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This story is a sequel to Cheating Death

Equestria is a land filled with many amazing myths, legends, ponies, creatures, and monsters. But what happens when something new is thrown into the mix?

After the events of 'Cheating Death', Felix awakes to find he had survived his excursion into Equestria. Now a much different man then when he first set out, Felix decides to go and explore the Equestrian countryside. Change isn't the only thing that followed Felix though, as Death, or Harvey Stir in this universe, has been made his guardian until the ramifications of his actions can be fully calculated by the celestial bureaucracy. Harvey Stir keeps a close eye on him, hoping that Felix won't cause any major problems.

Such as, being involved in a bank robbery, starting random musical numbers, getting captured by a murderous cult, setting fire to a nest of changelings, or inadvertently releasing a dark god of destruction from ages long past...

...Not that any of that would happen... right?

Special thanks to: Hortense, Wazaga, Fantoche the 13th, Sallythemanatee, munomana, and Alamais.

Chapters (2)

After the Straw Hat's battle against Admiral Kizaru and Bartholomew Kuma, Kuma realized he made a large mistake. Instead of "pushing" the Straw Hats to their designated location as he planned, he managed to send them to a completely different world. A world known as Equestria, where the World Government recently made contact with and kept hidden to the public. The World Government had plans with this world full of colorful ponies, however that is until Luffy and his crew begin to wreak havoc all over Equestria.

How will the Straw Hats, who are now ponies, come to adapt to this new life...?

Authors Note:
This is based off of the anime, One Piece, and this story begins during episode 408. It might be confusing if you haven't watched the anime, and of course, I recommend that you people go watch it! It's an amazing show! Anyways this is my very first fan-fic and something I've been planning on writing for awhile now, so please give me some constructive criticism! One Piece was a huge inspiration for me before My Little Pony, so I thought how about we do a little crossover on this...? Anyways, One Piece and MLP? That's going to be one hell of a challenge.

Chapters (5)

When Spike is rescued by a mare wearing the Mysterious Mare Do Well costume, he is smitten in love with her.

Meanwhile, the Mane Six learn that the Mysterious Mare Do Well costume was stolen. Who is the mare that has stolen both the costume and Spike's heart?

Chapters (4)

The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it? Will the arrival of this strange creature tear Equestria apart?

TV Tropes

Chapters (21)

This is the first book of The Humanity Within Trilogy. Its sequel is What I've Done.

I wasn't always like this, a monster, running through the woods on an alien planet. I was once a man. I had dreams, a girlfriend, and a great job.
Then They came. In the middle of the night, They scooped me from my home, and... changed me.

Now I'm a beast, a demon the like of which the world I've become stranded on has never seen before, scraping by on the fringes of society, hiding from the natives, and doing my best to avoid notice.

After all, who could ever be friends with a monster?

Cover Image done by the very talented PaintSplotch! You can find his FimFic account here.
And here is his DeviantArt Account!
Now 100% approved by Twilight's Library!
Mad props to my prereaders:
Admiral Applejack.

Chapters (15)

Princess Twilight Sparkle has been busy, what with dealing with supposedly reformed draconequui, restoring the ancient castle in the Everfree Forest, and making time helping the Cutie Mark Crusaders learn new skills. So when she finally gets a chance to relax, she decides to engage in her favorite pastime.


Which would be a lot easier if Rainbow Dash didn't keep showing up and sitting on her. Or near her. And now she's so busy trying to figure out what her friend is up to, that she's losing out on precious reading time!

Will Twilight ever get to finish her book? Is Rainbow Dash pulling off the most elaborate prank in Ponyville history? Will there be a surprise guest appearance by David Pownie? Regrettably the answer to the last question is no, but find out the in the thrilling story: An Inconvenient Dash!

I saw the image used for the cover art and this story just kinda creeped into my head, and refused to leave. But hey, more Twidash is always a good thing right?

The image for the cover art belongs to Strange Danger, at least according to the watermark and derpibooru tag.

New Patch 1.2
Harmony numbers have been increased 20% across all classes.
Grammar corrections provided by the wonderful Applejack-fan.
Twicon Panic Levels have been fixed to be brought in line with current Defcon numbers.
Bug fixes for the Dragonshy raid have been deployed.
New World Event: Discord's Disco Disaster- Discord is up to his old tricks, turning Ponyville and all its inhabitants into 70's disco versions of themselves. Boogie down with your favorite mare or stallion, compete in special dance themed quests, and earn the special seasonal item -Bell-bottom Bogey Pants +5-!

Chapters (1)

Comet takes his job too seriously. Angel doesn't take anything seriously.

Comet joined to protect kingdom and princess(es). Angel joined for adventure and danger.

Comet isn't interested in mares. Angel can't stop talking about stallions.

Comet is a pegasus. Angel is a bat pony.

Together, this unlikely duo goes through life as Royal Guards from basic training to fully fledged guardsponies. Who knows? Maybe they'll even start to get along.

Cover art by slawomiro.

Chapters (30)

Every morning Spitfire had a routine. Get little sleep, barely eat, and listen to everything your managers tell you. But she began to realize this isn't right, being thrown around like a toy. She did love her fans, but was the subjugated life of her's worth it? Sick and tired, Spitfire is on the verge of giving up. But once she makes a wish, she is encountered by a strange stallion. Who changes her life and creates the perfect getaway.

~Opinions please?

Chapters (9)

A young man named Dave, while writing a personal journal about his perceptions of liking the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic", is unexpectedly whisked away into the land of Equestria, where his memories about the world even being part of a show are erased, leaving him lost in an unfamiliar land. Luckily, help comes to him in the form of a pony named Pinkie Pie, who immediately dubs him her new friend, and introduces him to life in Equestria...

Cover art done by Redback Spino

Editing: Firebirdbtops

Chapters (135)

Chris and Keon are two zoology majors that get separated from their class after following what Chris believed to be an undiscovered species of bird, during a trip into the Amazon rainforest.

Finding themselves stuck in a pit, they discover an ancient ruin adorned with murals and statues of what they believed to be ponies. They soon realize that the bird in question was the orchestrator of their fate, as they’re brought to what they are certain is their deaths.

Waking up, they are not only separated from each other, but in a new land entirely. Will they take this opportunity to learn about creatures only ever seen in legend, or will they be too busy being studied themselves?

Rated teen for sexual themes, crude humor, mild drug use.
(Edited by DF)

Chapters (21)