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BlackWarGreymon: Warrior of Harmony - I-C-U-P

After fate saved his life, BlackWarGreymon starts a new heroic life in Equestria. Making great friends along the way.

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Chapter 59: Plan of Revenge

Author's Note:

Hello everyone. I'm back with a new chapter for 2021. This was supposed to be released several days ago, but issues with the wifi caused delays.

In case any of you had not noticed, I've made a few changes to this story. Firstly, I gave chapters 1, 2 and 3 a much needed update. My style of writing has improved over the 5 years since I started and I hope the new changes would reflect that. Secondly, due to where the story is leading to, as well as recommendations by several readers, I decided to up the story's rating from Everyone to Teen. I'm quite surprised I didn't do it back when I was writing the Crystal Empire saga.

I hope you all will enjoy this chapter. Please leave a comment. Leave a like. And I'll see you all soon.

It was early hours in the morning, and all seemed peaceful and quiet in Ponyville. But in one of the bed chambers in Twilight’s castle, one soul was far from rested.

Ayumi, the Twilight Sparkle from an alternate reality, was having trouble of being rested. She struggled all through the night to get the kind of sleep she desperately longed for. Free from being hunted down and running for her life, a decent sleep was all she could crave for the moment. But she was unable to do so. Was it because that her body was so used to the restlessness and the threat of danger? Or was there something else? A foreboding of unfinished business?

All night she struggled. But all she could manage was a two-hour nap before she started to fidget again. Tossing and turning in her bed to try to get comfy. But feeling more awake than ever, Ayumi let out an annoyed sigh of defeat. Opening her eyes to stare blankly at the ceiling.

‘Why can’t I sleep?’

She turned her head to look out at the window. She could see that dawn was slowly upon the land. The sun could just barely be seen across the horizon. But despite the notion that she would be annoyed from lack of sleep, she looked at the slowly rising sunrise with a warm smile on her face. For her, it had been years since she had seen a sunrise. It was one of the many things she’d deeply missed. The way the light emerges from the darkness. To feel the warmth after the cold night. It was one of the simplest things that could easily be overlooked by many, if not everypony. But for her, after her horrendous ordeal, it was something that she always wanted to see again.

The sight caused Ayumi to be more awake than before. The Alicorn leaving her bed and towards the window. Slowly opening the glass frame to feel the cool breeze on her face. Her smile grew bigger from the sight that laid out before her. A lush green land. Ponyville standing strong. And Canterlot up on the side of the mountain. Not a pile of rubble and a land of scorched ash that she was so used to seeing. For her, the everyday sight was paradise. A world she had once lost, but finally got back.

But as she looked out to the land, her smile was replaced with a look of puzzlement. She turned her attention towards the Everfree Forest. Or more specifically, a land further beyond the forest. With the magic and data within her body, it caused her senses to be heightened. Much more so than an average Alicorn. And from what she was sensing, it wasn’t good.

“What’s going on over there?” She quietly asked herself. Sensing malicious energy in the distance.

The former Twilight was very curious about who or what was causing the abnormality. But the curiosity was causing her to grin. If she were like any other pony, she would be concerned. But she wasn’t like any other pony. Her magic had been infused with the Element of Magic from her timeline. Which then was further enhanced with the data from all the evil Digimon she had slain. Believing that the threat was one of Equestria’s villains, she was very confident that she had the power to overcome any threat. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

Deciding to tackle the situation head-on, Ayumi silently leaped out the window and took to the skies. Flying in the direction of the forest and towards the evil feeling.

Far, far away. In lands where hardly anypony ever set hoof in, the evil Digimon was standing on top of a massive peak. Overlooking the world below him.

Being out in the open, he was fully exposed to the harsh conditions of the snowy mountain. Th wind blowing through his hair. But it didn’t matter to him. In fact, he could hardly even feel the cold. For he felt colder. It had been hours since he stood up on the tip of the mountain. At first it was to oversee Tirek and ChaosBlackWarGreymon leaving the lair to carry out his plans. The two had long since vanished from sight, but the evil being remained. With dawn slowly rising up into view, the beast watched the sunlight illuminating the land.

That was when he saw it. It was very far away, but he can see it. From his point of view, all he could see over at the horizon was a small speck. But he knew exactly what it was. To which he grinned as he spoke up.


He then looked down at his clawed hands. Clenching them into fists as he felt the evil energy coursing through his large body. He continued as he glared back at the sunrise.

“I’ll be seeing you soon.”

Almost as if the weather itself was afraid of him, the harsh winds slowed to a stop. The world around the Digimon became deathly silent. That was until he could hear the familiar sounds of buzzing. Turning around, he could see a lone Changeling approaching from the north. Given the frost on his exoskeleton and his heavy breathing, the insect-like creature looked exhausted.

As he landed, he paused for breath. As the Digimon turned around to face him, he spoke up in an annoyed tone.

“You are late,” He growled, revealing that he was waiting for the Changeling.

After getting his breath back, the Changeling quickly revealed the reason for his delay.

“I’m sorry, my lord. But the mission was much harder than it is.”

Being reminded of the task he secretly gave to the Changeling, it made him eager to know if it was successful.

“You have it then?”

Resting on the Changeling’s side was a slime sack. Their equivalent of a saddle pack. As it reached over to open it, the Changeling replied.

“I had to disguise myself to hide from the empire, but I got it.”

After facing back to the evil beast, the Changeling dropped what was in the sack. The object landed softly in the snow. The Digimon’s eyes beamed from the sight of it.

“Sombra’s horn.”

It indeed was so. Lying in the snow was the last physical remains of the Unicorn King Sombra. With the rest of his body being vaporized by ChaosBlackWarGreymon back at the Crystal Empire. As he reached down to grab it, the Digimon could feel the dark magic that lied within the severed horn. Despite the owner of the horn long dead, the black magic that enchanted the horn remained strong. The Digimon brought the horn up to his eye level. Eyeing the piece that was held between his finger and thumb.

As the Digimon inspected the severed horn, the Changeling solder spoke up.

“The queen told us that you brought him back once before. Is that why you wanted me to retrieve the horn? So that you can do it again?”

As he took a closer look at the horn, the Digimon gave his answer. Much to the surprise of the Changeling.

“No. I have no intentions on reviving him. Sombra is unworthy. Not worth the effort.”

The Changeling was puzzled. And somewhat disappointed. Despite King Sombra being a pony, the Changeling solder thought that the Unicorn was cool. His puzzlement formed itself into a question.

“Then… what do you want that horn for?”

The evil Mega gazed intently at the horn as he responded.

“I may have other ideas. Maybe something that could counter BlackWarGreymon’s newfound powers.”

As the Digimon got lost in thoughts of whatever plot he was conjuring up, the Changeling crept away silently. But before he could reach shelter…

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The Changeling froze from the monster calling out to him. Startled and puzzled, the Changeling quickly answered back.

“T-To take shelter and rest up. I’m exhausted from all the flying I did. I barely have enough strength as it is.”

The Digimon glanced over his shoulder to the Changeling. Eyeing his delicate wings. From years of experience with the species, whenever a Changeling overexert himself, their wings would flop to their sides. A sign that they won’t function properly.

Bearing the fact in mind, the Mega spoke up. Reminding the Changeling of what he had done for them.

“Back on the day when your queen allied herself to me, what was it that I have done for your kind?”

The Changeling was confused. But he indeed remembered what happened.

“Well… you gave us a sample of your energy. Making us stronger.”

“Except you.”

The Changeling froze on the spot from the Digimon’s statement. To which he continued.

“I noticed that you and a few others… refused my gift. Why?”

From seeing the intense glare the Digimon was giving him, the Changeling shivered. Both from the cold and the growing fear within him. But despite the fear, the last thing he wanted was to deceive the Mega. Just looking at him was enough, he didn’t want to know what he was like angry. He had to answer honestly.

“If you want the truth… you… you scare me.”

The Digimon remained silent as the Changeling continued. Further feeling the effects of the cold weather.

“M…mother tries to hide it… but I know she’s afraid of you. And I know it’s something y-you’ve done in the past. And… and I know it has something to do with your plans.”

The Changeling paused for a moment to think about what the Digimon’s endgame was. But as one guess made it to the surface, his eyes widened in shock in realisation. Gasping for breath from the shock. Seeing the reaction caused the Digimon to shift his large frame towards his direction. Remaining silent to hear what the smaller one had to say.

“Y…You! You’re going to do more than take over this world! Aren’t you!? You’re… you’re going to…”

The monster spoke up, interrupting the horrified Changeling.

“You look cold, Changeling. But what do you know about the cold? You weren’t the one who had to endure it for months on end.”

The frightened Changeling looked at the monster in confusion. Wondering what he was even talking about. But what he said next sent terror down his spine.

“How about experiencing it for yourself!?”

With no prier warning, the Digimon instantly stretched his left arm out and gabbed a firm hold on the stricken Changeling. Entrapping him within his large, clawed hand. The pony-like bug yelled out in panic as he was being forcefully lifted off the ground. Pleading for the Mega to wait. But the fear escalated when the beast motioned his arm towards the edge of the mountain. The petrified Changeling yelling louder in fear as he was being suspended in the air. Nothing but a white expanse laid beneath him. With his wings numbed from the cold and the exhaustion of his earlier mission, he had no means of flight. And with the massive drop below, falling would certainly lead to his doom. His yells turned into screams. His life literally hanging in the balance. He then heard the Digimon’s voice.

“You should’ve kept your mouth shut.”

With the Digimon threatening his life, the Changeling pleaded with the beast. Desperate to stay alive.

“NO!!! WAIT!!! I won’t say anything! PLEASE!!! JUST LET ME GO!!!”

The Digimon pondered for a second… before replying back with a sadistic smile.

“Alright. I’ll let you go.”

The Changeling’s eyes went wider. Realising that the beast had twisted his words.

Releasing his grasp, the Digimon dropped the Changeling. The unfortunate soul screaming as his body disappeared into the white expanse below. Followed by his fading screams.

As the Mega retracted his arm, he spoke out loud.

“Changelings. They claim to be different from ponies.”

He continued as he turned around. Retreating back into his lair with Sombra’s horn in hand.

“But they’re just as fragile.”

Far away, on the furthest fringes of the Everfree Forest, an isolated village was under attack. The residence there tried to fight back but ended up having all their magic and energies stolen. The trademark of none other than Lord Tirek.

After leaving the village behind, the evil centaur felt the magic he’d taken fuelling his own. Which also caused his size to increase slightly. He looked down at his clenched fists as he marched on.

“Hmm. Not much, but better than nothing.”

Tirek then paused when he realised something. Blinking in confusion, he looked to his surroundings. Surprised to see that the Digimon clone, ChaosBlackWarGreymon, was not anywhere to be seen.

“Wha? Hay freak! Where are you!?”

He received no reply, much to his annoyance. He carried on walking through the forest as he kept his eye on his surroundings. Thinking that it was some sort of prank.

“Where is that idiot?”

Then… to Tirek’s surprise, a bright purple light shined brightly from the sky. Illuminating the early morning scenery and almost blinding the centaur. Out of panic and confusion, he put up a red barrier to shield himself from the intensity.

“W-What is this!!?” He asked. Demanding an explanation.

That was when he heard a voice. Familiar… but powerful.


The surprised Tirek tried to see through the intense light. Fortunately, it died down. But as he lowered his barrier, he was flabbergasted at who was responsible. Descending from the air and landing on the ground several feet away from him, was a familiar Alicorn.

“P-Princess Twilight!?”

Tirek stared at the Alicorn in confusion. Despite being the same pony, he could tell that something was different about her. Which was because, unbeknownst to him, she was in fact Ayumi.

“Whatever you’re planning, it ends now!”

Tirek was once more surprised. Not only the Alicorn’s voice was different, but she was far braver than he thought. The Twilight he encountered was always afraid of him. Yet the pony in front of him showed no fear whatsoever.

Despite that, Tirek began to grin. Not buying the threat that was presented to him.

“Or what? You’ll put me away in Tartarus again?”

But just as Tirek was about to scoff at the Alicorn, Ayumi replied with an answer that left the evil centaur speechless.

“No. Because there’s no point.”

Tirek was completely taken aback at what he heard. Leaving the centaur to silently listen as Ayumi continued. The former Twilight giving him a cold, almost heartless glare.

“I won’t be merciful to you. It’s clear to me that you are beyond redemption. And you’ll only just break out again to cause trouble. So I’m going to save Equestria the trouble and put you down myself.”

Despite being far larger of the two, Tirek admittingly felt intimidated by Ayumi. She openly threatened him. Something that the supposedly Princess of Friendship should never do. But despite finding it out of character, he felt the genuine tone in her voice. She was serious. But after looking around, he began to brush off her threat.

“And how are you going to do that? I don’t see that big friend of yours.”

Knowing that Tirek was talking about BlackWarGreymon, Ayumi replied. Grinning in response.

“As much as I like to see that, I don’t think I would need his help to fight you.”

Tirek was growing impatient from what he could guess was just all talk and brave face. Snarling in anger from Ayumi’s attitude before his horns began to charge up his magic. An orange sphere forming between them.

“Enough of this nonsense! Begone with you!”

Tirek then proceeded to fire a large orange beam of destructive magic at Ayumi. But the Alicorn stood firm. Letting the attack strike her, resulting in a large explosion.

As clouds of dust filled the air, Tirek stood still. He had struck the princess, yet he was more puzzled than joyous. The pony didn’t move out of the way. She didn’t teleport away. She didn’t even put up a magical barrier. She just stood there and took the hit. He wondered what she was even thinking.

But as the dust settled, Tirek gawked in surprise. The Alicorn was still standing. Despite the ground around her being uprooted by the attack, she herself was unaffected. Not even suffering a scratch.

Tirek stumbled his words as he tried to express his shock.

“W-What!? H…How did you…!?”

Ayumi gave Tirek a brief smirk before charging up her own magic. Then with a quick flick of her head, she fired a surprisingly large purple beam from her horn. The panicking Tirek quickly put up a barrier to shield himself. But when the river of magic slammed into him, the centaur could feel himself instantly being pushed back. But what was more shocking to him, his barrier began to crack. Then to his horror, Ayumi’s attack punched through the barrier. Striking Tirek in a massive blast.

As Ayumi cancelled her attack, she smiled at her handiwork. Ever since the Tirek of her world struck so much terror to her and her friends in the Everfree Clearing, one of the things she wanted was payback. Teaching the centaur a lesson. And in her mind, to hopefully strike fear into Tirek the same way her version did to her.

As the dust settled, Tirek was lying on his back. Disorientated and dumbfounded at what had happened. But after rolling back on his hooves, the baffled Centaur looked back at Ayumi in shock and fear.

“H…How is that possible!!?”

But rather than answering his question, Ayumi got into her battle stance. With only one thing to say.

“I’ve waited a long time for this.”

Then with no hesitation, the vengeful Ayumi charged towards the centaur. A determined smile plastered on her face.


Morning had finally arrived in Canterlot. But for Princess Celestia, the day already hadn’t gone well for her.

Ever since her traumatic vision, the princess was so shaken from what she’d seen that she couldn’t go back to sleep. For fear that she would witness it again. Princess Luna, who had sensed her sister’s distress, stood by her side to comfort her. Through interested in what the vision was, Luna didn’t want to bring the subject up so soon. The last thing she wanted was to see the white Alicorn an even more nervous wreck than she already was.

But to her surprise, Celestia wanted to talk about it with her. When the two got around having breakfast, Luna spoke up in a form of an apology.

“I’m deeply sorry, sister. I sensed that you were troubled. But for some reason, I couldn’t enter your mind. It’s as if something was blocking me.”

Celestia, who hardly ate any of her food, replied to her younger sibling.

“It’s ok, Luna. Visions are usually hard to counter. But I wished it was something other than… that.”

Luna took a moment to give her older sister a concerned look. From seeing how upset and fearful she was the night before, something truly disastrous must’ve happened in her vision. Luna leaned closer to Celestia as she spoke up. Her voice carrying a soft tone.

“Sister. You said you wanted to talk about it. So please tell me. What happened in your vision? What did you see?” She asked.

At first, Celestia was afraid to explain the details. But if the vision was a foretelling of a possible future, then she must tell Luna. So after taking in a deep breath to calm her nerves, Celestia explained the details of the vision.

“Canterlot. Ponyville. All of Equestria… was in ruins.”

Luna quietly gasped in shock as Celestia continued.

“Everything was destroyed. Forests and lands were raised to the ground. Mountains engulfed in fire. And… and many… many bodies of ponies.”

Luna stared at Celestia in horror. Already the vision sounded far worse than the one with Tirek.

But then the white Alicorn said something that shocked Luna even more.

“And the one who caused it all… was something I had never seen before. A beast. A monster… no… a demon far worse than anything Tartarus ever had. A horrifying creature with tremendous power.”

Celestia briefly paused and shivered from the monster’s silhouette. Just seeing his appearance alone terrified her even more.

“He… he brought cataclysm to Equestria. Destroyed everything in his path. And… and slaughtered everypony in his way.”

Luna gulped in fear from what Celestia was saying. She could see that she was visibly shivering as she explained more about the monster form her vision.

“What… what did this… demon look like?” Luna asked.

Celestia tried to remember, but most of the monster’s body was concealed in shadow. But she did remember some details.

“He was huge. A giant compared to you and I. His arms were long and thin but ended with sharp blade-like claws. He had wide demon-like horns on the sides of his head. And his eyes… his eyes were more terrifying than any of King Sombra’s spells. They looked as though they could see into a pony’s soul.” Celestia explained, again a shiver went up her spine.

As Luna tried to picture the monster in her head, one thought just occurred to her. A very disturbing thought.

“Hold on.”

Celestia perked up when he heard the uncertainty in Luna’s tone as she continued.

“You said that it looked like a demon. But… isn’t that the same description of the creature that… destroyed Ayumi’s home?”

Celestia and Luna both looked at each other with looks of shock and fright. Realising the similarities.

“That’s right! The way she described what happened to her world, it looked just like what happened in the vision! And that… she said it was caused by a Digimon!”

Despite seeing the plausible connection, there was one fact that left Luna doubtful.

“But I thought the difference between the two Equestrias is that we have BlackWarGreymon instead of that monster. If that’s the case, then how can that vision even be possible?”

“I don’t know.”

The two calmed down as they tried to find an answer. With all the horrors and uncertainties surrounding her vision, Celestia began to feel frightened again. Clearly disturbed from all the confusion. And knowing what was real of not.

But before the fear could begin to get to her, Celestia decided to change the subject for the time being. Something that would cheer them up.

“O-Oh. And speaking of BlackWarGreymon, Twilight sent me letters of the things she had learnt from him. Did you know that it has been over four months since he was created?” She asked with a smile.

Though Luna knew that Celestia wanted to change the subject, she welcomed it. The uncertainties of the vision was also getting to her too. So, a brief reprieve was needed for the sake of their mentality. More so for Celestia. But she was admittingly a little startled from the true age of her favourite Mega.

“Only four months old? Guess we were so distracted from the events of his past, that we failed to take note on how long his life was.”

Then curiosity struck Luna’s mind.

“And… that’s something I’m curious about. Do Digimon… even age?”

Though on the surface it was a strange question, Celestia tried to think of an answer. But given at how different Digimon were to ponies, the Sun Princess could only guess.

“I’m not sure, Luna. Digimon are very different from ponies. Their bodies are made up of what they call data. And BlackWarGreymon was created artificially. So… I don’t think they even have a lifespan. As far as we know, BlackWarGreymon… could be immortal.”

Believing that what Celestia said was true, Luna’s mind was brimming with hope from a possible future. She then spoke quietly to herself.

“Does that mean… he and I… could spend eternity together?”

“What was that Luna?” The white Alicorn asked, not hearing Luna clearly enough.

The startled Luna quickly tried to recompose herself. Stuttering her words.

“Oh…uh, n-nothing.”

Celestia softly chuckled from seeing Luna’s reactions. She liked seeing her little sister happy. Especially when it involved their saviour.

Secretly, the Sun Princess grew a frown. She neglected to tell Luna that despite all his power, BlackWarGreymon might not be enough to combat the upcoming threat. Judging from seeing his destroyed gauntlet among the rubble.

Not wanting to break Luna’s heart, she decided not to tell her.


Inside one of the corridors of Twilight’s castle, one of the bedroom doors opened up. Revealing to be Spike the dragon. With a great big yawn, it was a sign that he had just woken up. Then as he travelled down the stairs, he realised something. It was quiet. Very quiet. Usually, he would hear the sounds of Twilight rushing around to get breakfast over and done with so she could get on with the rest of the day. And with a new resident living with them in the form of Ayumi, she would more likely be even more hectic. But there was nothing. Nothing but total silence.

“Hello? Twilight? Ayumi? Are you here?” He called out. Unsure and a little intimidated from being alone in a large empty castle.

Fortunately for him as he reached down to the bottom of the stairs, he saw BlackWarGreymon. Walking towards the main doors that lead to the outside world.

“Hay. BlackWarGreymon,” Spike uttered. Addressing the Digimon.

Hearing his name being said, the Artificial Digimon glanced over to the young dragon.

“Oh, morning Spike.”

“What’s going on? Where is everyone?” Spike asked. Wondering where the two Alicorns had vanished to.

Fortunately for him, BlackWarGreymon was there to answer.

“Twilight left to meet the others over at Sweet Apple Acres. As for Ayumi, I’m not sure. She already left early in the morning.”

Spike then turned his attention to the Digimon himself.

“What about you? You look like you were about to head somewhere.”

“I am.”

BlackWarGreymon continued as he opened the doors.

“I’m going to the Tree of Harmony. I’ll be back soon.”

Spike was left surprised as BlackWarGreymon exited the castle. Leaving the young dragon to wonder.

‘Why is he being so serious? Maybe the others told him about the prophecy.’

But as he tried to ponder more, the purple dragon suddenly burped out a scroll. After he opened it up, he read its contents. After letting out a quick gasp, Spike ran out of the castle and straight through Ponyville.

“I need to find Twilight and fast!”

As the young dragon ran through the town, and the Digimon disappearing over the horizon of the Everfree Forest, a discussion was going on at Sweet Apple Acres. A discussion which involved three little fillies.

“Hay. Where’s Ayumi?” Fluttershy asked Twilight. To which the latter gave an uncertain reply.

“I don’t know, Fluttershy. She was gone before I even woke up,” She said, worried about the mental wellbeing of her alternate self.

After hearing the blue Pegasus letting out a loud yawn, the two focused back to the group. And the reason why they gathered at the apple farm.

“Ok AJ, why did you call all of us here?” Rainbow Dash as she rubbed her eyes. Hoping that most of her day would involve sleeping.

“And quite early,” Rarity added.

Applejack then revealed the reason for the unexpected meeting.

“Well ah’ think that ya’ll should know that these three trouble makers went into the Everfree Forest the other night,” The orange mare said as she looked over to the Cutiemark Crusaders. Apparently figuring out what happened on the night of Hearts and Hooves day.

The rest of the Mane Six gasped in shock at the news.

“The Everfree forest!? At night!? Alone!?” Fluttershy asked.

“That definitely doesn’t sound like fun,” Pinkie Pie added.

“Sweetie Belle! What in the world were you and your friends thinking!?” Rarity demanded.

“We’re really sorry,” Sweetie Belle said.

“We were just trying to find somthin’ in there to get our Cutiemarks,” Applebloom joined.

“Yeah. I mean it’s not like we ran into the Timberwolves on purpose,” Scootaloo added.

What the young Pegasus said shocked all the older mares.

“What!? You ran into Timberwolves!?” The shocked Rainbow Dash asked.

“Ya three didn’t tell me that part!” The equally shocked Applejack joined. Apparently, the fillies didn’t tell her about the Timberwolves incident.

“My goodness! Are you three hurt?” Fluttershy asked the three young ones.

Applebloom then spoke up to reassure the older mares.

“Yeah, we’re fine. But we would’ve been hurt if we hadn’t been saved.”

The older ponies all looked at the fillies in amazement.

“Somepony saved you? Well, who was it?” Twilight asked.

The others were more than eager to know the identity of someone brave enough to fight off an entire pack of Timberwolves. But they were not prepared for the answer Scootaloo was about to say.

“Well… you girls are not gonna believe this. But we were saved by somepony who looks exactly like BlackWarGreymon. But it wasn’t him.”

While the average pony would’ve been baffled at the sentence which was spoken, the Mane Six however felt very uncomfortable about its meaning. Mentally hoping that it wasn’t what they were thinking.

“Say what?” Applejack asked. Leaving the fillies to explain themselves.

“Yeah, the guy looked just like BlackWarGreymon. Except his armour was grey,” Applebloom said. Joined by Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle.

“Oh oh, and scary red eyes.”

“And he can even use magic! Can you believe that?”

“Yeah. A Digimon using magic. Now that’s awesome,” Scootaloo added.

As the crusaders reminisced on what happened in the Everfree, the Mane Six looked at them in shock and horror. The descriptions all matched perfectly to the only other Digimon they knew other than BlackWarGreymon.

“WHAT!!!?” The six shouted at the three. Surprising them by their outburst.

“Wha-what’s going on!? What did we do now?” Sweetie Belle asked.

When Twilight Sparkle spoke, what she said could’ve been in a form of a shout. But due to the shock, her voice was more of a harsh whisper.

“You met ChaosBlackWarGreymon!?”

Silence followed as the question filled the minds of the group. Creating uncomfortable suspense among them.

“Who?” Applebloom asked, breaking the silence.

Sweetie Belle then realised something.

“Ooh, that must be his name!”

“Kind of a mouthful don’t you think? I mean, ChaosWarGreymon is shorter. Or even just… Chaos for that matter,” Scootaloo joined.

Then the three fillies realised something else as they turned their attention to the older ponies.

“Wait? You all know him? How?” Applebloom asked.

Rainbow Dash answered, but the answer wasn’t what the fillies were hoping for.

“How? Probably because he caused what could be the greatest calamity of our lives!”

“What!?” The three fillies shrieked. Their turn to be surprised.

“I hear ya, Rainbow. That vermin is a no-good monster!” Applejack added.

The fillies were confused at their outbursts.

“Wha-What do you mean?” Sweetie Belle asked.

“He’s BlackWarGreymon’s clone. An evil one too,” Applejack replied.

“That ruffian also nearly destroyed the Crystal Empire, half tore a city down, burned Griffinstone to the ground…”

Rarity was interrupted by an outburst from Rainbow Dash.

“And had the nerve to destroy the Wonderbolt Academy!!”

The fillies stood still in shock at what the digital clone had done.

“What!? He… he did all that!?” Scootaloo asked, also saddened about Rainbow Dash’s favourite academy.

Then more insight was given about the incident at the Crystal Empire.

“And if BlackWarGreymon hadn’t stepped in, he could’ve killed us at the Crystal Empire,” Fluttershy said with fear in her voice.

The Cutiemark Crusaders couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

“Really!? But ah’ thought those two are friends,” Applebloom said.

“They’re definitely not. He even nearly killed BlackWarGreymon,” Rarity said.

“And the fight between the two almost tore the whole empire apart. It’s a miracle that BlackWarGreymon was able to win,” Applejack joined.

“And whatever he said to you three, they’re probably lies to mess with you,” Rainbow Dash added.

The truth hurt the three fillies. When they first met, they found ChaosBlackWarGreymon strange, but rather sweet. But there was one thing they were confused about.

“But… if what ya all said is true, then why did he save us from the Timberwolves?” Applebloom asked.

While most of the group were unsure, stunned silent, Rainbow Dash went straight to her conclusion.

“He probably done that just to fool you. A trick to mess with your heads.”

Meanwhile, Twilight was uncertain if Rainbow Dash’s statement was correct. She then thought of something. Approaching the three fillies.

“Girls, what did he do after he defeated the Timberwolves?”

While most of the girls looked at the Princess of Friendship in confusion, the crusaders looked at each other before answering.

“Well…we just talked. And then he flew away,” Sweetie Belle answered.

As Twilight looked amazed from the fact, Pinkie Pie said something that was smart of her to say.

“Hmm, that doesn’t sound like him at all.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” The highly doubtful Rainbow Dash asked the pink mare.

But to her surprise, Twilight backed Pinkie Pie up.

“No, Rainbow. She’s right.”

As all the surprised ponies looked at her, the lavender princess explained herself.

“The way you girls described what he did… it doesn’t sound like something he would do. From what little we know of him, all he knows is chaos and destruction. While you three were talking to him, he had every opportunity to cause harm. But he chose not to and then left you alone. But why?”

While the group were thinking, the crusaders were a little shaken. ChaosBlackWarGreymon turned out to be a very dangerous being. And while they were talking to the Digimon clone, he could had ended them very easily. The three really had dodged a bullet.

However, further thought on the matter had to be put on pause, because Spike came bursting through the barn doors. Quite a feat from such a small dragon. He painted heavily as he approached the group.

“Hay…Tw…Twilight!” Spike said, taking in deep breaths in-between words.

“Spike! What is it!?” Twilight asked as she rushed to him.

“A…An urgent letter… from Celestia,” Spike answered as he held up a scroll.

After taking the scroll off Spike’s grip, Twilight unrolled it and quickly and quietly read it. After a moment, she let out a gasp.

“What is it, Twilight?” Rarity asked.

“We’re needed at Canterlot at once!”

Meanwhile, far away on the fringes of the Everfree Forest. A skirmish was unfolding. After being flung through the air and crashing down on the ground, the weary Tirek struggled to stand back up. As he finally got back on his hooves, he stared in disbelief at Ayumi. Who was hovering in the air in front of him.

“You! You can’t possibly be Twilight!” He declared.

Ayumi however was unmoved by the centaur’s words.

“Well, you’re not entirely wrong.”

Then with a wave of her right hoof, the Alicorn threw a purple energy orb at Tirek. The evil lord stumbling in pain as it exploded against his body.

Ayumi glared at him some more. Despite the power he possessed, Tirek was no match for her even in her normal state. She didn’t even need to transform once.

“I can’t believe I used to be afraid of you,” She coldly said before charging towards Tirek.

Just as the centaur recovered, he received a solid blow right to the gut. Tirek gagged in pain as air escaped his lungs. Then flying up to his head, Ayumi spun around to deliver a double kick to the side of his face. The surprisingly strong blow sent the giant centaur tumbling across the land and crashing into some trees.

“How? How is this little pony this strong!?” He asked himself. Unable to comprehend the full extent of the Alicorn’s power.

As he weakly got back on his hooves, Tirek slowly became more afraid of the Alicorn. Seemingly unstoppable. That was when he decided to shout out.

“Hay! I could use some help right about now!”

Ayumi paused as he looked at the weary centaur in confusion. Surprised that Tirek apparently had backup.

“What? There somepony else?”

That was when she heard a voice behind her. A voice that was familiar, yet different at the same time.

“Well. Isn’t this a surprise.”

Ayumi’s eyes went wide in surprise. Slowly turning around, the alternate Twilight laid her sights on a recognizable sight.

“What? Black?” She asked.

But her surprise was joined by uncertainty and confusion. The individual hovering in front of her looked identical to BlackWarGreymon. But his armour was different. More grey than black. His hair too was grey, and his eyes were crimson red.

Unbeknownst to her, the individual was none other than ChaosBlackWarGreymon.

“W-What?” The baffled Ayumi uttered as he looked over at the Digimon’s form. Confused as to why his colour scheme was different.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon however inspected her out of fascination as he slowly circled around her.

“Bizarre. You look like that purple pony, but you’re different. Stronger.”

The hurt Tirek began to shout out at the Digimon clone.

“About time you showed up! Where have you been!?”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon looked over to Tirek in annoyance.

“Quit your whining!”

The still baffled Ayumi looked to both the Digimon and the centaur. Confusion only increased when it turned out that the Mega was the ally foretold.

“W-What’s going on? What is this!?” She asked as she faced back at ChaosBlackWarGreymon. Looking at him was probably the most bizarre thing she’d seen since arriving in Equestria.

ChaosBlackWarGreymon locked his curious gaze back on Ayumi. As he did, he instantly sensed her energy. And was mentally surprised at what he discovered.

‘What!? There’s data within her! And it closely resembles the boss to a T!’

He then spoke out.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m afraid we don’t have the time.”

ChaosBlackWarGreymon raised his left arm out at Ayumi. Then the Alicorn gasped in surprise when she found herself ensnared in a levitation spell. Her body froze on the spot, unable to move.


As she looked back at the Digimon, she noticed that the three claws on his gauntlet were glowing green. It was very reminiscent to dark magic she had seen before. But that was when she realised something. Adding to her surprise even more.

“M-Magic!?” She shrieked in surprise.

With the surprised pony in his hold, ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw his arm down. Sending the Alicorn crashing to the ground with a loud impact.

Ayumi struggled to stand back up. Not expecting such a strong move. But by the time she stood back on her hooves, she was too stunned from what she had discovered.

“That magic. T-That’s Sombra’s magic! H-How can a Digimon use magic like that!?”

But the situation only worsened. Using another magic spell, ChaosBlackWarGreymon summoned numerous shadow tendrils around Ayumi. The black appendages binding her body, wings and legs. Ayumi tried to break free, but was surprised that the strength of the spell was far greater than she expected.

“W-What is going on!!?” She demanded as the tendrils pinned her down to the ground. Struggling to get loose as she continued to try to comprehend what in the world was happening.

But before Ayumi could get the chance to transform, using her stronger form to break free, ChaosBlackWarGreymon threw down a green ball of energy. As it struck the ground in front of the Alicorn, it exploded into a cloud of green smoke. Ayumi tried to move her head away. But the more she struggled, more of the green smoke she breathed in. Nothing happened at first. But as she continued to breathe in the cloud, she started to feel drowsy as she coughed. Her struggling became much weaker by the second as her eyelids began to feel heavy. Her mind feeling foggy and blank. Ayumi had been hit with magical sleeping gas.

‘What’s… happening? I… can’t…’

As the former Twilight felt her strength rapidly giving way, she suddenly found that she could no longer fight back. After collapsing on the ground, she mentally cursed herself for being subdued so easily. If she had the chance to transform, even in her first transformed state, she would’ve fared better. But she let the confusion get to her. Almost like what happened with BlackWarGreymon when they first fought.

As she looked up, she could see the grey Digimon hovering over Tirek. She could see his other metal claws glowing in green magic, healing Tirek’s wounds. As she looked at the airborne Digimon, using what was left of her waking moment, she sensed his energy. Finding him to be a mismatch of more than one kind of power.

“H…He’s not BlackWarGreymon. But… I can sense his data in him. And… he has Sombra’s magic. But… th-there’s something else. A… another power. What… is it?”

Ayumi stared at the ChaosBlackWarGreymon more as he began to descend down towards her. As she looked into his blood-red eyes, she used what’s left of her power to identify the unknown energy within him. As her magic sensed him out, she was met with pure darkness. Briefly illuminated by a pair of piercing yellow eyes.

Ayumi’s eyes widened in complete fear and disbelief from the discovery. Gasping in fright. She knew exactly what energy that was. And worse still, whom it belonged to. Her fear almost caused her adrenaline to kick in. Struggling against the tendrils franticly from the discovery of the truth. A truth she never thought possible in the current timeline of Equestria.

‘HIM!!! IT’S HIM!!! H-HE’S HERE TOO!!!? But… but that can’t be! It’s impossible! I… I have to…’

By the time ChaosBlackWarGreymon landed in front of her, the effects of the sleeping gas kicked in. Unable to resist any longer, her blurry vision ended in darkness. Ayumi falling unconscious, and at the mercy of the villains.

As he loomed over the fallen Alicorn, ChaosBlackWarGreymon cancelled out his spell. The tendrils restraining the unconscious Ayumi dispersed from existence. As the alternate Twilight lay on the ground, the Digimon clone gave her a questionable look.

“She looks like the other one. But she’s not the same. But she’s not a clone either. She also has the boss’ data. But how?”

The Digimon felt like investigating. To which might be interrupted by a furious Tirek.

“Grrr! I’ll make that brat pay!”


Tirek paused his rampage from ChaosBlackWarGreymon’s command. As the confused centaur looked at the Mega, the latter glanced over his shoulder as he spoke up.

“Others may be nearby. Best if you checked the area.”

Understanding that it was possible for other ponies to be nearby, Tirek grunted as he walked away. Patrolling the area to see if there were any others watching them.

Left alone, ChaosBlackWarGreymon made sure that Tirek was gone. Which was why he lied. With his supreme senses of a Digimon, he knew that Ayumi came alone. The reason why he lied… was because of what he was about to do.

“I wonder…”

The Alicorn resembling the other was strange to him. But what got his attention was that she possessed data, the data of his master. Curious of who and what she truly was, ChaosBlackWarGreymon reached down with his right gauntlet pointing at the sleeping pony. The tip of his middle metal claw barely resting against Ayumi’s horn. Then the claw glowed green. A spell had activated.

Undisturbed, ChaosBlackWarGreymon began to read Ayumi’s mind. Looking through her memories. And what he found… was something that took him completely by surprise. The pony was Twilight. But… a different Twilight. From a world where BlackWarGreymon never arrived. But most shocking, a world where… there was no hope. No hope for all. And the one who destroyed hope.

With all the destruction and death flowing through his mind all at once, ChaosBlackWarGreymon screamed as he quickly retracted his arm. Cancelling the spell. As he stared at the sleeping girl, the Digimon felt his whole-body trembling as he breathed heavily. But not from who the Alicorn was. It was from the world where she came from. With what was her whole life flowing through his head, the aftereffects of the spell, the Digimon felt… fearful.

Fear… towards his creator.

“He…He did it. He…actually did it.”

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