• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 69: Countdown to Calamity

Far away from any civilization, the evil Digimon, along with Queen Chrysalis and her Changeling hive, were waiting within the deepest depths of their hidden lair.

It had been quite a while since the dark beast had sent ChaosBlackWarGreymon and Lord Tirek towards the city of Canterlot with their mission. The plan was simple. The centaur would drain all the magic from the royals and the element bearers, rendering them helpless and weak. Such a sight would cause BlackWarGreymon so much grief that the digital clone would take advantage and destroy him once and for all.

The large Digimon possessed far greater senses than the Changeling queen. During their wait, the evil being felt a cluster of power surges. All the tell-tale signs that there was a conflict. Just as he had planned. He was admittingly unsettled when he felt the magical power within BlackWarGreymon as the latter went into his Ascended form. But was interested to find out that the power slowly died down. Then even more so when he felt Tirek’s power sharply rising shortly afterwards.

But his curiosity really peaked when he felt a sudden dark change to BlackWarGreymon’s data. With his mind full of knowledge, he knew exactly what the change was. But with it came something unexpected. With the sudden rise in digital energy, the evil being could no longer tell what was happening. As if BlackWarGreymon’s newfound power was overshadowing everyone else. He couldn’t even sense ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

But what left him surprised the most was that as soon as the power faded away, everything else just disappeared. Vanished without a trace. While he could tell the battle was over, he couldn’t decipher which was victory or defeat. Unless BlackWarGreymon’s power destroyed both them and himself.

Chrysalis could see that the Digimon was acting uneasy.

“M-Master? Are you alright?” She asked. Unsure what was going through his mind.

Instead of replying to Chrysalis directly, the Digimon spoke his mind. Revealing what he was thinking.

“The powers are gone. The battle has concluded. But I can’t tell who won,” He said, aggravated by the lack of evidence on who won.

Not wanting to see the beast angry, the Changeling queen tried to reassure him.

“I understand your plan perfectly. If things went according to your precise instructions, I’m sure they won’t fail.”

The annoyed beast clenched his right fist in anger.

“Likewise. I’m getting tired of these countless failures.”

The recent events were not the only failures the dark being had experienced. All the previous times surrounding the elements of evil he had tried to develop had backfired on his plan of conquest. The missions he sent Queen Chrysalis on, even far back at the Canterlot wedding. Him influencing Sombra to become the king of shadows. Trying to get Discord to follow his way. He even came across Lord Tirek and his brother Scorpen. Informing the two about the magic of Equestria. Of course, it lead to one being imprisoned and one being a traitor. Afterwards, three times the dark being freed Tirek. Only for him to turn out useless.

Thousands of years the evil Digimon plotted to weaken Equestria prior to his emergence. Only for good to prevail and grow stronger. With the string of failed missions in recent times, he would think to expect failure. But he had hoped that surely, he would make a breakthrough.

As silence began to settle in, the souls in the lair began to hear footsteps. Looking in the direction of one of the passageways, they all saw that it was ChaosBlackWarGreymon. His expression seemed more neutral than normal as he walked in. Thoughts clearly on his mind.

“Ah, you’re back. How was your mission?” Chrysalis asked. Somewhat relieved that the clone came back unharmed.

To her confusion, the grey-armoured Mega said nothing as he walked closer to the centre of the lair. His expression not changing in the slightest.

Then as the armoured Digimon paused in place, the evil being stood up from not seeing one of his other allies.

“Where is Tirek?”

At first, ChaosBlackWarGreymon didn’t answer the question. Though he slowly looked down at the ground in response. But his evil creator began to grow impatient once more.

“Answer me! Where is he!?”

After another suspenseful silence, the BlackWarGreymon clone spoke up.

“H…He’s dead.”

The dark Digimon paused in response. The expression in his eyes showed mild shock and disbelief. The same could not be said for Chrysalis and her Changelings. To whom were all surprised. As her solders mumbled and gossiped amongst themselves, the queen spoke to the digital clone.

“W-What!!? Tirek’s dead!?”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon paused for a moment while remembering what he had seen. The sight of BlackWarGreymon Dark Mode Changing into his berserker state. Then the image of him tearing Tirek apart. All concluded with his execution. He then broke the silence, answering Chrysalis.

“Yes. BlackWarGreymon destroyed him. And then turned him into dust.”

Chrysalis felt very intimidated at what she had heard. She had fought BlackWarGreymon before back at Canterlot. She remembered how she was easily repealed by the Digimon’s strength. In terms of power, speed and strength, she was vastly outclassed. She couldn’t believe that the very same Digimon possessed the kind of power to destroy someone as powerful as Tirek. She felt lucky that the Mega didn’t took her seriously.

But then the Changeling queen had a thought. Something that made her very doubtful.

“Wait. Is he really the same one? I don’t think the ponies would ever allow that.”

Chrysalis had a good reason to be skeptical. Being close friends with the ponies, she would think that he would follow their example and not commit murder. BlackWarGreymon also fought against her hive and not one of them had perished. She felt that something was amiss.

Chrysalis wasn’t the only one to have thought so. The evil Digimon himself was having the same mental image. Speaking up to express his thoughts.

“You’re right. They wouldn’t. The pitiful ponies don’t have the stomach for it. Unless…”

He then began to remember sensing the sudden dark change in BlackWarGreymon’s energy. The Dark Digivolution. It had to be the only reason. He then averted his gaze. Looking directly at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. The armoured Digimon flinched in response as his master stared him down.

“You were there. You saw everything. What happened?”

Despite already knowing the reason, the evil Digimon wanted to hear it straight from ChaosBlackWarGreymon himself. The digital clone began to feel intimidated as his master approached him. He could hear the hidden growls of anger within his voice. But knowing he had to obey, he complied.

“BlackWarGreymon. He… he Dark Digivolved. His new form was far stronger than his Ascended form. He… he then tortured Tirek to the brink of death. And then incinerated him with fire.”

Chrysalis and her Changelings felt a wave of fear from what the grey-armoured Digimon said. Frightened even more of BlackWarGreymon’s abilities. As for the evil Digimon, his eyes showed a hint of surprise. Of all the ways for Tirek to go out, he never expected death by fire. But knowing all about Dark Digivolutions, he understood it.

But there was something else the master wanted to know.

“But you were there.”

Before ChaosBlackWarGreymon could respond, he suddenly felt a large fist colliding into his gut. Despite the armour he wore, the digital clone felt massive air leaving his body. Him gagging in pain as he hunched forward. The evil Digimon then used his same hand to grab a hold on ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s throat. Then proceeding to lift him up and slammed him against the wall. The clone gagged in surprise as he tried to pry his master’s arm away. But to no avail.

The sudden actions took the Changelings completely by surprise. Large swarms of them flew to hide in the furthest edges of the chamber. Chrysalis froze in shock at the sudden hostilities. Scared of what might happen next.

After pressing ChaosBlackWarGreymon to the wall and holding him by the throat, the beast roared at him.

“Why didn’t you interfere!?”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon panicked as he tried to struggle free. Finding it harder to breathe. He then managed to answer.

“I…I couldn’t! T-Tirek was done for! And… I would’ve been next!”

He suddenly felt the grip on his neck beginning to tighten. His eyes grew wide in shock and fear as pain started to kick in.

“You DARE disobey me!!?”

Feeling more threatened than ever for his failure, ChaosBlackWarGreymon revealed what happened.

“B-BlackWarGreymon’s power was too great! I… I tried to fight him! But… his Dark Digivolution was too strong! I stood… no chance against him!”

In response to his answer, the evil being tossed ChaosBlackWarGreymon aside. The grey-armoured Digimon crashing to the ground before taking in deep breaths. As he tried to sit back up, Chrysalis rushed to his side to help.

But as she reached him, the two could hear the master talking to himself.

“Curse it all! Failures! I’m surrounded by failures!”

After calming down, he tried to understand the situation.

‘I don’t understand it. BlackWarGreymon and I are both Mega level Digimon. And yet, he’s gaining far more power in a day than I could in a month. Never mind Dark Digivolution. His power somehow grows thanks to the magic of this world. How could his power advance so much from just magic alone? If he keeps this up, he might be able to catch up to me. Or even surpass me! Thousands of years of waiting will be for nothing! I cannot let that happen!’

Seeing the evil Digimon motionless and quiet brought full attention from Queen Chrysalis. She had never seen him in such deep thought before.

Unsure of what he was thinking, the nervous royal summoned up the courage to talk to him.

“Umm… master?”

Her voice caught the Digimon’s attention. Annoyed that she broke his concentration.


Chrysalis felt a wave of fear at the Digimon’s outburst. He was clearly not in a good mood. But after her brief hesitation, she spoke her question.

“Just… how near are you to your full power?”

The Digimon looked at his clenched fists as he answered.

“I am close, Chrysalis. So close! I just need to wait a bit more. But I’m almost there! I can feel it!”

After letting out a heavy sigh, the evil beast turned to walk away. The Changeling in front of him moved out of the way to avoid being squashed under his feet. They knew he wouldn’t care if he did.

“Where you going?” Chrysalis asked him.

“I’m going to sleep. Don’t disturb me,” He replied before disappearing into the shadows.

Both Chrysalis and the recovering ChaosBlackWarGreymon watched on. Wondering what was on the monster’s mind.

Over at Canterlot Castle, Princess Twilight managed to reach her friends in the throne room. All her friends were wondering why Twilight didn’t arrive with them. and where she had run off to. The answer of which she explained. But with a nervous tone.

Predictably, the reactions of her friends were of complete shock. The reason for her nervous tone.

“Wait! You went and found ChaosBlackWarGreymon all on your own!?” Rainbow Dash asked the purple Alicorn.

“Yes, I did,” Twilight answered while chuckling nervously.

Prince Shining Armor rushed up to his little sister to inspect her out of concern.

“Are you ok? Are you hurt!?”

“It’s ok, Shining. He didn’t hurt me.”

Then Applejack chimed in.

“But why in tarnation would ya do somthin’ like that?”

Then Twilight revealed to the group what she had discovered.

“Because he knew what happened to BlackWarGreymon. He told me everything.”

The others were stunned silent from Twilight’s answer. They couldn’t believe it. The digital clone knew why their Digimon friend suddenly went berserk against Tirek. At the back of the group, the silent Luna and Cadence perked up from hearing Twilight’s words. Luna more so.

“Really!? He told you!?” She asked in disbelief. Joined by Pinkie Pie.

“What did he say!?”

But before the rush of exchanges could continue, ponies all talking over each other, Princess Celestia interrupted them.

“Calm down, everypony.”

Hearing the motherly tone of the white Alicorn caused all the ponies cease talking and pay attention to her.

Celestia took a moment to look at Twilight. While she was relieved that her former student was unharmed and back in their safety, she was also confused. From what she was told and from what she saw, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was violent and very dangerous. His way of thinking was as unpredictable as his vicious temper. A true force to be reckoned with that even gets BlackWarGreymon worried. His previous actions at the Crystal Empire showed that he had no concerns for his allies or even the innocent lives around him. He didn’t care if they were to perish beneath his might.

That was… until the recent events. True, ChaosBlackWarGreymon left the group at the mercy of Tirek. But when BlackWarGreymon underwent a dark transformation, killed Tirek and threatened them, it was ChaosBlackWarGreymon who stepped up and tried to reason with him. It was there that Celestia couldn’t understand. If ChaosBlackWarGreymon truly was evil, then why did he not leave them as targets for the berserker Digimon? Why did he intervene? Why did he not use the enraged BlackWarGreymon for his gains. If anything, he was greatly opposed to it. Such a switch confused her greatly.

She began to understand why Twilight stayed behind at the battlefield. While they all overheard the digital clone saying that he knew what happened, Twilight had the foresight and bravery to stay behind and confront ChaosBlackWarGreymon. While the very idea was dangerous, it turned out to had paid off.

Twilight had received the very answers to the questions they had been asking since the ordeal started. With eyes full of concern, Celestia leaned closer to Twilight. Giving her a caring glare as she spoke.

“Twilight. What did he tell you? What happened to BlackWarGreymon?”

“O-Ok” The smaller Alicorn replied. Surprised by the soft caring tone from her former teacher.

After recomposing herself, Celestia joined with the others as they watched Twilight. Being silent to let her talk.

Twilight began with what the digital clone told her.

“Yes. He said he knew what happened to BlackWarGreymon. He said that it was a type of Digivolution that we have never seen before.”

Twilight paused to see the reactions from her friends. All of them looked shocked and surprised.

“What? It was a Digimon transformation?” Fluttershy asked. Leaving Twilight to answer.

“Yes. In fact, it was something that ChaosBlackWarGreymon thought would never happen to him. But somehow, it did.”

She then paused for a moment. Then revealed the name of the transformation.

“He called it… Dark Digivolution.”

The group all felt a cold shiver from hearing the name. It definitely didn’t feel right in the slightest. But out of the group, Luna felt he most insecure.

“Dark… Digivolution?”

“But how did that happen, darling?” Rarity asked.

After remembering what ChaosBlackWarGreymon told her, she revealed the cause of the form.

“Well, you see, he told me that the transformation happens… when a Digimon goes through intense rage. Their burst of anger triggers the change.”

The group all silently looked at each other in thought. They couldn’t believe that such a transformation was possible. But Luna was the one who felt uneasy the most. From what the others told her, BlackWarGreymon transformed because she got hurt by Tirek. Without knowing, she was the trigger that caused the change.

But there was an aspect about the form that the group definitely needed an answer for.

“Well… I can understand why he would go all out on Tirek. But…”

Shining Armor’s sentence was completed by Fluttershy.

“Why did he turn on us? We’re his friends.”

Twilight began to feel sad for what she was about to tell her friends. Just the thought of it made her feel hurt.

“Why? Because of the very reason why ChaosBlackWarGreymon tried to stop it.”

The group all silently looked at the purple Alicorn from the tone she used. She was clearly upset. And when she spoke again, they all found out why.

“Once a Digimon Dark Digivolves… they’d lose complete control of themselves. They would end up attacking everything around them. And everyone. Friend of foe. By succumbing to their rage, they become violent beasts that are beyond reason. They would even kill if they get the chance. Hence why so many Digimon consider it evil.”

The group all looked at Twilight in disbelief. They just couldn’t believe what they were hearing. But the things she described, matched perfectly to what had happened before their very eyes. BlackWarGreymon not only showed no mercy to Tirek. He incinerated him. Then turned on his friends, almost killed Ayumi, and then beat the living daylights out of his clone. All the while, showing no mercy. No remorse. Or even concern. But they never expected him to openly state that he would even reject friendship.

The group all fell silent. Taking a moment to sink in all what they had learnt. Disheartened that such a thing had happened to their friend.

“I… I don’t believe it. Such a thing… is real,” Celestia uttered. Feeling disheartened by the revelation. For a moment, BlackWarGreymon truly turned evil.

But then Twilight revealed more.

“Worse still. Is that you just can’t get rid of it. It’s a part of a Digimon’s evolution. It can happen to any Digimon. Regardless how good they are.”

“No way,” Rainbow Dash quietly said. She was still shaken from how BlackWarGreymon Berserk Mode acted towards her. She could never get that image out of her head. He looked so threatening.

Luna paused as she looked down at the ground. With everything Twilight just told them, then how was it that BlackWarGreymon remembered her. Somehow, her plea had reached the Digimon’s sense of reasoning. Despite being in his Berserker Mode form, he recognized her. And it was more than enough for him to let go of his rage and change back. She took a moment to think. Was it because of the bond they shared? Was that the reason why BlackWarGreymon regained his sanity?

But Twilight decided to lighten the mood.

“But for what he’d done today, ChaosBlackWarGreymon… actually saved us.”

The group looked at Twilight in response. She seemed oddly happy about what she said. Not from the fact that they were saved, but from who saved them. And with the subject of the digital clone being brought up, Shining Armor spoke.

“Well… with the beating he took, I don’t think he would be back anytime soon.”

But upon saying his piece, he and the others suddenly heard Twilight letting out a nervous chuckle.

“Well… about that.”

She paused her speech. Unsure of what the others would think if she told them.

But the others caught on to her tone. She was guilty of something.

“Twilight? What did you do?” Shining Armor asked.

Although she felt incredibly awkward for what she was about to admit, the lavender mare spilled the beans.

“Well… I healed him.”

All eyes stared at her in pure disbelief. The princess basically just admitted to healing someone who was their enemy.

“You healed him!!? Why!!? Why would you do that!!?” Rainbow Dash blurted out. Feeling outraged.

“Calm down, Miss Dash,” Luna said before turning towards Twilight.

“But she does raise a point. He has caused nothing but trouble. So why did you do it?”

Twilight took a brief moment to think before answering. Telling the truth of what she was feeling at the time.

“Well… when I saw him with all those injuries, I... I felt bad for him. I know he had done bad things in the past, but he did save us today. And he suffered for it. I… it didn’t feel right to leave him like that after what he did today. And while I was healing him, we talked.”

He continued as she began to think about how ChaosBlackWarGreymon acted towards her.

“And as we did, he felt different. It was like he wasn’t the same ChaosBlackWarGreymon as before. He was different and more open. And actually, more understanding.”

“Don’t get me wrong, Twilight. But you make it sound as if you… enjoyed his company,” Rainbow Dash said. Clearly showing her distaste for the digital clone.

“Well… if not, than I wouldn’t have learnt so much about him.”

“Like what, Twilight?” Celestia asked.

There was one point Twilight wanted to tell, but she was unsure of what her friends’ reactions would be. Especially Rainbow Dash.

“Well… you may not believe me, but… the way he acted, and the way he spoke… I don’t think he’s a dark incarnation at all.”

The whole group all looked at her in utter surprise. Despite everything that happened with the clone, Twilight believed that the opposite was the truth.

“You’re kidding, right?” Rainbow Dash asked, not believing a word Twilight said.

“But Twilight, he threatened so many lives,” Rarity added.

“I know that, Rarity. But… I think it was because at the time, he was motivated by the evil ways of King Sombra and Lord Tirek.”

“But Twilight. How can ya be sure he wasn’t lying to ya?” Applejack asked.

But the answer Twilight responded with shocked the entire group.

“Because he saved BlackWarGreymon’s life today.”

Everyone stared at the Princess of Friendship in shock and disbelief.

“WHAT!!?” The whole group uttered.

“Since when did THAT happen!?” Rainbow Dash added.

Twilight then explained the events of what happened during the fight between BlackWarGreymon and Tirek.

“All of you saw it too. It was when Tirek was absorbing BlackWarGreymon’s ascended energy. Before he could drain him completely, a large dark energy ball appeared and struck Tirek. Do you all remember that?”

The others took a moment to remember such an event. And realised that it was true.

“You’re right. That attack came from out of nowhere,” Pinkie Pie said.

“And that attack did look very familiar,” Fluttershy added.

“Wait, Twilight. Are you saying that…” Cadence said. The amazement of the idea caused her speech to stop. But Twilight answered her would-be question.

“Exactly. That attack was a Shadow Destroyer sphere. One of ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s powers.”

Shining Armor also noticed something about the event.

“And the way that attack travelled, it was deliberately aimed at Tirek.”

“But why? I thought Tirek was his ally.” Fluttershy mentioned.

But before Twilight could answer, Rainbow Dash interrupted her.

“Because that’s what he does! You’re seen how easily he totalled King Sombra. He’s just evil to the core.”

“I wouldn’t put it like that, Rainbow. He’s…”

Before Twilight could continue, the blue Pegasus snapped at her. Surprising her and the group.

“There you are! You’re doing it again! This is ChaosBlackWarGreymon we’re talking about! The evil clone of BlackWarGreymon himself! Why… of all the beings in Equestria… are you defending… HIM!!!?”

At first, Twilight was stunned silent from Rainbow Dash’s outburst. The Pegasus had every right to be mad at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. He mocked her, broken her pride and destroyed one of her most favourite places in Equestria. The Wonderbolt Academy. She was clearly hurt from the whole ordeal. And being spooked by BlackWarGreymon Berserk Mode also didn’t help.

While she remained a little surprised, her expression became sterner. There was one more detail about ChaosBlackWarGreymon she had to share.

“Because he’s not as evil as you think he is. He even felt love.”

Rainbow Dash’s eyes widened in shock at what she just heard. The others looked at her in confusion.

“What…what did you just say, Twilight?” Cadence asked. She could’ve sworn she heard her sister-in-law mentioned her favourite talent.

“ChaosBlackWarGreymon. After the Cutiemark Crusaders thanked him for saving them from the Timberwolves, he told me that he felt an emotion. One of which he had never felt before. But what he was feeling… was love.”

As hard as it was to believe such a thing, Applejack could tell that Twilight was telling the truth. While the others remained silent from the revelation, Cadence realised an important fact.

“And… since he felt love, then that means…”

Twilight finished the older Alicorn’s sentence. She too knew about the fact as well.

“Exactly. It means there is good in him.”

The group all pause from what they heard. The very thought was strange to them. ChaosBlackWarGreymon being good.

“There’s goodness in him?” Shining Armor asked. Being one of the most baffled.

Twilight continued on.

“I believe there is. Even after we talked, he didn’t show any hostility to me. He even gave a genuine thank you to me for healing him. And when I talked to him about friendship, he said that he would think about it. Before he left, he even called me by my name. And he… uhh…”

Twilight started to feel hesitant to continue. There was something that ChaosBlackWarGreymon said to her that she only just remembered. Something that she wasn’t sure if she should tell the others. The thought of that one particular moment even caused her to look away and blush in embarrassment.

The other ponies could clearly see the sudden change in the young Alicorn.

“What? What did he do?” Cadence asked. She could even see that Twilight was smiling.

Though hesitant at first, the Princess of Friendship spoke up. Her smile and blush remained on her face.

“Well… he even called me…c…cute.”

All eyes stared at her in surprise. An obvious reaction Twilight was expecting.

“Aww, that’s so swee… I mean, whaaaat!?” Pinkie Pie said. Trying to act more surprised than happy.

Rainbow Dash once more felt denial about the whole subject.

“Not that I’m angry at you, Twi. But what makes you think he can become good? He’s just… no good.”

Wanting to put that particular subject to rest, Twilight came up with one good point.

“Isn’t that what you felt about Discord, Rainbow?”

Rainbow Dash was about to say something but failed to come up with a reply. The subject she brought up was a very good one to consider. The others thought about what Twilight said and realised that it was true. Of which the young Alicorn explained.

“We all thought Discord could never reform to good. But thanks to friendship, we were proven wrong. The Spirit of Chaos became our friend.”

Then Twilight thought of another example.

“And he’s not the only one. Let’s not forget that BlackWarGreymon was once evil in the past. He nearly destroyed his entire world. But he changed his ways after learning about the values of friendship.”

The ponies began to see the logic in Twilight’s words. Discord and BlackWarGreymon had done bad things in the past, and many thought that they could never change. But they had. The two were reformed because of the magic of friendship. And one of them became the saviour of Equestria.

Then Twilight continued.

“If friendship could change those two to become good, then I believe the same could be said for ChaosBlackWarGreymon. We just need to give him a chance.”

“But how are we going to do that?” Fluttershy asked.

Twilight answered as she looked at the yellow Pegasus.

“I’ll do what you did for Discord, Fluttershy.”

“Really?” She asked, surprised that Twilight would follow her methods.

“Yes. If you can reform Discord, then I know I can do the same for ChaosBlackWarGreymon.”

After being silent for nearly the whole conversation, Luna turned towards Celestia.

“What do you think, sister?”

In truth, the white Alicorn was conflicted. She had only recently just met ChaosBlackWarGreymon and could easily tell why he was greatly feared. She herself felt frightened and powerless when he walked up to her. But at the same time, she couldn’t forget the sacrifice he had done for them. He took a severe beating from BlackWarGreymon Berserk Mode. And when he tried to talk sense to him, the clone even brought up his ponies. Trying to make him see that what he was doing was putting his friendship at risk.

She then averted her attention to Twilight. Seeing the purple Alicorn’s expressions was slowly slipping the doubt away even more. Celestia knew perfectly how serious the younger princess could be when she sets her mind to it. But the amount of determination she had displayed was unlike ant she had ever seen before. She was so sure of herself that she could change ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

After a moment of thinking, Celestia spoke up to Twilight.

“I may feel uneasy about this, but you are the Princess of Friendship, Twilight. If you know a way to reform him, then I wish you all the luck to succeed.”

“Thank you, Celestia,” Twilight responded with a smile. Relieved and touched that her former teacher decided to allow her to try.

“I still don’t think it can be done,” Rainbow Dash said to herself. Still furious at what happened to the Wonderbolt Academy.

Then Rarity spoke up next.

“If it all goes well, I guess that means he won’t pursue his destiny to destroy the world.”

The talk of destiny caused Twilight to remember something. Deciding to share it with her friends.

“You’re actually not wrong, Rarity. Because he no longer believes that to be his destiny. Instead, he believes that his destiny involves BlackWarGreymon. As to what it really is, he isn’t sure yet.”

After hearing Twilight’s statement, most of the group started to believe that the change in ChaosBlackWarGreymon might actually be possible. The clone proved that he was capable of choosing what he wanted to do.

But rethinking about her whole conversation with the digital clone caused Twilight to gasp in surprise. She had just remembered something.

“Oh, I can’t believe I almost forgot to tell you!”

“Tell us what?” Rarity asked.

Twilight was quick to answer the question.

“Remember when BlackWarGreymon said that the level of Mega is the highest a Digimon could go. Well, it turns out that there’s a level even higher.”

“WHAT!?” Everyone shrieked. Startled by the news.

“There’s a form more powerful then a Mega!?” Luna asked. About to learn something else new about Digimon.

Twilight explained further.

“Yes. ChaosBlackWarGreymon told me that only a handful of all Digimon can gain that power. He called it… the Ultra level.”

Everyone paused in silence, letting the news of the Ultra level Digimon sink in. With BlackWarGreymon and ChaosBlackWarGreymon being examples, the Mega level Digimon were extremely powerful. So the thought of an even greater power felt unreal.

The silence filled the room. Until…

“Hold on, Twilight.”

All eyes suddenly turned towards Rarity.

“ChaosBlackWarGreymon. He said he was created from the essence of our dear friend. So why didn’t BlackWarGreymon tell us that on the day we met him?”

Rarity made a good point. The black-armoured being spoke in great detail about Digivolution on the day he arrived in Equestria he was very informative. Most of the group wondered why he left such an advanced form.

But in Luna’s mind, she wondered why he had never told them about Dark Digivolution.

Twilight then explained to the group about what she had learned from the digital clone.

“That’s something that even I don’t understand. ChaosBlackWarGreymon told me that it was a form that BlackWarGreymon doesn’t know about. And yet, he himself knew about it.”

“But how is that possible?” Fluttershy asked.

“I don’t know, but I don’t like it. BlackWarGreymon doesn’t know and I highly doubt King Sombra would know. Since ChaosBlackWarGreymon was created from his shadow magic. There must be something else at work. Something that we missed.” Twilight added.

While the others were thinking hard on what they were missing, Shining Armor had a brain wave. Remembering something.

“Hay, wait a minute.”

The group looked at him as he explained himself.

“After the battle at the Crystal Empire, BlackWarGreymon said that he felt another kind of energy from his clone. An energy that wasn’t Sombra’s or his own.”

Twilight was next to remember.

“Yeah, that’s right. And near the end of the fight, ChaosBlackWarGreymon said that he has a boss. Somepony that wasn’t Sombra.”

“And if not Tirek, then who?” Pinkie Pie asked. Thoughts that were shared with the rest of the group.

As the group were discussing amongst themselves, the subject that Twilight and Shining Armor brought up caused Luna and Cadence to freeze. Looking at each other with a frightened expression. A very horrible feeling swelling up within them.

“Luna. You don’t think…” Cadence said to her aunt. Her voice a whisper.

“I…I…don’t... I’m not…” Luna quietly replied. But the uneasiness she was feeling was causing her to stutter in worry.

With how Twilight was taking, it sounded as if a greater power was at play in Equestria. But it was that fact that left Luna and Cadence frightened. They began to remember their trip in Ayumi’s mind. Thinking about their confrontation with the conscience of the evil Digimon within her. Remembering every word that the destroyer had said to them. As well as showing them a sight that would haunt them for the foreseeable future. They then remembered his final words before being forced out of Ayumi’s mind.

‘You will be seeing me… very soon.’

The facts just kept piecing together in the minds of the two princesses. The sight that they saw in Ayumi’s past, matched well to the description of Celestia’s vision. And then there was ChaosBlackWarGreymon. They knew that he was too perfect of a creation to be made of Sombra’s shadow magic. And BlackWarGreymon had mentioned that he felt a third power within his clone.

The two did not like the concluding thought in their heads.

“Luna. Could…could it really be true? I mean… it might explain where ChaosBlackWarGreymon came from.”

But Luna froze from her niece’s words. Feeling incredibly disturbed from such a possibility. Her face showing her distraught expression as she looked at the ground. She began to envision if it were true. Their world would be under the greatest threat it had ever experienced. And if they’re not careful, then their whole world would end up like Ayumi’s. Barren. Lifeless. Beyond saving.

“It… it can’t be. If he… really is here. Then... then that means…” She uttered. She could feel her eyes began to water from the sadness she felt from watching that memory. And from hearing all the screams.



Luna shot up from hearing Celestia’s voice calling to her. Her reaction caused the watching group to look in surprise. But when the blue Alicorn looked to her older sister, Celestia’s eyes grew wide in surprise.

“Luna? Are you crying?” The concerned older sibling asked.

Feeling that she had tears in her eyes, Luna wiped them away as she tried to respond.

“Oh… well. Uhh…”

The group took note of her tone. She was indeed upset over something. But over what was beyond them. While they were on the subject of ChaosBlackWarGreymon, it wasn’t anything upsetting. Furthermore, Luna was the kind of pony who wouldn’t get upset so quickly. Which mean that whatever caused her to feel in such a way must’ve been bad.

“Princess? What’s going on?” Rarity asked. Joined by Fluttershy.

“What’s the matter?”

Luna struggled to speak up. While it was something that all her friends and family needed to know, she felt that the moment wasn’t right yet. Not only they were discussing what Twilight discovered about ChaosBlackWarGreymon, but Luna herself still felt shaken form the discovery of Dark Digivolution. And that BlackWarGreymon had become a victim of it. To process all that while reeling from what she and Cadence had discovered was causing the blue mare to mentally freak out. She struggled to speak while darting her head around to try and avert her distraught gaze. But feeling a hoof resting on her shoulder calmed her down. Luna looked to her side to see Cadence giving her a caring stare. She then nodded her head before speaking up.

“We have to tell them now, Luna.”

Hearing those words somewhat settled Luna’s nerves. But it meant that the others were to be told. Of which they questioned.

“Tell us what? What happened?” Twilight asked. Seeing that both Luna and Cadence know something.

After taking in a deep breath to steady herself, Luna answered the question.

“Listen. Just a moment ago, Cadence and I had discovered something.”

Cadence then turned towards Twilight.

“Something… about the future you.”

Twilight’s eyes grew wide in surprise in response.

“Ayumi? What is it?”

Like Twilight, the rest of the group were keen on hearing what Luna and Cadence had to say about the alternate Twilight from the future timeline. To which Luna started.

“Not long after we returned to Canterlot, Cadence and I decided to venture into her mind. Since she was asleep.”

The group were silently stunned from Luna’s words. But then Cadence chimed in with a saddened tone.

“And when we arrived in her mind, we… we discovered something… truly horrible.”

The group all felt worried from how the pink Alicorn described the experience.

“What is it?” Twilight asked. Already feeling concerned for her future self.

After Luna looked at Cadence for reassurance, she revealed what they had discovered.

“As it turns out, she had a shared mind. As well as her own subconscious, there was another within her.”

The group all gave her a questionable look. But Cadence revealed more. Her tone showing a hint of sadness.

“And it belonged… to that Digimon.”

The group paused as to try to find understanding in the pink princesses’ words. But as soon as they understood, all of them grew expressions of shock, disbelief and then horror. Did they really just hear her right? The Digimon? As in… the evil Digimon? The same one!?

“Wait. You mean… that evil Digimon? Th-The same one that destroyed her world!?” Twilight asked in alarm. But a simple nod from Luna was all she needed for clarification.

The group were stunned silent. The thought of something so vile inside the mind of their future friend felt so nightmarish. But then Shining Armor spoke up.

“But how!? Didn’t she say she destroyed him!?”

In a sombre tone, Luna revealed what had happened.

“We thought so too. But he said that the other Digimon Ayumi destroyed were a part of him. All sharing the same mind. So when she destroyed them and absorbed their energy, she took on his mind too.”

"And the worst of it, is that she doesn't even know about it," The disheartened Cadence added.

The group were stunned from what they were hearing. And it was one of those things that caught Twilight completely by surprise.

“Wait. HE… told you!? You mean you SPOKE to him!!?”

Both Cadence and Luna nodded before the latter spoke up.

“Yes… we did. And it was because of that we finally realised why Ayumi was so afraid of him to his day. Just his voice alone scares me.”

Then with a disheartened tone, Cadence joined in.

“What I find about him so terrifying was how cruel he was. I never encountered anyone so heartless. He even showed us a memory of when he destroyed Canterlot. And he…”

The pink Alicorn chose not to continue. Just remembering the memory caused her to grow sadder as she felt her body shiver. Shining Armor noticed it and walked up to nuzzle her. Comforting his wife in which she welcomed.

After watching the sight, Twilight turned back towards Luna.

“Did you found out what he looked like?” The curious princess asked. To which Luna answered.

“Only his silhouette. But from what we saw, he was terrifying. Unlike anything I had ever seen before. But he refused to give us his name.”

Luna paused as she remembered the moments before being pulled out of Ayumi’s mind. She demanded the Digimon to reveal his name. But the creature toyed with her by leaving her in the dark.

As silence filled the room, Celestia took note of the vague description of the Digimon Luna revealed. Then a question came to mind. One that made her feel uncomfortable. But at the same time, very afraid. She even hoped that the answer she would get would not be the one she wanted to hear. Taking a nervous gulp, Celestia spoke up to her younger sibling.

“Luna? The Digimon that you saw. Did he by chance… resembled a demon? With yellow eyes?”

Celestia’s questions caused Luna to let out a surprise gasp. Remembering those specific details of the Digimon’s looks. But also at the same time, remembering what she and Cadence spoke about moments before being pulled out of Ayumi’s mind. She turned to her older sister with a look of shock.

“Yes. Yes, he did. Just like the monster in…”

Luna paused. Causing Celestia to finish the sentence. Her eyes widened in shock.

“…my vision.”

But Luna included more.

“And from what Cadence and I had seen in that memory. The destruction we had seen, it… was almost identical to how you described your vision.”

By understanding the conversation, Rarity joined in. But feeling skeptical about the same thought that was on her mind.

“Now wait a minute. You speak as though that very same… Digimon…”

Rarity slowed her speech to a pause from seeing the expression on Celestia’s face. It was a look of pure and utter disbelief. And within it, were the eyes of someone who had discovered something truly horrifying. When she spoke, her voice shaken from the shock.


All eyes were on Celestia from hearing her say those words in such a shaken tone. They had never seen her in such a way. Just the thought of the evil Digimon somewhere within their world had already left the usually composed white Alicorn in such a shaken state. They couldn’t blame her for feeling in such a way. After all, the vision she experienced had already traumatized her. So, the thought of it happing for real could only be described as nightmarish.

Trying to bring up the mood, Pinkie Pie spoke up.

“Well… it might not be like that. It’s probably just coincidence.”

But before the others could take her side, Cadence spoke up. Dismissing her statement.

“I’m afraid that’s not the case.”

All eyes turned to the pink mare as she revealed more.

“Through our friend, he said that he sensed his own power. And where he sensed it from… was somewhere far away from here.”

Every soul in the throne room paused from the sentence. Cadence basically just confirmed their worst fears. The fear that the world-ending Digimon that Ayumi faced, was also in their world. Hiding amongst them without them even knowing. The very thought of it creeped them all out.

“So… is it true? Is that thing… really here?” Applejack asked. Herself questioning what was honest.

But out of the whole group, Celestia was the one whom was the most shaken. She glanced downwards as she felt her legs tremble. Against her hopes, the facts all played out perfectly. She had a vision of the fall of Equestria. The same thing that happened in Ayumi’s Equestria. And the monster from her vision, sounded as though he was the very same one destroyed the other world. And through Ayumi’s body, the Digimon’s conscience sensed his own energy from the outside.

With the facts all aligning to one conclusion, Celestia expressed her thoughts. Her voice carrying horror.

“The monster from my vision… and the evil Digimon… are they really… one and the same? Here… in our world? Waiting?”

Luna looked at her older sister in sympathy. She feared that the Sun Princess would be scared by the news. Hence her hesitation to reveal the truth so soon. But wanting to give her sister some resemblance of hope, she revealed what she believed in. Despite what the evil Digimon had said. When she spoke in a more cheerful tone, everyone paid attention to her.

“But…but it’s all ok. Even if it’s all true, that he’s here in our Equestria, he still have BlackWarGreymon with us. And with how much stronger he has gotten thanks to the magic of our world, I’m… I’m definitely certain that he would prevail.”

Thanks to the confidence in Luna, as well as her faith in BlackWarGreymon, it lifted up the mood in the room to which it really needed.

“Yeah, you’re right, Luna. And Ayumi did say that he’s even stronger than the evil Digimon in her world. So, if it’s really the same one, then we have nothing to worry about,” Twilight cheerfully said. Joined by an upbeat Fluttershy.

“So, we’re safe?”

But before the other ponies could agree, hope beginning to fill the room…

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

Everyone in the room stopped talking as they turned towards Celestia. Her being the one who spoke up. It was when they noticed the look of guilt on her face. Much to their surprise and confusion.

“Wha… what do you mean?” Twilight asked her. Wondering what the older princess had to say.

Celestia was hesitant at first. Knowing that the piece of information she had would mentally hurt her friends. The thought of it hurt her. But they needed to know. Especially Luna.

She turned towards Luna as she confessed.

“I’m sorry, sister. But there was something else I saw in my vision. Something that I neglected to tell you. For fear that it would hurt you since you’re so close to him.”

Luna was taken back by what Celestia said. It turned out that she herself had something to hide. But what surprised her the most was that it involved her favourite Digimon. As well as the vision.

“What? BlackWarGreymon was in your vision!? What…what is it?” Luna asked. Her voice showed insecurity. From her sister’s saddened tone, the younger sibling felt worried for what the white Alicorn hadn’t told her.

The others too felt uneasy. Waiting for Celestia to open up and tell. Then after taking in a hesitant breath, the Sun Princess told them all the unspoken detail of her vision.

“In my vision of Canterlot laid to waste, I was running. Fleeing for my life from the monster. But when I stopped to look back, all I saw was rubble. And there, laying on a pile of torn concrete, I... I saw one of BlackWarGreymon’s weapons. His… his gauntlet was heavily damaged. Broken, cracked, and punctured.”

Everyone in the throne room stood still in stunned silence. Horrified expressions were plastered on their faces. For they knew what the vision was symbolizing.

But Luna appeared to be the most horrified of the whole group. She even shook her head in dismissal.

“N-No, sister. You don’t mean…”

Celestia’s expression saddened as she closed her eyes. She herself not wanting to believe it.

“I’m afraid so, Luna. Whatever this threat is, if it happens or not, it maybe too much for even BlackWarGreymon to handle.”

“No! It can’t be! It… it just can’t…”

Luna was finding it hard to respond. From hearing what Celestia said, it was reminding her of what the evil Digimon told her in Ayumi’s mind. That he once fought against WarGreymon. And then deeming BlackWarGreymon to be just as weak. And if Celestia’s vision was about that very same evil Digimon, then could that mean that BlackWarGreymon was doomed to fail? The Moon Princess looked down at the ground in sadness. She didn’t want to believe it.

The other ponies too shared Luna’s concern. Remembering that there were other Digimon more powerful, they were beginning to worry that the new threat might be one of them. But those thoughts came with confusion. If BlackWarGreymon was stronger than the Digimon that destroyed Ayumi’s world, then how was it possible for him to lose to the same Digimon? What’s more, most of the group were confused as to why Luna was behaving strangely. Not only was her faith in BlackWarGreymon much greater than their own, but when Celestia told her about her vision, Luna was quick to be the most concerned for the Artificial Digimon. Princess Cadence was the only one who knew why. Her aunt was hurting. Unable to accept the fact that the Mega could be bested by the new threat. Despite what Celestia and the evil Digimon’s conscience told her.

Celestia too could see that Luna was hurting. But what she said was the truth.

“I’m sorry, Luna. But I know what I saw.”

“It… it can’t be,” Luna quietly said to herself. Sadness in her eyes.

“Celestia? Did your vision say anything when this might happen?” Shining Armor asked.

“I don’t know. That’s why we must prepare. Prepare ourselves for the worst to come.”

The group all felt a frightening shiver from hearing Celestia’s words. If her vision comes true, and that it would truly reflect on what happened in the alternate Equestria, then they would be in a fight of their lives. Some of Twilight’s Ponyville friends felt terrified from the thought. Hoping that they wouldn’t end up like what happened to their counterparts.

But catching them all by surprise, the group suddenly heard a loud crashing sound outside the castle. As if something big had just fallen out of the sky and impacted hard on the ground. Surprised by the sudden noise, the spooked group frantically looked at each other.

“Wh-What was that!?” Fluttershy asked.

“Are we under attack!?” Rarity joined. Plus, with Pinkie Pie shrieking in panic.

“Is that disaster happening now!?”

But from not hearing any further sounds, it was evident that doomsday hadn’t arrived.

“I don’t know what just happened, but that impact came from outside,” Twilight spoke up.

Following the purple Alicorn, the group hurried out of the throne room and outside the castle. Running towards where they heard the impact.

As soon as they were in the open, the mares and stallion looked around near the grounds. But were then surprised to see a startled yet confused crowd gathering by the castle wall. Being the quickest one of the group, Rainbow Dash flew above the crowd to see what had gained their attention. After letting out a stunned gasp, she called for the others.

“Hay everypony! Over here!”

Hearing the distress in her voice, the alarmed group all ran up to her and joined the crowd. When they got to the front of the crowd, they too saw why so many ponies had gathered. They all gasped in shock. Because in front of them, lying unconscious in a freshly made crater, was their digital friend.

The ponies cried out his name in dismay.


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