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I write fluff and sadness.


Chrysalis is miserable. The swarm is scattered, her hopes are dashed by defeat, and her royal rump is freezing off in these mountains.

The only thing that could make this worse is a baby drone who wants a bedtime story.

Part of the Hellpiercer 'verse, but knowledge of that story is not required.

Dramatic reading by Sojourner.
Cover art by LittleDarkDragon.

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Comments ( 35 )

I like your portrayal of Chrysalis. Creative, well written, and heartwarming all the way around. I will have to look into the other stories connected to this one. If they are all like this, I am in for a huge treat.

7407051 See, this usually where I'd say "Thanks, random reader!" but you're already called "Random_User," so... Thanks!

Aaaaa grumpily in-character momma changebug! :heart::rainbowlaugh:

They need blankets and teddy bears. I will be assembling a rescue party, and I'm bringing the hot cocoa!

This is nsfw...I daww'd hard in my office and I think some of my co-workers heard me

Note to Self: Never read bugmom fics at work

7407599 Welp, guess I'll have to tag this one as Mature.

Awwww, Chryssi! I don't really get all sappy cause I AM TOUGH GRRR but this was exceptionally cute.

She's the best grumpy bughorsemom. :pinkiehappy:

That was really heartwarming and I love how you portrayed Chryssie.

This is a really good story displaying the mother characteristics of Queen Chrysalis, even though she is a little grumpy right now.

Funny, yet cute. A winning combination!:scootangel:

I haven't read the book yet but what the heck is that profile picture. THAT FACE!

7409219 That's a photograph of my actual face. My mom says I'm very handsome.

This was a very nice. You kept her like she was in the show but also showed she does have a soft side and can have very adorable moments.

One of the best portrials of Chrysalis I have seen.

... Hahahaha! Imagining someone like Chrysalis reading that sappy stuff is hilarious. Spike really needs to find out about this.
Blackmail material for centuries.

This is really cute.

Chrysalis secretly loves those stories.
Book-tsundere Chryssi is adorable.

not bad have a like :pinkiehappy:

This is just too cute :rainbowkiss:

This was amusing.

You've perfectly captured my favorite interpretation of Chrysalis here: a creature with villainous mannerisms and methods, but who is ultimately doing what she does for the survival her family/subjects.

I really liked this story.

7412857 Thank you! I've always been a defender of Chrysalis; it's not her fault she feeds on love. She just wants hugs... and, you know, world domination.

7412891 I always liked her as a sort of 'villain with good motivations'. I feel like she deserves at least some blame for the particular approach she took and she's by no means nice, but she was trying to solve a real problem and that her end goal was fundamentally ethical.

I think this story captured the balance between the two aspects of her very well.

7412891 Your profile pic goes perfectly with that statement. Now have some stache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache: :moustache:

7413608 Thanks, I'll put the stache in my stache cache (Now, if your avatar were Rainbow, I could have said "I'll put the stache in my stache cache, Dash," but you just had to ruin my pun chain).


But I'm reasonable being of evil and darkness so have some more stache: :moustache::moustache::trollestia::moustache::moustache:

Good Celstia, that was really enjoyable.

I really liked how you portrayed Chrysalis' character, you showed both her motherly side and her queen side.

“What? Hey, no, don’t cry. I’m sure she loves drones, too. Yeah, that’s… that’s in the sequel, I’m sure.” Her hoof lanced out into the crowd and seized her second-in-command, dragging him to her. “Psst. Hey, Asaf. Abduct an author next time and make them write a sequel.” He nodded his head frantically.

Yeah, that sequel has to come, like NOW! Or a cute lil drone will cry.

Once again, great job!

This was cute and funny! :twilightsmile:

Awe, how cute!

Hello there Somatic! I made a reading of your story:

I made sure to link back here to your original story, of course. Thank you for such a cute little story. <3

7421572 Oh, my, I'm so happy! This is fabulous! Thank you for taking the time to make this!

7421761 Glad you like it <3

I wouldnt mind seeing some more bedtimes stories with chrysalis reading them to the hive. ^^ enjoiyed reading this

Author Interviewer

It's so sappy. D: I identified so hard with Chrysalis all the way through. XD

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