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Horns are a dangerous weapon. You can't just wave it around and use it willy-nilly. You need to be careful. You must use your horn safely. Anon goes on a journey to ensure that horns in Ponyville are properly protected.

Written for The Barcast

This story is contained in my book "Dash Tries to Win Your Heart and Other Short Pony Stories"

If you have interest in purchasing this non-profit book, check out my online store at this link: https://www.lulu.com/search?adult_audience_rating=00&q=flutterpriest

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The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it? Will the arrival of this strange creature tear Equestria apart?

TV Tropes

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Random guy ends up in Equestria story, yet for reasons unbeknownst to him, he finds himself in an Equestria much like the one he barely remembers from a show he once watched, yet very different in all the wrong aspects.

It can't possibly be because he turned into a changeling right after their infamous invasion.


And now with an editor. A huge round of applause to Kablam Pony for helping me with editing this story.

A giant round of applause for mix-up for drawing such splendid cover art.


AU: This is literally an alternate Equestria, where grim events happen as normal occurrences, also, the story starts from season 2 and moves up to season 4.

Comedy: who doesn't like to laugh at the misery of a fictional character?

Adventure: if that wasn't obvious I don't know what is.

Dark: Some of you pointed out that it has some dark elements, but don't worry, I will not write anything overboard.

Human: dare I need to state why.

Teen because of a couple of death scenes here and there, no gore, unless it's written in an extremely scientific language.

Oh, it's a shameless self insert by the way. I want to see how much I can write myself as a character in my own story and how much it relates to other characters I have written.

Chapters (13)

Royal Guard Silver Birch knows Princess Luna's history, and her... extreme reactions to being neglected in the past. When it seems Luna has been snubbed yet again, he and his partner Winter Garden take action to shield their Princess from this slight, and spare Equestria her terrible wrath.

(Inspired by a really dumb blog I did.)

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Spike has his own room, now. Unfortunately, this is not something Twilight is used to... and soon, it leads to a very tense and awkward moment that the two of them have to work through.


Rated T because this is not a clopfic. Surprisingly.

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To be inserted into Equestria, it's a dream come true for anybrony!

Meet the ponies!

Have super awesome magical adventures!

Use foreknowledge to avoid all those silly pratfall moments without screwing things up and causing irreparable harm to the Mane 6...uh...hopefully!

And all for the low cost of possessing Princess Luna, denying her any real freedom or the ability to move on with her life since she's in your head and you're walking around as Nightmare Moon!

Yeah...there had to be a catch in there somewhere, didn't there?

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Imagine my surprise when I see a winged unicorn in my kitchen that claims she's my mother.

Imagine her surprise when I threw my coffee mug at her.

Imagine my Dad's surprise when I was banished to the end of Time.

Okay, the last part didn't happen, Tempora is actually really nice, but you get what I mean.

Just roll with it, I guess?

Set in an Alternate Universe where nothing of canon makes much sense.

Based on an idea by Rainbow Dragon!

Edited mainly by FlameSwordedLink and now Grand Inquisitor.

Tag updated.

Future Chronicles now HERE
Kayla-verse linked here and in the story.

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TVTropes page yay!A human arrives with a house in Ponyville. The Mane Six, and Princess Luna must deal with this new arrival. But not everyone agrees how it should be handled, not everyone agrees on what danger it represents, or the benefit it can be to Equestria.

The inhabitant must also deal with the new rules and conventions of this new world it knows nothing about, as well as the mystery of its appearance, and the incongruities of its arrival.
TVTropes page yay!

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A thousand years after the Princesses disappeared from Equestria, Twilight Sparkle meets a lost Cloudsdale scout named Rainbow Dash. Together they look for a way to end the thousand-year night and dispel the darkness that has spread across Equestria.

Edited by Pascoite
Contains fairly mild grim-dark. Inspiration taken from the Dark Souls games, but it's not strictly a crossover.
Chapters titled "Arc #: Chapter Name" are part of the main story. Chapters titled "Character: Chapter Name" are one-shots about other characters, set in the same world, and aren't necessary in order to follow the main story.

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