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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 30: The Trial



A good three days passed by, rather quickly. I continued working hard at the shop, finishing up the Gran Torino and getting the Mustang shell closer to completion. Mom continued her work as a cashier, and Twilight had taken to reading all the books there were in the house. Pinkie and Skystar played in the street with a ball and their BMX bikes, discovering new ways to turn, jump, and spin. They fell a lot but got back up every time, refining their moves.

I, on the other hand, spent a good half hour during lunch break practicing more complicated tricks outside the shop in the parking lot – albeit where there was smoother pavement. I’d managed to perfect my caballerial kickflips and my 540 flips – both regular and nollie. The 360 hardflip and nosehook impossible were tough ones though. Eighteen times out of twenty I’d slip up on my foot positioning and stumble. But nothing beat that inner feeling when I finally got it right – and I always had my pony friends to cheer me on when it did happen.

Back in the far alley of my head still lay the importance of the court case. Skystar wasn’t in too much danger – a lawsuit against her would likely be thrown out – but Tempest could easily be convicted of weaponized assault. Technically, though, it wasn’t by a weapon – because her horn stump was a physical, biological part of her. Maverick and Rodney offered to assist, but I kindly refused.

“It’s alright,” I reassured. “In the eyes of the law, Tempest and I are nothing more than good friends, as we have no legally romantic or biological relationship. I will be acting as a witness, and I’ve submitted my evidence to the cops. However, I do not have any recording of Tempest’s assault, so she will have to solemnly confess for herself, and the same for the cop. Twilight and her friends can be witnesses as well if they wish. And Skystar, of course, can be present.”

“Can we at least attend?” Rodney pleaded.

I chuckled and patted his shoulder. “Of course you can.”

Exactly 24 hours before the court event, I checked my bank balances. Only a couple hundred left. And Joyce was in charge of the rent.

“Well,” I sighed, spinning around on my chair to face my pony friends directly. “It looks like only Tempest, Skystar, and I will be attending.”

Rarity’s eye widened. “Why?”

“Court cases are no casual or humorous matter,” I replied, deepening my tone so everyone knew I was dead serious. “Attending them requires a certain dress code that must be upheld, guy or girl. As it stand now, y’all can’t just walk in stark naked like… animals. I hate to use the term but that’s the cold truth. But I know you’re not wild animals – you’re well-meaning, talking, cute, sentient beings, just like me, Zack, Joyce, and a million other humans.”

“So you have enough money for court attire for just yourself and them?” Applejack guessed.

I nodded. “That, and the Forester is gonna need some gas after the long trip we took to Ashbridges Bay Skatepark over the weekend. I won’t receive any wages until the end of the week.”

Pinkie’s face fell, and so did the others. I understood their sympathy and admired their firm unity as friends, but this was out of their bounds.

Borrowing Mom’s tape measure, I headed out the door, with Tempest and Skystar in tow. We began our trip at a small formal thrift store. After some careful looking, I bought a Brioni knock-off set – suit, blouse, tie, and trousers for a good $165.

“You look sharper than the Storm King’s warrior’s spearheads,” Tempest joked, as I opened the door to the changing room. “Just wait ‘till Rarity sees you.”

“Imagine her delight,” I quipped, and we briefly shared a laugh. It was quiet, so no one really noticed us until the last moment when I was checking out.

“What’s a unicorn doing in my store?!” the cashier snapped, still taken aback in shock.

“What’s the matter? Never seen a talking horse before?” I joked, pulling out my wallet. “That’s Tempest Shadow. I’d give her full respect if I were you.”

“Just helping Xavier here shop,” she muttered, briefly glancing at him sideways. “No need to worry about me. We’re alike you more than you think.”

I smiled, paid the due amount, and we left without a word. Next up was a place I knew well – Value Village. Before we entered, I paid a meeting with the manager, and discussed about letting Tempest and Skystar enter the store, and the upcoming court case.

“Alright,” he huffed. “But only this once.”

“We’ll be fine, I promise,” I replied.

I retrieved my friends from the car and in we went, together. In spite of her enthusiasm, Skystar kept it together quite well. She stayed by my side as we walked through the halls. I held up a few items and Tempest either nodded or shook her head.

We eventually decided on a grey-beige blazer, a white gingham shirt, tie, a box-pleated pencil skirt, and a sweat undergarment for Tempest.

“I look… rather…”

“Dashing?” I suggested.

“No. It’s what the Storm King would call, ‘saucily elegant’,” she responded dryly as she wriggled a little to get the blazer looking even across her shoulders.

Right… I thought, realizing she was also in commando mode. Right beside me, Skystar was practically on the verge of jumping up and down in anticipation.

“Chill, Sky!” I chuckled, stroking her head. “We’ll get to yours in a moment.”

After Tempest had submitted to the need for her attire, she undressed and we headed off to find some clothing. After a bit of debating, I headed to the dress section and looked through it carefully. After what felt like a whole hour, I found it: a formal medium-blue dress with shoulder straps. To compensate, I added a simple white long-sleeved top underneath.

“How do you feel?” I whispered through the changing room door.

“Absolutely brilliant!” Skystar squealed, prancing about a little. I could hear the swishy sounds of the fabric twirling as she spun joyfully. “I’ll take this!”

“Then it’s official: we are done,” I announced.

Skystar plopped the dress and shirt into the cart. I checked out, and we headed outside.

“Where to next?” Skystar inquired as she helped me pack the bags of clothes into the car.

“To one more place. A proper women’s clothing store,” I explained. “And then back home to finalize the plans for tomorrow.”

Having measured Tempest and Skystar, I knew what sizes I had to get. I slipped into a store, bought two packs of lace-trimmed panties and a pair of pantyhose, and slipped out with ease.

“That was fast,” Tempest noted as I hopped into the Forester and cranked up the engine.

“You bet,” I replied with a snicker. “Now let’s get home.”

I put the car in gear and off we went. Skystar was excited to see the lake as I drove the long way home, and kept begging me to let her dive in. I firmly said no and explained why.

“If I could take you to Hawaii, I would,” I confessed. “I love that country’s beaches, tight-knit community, interesting culture, and natural scenery. However, the economy and living situations would be super hard. Compared to here in Toronto, the cost of everything is exceptionally high – like five times as costly. Here’s a tease.”

I opened a photo album on my phone and handed it to Skystar.

“Wow, it does look… interesting and beautiful there!” she exclaimed. “Streets are a little like here, but once you’re out of town, it gets so peaceful-looking and unique. And those beaches are… hey, what’s with these people standing on boards inside the wave?”

I had to chuckle as I noticed her eyes getting all droopy in a dreamy manner. “That’s called surfing. You paddle towards a wave and let it take you at a decent speed, before standing up and letting its crashing force propel you through the ‘tube’ of the wave. It’s really fun once you know how to do it properly.”

“So that’s why skateboarding is so fun for you!” Tempest exclaimed with a smile of realization. “I’ve seen you and others bust moves similar to that at the skatepark.”

“Indeed,” I replied with a smile. “Skateboarding actually came from surfing, when surfers were too bummed about the lack of good waves. Roller skates were in at the time, so they took off the wheels and secured them to flat pieces of wood and voila! Skateboarding was born. Took some time to improve and refine, but after a couple decades, here we are.”

“Where did you get these photos from?” Skystar inquired, handing me back my phone.

“From an old middle school friend,” I replied, plugging it in to charge. “He went there with his family to visit relatives there for two whole months. His dad was a photographer, and so he sent me the photos. In fact, that’s how I took up skateboarding, because I didn’t have the means to surf. Eventually I forgot about surfing altogether, and my friend decided to move back to Hawaii permanently. I missed him a lot. I still think about him from time to time – in fact, thank you for mentioning about swimming. I probably would’ve forgotten about those photos and deleted the album. Don’t worry, I have a backup.”

Skystar tried to hide her sad pout, but I saw right through it. I gave her too much. So I tried to lighten up the mood.

“I know, Sky. I wish I could go too. Maybe I still have his email – I’ll check when we get home. On the plus side, given our case goes well, we can finally begin the quest to find a way for you and your friends to return home.”

The following morning I found my brain with more cranking gears than the tranny in Brian’s Viper. After a good wash-up and a little shave, I ironed a few shirts, then got Tempest dressed while Twilight, Spike, Rarity, and the others waited patiently in the living room.

“I… can’t do this,” Tempest muttered as she sat up on my bed and ungainly tried to stand bipedal.

“You certainly can,” I replied firmly. “Your life may actually depend on it. Let me help you get dressed.”

Beginning with the pantyhose, I unfolded the whole thing and smoothly slid it up her legs and over her waist, bunching it under her tail to help hold it up. Next, I pulled a pair of baby blue panties from the pack I’d bought and slid it up on top. Tempest’s tail was too thick, so I tucked the panty’s waistband below as well.

“Ooh, feels quite tight under there,” Tempest said with a slight shiver.

“That’s the idea, to keep those bits relaxed and protected,” I replied, albeit sheepishly as I understood the full implications of what I was uttering.

With the undergarments on, I proceeded with the blouse, draping it over her, sliding her front legs into the sleeves, and buttoning it up, before tucking the hem into the panty’s waistband. Then came the pencil skirt, which I slid up her legs and zipped up tight at the waist. Finally, I tied her tie and buttoned up her blazer. As no 1-inch heels on the market would fit thick pony hooves, I simply decided to do with her armor’s hoof guards.

Next it was my turn. Everything fit beautifully. Given I had no leather loafers, I decided to wear the closest thing I could get – a pair of Nike SB Nyjahs. A friend had given them to me as a gift since he’d bought the wrong size, but they fit me perfectly. Given their uniqueness and pristine condition (I never wore them, kept as a collector’s item), they seemed like the best choice.

“Skystar!” I called out, opening the bedroom door. “Your turn!”


Skystar ran inside, and in a matter of minutes I had her in a pair of panties and that elegant blue dress. With our outfits all on, we stepped out into the living room, our outfits revealed for all to see.

“Oh, my, I, I…” Rarity couldn’t even get the words out. I shot her a mocking wink as we headed to the door. Mom joined in her formal dress and we walked up and out the door. Given her long, flowing skirt, Skystar was already starting to trip.

“A little… woah! Rather different, but works,” she said with a shrug, pushing herself upright so she stood on her back legs only. “I’ll get used to it. If it’s what’s needed, I’ll do it. Because you know, one small thing…”

“…Can make a big difference,” I finished with a smile as we hopped in the car. “Alright, let’s settle this for good.”

After double-checking to make sure all necessary documents were on hand, I cranked up the Forester’s engine and we headed off.

It was rather an interesting moment as we stepped through the doors. Joyce, Skystar, and I went through the main entrance, while security ushered Tempest through the side door – the alleyway reserved for criminals.

Keeping my face straight but humble, I walked inside, ushered by guards. It was only the second time, so I still felt like a newbie. However, the sections and positions were still identifiable. Many attendees were already there – many from around Parkdale whom I recognized. The librarian. The manager of the local Nofrills store. A few families. And of course, my mom.

I stepped forward into the witness chair and sat down, keeping silent. Apparently someone had already filed a prosecution against the cop, most likely from word of mouth, as I had shared the evidence images with the police already.

After a good wait, the trigger-happy cop was brought into the criminal box, beside Tempest – though a wall separated them. With a ragged shirt, a slightly grosteque face, and khaki pants, he looked a million miles away from the cocky, aggressive cop he’d been just a few weeks prior. Not to mention the bandages across his chest from the vicious scars he’d received from Tempest’s horn. Before entering, I’d strictly warned Tempest to limit her fury, and wrapped a bandana around her horn to help reduce her stress – and possibly prevent her from firing it at anyone. The girl was a serious force to be reckoned with when enraged.

By the time the judge, Jacqueline, arrived my stomach was filled with more butterflies than on Fluttershy’s whole cottage grounds. It was time to begin the trial – the trial that would determine the outcome and future life of my best friends.

“Mr. Xavier William Brown. Been a while. What’s got you in the opposite box this time?” she whispered.

“An opportunity taken with a fat chance,” I replied in a low voice.

She simply nodded and took her position at the central stage, tapping the tapstone with her hammer. “Alright, sit down everybody,” she ordered. “Let the trial begin. Starting with you, Mr. White. Arthur’s lawyer.”

So that was the cop’s name, I thought. I held back my eye-roll as Mr. White drabbled on and on about rights to freedom, gun control laws, and all matter of police force blabber. It took a good third of an hour for him to get through all of it. But when he did finish, it was Arthur’s turn to speak.

“Mr. Arthur Wolfe, do you promise to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what you did?” Jacqueline stated seriously, fixing her gaze on him.

“Yes, m’aam.”

“Then begin.”


Feeling confident, I sat back a bit in my chair, though not fully reclined, ready to listen to every word and how said words were expressed and constructed.

“I was returning from a troublesome and frustrating case, and came upon this group of colorful four-legged creatures. Name any color of the rainbow – it was there. And then this yellow horse-bird of sorts stood up and started threatening me, as if to attack. So I retaliated… by shooting. I-I-I didn’t mean to kill her, just put her in her place.”

“And what a fine job you did of it,” Jacqueline remarked. “I had the opportunity to examine the photos sent in by Mr. Xavier William Brown here to the prosecutor, and confirmed via a veterinary expert that this beautiful, precious hippogriff had been maimed to the point of being unable to walk, and had lost a significant amount of blood in the process, in addition to having a bruised bone, and scar tissue and muscle torn from the impact of the bullet. This indicated that the shot was fired at a very close range.”

“I also had the opportunity to examine the short video that the prosecutor had also obtained from Mr. Xavier William Brown, which showed clear evidence of a fragmented bullet on the road, as well as the exact ID of the gun that was used to shoot Skystar. From cross-examination it is impossible for Mr. Xavier or anyone else to be blamed for using that gun to shoot Skystar, let alone touch it. Further investigation proved that the only fingerprints on the gun were of Officer Arthur himself only.”

A moment of silence was held as the audience held back a couple gasps of shock, before Jacqueline continued.

“However, the act of defense from this hippogriff’s friend cannot and will not be ignored. The video also revealed third-degree burns on this officer’s uniform by his chest, which was confirmed by doctors and detectives to only have been caused by high-voltage electrical shocks from a concentrated, direct beam of high energy.” She then turned to Tempest. “Miss Fizzlepop Berrytwist, as is your full legal name, do you promise to truthfully testify to your actions?”

“Yes, m’aam,” Tempest said at once, taking a few smooth breaths to ease out her dislike of her original name being spoken so eloquently and out loud in front of others.


“Yes. To all those present, I testify, I did blast Officer Arthur in the chest. I solemnly swear that I did so purely out of self-defense and anger. Being from a different world with very different creatures, I was unaware of the high degrees of physical damage that I would cause. I do not deny my personal belief that Arthur is in the wrong, but I do render myself guilty of not handling the situation in a better manner.”

With her testimony speech over, Tempest simply sat down and remained silent. I had to hold back a wide smile – she’d obeyed my commands well. Judge Jacqueline then pointed to Skystar.

“Miss Skystar, please rise. Do you truthfully testify that this man, Officer Arthur, shot you with his gun? Do you, too, promise to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about what exactly happened that night?”

“Yes, m’aam. I promise. He did. He also yelled in a loud and threatening tone at me and my friends for us to get on the ground for no reason at all. All me and my friends were doing was simply walking down the street, trying to find help and answers as to where we were. I stood upright and asked Arthur why we thought he would think we’d be doing any harm. And… that’s when the blast rang out and I fell to the ground in pain. It felt like the life was drained out of me as the voice of my closest friend faded out and my vision blackened, and…”

“It’s okay, Skystar, that’s enough,” Jacqueline ordered, while revealing a slight tone of compassion as the poor hippogriff started choking up in tears.

I felt like calling out for someone to hand her a tissue, but held back. I did not want anything to mess this up. The crucial moment was near as Judge Jacqueline continued.

“These electrical injuries that Officer Arthur sustained were enough to blacken and melt away the flesh on his chest, leaving him with – rather unsurprisingly – a large amount of blood loss, about equal to that of the hippogriff who was shot. Taking blood loss into consideration, this can be used as a measuring tool of sorts. All evidence for this case is decent, though more solid and concrete for the victim’s side. Nonetheless, assault on a police officer is a serious criminal offense. Now it is your turn, Mr. Xavier. You may rise. Please describe what you saw.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Jacqueline,” I replied. “I was driving back from a long night out. I heard the gunshot and came upon the road. From the lights I was able to see what had happened, and heard the cries of sorrow at the worry and fear of Skystar’s friend who had apparently thought her friend had died. Mr. Arthur was on the ground, out cold and bleeding. I stopped, ran up the road, and surveyed the scene, photographing the key areas of importance. I took a short video, then picked up Skystar. I placed her in the trunk of my car, and wrapped a rag around her bleeding leg. All her other friends then piled into my car, and we fled the scene.”

Tempest gave a slight nod, and I caught it with my eye as I sat down. Jacqueline then began her long conclusion.

“Mr. Arthur Wolfe, please rise. The act of pointing a gun at a hippogriff – a beautiful, proud creature who was standing up for her friends, and the way it was conducted, is a seriously despicable act of abuse and harm. Thus you are guilty of animal abuse and abuse of your power as a police officer. The Toronto police force has already fired you, and now, I hereby sentence you to 25 years in prison, with absolutely no possibility of bail or parole.

A couple gasps and small talk was heard from the audience, before Jacqueline struck her hammer and continued.

“As much as your assault on Mr. Arthur Wolfe was an act of self-defense, it is still an act of wrongdoing to inflict that level of injury on a police officer, regardless of their individual behavior. However, because you are a foreigner from an entirely different world, I cannot and will not try you as a citizen, but rather as a free inhabitant. Miss Fizzlepop Berrytwist – or Tempest Shadow, you are hereby sentenced to serve 300 hours of community service, and a restraining order on anyone who has visible possession of weapons. I have been informed that you will be returning soon to your homeland, so I have dismissed the act of imposing probation. Consider it an act of compassion for your straight honesty and formal, relaxed composure. As for Skystar, I wish her the best in becoming a good figure in society. I would like to also mention that the charges laid against her by the Ripley’s Aquarium have been dropped. This case is now closed and this court is adjourned. Thank you all for attending.”

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed this chapter. I suck at describing court cases, so forgive me for any details missed or incorrect legislation facts stated. Getting ever closer to finishing this story now.

Lots more to come!

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