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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 54: Stunning Surprises

After returning to Twilight’s castle in Ponyville, BlackWarGreymon arrived as a happy Digimon.

As soon as his very first date with Princess Luna ended on a positive note, the emotions within the black armoured Mega soared to new heights. To him, it was a night he would remember forever. Every moment he spent with the blue Alicorn, to him was simply the best. Be it from carrying her on his back as he flew through the night sky, to the two just talking to each other. He enjoyed every minute of it.

But out of it all, only two moments with the Moon Princess stayed in his mind the most. The first moment was when Luna snuggled up to him at the restaurant. And the second was when she gave him a thank you kiss to his cheek.

Both those moments caused great reactions within BlackWarGreymon. Although they were strange and new to him, he didn’t feel conflicted or scared. Instead, he welcomed it. Embraced it. And even loved it.

As soon as he entered the castle, BlackWarGreymon made his way towards one of the bed chambers. Walking quietly as to not wake up the sleeping Twilight and Spike. But on his travels, he stopped by the bathroom and walked into it. Upon entry, he silently gazed at one of the mirrors. Moving towards it to get a clean view of his reflection. As he stared at his own face, he tried to picture what Luna liked about him. On the surface, he and her were two completely different species. Her being a pony while him being a Digital Monster. Yet despite the differences, the two had so much in common. Perhaps the old saying was true. Never judge a book by its cover. As well as, it is what’s inside that counts.

After quietly removing the gauntlet on his left hand, he brought it towards his face and gently touched the side of his right cheek. Remembering the spot where Luna kissed him.

“She’s incredible. To do something like that to me.”

He began to move his fingers across his face. Feeling the Chrome Digizoid against his skin.

“Could this mean… that… she really has feelings for me?”

As his mind drifted of into imagination, he wasn’t looking where his fingers were going. As he moved his hand towards the back of his jaw, he suddenly heard a loud clicking sound. The sound surprised him out of his thoughts as he looked at the mirror in shock.

“W-What was that!?”

After moving his head to the side where his hand was last, he began to inspect if something about his helmet had changed. The sound definitely came from that spot. Then as his eyes trailed to the back of the side of his face, he was stunned at what he saw. Just below his eye and in front the locks of his hair, was a part of his helmet that was circular shaped. He saw it countless times before whenever he saw his reflection. It was a part of the shape of his helmet. But something was off about it. The center part of the circle had been… pressed down. He touched it with his hands, feeling that the center part had indeed been pushed in.

“Is this… some kind of button?” He asked himself in uncertainty. It was something he had never seen before. And something he was completely unaware of. Was it always like that? Or was it recent? Had it something to do with the magic of Equestria? Those were among the questions that he had no answers for.

As curiosity overtook his mind, he shifted his head to the right. He looked at the left side of his face. And like all the times before, the circular part of his helmet looked the same as usual. Wanting to test something, he freed his right arm from his gauntlet and brought it close to his untouched left cheek. Then as he pressed the circular part with his index finger, the centre part of it was pressed down like a button. It too clicked in place within the helmet. Which caused BlackWarGreymon’s eyes to widen in surprise.


Then as he moved his head, his raised arm brushed against the top of his head. But as it did, to his shock, his helmet shifted out of place! BlackWarGreymon immediately placed both his hands to the sides of his head to keep his helmet still. His eyes were wide with shock. For his helmet to move in the way it did, it meant that it was loose. As he started at his reflection, a single question appeared in his mind.

If it became loose, does that mean it can be… removed?

BlackWarGreymon’s arms trembled from the sudden surge of anxiety he was feeling. If his question was true, then it would mean that he was moments away from seeing something that he had ever seen before. Yet, was always there. Something that could possibly be… his true face.

Despite his sudden fear of the unknown, he really wanted to know. Slowly, he lifted the top part of hie helmet out of place. His eyes widened even more as his vision was being blocked out by the Chrome Digizoid metal. Then as he got his sights back, the helmet was lifted off his head. BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened so much more in shock as he stared at his reflection in the mirror. He saw a face that was very new, but yet remarkably familiar.

Far beyond the lands that were recognized by pony eyes, ChaosBlackWarGreymon flew through the dark night sky. Making his way back to the hidden lair where his boss was waiting.

Due to the vast distance from the Everfree Forest to the lair, the journey took the Digimon clone a couple of hours to reach. But the time took longer due to his relatively slow pace. The reason for slowing down was because he was lost in thought. Thinking about everything that he had learnt from the Tree of Harmony. Or to be exact, the being that was part of the tree. But what puzzled the grey armoured Mega the most was the last thing she said to him. The voice echoing in his mind the moment he left the cave.

“My… first friend?”

He began to have doubts about the topic. Finding it ludicrous.

“Ridicules. I mean… me having my own destiny I believe. But somepony being my friend? After everything I’ve done? Impossible. It just can’t be done.”

He began to think back to the events before the Tree of Harmony. Back to when he saved Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo from the Timberwolves. Despite his actions of violence, he was praised by the little fillies. The three had no idea who he was, yet they didn’t care. They were simply happy from the fact that he saved their lives. No one dared to be friendly to him before. Plus, the interactions they had with him afterwards showed that they were very comfortable around him.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon began to doubt his own claim.

“But the way those girls acted. Could friendship with me… be even possible?”

The thoughts of friendship continued to linger in his mind as he continued to fly. Despite the dark world around him, night gave way to early morning. As he approached a distant mountain that lead to the hidden lair, he suddenly felt something. The feeling snapped him out of his thoughts as he stopped to turn around. Looking back to where he came with confused eyes.

“W-What was that just now? It felt like a disturbance in magic. But I never felt anything like it.”

He narrowed his eyes as he tried to focus.

“What is going on over there?”

He continued to ponder before receiving a mental summon from his creator. Calling him to return. ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked back at the mountain in annoyance.

“Fine. I’m on my way,” He said before moving towards the mountain. But not before looking back one more time.

But he had a very good reason to be suspicious of the strange phenomenon, because it was the work of someone else. But he wasn’t the only one to feel the strange power. From the realm where the Tree of Harmony led to, the mysterious Unicorn mare could feel the activity at play. Concerned at first, but she then grew a smile. She knew exactly what was going on.

“Well… this is new. Things are certainly getting interesting.”

Deep within the early morning of the Everfree Forest, in the middle of the large clearing where the Mane Six first met BlackWarGreymon, a flash of purple light appeared. Brightening up the clearing with its magical shine. As the light continued to pulsate, it grew stable. Becoming a bright ball of purple energy. Then in a bright flash of light, the magical ball vanished away. But in its place, was a mysterious armoured clayed figure. Then with a second flash of purple light, the armour vanished from sight.

As smoke from the unknown spell filled the air, a silhouette of a pony could be seen. The height of the new arrival was roughly the same height as Princess Cadence. The figure possessed a ruffled mane and tail, tattered feather wings and a… horn?

The pony standing in the heart of the Everfree Clearing, was an unknown Alicorn! As she opened her purple eyes, she gasped at the world around her. Her voice shaken from what she saw.

“I… Incredible. The grass. The plants. The trees. Th-they’re still here!” She said, her shaken voice grew into excitement.

She then took a very deep breath of the oxygen rich air around her. Feeling her lungs inflating in response.

“The air… it’s so clean!”

Then with her horn glowing purple with magic, she could feel out the inhabitants of the world around her. She recognized a large majority of them. Which caused her lips to curl up into a smile. Then the smile turned into a grin. She then started to laugh. She was feeling something that she hadn’t felt for a very long time.

Joy. Pure joy.

“The ponies. M…My friends! My family! T-they’re here! They’re all here!!”

She then started to laugh even louder. Tears of joy flowing out of her eyes. The unknown Alicorn was celebrating.

“I made it!! I finally made it!!! It’s been so long! I’ve missed you so much!!”

While it looked like she was shouting at nothing and no one, she was actually calling out to Equestria itself. Finally, after what seemed to have been a truly arduous journey for her, she could finally smile again.

But her smile vanished when she sensed something strange. A powerful force that gained her full attention. She turned her head in the direction of where it came from.


She then narrowed her eyes in deep thought. She knew exactly what kind of creature possessed such power. As well as what kind of energy it carried.

“I found you. Digimon,” She uttered before devising a plan of her introduction.

Unknown Location, Hidden Lair

Deep in the distant mountains far away, a mind conflict was occurring. The evil being closed his eyes in thought, trying to puzzle together what was going on.

On the previous night, he sent ChaosBlackWarGreymon out to cause widespread destruction. However, all night long he had not sensed any hint of fear and distress. There was no chaos in the air. And the Digital clone returned to the lair with all his energy intact. Which showed that he hadn’t been into any conflict.

His mind began to question. Was ChaosBlackWarGreymon slacking? Or was it something else? Something more?

The beast was more concerned about the latter question. If he’s not careful, then he would have to contend with not one, but two powerful foes. The thought of the outcome caused him to grunt in annoyance.

As his mind processed into finding the answer to his dilemma, his newest recruit approached him from behind.

“My master, you summoned me?” Tirek asked.

Without looking at the evil centaur, the evil Digimon spoke.

“Tirek. You recall a little plan I laid out for you?”

“Why yes. After gaining enough power, I will attack the Alicorns by next week. What about it?”

The Digimon answered as he turned to look at the dark lord.

“There’s been a change of plans. I want you to attack them tomorrow!”

Tirek was a little startled by the sudden news.


The Digimon gave him a questionable look.

“Could that be a problem for you?”

Realising that the question was also a threat, Tirek quickly recomposed himself as he answered back.

“Uuhh… no. No, it won’t. It’s just that… I didn’t expect it to be so soon.”

Then the Digimon gave Tirek more news.

“And you won’t be alone. You will take ChaosBlackWarGreymon with you.”

Again, Tirek was startled.

“That cloned freak. Why? Even in my current state, I can take those ponies on.”

The monster faced away from Tirek as he responded.

“I’m aware of that. But recently, I felt a disturbance in my little creation.”

Tirek became confused.

“What do you mean… disturbance? You said he was a dark incarnation of BlackWarGreymon.”

The creature let out a small and very brief chuckle. Apparently amused by something. Tirek heard the chuckle and looked at his master in confusion.

The beast turned his head around to look at Tirek as he spoke.

“You want to know a little secret, Tirek? Something that I’ve never told anyone else. Something that you will take to the grave?”

Unsure of what the monster was about to say, Tirek agreed to keep the untold secret.

“Ok, I will. But what is this… secret?”

Then the beast explained as he turned to face the centaur.

“True, ChaosBlackWarGreymon was created from my energy and Sombra’s magic. Yet he’s also created from BlackWarGreymon’s data. But because of that, traits of the original had passed over to the clone. His powers. His memories. And unfortunately, his nature.”

Tirek slowly began to understand what his master was saying.

“You mean… he could betray us!?”

“Only if he’s pushed in the wrong direction. That’s why I want you to take him with you. To keep his mind in check so he could embrace the ways of being a destructive force of evil.”

Tirek finally understood the importance of his task.

“I get it now. But, what about the whole him being the dark incarnation thing?” He asked.

The beast was quiet at first, but then answered the question.

“That whole story… is merely what you call… motivation.”

Tirek’s eyes widened when he understood what his master meant.

“I knew creating ChaosBlackWarGreymon was a big risk. But I chose to take it. Now remember, only you and I know of this truth. No other must know.”

“Understood, master.”

As Tirek left the chamber, the beast was alone with his thoughts. The problem with ChaosBlackWarGreymon was in fact only half of the reason why he wanted to give Tirek reinforcements and to speed up the plan. What he hadn’t told Tirek was that there could be another obstacle to his plans. Something that he sensed earlier as soon as ChaosBlackWarGreymon returned to him.

‘That surge of energy. Someone else has arrived. It’s a magic wielder. Yet, I can sense digital data from it. Looks like things are starting to get complicated. However. Regardless of who’s the new player, I will destroy all those who get in my way. And win the game.’

As the Digimon was lost in thought, he was unaware that Queen Chrysalis was eavesdropping on him just around the corner. From the shocked expression on her face, it was clear she heard every word her master said.


As hours ticked by, the sun had risen over the horizon to bring forth daylight. The light of the sun beaming all through out the land. Within Twilight’s castle, BlackWarGreymon was sitting quietly in the library. Being a Mega level Digimon, he hardly required sleep. But even if he wanted to lie down, he found himself unable to do so. From the excitement he had from his date with the Moon Princess and the shocking revelation he found when he got back. It was mostly the latter that kept him on alert. Being alone with his thoughts. He just couldn’t figure out what was going on. It was as if there were things about himself he hadn’t figured out yet.

He raised his left hand to gently touch the side of his helmet. Remembering what had happened.

“I just don’t understand. Did I change? Or was I… always like this?”

He was so caught up in his mental confusion, he didn’t hear Twilight and Spike entering the library. Spike especially holding up a large plate full of pancakes topped with maple syrup. As soon as the two entered, Twilight saw the Digimon facing away from her. She then happily gained his attention.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon. Good morning.”

Her sudden voice caused BlackWarGreymon to jolt in surprise. Quickly standing up before turning around to find that it was only his two friends. He then calmed down as he greeted back.

“Oh… Twilight. Spike. It’s you.”

The two were surprised to see the Digimon acting all alert so early in the morning.

“Woah, are you ok? You look jumpy,” Spike said before stuffing his face with one of his pancakes. Twilight sharing his concern.

“Did something happen?”

BlackWarGreymon was briefly silent as he tried to think of a response. Simply telling her what he had discovered last night might be something bizarre to mention. Especially since all his friends were quite used to seeing his helmet as his face.

“Oh… nothing happened. Sorry if I startled you.”

Twilight and Spike walked closer to the Digimon as the Alicorn spoke up.

“It’s alright. You just startled us, that’s all. Maybe you just didn’t get enough sleep.”

“It’s not that. I didn’t feel tired last night,” BlackWarGreymon said, correcting Twilight’s assumption.

Then Spike thought of another possibility.

“Maybe it’s something to do… with last night?” He asked, his voice slight muffled from his mouth being filled with his breakfast.

Twilight began to catch on too.

“That’s right.” She said as she turned back to BlackWarGreymon.

“You disappeared last night. Where were you?”

BlackWarGreymon was about to answer the question. But then remembered about what Luna said to him. Something about being her secret boyfriend. Since it was a secret, it meant that he shouldn’t really be telling anyone what had happened. While keeping the events a secret, he had to give the two an answer.

“Just… over at Canterlot. I felt like checking out the festivities.”

While Twilight smiled in response, Spike however nearly choked on his pancake. The Digimon and Alicorn stared at him as he cleared his throat. Then revealed what made him startled.

“What!? Hearts and Hooves day was yesterday!? Oh, how could I forget!” Spike moaned. He couldn’t believe that he forgot to get a gift to Rarity.

As BlackWarGreymon and Twilight quietly chuckled from the sight, the Digimon suddenly let out a quiet gasp as his eyes widened in alarm. He could sense something. Something new, yet familiar. He quickly turned his head in its direction. Staring intensely as he tried to figure it out.

Twilight and Spike looked at BlackWarGreymon in confusion and concern. Seeing the seriousness and uncertainty in his yellow eyes. Clearly something wasn’t right.

“What is it, BlackWarGreymon? Is something wrong?” Twilight asked. Hoping that it wasn’t bad.

Then to her confusion, BlackWarGreymon sharply turned to look at her. The look he gave her showed that he was incredibly puzzled. And then looked back again.

“What the…?” He uttered in uncertainty.

To the baffled Twilight, BlackWarGreymon kept looking back and forth at her and the thing he was sensing.

“How is that… possible?” He added.

Feeing that she somehow had something to do with it, Twilight started to question.

“Hay, what’s going on? Why do you keep looking at me? Is it something I’ve done?”

But rather than answering her questions, BlackWarGreymon looked at her with a question of his own.

“Do you have a sister?”

Twilight stared at the tall Digimon in complete bafflement. Never in her life had she been asked such a question.

“N-No, of course not. I only have my brother.”

From hearing her reply, BlackWarGreymon’s eyes only grew wider in confusion as he stared back at the direction of the odd feeling. Twilight began to feel scared at what was happening.

“W…What is it?”

As he continued to stare out in the distance, he explained what he was feeling.

“It’s strange. I can feel powerful magic happening at the Everfree Forest. However, its energy feels identical to yours, Twilight.”

Both Twilight and Spike gasped in shock at what BlackWarGreymon said. Finding the situation very hard to believe.

“But… how can that be!? It’s impossible!” Twilight uttered. With Spike guessing a scenario that to him seemed likely.

“Maybe it’s one of Sombra’s clones. Like ChaosBlackWarGreymon.”

To the surprise of the dragon and the princess, BlackWarGreymon disagreed.

“No, Spike. If it were, then the magic should be mixed with Sombra’s dark magic. But this is not like that. It feels genuine.”

Twilight began to be unnerved from the revelation.

“You mean… someone has my magic?”

After deciding on what cause of action to take place, BlackWarGreymon turned to Twilight and Spike. His voice carrying a serious tone.

“You two say here. I’ll get to the bottom of this.”

With the intention to solve the mystery, BlackWarGreymon ran out of the library and eventually out of the main doors. As soon as he was outside, he immediately took to the skies and flew straight towards the Everfree Forest. Back in the castle, Spike stood still in shock as Twilight decided to take action. Quickly stuffing her saddle bag with papers and note pads.

“Spike! Where are my quills and ink!?” She asked his in an alarmed tone.

With her voice shaking the young dragon out of his trance, Spike answered the Alicorn’s question.

“Oh, it’s over by the table over there,” He said as he pointed his claw at the said table.

As he saw the Princess of Friendship rushing over to the ink and quill, Spike quickly pieced together what was going on.

“Wait! You want to find out what’s happening out in the Everfree Forest!?”

“Well of course it do! I want to know what exactly is going on. And why someone has my magic,” She answered. Her tone had elevated due to the situation. Since it involved her magic, she felt as if it was a personal matter.

“But BlackWarGreymon said tha…”

Before Spike could finish his sentence, Twilight gave him a very stern look. Showing that she was serious in what she was doing and not wanting to hear what the dragon had to say. She knew very well what Spike was about to utter and didn’t want to hear it. Her glare unnerved the purple dragon. He had hardly ever seen his lifelong friend acting so seriously. It was enough for him to decide not to argue with her.

“Ok, ok. We’ll go.” He said, changing his tone.

As soon as she was fully packed, Twilight ran out of the library and down the long crystal corridor. As Spike caught up with her, the Alicorn used her levitation magic to give the dragon a pencil and scroll.

“Take this, Spike!”

As Spike held the scroll and pencil in his hands, Twilight gave him her instructions.

“Send a message to Celestia and Luna. They need to know what’s happening and we may need their help.”

“Ok,” Spike said as he quickly wrote down the message on the scroll.

As soon as Twilight burst out of the main doors, Spike finished the message and with his signature green flame breath, the scroll was magically sent away.

“It’s done, Twilight. I’ve sent the message.”

Twilight smiled at Spike in response.


Then with a determined glare, she looked in the direction of the Everfree Forest. Then without warning, she immediately galloped towards it.

“Come on, Spike!”

As the little dragon ran after her, he asked her something else.

“But… shouldn’t we wait for the princesses!? Hay wait!”

Within moments, the two disappeared into the dense forest.

Canterlot Castle

Standing proud on her balcony, Celestia smiled as he finished raising the sun. With no clouds in the sky, it looked as though it was going to be a sunny day. After closing her eyes to feel the warmth of the sunlight on her fur, Celestia went back inside and out of her room.

As she walked down the corridors that would eventually lead her to the throne room, she spotted her sister Luna standing by a window. Looking out to Ponyville down below.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, the blue Alicorn saw her older sibling approaching her with a smile.

“Oh, good morning, sister. I trust that you had a pleasant night sleep.”

Celestia reassured her with a nod before replying. Inquiring the events of the night of Hearts and Hooves day.

“Yes I have, Luna. And did you have a nice time last night?”

As she looked back out the window, she answered without thinking first.

“You have no idea,” She said as her smile grew into a loving expression.

Celestia however caught on to Luna’s change of tone. Raising her eyebrow in playful suspicion.


Realising what she had done, Luna blushed from embarrassment before quickly facing away from Celestia.

“Uhh! It’s nothing! Nothing at all. It was… a perfectly normal night.”

Celestia however was no fool. Whenever it was Hearts and Hooves day, she would normally find Luna either on her own or in a bad mood. The little sister finding the event an annoyance. Yet if that was the case, she would’ve never enjoyed the night out. Which she clearly shown that she had. Plus with the dress she wore, she was obviously intending on impressing someone.

Deciding to tease her sister some more, Celestia moved behind her and spoke with a playful smug on her face.

“Luna? Did something happen last night?”

Luna stuttered as her blush got brighter. Remembering what she had done with BlackWarGreymon as their date had ended. The moment where she gave him the kiss to his cheek. There was no way she would ever reveal something like that to anyone, let alone her big sister. Not that she was going to. She did agree with the Digimon to keep it a secret.

“Umm… well…” She uttered. Trying not to give in to her sister’s playful side.

But before more could be said, to the surprise of the Royal Sisters, a green flame appeared between the two. Revealing to be a scroll.

“Oh, it’s a message,” Celestia said as she used her magic to open the scroll. As she started to read, she found out who it was from.

“It’s from Twilight.”

Seeing that Celestia’s mind was taken off of the teasing, Luna breathed a sigh of relief.

“Thank goodness for that,” She whispered.

But her newfound calmness was taken away by hearing the sound of her sister gasping in shock. Which brought Luna’s full attention as she saw Celestia’s surprised expression.

“What is it, sister?”

After double checking the scroll, Celestia explained to Luna what she had read.

“There’s trouble in the Everfree Forest. Twilight said that there’s somepony over there that… possessed the same magic as her own!”

Luna was stunned from what she heard. No wonder it was a big surprise for Celestia.

“What!? But… how is that possible!? Did she say who it was!?”

After another quick look at the scroll, Celestia gave her answer.

“No. She said that it was BlackWarGreymon who picked up on it. And that as we speak, he’s on his way to investigate.”

Luna then began to feel nervous. If it was something that gained BlackWarGreymon’s full attention, then it was more likely a bad sign. But what unnerved her the most was that it was a being that possessed the same energy as one of their own. The last time they encountered something similar, it turned out to be a psychotic Digimon clone that nearly killed BlackWarGreymon and almost destroyed the Crystal Empire.

Fearing for BlackWarGreymon’s safety, Luna expressed her thoughts to Celestia.

“I have a bad feeling about this. We should investigate this immediately.”

Celestia smiled at Luna’s determination.

“My thoughts exactly.”

Determined to solve the mystery and to prevent any attempt of destruction, Celestia and Luna teleported out of the castle and flew through the skies at great speed. Heading straight towards the distant wild forest.

As soon as he entered the Everfree Forest, BlackWarGreymon sped through the wildlife under the canopy. Heading directly towards the source of the magical energy he was sensing. Weaving around the dense forest.

While the journey would be much quicker if he had flown from above, he imagined that by being exposed above the tree line, he would be an open target to any potential threat. Following his experience with ChaosBlackWarGreymon, a being who possessed the same energy as his own, the black armoured warrior was being more cautious. While his body had reached full recovery and that his energy was back in its prime, he wasn’t taking any chances.

‘I don’t get it. If it’s some sort of evil being, then why wouldn’t it reveal itself in a more populated area? And on that note, if it’s some sort of sneak attack, why would it bother revealing itself in the first place? It’s as if it wants me to find it.’

His eyes narrowed at a possible conclusion. But then had doubts.

‘It’s probably a trap. But the energy… I can’t sense any evil intent at all. But still… why in the world would it be identical to Twilight’s magic? No matter what happens… I need to be careful.’

His thoughts of confusion continued as he flew by. Unintendedly scaring away the animals that were nearby. But as he saw something in front of him, he decided to slow down. He could see a bright area through the trees. Then as he reached to the edge of the forest, his eyes widened in amazement from the sight before him. He found himself in a massive valley of grassland. To be exact, it was a giant clearing. As he stopped to hover in the open, he couldn’t believe it. It was the Everfree Clearing.

“This… this is the place where I first met my friends!?” He said as he looked around at his surroundings. Seeing that parts of the clearing still had the battle scars from his battle with Lord Tirek. All the fond memories he had came flooding back. Remembering what was essentially the biggest day of his new life.

It was where he sensed it again. Twilight’s magic. But the Alicorn herself was back in Ponyville. But what made it all the more alarming for the Digimon, was that the source of the energy was very close by. In the valley with him.

“It’s here.”

After moving towards the middle of the clearing, BlackWarGreymon landed firmly on the ground. Then with a stern glare, he looked all around him to see something out of the ordinary. But he could see nothing. He decided to take a big risk and announce himself.

“I know you’re out there somewhere! You want my attention, right!? Well, you’ve got it! So how about you show yourself!”

His voice echoed throughout the clearing, then silence followed. But just as it seemed that nothing was happening. BlackWarGreymon received a chilling reply.

“As you wish.”

BlackWarGreymon immediately snapped his head in the direction of the reply. But what spooked him was the fact that the voice sounded incredibly familiar. In his ears, it sounded almost exactly like Twilight!


But in place of the vast grassland, was a massive flash of purple light that engulfed nearly half of the clearing itself. Light so intense that BlackWarGreymon had to shield his eyes. Raising his Dramon Destroyers to block out the light. Then as the light finally dimmed to nothing, the Mega was able to see. Lowering his arms to see who was responsible. But as he finally got his answer, his eyes widened in disbelief. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Standing twenty feet away from him was an Alicorn. Her height slightly shorter than Cadence. She had lavender coloured fur and a purple mane and tail. Both of which were ruffled up. As if she went through a tough time. As well as her fur being slightly duller in colour. Plus from what BlackWarGreymon could see, she had one or two scars along her body. But what was shocking to the Digimon, was that he recognized her. She had the same purple eyes. The same cutiemark. The same voice, but slightly older. And from seeing the glow from her horn, the same magical glow.

As her horn finished glowing, the new Alicorn looked directly at BlackWarGreymon with a stern glare.

“I’ve been waiting for you. Digimon.”


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