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I write fluff and sadness.

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It's been (significantly more than) one week since I looked at (this kind and glorious website) · 6:44am Dec 28th, 2018

I am, as always, a peregrine at best, popping in on rare occasions to a site that feels at once familiar and ever so different.

I am not the person I was before, but I still love this place, and I think I will till hoary hairs my temples adorn. I might write--I'm doodling another idea, and perhaps, if the spirits (vodka, mostly) guide me, I might finish one of the stories I swore to finish before my dying day.

I hope you are all surviving better than I have been.

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Good to hear from you. :twilightsmile: (Though I have to admit, my first mental image of "hoary hairs my temple adorn" was a crumbling jungle ruin covered in various kinds of mold.)

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