• Published 19th Nov 2023
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Our Name Across The Multiverse: 10 years later - DATONEDASHFAN

The endless sea of the multiverse, anything and everything, will and had happened...but what will happen when a lone girl, with a golden rainbow sun core, lost its reason to shine and raise its dawn? A endless night will come to the multiverse

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Prologue: Our Lives And Parenting...

Author's Note:

Note: needed to read Your Name first to understand some things....or not, its up to you lol
also art is AI. didn't draw it.

It was the last day of high school, and summer was going to start the next day. Students are walking out of the building and heading home, but one student ran past everyone as she was the town's fastest runner, almost matching her mother's record in speed. Her name is Blitz; she has long rainbow hair with a bit of black on the sides; she's wearing her Trademark blue and purple jacket with a rainbow comet on the back; she also loves wearing sporty outfits, like right now, when she's wearing black sports leggings with rainbow flames on the sides and her favorite black runner shoes.

She has her phone in her hands and is texting Dawn about meeting up later.

"Blitz: Hey Dawn! u want 2 hang out? :)"

She waited for a reply as she bolted to the woods, easily dodging trees while looking at her cell phone. She waited and waited, but never received a reply. "Ugh, I hope Dawn is okay."

She finally got out of the forest and found her home. It was a large two-story house, a beautiful white color, with a balcony with flowers and vines on the sides, a pool, a small pond, and a large garden in the front. Blitz walked up to the house, opened the door, and saw no one in the living room, no one in the dining room, and no one in the kitchen. She sighed in relief. "No one's home."

She dropped her stuff on the floor, took off her shoes, and ran up the stairs and straight to her bedroom, which was messy, but it wasn't like there was anything she could trip over; her clothes were all clean and hanging up, her bed was made, and everything was just thrown about. She jumped into her bed and let out a relaxed sigh. "Oh my gosh, it's so great to be home and alone; summer finally started too. I can't wait to spend it with the others and Dawn. Speaking of Dawn, why hasn't she texted me?"

Blitz looked at her phone and saw no reply. She let out another sigh and got up, walked over to her window, and stared outside. The sky was a wonderful bright blue, with a few clouds here and there, and the sun was shining brightly, giving off a warm atmosphere.

"Maybe she's busy heading home, sis? Like you just got here super fast." said a female voice in the room.

Blitz closed the window, and she could see the figure in the reflection. She turned and smiled.

"Maybe. So, how was your day, Braver?" asked Blitz as she was looking into a prism-covered window and floating in the middle of her room. There is a dark blue-skinned alicorn pony with a halo; her mane and tail were black with light blue and purple streaks, and like Blitz, she was wearing her trade mark purple jacket with a rainbow comet blasting through a wall on the back of it.

"Eh, it was alright; I just wanted the day to end," said Braver as she was reading a book on her bed.

Blitz giggled. "What are you reading this time? Another egghead story?"

Braver looked at her twin sister and gave her a glare. "Sound like my mom! even though she loves reading too. And no, I'm reading a mystery book about a detective who solves murder cases."

"Cool, cool," replied Blitz as she went to her closet and started to look through it.

"Hey, Blitz, mind telling me what's going on?" asked Braver as she kept reading the book.

"What do you mean?"

"You and Lucy Dawn are usually texting each other by now. Isn't that a little odd for her?"

"Kin of. She still hasn't replied to me yet."

"That's not like her, right? She would had gotten home by now."

Blitz pulled out blue jeans and a purple t-shirt, throwing them onto her bed. "Yeah, I know; I'm worried too. Maybe I'll go check on her. See if she's okay. Hope her parents aren't being assholes again."

"Alright, just be careful if someone hurts you." said Braver as she closed the book and revealed her true form, a slime creature made of black, light blue, and purple ink slime, and revealed her pure white eyes, which gave her a killing look. "I'LL BREAK THEM!"

Blitz walked over, spun the window around, and took off her running leggings. "Yeah, yeah, stop being overprotective, sis! Someone's going to start calling you a siscon at this rate."

The window stopped spinning, and Braver was normal again in her pony form. "What the hay is a 'siscon'?"

"It means you love your sister more than friends. You don't want anyone touching her, and would do anything for her, including lewd things."

"Lewd!? What does that mean, little sister?"asked Braver, as she had never heard of the word before. "Besides, this' 'siscon' thing does sound like me! I love you more than a friend! We're sisters after all!" smiled Braver, completely not getting the word.

"Just don't call me the little sister," glared Blitz as she pulled down her runner leggings and tossed them at Braver. "And don't ever say that in public! I'm not going to explain why you shouldn't! Got it?!"

"Okay?" replied Braver, confused as she watched her sister put on the jeans, then take off the shirt, put on the purple short-sleeve shirt, and then wear her jacket. "But I think we need a dictionary of your universe's words because it's hard to understand all these new words. You know I can't get out of the Equestria universe and read up on this stuff."

"Sorry, sis, maybe one day we can travel through the walls of between again. Who knows, maybe we can go on a multiverse adventure! We can see...'them' again..." smiled Blitz sadly.

Braver got up and walked over to the window and touched it, feeling how powerful it was. She couldn't smash it without Blitz being with her again. "Blitz, I miss them too. They saved us, and I want to see them again too. They are the reason we're here now! Living the lives they want us to have." cried Braver "But what if I'm..."

Blitz quickly turned around and faced her sister as she pointed to the heavens and shouted, "Don't be distracted by the what-if's, should-have's, and if-only's. The one thing you choose for yourself is the truth of your universe and why you are here."

Braver smiled as she remembered those words from Rain and continued the speech herself: "Then live, not die, so that you can find happiness. Be happy, laugh, cry, and be sad. All of it's your choice. So, keep living and never give up on finding that happiness. It's the one thing that can't be taken from you, but the one thing you have to fight for. Don't forget."

"Believe in yourself. not in you who believes in us. Not us who believe in you. Believe in the you who believes in yourself," finish both twins as they both started to cry.

Blitz turned away, rubbed her eyes, and grabbed her phone.

"Never stop believing you earned this new life, Braver! It's like what Wanda always said: "Don't see the world how it was, but how it could be. Find a better future for yourself" for us. You and I earned it. Keep moving forward."

Braver nodded as she remembered the heroes who saved them, different versions of their mothers, telling them to keep moving forward.

The room was quiet as both sisters sat in their beds.

"I hope we're making them proud! Not by just living and moving forward, but saving lives and helping others, like how they helped us." said Blitz as she transformed into her anthro form, as her skin was blue and she has wings now, which tore through the shirt but magical pass through her jacket, as it had some magic to it, making her sigh.

"We are! You are this town's super hero! Rainbow Comet!" smiled Braver.

"And you're helping ponies and other creatures when they need it. I am glad they accepted you for who you are. I won't lie, I was worried they wouldn't. You aren't really a pony like me. I was always thinking about you, sis, and it scared me that you wouldn't find happiness."

"Blitz, even if they didn't accept me, I still have you, my friends, Luster Dawn, mom's friends, and my mothers. I wouldn't give them up for anything. They're my happiness!" smiled Braver, making her sister blush a bit.

"Yeah, I know!" stuttered Blitz.

"What was that!?"


"I know what I heard!"

"I gotta go! Talk to you later, sis!" shouted Blitz as she ran over and hugged the window, and within a flash, she was gone as a rainbow trail was left behind.

"Oh Blitz...huh?" said Braver as she noticed the window had ripple effects that were weaker than she had ever seen before. "What the?"

Blitz was flying high in the sky as she was heading towards Lucy's house. "I hope Lucy is alright. She isn't answering any of my messages, and it's not like her. She would have at least sent a thumbs up by now."

Blitz flew fast in the air as she reached the street that Lucy lived on, landed behind a bush, transformed back into her human form, and walked down the street.

Blitz stopped at Lucy's house and noticed the door was wide open. "Lucy?" she called out.

Suddenly, she saw Lucy running to the door with her two-piece pink swimsuit, which made Blitz turn red as she could see her curves in it.

"Lucy?" said Blitz as Lucy looked confused at her friend.

Blitz could see that Lucy had her ponytail undone and her wonderful gradient of light vermilion with amber streaks of hair was free. She loved it when Lucy kept her hair down.

"Blitz? Why haven't you changed into your swimsuit?" questioned Lucy.

"What do you mean?" replied Blitz as she snapped out of it.

"Swimsuit? Summer? Going to the lake today?"

"I haven't heard about going to the lake with you. You didn't send me a text?"

"No, I did. I was sure I did. Hold on," replied Lucy as she ran inside the house and into the kitchen, leaving Blitz confused.

"I guess that explains why she didn't answer any of my texts," thought Blitz as she waited.

"Hey, Blitz! Want to come in?" asked Lucy as she walked out of the kitchen, wearing her white robe.


Blitz walked inside the house and went upstairs, where she saw how well-kept Lucy's room was.

"Wow, Dawn, your room is so clean. You know, you don't have to clean it just for me, right? Its fine, the way it is." smirk Blitz.

"Nope, it's for me. I hate having a messy room," quickly replied Lucy while she sat on her bed and checked her phone for her text, leaving Blitz blushing at her failed flirting she tried to do.

Blitz went over to her dresser and sat on the chair that was next to it.

"Blitz, I'm sorry," she lowered her phone and looked at Blitz, who was looking into the mirror, fixing her hair. "I did send it, but it's still saying sending."

Blitz took the phone, checked it herself, and sighed as she saw the reason why: "It's in airplane mode, you silly!"

"Huh? Airplane mode?"

"Yeah, that's why the text didn't send. When activated, this mode suspends the device's digital data services. Hold on," Blitz touched her friend's phone and changed the settings. Blitz could hear her phone text tone going off, making Lucy smile but quickly blushing as she made a fool of herself. Blitz knew Lucy was still learning to use a cell phone, as her parents didn't want her to have one for a long time until now. It didn't help that her parents are super into the church, as she could spot crosses around the house and how they home schooled her until two years ago. She was super shy and little weird when they first met in the park. Glad she opened up more and became friends with her and the others.

"Oh, so that's what airplane mode does. Sorry."

"Hey, don't worry, but why was your phone in airplane mode?" asked Blitz, curious

Lucy started to blush hard as she looked away, making Blitz more curious.


"I thought the plane meant it would send the text faster!" yelled Lucy, as she was red as a tomato.

"Dawn, your phone didn't work. It was in airplane mode. You didn't know that and thought it meant the text would get to me faster that way." smiled Blitz, trying to hold her laughter.

Lucy sighed, as she was right, that Blitz was laughing at her.

"You know, I think it's funny when you get embarrassed like that, Dawn," smiled Blitz.

"You make fun of me a lot, Blitz! I hate it! WHY CAN'T YOU BE AS SWEET AND KIND AS RAINBOW COMET?" shouted Lucy.

"WHAT THE HECK DO YOU MEAN!" yelled back Blitz, standing up and knocking over the chair, making Lucy look in fear.

"W-What's wrong!?"

Blitz quickly calmed down, realized what she really meant, and started to laugh.

"You're talking about the super hero, not the actual person, right? You're such a dork, Dawn!"


"Yes, you are!" laughed Blitz as Lucy was angry and grabbed a pillow and chucked at Blitz, missing her.


"But that's why we are best friends, right?" smirk Blitz.

"That is the worst answer ever!"

"I know..." whispered Blitz as she started to blush, and Lucy was confused.



"Oh, okay. What swimsuit are you going to wear?" asked Lucy, excited.

"Oh, well, I need to get home and get something!"

Lucy tossed another pillow at her. "Better be a real girly swimsuit! No boy shorts and t-shirts! AGAIN!"

Blitz was already out the window, turned around, stuck her tongue out, jumped out, and landed on the grass. She looked up and saw Lucy worried.

"Stop doing that! I swear, one day you'll break your running legs! This is the second floor, you know!" yelled Lucy.

"Relax! I'm not going to break anything! You worry too much!" laughed Blitz.

"Just because you're the third-fastest person in town doesn't mean you're invincible!"

"Fine, fine, I'll be more careful." sighed Blitz as she headed home. "But I like it when you worry about me."

Blitz reached the sidewalk, but something fast passed her, and she could see "her".

"Mom!" shouted Blitz as her mother, Dashie Reinbold, was wearing her blue jacket, which had yellow stripes on her arms, and blue jeans with her sky blue running shoes. She was also wearing the yellow YMCA shirt, which means to Blitz that her mom was getting off from work, as she's a YMCA child watch staff member who watches kids when their parents are working out or need a babysitter.

Blitz was about to yell her name again, but Dashie tossed her a water bottle.

"I knew you'd be here!" Dashie turned to the house and waved at Dawn, who waved back.


"Hey! Don't yell out to her!" shouted Blitz, causing Dashie to frown as she turned to the first-floor window and saw someone looking at her. Dashie remembers how Lucy's parents treat LBGT folks, especially her and Twilah, when no one is looking. They act nice but are pure assholes.

"Sorry," apologized Lucy.

"No problem. Don't sweat it!" smiled Dashie as she gave her a thumbs up.

"So, did you just get off?" asked Blitz as her mom was walking back home, after they waved goodbye to Dawn and started to chat.

"Yeah, and I have tomorrow off too. I got the week off, in fact."


Dashie looked over to her daughter, who was thinking about her swimsuit.

"I'm going to go back and work out."


"You're not the only one with a beach body to flaunt," winked Dashie, making Blitz groan as she regretted telling her about getting the swimsuit.

"MOM! Don't do that!"

"What? It's true! We have great bodies and are both hot, especially your mother."

"Please, stop!" cried Blitz as she covered her ears.

Dashie laughed and rubbed her daughter's hair.

"Hey, you know I'm joking. I'm not going to do anything...unless your mom wants..." teased Dashie.

"STOP IT!" yelled Blitz as she ran to their house, leaving her mom laughing.

"JOKING! THE REAL REASON WHY IS?" shouted Dashie as she took a runner stance and looked at her daughter back, who was just slow-running "I want you to beat me while I'm still in my prime!"

Blitz heard her and saw her mom take off.

"No way!"

Blitz took her stance and raced her mother home.

The two were neck and neck, and Blitz was pushing hard to surpass her mom, which was difficult to do in her human form. If it were her anthro form, she would have beat her in ten seconds flat.

"Come on! Move those legs, Blitz!" Dashie cheered her daughter on, as she could see her struggling face

"I'm going to pass you, mom!" grunted Blitz.

"We'll see about that!" laughed Dashie as the two were still neck and neck.

They were almost home, and Blitz was pushing her limit as she pushed more, hoping to pass her mom.

"No, way!" Dashie watched as Blitz suddenly got faster and finally passed her and was first to reach home and standing in front of her.

"I WIN!" cheered Blitz, entering the house.

Dashie was breathing hard but also smiling hard, not because Blitz beat her but because "You're the best of all of us, Blitz. You're on your way. Just...just keep going...just keep running...just keep going while wearing that jacket, because we'll always be with you, we will always support you, and we'll love you. You are our daughter. Nothing can ever change that."


Dashie sighed, shook her head, and headed inside.


"SHUT UP, MOM!" screams Blitz from up the stairs.

"She's an idiot, just like me." Dashie face palm as she shut the door and could see Blitz running to the bathroom with her tomboy swimsuit "Forgive her Dawn, I tried."

Dashie waved goodbye to Blitz as she ran back to Lucy's place and shut the door. She tossed her work jacket on the couch, tossed her shoes to the wall, and finally jumped on the couch face first. She soon could feel a body lying on top of her and a hand rubbing her head.

"I'm home," whispered Twilah, who was floating above her as she was in her anthro form, as Dashie could see her purple hand touching her brown hair.

"Hey, welcome back, love. How was the job?" Dashie flipped over and saw that Twilah was wearing her red jacket, black jeans, and red boots, while she also had Twilight face features.

Twilah floated off of her lover and stood in front of her. She was in her human form after her chest glowed purple; she was normal again, but she could see Dashie was upset about something.

"Work was good. got the first ever self-aware AI to think for itself. It's going to be revealed to the public in a few months. Is everything okay? Why are you looking at my thighs?" Twilah was worried, Dashie kept staring at her thighs

Dashie blinked a few times at Twilah's non-thick thighs and smiled as she looked into her lover's eyes.

"No reason."

"Oh, okay. Hey, where's Blitz? She was supposed to help me with dinner."

"She went over to Lucy's house. Apparently, they're going to the lake. They be back around eight."

"So, you'll be helping me with dinner, right?" asked Twilah.


"Then don't!"

"Huh?" replied Dashie.

"You suck at helping in the kitchen. Remember that time when you made the soup cold and the salad hot?, HOW DID YOU MAKE THE SALAD SO HOT!?" Twilah yelled as she left the living room and entered the kitchen. "Don't forget the time when you pour milk on the cornflakes and somehow set it on fire!"

"I SAID I WAS SORRY FOR THAT! EVEN I DON'T KNOW HOW IT HAPPEN!" Dashie got off the couch and ran into the kitchen, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend and kissing her.

Twilah blushed as she said, "Don't do that. We haven't eaten yet!"

"Blitz is not here! We can eat out, and I'm not tal-" Dashie was cut off as Twilah put a bar of soap in her mouth, shutting her up.

"Don't behave like that! Blitz might come in and hear that! We still have to teach her about...you know..." blushed Twilah.

Dashie removed the bar of soap "I think Blitz already knows..."

"How do you know? Did you talk to her about it? WITHOUT ME!?"

"N-NO! She's already a teenager! She's probably sees it on the internet or something. Maybe even in school, kids these days are more bold in doing doing things!"

Twilah sighed as she sat at the kitchen table. "That's even worse than her learning about it from you!"

"Yeah, that is way worse. Hey!"

Twilah started to laugh as she leaned back on her chair.

"I CAN TEACH HER THE...you know..."

"I don't think that's a good idea, Dashie."


"You'll just be stuttering nonstop and all red in the face. I'm not sure if it's the best idea." smiled Twilah, as she knows Dashie well.

"You won't let that go, will you? Least I confess to you!"

"Not even in a million years, love and I was gonna say it first but you had to be the first one to say it."

Dashie rolled her eyes, sat down next to her, and rested her head on the table.



"We raised a good girl, right?" Dashie look nervously at Twilah, like she was scare of something but Twilah picked her up and hugged her tight.

"Yes, we did," Twilah held Dashie's hand. "Nightfall and Sky will be happy and proud of how we raised Blitz. Just like we are."

Dashie could see the sadness in Twilah's eyes, as she said those names.

"Are you okay?...about Nightfall and Sky?"

"Yeah, it still hurts, and I want to see them again, hug them, and tell them everything. How wonderful their daughter is! doing great things! We know she would be proud but I just wish they were here to see it all. They'll love how Blitz became a great girl, just like we do."

Twilah cried softly, and Dashie held her tight and wiped the tears away "It'll be okay. Even if they're not here, we'll keep their spirit alive by loving Blitz."

"Yeah." smiled Twilah.

Dashie looked into her lover's eyes, smiled, and kissed her on the lips.

"What was that for?"

"Just felt like it. Want another one?"

"Later. I need to check on my work computer real quick. Don't touch anything! I don't need you burning down the house!"

Dashie sad chuckled "Okay..."

Twilah left the kitchen and headed upstairs, and Dashie could hear her footsteps. She waited till she was gone and sighed. She took out a small black box from her pocket and opened it.

"It'll be the perfect time to do it tonight!" Dashie closed the box and put it back in her pocket. She looked out the window and looked up at the blue sky, as it started to go red as the sun was setting and the clouds turned a light pink.

"I wonder how Twilight and Dash are doing with Breaker. I hope they're doing well. The last time we saw them was on the day we saved the girls. I hope they're happy together. I hope Dash found someone else..." Dashie remembered how Dash confess to Twilight but she outright reply didn't notice it and gave up on her.

in the other universe and the same time.

A pink female unicorn with a long and wavy mane, done in a ponytail, whose color is a gradient of light vermilion with amber streaks, came walking out of the kitchen, using magic to hold her coffee and snacks. She stopped and looked into a room, and she could see the library and the tree bark walls. She lived inside the New Ponyville main tree library, which was made for the town but also for its saver, Braver. The books were on shelves that were all over the walls, and in the center was a huge desk where the pony and creature would do their reading. It was empty, as it was closing hours and everyone had left.

"Glad it wasn't busy today," yawned the pony as she headed to her room and finally relaxed on her bed. She had a long day of helping ponies and creatures to find books but also dealing with Braver's clumsiness, which was hard enough, as Braver can break anything.

"Braver, can you stop being a klutz for once?" shouted the pony, as she could remember her saying it over and over again. She sighed and smiled, as she always found it cute how Braver would try to help her, even if the place was beyond repair.

"I just can't stay mad at her. My one and only friend I'll ever need! I just don't understand why Princess Twilight wants me to make more friends! Isn't being friends with her daughter not enough? Braver is a sweet girl, and I know I can trust her and no one else. So why?" asked the pony to herself, as she took a snack and ate it all mad like.

The pony started reading when, suddenly, she could hear banging coming from above her, which was Braver room. She sighed as she believed that Braver knock something over or maybe even broke her bed again.

"Braver, are you okay?!"

"I'M OKAY! Thanks for asking, Dawn!" yelled Braver

Dawn sighed in relief and returned to reading her book. She was about to turn a page in her book when the banging was heard again, but it was more violent.




Dawn closed her book and was about to get off her bed when everything started to shake with great force, like it was a non-stop earthquake. Dawn was thrown around in her room, and her things were falling on top of her as her room was filled with books and paper.

"W-WHAT'S GOING ON!" Dawn held on to her bed and saw that the ceiling was starting to crack"B-Braver! What's going on up there?"

The banging and shaking stopped, and Dawn could see that everything was still. She let go of her bed and was about to head to the door when there was one more powerful force shaking the whole place. Soon, she heard a very loud explosion, and from her window, she could see Braver being sent flying and crashing into the dirt road of the town, and everyone that was near it got scared.

"B-Braver!" shouted Dawn as she hurried to the window and could see her friend looking hurt as the dirt smoke cleared up. "Braver!"

Dawn used her magic to teleport to her and help her up, while other ponies and creatures were asking what happened. Everyone knows Braver is a super klutz, but not like this; she looked badly hurt.

"What happened?" asked Dawn.

"BREAKING!" shouted Braver as she faced her friend, who was in her slime form but quickly returned to normal as she realized what she had shouted: "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it! What did you break this time? To leave you like this!"

"Nothing!" replied Braver as she started to melt, which was her way of sweating. "I'm not trying to break through the walls of between again. NOPE!" Braver gave a weird smile as she moved her eye back and forth.

"What now?" asked Dawn.

Braver covered her mouth with her hooves and quickly flew back into the library tree house and entered the exposed hole.

"Hey!" Dawn quickly teleported to Braver's trashed room and could see the pony looking for something as she put on her reading glasses and kept walking into the middle of the room and touching thin air, like she was looking at something.

"Braver, are you okay?"

"Huh? "Yeah, I'm okay!"

"Are you sure? You just crashed and landed outside the tree."

"It was nothing. You know, can I recover from anything, remember?" Braver body was fully healed as she said that.

Dawn sighed as she used her magic to clean the place up and could see Braver reading a book, a book that Star Swirl the bearded gave to her before he passed away. She was also taking notes as she made an ink pen out of her hoof.

"Okay, what's going on? What are you doing?"

"I'm...uh...breaking...a wall...in the middle of the room," whispered Braver as she remembered that Dawn was in the room with her.

"A wall? In the middle of the room?"

"Yes and no."


Braver hurried over to her closet, took out a chalkboard, and started to write on it as she started to explain herself: "Okay, your universe isn't the only one. There are many other universes. The multiverse!"


"And the walls between each universe are called "Walls of Between"...Wow, I'm not good at naming things anyway. It's not a real wall, but an invisible wall that you can't pass through. If you hit a wall, it's like hitting a glass window, and the force sends you flying back."

"That's interesting, but what does this have to do with anything?"

"Well, there are ways to break the walls, but only a very powerful creature could do it, and she's not whole anymore," Braver looked into the prism window, looking for her sister, as she needed to be one with her to scatter this window but that won't happen now. "She's not that person anymore."

"Okay, okay, I'm lost here." Dawn put her hoof on head and trying really hard to understand "Who's not whole anymore, and who's not that person anymore?"

"I'm sorry," Braver, started to tear up. "I didn't mean to break it! I DIDN'T MEAN TO BREAK HER WORLD!" shouted Braver as she started to turn into her slime form, melting as she started to cry rainbow tears. Dawn had seen this before and quickly held her greatest friend and told her it was okay.

"It's okay. Whatever you did in the past, it wasn't you. I know you, Braver; you are a sweet, caring, and goofy girl. You don't have a mean bone in you."

"Dawn." sniffled Braver as she looked at her friend and could see her smile, which made her smile back "Thank you."

"The day you'll finally tell me your full past, I'll be here with you. Never leave your side!"

"You'll always be by my side," smiled Braver as she was crying happily and hugged Dawn tightly.

"Of course. Your my only and one true friend in the world. I don't need anyone else!"

"Thanks," whispered Braver as she let her go.

"But that doesn't change the fact; I don't know what the hay you're talking about!"

Braver sighed as she looked at her friend. She really wanted to tell her everything—everything that happened to her and Blitz—but she was scared. If she wanted to talk about the past, she'd have to talk about killing Blitz mothers, destroying their universe, and trying to destroy the whole multiverse. She didn't want to lose her "Dawn," the greatest thing to happen in her life.

"I'll tell you, I promise. One day." Braver whispered as she didn't have the courage yet to tell Dawn

"One day." repeated Dawn as she picked up the Star Swirl book and looked at it, "Theories on Walls of Between."

Braver took it and started to explain again, as she fixed her glasses. "Yes! Star Swirl and I had theories about the walls and why only I could see them. You don't see the prism window in the middle of the room, right?"

"Right, I see nothing."

"That's because the window only shows itself to me."

"But what does this have to do with the wall between universes?"

"Because we believe the prism windows are small cracks in the walls. Since "she" broke through the walls, it must have given —her—the ability to see them. If I can break the prism windows, I can create a pathway to see her again! That's the theory. Star Swirl believed it was because of the power I have. I can break anything! Plus, I noticed something was up with this window—almost like it wanted to be broken. It gotten weaker."

"I'm not understanding..."

"I can use my power to break the walls. The theory is that it may not break the walls completely, and I'll just make a small crack in them. It will be hard to do without being at my fullest strength."

"And...what if you do break the walls and something bad happens?"

"It can't be any worse than what's already happened in the past," Braver was getting tired of trying to explain things and started to walk towards the window, which she touched, feeling its weak energy. "I'll make sure it doesn't happen again. I'm not that person anymore," whispered Braver to herself

Dawn could see the look on Braver's face and sighed. She didn't like the look on her face. Being all sad.

"Okay okay! So, you want to make a very small crack in the wall. For what?"

"To see her again!"

"She? Again? Who?" Dawn felt a little worried as she started to blush

"My other half!"

"Other half?" Dawn didn't understand what Braver meant and just looked at her as she was still touching the invisible object and could see her friend smiling, but it was a sad one. "Wait, are you talking about your little sister...?"

"Yes. My sister...I miss her." Braver smile was slowly fading away and she looked down, all sad like, "I really do. We were never apart, as we could talk through the window, but I want to hold her again, hug her, kiss her, and play with her. I'm an overly protective sister. No one will be able to replace her. I'M A SISCON LIKE SHE TOLD ME!" shouted Braver as she was crying more rainbow tears.

Dawn sat on the Braver bed and started to put things together. It makes sense that Braver might not be from this universe, as this will explain her powers, as normal slime creatures don't have the same magical power level as she does. She came from another universe and just wanted to see her little sister. The little sister always goes on about how she's the greatest, fastest, and all-around perfect pegasus out there. She clearly loves her little sister so much that she became sad after talking about her.

"Okay! If you need to break the wall, you need more power, right?" asked Dawn.

"Right," replied Braver, surprised that Dawn was understanding her and seemed to want to help her.

"So, do a spell to increase your power!"

"An enchantment spell? But those kinds of spells are locked away in my mother's library. Only she and the chosen one she takes on as her students are able to get it."

Dawn got off the bed and stood proudly.

"But I can't ask mom! She won't allow me inside that place, not after I keep breaking walls in the castle!" said Braver, as she was ignoring Dawn, who tried to get her attention "Also, I'm banned from using mid and high level magic..."

"No, no, no! Braver, Braver, Braver, listen, listen, LISTEN!" shouted Dawn, which caused Braver to look at her and say, "I AM YOUR MOTHER'S STUDENT! I can get inside and get the spell book!"

Braver was quiet as she was thinking and realized Dawn was right, as she had forgotten that "You'll really do that for me!"

"Of course, what are friends for?"

"Oh! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Braver hugged Dawn tightly"You're the best friend in the whole wide world! NO! THE MULTIVERSE!"

"I know. Now, can you stop hugging me? YOU BREAKING MY SPINE! AGAIN!" shouted Dawn, as her face was turning blue and purple.

"Sorry!" giggled Braver as she let her go, blushing.

"You can count on me!" Dawn could see the happy look on Braver face. "If we can break the wall, you'll be able to see her, right?"


"Then its a plan," smiled Dawn as she went to the door but stopped as she turned around and pointed her hoof at Braver, like a mother scolding her child. "But! This stays between us! Princess Twilight will freak out if she finds out you are doing magic! You hear me? Remember your birthday a few years ago? Giving you spell books is off limits! So I'll cast it instead."

"Yes, I promise and okay..." Braver kick the floor, as she wanted to use high level magic again

"Good. Now, let's go!"

Braver nodded and both teleported away but quickly returned as Braver picked up the window and got crushed by it, but to Dawn, it looked like Braver just turned into a flat puddle. Braver slowly rose up and gave her a nod, and both teleported again.

In the castle, Twilight was in the garden, enjoying her tea. After all those years saving the multiverse and saving Braver and Blitz, she became taller, almost the same height as Celestia, even having the flowing mane. She looked up at the sky as she used her magic to lower the sun, like it was nothing. She closed her eyes as she was relaxing.

"Ah, another day of peace, and no crazy villain or demon to fight. Maybe I'll ask the girls to go out to the spa or something."

"Another boring day, I say! Miss saving the day, you know?" Dash said as she was sitting across from Twilight, wearing her Wonderbolt brown bomber jacket.

"We don't have to save the world; we have done enough," Twilight took another sip of her tea, while Dash gave her a look.

"Yeah, but... it's a little boring here."

"Boring? What's wrong with a nice, boring day?" asked Twilight, as she put her cup down, "You rather be fighting an evil monster and saving the world? Again?"

"Well, no. Its just..." started Dash as she was scratching her cheek.

"Its just?"

"Well...you know. You can't have a boring day without having fun, you know?" Dash was getting a bit flustered and couldn't hide it anymore.

"Saving the day isn't fun. Hell, saving the multiverse should be enough," Twilight sighed as she took another sip.

Dash sighed as she looked up into the sky, seeing the moon coming out, as Twilight horn started to glow.

"I know you heard this billions of times...but I love how you move the sun and moon, like you have all the time in the world," Dash looked back at Twilight, who was sipping her tea and blushing deeply.

"Thanks," replied Twilight, as her heart started beating faster and harder.

"Twilight, I..." Dash slowly started talking, causing Twilight to quickly look at her in the eyes with glee and hope, but the maids quickly stepped in and refilled their drinks, then stepped back and waited, as the two weren't ever alone. "I like you! Yeah!" finished Dash as she was using her wings as pointing fingers.

"...ugh! I KNOW! I've been hearing you say that for years now!" shouted Twilight as she stood up and walked away all upset. All though she and Dash were married, Dash never said those three little words in front of her or when there were other ponies around, and she was getting sick of it.

"Huh?" Dash looked confused but quickly look worried as she realize what was wrong "I mean...wait, hold up!"

Twilight looked over her shoulder as she was giving her the death glare, and Dash quickly looked away and sighed.

"Sorry, I didn't mean it like that... I wanted to say something else."

Twilight stopped walking and looked away. She knew she was acting like a little filly, a spoiled brat, but she wanted to hear Dash say those three words to her, even if it was just once.

"Why can't you be like Dashie? She told Twilah her feelings! Least there's a Rainbow Dash in the multiverse who shows her feelings to her Twilight!" shouted Twilight as she was pouting and walked away.

Dash was watching Twilight as she was walking away and sighed.

"Damn it. Come on, Dash, get your shit together, and be brave for once. Say what you need to say," thought Dash, as she was shaking herself a bit and closing her eyes.

"Twi..." said Dash slowly, causing Twilight to stop and turn around as her heart was racing and she was excited. "Twilight, I...I..."

"Yeah, Dash?" asked Twilight, as she was ready to hear those words from her wife after so long.


"Yes? Yes, yes, yes?"

"I...lo-" Dash was suddenly tackled by a dark blue blur and crashed through the wall, leaving behind a dash-shaped hole next to other filled in dash-shaped holes.

Twilight lowered herself and sighed, as she couldn't get a break from her daughter.
"Oh, Braver. Not again."

"Mom! Mom, mom, mom, mom!" Braver, who was sitting on her mother's blue chest and hugging her, happy to see her mothers.

"Hey kiddo," replied Dash, as she was in great pain and couldn't breathe.

"Hi mommy."

"Hey honey, what's up? Can you get off of me!?" asked Dash, as Braver was squeezing her tightly and didn't realize her mom was in pain, but she quickly listened like a puppy, following its master orders, and got off and wagging her tail.

"Always a mommy's girl," laughed Twilight as she teleported next to them and hugged her daughter.

"Moooooom, stop! I'm not a little filly anymore, and I'm not a mommy's girl!" pouted Braver.

"But you will always be my little girl. My little girl," smiled Twilight as she was looking into her daughter's eyes and hugging her.

"Mom," sighed Braver, as she knew she couldn't escape her mother's grip.

"Come on, Twilight, let our daughter breathe for a second."

"Fine. She's a teenager, so she has to grow up at some point."

Twilight let go of Braver, who was happy she was free from her mother's loving hug but was quickly hugged by Dash as Dash flew her into the air and tightly hugged her.

"HOW'S MY SWEETEST GIRL DOING? I MISS YOU!" Dash kissed her daughter on the cheek.

"Mom... You're embarrassing me, but don't stop." Blush Braver, as her tail was wagging even harder

"Awww, you're so cute."

"And a mommy's girl," smirked Twilight, which caused Braver to blush hard. "Dash, you need to stop spoiling her! She's 16 years old now!"

"So!? Our kid is always a kid! Right Braver!?"

"Right," nodded Braver, always agreeing with her "Mom can spoil me anytime! She's the best!"

"Oh, come on!" mumbles Twilight as she face palm "This is what I mean; she's going to grow up all needy and dependent on you."

"So? Being a parent is fun, and you are the best."

Twilight was blushing and smiling, hearing her wife finally say something and mean it.

"Don't think a compliment will get you off the hook! Braver doesn't need you babying her!" shouted Twilight as she and Dash started arguing and didn't notice Braver melting.

"I don't deserve your love? ...I shouldn't have earned this," Braver melted and slipped out of Dash's arms and hit the hallway floor, quickly making her mothers noticing as Braver became a slime puddle.

"What!? NO, NO, NO! I didn't mean it like that, sweetie!" shouted Twilight, all worry and concern, as she quickly scooped up the pile of melting slime and tried to hug it, not caring how gross it looked. This was her daughter, she never cared for her real look. She loved her no matter what.

"Braver, we love you! We really do! Twilight didn't mean it like that!" answered Dash, as she too started to scoop up the pile and hug it. "You deserve this! You earn this new life!" Dash started to cry, as the slime slowly held on her and Twilight body, like if it was hugging them back.

"Dash's right! Never think you don't, and never think you don't deserve our love! We love you, sweetie; we really do! You're a brave soul and our daughter!" also answered Twilight, as she was also crying.

"R-really?" asked Braver, as the pile slowly rose up and took form between her mothers arms and looked into their eyes.

"Yeah, you aren't a breaker of worlds or universes. You are a brave soul who will help people in need and tear down anyone or anything to save them! You have a great spark in you!" Twilight replied as Braver was normal again

"You are great, greater than all of us. Braver. You proved that so many times. You've done things we couldn't ever do." Dash said as she gave her a smirk

"We are proud of you!" said both, as they hugged their daughter tightly.

"Thanks, mom," Braver was tearing up and hugging her mother back, but she could see Dawn waving at her at the end of the hall, holding a book. "OKAY, I LOVE YOU TOO, I GOTTA GO!" shouted Braver as she slipped through her mother's arms and flew towards Dawn.

"She sure has her energy," sighed Twilight.

"That's the best thing about her," replied Dash as she watched their daughter flew through the air and landed next to her best friend, Dawn, which caused Twilight to quickly stand and hurry over to them.

"Dawn? What are you doing here?" asked Twilight, as she didn't notice Dawn hiding the book inside Braver's body.

"Oh! Hello teacher! Just visiting with Braver here!" Dawn was nervously sweating and tried her best not to look at the book that was inside Braver Slime's body, as it was poking out a bit.

"Visiting huh? How's your friendship report going? I still haven't gotten one...in the past year..." Twilight said all worry like, which made Dawn nervous and bit of anger.

"Friendship Reports? Psh, you still need that! You already know the answer! I don't need any more friends! Maybe you should ask Braver? She always makes new friends! and maybe start talking to Br-"

"That's true, but this isn't about her. This is about you. I'm starting to worry about you. Not just me, but your parents as well. Even more so with your mother, Starlight."

"I'm fine! No worries, teacher!" said Dawn with bit of hidden anger, as she quickly turned around and was about to leave.

"Dawn, please talk to me. I can't help you if you won't tell me."

"No. No, I'm okay."


"Braver, can we go? Now, please?" asked Dawn, as she was getting very uncomfortable and more madder.

"W-Wait! Stay for the night!" shouted Twilight as she started to freak out.

Dash and Braver were looking at this and looked at each other and nodded.

"Hey mom. We'll take that offer up. Dawn, head up to my room. Also..." Braver hugged Dawn, calming her down like always. "I'm always here for you," letting her go.

"Braver, thank you. You are truly my greatest friend. I truly don't need anyone else. You are my world!" smiled Dawn, quickly blushing as she saw Twilight and Dash staring at her. "I'LL BE UPSTAIRS IN YOUR ROOM!" she ran off and was all red.

Braver looked down and could feel something—something burning in her chest. She didn't know what it was, but she could feel her wings being opened.

"Oh," said both Twilight and Dash, as they could see Braver wings flapping and trying to be wide and tall, like it was a bird dance. "Oh no."

Both girls huddled together and started to whisper.

"Dash! I think we need to start telling her about the birds and the bees!" Twilight looked very worried and afraid as she had the thought of teaching Braver 'that'.

"What!? No, no! She's a smart cookie; she will learn about it on her own!"

"That might have worked for you when you were young, but she's not you; she's not like us; she isn't even a real pony."

"Twilight, she's a real girl, and she has a heart! Don't think of her like that."

"I know, but I'm taking about...you know...down there...does she have-"

"Ohhhhh. That's going to be hard to explain. She isn't like our universe's slime creatures too, thanks to Cozy in doing research in the great library."

"You're right. You're right. Let's do this the old-fashioned way." Twilight used her magic to create kids books about where babies come from.

"What? No, my daughter isn't going to read baby books on that. Just tell her normally!"

"You don't get it; she doesn't understand these things. She doesn't understand love."

"What are you talking about? She loves me and you! She loves her friends!"

"Yeah, family and friend love. Not love, love. She's going to learn and see it, and I think that's now. Look!"

Dash turned around and could see her daughter standing there, and could see her wings slowly stop dancing and standing firm.

"Huh? Braver?" asked Dash, getting red.

"Yeah, mom?" smiled Braver as she looked at her mothers, seeing them all red in the face.

"Are you ready to know about the birds?" Twilight tried to ask but Dash shoved her hoof into her mouth.

"Sweetie, can you lower your wings?" quickly replied Dash

Braver was confused until she saw her wings were indeed standing up. She tried to lower them but realized they were super stiff.

"I can't. Something is wrong!"

"Okay, it's okay. Maybe try to think of something cute or things you like."

Braver nodded and started thinking of cute and things she likes.

"Cute things. Okay, uh...kittens...rainbow...clouds...the sunset...the sunrise...Dawn..." whispered Braver as her chest was burning again and her wings turning to stone, causing her to fall backwards. "STUPID WINGS!" she quickly stood up and tore them off. "I'm going to my room! I need to blow off some steam anyway!" she shouted and left her mother.

"Well, I guess she has a crush," smiled Dash, but quickly looked at the stone wings on the floor and held her own wings.

"She doesn't know what love is. We never showed her that," sighed Twilight as she started to walk in a circle. "We're the worst mothers ever! I was already the worst teacher, but now this!"

"Come on, Twilight. She's a big girl now. She will figure it out."

"But her wings turned into stone; she doesn't even have a clue about love, and was that her race's way of showing their love? Being hor-" she stopped talking as Dash put a hoof in her mouth again.


Twilight pushes Dash away. "But it's the truth! God, Nightfall, and Sky trusted us to help their daughters, and we're failing them. We're not great mothers like them!" Twilight sat on the floor, losing all hope in her mothering skills.

"Hey, don't say that. You're a great mother, Twilight. We're great mothers! It's why Nightfall and Sky will be proud of us! Come on, we need to figure this out together! It's like what Heat said to the twins that day: 'You aren't alone in all this. Just ask for help, and you'll see. It may not change everything, but you'll feel better and be stronger for it.' Remember that. We're a team here!" smiled Dash as she helped her wife up.

"You're right. You are, and I'm sorry. It's just that our daughter is growing up...so fast!" Twilight started to tear up as she hugged Dash.

"I know. But hey, she's our daughter, and she'll be fine. She's a great kid. brave and kind. She will figure things out; she's a great learner and a great kid. We can trust her!" Dash smirk and kissed Twilight on the cheek.

"Yeah, you're right. You are."

Both started to nuzzle their noses but suddenly felt the whole castle shaking with great force, almost in a rhythm with each blast of force.

"What was that? Wait, what did Braver say before leaving?" shouted Twilight as she started to sweat hard.

"To blow off steam in her room. What are you...no...no, no! We can trust her! She won't do that with Dawn. Dawn knows better too! They're too long!"

Both Twilight and Dash looked at each other, both sweating and trying to believe in their daughter and Dawn, but that was scattered as they heard Braver's loud, powerful voice echoing through the whole castle.


"BRAVER! WE NEED TO LEARN ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES!" shouted Twilight as she held the books and ran towards her daughter's bedroom.

"TWILIGHT, WAIT FOR ME!" shouted Dash as well as she followed behind Twilight.

Luster Dawn was on Braver's bed, covering her face, and she could hear Braver shouting.

"THIS IS WONDERFUL! I FEEL LIKE BLITZ IS WITH ME AGAIN!" Braver yelled with such great strength as she was hitting the window, which gave off sparks when she hit it and slowly turning into her slime form as the cast spell was working.

"Damn, chill, sis!" laughed Blitz, who was on the other side of the window, as she was hitting it too.

In the other universe, during the time when Dawn got the book

Dashie and Twilah were enjoying their dinner alone, enjoying their alone time as they talked and showed their love to each other by hugging and kissing.

"I love you," whispered Dashie as she told her that in her ear, making Twilah blush red and cover her face.

"I-I-I love you too," whispered back Twilah as she returned the love by kissing her.

"It's why..." softly said Dashie as she got out of her seat and got on one knee.

"What are you doing? Drop something?" asked Twilah, looking down, trying to see what her girlfriend was doing.


"Then what?" Twilah not getting it at all.

"Twilah, will you, ma?" Dashie was cut short as Blitz blasted into the kitchen in her anthro form and looked very worn out.

"Hey mom's! Sorry, I'm late for dinner. I couldn't enjoy the lake with Dawn." huffed Blitz as she caught her breath.

"Oh my, are you alright?" asked Twilah, while Dashie quickly stood up and blushed.

"Yeah, I'm fine. Just there was a boating accident and the people needed help, and you know me, I can't stop myself from helping. Well, Dawn thought I bounced or something and got upset at me as she left the lake. Man, I wish I could tell her that I'm Rainbow Comet."

"Tell her then. Stop doing this to yourself," Dashie calmed herself down and her mom mode kicked in.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," sighs Blitz, as she's tired.

"Want us to make you a plate?" asked Twilah, wanting to cheer her daughter up.

"Nah, I got something on the way here. Just going to my room."

"Blitz, please. Tell her. Tell her everything," repeated Dashie.

"I can't..."

"And why not?"

"I just can't. I just can't tell her."

Dashie sighed as she walked up to her daughter and held her shoulders. "You truly take after me. Just tell her. If you love her and want her to understand you better, open up to her. I know it's scary, but if you truly love her, just be brave and tell her. Trust me," Dashie hugged her.

But Blitz broke the hug as she turned bright red.

"Love? Me and Dawn...in love?! No way! That's gross. I don't love her like that... I'm her friend, her BEST friend. And she's mine, that's all." huff Blitz, not wanting to hear any more about this.

"Blitz, it's okay. Love is a beautiful thing," Twilah said in a motherly way.

"Christ, you super do take after me." face palm Dashie as she could see herself in her daughter and the way she was acting up. "Just admit it? Everyone knows you love her."

"Admit what? That she's cute—yeah, I will admit that. And her smile and the way she makes me happy when she's with me...she's amazing...and her smell...it's sweet like her heart...her body..." trailed off Blitz as her wings shot up, causing her parents to look and blush and look away.

"Hey...kiddo... I know no child wants to hear this, but...your poles are up!" Dashie said it in the most motherly way she could.

"MY WHAT!? OH SHIT!" shouted Blitz, as her wings were stiff. "I GOTTA GO! BYE!" Blitz flew to her room, slamming the door.

"So..." softly said Dashie as she slowly turned to Twilah. "Was that...fine? Right?"

Twilah just shrugged at her, not knowing the right words to say. Causing Dashie to sigh.

"She is growing up. Maybe I should tell her about...you know..." coughed Dashie.

"Yeah, don't. Remember what I said before?" replied Twilah, smiling.

"I CAN DO IT!" shouted Dashie, feeling a little mad and hurt

"No, you can't," chuckled Twilah as she gave Dashie a kiss on the cheek. Dashie rubbed the back of head, wanting to say something but didn't. Instead help cleaning the dishes.

"I can!" pouted Dashie, but all of a sudden, they could hear Blitz Bed creaking loudly, making both parents turn to each other and blush hard.

"Should we go...I mean, I've never done this before. What are we supposed to say?" asked Dashie, starting to get scare as the thoughts of telling Blitz about her body.

"Don't worry, we got this. She's our daughter."

"Yeah, you're right."

"We have too."

"But are we really ready? This is a huge step."

"Yeah, but I'm not going to let anyone teach my little girl this. Not even the internet." Twilah glared at the computer in the living room "This is our turf!"

"You're right. So, we'll do this. Together?"


Dashie and Twilah took a deep breath and were about to walk up the stairs, but they could hear moans and screaming.


"OH GOD! LET'S HURRY!" shouted the two as they hurried up the stairs.

few minutes ago

Blitz ran into her room and closed it. She started to think cute things, and finally, her wings started to calm down and she returned to her back. She finally turned back into her human form and jumped into bed after passing the prism window. She hated this and didn't like thinking dirty thoughts about Dawn, but her body couldn't help it.

"Ugh, man. Mom is right, I should tell her everything, but I can't. To both things, will she even love a freak like me? No, she would be freaked out if I told her. Man, this is hard."

Blitz was lost in thought, as she didn't notice the window was moving, and suddenly Braver was looking at it from the other side.

"Blitz you there!" asked Braver.

"Braver!? What's up?" she asked as she stood up.

Braver quickly explained everything and made Blitz's face light up as she grabbed the floating window.


"Yeah, I can't wait! You just need to hit the window at the same time as me! I believe we're our combined powers and boosted spell on me. We can scatter the window, creating a small hole in the wall," explained Braver, holding the chalkboard and showing awful drawings of them.

"Right, but this won't cause any multiverse crises, right? I don't want to get grounded!"

"Nah, it'll be fine!" smirked Braver, but she looked away. "I hope."

Within a second, Blitz was in her sport running wear and took the window and placed it on the bed.

"Okay, I can punch it without it flying off! I still don't understand why it appeared to us a year ago." thought Blitz, but she didn't care! She was going to see her sister again.

"One, two, three!" shouted Blitz and Braver together as they punched the window. They kept punching until cracks started to appear, and Braver's voice could be heard coming through the cracks.

"DAWN! THIS FEELS GREAT!" shouted Braver as she turned into her slime form and smiled.

"Braver, chill!" smirked Blitz as she kept pounding the window but stopped as she heard her moms as Dashie opened the door before asking her to cover up, as they needed a talk.

"Sweetie, we know you are going through womanhood and learning about your body!" Twilah said while Dashie was stuttering her words as they walked in and froze as they saw a prism window on the bed.

"What?" said all three.

On the other side, Twilight and Dash knock on the door.

"I'm respecting your privacy by knocking, but!" called out Twilight.


"By coming in any way!" shouted both of them as they blasted the door down, blushing bright red.

"We need to talk about...the birds...and...what?" Twilight froze as the floating books fell to the ground.

"What...the hay?" simply said Dash as she drop to the floor in shock.

Twilight and Dash stared at Braver, as she was in her slime form and punching at the prism window on the floor, while Dawn was covering her eyes, as the color prism lights were too much and she didn't see how Braver was acting, but to Twilight and Dash, they had seen this before. They saw this in Sky's memories. The day that Breaker destroyed her world, killing her mothers and then their universe.

"BREAK! BREAK! BREAK!" happily screamed Braver, as she had the evilest smile on her face.

"WHAT THE HAY ARE YOU DOING!" shouted Dash as she tackled her daughter, but her force didn't made her move at all.

"DAWN! GET BACK!" Twilight grabbed her student with her magic and pulled her out of the room, repairing the door and shutting it. While Dash was trying to pull Braver away from the prism window, but she couldn't; she wasn't moving one bit.

"BREAKBREAKBREAKBREAKBREAK!" chanted Braver as Twilight's fear grew.

"B-B-BREAKER!? N-NO! THIS ISN'T YOU!" Twilight shouted over Braver yelling, as she was scared. She could feel the magic of Breaker all over the room, and her daughter was becoming her old self.

"I'LL BREAK IT! I'll see you again! WE'LL BE TOGETHER AGAIN! I'M BRAVER! I'LL BREAK ANYTHING DOWN FOR THE PEOPLE I LOVE!" Braver screamed as rainbow tears were forming, causing her mothers to be confused.

On the other side of the window, Blitz and her mother could hear Braver screaming.

"Is that Breaker!" shouted Dashie, but she could see her daughter making a glaring face towards her.


"Was that Blitz and Dashie!?" shouted Dash as she heard them and looked into the window, but it was too badly cracked to see into it.

"BLITZ! MY SWEET, CUTE, CARING, AND DEAR LITTLE!" Braver rose her hoof into the air.

"SISTER!" shouted the two as they brought their strikes down at the window, finally breaking it, and with a great flash, the whole room was filled with prism lights and afterimage effects, causing everyone to have prism afterimages and be blown back, but this time, instead of being blasted with a rainbow pillar, Braver slammed her hoof through the window, and her slime hoof became a slime human hand.

"BLITZ!" shouted Braver as her arm was stuck.

"BRAVER!" shouted Blitz as she grabbed her hand, and soon, a rainbow sun in a black void ocean flashed in everyone's minds, but quickly erased from their minds and suddenly, Blitz and her parents were sucked into the window and were tossed into the Braver room, landing on their counter parts.

Soon, the prism window just vanished into thin air.

Within the world of between, millions of prism windows floated around the multiverse tree, and floating along with them was a dark figure, as it was crying, like it had lost something.

"...where are you!? I'll find you!" cried the figure as it touched a window, but quickly sensed something—something so familiar to it.

"That magic...is...her. The one I lost, and...no, this isn't the right one, but it is similar. Is she in trouble? Is she in pain? Where are you?" cried out the figure.

It flew around, looking into each and every prism window, not noticing the broken one that appeared and floating away from it.

"WHERE ARE YOU? PLEASE! DON'T LEAVE ME AGAIN!" figure screamed as darkness faded away from its back, revealing a black jacket and a rainbow sun, as it lost its core and only left was a black empty hole. "I'll find you! ACROSS THE MULTIVERSE! EVEN IF I HAVE TO SCATTER IT! JUST TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN!"

End of Prologue

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