• Published 13th Mar 2020
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Skeletor, Master of The Empire. - Hotel_Chicken

A monster was dethroned and a demon was thrusted into a position of power he never wanted. Now, the Displaced Lord Skeletor finds himself in the Frozen North of Equestria, fighting frigid temperatures and an evil king.

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As the smallest, most insignificant snowflake in all of history slowly drifted to the ground on a frigid morning, a completely unrelated event was taking place universes away.

A series of events began a domino effect that would shake the foundation of a lost Empire, setting it on a historical path that would define generations of creatures from dozens of races.

And because of its distance, because its history would never interact with the snowflake, it was completely insignificant and inconsequential. Whether that Empire thrived or crumbled would mean little to anyone or anything else, but to those that lived there, it meant everything. Their story was not a fantasy to be left on a dusty bookshelf, it was a historical moment that caused worlds to clash, alliances to be formed, and civilizations to fall.

Behind the concept of space and time, above the natural understanding of reality, through the veil that separated universes, and inside the pure paradoxical chaos that made up the endless void, was a relatively inconsequential planet called Terra; One of the millions of mirrored worlds that resided in the multiverse, a world brimming with magic, a place of mythical creatures that once only lived in the imagination of children and artists.

By either some cosmic coincidence or divine intervention from a cosmic creator, these old fabled characters had become real, living in near harmony with each other on the small planet under the leadership of two divine sovereigns whom controlled the rise and fall of the sun and moon.

Terra was a home to many magical souls, from buffalo nomads to zebra shaman, shapeshifting changelings to obnoxiously boisterous yaks, flying dragons to sleeping thestrals, and many, many more.

Dragons flew through the sky in flocks, buffalo roamed the country side in nomadic herds, and prides of griffons hunted for free game in the untamed forests, killing the most dangerous of predators and mindless beasts. The world was a menagerie of magical species, a collection of monsters and beasts that were blessed with sentience, each one motivated by their own religions, beliefs, and morals.

And yet, almost in spite of their maniacal and cruel storybook counterparts, most of the inhabitants of Terra lived relatively peaceful lives, deciding to live in a state of equality rather than a kingdom of division and apprehension. However, not everything in the land of sunshine and rainbows was bathed in the pure light of Harmony.

Underneath the warm sun and tranquil moon of the two princesses, below the heavens of bliss and joy, under the silver lining of the ominous clouds that hung in the sky, and buried in the norther regions of the largest continent on Terra, was the Frozen North.

The Frozen North was a barren wasteland that laid past the Crystal Mountains; a place where eternal Twilight reigned supreme, crops never dared to grow, and the howls of the dead sang an eternal song of pain and damnation that accompanied the relentless blizzard that buried any creature that wandered into the Frozen North.

The storm of snow that bombarded the Frozen North was a magical phenomenon that materialized the frigid touch of death itself, a remnant of the effects of a terrible storm that washed over Equestria long ago. While the love and warmth the ponies and other creatures of Equestria chased away the never-ending winter, the North simply adapted and outlived the vengeful spirits that had caused the Great Winter in Equestria.

With the vengeful spirits gone, the storms ran rampant and became a chaotic flurry of eternal winter, and the once luscious green fields of the Fertile North had been buried by the white sheet of death that plagued the land.

There were only two places of refuge from the eternal storm that cursed the Frozen North, the makeshift Yak Kingdom of Yakyakistan that laid on the outermost reach of the storm, and the disheveled remains of the once brilliant and beautiful Crystal Empire.

The Crystal Empire was a testament to the innovation of the first settlers of Equestria, a divine jewel that stood as a monument to the abundant magic the first settlers had discovered. The Empire was a glorious bastion that withstood the test of time, and fought the battle against the onslaught of nature. The Empire may have won that battle too if it weren’t for the menace that was King Sombra, a name that struck fear into the hearts of any creature that heard it from hushed whispers.

King Sombra was grey ruva stallion with a flowing black mane of fire with a blood red horn that jutted out of his head. He was once a normal ruva like every other ruva in the Crystal Empire, using his magic to study the effects of crystals to create new magical spells.

His thirst for knowledge soon evolved into a desperate hunger for power, leading him to the doorstep of the Demon Lord himself, Grogar the Goat. After King Sombra struck a deal with the father of monsters, he returned to the Crystal Empire and ruled it for three years after he usurped the throne from Princess Amore. He was a greedy ruler who desired to expand his own domain with force and strength, to crush those he thought of as beneath him. The king had successfully enslaved the crystal ponies, driven the thestrals into hiding, and committed total genocide on the ruva that had lived in the Crystal Empire, leaving him almost unopposed after causing his own race to go into near extinction.

He ruled over the Empire with an iron hoof, forcing his will over his subjects by using forbidden and dark magic that he learned from Grogar. With his newfound power, he completely stripped his remaining subjects of their free will and used them as slaves to mine magical crystals to strengthen his own magic.

His evil and sadistic acts would not go unnoticed by the other kingdoms and tribes, however. King Sombra had rightfully earned the ire of most of the world, his only allies being those he brainwashed. With a legion of innocent civilians acting as mighty warriors at his beck and call, King Sombra created a mighty army to invade Yakyakistan, deciding to take the entirety of the Frozen North before he set his sights on the rest of Equestria.

All of King Sombra’s plans would fall through however with the direct intervention of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna deciding to lead their armies to his capital. As the celestial and lunar guards defended themselves against the brunt force of King Sombra’s enslaved army, the two princesses of Dream Valley confronted King Sombra directly to end his reign of terror. An epic battle ensued that shook the foundation of the continent as two ascended gods fought a malicious demon.

In the end, King Sombra fell at the hooves of the sisters and used their magic to banish King Sombra to an eternal realm of darkness. Sadly, in a last act of defiance and desperate spite, King Sombra latched himself onto the souls of his enslaved subjects, forcing them to share his torment for all of eternity.

The two sisters could do nothing to stop his counter spell and verbally cursed the mad king for damning his entire enslaved army to suffer his fate. Neither of the sisters were able to bring back his enslaved citizens from the realm of darkness without bringing the self-proclaimed king back as well, but they were able to modify the spell ever so slightly.

Instead of damning King Sombra and his slaves to an eternity in the realm of darkness, they would be kept there until a being that was able to permanently kill King Sombra stepped hoof into the Frozen North. On that day, the chosen hero would slay King Sombra and pass on the Empire to the descendants of Princess Amore.

And until the destined hero was found, the Empire would become lost to the memories of time, becoming an old mare’s tale that would be told to the young foals of Equestria until the story itself was forgotten as well.

Life would continue to move on without the Crystal Empire, uncaring to the plights of the ponies trapped in a pocket outside the concept of time and space. The truth of the matter was that nopony, creature, or being would be “destined” to save the Empire. The only thing that could save the Empire would be a cosmic coincidence. Or perhaps it would take manipulation from a higher power.

Either way, as the historians waited and died with their bated breaths, hoping for the eventual return of the Empire, time continued on without any consideration for those who experienced its effects.

The banishment of King Sombra and the crystal ponies was only the first of several great catastrophes that would occur on Terra. Heroes lived and died, misconceptions started wars, a Goddess of Chaos buried Dream Valley under a forest of entropy, and a princess of the night turned into an Empress of Nightmares.

Just like the frozen remains of the Crystal Empire, the rest of the world fell into a state of disrepair as hope became a rarer commodity with each passing day. The Equestrian Diarchy turned Monarchy took it upon themselves to bring peace and harmony back to the world in spite of the grim reality they all faced.

Princess Celestia’s attempts to fix her kingdom led to a scant few eras of peace in the world where creatures of every race lived in near harmony after far too many bloody wars and a terrible number of graves. Unfortunately, not all the sentient races of Terra would experience this peace.

Many species had gone extinct or drastically changed during the Crystal Empire’s absence. The Deer and Caribou Kingdoms fell victim to a plague that made them infertile, the sea serpents and sirens had waged a war that nearly wiped both of their species out, and the diamond dogs had reverted into mindless beasts after centuries of inbreeding and cannibalism. Life continued to move on without these many races, as if they didn’t matter at all to the cold reality of time.

So much had changed about Terra since the disappearance of the Empire, and even more would change with its reemergence.

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