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Apparently someone upstairs found some sort of pity within themselves and decided that I was worthy of a second chance. At least, that's what I assume. Since I've magically been dropped into another world, in the body of a baby horse no less! 

That was four years ago. Everything was all fine and dandy, my life was going good.

Too good apparently. 

Since that's when everything sort of went to shit.

Mega ultra super duper props to: FunkyFresh for helping this story get to how it is today.

4/24: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/1038607/some-news

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Not so long ago, Equestria barely defeated two almost unstoppable creatures known as humans, which they called the Second and the First. Almost five years later, another one has shown up. The military takes up arms, the princesses are stricken with fear, and the Elements of Harmony assemble, ready for battle. But 'the Third' has no idea what's going on, and only wants to know how he came to be here, and how to get back home. Good questions indeed...But will he ever get his answers? Or will his predecessors' legacy catch up to him first?

“Side story/prequel to Human by DannyJ, but can be read on its own. Contains spoilers.”

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The Earth is still reeling from the effects of the Collision Wars against Xenolestia and her hordes of Newfoals, humanity having emerged victorious but a few million citizens fewer. Then yet another Equestria appears, but this time the humans are quick to cut off the head of the snake, capturing the evil Princess Celestia and imprisoning her. But something seems different about this Celestia...something almost friendly.

Can the Harmony and Friendship that Celestia has treasured all her life heal some of the scars left by her wicked counterpart, or do some wounds just run too deep?

Cover modified with permission from: KP-Shadowsquirrel

Also, because people have been asking for it, the original WW2 poster can be found here

Pre reading done by DJK. So go give him some wuv.

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Living in Equestria under a false name and racial identity is one thing. Finding out you're not the only one of your kind stranded here is another... especially when that someone and the element bearers are looking for you.

Being my first attempt at a first-person romantic comedy, this takes a slightly different approach to the concept of being a human stranded in Equestria.


Big thanks to DVAN56 for editing. Go check out his work!

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Across the lands of Equestria, Discord sends devices so that everyone can hear and see a message from him: The message being a multi-segment lesson in some of Equestria's lost history. With various guests, they shall recount such events as the real version of Hearth's Warming, forgotten heroes and villains, and wars few could imagine today.

"All viewers of this program are invited to leave their own questions for Discord and his guests."

Note: Not really an AU so much as putting in new material with only minor bending to canon.
Inspired by the "If The Emperor Had a Podcast" videos.

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Twilight Sparkle wakes up one morning to a harsh dose of unreality. She is stranded, without her friends, on an island which matches no known locale on Equestria. Surrounded and harried on all sides by the alien and the dangerous, she will find her mettle sorely tested, and find perhaps that the best friends you will ever have in your life are the ones you make when your back is to the wall...

Thanks to CedricBale and noobie56xx for tracking down the name of the artist so I could give them credit.

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Just for Harmony and the Sisters, Discord decided to take things a bit seriously the second time around.

Now seemingly unopposable on his Chaos Throne, King Discord has all of Equestria at his clawtips.

His very first decree? The very first royal act of chaos? The moment that may define his reign?

Pardoning Mane Six.

Wait, what?

Discord's reign will be filled with surprises, chief being how the draconequus is far from malevolent to those in his lands, despite what the ponies have been told. It seems that while Equestria belongs to Discord now, but he does play(mostly) responsibly.

And as time goes on, the appeal of Chaos can worm its way into most any heart.

NOTE: Not a tyrantlestia fic.

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A young colt is rumored to be running around the Everfree forest. The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to investigate. Who is this colt? Where did he come? Why does he flip a coin to solve all his problems?

But most importantly, why does he have two horns, and what effect on Equestria will this have?


(RGRE story)
(tags added as the story progresses)

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In Ponyville, a new and unusual resident moved into town. He went on adventures, made friends, met the love of his life, had children, and lived happily ever after for many years.

This isn't his story, but the story of his firstborn.

Anonymous Junior isn't like most ponies. Her teeth are sharp, her gaze is unnerving, and her gait is predatory. The hot blood of humanity, the blood of her sire, pumps through her veins, and it's apparent to all who look. Even when empowered by such passion, the life of a young filly is still one filled with trials and tribulations.

A re-imagining of Anon Filly as the biological daughter of Anonymous.
A Second-Person story starring You as Anonymous Junior
Takes place in the Reversed Gender Role Equesria AU
Makes use of OCs that I do not own. They belong to their respective creators and my depictions should not be considered accurate.

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Equestria is still picking up the pieces after the defeat of Tirek, and everypony is helping out with the paperwork, even Rainbow Dash. Things change when Princess Celestia arrives, bringing with her a letter with some very stunning accusations of the exploits of a resident in the town of Oasis. Now, the main six are tasked with finding out if the letter was truth or fiction. Did this Mister Baker really do what they claim? Only one way to find out.

However, Mister Baker is not who, or what they expected.

Rated Teen for occasional language. Additional tags added for more dark themes.

Proof read and edited by the amazing SunnyPack , Snakeskin Ducktape, and Tyrannosaurus Tux.

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