• Published 27th Aug 2015
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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 2 : Arrival (part 2)

Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends were enjoying a nice picnic in the newly discovered Everfree Clearing. Until their nice day was ruined by stormy winds, black thundering clouds and a white portal swirling in the heart of it all. All six ponies were holding their heads down, trying their best to stay on the ground and not be blown away.

During this ordeal, Twilight couldn’t tear gaze away from the bright portal.

‘What is this? Why is this happening?’ Her eyes went wide as her heart stopped for a second when another question popped up in her mind.

‘What’s on the other side?’

Almost as if on que, the portal flashed brightly just as an object came shooting out of it. From a distance it looked like a black meteor, but upon closer inspection one could tell it’s a different story. The Mane Six couldn’t believe their eyes when the black object flew high over their heads and into the Everfree Forest. After it disappeared over the tree line, all the six ponies could hear was a loud impact not too far away. But the tremor from the impact shook the ground violently, forcing the girls to stay low.

After the shockwaves subsided, the Mane Six looked up at the sky, only to see that the portal was gone, the black clouds dissipating and the winds dying down.

However, the six ponies weren’t the only ones who witnessed what transpired. In the opposite direction to where the object landed, hiding in the dense trees, a familiar prisoner escapee was watching.

“Most interesting. I definitely felt great power from that thing, hmmm…I have to check it out later, for I have to pay six pesky ponies a little visit,” He said, turning his sights on the Mane Six with an evil grin.

The girls eventually got back up on their hooves and shook the dust off their fur while discussing about the fallen black object.

“What in the name of Celestia was that thing!?” Applejack said with panic in her voice while Fluttershy picked up the orange mare’s hat and gave it back to her.

Pinkie pie was first to answer the question.

“I don’t know what it is. But all I know is that it looked real spooky. Did anypony else found that spooky black thing spooky? Because I found it spooky!”

“I for one have to agree with Pinkie on this. I don’t know why but, that thing almost looked...alive!” Rarity stated, while worrying that she might actually be right about the whole ‘alive’ part.

“Yeah well, whatever it is, I think we can take care of it. And if it is alive, we can always kick butt and take names,” Rainbow Dash said while flying and throwing punches in the air.

Twilight didn’t take notice of the others and kept looking to where the object crashed.

“It couldn’t have landed too far away. Come on girls, lets go check it out,” she said while walking in the direction of the crash site.

But just as the others were about to follow, a wave of magical energy flew up in front of Twilight and over the entire clearing. Concealing everything within. The Mane Six were trapped in a giant transparent red dome.

“What…what the hay is going on!?” Rainbow Dash asked while flying full speed at the barrier in hopes to penetrate it. But she only bounced away the moment she hit it.

“We can’t get out, Twilight what are we gonna do!?” Applejack asked in panic, but she got no response.

“Twi?” She then looked over to Twilight, only to see the princess with disbelief on her face.

“I…I recognize this magic…” Before she could finish what she was saying, a voice was her name from behind.


The Mane Six suddenly got a cold chill running through their spines. They recognized that voice. Soon they slowly turned around to see the one who was responsible for the barrier.

Inside the magic dome with the six ponies, was a red and black evil centaur. Standing at twenty feet tall, he towers over his captives. The most distinguishing thing about him was his massive horns. Filled with magic, just waiting to cause harm.

Then the six ponies uttered his name. A name that even the princess if the sun herself fears.


Everfree Forest, half a mile away from the clearing

With the black clouds gone, the sun can shine its light through the tree canopy and into the forest below. Soon the sunlight fell upon a huge crater, trying to pierce through the dust and dirt in the air surrounding it. The animals, who all got out of the way before the object crashed to the ground, were cautiously gathering around it, curious of what it was.

Soon most of the dust cleared, and the animals found themselves unable to move. For they were looking at something very familiar, but drastically different.

One race of creatures these animals feared were dragons, but they never seen this kind of dragon before. He looked like a black dragon with no wings and tail, but he was wearing black armour and had yellow hair.

A moment later, he started to open his eyes. The second he showed his yellow soulless eyes to the world, the animals quickly ran or flew away as fast as they could.

Yes he looked like a dragon, but what made him different was that he wasn’t a dragon at all. He was BlackWarGreymon, one of the most powerful Digimon ever.

After his vision cleared from all the blurring, he looked at the big hole in the canopy he made upon arrival.

“Urh…Wha-what happened?” He began to look around. “Where am I?”

After more questions flew around in his mind, he got up and stood tall on his three toed feet.

“This doesn’t feel like the Digital world…but it can’t be the human world…it feels different."

What he didn’t know was that Equestria, the world he found himself in, was filled with magic. Though it cannot be seen, it was there. It’s the magic that gives power to the Unicorns and Alicorns, to which they use by learning magical spells. It’s the magic that BlackWarGreymon was feeling. But to his confusion, he could feel it seeping into him. As seconds ticked by, he almost felt... rejuvenated. Enhanced even.

He began to test something. After raising his palm up to his side, he formed a small red ball of negative energy. BlackWarGreymon looked at it in confusion. Despite the energy it was made of, the sphere was brimming with power. More so than usual. He condensed the sphere into nothing as he looked down at is raised arm. It wasn't just his powers. Even his own body felt different.

“Strange…I feel…stronger than before. Could this weird feeling be the cause of it?”

While he continued to wonder, not too far away, fear was in the air.

The clearing, inside the dome

Tirek was walking towards the trembling ponies, terrifying them with every hoof step, Twilight was first to snap out of it.

“How…how did you escape Tartarus?” She asked, determined to get answers from the evil lord.

“The same way I escaped the last time,” He answered. “But I don’t have time to explain, for I am here for just one thing…”

With that an orange orb began to form in between his glowing horns, and then fired a destructive orange beam of magical energy at the girls, narrowly missing them and impacted the ground behind them.


Twilight’s horn began to glow and fired a purple magical orb at Tirek, to which he only sidestepped out of the way. He then reached down to grab a rock and threw it at Twilight. Before if could hit her, she teleported a safe distance away.

“I may not be at full strength yet, but I still have the power to crush you all!” He shouted.

He then noticed Rainbow Dash flying towards him, intending to smash her hoof in his face. But before she could do that, Tirek used a telekinesis spell to catch the Pegasus mid-flight. After feeling a tiny twinge of pain in his front left leg, Tirek looked down and spotted Applejack kicking him. Using his magic Tirek threw Rainbow Dash into the orange Earth Pony sending them skidding across the ground.

“Try to cause as much harm as you want ponies, for I doubt it would cause me any more trouble than creating this land,” He said in a mocking tone, while Twilight was trying to figure out what he meant by that last part.

“What do you mean by that?” She asked, but was shocked when she found the answer. “You created this clearing!?”

“Yes. It was by means to lure you and your friends here, seemed to have worked,” He answered with pride in his tone.

Rarity was next to speak.

“Oh and I bet you were the cause of that storm and that black meteor. Just to try and scare us.”

Tirek looked at her in confusion.

“What? You think I did that?” He asked.

"Well it can’t be Discord, he’s gone away on holiday. Who else could have created that storm apart from you?” Fluttershy said in anger.

Tirek has had enough of the accusations, he’s going to make it clear to the Mane Six.

“That storm was not my doing!”

All the girls froze on the spot, not believing what they were hearing. Twilight broke the silence.


Tirek explained himself.

“While all of you were distracted by the beauty of the clearing, I was about to spring my trap. But I felt a great disturbance, which was that portal. The energy given off by it created the storm and sent that meteor here,” While he was explaining, Twilights eyes kept growing wider. “If Discord’s away, than that portals’ origin is unknown.”

Inevitably, Twilight asked the question.

“Then…then what was that meteor?”

Before Tirek could answer, he was interrupted by a harsh strike to his head. Turns out while he was talking to Twilight, Pinkie Pie loaded her party cannon with some rocks and fired them at the back of his head.

“AAAARRHHHH!!” He cried.

“Take that you big meanie!” Pinkie Pie shouted before loading more rocks in her cannon.

While holding the back of his head with one hand, Tirek turned to face the pink mare, giving her a death glare.


“Uh-oh,” Pinkie Pie said with a frightened face.

Everfree Forest, half a mile away from the clearing

BlackWarGreymon only took a few steps out of the crater before he started to wobble. The fatigue from his resent experience was briefly taking its toll. He quickly grasped on a tree to stop himself from falling on his face. All the while he kept asking questions to himself.

“Why… why am I still alive? I was made from Control Spires. I’m an artificial Digimon. I should have died. And why am I here?”

After bombarding himself with more questions, he tried to calm down and clear his mind. Taking in deep breaths to focus.

Slowly but surely, he came up with one possibility.

“Wait…could my act of heroism be the reason?” The more he thought about it, the more it made sense. “The whole time of me being the bad guy was getting me nowhere, almost like a dead end. But being the good guy for that one moment felt like it was going somewhere. As if…it was…meant to be.”

He slowly raised his head, looking at the sky.

“Did fate brought me to this world, so I can have a second chance…of doing just that?”

His eyes went wide when the next question popped in his head.

“Could this be my purpose… my destiny?”

His questions suddenly went to a halt when he heard a loud explosion to the east, which was then quickly followed by equally loud screaming.

Without even thinking, he started to run full speed towards the source of the new sounds.

“I’m going to get my answers,” As he got closer, he could hear evil laughing in the distance. His yellow eyes glared in determination.

“One way or another.”

The clearing, inside the dome

All six ponies were on the edge of the magic dome, huddling together and trembling in fear. Twilight and Rarity’s energy have been drained from using too much magic. Applejack and Rainbow Dash were exhausted to the point of collapse and Pinkie Pie was crying over the loss of her party cannon. Because Fluttershy was avoiding most of the fight, she received little punishment from Tirek, but it wasn’t enough to stop her from being frozen in fear with her friends.

While the Mane Six were trapped in the state of terror, Tirek was getting closer, but walking slowly to add more fear into the girls. And his smiling, satisfied grin wasn’t helping one bit.

“Oh I’ve been waiting three long months for this, and now it’s finally here.”

He was only ten feet away and the girls had never been so terrified in their whole lives. Tears were flooding out of their eyes, thinking that this was the end.

“Please…no…” Twilight pleaded while holding her friends together, not wanting to leave them.

Tirek’s response was as cold as stone.

“I show no mercy Princess Twilight,” His arms began to charge up with magic.

“After I destroy you and your friends, my revenge would be fulfilled and nothing can stand in my way from taking over Equestria!” He raised his arms over his head which were now fully charged.


Before he could smash his fists onto the fearful ponies, all of them heard what sounded like breaking glass. Tirek then felt the energy in his magical dome fading away…very quickly.

He may be right about one thing, that nothing in Equestria can stop him. But something NOT from Equestria can.

Tirek and the Mane Six quickly looked up to see not only the magical dome being shattered like glass, but also a black blur landing in between them, throwing up dust from the ground in the process.

“What the heck was that!?” Applejack asked while trying to hold back her tears. But soon she got her answer.

When the dust cleared, the six mares looked up with all their fear instantly replaced by utter shock as they looked upon their new visitor, standing with his back to them and facing the evil lord.

When the two dark beings made eye contact, Tirek had only one thought crossing his mind. With BlackWarGreymon thinking of the same thing.

'Well…this is going to be interesting.'

Author's Note:

There we are, part 2. I bet you lot didn't expect Tirek to make an appearance, but here he is. As much as I hate cliff-hangers, I think this is a good end for this chapter .

To those who think that a battle is inevitable, I just want to ask...which is better, BlackWarGreymon or Tirek?


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