questions you wish to ask me?” Harmony asked BlackWarGreymon.

Before he answered, the black Digimon took note on the sudden feeling of negativity from the guardian. Despite being curious of what it was about, he was indeed full of questions that only she could answer.

“Actually, I do. Some of which I long for answers.”

But before BlackWarGreymon could continue, Harmony raised her hoof to stop him.

“But before you do, I’ve got a question I would like to ask you.”

BlackWarGreymon was not expecting Harmony to have a question for him to answer. Being a guardian, he figured she knew everything about him. So from her, the question had to be vitally important.

“Oh. Alright. What is it?”

But as BlackWarGreymon was expecting something significant, the question he received from Harmony was the total opposite.

“Is it true that your hair is surprisingly pleasant to the touch?”

The Mega looked at her with an expression that was a combination of shock and dumbfound. A question he hadn’t heard in a while but was all to familiar with.


Hidden lair, unknown location

Deep within the darkest depths of his hideout, the evil Digimon appeared to be sleeping. But as he slumbered, he let out a demonic growl of hate. All the while the claw-like fingers in his hands twitched and flickered.

Author's Note:

Here we are at last people. The identity of the mysterious being has finally been revealed.

To people who are unaware, Harmony is an OC created by Heilos. Of course, I asked permission to use the OC for this story. To which she kindly allowed me. Please take the time to check out her artwork on her Deviantart page.

And in case you all were wondering. Yes, I know that the origins of the Tree of Harmony was revealed in the official series of My Little Pony. But this fanfic was planed out way back in 2015. Way before anyone knew where the Tree of Harmony came from. I'm one of the few that believed that it was created by some sort of guardian. But when the official reveal came in the end of Season 7, well, I wasn't a big fan of the idea. In fact, I was a little disappointed. Which is why in this fanfic, I'm keeping the guardian idea as I envisioned. Makes me wonder if other people agree with me.

I hope you all like this chapter. And the character of Harmony. Much more will be revealed in the next chapter. It's going to be big! Because after 8 long years, it will be the unveiling of who the evil Digimon really is. So get ready!

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