• Published 8th Aug 2015
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Love's Mysterious Mare - Autistic Writer

Spike falls in love with a mare in the Mysterious Mare Do Well costume. However, who is this mare?

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Twilight and Spike made their way into the library. Twilight had used a levitation spell on Spike to prevent him from running away from her. She knew that they had a lot to discuss and he didn't want to speak to her. Twilight had to use her authority over him.

“I want to know what just happened in that alley,” Twilight sat down on a stool. Spike could have left, but Twilight made him park his rear on a stool. She wanted answers from him.

“Well, I saw the thief was tied up, the Mare was the one who stopped him. She then made a quick escape before you guys showed up.” Spike sat on the stool with his arms crossed. He had no intentions of telling Twilight anything else about the Mare.

Twilight could tell Spike was hiding something from her “What did she tell you?”

“What do you mean? She just patted my head for being a good friend and left.”

“Spike, I know when you are holding something back from me. So, i would suggest you don't lie to me.” Twilight said with such adversity in her voice. She could tell that Spike was only telling her half of the truth. This mare was obviously dangerous. She could be toying with Spike's emotions just like Rarity.

“So, what if I am? Is it a crime to be in love with a mysterious mare that does nothing but think of others and help them?” Spike jumped from the chair. "All she has ever done is save Ponyville. I don't see how dangerous she is."

“Spike, that could be a ruse. She could be saving Ponyville one minute and a threat to Equestria the next.” Twilight stomped her hoof. "You don't know what she could be capable of,"

"And you do?" Spike raised his voice. He covered his mouth as soon as he spoke. He didn't mean to raise his voice towards his mother figure, but she kept on making wild accusations about the Mare. Spike could tell through from the two encountered he had with the Mare, that she wasn't a villain. Yet, even he wasn't sure if she was good or bad. He soon turned to see that Twilight was angry that Spike raised his voice to her.

"Don't raise your voice to me." Twilight told him.

"Why do you hate this mare so much?" Spike was suspecting something was amiss with Twilight's wild accusations. "Are you mad that she is helping Ponyville more than you, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash?"

Twilight glared at the dragon. He struck a nerve with his last statement. Twilight horn glowed as she stepped towards him.

"Spike, don't you see? She isn't trying to be your friend. She is only using you. She just feels sorry for you." Twilight tried to make him see the light of the situation, but the unicorn saw that the dragon wasn't buying it.

“Twilight, you weren’t there. She kissed me on the lips. I know how she feels about me. I know she feels something more than friendship. She is different. She isn't the villain that you and every pony make her out to be. The Mare just wants to help the world. Why can't you see that?” Spike felt that Twilight was being too stubborn about this whole situation.

“Spike……just listen to what I have to say,” Twilight begged, “I know you may think its love, but what if this Mare turns out to be a villain. What if she was only using you to lower your guard? I don't want anypony hurting you?”

Spike looks at Twilight and sighed “Apart of me wants to believe you. That part of me thinks that she might have ulterior motives, but every fiber of my being thinks that she is trying to help. You have seen what Ponyville is becoming. There is one day that you six won't be here to defend Ponyville. Who will be our protector then? Arrggghhhh, you're not going to listen to me. Then, i will find somepony who will listen."

The dragon jumped from his stool and pounded the ground towards the door. He heard Twilight's voice shouted just as he turned the knob. “Wait, I am not done talking with you.”

“Well, I am” He roared as he opened the door. Twilight tried to focus her magic to bring him back, but he slammed the door, breaking her concentration.

Spike walked past Pinkie, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash. The five mares were about to go to Twilight's house, when they saw the dragon walking past them. The five mares saw how angry Spike was. Rarity was worried about Spike's anger. She was about to run after him, but she was stopped by Applejack. "Let him cool down. You aren't exactly the best mare that he would want to talk to right now."

"Why not?" Rarity shouted. It took a moment for Rarity to realize that exact reason.

"Let's go and see Twilight." Rainbow Dash ordered as every pony raced towards the library.

Twilight stared at herself in the mirror. She was still angry with Spike over their argument. The more she felt enraged by Spike, the greater her angry was towards the Mare. How could Spike be on the Mare's side? He doesn't even know anything about her.

"Maybe there is something we're not seeing," Applejack said.

"Yeah, we haven't been able to see the Mare at all. I am the fastest flier in all of Ponyville and she is able to evade me." Rainbow Dash feeling a hint of frustration.

"My animals can't track her scent. Apparently, she uses some kind of powder that throws off their smell. I could talk to Zecora about the powder." Fluttershy spoke softly, yet everypony understood her.

"Arrggghhhh, this is getting us nowhere." Twilight lifted her head and hit it on the table.

The five mares looked among themselves. Rarity stepped forward. "Twilight, if i may be so bold. I honestly feel the Mare is doing some good in Ponyville."

Twilight lifted her head to turn towards Rarity as if she was talking crazy.

"Why are we after this mare? She hasn't done anything wrong." Rarity rubbed her hooves.

"Why are you saying that..." Twilight was about to yell at Rarity, until she noticed the others rubbing their hooves. "Wait, why are you girls rubbing your hooves like that?"

"Truth to tell you, Twil. The Mare has been doing some good in our lives." Applejack sighed as she began to tell the story.

"A pack of Timberwolves were going to attack Fluttershy, but the Mare intervened and drove off those beasts. Rarity's favorite fabric was torn to shreds and the Mare gave Rarity an extra supply. Pinkie Pie panicked when she didn't have enough cupcakes for a party. It turns out the Mare had saved the day to reveal that she made extra." Applejack went on and on about how the Mare was improving lives in Ponyville. Twilight couldn't believe her ears.

"No, that's not true. She is just trying to gain every pony's trust. I am not standing for it. There has to be a reason behind her good deeds." Twilight panicked.

"Twilight," Fluttershy put her hoof on the lavender unicorn. "You need to calm down. I am not sure if the Mare is good or bad. But, we won't let our guard down. If the Mare does have malicious intentions to hurt anypony, we will be there to stop her."

Twilight turned to Fluttershy. Twilight's eyes then turned to each and every pony that was in the library. She sensed that they were worried about her. It was true that they were hunting the Mare, but all of her actions have been stopping criminals, and helping the good folks of Ponyville. Twilight felt she was doing a better job then they were. Twilight thought for a moment.

For now, i guess i will trust this mare. But, that doesn't mean she should hide in the shadows.

The Mare walked over to a large rock. She lifted her hoof and put it near the large boulder. Suddenly, the boulder started to move to the side. The Mare put her hoof down and made her way through the path that the boulder was concealing. Through the flight of stairs, The Mare was making her way towards her base. It was the only place she could be living at, since she didn't want to live in Ponyville.

Ponyville wasn't a bad place to live, but she didn't belong given the way that she is. If everypony found out who she was, their wrath wasn't the only thing she needed to worry about.

The Mare smiled with relief upon inspecting the base as she left it. She walked over towards a closet where she started to take off her costume. She brushed her mane as soon as her mask and hat were off. It was a hot day and she had been sweating inside the costume as if she was in an oven. Luckily, her base was at a relaxing temperature. Once her costume was tossed in a bin, she put the next costume forward and reserved it for tomorrow.

"Another day, another call to be a hero," The Mare smiled before closing the door to the closet.

She walked over towards several vitals containing small liquids. She made sure to store the vitals in the freezer as she didn't want them getting cold. However, she pulled out three vitals and put them on the table.

She walked over to an area that had a bed, a nightstand, a bookshelf with a thousand books and various devices that belong to her alter-ego. She sat on her bed and took out a notebook and levitated a quill to write down her thoughts.

"Sorry, i haven't been writing down my thoughts. I guess I have been saving Ponyville as the Mare. A lot of things have changed. The village i love is now suffering through poverty. I see so much sickness, sadness and pain in the eyes of the ponies. I go into town and see their smiles, knowing full well that they are breaking down on the inside. I know the Bearers of the Elements try to do a good job, but i feel they are not enough. They haven't even noticed what is going on around them."

The Mare sighed before writing once more.

"I got to see him again. I got to see Spike. That cute and adorable dragon that i love so much. I know hiding who i am from him isn't right, but it's for his own good. He won't feel the same way about me if he knew who i really am. But, i just need to be patience. Someday, Spike will understand all that i am trying to accomplish. He is so much more than a pupil. He is so much more than a dragon. He means so much more to Ponyville, yet he is treated like a monster. He isn't a monster."

The Mare felt angry about what she was writing.

"Spike means the world to me, yet everypony treats him as if he was a virus. They need to see him like the way that i see him. The dragon that i know that he is. I just know that they will see that he didn't mean it. He just lost control."

The Mare stopped writing in her quill. The magic would run out soon. She put her quill down and smiled. She walked over to a picture of Spike. The picture was burn, but it contained one character in the photo. The Mare smiled and started to sob as she looked at the dragon in the picture. She held it very close to her and smiled.

"I love you, Spike. I will make them see you are not a monster."

"You are so much more than that and i will make them see..."

Author's Note:

I don't own the rights to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is owned by Hasbro.

Wow, what a chapter. I know the argument doesn't have that much arguing in it, but i felt like calling it that.

I felt that Twilight and her friend's search for the Mare would stop at this point. Don't worry, this won't be the last time they try to hunt for the mare. They will be hunting her, but not trying to expose her or put her to justice. Maybe they just want to talk.

I felt that everyone should know a bit about the Mare. I felt the mare should have a cave since the Mysterious Mare Do Well is kind of based on Batman....I think.

I feel that the Mare is trying to do good for Ponyville. She is also having such a crush on Spike as well. I am sure you will like her or hate her. I can't reveal who she is yet. That is a surprise. Also, can't tell you what kind of pony she is. She is a pony, but what kind of pony is yet to be revealed.

Tell me your thoughts on this chapter and what you think will happen next? Who do you think the Mare is?

Until then, see you later.