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I'm that 1 dash(and Twi) fan who writes stories about them. Big TwixDash shipper


This story is a sequel to Your Name Across The Multiverse

Ten years after being saved by their parents and their parents alternate versions, Blitz and Braver are living the lives they earn and deserved. Living happily with their new mothers in each universe. For Braver, its living with Twilight and Dash in the Equestria universe, while for Blitz, its on earth with the human version of Dash and Twilight.

Scattering the prism window and creating a small crack in the walls of between, both twin sisters can finally be reunited but they're not only ones, as Dashie and Twilah got suck in with Blitz to Equestria and both versions of Twilight and Dash now must help each other in being great parents to their daughters but also helping each other with their relationship problems, while the twins help each other in getting over their past and finally facing their Dawns...while in the tree of the multiverse, a dead sun is looking for its light...its Rainbow Comet light...

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just how many versions of Twilight and Rainbow are in the cover art anyway? I see two. But... 😵‍💫

its the parents, dashie and twilah can turn into their anthro and pony forms. meanwhile, Dash and twilight can do it by magic and basically gonna be a "ha my job is harder than yours! lets switch places" arc and they will visit earth a few times. they have a different build than their human counter parts. Dash is smaller and twilight is more built and taller than anyone.

So Twilight and Dash from Equestria are in the center of the art, with their anthro and human forms, and then Twilah and Dashie are bottom right. Not sure who bottom left are though.

orange side is equestra twi and dash. pony > antho > human because they're heading to the human world
blue side is twi and dashie pony < antho < human because they're heading to equestria
middle are the twins aka their daughters they took in.
girl in the top...not saying who yet :)

yeah. Kinda realized who those two were after I commented that. But it does clear things up. And as someone who also has their own multiverse (though with far more controlled conditions for universe hoping), this should be fun.

Didn't this use to have more chapters? I swear that there were at one point.

I took them down. Used a bot grammar but realized it f up some words and whatnot. Going through it right now. Might be up later today or tomorrow

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