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Princess Luna still feels alone, nineteen years after her return to Equestria . But when she finds a friend in an online game, everything seems better. She can be herself without worrying about what others think, and she can finally talk to another pony, even if he never knows who she really is.

Celestia is worried about her sister, especially right now. Upcoming peace talks with a powerful new nation mean that all the Princesses need to be completely ready. With her Luna so absorbed in a fantasy world, she wonders how she'll make it through the harrowing weeks to come.

Button Mash feels like a failure. He's still living at home, he still can't find work that can use his degree from the university, and he still feels alone. His friends are getting married, starting families, and thriving in their careers. On the plus side, he plays games regularly, and his best friend is a mare, even if she doesn't know his name. He hopes that his upcoming vacation to Canterlot might help his mindset.

But, unbeknownst to all of them, a sinister web within a dark plot threatens to ensnare Equestria... And Luna may be the only one able to stop it.

She may face it alone, or maybe she'll have some help from her knight in faded armor...


Cover art credit to yamashta. Link here.

Preread by -TGM- and Goldenwing

Edited by m1ntf4n, PheonixStarr, Wing, and the_Doc, and Swan Song, and Orion Caelum.

Follows canon up to about season 4 or so. I'm not sure when everything went off the rails, but it was originally as true as possible when initially written.

Link to the Discord chat HERE!

Chapters (42)

This story is a sequel to Stardust

Times are changing for Equestria as Twilight’s return brings with it news of people and cultures from beyond the peaceful world everypony knows. Aid and volunteers are freely offered to help the besieged humans of Earth because every Equestrian knows that’s what good friends do. Unfortunately, making friends can also have the unintended consequence of making enemies.

When the monsters besieging the humans strike at Equestria with a level of brutality not seen in over a thousand years, the cry for help is sent to all the kingdoms of the world. Honored allies step forth to fulfill ancient treaties and oaths. Enemies, old and new, bury their grievances. An alliance never before seen in Equestria will be created to combat the monsters from the void.

And because of these events, a grim but welcome sibling to the XCOM project is born.

(XCOM/FiM Crossover)
(Sequel to Stardust, which I recommend reading before starting this. Fortitude Amicitia and Broken aren't required reading but are supplemental to the storyline)
(Gore tag for blood and violence)
(Alternate Universe tag because of the divergence from canon that Stardust has caused)
(Uses elements of Season 4)
(Coverart produced by the amazing Carnelian!)
(Many thanks to Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Vandenbz and Setokaiva for prereading!)
(As of 03/07/2016, the prereading team consists of Arzoo, BradTheBrony, Noble Cause and Metallusionsismagic!)
(Complete with it's own TVTropes page as part of the Stardust continuity. Could use some updating!)
(Character tags will be added as chapters are added!)
(Featured 5/12/2014! Thanks folks!)
(Possible spoilers in the comments! BEWARE!)

Chapters (44)

I used to be a human, but then I pissed off a wizard. Now I'm stuck in "Ponyville", in a land called "Equestria", and with no apparent way back home. I'm also pretty sure that I've just replaced somepony. I'd rather not have to answer any tricky questions, so I'm better off trying to be this unicorn whose name has been forced onto me.

My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I'm not a pony.

[Rated Teen for extensive use of vulgar language and sexual references.]

[Cover art made by richhap on deviant art. Unamused Twilight, go figure.]

[Brybrythesciguy is working on a cool audiobook of this story right HERE. The characters' voices are even simulated with an AI! I definitely recommend giving it a listen!]

Chapters (50)

There are consequences to every action, but we can't always predict what they will be. I stay up at night wondering what I could have done differently, but I've already paid the price for my actions. All I can do now is deal with the consequences, and I've got several great friends to help me do it.

Edited by: Neko Majin C, 314, Kleora, Dash The Stampede

Chapters (11)

During his revenge against the Animal Shelter, Dan decided to stop at Burger Phile for a milkshake, a plain burger and a small soda. Then he ends up meeting with a pink haired girl that will change his life.
Cover Image provided by FlamesofBlades with the original art of Technaro. Please visit her DA gallery, It is awesome.

Chapters (16)

Isolated from her friends and taken prisoner in the middle of a war, Twilight must deal with the very real dangers of being percieved as an enemy as well as the nightmares of her arrival on 'Earth'. Can she overcome her own fears and the fears of her captors? Will the wayward unicorn's assistance be a boon or a curse to the 'humans?' Most importantly, will she ever find her way home?

"In short, it's a story of friendship and plasma rifles, with the emphasis on the friendship. The characters are well written, the XCOM setting is fleshed out very well, and the story is compelling. If you love XCOM, you'll love the story, but even if you've never heard of it, it's more than worth giving the first 3 chapters a read.

There's excellent action later on, but the real strength lies in the collision between the friendly and naive world of Twilight Sparkle and the desperate world of humans fighting a losing war for survival and willing to do anything to turn the tide."


(XCOM/FiM crossover)
(Cover art commissioned by a friend and created by the magnificent FoxInShadow!)
(Original cover art by the amazing Carnelian can be viewed here!)
(Gore tag for blood and some violence)
(Many thanks to the studius OminousTen, Arzoo, xXFluttershyForeverXx and finally Setokaiva for giving my rambles a once-over)
(Now with it's own TV Tropes page! Get to tropin' folks!)

Chapters (36)

This story is a sequel to Scotchtavia

After a heavy night of drinking, most of which she can’t remember, Octavia awakens to a monstrous hangover. But even this isn’t enough to distract her from the obvious fact that Vinyl is acting… different. Kinder, sweeter, and much more considerate. Something happened last night, something that has clearly had a huge effect on Vinyl. But what could it possibly be?

Cover art courtesy of iJab on DeviantArt.

Reading by Astro Brony

UPDATE 09/09/2023: Edited story to fit better with my current writing standard. Original unedited story here!

Chapters (1)

Newly-together couple Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have just spent the night out on the town. Vinyl blasted their favourite nightclub with major wubbage while Octavia discovered a new drink at the bar. Now Vinyl has to escort home a marefriend more drunk than she's ever been, and in her intoxicated state, Octavia says just a little bit too much.

Cover art courtesy of KristySK on DeviantArt.

Reading by ObabScribbler and TheLostNarrator
Reading by Astro Brony

UPDATE 09/09/2023: Edited story to fit better with my current writing standard. Original unedited story here!

Chapters (1)

Bass Flare, better known as DJ-N30N to the fine ponies of Manehattan, has everything a pony like her could want. Fame, fortune, and music!

But it only takes one person to make even the most confident pony doubt everything they know.

Especially when you're hiding a secret as large as Bass Flare's...

Artwork by Kyth

Chapters (1)

Rainbow Dash is tired after the competition at Rainbow Falls, and decides to take a nap.

Ditzy Doo is left temporarily jobless after her vouch to become RD's replacement leads to the Cloudsdale Mail Service to become flooded with fan-mail.

What do these two events have in common? Motor boating, of course!

Now with a YouTube reading! :pinkiehappy:

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