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This story is a sequel to The metal HAWKEN

After a letter saying they had found a way to send him home was sent, Connor and DB arrived. The spell takes an unexpected turn as it pulls Connor, DB and more through the portal. Now Connor has to teach them about his world, which might end better than expected.

Finishing Holy and Hellish brothers before continuing this.

Chapters (1)

Brothers unknowingly become warriors of God and Satan sent to a new world to stop eachother. A world slightly different from the normal with bad history. Separated from themselves, they are bound to find a way to do what is necessary. They both hope to go home, but when up against each other, who will fall and who will stand afterwards? Or will they both stand and take down someone else?

Chapters (19)

Connor Irons is a fifteen years old boy and his prototype mech, DB, go on a mission to stop the enemy. They succeed but as they were returning, something goes wrong. Instead of returning to base, he disappeares. Question is, where did they and what does DB stand for?

Based on the game HAWKEN with a few changes. For example, since there's not much, if any, lore, I'm creating my own.

Chapters (24)