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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 44: Aftermath

Author's Note:

Hi everyone. I'm back again. Hope you all had a happy new year so far.

That's...really all there is to it. Hope you all enjoy the aftermath chapter of the epic fight in the previous chapters. Leave a comment. Leave a like. And I'll see you all soon.

Peace was ensured at the Crystal Empire, and all the crystal ponies could finally sigh in relief.

The epic battle between BlackWarGreymon, and his dark counterpart ChaosBlackWarGreymon, was finally over.

While a few called the climax a tie, due to the fact that the evil Digimon survived and fled, most called it a victory. BlackWarGreymon had successfully protected the lives of the empire from the forces of darkness.

But the long battle took a massive tow on the Artificial Digimon. Deprived of necessary energy, he collapsed from exhaustion. Fearing for his wellbeing, all his friends took the unconscious Mega to a hospital to help him recover. After reaching the hospital, the doctors and nurses quickly prepared a room for the saviour. Resorting to push two beds together to form one large one for him to lie on.

Over an hour had passed since the end of the battle, and there was no change to BlackWarGreymon. But his friends understood that once rested, his body would heal itself in time. All they could do was make him comfortable and be patient.

There wasn’t a lot of room in the private ward where BlackWarGreymon was resting. So it was agreed that Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Spike should wait in the waiting room. While Princess Twilight, Princess Luna, Princess Cadence and Prince Shining Armor remained by the Digimon’s side.

To their relief, it was revealed that BlackWarGreymon was showing signs of recovery. Most of the scratches and dents on his Chrome Digizoid armour had somehow managed to repair themselves. Along with the bruises and cuts on his skin. The deep cuts in his armour slowly became smaller. Some to a point where it looked as though the ponies couldn’t see them.

Though relieved that his body stopped leaking bodily oil, the injury that concerned the ponies the most was the massive crack across BlackWarGreymon’s chest. Because it was there where he received the most damage, the wound was deep. But within the hour, the crack was slowly closing as his body healed.

Despite the slowly improving changes, the group remained deeply concerned.

“How is he doctor?” Cadence asked the crystal pony who was also in the room.

But to an intelligent mind such as his, he found BlackWarGreymon remarkable. Acting more of a scientist then a doctor. As his mind was distracted from the question, he was carefully inspecting the Digimon’s cracked chest while speaking to himself.

“Fascinating. Absolutely fascinating. This crack is smaller then it was when he came in. It’s as if his armour has self-regeneration properties.”

While Twilight would equally be fascinated, the wellbeing of her injured friend was far more important.

“Umm…doc?” She asked to gain his attention.

But the stallion was too excited to notice her call. Moving over to a nearby desk, he looked through a microscope. Examining a sample of BlackWarGreymon’s hair.

“Even his hair is different from anything I’ve ever seen. It looks like normal hair, but its structure is all new to me. it’s as if his entire body is completely artificial.”

“DOCTOR!” Luna shouted in annoyance. Surprising the crystal pony as he turned his attention to the royals.

“Oh! Forgive me your majesties! I was a little caught up on the patient,” He said as he gave an innocent smile.

“Yeah, we noticed,” Shining Armor responded.

“We’re asking you if BlackWarGreymon is going to be alright?” Cadence said. Reminding the doctor about the question in mind.

The response the medic gave was a positive one.

“Oh yes he is. Amazingly in fact! Even without medical help, his body seems to be healing nicely on its own. He’s just exhausted from all that fighting. Just give him some time to rest and he’ll be just fine.”

“Thank you for your help,” Cadence said as the doctor took his leave.

“Thank goodness for that. I hate to imagine if it was something worse,” Twilight said as she and the others looked over at BlackWarGreymon’s form.

They could hear the Digimon breathing. By the sound of it, he wasn’t in any sort of pain. Thankfully the worst had passed for the battle-hardened Mega.

After moments of silence passed, the pink Alicorn spoke up.

“We should leave now. Give him some time to rest.”

“Ok Cadence,” Twilight responded.

“Yeah, the big guy’s been through a lot,” Shining Armor added.

As Twilight, Cadence and Shining Armor turned to leave, Luna remained still. Her gaze not leaving her worn out friend. Though it seemed best that BlackWarGreymon should be left alone, she didn’t have the heart to leave him. Especially after everything he had been through.

As Twilight and her brother left the room, Cadence noticed that the Moon Princess hadn’t moved. Surprised at how reluctant she was to leave.

“Luna?” She asked to gain her attention.

When the blue Alicorn turned to face her, Cadence was mentally stunned at the expression Luna had. She looked so concerned, her eyes full of sadness and remorse. It was unlike anything the pink Alicorn had ever seen on Luna. So rare that it was unlike the normal Luna.

It was almost like… ever since BlackWarGreymon entered her life, Luna was a completely different pony.

Then the blue princess spoke up. Her voice matching her expression.

“Sorry Cadence. Even if he is recovering, I can’t leave him like this. I’ll…stay here and keep him company.”

Halfway through her speech, Luna’s vision drifted back to the sleeping Digimon.

Cadence was speechless. Even through she knew Luna had feelings for BlackWarGreymon, she had no idea how strong those feelings were. The Alicorn was so dedicated. Protective even over the Mega. It was as if Luna would give up even her royalty to be by his side.

Plus she had seen first-hoof the times when BlackWarGreymon himself stepped in harms way when Luna’s life was in danger. Could it all be an act of friendship? Or was there much more to his actions than meets the eye.

Either way, it seemed that the bond the two shared for one another was unbreakable.

Cadence gave Luna a warm smile before she spoke.

“You know, if Shining Armor was in BlackWarGreymon’s position, I would’ve said those exact words too.”

Luna was slightly startled when she turned back around, only to see the younger Alicorn giving her a playful wink before leaving the room.

The blue princess paused in thought, noting that there was a hint hidden in the words Cadence spoke. Hinting that what Luna felt for BlackWarGreymon, wasn’t just a typical high school crush. No, it was something deeper.

With thoughts of countless possibilities flowing through her mind, Luna quietly walked up to the resting Digimon. Watching BlackWarGreymon sleep peacefully.

Luna couldn’t deny it, her feelings for him were incredibly strong. But she couldn’t help but wonder what BlackWarGreymon thought of her. She remembered the clash with ChaosBlackWarGreymon. When she entered the fray, her friend was always there to watch out for her. He even threw himself in line of fire to save her. Protecting her from attacks that could’ve ended her very life. Though he knew it would’ve caused him pain, he did it anyway. But the moment the Alicorn remembered the most, was when BlackWarGreymon took a powerful attack to the chest to protect her. It was the same attack that caused the massive crack. But it was also the same attack that sparked BlackWarGreymon into achieving his Ascended form. And as his body charged up with Equestria’s magic, Luna could never forget his words.

"You…almost killed…my friend!"

Though what BlackWarGreymon said later referenced all of his friends, but the whole centre of attention was aimed at Luna. She sensed it in his voice. She felt it in his energy. She knew in her heart that the Digimon would’ve done anything in his power to protect her life.

Speaking of her heart, Luna could feel it pounding as she continued to think about how protective BlackWarGreymon was towards her. She even gave the unconscious Mega a heart-warming smile as she sat on a chair beside him.

Determined to support him in anyway she could, the blue princess gently placed her left hoof on his arm. Reminding him that she was by his side no matter what.

‘Why didn’t I realise? Cadence was right. My feelings for him are pure. I wonder…if he feels the same way…for me.'

Unknown location, mountain tops

Far away from the Crystal Empire, a pair of Changeling solders were on guard duty.

Though the lair of the evil Digimon was perfectly hidden, it did possess caves that act as access points. Very few knew of the whereabouts of the caves. But those who happened to discover them were never heard of again. Though confident that his lair could not be so easily found, the Digimon decided to make use of Queen Chrysalis’s children by having them patrolling the caves’ perimeters.

On top of a mountain, the pair of Changelings were looking around to spot anything suspicious. Although the mountain itself wasn’t covered in snow, cold winds were being blown from the Frozen North. Sending chills through the spines of the two occupancies.

“Brrr, it’s cold! Why would anypony try to sneak in the lair through out here?”

“You may never know what might be out here. It could be something dangerous.”

Just as the Changeling finished his sentence, a slow movement in the dense clouds caught his vision. Snapping his head towards its direction, he quickly alerted the other Changeling.

“Something’s here!”


“Get ready.”

The two paused with their horns pointing in the same direction, preparing to fight. As they continued to stare silently, they could hear something big landing in front of them in the fog, and then slowly walking towards them.

As the Changelings started to get nervous, one of them called out.

“Hay! Who’s there!?”

The response they received not only caught them by surprise, but the tone used was definitely not a happy one.

“Who do you think!”

The Changelings recomposed themselves as they recognized the voice. As they watched on, the footsteps became louder as seconds went by. Then to their amazement through the fog, the being revealed to be ChaosBlackWarGreymon himself.

“What the…? What happened to you!?” One Changeling asked. Noting the amount of damage on the Digimon’s body.

Though the area was cloudy, the two changelings could see the condition of the digital clone. His walking was more like limping, with one of his feet mostly being dragged. His skin was certainly cut, burned and bruised. His grey Brave Shield was melted of its lower half. His Dramon Destroyers were heavily cracked. His Chrome Digizoid body was gashed, dented, and had several pieces missing. Plus his left eye was all bruised up. But what shocked the Changelings the most, was how he was holding his right arm. Suggesting that it was broken.

As the grey armoured Digimon staggered towards the Changelings, he paused to glare at the two in annoyance before speaking.

“Well, what are you waiting for!?”

Not wanting to get on ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s bad side, the two alarmed Changelings immediately sped off towards the entrance of the lair. A massive drop which lead to a large hole in the mountain. They then flew deeper into the cave to find their queen or their master.

Deep within the lair, Queen Chrysalis was once again complementing the evil Digimon for his recent actions.

“I still couldn’t believe you were able to create life! That’s… actually amazing. Even from you.”

The dark being looked at his claws in pride as he chuckled.

“Yes, isn’t it. You could say that it was a gift that was… given to me.”

Before their conversation could continue, the two Changelings arrived. Gaining their attention.

“My queen! Master!”

“Yes, what is it?” The evil being asked.

“It’s your creation! He has returned!”

Queen Chrysalis gave her two sons a confused look.

“Why is this such an alarm?”

Then one of the solders gave the bad news.

“Because he’s badly wounded!”

Though the Changeling Queen was surprised, the evil Digimon was startled.

“What!? Take me to him!!”

The two solders flew back towards where they came with their mother and their master following close behind. Unable to fly, the ground shook hard as the huge Digimon ran.

But as soon as the four reached the bottom of the large drop, sounds of impacts caught their hearing. Looking up, they saw the battered ChaosBlackWarGreymon dropping through the cavern. Smacking and smashing against several ledges as he fell. One time almost swore as he shouted, ‘Son of a…’.

The reason was because of the lack of energy, the clone simply dropped through the hole like a ragdoll. And as he fell, the surrounding Changelings squinted their eyes in discomfort. Finding his fall painful to watch.

Then with an echoing thud, the beaten Mega crashed into the ground hard. Throwing up a cloud of dust.

As the dust settled, all eyes stared at the wounded Digimon as he twinged in pain. Barely awake, ChaosBlackWarGreymon saw the looks of surprise and concern from the Changelings. And then the look of mild disbelief from his true creator.

“S-sorry boss. I… tried.” The clone uttered before he fell unconscious. His vision going black.

Back at the Crystal Empire hospital, time went on for a while since BlackWarGreymon was taken in. During his rest, much of his body had been healed. The only damage on his body that were visible were a few scratches and dents in his armour. Plus, the crack on his chest had reduced considerably. Again, impressing the doctors and nurses with his healing ability.

But just as his mind raced with thoughts, an image of his dark counterpart appeared from out of nowhere. With his claws, he slashed towards him.

Then as the image of the claws neared his vision, BlackWarGreymon’s eyes snapped open to reality as he gasped for breath. At first, his eyes were wide with shock. But as he stared at the crystal ceiling, he calmed down. Realising it was all in his mind.

After sighing in relief, he calmly closed his eyes as his head rested further into his oversized pillow.

“Good. It was all just a dream.”

As everything went quiet, he felt as if someone else was in the room with him. Turning his head to his left, he was surprised to see Princess Luna beside him.

With herself exhausted from the ordeal, as she sat on the chair, her upper body was resting on top of a nearby desk. Apparently asleep.

BlackWarGreymon silently stared at the sleeping Alicorn in amazement. Although he had no idea how long he was out, he was in awe that out of all his friends, it was Luna who remained by his side. The pony who he had grown so close to.

‘Wow. She looks so peaceful when she’s asleep.’

Although he didn’t want to disturb her slumber, he did want answers.


Hearing BlackWarGreymon’s voice caused Luna to shift, due to the fact that she was only half-asleep. Slowly opening her eyes, at first her vision was blurry. Then as her eyes start to adjust, the blur became the Digimon she knew looking at her.

Seeing the Mega awake snapped Luna out of her sleepy state as she quickly rose from the desk.

“BlackWarGreymon! You’re awake!” She said, the feeling of relief and happiness in her voice.

“I am now,” He responded as he moved.

But as he tried to sit up, he felt a sharp pain in his body which caused him to grunt. Which made Luna rush to his bedside in concern.

“No! Lay back. You must rest,” She said as she pressed her hoof on the Digimon’s shoulder. Encouraging him to lay back on the bed. Which he then did.

After releasing a relaxed sigh, BlackWarGreymon looked at Luna with a questionable look.

“Wha…what happened? Where am I?”

“We’re still in the Crystal Empire. After you won the fight, you were exhausted and fell unconscious. You were also in pain, so we took you to this hospital as soon as we could.”

After experiencing a slight headache, BlackWarGreymon asked his next question.

“How long was I out?”

“Hours. I thought you wouldn’t wake up.”

BlackWarGreymon then looked around the room before asking again.

“Where’s everyone else?”

“Twilight and the others are all in the waiting rooms.”

Then the next question appeared in the Digimon’s mind.

“Wait, how long have you been sitting here?”

Although a little surprised about the question, Luna spoke out nonetheless.

“Well…the same amount of time you’ve been in here. I never left your side for a second.”

BlackWarGreymon’s eyes widened in astonishment. He just couldn’t believe it. He believed that Luna knew very well about his healing factor. And that as long as he was alive, the damage to his body would’ve been repaired. But despite already knowing that knowledge, she chose to stay with him. A sign that she had great commitment to him. He started to feel a warm presence in his heart. He was touched at how caring and devoted Luna was to his wellbeing. He didn’t know why, but the warm feeling, he loved the way it felt.

“You’ve… waited here this long… for me?”

The astonished tone BlackWarGreymon used caused Luna to stutter while a blush appeared on her face. Plus the look in the Digimon’s eyes were a mix of amazed and impressed. The frazzled Alicorn kept trying to avert her eyes away. But BlackWarGreymon’s expression kept drawing her sights in.

“Well…umm…uhh…I was…worried. It was a tough battle we fought today.”

The Digimon’s expression changed to calm as he relaxed on his bed. His voice was also calm. But something he said was out of place.

“But it’s worth it. Now that ChaosBlackWarGreymon is destroyed, we are much closer to peace.”

Luna’s eyes widened as she gulped nervously. Apparently there was something he didn’t know about. Something that he needed to know.

“Well…about that.”

BlackWarGreymon sensed the uncertainty in Luna’s sentence. He looked at her in confusion.

“What is it?”

After a brief hesitation, the princess nervously spoke.

“Umm…you see…”

At the hospital waiting room, the Mane Six, the royal couple and Spike all waited impatiently. So impatient that Rainbow Dash resorted to fly indoors to waste time. But even her usual hobby was starting to bore her.

“Uhh, it’s been hours! How long are we supposed to wait!?” She moaned. But then quietened by Prince Shining Armor.

“As long as it takes for BlackWarGreymon to recover.”

Not wanting to cause an argument, the Pegasus lowered herself back down to her chair.

“Well I hope he recovers soon. Seeing someone like him in a hospital, it doesn’t feel right at all,” Fluttershy said. Earning concerned looks from her friends.

“We’re all worried, Fluttershy. He just pushed himself… a little too far,” Pinkie Pie mentioned while resting her hoof on the yellow mare’s shoulder. Reassuring her with a smile.

Twilight joined in on the conversation.

“That’s right, Pinkie. He reached his Ascended form twice in one fight. The battle was too much for him.”

“Yeah. And it’s awesome how he and Luna teamed up on that evil clone. She even gave him a black eye in the end,” Rainbow Dash said.

The words about the aforementioned princess caught Rarity’s attention.

“Speaking of which, Rainbow. Is Luna still with BlackWarGreymon? I mean, it’s been hours.”

Princess Cadence walked up to the white Unicorn before speaking.

“I checked a while ago. She is still with him.”

Rarity became confused. Other then Twilight and Celestia, Luna knew more about BlackWarGreymon then anypony.

“But surely she would know that he would recover in time. So why is she waiting in there instead of here with us?”

Cadence made a brief chuckle as she smiled playfully.

“Oh, I’m sure she has her reasons.”

Though the others were oblivious, Rarity noticed there was a small hint in what the Alicorn said. And her playful mood was something else. Almost as if she was teasing about something.

Surprisingly, even Twilight didn’t catch on to Cadence’s hint.

“I think it’s rather sweet of her. The first thing that BlackWarGreymon would see when he wakes up is her friendly smile.”

As everyone went quiet. Spike noticed that Applejack looked troubled.

“Hay, what’s the matter Applejack?”

The dragon’s question caught the attention of the others. All listening as the orange mare explained.

“Well…it’s just. We know that the evil guy survived the fight. But… does BlackWarGreymon know too?”

All eyes became wide then they realised the truth.

“No. I don’t think he does! He fell unconscious before ChaosBlackWarGreymon escaped!” Twilight said, her voice alarmed. Not wanting her digital friend to feel stressed. Especially after his big fight.

Spike raised his arm as he asked a question.

“You think we should tell him?”

Before anypony could answer him, they suddenly heard a very familiar voice. It was angry, and slowly became louder with every word.

“Damn it. Damn it! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!! DAMN IT!!!”

“I think he knows,” Rainbow Dash whispered to her friends as all eyes turned to the nearby door. Sounds of heavy footsteps were heard as they got louder and louder.

Thankfully the door was large. Otherwise it would’ve been smashed as BlackWarGreymon marched through the doorway. Surprising everyone around him.

“Woah! BlackWarGreymon calm down!” Twilight said as she and the others backed away. Creating room and not wanting to be in the way of an angry Mega.

Then Luna joined them and ran up to BlackWarGreymon’s side.

“No! You should be resting! You’ve not recovered yet!”

But BlackWarGreymon was too distracted to listen. His mind raced with doubt as he stood in place talking to himself.

“How could I let this happen!? Why didn’t I finish him off when I had the chance!?”

“It’s not your fault, darling. We all thought that brute was destroyed.” Rarity said.

Though BlackWarGreymon slowly became calm, he remained frustrated when he revealed the truth.

“I meant before that! When I first unlocked my Ascended form! That moment, I had the power to end ChaosBlackWarGreymon for good. But I let the power go to my head! And I held back to punish him for what he had done.”

He then looked down in sadness and disgrace.

“I became arrogant. I…I failed you all.”

Everyone felt deeply sorry for BlackWarGreymon. Feeling that he would think that he failed them as their protector. Then Cadence revealed to him that he was wrong.

“You didn’t fail us. If you hadn’t been here, the Crystal Empire would have been destroyed.”

But the Digimon wasn’t fully inspired.

“But as long as he lives, the whole world in in danger.”

Then Rainbow Dash spoke up.

“You’re missing the point, big guy. Yes, you may had gone a little power mad. Heck, I would too. But the fact is you hurt him more than he hurt you.”

“Rainbow’s right. With the amount of damage you’ve done to him, it would take a while for him to recover.” Applejack added.

“Yeah. Saving the empire isn’t too shabby, isn’t it?” Pinkie Pie asked.

BlackWarGreymon took a moment to look at the faces of all his friends. They were all positive. Even though the dark incarnation of himself had got away, they were still smiling. Proud for what he had done for them.

The positive attitude from his friends had softened the expression in the Digimon’s eyes. Glad he was forgiven for his error.

“No. I guess it’s not too shabby,” He said, his voice showing slight joy for his friends.

As the group smiled in rejoice, Twilight Sparkle’s expression shifted to deep thought. Which caught everyone’s attention.

“What’s wrong, Twilight?” Spike asked.

“There is still one thing I don’t understand about all of this. How is it that King Sombra could create someone like ChaosBlackWarGreymon?” The Alicorn asked.

Although it was a question to consider, Shining Armor thought it was simple.

“Well we saw how he created those Shadow Ponies. Maybe he did the same for him.”

But BlackWarGreymon dismissed the Unicorn’s theory.

“No. It’s much more complex than that.”

Caught by surprise, all eyes turned to the Digimon in wonder and curiosity.

“You…know something?” Twilight asked him. Eager to know if BlackWarGreymon had discovered something about his clone.

The black armoured Mega explained himself.

“Yes, Sombra did use magic to shape a body that resembled my own. But if it was his power alone, then like the Shadow Ponies, the clone’s body would’ve been very weak and fragile against me. But ChaosBlackWarGreymon was too perfect. He’s like a whole Digimon of his own.”

“What… What are you saying, BlackWarGreymon?” Luna asked. She and the others began to feel worried about the outcome in which the Digimon delivered.

“Yes, I sensed Sombra’s dark magic and my own data within ChaosBlackWarGreymon. But during my fight with him… I sensed something else.”

The group began to feel the cold shiver of fear in their spines. Some gulped from the nerves.

“What… What do you mean ‘something else’?” Twilight asked.

But what BlackWarGreymon said next was unsettling.

“A third energy source. I never encountered anything like it, but it was indeed powerful. And remember what ChaosBlackWarGreymon said? He mentioned he had a ‘boss’.”

The memory of the evil Digimon’s words echoed through the minds of the group.

"Just wait till my boss hears about this." "I’m merely a love tap compared to him."

BlackWarGreymon then finished his speech.

“Whoever or whatever this so called ‘boss’ is, he may very well be responsible… for ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s creation.”

His words sent a second wave of chills through his friends. Just the thought of a monster creating life for evil purposes was something not to think of. Even Celestia would be frightened.

Twilight then mentioned something that was relevant to the subject.

“And if ChaosBlackWarGreymon said was true, then does that mean…there’s something even stronger then him? Living somewhere in Equestria?”

The thought of such thing made Fluttershy whimper in fear as the others felt uncomfortable. BlackWarGreymon meanwhile looked down at his Dramon Destroyers in thought. He may had solved one of the mysteries about him since he came to Equestria.

“Could this be the reason why I had gained an Ascended form? So I would have the strength to fight this mysterious foe?”

His questions caught the attention of the whole group, believing he had a point. Because if it weren’t so, then ChaosBlackWarGreymon would had destroyed him during the fight.

“Nevertheless, I believe my sister needs to be informed of this at once,” Luna said. Of which the others agreed.

“Good idea,” Twilight said.

“You said it,” Applejack added.

Luna then turned her attention back to BlackWarGreymon. Concerned for his wellbeing.

“You sure you’re ok to travel?”

The Digimon looked at the princess with soft eyes.

“Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.”

Then Cadence spoke up.

“Ok. First lets get back to the castle to pick up your things and then we’ll go to the train station.”

“Right!” The Mane Six and Spike said at the same time.

Then the group headed off to the main doors of the hospital. Because he was recovering, BlackWarGreymon’s pace was slower then normal. With concern for the Digimon high on her list, Luna stayed beside him as they walked.

But nothing could prepare BlackWarGreymon for what he saw the moment he and his friends left the hospital building. Because he was primely focused on his fight with ChaosBlackWarGreymon, he hadn’t spared a moment to see the amount of damage that was brought upon the Crystal Empire. Though the empire wasn’t entirely destroyed, the damage was high. Crystal shards from blown up buildings littered the crater-filled roads. And many buildings received large cracks on the once smooth surface. It’s as if the empire had lost its special gleam.

The Digimon paused as he looked at the destruction around him. He was shocked. Speechless. Though he had caused devastation during his time in the Digital World, but not once had he thought of the impact it would have on the place he was protecting and the lives he had saved. Especially since the empire was a place his friends adored.

For the first time in his life, BlackWarGreymon felt guilty for his actions. He may be Equestria’s protector, but his powers remained destructive as ever.

The group stopped when they realised their tall friend came to a halt. As they turned around in confusion, they were surprised to see the look of horror in BlackWarGreymon’s eyes.

They then heard him speak.

“Oh no. I…I did this.”

At first it seemed as though his friends were unable to say anything. They thought that no matter what they said, it wouldn’t alter the Digimon’s trauma. Only Luna knew how he felt. After changing back from Nightmare Moon, she originally believed that she had caused too much damage to ever be forgiven.

And yet, she was forgiven. Could the same be said for BlackWarGreymon.

Fate revealed itself in a form of a stray voice.

“No you didn’t.”

Surprised by the unexpected voice, the group quickly turned towards its source. Knowing the sentence was aimed solely at him, BlackWarGreymon slowly raised his head in the same direction.

Standing in front of the group was a crystal pony stallion. His sparkling fur was ruffled and covered in dust spots. But he was smiling. In fact, proudly at the confused Digimon.

“What?” BlackWarGreymon asked. Both confused and curious.

Then the stallion explained himself.

“It was that monster you were fighting. He was the one who did this. Not you.”

Then all around the group, more crystal ponies appeared. All emerging from shelter and into the open. Like the stallion, they too were smiling.

“We should know. Because we were right here,” A younger stallion spoke out.

“We all saw how bravely you fought on to protect us all,” A mare added, joined by others.

“You gave it everything you got, and you won.”

“Yeah. You defeated that monster, and King Sombra is no more.”

“The fate of our home in spared thanks to you!”

To the amazement of BlackWarGreymon and his friends, it seemed the whole empire surrounded them. Staring at him with happiness and acceptance. Not one of them had any doubts at all.

The Mega level Digimon simply couldn’t understand. The forces of his clash with his clone shook the Crystal Empire to the core. The citizens should had been afraid of him and his power. But they weren’t. They viewed him as the terrific saviour they heard of before his arrival.

“You…forgive me?”

As most of the crystal ponies nodded their heads, a pair of crystal fillies ran up to BlackWarGreymon and greeted him by hugging his feet.

Just like the Digimon himself, all his friends were just as surprised. The citizens of the Crystal Empire had seen the full extent of BlackWarGreymon’s power and even more. And they didn’t mind the damage that he may or may not had done. They were just grateful that he was there to protect them.

“Don’t worry about the damage to our buildings. We can rebuild. And although you may not forgive yourself, remember that we forgive you,” An elder librarian mare spoke out in honest words.

Then one of the stallions in the crowd spoke to all his friends.

“Three cheers for our protector.”

“Hip hip, hooray! Hip hip, hooray!! HIP HIP, HOORAY!!!” The whole empire cheered.

Then to the amazement to the visitors, the loving feelings from the cheering citizens reflected upon the empire itself. Beneath their feet and hooves, the crystal roads pulsed and glowed in a bright blue light. Traveling to the crystal castle and through the Crystal Heart. The amount of love and light the citizens showed for BlackWarGreymon caused the heart to spin wildly. Creating a powerful flow of rainbow magic to fire out of the centre tower of the castle. Atop of the rainbow beam became separated auras of rainbow light. Spreading across the sky as if they were dancing.

BlackWarGreymon and his friends were in complete awe. Both from the spectacle of the lights and from how the citizens reacted. Even though they had seen what the Digimon was capable of, and the amount of power he possessed, they continued to praise him as their saviour.

All of his friends looked at the stunned Digimon and smiled. They couldn’t be happier and prouder of their otherworldly friend.

BlackWarGreymon’s expression softened greatly from all the love he was receiving. As if he had a smile in his soul. Just like Canterlot and Ponyville, the Crystal Empire had accepted him.

“Thank you. Thank you all.”

As the group continued on their way towards the castle, Cadence looked over her shoulder to eye on BlackWarGreymon. And just as she expected, Luna was right there beside him. In fact, walking a little close to him. She was also smiling at him. And when BlackWarGreymon stared back, the expression in his eyes showed as if he was smiling back.

‘Yes, Luna definitely has feelings for him. But does BlackWarGreymon feel the same way for her? This might be my only chance to find out.'

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