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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 38: Mistaken Identity

All were stunned inside the gymnasium of the Crystal Empire. The news was that while the group were at the castle, the empire was recently attacked. And from hearing the words of one of the guards, he said that the attacker was BlackWarGreymon!

While the Digimon was left in shock at what he heard, his friends were confused.

“Guard! What do you mean that the attacker was described as BlackWarGreymon!?” Princess Luna demanded, feeling insulted by the news.

The guard became intimidated by the blue Alicorn’s sudden temper. But recomposed himself as he explained.

“W-Well your highness, the witnesses described the attacker to have three horns, had a dragon-like look, wearing armour and wearing clawed gauntlets. And all that fits BlackWarGreymon perfectly.”

“But it can’t have been me! I never even left the castle today!” The Digimon objected. Feeling victimized.

“Wait a second. When did the attack took place?” Prince Shining Armor asked the guard.

After quick thinking, the crystal pony answered.

“Not very long ago, sir.”

“Then it can’t be him because he was with me!” Luna said, desperate to prove the Digimon’s innocence.

“But BlackWarGreymon is the only one who fits the description,” Flash Sentry pointed out.

Then the crystal pony guard said something to the Digimon that startled the princesses.

“May I add, I too wish to believe that you weren’t the culprit BlackWarGreymon. I was one of the guards who witnessed your fight with the shadow ponies, and saved the empire.”

The Mega was taken back slightly. The guard just said that the culprit looked like him but believed that he wasn’t the one. Not only him, everyone else was amazed. The guard barely knew the Digimon and yet he believed that it wasn’t him. Despite the descriptions.

The pony then turned his attention to Princess Cadence.

“Princess, with your permission. I wish to go and gather more evidence.”

“Permission granted,” Cadence said with authority in her voice. The guard being dismissed.

Then the whole group brought their minds back to attention. Getting over from the sudden shock.

“This makes no sense. He was with me the whole time,” Luna said, reinforcing her previous statement.

“Maybe it’s an imposter. You know, someone posing as the big guy,” Rainbow Dash said as she hovered above the group.

“Yeah! There is no way our big friend would go back to his big scary meanie ways!” Pinkie Pie joined in. Knowing how far BlackWarGreymon had come on his friendship with the ponies.

Though BlackWarGreymon was silent, deep down he felt hurt. Was someone really pretending to be him, so everypony would think that the culprit was him? To him it seemed that way.

In curiosity, Princess Twilight turned to him with a question.

“Hay BlackWarGreymon. Besides WarGreymon, were there any other Digimon that looks like you?”

“No. There is only me and him. But he’s back in the Digital World, and I’m the only Digimon here. And even if he was here, he would never cause destruction out of spite,” He answered.

He then felt somepony hugging his left leg. Looking down, it turned out to be Fluttershy.

“Well I for one believe you.”

“We all do, darling,” Rarity joined. With the others nodding in agreement.

Wanting the crystal ponies safe, Shining Armor gave an order to Flash Sentry.

“Flash, I want you to double the patrols around the empire. It there is an imposter around, we have to find him before he strikes again.”

“Yes sir,” The Pegasus guard said with a solute.

As he watched the guard leave, BlackWarGreymon felt something stinging him. Even though he was innocent, that he had done nothing wrong, for some reason he felt guilty. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t done bad things in the past. He did start out evil the moment he was created. It was only by the carelessness of his creators that he had his own free will. But that aside, he still had done bad things. He believed that if he was still evil, he would’ve done the very same things that the supposed ‘imposter’ was doing.

He then felt concerned for the citizens. How was it that he couldn’t sense the danger outside? But because of the recent attack, the Crystal Ponies were scared. And because the attacker was said to had looked like him, he would be easily mistaken to be the attacker.

After some moments of thought, he came to a conclusion. There was only one thing he could do. But he cringed at the very thought of it. If anything, he absolutely hated it.

“Everyone, I have an idea. But I really hate it.”

All eyes turned to BlackWarGreymon in interest and confusion. What was the idea that he hated to do?

“What is it?” Spike asked.

The Digimon then spoke out after a moment of silence.

“To be sure that the citizens are truly safe, …I…I think it’s best if I’m restricted from leaving the castle.”

The group seemed startled at BlackWarGreymon’s suggestion. They had not expected for someone like him to say such a thing. It betrayed his character. Who he was.

“But you hate being restrained to one place. Maybe if…”

BlackWarGreymon interrupted Luna before she could finish.

“It’s the only way to be sure, Luna. Even though I’ve changed my ways, with my power I’m still technically a threat. I don’t want the citizens to go in a panic from just the sight of me.”

Everyone was moved by his words. BlackWarGreymon was willing to go as far as to do the things he despised, just to prevent any more panic. Cadence was for certain that he wasn’t the culprit. There was no way, especially after hearing him out.

The Digimon then asked Shining Armor something.

“Shining, is there some sort of dungeon for me to stay in?”

Everyone was again stunned and shocked at what he said. Some even let out small gasps of disbelief. Even the prince was a bit hesitant to speak before answering.

“Y…yes. We have unused prison cells at the bottom of the castle.”

Though he knew it was for the best, BlackWarGreymon felt as though he was torturing himself. His will tried to defy his reasons, but he didn’t want to cause the same level of panic that he once did back in his past life.

He would do anything for his friends.

“Good. Take me to them.”


After more hesitating, Shining Armor lead the way out of the gym. Slowly, BlackWarGreymon followed. The others really wanted him to change his mind. Knowing that being contained was going to hurt him more then it seemed. But there was reason in his words, and it was true that his decision would prevent any panic.

Despite it all, they felt that it was wrong. But BlackWarGreymon knew it had to be done.

Wanting to help him, Twilight Sparkle spoke up.

“Don’t worry, BlackWarGreymon. We’ll find out what’s happening. And then it will be all over.”

BlackWarGreymon paused to take a glance over his shoulder. Happy to have such supportive friends like them.

“Thank you,” He said before leaving the gym. Following Shining Armor to the dungeons.

As he left, Luna felt a small pain in her heart. Seeing the Digimon in such a way was hurting her in a way she rarely ever felt. He was free from the imprisonment of doubt and misguidance that was his life in the past. The last thing she wanted was for him to be imprisoned again.

“So, what are we gonna do, ya’ll?” Applejack asked.

“The only thing we can do. Go out there and talk to those witnesses,” Twilight suggested, an idea in favored by everyone.

With the task at hand, the group left the castle and split up to talk to the crystal ponies. Princess Cadence and Princess Luna went to the area that was attacked. Luckily, the damage was minor and there were no casualties. Almost as if it was a hit-and-run attack. As the group began to ask questions, they were surprised at the amount of witnesses there were. But the responses they received from them weren’t good. They say that it all points out to BlackWarGreymon. But because of the rumors and the things he’d done for them, many believed that it wasn’t the Digimon who done it.

But while most of the responses were just repeats of the last, there were a few that were rather… odd.

“Wait just ah second! Grey? Not black?” Applejack asked a crystal shopkeeper. The mare was joined by Spike.

“Yes. Though it was too quick to be sure, but I did see that the attacker wore…grey armour. No doubt about it,” The crystal mare responded. Knowing truthy what she saw.

“But…BlackWarGreymon has black armour. I mean, it’s in his name after all,” Spike said as he turned a confused eye to Applejack.

Elsewhere, Rarity and Pinkie Pie received odd news of their own.

“What do you mean… a golden chest plate?” Rarity asked, unsure of what the crystal stallion meant by.

“That’s all I know, miss. The attacker had golden armour on his chest.”

Rarity and Pinkie Pie looked at each other in confusion. Something was definitely off.

Same news happened with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

“Umm…sir…could you please give us a minute of your time?” Fluttershy asked politely. But the stallion remained frightened from his experience.

“Please… I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t want to think of his frightening look, his cold glare, his silver hair and his deadly claws!” He said as he started to run off.

The annoyed Rainbow Dash tried to fly after him.

“Now wait a minute! We just want to…”

The Pegasus immediately paused upon realising something odd. She turned to Fluttershy with a questionable look.


The biggest revelation was one of the mares that Twilight Sparkle questioned.

“It’s ok, just tell me what happened,” The Alicorn said to calm down the mare.

The crystal pony was hesitant, but soon opened up.

“It…it happened so fast. I was enjoying myself, then everything just… fell apart. Then I… I heard…this insane laughing. I was so scared. And then… I saw his red glowing eyes…looking right at me.”

Though Twilight felt sorry for the mare, she couldn’t help but notice one odd detail in her story.

“Did…did you say that his eyes were…red?”

The pony began to quake in fear from remembering the moment that terrified her. As she spoke, she slowly lowered herself into a ball.

“Yes. They were crimson red. Al…almost like blood! Blood red eyes… full of evil and hate. They burned right through me. I thought that the eyes of King Sombra would bring nightmares. But those blood red eyes…they’re even worse!”

Twilight felt even more sorry for the mare. But at the same time, she felt frightened.

On the mountain far from the Crystal Empire, King Sombra stood at its top. Glaring down at his former domain. He could feel the fear spreading across the empire. The attack that he orchestrated was a success. Brining the order into dismay and exploit the dark past of BlackWarGreymon. Making the citizens think that it was their digital friend who caused the damage. Making them fear him and make themselves vulnerable to another attack.

“Soon this will be all mine. It’s all going perfectly to plan,” Sombra said to himself.

Sombra’s ears twitched as he heard some several loud footsteps. Belonging to a tall being who walked up beside him.

“I still think that you called be off too soon. I was busy enjoying myself,” A voice said to the Unicorn, disappointed that he hadn’t had his fun.

The voice sounded very similar to BlackWarGreymon’s, except that it was of a slightly higher tone. Giving him an impression that he could snap and go crazy at any time.

After hearing him, Sombra turned to face his companion in mild annoyance.

“Need I remind you that the purpose of the task is for BlackWarGreymon to be accused for actions that you caused.”

“But all this hiding is really boring! I want to go back there and have fun, daddy.”

King Sombra flinched at the mention of his new nickname that the whining being gave him.

“I told you before, don’t call me that!”

“Come on. I know you like it,” The creature teased. Deliberately getting on Sombra’s nerves.

“You know perfectly well that I don’t! I’m not your father!”

“Oh, but you are. Sure, the boss gave me the energy, but it was you who shaped my body. Therefore, you’re my daddy.”

The dark Unicorn growled in anger. The reason how and why his creation turned out to be almost childish was beyond him.

“Never mind that! Now we wait here for the right moment to strike again. BlackWarGreymon is going to pay for humiliating me like that. Let’s see how he likes it when his friends all turn on him.”

As he chuckled, Sombra could hear the creature grunting in frustration. The thrill of unleashing his might was getting to him.

“I’m tired of waiting. I want to be out there,” He moaned.

His eyes then narrowed in determination.

“I want to cause more destruction.”

The annoyed Unicorn turned to him in anger.

“That’s enough! Why did the master create you with such an insane mind?”

The chaotic-driven being kept on grunting, until he had enough. He gave into his urge to destroy.

“Enough of this. I’m sick of standing around!”

Then without a moment’s notice, the being began to sprint down the snow-covered mountain and towards the empire.

Sombra was in shock at his creation’s disobedience. He was almost as bad as BlackWarGreymon. Wanting his plans to run smoothly, he chased after him.

“Get back here you brat! It’s too early to attack again!”

The dark king’s orders fell to deaf ears, he could hear his creation’s chuckling like an insane monster.

The newest edition to the forces of evil was untested. Sombra even hoped that he would avoid meeting BlackWarGreymon. If the two should meet…well, he didn’t want to think what would happen.

The Unicorn knew how strong BlackWarGreymon’s friendship was to his friends. So, by attacking the empire full on too early, there was a great risk that both he and his creation would be exposed.

Unfortunately, because of the creation’s impatient attitude, that prediction would happen sooner then he thought.

With his original plan falling apart, Sombra might as well role with the situation. As if he was the one who decided to make a full-on attack.

Back at the Crystal Empire, the Mane Six, the royal couple, Luna, Spike and Flash Sentry all met up by the Crystal Heart. All discussing what they learnt.

“Grey armour… golden chest… silver hair… and red eyes? This doesn’t make any sense. BlackWarGreymon doesn’t have any of those,” Twilight said, puzzled by it all.

“Then why did the crystal ponies sat that the attacker looked like him?” Fluttershy asked.

“Then I was right! It is an imposter!” Rainbow Dash stated. In which Luna deeply agreed.

“Lady Rainbow Dash is right. Someone must be pretending to be him so that we would think it’s him.”

“But…why?” Spike asked.

Determined that there was someone posing as BlackWarGreymon, Shining Armor turned to Flash Sentry.

“Flash, did any of the patrols spot something out of the ordinary?”

“None so far,” The guard responded.

Then the group paused in thought, trying to figure out what was going on. The appearance matched BlackWarGreymon, but the specific details were completely off. And as far as they knew, he was the only Digimon in Equestria. Could it all be a hoax? Or a dragon impersonating him? Or…was something much bigger was going on?

Their list of questions and possibilities all came to a sudden halt when to their surprise, they all heard a loud explosion in the distance. As the group looked in its direction, they could see a plume of smoke rising above the rooftops.

“The attacker has returned!?” Rarity asked in a panic. All were shocked by the explosion.

“Then it’s not BlackWarGreymon! I just came from the dungeons where he’s staying!” Shining Armor pointed out, alarming the others.

“Then it is an imposter!” Luna stated. Relieved that BlackWarGreymon was proven innocent to the world.

The prince then gave Flash Sentry a strict order.

“Flash, go to the dungeons and get BlackWarGreymon up here. We have no idea who we’re facing, and we could use his help.”

“I’m on it!”

As the Pegasus guard entered the castle, the rest of the group ran and flew at full speed towards the smoke plume.

“I think its coming from the outer edge of the empire!” Cadence mentioned.

During their time reaching towards their destination, more explosions occurred. Increasing their concerns for any unfortunate citizens if they’re caught in the blasts.

When the group arrived on the scene, they were horrified at what they saw. Crystal buildings were shattered into pieces, the roads cracked, smoke pluming from the explosions and frightened crystal ponies running in fear.

“What’s going on here!? Who’s responsible for this?” Cadence demanded, angered from the sight of her terrified subjects.

They all then felt a very familiar chill up their spines from hearing a sinister chuckle. Then to their shock and anger, they saw King Sombra himself, walking through the smoke. Glaring at them in amusement.

“I’m back.”

Unlike before, the group were not alone. The recent explosions had also attracted most of the crystal guards. Armed with all sorts of weapons.

“Cease him!” Shining Armor ordered, in which the guards gladly obeyed.

Within moments, King Sombra was completely surrounded. All the swords and spears pointed at him with the tips very close to his body.

The group realised that something wasn’t right. They expected Sombra to fight back and retaliate. But he didn’t. He simply allowed the guards to surround him. As if he wanted to. Plus despite his predicament, his smirk had never left his face.

“I see some of you are eager to end me,” Sombra mentioned, seeing how close the weapons were to his face.

“Just what are you up to, Sombra!?” Luna demanded while the others glared at him in hate.

Sombra merely let out a chuckle before speaking.

“Focus on me all you want. But it’s not me you should be concerned of.”

The dark Unicorn then turned to his right, with the group following his gaze. At first, they were just staring at a large smoke cloud. Then they saw two silhouettes approaching.

The group braced themselves, knowing that they could be shadow ponies.

When the two creatures ran out of the smoke cloud and stood firm, the group were right to think that they’re Sombra’s minions. But something about the two had shocked the group and made the ones from Ponyville gasp.

One of them was a Pegasus that greatly resembled Rainbow Dash. And the other was an Earth Pony that looked like Applejack. The two let out snickering noises that sounded like hissing as they stared at the group.

“Hay, that one looks like me!” Rainbow Dash said as she saw her shadow duplicate.

“What in tarnation!?” Applejack said as she eyed her dark clone.

However, once the group got over their shock, they realised that there were only two of them. The two shadow ponies may look like their friends, but they’re heavily outnumbered.

Realising that a straight-out fight won’t go well for King Sombra, Twilight turned to him with a questionable look.

“Is this it? You want us to worry about some shadow ponies?”

King Sombra glared back at her. His smile seemed to be growing bigger.

“I wasn’t talking about them.”

After Sombra finished talking, all the Unicorns and Alicorns felt something. Something startling. They could feel a higher power nearby. Power that… was greater than Sombra’s!

‘Background music’ ‘10’s by Pantera’ (Broly’s theme)

On high alert, the whole group quickly turned back to the two shadow ponies. But it was the cloud of smoke behind the creatures that they were staring. They were unsure what Sombra was referring too. Or what his plan was. They just couldn’t think straight.

Then to their slowly rising shock, an eerie green glow was seen through the smoke. Then heavy footsteps followed. The group could both hear and feel them. They could also feel the power rising as the steps got louder. Something big was approaching them.

The group then all gasped in horror at the next thing they saw. In the heart of the green glow, was a large silhouette. Alarmingly, the new silhouette looked just like BlackWarGreymon! Walking slowly towards them through the smoke. Whatever was going on, what they were facing, could actually be another Digimon!

The shocked and confused group then realised something. The energy they were feeling felt like BlackWarGreymon’s! But at the same time, it didn’t! What was going on!?

As they silently watched the Digimon-shaped silhouette walking towards them, the group saw a pair of eyes briefly glowing bright red. They also heard what sounded like growling. As if it was primal in nature.

Most of the ponies took a small step back, fear already starting to grip them.

While completely shrouded in smoke, the new tall being stopped. Standing in-between the shadow versions of Rainbow Dash and Applejack. Then the smoke started to fade by the feet, slowly revealing a pair of large black three-toed feet. On the legs, it wore black plated shin guards.

The group stuttered for a moment. The design of the shin guards were identical to BlackWarGreymon’s. But his were yellow plated, not black. Then they slowly averted their gaze upwards.

As more of the smoke cleared, the ponies and the dragon got a glimpse of the beings’ armoured waist. In places where there should be yellow, were replaced with grey.

Then the smoke cleared from the creatures’ arms. It wore the exact same set of Dramon Destroyers, but they were both dark grey instead of jet black. When more smoke cleared, the same could be said for its very own Brave Shield. Its skin however was the same shade of black as BlackWarGreymon’s skin.

As the appearance became more and more apparent, the expressions of the group showed complete disbelief. Grey armour. One of the descriptions of the attacker. It seemed the being standing in front of them was indeed the one. But why does it feel like that the being was BlackWarGreymon?

With their mouths slowly gaping open and their eyes growing wide as dinner plates, the group continued to stare up at the being as more of its appearance was revealed.

The fading cloud revealed its chest. The Chrome Digizoid armour plating was clad in the colour of gold. Gleaming in the sunlight.

Then the area near its spiked shoulders were revealed. Showing off the beings’ silver-grey hair.

Most of the group let out a fearful gasp as they recognized the parts that perfectly fit the descriptions. But nothing prepared them for what they were about to see.

As the smoke faded away completely, the being was fully revealed. Its body giving of surges of green electric-like energy. Its height and body didn’t just look like BlackWarGreymon, it was exactly the same. Showing the fact that the imposter, was a Digimon after all.

The group paused in suspenseful fright, looking at the Digimon’s face. Just like what the mare told Twilight, they could see the crimson red eyes staring back at them. The pupils were half slit. But even if they weren’t, the ponies and dragon could tell that there was hatred and malice in those eyes. But their expression was of amusement. As if the Digimon enjoyed seeing the fear in the hearts of others. Then with just a mere blink of the eyes, the group flinched in response. Seeing that the Digimon was truly alive.

The shadow clones of Rainbow Dash and Applejack chuckled in delight. They too liked to see fear. Then to the surprise of the group and the crystal guards, they suddenly found themselves surrounded by a horde of shadow ponies. Identical to the Shadow Legion. Their sudden appearance caused the guards to back away from Sombra out of fear.

Despite seeing the twisted faces of the ponies of darkness, the group felt like that the new Digimon before them was the biggest threat. They turned back to stare at the tall being, only to see it tilt its head slightly. As if enjoying the moment.

As they continued to gawk in fear, the group heard Sombra’s voice as he too looked at the Digimon.

“So, what do you think? Not bad if I do say so myself.”

Luna slowly looked at the Unicorn in disbelief.

“You…you have something to do with this!?”

Sombra glared back at the Alicorn as he responded.

“You mean ‘him’?”

“But…how is this even possible? How did you do it?” Twilight asked but frightened to find out how it was done. It felt too advanced, even for King Sombra.

Then the evil Unicorn explained himself. But in a way to purposely not include his master.

“You see my little ponies, when I tried to mind control BlackWarGreymon, some strands of his hair got caught on my crown. They may not look much, but they possessed the specific codes on what his body was made up of. So by using my dark magic, I was able to tap into those codes and replicate them. While at the same time, crafting a whole new body!”

He continued as his smile grew bigger.

“In case you still don’t understand, by using my magic and BlackWarGreymon’s codes, I was able to create a BlackWarGreymon of my own! My own warrior who could match yours in every way!”

The group shivered in dread. They never thought possible that there could ever be a second BlackWarGreymon. An evil one too. But Luna also found it strange. There was no way that King Sombra would’ve figured it all out on his own. A Digimon’s body is entirely digital, and digital codes was way beyond Sombra. He must’ve had some help.

‘So that’s why his energy feels like BlackWarGreymon’s. Because he’s made out of his data,’ Twilight thought to herself.

“And I take it that you did the same with those two fakes!” Rainbow Dash said angrily as she pointed out the shadow versions of herself and Applejack.

Sombra briefly looked at his creations before looking back at the group.

“True. But they’re nothing compared to my magnificent warrior. Watch.”

Without warning, Sombra’s horn began to glow bright green. Then to the surprise of the group and the guards, all the shadow ponies that were surrounding them turned into mist. Then reformed together to create four Goliath Ponies. The same as the ones that fought BlackWarGreymon the day before.

As the giants towered over the intimidated group, King Sombra let out a burst of laughter before continuing.

“Even my Goliath Ponies pale in comparison to my latest and greatest creation!”

As the evil Unicorn continued to laugh, Twilight, Cadence and Luna suddenly felt a faint rise in energy from the BlackWarGreymon look-alike. Though he was still, his eye sockets glowed bright red as he released several soft growls. Then the ground beneath them started to tremble. Sombra stopped laughing as he looked at the ground in confusion.

Then all of the sudden, everyone was caught by surprise from hearing loud screeches of panic. When they all turned to its source, they saw that one of the Goliath Ponies was levitating off the ground. By seeing it thrashing its legs around, the levitation was against its will. Then the remaining three Goliaths followed. Screeching in panic as they felt their bodies being lifted off the ground.

Just like the group, King Sombra and the shadow versions of Rainbow Dash and Applejack stared up in surprise and horror. Then all eyes turned to the Digimon. Seeing his glowing eyes meant that it was all his doing.

‘Now what’s he up to?’ Sombra thought to himself.

Then as the Digimon growled slightly louder, the group suddenly heard even louder screeches from the Goliath Ponies. When they looked up, they saw that it looked like the giants were being pulled apart. Then after releasing their final screech, the Goliath Ponies popped like balloons, releasing black magic that was within them.

Before anyone could say anything, the black magic began to swirl above their heads. Then the energy began to channel themselves into the Digimon’s body. He was absorbing the energy from the Goliath Ponies and adding it into his own. The ground began to shake violently as the BlackWarGreymon copy grunted from feeling his energy rise. He also caused the wind to blow wildly at everything around him.

Everyone, even Sombra, couldn’t believe what was unfolding in front of them. The Digimon turned on his own allies, just to boost his own strength.

“Doesn’t Sombra even have control over him?” Twilight asked herself. Sensing that even the dark Unicorn was surprised by the actions of the Digimon clone.

Then as every last bit of energy got absorbed into his body, the Digimon breathed out a sigh to calm his energy. As his body stopped crackling with green energy and his eyes returned to normal, the ground stopped shaking as the gusts of wind died down. Then after a brief moment, he opened his cold red eyes and glared down at the fearful group. He then spoke to them, before letting out a crazed-filled chuckle.

“Hello there, my little ponies.”

‘Song end’

Author's Note:

Like I promised, a new chapter after at least two weeks. So here it is.

After months of waiting, Sombra's trump card is finally revealed. Even though in this story he's a clone, he is based on a real Digimon who only appeared in a Digimon game. So I guess this is his very first appearance in a fanfic.

If any of you know who the new Digimon is... then well done. You've done your research. To those who don't, you either have to wait for the next chapter or read the comments because someone is bound to tell. Not that I mind.

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