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Self-Important Ramblings About Yours Truly

Hi, there! I go by Somatic, and I write pony stories. I started watching the show years ago, back in Season One, but it drifted off my radar as I got older. Later on, though, I went through some tough times in my life, and I started watching again. Somehow, pastel-colored ponies gave me a bit of mental stability.

Today, I read the beautiful stories others have written. Hopefully, the stories I make can add a little bit to that beauty.

I also have an Archive of Our Own account. Currently, there's nothing there that's not on here, but it exists.

Have fun, and good luck! and please read, like, and comment on my stories!



And also posted a new chapter of How Spike Kinda Sorta Maybe Married a Changeling. I have not proofread it. There is at least one minor continuity error. But it is online, and I hope you enjoy it.

Till next time,


Hellpiercer Series

Bring Them Back Series

  • Bring Them Back They are all gone, but Twilight prays that they will not be gone forever. by somatic 11,044 words · 1,233 views · 92 likes · 2 dislikes
  • Into the Black Twenty-three years have come and gone since Twilight's disappearance. Wild magic has seized Equestria, but perhaps the newly-returned librarian can set right what went wrong. by somatic 11,895 words · 755 views · 41 likes · 1 dislikes


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>>2311803 This is the greatest face of All Time.

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>>2311777 Well, I like, um... your face! Yeah, it's really... face-y. A primo, grade-A face.

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I like your username.

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>>2229974 Thanks, you're super awesome, too! I mean, less awesome than me of course, but only slightly. Slightly.

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