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Twilight Sparkle finds herself waking up in a small space pod with a new body. There is only 4 years old. With no memories other than her name and the knowledge of science she has gained over the years, She is alone and confused as her pod crashes down to the nearest planet, where she meets a kind woman whose name is Vomi, who takes Twilight in as her own. But is Twilight truly alone in this new universe? Or is there an old friend here who can try and help her recall her old life?

A small warning: this story is written by a guy who has never learned to write by school, for they believe I was never going to use it, and English is my second language. So I might be a bit bad.

Else a big thank you to Blackdrag-rose, for talking me into trying to write a story.

Chapters (10)

If called upon by a ritual -
most demonic beings follow the call.
And on the other side of the magic stands -
a human being, in a trance.
Their wish will be heard and fulfilled for a price -
in exchange for a soul, demons play nice.

When a desperate person calls out into the void - what happens when the void stares back?
Lily Potter is a strong woman, but in the face of almost certain death, even someone like her can come to the conclusion to fight fire with fire, and call upon a demon to fight the inhuman Dark Lord tearing down her home.

Once called, Nightmare takes on Harry as her child... this doesn't bode well for the sanity of everyone else involved, especially once she finds a very special letter addressed at herself years later.

The Nightmare in this story is a (far) future version of the Nightmare found in my other story.
The 'Sex' tag is for roughly two sentences implying it in a chapter near the middle (hence this story's rating).
The 'Death' tag is for, well, the death of Harry's parents.

Image by Feynna

Chapters (10)

After being vanquished by Celestia a thousand years ago, Nightmare Moon has returned to exact her revenge on the Goddess of Light and the ponies she protects. Celestia has tasked Fluttershy, her strongest and most reluctant soldier, with stopping the Queen of the Underworld. But the situation is not as simple as it looks, for Nightmare Moon's mysterious resurrection and rampage are just the beginning of a conflict between several unlikely forces, and Fluttershy is about to get caught in the middle.

A pony adaptation of Kid Icarus: Uprising, starring Fluttershy as Pit. Links to the game's music are embedded in the text of the chapters, for those who like to listen as they read. Special thanks to Twifight Sparkill for the cover art.

*Some of the early chapters are subject to future revision.

Chapters 1-3: Opening Shots (Complete)
Chapters 4-6: Fractured Mirror (Complete)
Chapters 7-9: Taking the Fight to Her (Complete)
Chapters 10-14: Tripartite War (Complete)
Chapters 15-17: Space Invaders... I Wish I Was Joking (Complete)
Chapters 18-22: The World Plunged in Chaos (Complete)
Chapters 23-25: The True Villain of the Story (In Progress)

Chapters (24)

Similar to Icarus, Sunset tried to reach the skies only for the sun itself to bring her back down with force. Now she waits in a dark cell for the day of her execution.
But in what would be her last day outside of Tartarus, an intervention from a mysterious individual grants her a chance at redemption.

However, this redemption won’t be earned without labors, and they’ll only increase in difficulty as she completes them.

Inspired by No Time For a Sunset written by Thought Prism which you should go read if you haven't.

If you have, and you're wondering how did I go from Lancer to greek mythology... I've no idea.

Pre-read by the wonderful Dewdrops on the Grass and daOtterGuy

Chapters are being edited by the ever helpful EileenSaysHi! All chapters have been updated! I'm forever thankful for all their help.

Cover Art done by me.

Chapters (9)

Flash Sentry has come to accept that in a world now full of magic, someone like him is nothing more than a side character despite how much they want to help. He's sent to live a life of boring mediocrity, until one unexpectedly strange day. From out of nowhere, a pod comes crashing down to earth. And inside is a device that will change Flash's life forever. The Omnitrix.

Written with the help of SuperSonicHeroes

Art by SlidDiamond3214


Chapters (75)

This story is a sequel to Cinderella: A Spike x Starlight Story

In this Disney crossover you will see how the Beauty and the Beast is explained in MLP style.

Chapters (7)

Scootaloo is a orphan who later gets adopted by Cinderella. Let's see how it will go for her. And some magic will happen.

Shouts to ChazMLPFIM for helping me with this.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Scootaloo: A Princess's Daughter

When Belle finds a girl in the alley all alone she adopts her. But a big adventure awaits the both of them.

Give my friend ChazMLPFIM for helping out with the story.

Chapters (7)

After everything that happened during the preparations for Shining’s wedding Twilight and Spike are transported to another world where a girl named Belle adopted them.

This is a remake from the last one you seen.

Thank my friend ChazMlpFim for helping me with this.

Chapters (8)

In this story we all know the story of Sleeping Beauty. Well in this story you'll see Aurora adopt a girl named Apple Bloom. And how she became a princess.

Chapters (5)