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I'm that 1 dash and Twi fan who writes stories about them. Big TwixDash shipper


This story is a sequel to Our Name Across The Multiverse: 10 years later

Discord is on a quest to get the gang that saved the twins(Blitz and Braver) back together as another multiverse crisis is happening again and the twins need all the help they can get in the upcoming battle. Joining him on this quest, is Dr. Amazement, a human version of Trixie from a universe that has magic users and super heroes.
On this quest, Amazement will meet other universe heroes and find that strength to help face the monster that killed her beloved and find her courage once more.
A spin off fic that takes place between Arc 1 to 3 in the main fic.

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Does the Equestria Girls universe not exist in this story series?

It does but its in the prime universe but different takes on that story happens in the multiverse and one version of that universe will show up in the future. Right now, in the non prime universe of the Dash and Twilight we been following in the main fic, EQG plot(Sunset never going evil and looking for the mirror) never happened but the mirror is a plot point in the next chapter in the main fic.

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