• Published 12th Feb 2014
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Son of Invention - Zman537

What would you do, if your world inadvertently changed around you, and you were marked as a villain? Inventions are created by necessity, creativity, and chance. So an Invention was made in more ways than one.

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Boiling Heat

(Current time)

Guards were rushing around the castle as Celestia and Luna searched themselves. “Find him! Find him now! We cannot let him escape the castle grounds! He must be here somewhere!” Celestia shouted as she ran to a flight of stairs leading beneath the castle.

Luna chased after her and looked at her sister, her fear evident. “Sister, he can’t truly be back... can he?” Celestia ignored her and bolted down a hallway with several suits of armor and weapons for the guard. She stopped at a portrait of both her and Luna on the wall and her horn lit up. The painting morphed and melted until a vault door could be seen. It burst open with how fast Celestia used her magic, and a large broadsword of a golden color floated out. “Celestia, are you sure-”

Celestia levitated a helmet onto her head after removing her crown. “Yes Luna. I’m not taking any chances. Not when there are ponies I care about involved. I will not let him bring harm to any of them.”

Luna sighed and watched her sister leave the hall. She looked back into the small vault and shivered when she saw her own armor sitting there. She didn’t dare to pick it up, nor did she take her own blade. Instead she ran after Celestia, and continued her search for the one running amuck in the castle.

He’d done this once before after all.

“Okay...” I was hanging off of the edge and was slowly moving towards the ledge of the window. “Easy does it.” I was just a few inches from the ledge and I just needed to shimmy a little more if I was going to reach it. “Careful.” I felt my foot connect with the ledge and slowly started to move enough to put my other foot on it. “Okay now... just add a little pressure and-”

I slipped as the ledge I was holding onto broke in my hand. “OH GOD!” I flailed and managed to grab the ledge of the window as I fell, causing me to swing and slam into the tower wall. “Oomph!” I slowly started to pull myself up and pushed the thankfully unlocked window open. I dragged myself through and just laid there on the ground panting. My top hat fell off and rolled next to me as I tried to stop my heart from outrunning a locomotive. “Holy... shit.... not... doing... again!”

I didn’t move for a while, just so I could catch my breath. I finally managed to calm my heart down when I could hear water splashing from nearby. What the... I lifted my head and noticed that there was a bed, and dresser in the room I had entered. Oh you’ve got to be kidding me. There were two sets of doors, one larger, one smaller, in the room as well.

Rather than wanting to be the guy caught in the room and cause a panic, I moved to the smaller door after grabbing my top hat. I had decided that a stealth mission out of a mysterious tower was much better than disturbing the residence after breaking and entering.

I opened the door and froze at what I saw. There was a large blue pony in a bath tub. Its mane was shimmering like the night sky, and flowed in an intangible wind. There were also a horn and wings upon the creature before me.

Oh, and the look of shock. Can’t forget that.

I slowly lifted a finger and my jaw had dropped a little. “Uh....” Wow, articulate aren’t I?

The pony let out a very feminine shriek and I stumbled out of the room, slamming the door behind me. I could hear shuffling from behind both doors and quickly dove under the bed. The large one burst open and a few stallions in armor charged in. As they were trying to find out what was going on, I slipped out of the room and shut the door behind me. I grabbed a spear from a nearby statue and slid it between the bars as fast as I could.

I looked down the hall I was in both ways and saw a set of stairs leading down to my left. Yes!

Some shadows were starting to come into view and I felt my eye twitch. Nope!

I ran to the right and stood behind a pillar as the door I had barred burst open and sent both halves flying. I leaned towards the wall side of the pillar and snuck a peak around at what was happening. The blue pony from before was shouting at the rest of the guard. “Where is the cretin who dares to disturb our royal baths!” Ooooh crap.

The guards bowed hastily. “Your majesty, we know not what thy speak of. We arrived and found thine door barred.”

She stomped one of her hooves and shouted at the guards. “There is a creature running through the corridors of this castle. Apprehend it, and bring it to us!”

The guards all made one last bow. “Yes your majesty.” Her royal blueness moved back into what I now know as her room and the pieces of the door lifted off the ground and slammed shut. The guard that was speaking turned back to the rest of them. “Find the creature! If anypony finds anything thou art to report thine findings to Princess Luna or Princess Celestia!”

The battalion nodded and ran back down the stairs, while two remained at the doors. Those two pretty much made it so that I couldn’t actually go down the hall, let alone the stairs. Damn it... now what?

I looked around and stopped when I realized I still had a chunk of that ledge in my hand. I looked between the guards and the rock before throwing it down the hall and drawing both of their attention to it. “You hear that?” I pressed myself to the pillar as they moved by, and slowly moved past Luna’s door before heading down the stairs as quietly as I could.

(Current Time)

The castle was in a state of absolute chaos. The guards had all doubled their search efforts after seeing Celestia in battle armor, and the Princess herself was far from calm. They searched down every corridor, checked every room, and even under every chair, In every cabinet, and behind every curtain.

I stood outside the castle gates smiling calmly. “That was easier than I thought it would be.” I turned around and started walking down the streets of Canterlot as several ponies looked at me in curiosity and confusion. “Celestia really needs to work on her security more. It’s gotten rather sloppy over the last 1500 years. The automated one I made would have done better without the fine tuning I had to do.”

The necklace started to glow slightly in yellow. “I know Boris, but it will be fine. Not many ponies showed up at our statue anyways. Knowledge wasn’t as interesting as Chaos.” I chuckled and took one last glance at the castle before turning the corner. “Though I do believe your dear old dad had a new pose since the last time I saw him moved around. Must have managed to do what we did earlier before screwing up.”

Boris glowed orange and burned me a little as I rounded the corner. “Ow, okay okay Boris, I’ll stop down talking Discord. Even if you deserve a little more attention than him. Now let’s see how Canterlot has grown in our absence, shall we?” Boris gave off a small green pulse and I looked around humming. “Lots of marble... not enough steel and gears. Figures.”

I spotted a train station down the street a ways. I looked down at Boris as we neared the locomotive and I sighed. “You know, I bet none of them even know who helped design some of the first of these.”

Boris glowed softly in green agreement. All the work, none of the credit. Stupid Princess.

Twilight’s POV

I was sitting in the library with Rarity drinking some tea when Spike came down the stairs holding a scroll. “Twilight! A letter for you from the Princess!”

I looked over at Spike and smiled as I took the letter. “Thank you Spike.” I unfurled the letter and started reading what was inside.

Twilight Sparkle,

By order of the Princesses, your presence is requested along with the rest of The Elements of Harmony. A chariot will be sent down to your place of residence as soon as possible. You will be informed of the situation upon your arrival.

My face fell as I stared at the letter before looking at Rarity. “Gather the girls. I just got a summons for all of us.” Rarity looked at me for a moment before I gave her the letter to read for herself.

She read over it all and looked up at me when she finished. “I’ll drop Sweetie off at my parents. Then I can quickly head over to Fluttershy’s.” I nodded and started heading for the door.

“I’ll get Pinkie and Rainbow. Either one can get over to Applejack’s faster than I can and tell her. Meet back here as soon as you can.” Rarity nodded and we both ran out of the library.

It didn’t take as long as most ponies seem to think it would. In about half an hour, Pinkie had gotten over to Applejacks and brought her over to the library. Rainbow was on a cloud not too far from where I had found Pinkie, and Fluttershy was planning on visiting Rarity’s today. A few minutes after that, the chariot landed and we all boarded.

Once we all were in the air, Rainbow looked over at me. “So what exactly is going on?”

Applejack nodded in agreement. “Rainbow’s got a point. One minute ah’m harvestin’, the next Pinkie is draggin’ me through town.”

I looked at my friends and frowned. “We’ve been summoned to the castle. Something seems to be happening there, and it requires The Elements of Harmony.” Fluttershy hid behind her mane, and Pinkie got about as serious as we could ask her to. Rainbow and Applejack seemed to accept the answer, but I could tell that they both wanted a little more information. “I’d tell you all more, but that was all there was in the letter.”

Pinkie looked out over the edge of the chariot with a telescope. “Then we’ll just have to hear what the problem is from Princess Celestia!” She smiled that Pinkie Pie grade smile. “I wonder what it could be?”

I looked out of the chariot and saw a battalion’s worth of pegasi guards flying around the castle in a frenzy.

“Something tells me that’s it’s nothing good.”

Author's Note:

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