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Growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional


Twilight Sparkle finds herself waking up in a small space pod with a new body. There is only 4 years old. With no memories other than her name and the knowledge of science she has gained over the years, She is alone and confused as her pod crashes down to the nearest planet, where she meets a kind woman whose name is Vomi, who takes Twilight in as her own. But is Twilight truly alone in this new universe? Or is there an old friend here who can try and help her recall her old life?

A small warning: this story is written by a guy who has never learned to write by school, for they believe I was never going to use it, and English is my second language. So I might be a bit bad.

Else a big thank you to Blackdrag-rose, for talking me into trying to write a story.

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Do any female Dragon Ball characters appear in this story?

Like who are you thinking about? For I'm planning to follow the story and adding in the movies while giving it my own twist.

But as the room got quiet with only Twilight left in it, she started to call to her magic, for there was something she needed to do. And that was to get control over all the rage inside her, and while she had been talking with her family, a spell had come to her mind a spell that allowed her to store an emotion of her choice for later use. And all that rage she was still feeling she needed to store it to not get anymore stupid idea, and she would keep doing this with all her rage, only to use it the day she would be ready to take down Goku. So she cast the spell locking all the rage away for now, making Twilight feel so much better and ready for sleep. which made her decide to store her rage every time she had the chance, for if it felt this good to just store it, then it would probably feel far better to let it all out on a foe. But that will have to wait, for now, she will have to recover.

Damnit, Twilight!!! This will most likely backfire, I mean look what happened to Starlight.

Nah it will be perfectly safe:pinkiecrazy:

Well, good for Twilight for her massive training on both Namek and Yardart. Now she will eventually get her rematch with Goku, and it will be quite one-sided. :pinkiecrazy:

So around where do you think she is in power right now?


I think around the five digits? ( Ex. 10,000-99,999 )

And that's just low balling.

Yeah I can say that is low balling it a bit, for she is far stronger then that.


Then it's on the six digits ( 100,000-999,999 )?

Or even on the low millions ( 1,000,000-20,000,000 ).

You got it there for she was just below a million as she left Namek, clocking in at around 900,000 thousands, and after Yardrat she comes in at 1,500,000 million without Wrathful, so with the 10x multiply, she can right now come in at at good 15,000,000 millions.

Else Twilight had only had to blow up five pods; there had tried to land in the time they had been there. And now that they had everything there that seemed to be worth their time, they started to pack up and return to Earth. And with two and a half years left before Lapis, Lazuli, and Gevo would be free of their pods, They will have time to integrate their new technology into their lives.

Welp, she got rid of the Ginyu Force in just the easiest and rather logical action by blowing up their space pods still inside the depths of space.

I can tell you that no it's not them, these were pods there was just going to land where they were. The Ginyu Force around this time would have been close to Yardrat, while the post Twilight and Vomi went to was the closer to earth.


Wait!? So there just random Frieza Force Members that coincidentally almost found Earth somehow!? But Twilight took care of them luckily.

Indeed, and it's do to Vegeta, for why did he nearly die there? That would bring up questions about the planet, so they were going to go and take a look. And bad luck on them they took a stop at the nears out post before going to earth, which just so happen to be where Twilight was.

Thank you, far more changes will be coming.

That's a cool change, I can't wait to see what you do with it in the future.

Thank you, and you can be sure more will come.

I wander who the second force is?

Thanks for the fact I didn't know that. Nice chapter as well.

Well I'm happy you enjoy it.

I keep seeing Ginyu, but what about the other four guys.

Well they die on Namek, but they will make a return, they just need a chance to use the Dragon balls, which they are one month away from, so they will make their return in chapter 13.

Else what do you think about the question I asked in the Notes?


With a potential Twilight x Tempest?

Well, I'm not against it. If you want to do it, you do you.

Fair enough. I'm mostly just looking for feedback for I got no idea if people want to see it or not. Also Thank you for giving me yours.

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