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Five thousand years have come and gone since Twilight took the crown and became an alicorn. The centuries have not been kind to her; they took away her friends, one by one, till only she is left, an immortal ruling an eternal kingdom.

Now, even her memories are fading, her recollections slipping as she struggles to recall the only happy days in her life, the Pinkie Pie parties that ended too soon, the sound of a certain pegasus's voice.

Twilight Sparkle wants them back. And there is one spirit she thinks might be able to help her.

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This has possibilitys. I look forward to more.

Thanks! I have the whole story plotted out, and I'm planning on posting the next chapter soon.

WOW! It was good, it was very good! You could end this story right now, and it wouldn't be bad. Fluttershy isn't my favourite pony, but Twi is. This fic has everything; I adore the way you made 5-thousands-years-after-the-show Twilight and Discord. It. Is. Awesome. It's full of emotions (I didn't cry though, but it's haaard to make me cry) and dammit, I haven't seen any errors yet! Yet, because I'm sure I will after reading it fifteen more times.

And... AND...

“Twilight, you know I love you, but you’ve got to stop with the dot-dot-dots, it’s breaking the flow. But yes, I mean it.” A long claw brushed Twilight’s disheveled mane out of her eyes. “Let’s do this.”

Is it what I think it is?
I am a TwiCord shipper, you know. I know for sure this isn't like this, loving your friend, yada yada... buuut it's always worth trying, right? You know it's very likely! In this story especially! The only one who can understand her... you should really think about it!

Well, we'll wait for more, have a like.

And, also, I've just noticed the title. Very intersting. "I thought he'd last forever".., some plans for Discord I see? plz no ;_;

Aww, thanks! Feel free to point out any errors if you see them; grammatical perfection is my goal!

Ooh hoo! I like this. I like this a lot. :pinkiehappy:

That Spike scene at the beginning of this chapter? Fantastic. The interaction between Discord and Twilight? I love it.

I can't wait to read more.

Given the amount of power the pair of them have....

I'd say either create a new universe and run it to where Fluttershy exists, find an alternate universe where they exist, instead of doing a time travel spell which they are saying would take too much energy -- instead do this series of spells -- reverse time -- turn to stone -- reverse time -- back to flesh.

Thanks, Chinchillax! The next chapter should be up by tomorrow evening, and I hope you'll like it!

It's kinda funny. Meghan McCarthy pretty much stated that "Twilight will not outlive her friends" but people outright ignore her and continue with this whole "bwu-hu-hu on noes I'm immortal, what I'm gunna do when all of my friends die?"


It's kinda funny. Meghan McCarthy pretty much stated that "Twilight will not outlive her friends" but people outright ignore her and continue with this whole "bwu-hu-hu on noes I'm immortal, what I'm gunna do when all of my friends die?"

The ironic thing about a story like this is, if Twilight succeeds in this effort, then what Meghan McCarthy said actually comes to pass. The other Mane 6 get resurrected, while Twilight loses her immortality....

and then they all die, together....just a little later than planned.:facehoof:

I'm not even sure that Element actually mortal. "Twilight will not outlive her friends" could be interpret in two different ways. A) Twilight mortal and die in roughly the same time as her friends. Or... B) Twilight immortal and Elements also immortal. So she not outlive them because they never going to die.

Discord has a plan. And that's scary. Because he is the epitome of Chaos and in the end after Chaos dies entropy wins. I think Discord is old and tired as well. I think he is willing to sacrifice his life and Twilight's power to draw the girls, or maybe copys of them forward to there time.

You have my attention.

Sorry I just don't think Celestia would forget the mane 6 consider they saved her sister. If anypony she would remember it would be them.

That part wasn't written as well as it could be, I agree. She would probably remember "the first Element of Kindness," but just saying "Fluttershy" wouldn't mean anything to her. To Celestia. Fluttershy is a part of ancient history, not a friend who still occupies her (limited) memory space. There have been more Elements of Kindness after her, more crises to deal with, more heroes to remember, then forget.

Since Celestia has to deal with thousands of nobles and diplomats (and keep track of their names), her memory is much more cramped, leaving little room for five-thousand-year-old ponies, even important ones.

Now how many have a Mane that can be described like that? And I think I may be right. Discord has a solution to Twilight's problem. There just is that pesky law of equivalent exchange to deal with.

She’d seen it before, in the dragons she’d studied. In the moment of death, all their magic ignited in one last inferno.
She’d seen it before, but never with Spike in the center.

Man, this is good. :fluttercry:

With that, Discord stepped into the Restricted Zone. Before long, he heard the clip-clop of hooves and the rustle of a familiar bubblegum mane.
“Um, hello, Discord. Would you like some tea?”

So Discord went against Fluttershy's wishes and kept a copy of her brain/spirit hidden away in his own mind? Heavy stuff.

Wait...did he just destroy his memory of Fluttershy?!
That's not cool.

7218886 He certainly can't remember her name, but... there might be a bit of her left in him.

Sometimes, to save those you love, you must forget them.


Or C) It is outside the scope of the series -- you won't see the main 6 die.

Or D) Someday they are all going to die or sacrifice themselves -- together.

Lose his mind save a friend...

Oh, now that is a sacrifice. He has Mantain ed her home, her grave, her memory for thousands of years and to do what's needed he sacrifices it all. How tragic.

Well done! That was a lot of fun. I especially liked that Discord was only mostly dead.

Fluttershy had been completely against having her own life extended. I kind of want to know her reaction to living again. Would she be angry? If not, Discord should have resurrected her a long time ago. Or maybe Fluttershy would have been angry at Discord for resurrecting her... but because this was a group resurrection instigated by Twilight she's fine with it? Either way, interesting stuff! :twilightsmile:

Definitely needs a sequel of the girls dealing with everything they knew and everyone they knew being gone. Celestia will have to deal with there being one less Alicorn running around, and tiny Discord trying to regain there power. And possibly if you really want to traumatise everyone. Have them all remember there old lives and then actually dying.

7226241 There is going to be a sequel exploring the girls' reactions to being reborn. However, Fluttershy is insanely loving and meek, so even if she wanted to stay dead, she's not going to be mad about it when Twilight is crying.

Discord couldn't have resurrected her earlier because he honestly didn't know how; he needed Twilight's mad skillz to help him perform the spell. He just provided the raw power.

Thanks for the read!

:moustache: There's that irritating little bug again!
:twilightsheepish: It's nothing spike
:raritywink: Spikey dear here's a gem relax you've had a hard day
:pinkiegasp: Thay bug's on my cup cake!
:applejackconfused: Pesky little critter I'll just shoo him outside
:rainbowlaugh: funny It looks like discord
:yay: Oh a bettle , he'll be great food for Miss. crow! thanks gals! crunch!

Hey friends! The sequel, Into the Black, is published now, go check it out!

This is awesome! You're getting a watch for this! :raritystarry:

7236685 Thanks for the watch! And the fave! And for existing, I guess!

(I'm new, please excuse my noobish ways)
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(I only read first chapter by the way; imma keep reading)


-This almost made me cry. By mere text. That barely happens to me.
-Twilight's a little OOC, but who could blame her? Five thousand years alone is harsh. OOC stuff is understandable, and not out of the blue.

-A bit of Lavender Unicorn Syndrome (Not that I'm immune to that)

This is sad! Seriously, the emotion in the words is there. I applaud you.

Enjoy your review! Please help me out by looking at my story, Corrupted Star.

7253441 Thanks! It's late where I am, so I'll get to your story tomorrow!

>upside down
*flips it once*
>still not right
*flips it a second time*
>there we go

7267212 Little-known fact: Discord invented the USB drive.


Holy Celestia..I'm actually crying...also, Celestia wouldn't forget the Mane Six. Certainly not Luna either, especially not her.

7309038 In this story, the alicorns still have a finite memory capacity. They don't want to forget them, they just can't stop it.
Of course, they wrote down everything they could remember before then, but still... Twilight's friends are just another in a long stream of names and heroes to remember.

Luna does have a little better recollection of them, but still, she's known a thousand Fluttershys since then. It's ancient history to her.

Glad you liked the story!

#Commence Comments
I... I honestly liked this story. It's premise is very well done, the scenes with Spike are excellent and the characterization of Discord is one of the more original ones I've seen.
Yes, the premise of "Poor immortal Twilight Sparkle" has been done many times, but this one is done really well.
The only thing I think it misses is a bit more punch for the ending, it sort of goes out with a whimper, not a bang that the set-up implies.

I loved this story. While I enjoy stories with hard-hitting plots like this where the characters are faced with harsh realities, but I love it even more when they find a way to overcome the harsh reality and come out well in the end. My favorite part was probably when we found out Discord still lived.

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