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The wheels of fate turn in mysterious ways. When a unicorn colt has an accident on the edge of the Everfree, nopony knows who he is. Assuming his brain was jostled by the accident, they ignore his absurdist notions of not being from this world, and not being a pony at all. However, when he is involved a terrible incident that threatens the lives of his only friends in the world—Ponyville's three most rambunctious fillies—their friends and family begin to pay more credence to his claims.

For Warren Ashland, the clock is ticking as a chain of events that was set into motion the moment he woke in Equestria comes to a vicious head. The time will come when he must decide whether he wishes to stand alone as a human in the Equestrian world, or give it all up for his newfound friends. His actions will shape the lives of those around him.

Cover art by - GMEiden

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This story is a sequel to I am Living Lava?

Rose has finally gotten permission to leave her gilded cage and travel freely around this new world, what wonders will she encounter, will she make a new friend? or will she become the threat Celestia saw her as?

Find out in her own Travel Journal!

Chapters (2)

After thousands of years inside a pocket dimension, the Crystal Empire returned to the Frozen North. Mere moments after a purchase at comic con, a man was sent to a magical world of mythical creatures as Skeletor. After a short amount of time, the Displaced Skeletor stumbled his way towards the Empire. What happened next? Well, only time would tell.

(I don’t own squat except for the story.)
(Not part of the Displaced multiverse.)
(It is HIE Costume)
(We've got Fan art!)

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A human is transformed into Magolor Soul when he puts on the Master Crown. But when the Elements of Harmony are used on him he is reduced to a shadow of his former self. However, that won't stop him from seeking revenge!

Will he restore his power and strike down Celestia and Luna or will the element of kindness cause a change of heart? Better question, can everyone even survive the madness that seems to follow him and the Mane Six?

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to The Life and Times of an Alchemist Turned Pony

A tower sits in a plain, surrounded by nothing for miles. It is a faithful reconstruction to one that existed before.
Should one have permission to enter, they would find five doors besides the one they used to enter.
Should they ask and be allowed, they could find their way to the bedroom of the master of the tower.
And should they know exactly where to look, they would find his journal, and learn of what happened back in the old world...
The journal of Auric Fulcrum, and it would detail his adventures in Equestria before forming his new life in a new existence...

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This story is a sequel to Golden Grace, Headless Headaches

Okay, SO, after stopping Omega and saving Equestria from whatever he had planned, along with Measured from certain death, I kinda, sorta, maybe used up a bit too much of my power.
There's no 'maybe' about it, you did.
And Measured, Twilight, and I are going to do some tests to see how bad it is.
Once you stop flinching at the very mention of Twilight's name.
First things first, though. Someone get me away from Cel, she's gone bananas!

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I was known as Frank DeFontaine. I was going to a Halloween party. I was a pretty intelligent kid, starting my first college term, and decided a little dress-up couldn't hurt.
My buddy Richard got involved, though. And like everything, he took it a bit too far. This time, I didn't say no, though. I really should have.
Next thing I know, we're going all-out on making my Dullahan costume. Because he's my favorite optional boss, and all.
Really shoulda known something was up when that guy behind the counter just so happened to have a sword that fit our specifications perfectly.
Next thing I know, I'm in Equestria. And I'm missing a head.
Sakes, I could use a drink. And a neck.
Featured on 2/19/2014.
I'd like to leave it at "Holy mother of-!" but that doesn't capture what I'm feeling!

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This story is a sequel to Headless, not Heartless

Okay, taking it from the top.
Hi, I'm Auric Fulcrum, also known as Frank DeFontaine. For about 1,500 years, I wasn't alive. I instead inhabited my Dullahan costume as a spirit because of my sword, which also brought me to Equestria. Once I got here, after a few years of back and forth, Sunbutt imprisoned me because of a minor misunderstanding.
I heard that!
You were meant to!
Anyways, once I got out, I learned that the Wise One was coming to this reality, so I did what came natural to me.
I sought out the power of the Golden Sun and used it to defeat him so utterly I would never have to worry about him again.
Problem was, the energies that bound me together and the power of the Sun conflicted, so my armor fell apart. And without the armor, I was unbound, unfocused.
I came to a week later in the same basement I had been imprisoned, in my old body, but with a few...upgrades. Like Alchemy being a Thing I can Do.
Now that I'm alive again, my to-do list is radically different, but no less daunting.
For starters, how am I supposed to stop a mountain from sinking into the earth?!

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Katherine Bosley, who never really cared much of what others thought of her, was having a really, really crappy day. But when she unwittingly gets thrown into Equestria, and finds herself marked as public enemy #1, she's had just about enough of taking the crap the universe throws at her.
Someone is gonna get torn a new one.
And it may or may not be her.
Will she survive? Probably not, but she'll be darned if she doesn't go out with a bang.

Inspired by The Rise of Darth Vulcan and F*** it, I'm having fun.
I realized there were no stories of this newfound genre that have a girl villain. So here you go.
Mild language- I don't like getting in the habit of dropping F-bombs.
Please feel free to point out any grammatical mistakes I make. Now edited by GDQuirm, who puts up with my excessive and exhaustive use of the semicolon.

5/17/14- How the heck did I get in the feature box again?- 30 minutes later, it's over. :/

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Okay let's just go over everything that's happened so far. Dragged into a road trip, check. Dragged to a convention, check. Dragged through dimension. Wait what? Okay, universe. Stop! Seriously what did I do to deserve that last one! Stop throwing me into impossibly horrible situations! It was bad enough being world thrown, but public enemy number 1!? What did I ever do to you!?

Evidently, I must have done a lot. I have been trapped here with nothing but my wit and ingenuity, but I'm still alive and have at least one friend. I decided that it would be better make the most out of my new life, and see if I can live at all in this crazed world of Magic and Myths. Hopefully I won't screw up too badly. I fear what may come if I do. Though.... this is all starting to feel familiar. I'm having some difficulty remembering from where though.
Co-authored from chapter 22 and on with Shinigamisparda

Alt Cover Art
Story inspired by "F**k it, I'm having fun" by JimmytheGrape and everything else in the League of Humans acting Villainous.
Props to them! Cover art is not mine.
Edit**4/28/14**Technopathic is amazing and you should thank her greatly for working on new cover art for me. It's not done, but as she does it, I will continue to update my cover.
Edit***5/23/14*** NEW cover art is COMPLETE!
Edit****6/28/14**** Old cover art is back by popular demand

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