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I write fluff and sadness.


Princess Twilight Sparkle has sought long and hard for the weapon of which the old tales tell. Hellpiercer, mystical lance and bane of the Wraithworm, has at last fallen into her possession.

She sets out to take it to the great dragon of the Badlands, praying she arrives in time.

An utterly fluffy story.

Part of same 'verse as How to Hug a Five-Hundred-Foot Tall Dragon.

Dramatic reading by Zephyscribe aka Zephysonas found on Equestria Daily!
Recommended by PresentPerfect.

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The feels! The feels!

Great story. I always love future dice where Spike is a dragon-sized dragon. Would love to k i.e. More about his life now that he's to big to fit inside Ponyville.

7243129 I'm working on a sequel to How to Hug, and I have a few more ideas for stories in this world. Frankly, it's just delightful thinking of big dragons and fluffy princesses.

Awwww. So sweet. Nothing like hunting for the perfect gift and knowing you nailed it. :yay:

It initially felt like an entirely different story judging by how you started.

Any fic with a future Spike that doesn't wallow in angst and sadness gets a like from me. That this is brilliantly sweet as well makes me punch that like button with all the more force. Well done.

I kinda wanna know what happened to those two tourists in the first one.

An excellent addition to a proper (If somewhat geeky) hoard! Nice to see Twilight making the Princess gig work for her as well...

7251882 If you mean the tourists in How to Hug a Five-Hundred-Foot Tall Dragon, that story is actually set after Hellpiercer. The chronology goes
1. Hellpiercer
2. How to Hug a Five-Hundred-Foot Tall Dragon
3. How Spike Kinda Sorta Maybe Married a Changeling

To answer your question, the tourists had a lovely vacation and took a selfie with Spike. In fact, their romantic trip around the desert was so delightful, it revitalized their flagging marriage and saved them from divorce! Yippee!

Also available in audio form to those who may be interested:

7271203 Hey, this dramatic reading got onto Equestria Daily! Thanks, Zephyscribe!

7274321 I saw that :3 Very cool!

D'aaaaw... short and sweet! Not much else to say honestly, no random comedy.

Pretty casual conversation there.

"Oh, Twilight, sorry I nearly swallowed you whole just there. How've you been?"

Author Interviewer

Well that was fun. :D I'm surprised it's not tagged comedy, I certainly laughed!

7321367 Yeah, I couldn't figure out how to tag it, given that it starts off all dramatic for a bit. Thanks for the review!

I can't even.

I read the sequel first, but regardless of order, this was adorable. Bravo.

Hahaha, this is wonderful. I dunno why I waited this long to read it. :twilightsmile:

7379159 Glad you liked it! Now go tell all your friends and force them to read it too, so the subliminal messaging I've hidden in the story can talk hold and I can brainwash everyone!

Or, um. Just read the sequel. Yeah, that's fine, too.

7379413 Already queued up, Master. :rainbowlaugh:

As fun as it was, there is a bit of a problem with it. Namely, the genres. You did a fantastic job setting up the bate and switch but because it was labeled "Slice of Life" I already knew that she wouldn't really be fighting a dragon. The story spoiled itself. Now granted, I still didn't know the context of how it what you were describing in the opening until the end, I thought at first they were playing Monsters and Mazes so you did a good job there, but I did know something like that was coming. Other than that I couldn't find anything else I didn't really like about it.

This comment brought to you by the Commince Comments group.

Hi there! I want to say that this was an awesome story!

At first I didn't know what was going on. I liked that because what's the fun if you know what's going to happen? Then as I kept reading and slowly figured it out. I really liked how this story was. My favorite part had to be the end :3

Comment posted by Myrandall deleted Apr 5th, 2017

Hoedown the Barbarian

A (fictional?) ancestor of the Apple Family who preferred bucking monsters to bucking trees? And who possibly invented square dancing?

Okay, that is just adorable. :)

:duck: If you think Twilights gift was good you should ask about mine...
:facehoof: Rarity think of the foals!
:raritystarry: I did, lots of them

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