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I write fluff and sadness.


It's been (significantly more than) one week since I looked at (this kind and glorious website) · 6:44am Dec 28th, 2018

I am, as always, a peregrine at best, popping in on rare occasions to a site that feels at once familiar and ever so different.

I am not the person I was before, but I still love this place, and I think I will till hoary hairs my temples adorn. I might write--I'm doodling another idea, and perhaps, if the spirits (vodka, mostly) guide me, I might finish one of the stories I swore to finish before my dying day.

I hope you are all surviving better than I have been.

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Been busy. Gonna try to write some more stuff · 6:52am Nov 19th, 2017

Title. Also, I love you. I love the little sparks of joy you all gave to me, and I love the light you showed me when the world was dark.

It's still dark. Time to try and make it a bit brighter.

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I drew a Ponk · 6:01pm Jul 17th, 2017

I took a bit of a break from writing and learned to art. I am not good at art, but I drew a horse. She likes you.

DeviantArt link

As always, your horse friend


A nice person made a nice review of Bugs in a Blanket · 10:10pm May 29th, 2017

Go stick this video straight in your eyeholes. Absorb the audiovisual energy. Feel the bytes and bits course through your nervous system.


Like Chilean miners emerging from the depths... · 4:45am Apr 5th, 2017

And also posted a new chapter of How Spike Kinda Sorta Maybe Married a Changeling. I have not proofread it. There is at least one minor continuity error. But it is online, and I hope you enjoy it.

Till next time,


Writing Again · 3:13am Jan 10th, 2017

I had an epiphany.

I'm back to working on How Spike Kinda Sorta Maybe Married a Changeling, and I think I've finally figured out where to go from here. I promised I wouldn't abandon any story I start, and by Celestia and all the immortals I will keep that promise.

So far, I've chipped away at the next chapter, and I have the finale mostly done. Just need to do a little more; with luck, you'll have fresh SpikeXChrysalis crackship content in your libraries by the end of this week.

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Sorry · 7:41am Nov 30th, 2016

I'm truly, deeply, sorry I haven't been writing more. Things haven't been going so well for me lately; I feel like I'm rusted old car that's been running on fumes for too long.

I don't want to make promises I can't keep, but I will finish everything I started, even if I have to dictate it from my deathbed. I only hope you'll put up with my abominable delays while I'm at it.

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Go Fill Your Earholes with This Bomb Music · 5:01am Aug 21st, 2016

I'm still working on new chapters of Into the Black, Sledgehammer, and the weird SpikexChrysalis wedding fic with a too-long title.
MORE IMPORTANTLY I found a super-dope musician you should check out; the name's Jeff Burgess & the Bad Mares and they make smokin' qual stuff like this and this and this and it's buxom and beautiful.

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Stupendous Dramatic Reading of Bugs in a Blanket · 3:42am Jul 25th, 2016

The superb Sojourner took the time to read my story, Bugs in a Blanket, into a microphone and do all sorts of audio wizardry to make it sound fantastic. Listen to his mouth noises here!

As a writer, it's super touching to hear your words come to life. Thanks, Sojourner!


I'm Not Dead · 12:54am Jul 20th, 2016

I wrote a story. It's kinda okay.

Sorry about my absence; I had a family situation to take care of. Now that I'm back, I'll get right on to finishing the stories I've let wallow.

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