• Published 8th Aug 2015
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Love's Mysterious Mare - Autistic Writer

Spike falls in love with a mare in the Mysterious Mare Do Well costume. However, who is this mare?

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The Kiss

Chapter 1: The Kiss

The dragon known as Spike was tensely cleaning up the shelves of the library. He was trying to focus on his cleaning when he spotted a romance book almost falling to the ground. He quickly grabs the book, but felt his sense of balance was being thrown off by how he leaned on the ladder. He was close to falling down from such a large height.

He puts the book back into the shelf, but manages to lose his balance on the ladder and almost falls to the ground. However, his fall was stopped by a soft pillow. He had seen that the pillow showed up out of nowhere.

However, he saw Twilight coming downstairs. All of her friends, minus Rarity were present upstairs in her room discussing how their day has been. Spike was glad Rarity had an appointment and couldn’t make it. He wouldn’t have the guts to face Rarity after all that he has been through.

He had tried to reveal his feelings for her, but she had given him quite the rejection. He should have seen it coming. She had stopped him from speaking from his heart before revealing that she didn't feel the same way. He should have guessed from the way she covered his mouth with her hoof. She would have taken that moment as the heat of the moment however, the second time he tried to ask, he wanted her honest opinion. She gave it and he didn’t like it. His mind riddled with one question.

Why doesn’t she like me?

Am I really that bad?

“Hi Spike, have you finished dusting the books. You know how I don’t leave….” Twilight asked

“…any book undusted. I understand,” Spike finished her statement with a bored expression “You are running out of quills and I am off to get you some more.”

“Oh, umm okay. Be sure to hurry back and be careful.” Twilight smiled trying to lift the dragon’s spirits.

Spike went out the door seeing Pinkie, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy coming downstairs. He also didn’t have the guts to be laughed at or try to be comforted by his other friends. Twilight looks out the window feeling sorry for Spike’s broken heart. Her friends looked to one another wondering what to add on the situation.

“Is the little guy still moping about Rarity?” Rainbow Dash crosses her hooves

“Yea, I don’t think anything I try to tell him is working.” Twilight sighed in a depressed tone.

“It’s ok, Twilight.” Applejack said with reassurance. “I'm no love expert but, it’s going to take time for him to get over it. After all, Rarity is his first crush.”

“Thanks Applejack. Sometimes I get worried about him.” Twilight looked out the window looking over Spike.

Spike was walking throughout Ponyville trying to find the quill shop. He attempted to ask a few ponies where he could find one.

“Excuse me do you know….”Spike asked

“Why sure I…..” the grey earth pony looked down and freaked “Ummm I mean I don’t know anything. I have to go”

The earth pony zoomed away as quick as a flash. This happened with every pony he came across. The unicorns used their magic to teleport away from him. The Pegasus flew away and out of sight. Even Spike got several looks of fear and disgust from several ponies that were passing by.

“Why he is still in Ponyville?”

“What’s to stop him from rampaging over Ponyville again?”

“I lost everything I owned because of that thing.”

“We should move away from Ponyville, it’s not safe being in the same town as that rampaging monster.”

“He is such a freak.”

“Ewwwww, keep it away from us.”

Spike approached a colt that had a small wagon with a foal in it. “Awwww, hi little guy, what’s your name?”

The father of the small foal freaked as soon as he saw Spike approaching his son. The colt magically pulled the wagon close to him. “Please don’t eat my son. He’s the only foal me and my wife have.”

“But, I was just….” Spike approached them

“Pleases take some bits” The frighten colt threw a bag of bits near Spike “Just keep away from us. We mean you no harm.”

Spike saw how frightened everypony was. He growled in a low anger that made some of the ponies flee in territory. “I JUST WANT TO FINE A QUILL SHOP.”

Spike calmed down as he stared at himself in the puddle seeing how his anger frightened everypony. He didn’t bother noticing a griffin heading towards him.

“You were looking for a quill shop, dear boy?” The griffin offered his claw to the baby dragon.

“Yea” Spike felt confused as he stared at the creature.

“Come with me and the name’s Harvey” The griffin smiled hoping Spike would come with him.

“Spike’s my name.” He quickly offered his hand up and jumped on the griffin’s back to go to the quill shop.

Spike didn’t realize that he was being watched by a mare that felt bad for Spike’s treatment by the town. Ever since he turned into a rampaging monster that attacked Ponyville, everypony has treated Spike as if he was a monster. Spike was mistreated, insulted and teased.

Spike wasn’t alone in this way. The mare saw everypony getting robbed, assaulted, or cheated. Nopony should ever be treated that way. Somepony needed to do something about it.

It wouldn't be just the mane six's job anymore. It was time for a new hero to shine.

Harvey the Griffon opened the door to his quill shop offering Spike to come on inside. “I got just what you need. You are in luck that a new shipment of quills came in this morning.”

Spike tried to chuckle with the griffin, but it only showed the pain he was going through. Getting rejected from Rarity and the town wasn’t doing him any good. His heart was still in pain, and only knew that trust and time was the key of making him happy again.

Spike turns to see Harvey putting a can of quills on the counter. Spike slowly approached the counter.

“Would you like some ink to go with it?” Harvey hoped his friendly demeanor would get Spike to cheer up about his problems.

“Sure,” Spike nods as he looks around. He knew that Twilight had some ink, but it was always good to have more lying around.

Harvey went into the back to grab some ink. When he came back, he puts the ink down. Spike grabbed a bag of bits to pay Harvey the price of the ink and quills.

“It’s okay Spike it’s free of charge.” Harvey pushes the bits to Spike.

“What do you mean?” Spike felt confused about Harvey not accepting the bits. He felt that the griffon was just like the town and shunned him.

“Well, earlier today a mysterious mare gave me a bag of bits telling me it was for Twilight Sparkle's special assistant, who was a purple dragon with green spikes. Something about quill’s and ink. She also told me to give you this?”

Harvey dropped a small bag of gems, jewels, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. This made the dragon’s mouth drool with excitement. He then saw a letter in which he opened.

Dear Spike,

I heard about your recent love problems and I am truly sorry you had to go through such heartbreak. Despite the fact that you may not know me, It is impossible for me to describe in this letter about how I feel about you. I have paid for the items on Twilight’s list in hopes that you day becomes much easier. I have admired you for a while now and I really think you are really cute. This will be the best I can do for the moment. I hope this gift will make you see that there is a mare that cares about you a lot. Don’t listen to what these ponies have to say about you. You are perfect as you are. I just hope one day I can gain the courage to open my heart to you and tell you how I feel.

It was too dark to read who the sender was, but he was glad to receive such a gift. Spike walked out of the store with the three items, not knowing that the mare that gave him that gift was watching him and smiles. She knew what she had to do. She ran off to exact her plan into motion.

Spike gave Twilight her quills and ink as he went outside in an area to eat his gems in peace. Each of the gems was very tasty. He could tell whoever this mare was put a lot of soul into cleaning each gem. Spike felt bad that he didn’t know who the mare was or why she even did it.

“I guess I will thank that pony later.” He grinned as he hears the latest gossip the ponies have been saying.

“Have you heard? The Mare-Do-Well is back in town.”

“I know I heard she saved some mares from a terrible dragon.”

“I heard the Mare-Do-Well gave orphans new books for them to read.”

“I heard the Mare-Do-Well is faster than any Pegasus.”

“I also heard she is a high leveled magicial unicorn.”

“Well, I heard she is so super strong that she puts any male Earth Pony to shame.”

Spike kept hearing different stories of what the Mare-Do-Well has been doing, yet he felt this was odd since Twilight and the others destroyed the costume of the Mare-Do-Well for good.

Spike only shrugged as he tosses a gem in the air for him to catch it in his mouth to consume.

Spike woke up feeling the ground was soft due to him laying on it. He yawned and stretched his body and looked at the sun. It was nearly setting which he realized how long he had been sleeping near the tree.

“Oh no, if Twilight sees that I am not back by nightfall, then she would totally kill me.” This made the dragon race to the library hoping Twilight doesn’t turn him into a rug mat for being so late.

Spike heard footsteps. He looks at his bag of gems seeing that he still had gems in the bag. He could tell that the foot steps weren’t going away. This lead to only one conclusion; he was being followed by somepony or something. He tried to hide in an alley.

However, the beasts knew where Spike was and cornered him. Spike never felt so scared in all of his life. He blew a puff of smoke and the small bit of fire revealed his chasers were the Diamond Dogs.

“Give us that bag.” One of them growled

“NO.” Spike tried to run away but the large member of the group slammed him against the wall

“I suggest you give us that bag now.” It told Spike

“Make me.” Spike roared and glared as he held the bag close to him. He was going to protect that bag to the end of his life. He felt that would come at the very moment.

The Diamond Dogs intended to make things difficult for the dragon as they drew closer to him. Spike covered his eyes knowing the pain of denying the Diamond Dogs of what they wanted had disastrous consequences.

Spike prepared for the worst. He didn’t realize that the mysterious Mare-Do-Well stood behind the group.

“You leave him alone this instant.” The Mare-Do-Well demanded

“Oh, and what will you do if we don’t, pretty mare.” the smaller Diamond Dog said with a grin.

Those words made things worse for the Diamond Dogs. Spike was quickly dropped as he still had his eyes covered and only heard the sounds of the Diamond Dog’s pain. An exchange of blows was tossed, but due to the mare’s speed and strength. It didn’t take long for the Diamond Dogs to run away crying due to the fact that a pony kicked their butts.

“Hello young citizen, the foes have been stopped.” The Mare-Do-Well said “I am glad you liked my gift.”

“Well, I know that all things considered I want to thank…….You were the mare that gave me these this morning.” Spike was shocked “Okay, it’s time to stop playing Twilight. I know it’s you under there.”

The Mare-Do-Well laughed. “I don’t think so.”

The disguised mare pats Spike on the head.

“Wait, then you have to be Pinkie Pie? Rarity? Fluttershy? Applejack? Wait a minute Rainbow Dash” Spike tried guess after guess.

“None of those, I am afraid.” The Mare-Do-Well said

Spike raise a brow feeling confused.

“I wish I could spend more time with you Spike, but the good citizens of Ponyville need my help. I know i don't have a lot of time, but i want to show you how much i love you.” The Mare-Do-Well pulled her mask particularly to reveal her mouth. She pinned the dragon to the wall and without any hesitation or fear the mare kissed Spike right on his lips.

Spike wasn’t sure what to take of the situation. He knew his heart was still picking up the pieces from Rarity’s words of rejection, yet the comfort of this mare’s lips was slowly making his thoughts of Rarity disappear. The taste of the heroine’s lips was something he never felt before. It was warmth mixed with a slice of hope. What did this all mean? The kiss sadly ended when the mare pulled back. She pulled down her mask to cover her mouth once more.

“I hope one day that I can tell you I love you without wearing this mask. So long, my love.” The Mare Do Well said before she leaped from roof top to roof top leaving Spike with more questions than answers.

That couldn’t be Twilight or any of their friends. If it was, then why did she kiss him? He only had one question in mine: Who was this mare?

“Rarity, let’s make this quick since I have to get home before Spike notices I am gone.” Twilight said as she watched Rarity calming herself down after the scream that summoned the others to the fashionista.

“Well, I was going to check on the Mare Do Well costumes as I had the perfect idea for a fashion line I wanted to try out.” Rarity took deep breaths to calm herself down.

“Wait, I thought you got rid of those silly outfits after Rainbow Dash’s hero incident.” Applejack said while looking over to the cyan pegasus, “No offense?”

“None taken and get to the point Rare.” Rainbow Dash would have yelled at Applejack for mentioning the incident that happened a few months back, but a tired yawn escaped her mouth.

“Of course, Rainbow Dash. I decided to keep them as I couldn’t resist burning such unique outfits. Anyways, I kept them in this vault.” Rarity said unlocked the vault that was under her house.

“Wow, we could have a whole town party in here.” Pinkie said with great excitement zooming passed her friends when Rarity opened the door to the vault.

“My surprise came when I opened the vault to fine the costumes each of us wore was missing”. Rarity almost fell down to the floor, but Applejack caught her in time.

“Oh my, this is bad?” Fluttershy felt afraid that somepony would steal the outfits for his or her own personal gain.

“Yea, I totally mean that this mare is obviously causing trouble as the Mare-Do-Well.” Pinkie Pie smiled “Well, except for the fact that this mare seems to be doing some good for Ponyville.”

“No Pinkie, we can’t have anypony running around town thinking they can be heroes.” Twilight closed her ideas to view the situation. She suddenly realized Rainbow Dash was in earshot of her “No offense,”

Rainbow Dash knew this wasn’t going to end “None taken,”

“Well, I think I would agree with Twilight on this one. What if some mare or colt gets hurt? We need to apprehend this mare at once.” Applejack said proudly and raises her hoof in the air

“OH Yea, operation Take this Mare down is a go.” Rainbow Dash smiled raising her hoof in the air.

“We need to make sure this mare knows that her act may seem noble, but somepony could get hurt trying to do this alone.” Rarity put her hoof in the air.

“Well, this would be a great chance to try out some new spells.” Twilight smiled while raising her hoof in the air.

“Well, maybe we can have a ‘you got busted party’,” Pinkie laughed as her hoof was the next one in the air.

“Well, if everypony is in agreement, then…ummm I guess I will go along.” Fluttershy put her hoof in the air.

The six friends collected their hooves together before they declaration of finding the mysterious mare.

Author's Note:

I don't own the rights to to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

So, what do you think? I forgot to mention this takes place after "Mysterious Mare Do Well" and "Secrets of My Excess".

I wonder who this mysterious mare could be. Well, you will find out more when I decide to upload the second chapter.

So, until then, see you later.