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Cpt. Daniel Peters, British Army, 1st Armoured Infantry Brigade, 7th Battalion.

That’s who I was, who I try to be even though I can’t.

My life wasn't perfect, wasn't great, wasn't bad either. It was ordinary. Was Ordinary.

Now stuck in candy land I have no idea if I’m dreaming, died and gone to heaven, gone to hell or all three.

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It can be said the multiverse is a series of rivers, each one its own reality, all flowing infinitely close to each other, but never touching. When one river receives a sudden influx of energy and overflows its banks, touching another reality in the process, two species must come to terms with their sudden awareness of the other. And as the deeper ramifications of their meeting become apparent, both species must make a choice as one.

While this is a direct sequel to In Duty's Name, it is not required to read it. It is recommended, as it will help you get to know everypony better :)

This is a re-imagining of The Conversion Bureau universe as originally created by Blaze. All Canon characters are (c) Hasbro and Studio B. All Original Characters are (c) to their respective owners

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Conflict has been boiling between the two Apple siblings for a while now, but when the trouble between them seems to reach it’s climax, an unexpected twist leaves them back at square one. Big Macintosh, the hardworking backbone of Sweet Apple Acres, claims he isn’t Big Mac. He denies being himself, and denies being the big brother to Applejack.

At an impasse on what to do, Ponyville’s local psychiatrist is called to help find out what happened to Big Macintosh. Can she find out what is going on with him? Whatever the truth is, the mind inside of Big Macintosh makes one thing perfectly clear. “I Am Not Big Mac.”

Content Warnings: Discussion of Death, Loss, Grief. Explicit Language.

WARNING: Spoilers in the comments.

Chapters (10)

A sudden and powerful magical event consumes all of Ponyville in the space of a few moments, and when Twilight and her friends come to, they find the landscape around them quite different. And the world they discover, to be devoid of magic and inhabited by strange beings.

One of these beings is Asher Burgess, the oldest son of the family whose secluded, Colorado ranch has suddenly become the location of an entire town of alien creatures overnight. Their lives are changed forever as they find themselves the link between the ponies and their own nation.

Bewildered by this new world, things start getting more urgent as more of the Equestrian world arrives piece by piece, and not all of it is so friendly. Searching for answers, Asher, Twilight, and the rest of the gang stumble onto more questions, and uncover an amazing secret. One that could either save them all, or doom both worlds to annihilation.

(Set just after the events of season 3 finale. Diverges from there, movie has no effect.)

Graciously edited by Dream Seeker, Commander Fire Starter, Sharp Quill and Absurd Tomfoolery

P.S. A request if you will: When someone gives a "dislike," would ya'll mind commenting why? Especially if it has something to do with a writing skill.

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It is Year Five, and Dr. Calloway Kotani is stuck in evacuated Peru. The Barrier moves relentlessly inland at 14 kilometers per day. It never stops. It never slows down. No Potion. No rescue. South America is 4353 kilometers wide. Run, Dr. Kotani. Run for your life.

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On the 996th anniversary of Nightmare Moon's banishment, Princess Celestia plucks a quartet of strange entities from the night sky. With her fifteen-year-old student, a rising Royal Guard officer named Shining Armor, a young Princess Cadence with an unrequited crush only the subject and his sister are oblivious to, and a small team of Royal Guards, she investigates. Their discovery is breathtaking to the ponies. What happens after ensnares the small US Special Operations Command task force led by Captain Scott Mitchell of the Ghosts, who through fate or misfortune found themselves on another world.

The events that occur over the next few months threaten to change Equis forever, as a series of low-profile conflicts that have long remained outside Equestrian borders begins to encroach upon it. As things are, lies, treachery and secrets are what is keeping Equis from tearing itself apart, and at the same time are the very things that may destroy it.

But if Captain Mitchell's team and the accompanying Special Forces can complete their new mission against all odds, then Equestria and the rest of Equis will never know what really transpired, or the true driving forces behind the long-hidden conflict. Because they're Ghosts, and they were never there...

Note: Uses characters and appearances from console versions of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2.

DISCLAIMER: Not inspired or influenced in any way by Titanomachy. The author has never read that story, only seen it featured and guessed its content based on the title and description. Any similarities are purely coincidental, though Greek mythology is a significant literary inspiration.

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Once upon a time, on the not-so-magical planet Earth, there was a US Marine who signed up to defend his country. He was assigned to a fire team, the fire team assigned to a squad and the squad assigned to a platoon. Together they defended the area surrounding a Forward Operating Base in Afghanistan from insurgents. If only it were that simple.

When lone Marine is transported to Equestria he finds a post-apocalyptic wasteland. With no orders, no resupply and seemingly no hope of return, he sets out to find what brought him here, and why.

Strong Language Warning: He swears like a Marine.
Disclaimer: I'm not a Marine

What do readers have to say about this story?

"[T]his has to be the dumbest sounding plot I've ever heard of. But my god do you take that and fuck it in its ass ... Its just so real and witty and genuine that the whole premise actually works!" ComprehensiveBrony

"Yes, it's human-in-Equestria, but it's good. ... the action scenes had me sitting on the edge of my seat" Tebee

Cover by me, background stock by DarkDragon774

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After Songbird Serenade's concert, Twilight Sparkle attempts to give Tempest Shadow a fresh start on life, but Tempest is anxious and stubborn, insisting that there'll be nopony that she can relate to heart-to-heart, the frightened townsfolk of Canterlot only adding to her attitude.

While attempting to restart the Mirror for a teleportation presentation, Twilight Sparkle causes a serious malfunction. Tempest tries to use her horn to blow a fuse and terminate the portal's magical power supply, but ends up overclocking the portal, which becomes overpowered and pulls them all in. Moments later they fall through storm clouds, eventually hitting hard pavement. Dazed, the group of friends finds themselves on the run-down streets of downtown Toronto, where they face even greater troubles - and a group of friendly faces.

WARNING: This story contains:
- Discussion about drugs
- Violence and some blood
- Cursing, though no vulgarity
- Sex tag is for romantic talk only.

P.S.: This story takes place after the events at the end of the MLP Movie. My Little Pony as a TV show and a franchise does not exist on Earth in this story, so no human knows of the characters' names or existence.

Chapters (41)

The Princesses find an alien creature barely clinging to life at the scene of a terrifying crash. Can the Combined Power of the Elements of Harmony save it, or more importantly, should they save it? Will the arrival of this strange creature tear Equestria apart?

TV Tropes

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After dying in a car crash, (or whatever generic Isekai opening best suits you) Johan finds himself in the magical world of Equestria. Of course, magic is subjective, especially considering that Johan doesn't seem to have it in the slightest.

Now he's stuck in a world he doesn't seem to belong in, while his friend starts to reap in the glory of being the main character. All the while, mysterious conspiracies centuries in the making start to flare up, as villains from the ancient past and the present seem to both be gunning for the poor deer.

As if it couldn't get any worse, apparently he's developing a voice in his head. Great for him.

Cover by: Lux Arume links to their accounts can be found here:

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