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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 61: Dawn of an Unforeseen Power (Part 1)

Author's Note:

Hay everyone. Back again.

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Disaster had struck on the outer edges of the Everfree Forest. After the unfortunate return of ChaosBlackWarGreymon, the Royal Sisters, the royal couple, and the element bearers were teleported out from the safety of Canterlot castle and into great danger. But when they thought they were going to face the digital clone without BlackWarGreymon’s aid, they were shocked to discover that Lord Tirek himself had joined in the fray. On the side of ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

But problems only kept on escalating. After stealing all the magic from Ayumi, also unknowingly all the data she possessed, the evil magic stealing centaur grew gigantic and his power had risen to a level that not even he thought possible. Wanting to see the action unfold before him, the BlackWarGreymon clone teleported away and hid himself within the trees. From there, he had a good view of the action.

As the battle went on, things weren’t looking good for the ponies from the very beginning. Even with their combined strength, they were unable to stand up to Tirek’s newly enhanced power. Within moments, the centaur had absorbed the energies of Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie. Being drained, the only thing the four could do was comfort the unconscious Ayumi. Rainbow Dash foolishly tried to tackle the giant from the air. Because the second she came close to him, he froze her with a levitation spell and then absorbed her energy. Despite draining their power, it did little in terms of changing Tirek’s appearance or even increasing his power. But he’d done so, nonetheless. As the drained Pegasus fell from the sky, Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence tried combining their attack spells on Tirek. While the attack itself was devastating in power, to Tirek’s new strength it felt more like a playful pinch. As the centaur leaned close towards the couple, Princess Celestia used a bright flash of solar energy to temporarily blind him. While he was disorientated, Princess Twilight and Princess Luna dived from above and bombarded him with a volley of magical attacks.

As Tirek’s face was covered in smoke, Shining Armor spoke up. Feeling that there was hope in their situation.

“We’re doing it!”

“Think again!” Tirek shouted before laughing as the smoke cloud faded. The remaining five who could fight felt intimidated once more.

As the battle raged on, ChaosBlackWarGreymon knew what was going on. The ponies knew that they were outmatched, but they were fighting nonetheless. The reason because they’re merely stalling for time. Distracting Tirek long enough for BlackWarGreymon to notice and arrive. The question was how long the ponies could last before their digital saviour would arrive to save them. The digital clone had found it odd that his progenitor was not among his pony friends. But with him absent, it was a perfect time to strike.

But then something happened. ChaosBlackWarGreymon began to feel odd again. Akin to his uncertainties over the past few days. After witnessing Twilight Sparkle having her magic stolen by Tirek, the clone felt something he had never felt before. A slight pinching sensation in his chest. It was as if the sight of the one-sided fight… had hurt him on the inside. To him, it seemed as though knowing the pain was there, was more startling than the pain itself. He looked down at his chest in uncertainty.

“These… weird feelings again. Why do I keep getting them? Why aren’t I relishing in this carnage? I should be enjoying this. Then why… why does it feel… wrong?” He asked himself. But no one was there to answer.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon was then snapped out of his confusion when he sensed something. Someone powerful was fast approaching his location. He turned his head in the direction it was coming from.

“BlackWarGreymon’s coming.”

But before he could move, ChaosBlackWarGreymon had an idea. The original plan was for him to fight BlackWarGreymon while Tirek attacked the ponies. But with his mind conflicting with his beliefs, he really wanted a distraction. Something that would be humorous.

“Oh, I know. I’ll stay hidden and let him arrive. The look on Tirek’s face would be priceless,” The amused clone said as he lowered his energy. Therefore, he wouldn’t be spotted when BlackWarGreymon shows up.

Back at the fight, things were going bleak for the ponies. After being caught in his magical grip, Tirek proceeded to absorb the magic from Celestia, Cadence and Shining Armor. Their magic extracted from their horns and into the centaur’s mouth. After their magic was stolen, the cutiemarks of the victims disappeared completely.

As Tirek grew slightly, Luna flew above the overgrown giant. Being the only one with magic left, the Moon Princess knew that it was all up to her to stall Tirek for as long as she could. She decided to give it her all.

Focusing her magic into the tip of her horn, Luna formed a twenty-foot wide energy ball above her head. From below, Celestia stared up at her little sister in amazement. Seeing the attack for the first time, she saw that it bared some similarities to one of BlackWarGreymon’s attacks.

With a mighty yell, the blue Alicorn threw the blue sphere down towards Tirek. The attack then exploded on the back of his head.

As the blue smoke cleared, the result was revealed. Although Tirek was largely unharmed from the attack, he was mildly surprised that he actually felt its punch. As he turned towards Luna, the centaur realised that even though he absorbed most of the energy from the group, he hadn’t got much bigger and his power was near enough the same as before. It was like eating a tiny gummy bear after a large dinner. Even Alicorn magic didn’t fill him much. He was too preoccupied with the fight to notice it earlier.

As he looked up at Luna as she hovered in the sky, Tirek smiled as he came to a decision.

“You want to know something, Princess? Even if I do take your magic, it won’t make a difference to my new power. I guess that means instead of wasting my efforts to take your power…”

His smile became more sinister as his horns glowed, forming an orange energy ball in-between them. As the sphere grew bigger, he finished his sentence.

“…I can just destroy you right here!!”

With no hesitation or even remorse, Tirek prepared to unleash his might as the orange sphere grew bigger.

“No!! Don’t!!” Celestia cried out.

But it was of no use, Tirek fired a large orange beam of destructive magic at the airborne Luna. The Alicorn paralyzed in fear as the speeding large-scale attack flew straight towards her.

She then closed her eyes, waiting for the end to come.

But before the attack could hit her, a black blur came out of nowhere and took her away. Leaving the beam to fly off into the sky.

The ponies and the centaur were briefly startled at what they saw, but then quickly realised who the black blur was.

Feeling that someone was cradling her, Luna opened her eyes to see who saved her from her demise. She gasped in astonishment at who it was.


Hearing her calling him by his nickname made BlackWarGreymon turn his attention to Luna in concern.

“Are you alright, Luna?”

Instead of answering, the blue princess nuzzled his chest out of sheer joy. Briefly surprising him in the process.

“You saved my life. Thank you.”

The Digimon’s expression softened as he flew back towards the scene while holding Luna in his arms. As he descended towards the ground, BlackWarGreymon felt unnerved.

“My friends. Why can’t I sense their energy?” He asked Luna.

“Because Tirek stole them,” The princess answered.

As the two looked down at their fallen friends, they then turned their attention to the giant centaur.

“So that’s what happens when he steals magic. It makes him bigger and stronger,” BlackWarGreymon said, his voice carried a hint of hate. He then turned back to his fallen friends. Surprised at one of them who fell victim to Tirek.

“Even Ayumi?”

“Yes. But she was already defeated before Tirek showed up. But we think it was ChaosBlackWarGreymon who stopped her,” Luna said to him. Informing him about the digital clone’s involvement.

“What? He’s here too?”

“Yes. But he vanished and hadn’t come back since.”

Luna was right. BlackWarGreymon was unable to pick up on ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s power. But at least he would face against one foe instead of two.

As the two descended from the sky, the ponies and the centaur spotted them.

“BlackWarGreymon!” Twilight cheered despite her weakened state.

“He’s here. And he saved Luna,” The weakened Celestia said, relieved for her sister’s safety.

“Why doesn’t he ever show up at the start of ah fight?” Applejack asked with a slight smile. Her question being rhetorical.

“Well, better late than never,” Rainbow Dash uttered. Both she and Applejack noting about the Digimon’s sense of timing.

Tirek meanwhile glared at the descending Mega. The sight of him reminded the centaur of their first confrontation. Tirek was beaten and humiliated by BlackWarGreymon’s strength. He wanted nothing more than to make him pay.

“It’s him. He’s back. But where is that clone of his? Shouldn’t he be here to fight him?” Tirek asked, wondering why ChaosBlackWarGreymon wasn’t doing his part.

But the level of power he possessed clouded his judgement.

“Never mind. I can take him on all by myself now.”

Hidden behind a large tree, ChaosBlackWarGreymon silently watched BlackWarGreymon as he landed on the ground several feet away from the rest of the group.

After he made his landing, BlackWarGreymon placed Luna on the ground. Leaving her to stand by his side as he slowly turned towards the giant lord. As the two silently glared at each other, Tirek spoke up.

“So, we meet again. And you’ve gotten cuter.”

His mocking tone stated the obvious. With Tirek’s new size, BlackWarGreymon looked puny.

“And you’re even uglier than before,” The Digimon replied back before looking at his defeated friends.

Seeing his pony friends in their weakened state was starting to make the Mega’s anger boil. They didn’t deserve to be treated in such a way.

While containing his rage, BlackWarGreymon glared back at Tirek.

“Give back their energy, Tirek!”

“Now why would I do something like that?” Tirek asked, but his question was more of a statement. Showing that it was something he wouldn’t do.

In response, BlackWarGreymon grunted in anger as his muscles became tensed.

“Give them back, Tirek! I’m warning you! I have grown far stronger than when we first met.”

His friends knew he was right. BlackWarGreymon was much more powerful than he was when he first arrived in Equestria. But Tirek only chuckled in response.

“Hah! But guess what, tiny. So have I! But it was thanks to your friends.”

BlackWarGreymon felt his inner anger intensifying. His foe was mocking his friends even after they were down for the count. His eyes began to twitch. But before his anger could get ant higher, he mentally stopped himself. He found it strange. His pony friends had been in danger before. Yet… he felt much angrier than usual. Possibly due to his late arrival to help his friends when they needed him. But with the problem at hand, he shook it off. However, the hidden ChaosBlackWarGreymon was the only one who noticed. Slightly widening his eyes in puzzlement.

After another glance over to his weakened friends, BlackWarGreymon understood that talking was no use. He glared back at Lord Tirek after deciding what to do.

“I guess I have no choice. I’ll just have to beat it out of you.”

BlackWarGreymon readied himself as he prepared to fight Tirek once more. Because of the much larger size of his foe, the Digimon had to hit him hard. But after sensing all the power within the centaur, he knew the fight wouldn’t be easy.

As Tirek was about to respond, he glanced down at the ponies whose magic he absorbed. He then let out a grin, forming an idea to enrage BlackWarGreymon more.

“So be it. But your little friends are rather in the way,” He said before clicking his fingers. Surprising the weakened ponies by encasing each of them within magical bubbles.

BlackWarGreymon and Luna watched on in shock as the captives were taken high above the ground. Floating in the open air.

“Give our friends back, Tirek!” Luna demanded, in which the centaur responded with a chuckle before speaking.

“Why? They were in harm’s way. I was just thinking about their safety,” He said with a vert sadistic twisted grin.

Before Luna could press on, BlackWarGreymon stepped in. Gaining her attention.

“No, Luna.”

The Moon Princess looked at her Digimon friend in surprise.

“What? But…”

She was interrupted when BlackWarGreymon gave his reasons.

“You need to save your strength. If you go anywhere near him, he’ll take your magic. I don’t have magic, so he can’t absorb my powers. Just rest up and let me deal with him, ok?”

As much as she wanted to fight alongside him, she knew BlackWarGreymon was right. And when she looked at him, she saw the concern in his yellow eyes. After getting to know him so well, and so close, she knew that the sight of her magic being stolen from her would hurt him.

Seeing the logic in his reasoning, she reluctantly nodded in agreement.

“Alright. But be careful,” She said as she rushed to the trees for cover.

Tirek meanwhile was beginning to lose his patience.

“Are you ready to settle this or what!?”

BlackWarGreymon glared back at Tirek in response. His yellow eyes filled in anger as his negative energy began to build.

“I won’t let you win, Tirek.”

As his energy continued to rise, the ground started to shake. Then all the loose stones on the ground began to rise and float beside BlackWarGreymon.

“You failed before, and you’ll fail again!”

“You tell him, big guy! Kick his butt!” Rainbow Dash cheered, despite being imprisoned in the bubble.

She was joined by Pinkie Pie, Shining Armor and Applejack.

“Yeah, what she said. Beat that meanie!”

“Make Tirek pay for what he’s done!”

“Show that overgrown vermin who’s boss!!”

On the sidelines, the hidden ChaosBlackWarGreymon took note on BlackWarGreymon’s rising power.

“He’s serious. He looks as though he’s going to go all out. So he truly has fully recovered from our battle at the Crystal Empire.”

‘Background music’ ‘Rise by Skillet’

At first, BlackWarGreymon and Tirek stood still. Silently glaring at each other to see who would move first. Deciding to make his start, the Artificial Digimon jumped high in the air and flew towards the towering giant. Tirek responded with a grin as he threw his left fist out in a form of a punch. But the nimbler Mega avoided the fist, then spun around as he travelled up the centaur’s arm and as he got in close, gave Tirek a lefthanded punch to the face. The force from the blow caused Tirek to yell in pain as he stumbled backwards. His expression looked shocked as he covered his face.

‘I don’t believe it! Even with all this power, he’s still able to hurt me!’

He was then startled when BlackWarGreymon flew up to his face and started to throw a flurry of punches. But Tirek’s new power started to show. As sharp as the Chrome Digizoid blades were, they barely caused any cuts on Tirek. But the force behind the attacks was what hurt the centaur the most. The giant walking backwards as his small opponent kept on attacking. Tirek’s power had shown itself again as the evil lord quickly leapt back and threw up his right arm to block one of BlackWarGreymon’s punches.

While the Digimon was mentally surprised by Tirek’s newfound strength, the Centaur threw his arm out to shove BlackWarGreymon back. Then as he ran forward, Tirek threw his clenched left fist, the size of BlackWarGreymon himself, into the Mega. Sending him back some more. The blow was followed up by a downward punch of his right fist. Which sent the armoured saviour crashing to the ground. Throwing a mountain of dirt in the air.

“BlackWarGreymon!” The captured ponies shouted. Shocked at the turn of events.

But before Tirek could gloat, BlackWarGreymon shot himself out of his dirt-filled crater and raised his arms above his head. Within seconds, he formed a fifty-foot-wide energy ball. Tirek briefly flinched as he recognized the giant red sphere. The same attack that defeated him before.

“Remember this!? TERRA DESTROYER!!!” The Digimon shouted as he threw his signature attack.

The attack struck Tirek before he could retaliate. The centaur yelled as his body was consumed in bright red light. As his yelling died down with the aftershocks from the blast, the light faded into a large smoke cloud.

“There,” BlackWarGreymon said as he hovered in front of the cloud. Thinking that he dealt a good blow.

But just as the ponies all thought of the same thing, BlackWarGreymon flinched in surprise as he saw a flicker of orange light. Then to his shock, a large orange magical sphere five times his size came flying out of the smoke and straight towards him. The Mega blocked the attack with his arms. But because he wasn’t fully prepared for a counterattack, the ball of destructive magic pushed him into the Everfree Forest. The small section of the forest exploded in orange light as it hit the ground.

The ponies gasped at the sudden turn of events. But were even more shocked as Tirek roared out of the smoke and from in-between his horns, fired a beam of magic across the forest. Igniting everything the beam touched within powerful explosions. The sight so unsettling that even Luna began to feel worried.

As soon as Tirek stopped attacking, BlackWarGreymon launched himself out of the cloud of smoke in a form of a Black Tornado. Seeing the oncoming Digimon and recognizing the attack, the evil centaur crossed his arms and formed a magical forcefield around him. Sparks flew as BlackWarGreymon’s attack tried to drill through the barrier. But after an outward thrash of his arms and a mighty yell, Tirek’s forcefield quickly expanded. Deflecting BlackWarGreymon away. The Digimon briefly flailed in the air as he stopped his attack and recomposed himself. Afterwards he flew straight down with his left foot extended. Intending to stomp on the giant villain. Tirek however saw it coming and responded by throwing his left fist out in a punch.

The Mega’s foot collided into the centaur’s knuckles. The force from the impact created a shockwave that nearly tore apart the ground beneath them.

As the two departed, one thought crossed Tirek’s mind.

‘Wow, so this is what it’s like to have the strength on par with these… Digimon,’ He thought, genuinely impressed of his new strength.

As BlackWarGreymon rose back up in the air to attack, Tirek’s new strength and speed kicked in. The centaur jumped so quick and so high the Digimon paused in surprise. And with his foe off-guard, Tirek rose up in front of him and elbowed BlackWarGreymon down. Sending him crashing to the ground.

After landing beside the downed Digimon with an echoing thud, Tirek prepared to stomp his right front hoof on top of him. Knowing he didn’t have the time to escape, BlackWarGreymon raised his arms up and caught the hoof. Tirek felt the resistance and tried to push harder. The Mega felt the great pressure as he tried to push back. cracks in the ground formed under his feet.

“Time to squash you… like a bug you are!!” Tirek shouted as he suddenly mustered even more strength. Successfully overpowering BlackWarGreymon and seemingly crushing him under hoof.

The ponies gasped in horror as Tirek’s leg smashed into the ground, knowing that their friend was underneath.

But as Tirek started to chuckle, he suddenly felt his hoof vibrating. He felt as if something was spinning under his hoof. Then as he felt his hoof being lifted, he heard BlackWarGreymon’s voice.


With the power of the swirling black winds, the attacking Digimon pushed the centaur’s leg back up in the air. So high that Tirek started to stumble on his rear hooves.

The Mega level Digimon took advantage by flying around and slamming his feet into Tirek’s face. The momentum of the actions caused the four-legged giant to fall on his back. The mares and stallion were amazed that despite Tirek’s new power, their saviour was able to knock him over.

But as BlackWarGreymon flew down to attack the downed centaur, Tirek’s horns began to glow. And the Digimon found himself caught in the magical grip. Tirek grinned, seeing that his foe was unable to move.

“Do you remember this!?” He shouted as he threw his left arm towards the ground, sending his captive crashing to the ground with a loud thud.

His two large horns continued to glow as the Centaur got back up. While BlackWarGreymon remained in his magical hold, the evil lord threw his right fist out. Levitating the Mega out of his crater and into some trees. As Tirek threw his arms around, he sent his captive crashing into more trees and some large boulders. BlackWarGreymon tried to break free but the constant bashing distracted him from doing so.

Then after doing a full turn, Tirek sent the Digimon scrapping against the grassland and then flung him into a large hill in the distance. The ground shook as he crashed into the hillside. But the ground shook even more when Tirek followed up with a large orange beam of destructive magic. The attack exploded in where his enemy laded and causing a landslide.

The Digimon’s friends stared fearfully as the attack seemed to have buried him under a mountain of dirt and mud. Tirek certainly thought so. But as he started to laugh again, the hill exploded from within. Surrounded in his Mega Destroyer attack, BlackWarGreymon yelled as he closed in on Tirek.

The giant lord didn’t had time to respond as the energized Mega slammed into his gut. Air forced out of Tirek’s body. After cancelling out his attack, BlackWarGreymon flew up to Tirek’s face and gave him a left-handed uppercut. After immediately spinning his body around, he followed up with a kick from his right foot. The combo sent the centaur stumbling back slightly, but the Digimon was quick to go on the attack.

After doing a series of flips towards Tirek’s face, BlackWarGreymon delivered a forceful slam of his left heel on top of the centaur’s head. Tirek held his head in pain as BlackWarGreymon flew up behind him. But as he dived down to attack, the evil lord sensed that the Digimon was fast approaching. And responded by sharply turning around and fire yet another beam of magic.

Despite being engulfed in the attack, the armoured Mega tried his best to push through the river of magic. And ignoring the pain he was feeling from being inside the powerful attack. But as it looked as though he was advancing, the push became too much for BlackWarGreymon to take. Thus, he was sent away with the attack. Soaring over the trees and exploded in the middle of the forest.

Feeling that he had bested his foe, Tirek started to laugh manically. Not noticing what was about to happen. BlackWarGreymon emerged from the canopy with a large broken tree within his grasp. Aiming for Tirek’s face, he threw it with all his might. The plant projectile soared across the sky and smashed stump first into the centaur’s face. Tirek yelled and stumbled backwards as he tried to fight off the pain and possible splinters. But as he saw BlackWarGreymon flying towards him, the giant lord quickly grabbed the broken tree and used it like a bat to swat the Digimon away.

BlackWarGreymon however landed on the side of another giant tree feet first. Then just as he was about to fly forward once more, the Mega quickly grabbed the tree and uprooted it. As he flew in to swing his wooden weapon, Tirek did the same with his own. The two wooden trees clashed with each other like clubs.

As ChaosBlackWarGreymon watched the ongoing fight secretly, he recognized what BlackWarGreymon was doing. It was the same style of fighting the two had done before, but with crystal columns.

As the clash went on, Tirek was slowly gaining the advantage. Having much larger hands, it meant he could use one hand to hold the tree. While BlackWarGreymon resorted to using two. But despite the advantage, the two were evenly matched. Every time one swung in to attack, the other blocked it in defence.

After blocking another one of Tirek’s swings, BlackWarGreymon shoved it aside. With the centaur briefly exposed to attack, the Digimon flew in from the side and swung down his tree on top of Tirek’s head. The dark lord felt the tree being impaled to his horns. But a mere blast of his magic destroyed the imbedded tree.

Tirek then saw BlackWarGreymon landing on the ground in front of him. After raising his held weapon overhead, the centaur swung the tree down on top of his small foe. Unaware that he was about to counterattack.


The first wave of energy sliced the end part of the wooded weapon in half. Then the second wave of negative powered fire turned the tree into dust. The fire then continued up Tirek’s right arm. The centaur roared in pain as his arm got burnt by the flames.

As Tirek held his injury with his left hand, he glared at BlackWarGreymon in both anger and wonderment.

“So I see you got new nasty tricks up your sleeve,” He said, not remembering the Digimon’s fire attack.

“You’ll be surprised. That’s just the first of many.” BlackWarGreymon responded, ready to fight on.

After letting out an angered grunt, Tirek fired another orange beam at BlackWarGreymon. But the Digimon saw the oncoming attack and leapt off the ground. Jumping over the beam and above Tirek. As the centaur looked up to follow him, the Mega had his clawed gauntlets joined together and formed a green sphere in-between them. To which the then opened fire.


Throwing his arms forward, the armoured being fired five blasts of green energy which rained down on Tirek. The centaur roared in pain as his body took every hit.

But just before BlackWarGreymon could land back on the ground, the enraged Tirek quickly spun around and grabbed a hold on the Digimon’s leg. The surprised Mega was then thrown across the land. Bouncing and scrapping against the ground as Tirek charged in to follow suit.

Before Tirek could crush the downed Mega with his giant hooves, BlackWarGreymon rolled out of the way. Being underneath the giant centaur, he decided to lash out at his four legs. Slashing and kicking them with force to try and topple Tirek over. All the while Tirek tried to stomp on the Digimon with all of his hooves. Walking around as to try to crush or even see him. In response, the Digimon had to keep moving while attacking.

The struggle seemed to have no end, until Tirek managed to flush out BlackWarGreymon and slammed his right hand on top of him. The ground shook from the enhanced slap.

Tirek grinned as he closed his hand, crushing the dirt beneath him. then as he raised his clenched hand, the centaur held it close to see what he held. As well as sections of falling dirt, BlackWarGreymon was held tightly in his grasp. His head and shoulders sticking out from the top while his feet poked out from the bottom.

“See how you like being held against your will,” The grinning Tirek said as he squeezed his iron grip. Trying to crush his captive.

Though the squeeze didn’t hurt him as much as it looked, it was incredibly uncomfortable for BlackWarGreymon. He tried to struggle free, but Tirek’s newly enhanced strength was making it easy said than done.

‘Song end.’

All the ponies watched on fearfully. Hoping that their black-armoured saviour could break free. But despite the Mega holding on strong, it didn’t stop Tirek from trying to squeeze him into submission.

Meanwhile, hiding behind a large tree, ChaosBlackWarGreymon watched the struggle in silence. But then broke silence when he looked at Tirek.

“Strange. I didn’t think that Tirek could become this strong.”

Then something happened. Something that was beyond his understanding. ChaosBlackWarGreymon began to feel agitated. But not at BlackWarGreymon. His sudden frustrations was towards Tirek. Even though he was technically his ally. But as he tried to figure out why he was feeling so nettled, he focused back to the struggle.

Back at the fight, BlackWarGreymon continued to grunt as he tried to fight against Tirek’s grip.

“Is this… all you got?” The Mega asked as he continued to fight back. Almost budging himself loose.

The response he received was rather strange from the likes of Lord Tirek. He was letting out a sinister cackle-like chuckle. Not just from evil, it was as if he had just discovered something he hadn’t realised before.

“What’s so funny?” BlackWarGreymon asked as he glared at Tirek.

It was a question that the onlooking ponies too wanted to hear.

Tirek’s smirk grew as he spoke to the Digimon within his grasp.

“I’m beginning to understand you now, BlackWarGreymon.”

BlackWarGreymon paused his struggles as he looked at Tirek in surprise. Taken back from the fact that he knew his name. But then focused back to Tirek himself.

“Wh… what does that mean?”

The giant lord explained himself.

“The reason why you like to fight. The thrill of it. The excitement! I hadn’t felt this exhilarated in all my life! No wonder why you love it!”

The Digimon was baffled by Tirek’s change of behaviour. Being granted with such power had caused him to feel like he was invincible. But then Tirek said something that truly shocked him to the core.

“To think that my strength is on par with you Digimon!”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened in shock from what he had just heard.

“You… you know the name of my kind? How!?”

Tirek chuckled in response. Like BlackWarGreymon, all the ponies stared at the centaur in disbelief. How could he know what their friend was?

But what Tirek said next was more unsettling than the last.

“Oh, you’ll be surprised at how much I know. Like the fact your psychotic clone wasn’t the one who told me.”

BlackWarGreymon paused in response. ChaosBlackWarGreymon was the only other Digimon in Equestria he was aware of. And Tirek certainly didn’t have any friends of his own. So how could he know? But then he began to think back. on the day he faced his clone in the Crystal Empire. After ChaosBlackWarGreymon was beaten by both him and Luna, the grey-armoured being mentioned something shocking. Something that was horrifying to the ponies.

“Wait. ChaosBlackWarGreymon once said he has… a boss.”

His yellow eyes widened in shock as he faced Tirek.

“Don’t tell me…!”

Tirek grinned in response before talking.

“That’s right. His ‘boss’… was the one who told me. What’s more… he is my master.”

The centaur’s statement sent a frightening chill into the ponies. more so were the princesses.

“What!? Y-You serve somepony else!?” Celestia asked.

Tirek glared over to his white furred captive before answering.

“You mean something. And it’s not just me. King Sombra. Queen Chrysalis. We all serve a higher power.”

He then spoke on as he looked back at the startled BlackWarGreymon in his hands.

“You may think you’re all powerful. But him… my master… the dark one… his power is far greater. You and your friends don’t stand a chance against him! And he will bring calamity to Equestria!”

As Tirek finished his statement, it was the captured Twilight Sparkle who gasped in shock. Remembering back when she and some of her friends were at the Tree of Harmony.

“Wait. Calamity? Could he mean the Greatest Calamity from the prophecy?” She asked quietly to herself.

On the side-lines, Luna mentally had enough of Tirek. She could tell that his words were disturbing BlackWarGreymon. Trying to throw him off his game. She didn’t like Tirek’s words one bit. As she glared angrily at the giant centaur, her horn glowed bright as she prepared an attack. No longer wanting to hide.

Unaware of the angry Alicorn, Tirek continued to talk to BlackWarGreymon.

“You have no idea what’s coming. Too bad I have to destroy you before you can have a chance to meet him.”

Though his horns were glowing, he pondered on what to do with BlackWarGreymon. Should he crush him? Make him suffer slowly? Or obliterate him entirely?

Before he could make up his mind however, Tirek was suddenly struck on the back of the head by a large blue magical orb. He only briefly stumbled forwards from the blast before looking over his shoulder to see who dared attacked him.

“You leave him alone, Tirek!!” Luna demanded as he began to charge.

“Luna, no!!” BlackWarGreymon warned. The other captives too looked on in shock from the princess’ actions.

Tirek turned his head around to fire a blast of magic at Luna. But the blue Alicorn instantly teleported away before the orange beam could touch her. After reappearing in front of the centaur, the blue pony fired another blast of her magic into his face. Both stunning him and blinding him.

“She’s rather brave for a pony,” The hidden ChaosBlackWarGreymon uttered. Admittingly impressed by Luna’s actions.

“Luna! You need to get back, now!” BlackWarGreymon demanded while remained held in Tirek’s grip.

“But I can’t leave you like this!” Luna replied, unaware that the villain had quickly recovered.

Then to BlackWarGreymon’s shock and Luna’s surprise, the Alicorn’s body was surrounded in an orange aura. Caught in Tirek’s magical grip, she was then flung away. The Moon princess let out a loud yell as she crashed to the ground hard.

Luna’s cry of pain instantly echoed within BlackWarGreymon’s mind the moment he heard it. His eyes widened in shock as he saw her on the ground. Struggling to stand back up.

In his mind, trauma began to kick in. Luna was the pony he grew so close to. She was his best and most supportive friend. And since their date a couple of nights ago, his secret girlfriend. One of the many things BlackWarGreymon disliked was seeing his friends in pain. Both mentally and physically. But to see Luna in pain… he outright hated it. She was the only one who truly understood him and the only one who made him feel in ways he never felt before. To see someone causing any sort of pain to her… it made him angry.

Very… very angry!

As Luna just managed to stand back up, she saw the sinister smirk on Tirek’s face as he loomed over her.

“You know something, princess. I was wrong before. You do have quite the powerful magic within you.”

The intimidated mare knew what Tirek was planning to do. Proven in his next sentence.

“Now I’ll add it to my own!”

But before he could start absorbing Luna’s magic, Tirek suddenly felt his clenched hand vibrating. Looking at his fist with a confused look, he was a little taken back at what he saw. BlackWarGreymon’s body seemed to be trembling. But not from fear, it was from rage. And the expression in his yellow eyes looked as though he was glaring daggers at Tirek. He was also letting out grunts as his pupils became perfect slits.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Tirek asked. He didn’t know why, but the sight of the enraged eyes of the Digimon felt unnerving.

Then to the surprise of Tirek, the ponies and the hidden digital clone, a trail of red magic appeared from the sky and flew into BlackWarGreymon’s shoulders. Then ten more orbs of red light appeared and merged with the Mega.

“Guys… I think it’s happening,” Rainbow Dash said to her other captured friends. Since the others had seen it before, they quietly looked on in awe. Princess Celestia especially felt a vibe up her spine at the sight.

Luna held her breath. Knowing full well what was happening to her friend.

As the tenth orb of light entered BlackWarGreymon’s body, Tirek began to feel uneasy.

“Ok, what was that just no…”

BlackWarGreymon interrupted Tirek by letting out a mighty yell. His body then let out a fiery red aura which to the centaur’s shock, was instantly burning his hand.

Tirek yelled in pain as he released the energized Digimon. Clenching his hand as he tried to fight the burning pain. The sudden increase in power had also affected the bubbles trapping the ponies. Unable to withstand the sheer amount of power, all of the bubbles burst from existence. Leaving the former captives to drop to the ground. The impact of the drop momentarily awoke the weary Ayumi. Though her eyes were barely open, she and the rest of the freed but weakened ponies looked at BlackWarGreymon as he landed on the ground. The aura around his body was quite faint, but they could defiantly see it surging around his body.

“Girls… is he…?” Fluttershy asked.

“Yes. I think he’s going to use his Ascended form!” Twilight replied, excitement in her voice.

“His… Ascended form?” Celestia asked in awe. Being the only one who hadn’t seen how the Mega fought back at the Crystal Empire.

Meanwhile ChaosBlackWarGreymon stared at his progenitor in awe and anger. Again, he witnessed what BlackWarGreymon could do that he couldn’t.

Tirek however looked at the glowing Mega in shock. Having no idea what his foe was about to go through.

“Wha… what is this!?” He asked, his voice a little shaken.

But instead of answering the question, BlackWarGreymon looked at Tirek in burning anger. And when he spoke, his voice sounded predatory.

“How… dare you! How dare you!!”

All of a sudden, hundreds of red orbs of light appeared all across the sky. Tirek was shocked to see them appearing all at once from seemingly out of nowhere. But was shocked further when they started to gather and merge with BlackWarGreymon.

As the lights entered his body, the black armoured Mega began to grunt as his energy began to rise higher and higher than before. His hair started to wave, and his eyes were giving off a flickering glow.

To Tirek’s surprise, the rise in power affected the environment around him. Clouds began to disperse, the winds started to pick up, and the ground began to shake like an earthquake.

But then something happened. A development that none of BlackWarGreymon’s friends had ever seen before. As the moment when Luna was in pain played out in his head once more, the Digimon felt his inner rage building up. However, the rage he felt… was entirely different from what he initially felt. It even affected his energy. Small black flames began to flicker around his body. But with his focus changing towards Tirek and the desire to save his friends, the black flames gave out just as suddenly as they came.

While confused about the black flames at first, the ponies put the thought aside from the hype of seeing BlackWarGreymon reaching his Ascended form. ChaosBlackWarGreymon however reacted differently. Being cloned from BlackWarGreymon himself, he understood the energy of a Digimon far better than the ponies do.

And what he felt was no magic. It was something else.

Something… that left him horrified.

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