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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 32: Tempest's Adventure - Part I



My morning began with a good shower, as Tempest’s odor and loose fur ends were all over me. She wanted to sleep on the floor, but I insisted on being in bed next to me. What followed was a session of cuddling that nearly became sensual. I tried to just lay sideways, but she rolled onto her back and wrapped her arm around me, pulling me on top of her muscular belly. No lying – I got twitchy. Under that purple fur were some serious abs. She gently rested her hoof on my head, pushing my face into her fluffy chest. I had to draw the line when she tried to pin my leg down. Nonetheless, I made myself comfortable and passed out in mere minutes.

“What the hay were you doing?” Applejack snapped at breakfast.

“Sleeping in a comfortable manner,” Tempest replied flatly.

I had to laugh: Fizzy had done it well. I had to know someone (or somepony) really well before I could go all the way. Ironically, Tempest then put forth a request.

“I’d like to ask for something.”

“Which is?” Joyce asked.

“Permission,” Tempest simply stated.

“Name it!” I replied excitedly.

“I’d like to travel… alone. I want to see outside of the city, where it’s open, relaxed, and quiet.”

“That’s a long way by foot,” Twilight noted.

“I have public transportation to a certain extent, sure. After that, yes, I’m on foot. But I have my ways,” Tempest stated firmly. “I won’t be carrying much – just a saddlebag with some fruit, a cloth, a water bottle, and some cash.”

“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Joyce asked, and I shot her a disappointed look. Major, major duh there, Mom. But to both Twilight’s surprise and mine, Tempest kept her composure.

“I certainly will be. I have travelled across many lands and endured harsh environments within.”

“Didn’t you mention once that a good leader is one who can be a good leader to himself?” I teased.

Joyce almost blushed. “Uh… yes, yes I did. Thanks… for reminding me.”

I didn’t want to exactly embarrass my mom, but I did want her to be in the hot seat for doubting Tempest’s abilities of being solo.

“Once a loner, always a loner, eh Tempest Shadow?” I joked, hopping onto my board and pushing down the road.

“You know it, Breezy,” she winked. I handed her a few coins, which she took in her mouth, and ran off to catch the streetcar.
Her plan was to go to the Bloor station, catch the train to Etobicoke, and then take a taxi all the way to a tiny rural town. It seemed like she wanted to keep her location a secret, and given her past, I couldn’t really blame her.

I, however, had no time for a grand adventure. The shop was full of unfinished projects and malfunctioning cars – customers’ cars – that needed my attention right away.

Meanwhile, Fizzlepop sat all alone on the streetcar, with everyone quickly shifting themselves as far away as they could, despite her best efforts to reassure them. As a result, she had all the front seats to herself, and thus took the opportunity to stretch out and relax her muscles that flexed and bulged beneath her soft, fluffy fur. Nonetheless, she still wore her black re-enforced spandex jumpsuit and armor.

“You’ve set your impressions on me, just as I have set my impressions of you,” she thought sorrowfully and bitterly within. “As curious and investigative as you present yourselves to be, truth be told, you are not trusting creatures.”

Hopping off at her stop, Tempest Shadow then proceeded to the station, keeping a low profile as she could. However, it became rather awkward when the time came to purchase a ticket.

“Hang on, hang on…” Tempest politely told the clerk as she lay down and shook off her saddlebag, letting it plop on the floor before pulling out a banknote. Change was instantly calculated and collected by Tempest… in her mouth. She spat it back into her saddlebag, and gently wedged the ticket between her hoof and her hoof guard.

“Thank you,” she simply stated to the clerk, before shimmying back under her saddlebag, standing up, and turning to leave. Just as she was about to head towards the westbound stop, a voice called out, “Miss! Miss Fizzlepop?”

Tempest gritted her teeth and whipped around as if she’d been followed by a thug, only to be surprised at the sight of a young teen girl – no older than fourteen. Recalling her promise to Breezy, she quickly relaxed her posture.


“Oh, sorry,” the teen girl began, now also feeling at ease. “I saw you having to deal with conducting a cash transaction, and… I thought you’d like some water.”

For the first time since she began her journey, Tempest managed a smile. “Yes, please.”

“Have it all,” the teen girl eagerly replied, taking off the bottle cap and holding it to Tempest’s mouth. She took a few sips before moving on to large swigs. In a matter of seconds, half the bottle was empty.

“You’re a big thirsty girl,” the teen girl complimented, screwing the cap back on as Tempest licked the remaining drops of water off her lips. “Where you headed, by the way?”

“Out west, to Etobicoke,” Tempest replied. “And then up north, where the land is more natural and… inviting.”

“You don’t like the city?”

“I do, but I just feel like I need some fresh air. And I have a plan of where I can get it.”

“Alright. Have yourself a good day.”

“And to you.”

With her body rehydrated, Tempest hopped onto the border fence, then up onto the top of the waiting shelter beside the platform, where she basked in the warmth of the still-rising sun. After a good half hour, the train finally arrived. By this time a whole mob of people had arrived, all of different colors, sizes, shapes, ages, and attitudes.

“Well, I’d be happy to be last,” Tempest self-confided, leaping off the shelter roof as the second-to-last person boarded the train. “Beats pushing through people who obviously won’t take a liking to my presence.”

As the signal rang off, Tempest stepped on and found a comfortable seat, well away from everyone else. It was busy on board, though not too crowded. Even so, it felt like all eyes were on her.

“The second stage,” Tempest whispered to herself, peering down to check that her ticket was still in between her hoof and armor. Happily, it was.

The journey was rather quick and smooth, with the next station being announced just fifteen minutes later. Just when she thought it’d be over, a middle-aged man shifted position… and sat right next to her, resulting in a snort of distaste.

“It’s alright if you don’t want to talk,” he whispered half-heartedly. “I’ve lived in this city for over thirty years and not ever have I seen anything like you guys. How’s the yellow-tailed one doing?”

That got her attention, and it was something she definitely knew about. For the second time, Tempest managed a smile. “Yes… yes. Pri—Skystar, yes. She’s doing alright. Legal issues have been settled. I presume you’ve watched the news that day?”

“Always do. Just for the record, don’t let anybody make you feel inferior. That’s their own problem. Focus on pursuing your goals. Do what makes you happy. However, you also have to make an effort. Don’t give anybody the cold shoulder – even through body language. Be warm and welcoming. Keep that warm smile on and don’t take it off.”

The train soon began to slow to a standstill. “Looks like my stop is here…”

“Harold,” the man replied, reaching out with his hand as Tempest got up. “It was nice meeting you.”

Right away, Tempest accepted the handshake offer. “And likewise for me. Thanks for the support.”

“Happy to help.”

Just as the train doors were about to slide shut, Tempest leaped through and onto the platform, balancing herself perfectly to avoid flipping over backwards.

A short trek through town revealed a pay phone – something Xavier had explained to her how to use. This was the third and final leg of her journey, though also one where she’d be in the direct company of someone else. But wasn’t that the point, as Harold pointed out? Trying to get others to see who you truly are by behaving in a kind and positive manner?

With a sigh, Tempest took off her saddlebag and pulled out a few coins. Then she gently flicked back a clasp, releasing one of her front hooves from its armory embrace, before sliding the coins into the slot, and pulling the phone off its hook. From memory, she punched in the numbers using the tip of her horn – or rather, what remained of it.

“Hi there, can I have a ride at Kipling and Rexdale please? Right in front of the RBC Bank. You can’t miss me, honestly. Alright, thanks.”

With the call complete, Tempest rushed across the street to the bank, sat down, and waited quietly by the bank’s roadside sign. In just over ten minutes, an orange car showed up. Immediately, Tempest sprung out of her hiding place and trotted over, much to the surprise of the driver.

“Y-you’re the one that called?”

Tempest nodded proudly. “I can assure you no harm. I am sentient and have feelings, just like you.”

“I can see that.”

“Good,” said Tempest, opening the back door and hopping in.”

“So…” the driver began.

“Tempest Shadow, though my friends call me Fizzlepop. Funny name for someone who looks like they hopped straight out of a tale of a brave female knight who turned into the horse she rode, I know.”

“And I’m David. You do look like an army commander, I’ll give you that. Now where can I take you today?”

“To Nobleton, please, in the King District.”

“That’s a half-hour drive.”

“Plenty of time to talk for me, and plenty of money for your pocket,” Tempest replied with a grin.

Out on the road, Tempest slowly opened up about her whole life story – the ball game with her friends, getting attacked by the bear, feeling expelled and developing hostility and anger to the world around her, joining the Storm King’s army, capturing Twilight Sparkle, and throwing herself at the Storm King to save Twilight and her friends, as well as how they all arrived on Earth.

“Wow, that’s pretty damn crazy,” David mused, relaxing in his seat as they began to exit the city and enter the countryside. “You’ve definitely been through a lot. I heard about the court case, and it makes complete sense why you behaved the way you did. My friend actually attended. I didn’t want to believe him when he said that it was a cute yellow hippogriff who was the victim and a warrior unicorn who was the accused, but I certainly believed it the moment you came up to my cab.”

“Happy to clear up doubts,” Tempest replied with a warm smile.

“What brings you out here to Nobleton, anyway?” David then asked.

“To relax, and get away from the buzz of the city. “Also to meet some new people as well.”

“I see. Have you thought about taking mediation classes?”

“That exists?”

“Quite a lot.”

“I’ll look into it when I get back. For now I want to relax and reconnect with the good side of myself and let go of all the negatives.”

“I can’t argue with that.”

As they reached Nobleton, Tempest soon began to notice animals in the large, fenced fields. Cows and sheep, like the ones at Sweet Apple Acres. But there was another animal she noticed – with a single, hard toe, long, slender legs, and a huge, bulky, muscular build, with a somewhat long and rather neat head. Its ears stood up from the sides of its head at the top.

“Kinda looks like a remodeled form of me and my friends,” Tempest thought, as they pulled into a side street with large, grand-looking houses.

“Is this it?” David asked, pulling up in front of a trail that led down to a park behind a row of houses.

“Perfect. Thank you so much, David,” said Tempest with a happy smile. She pulled a wad of bills out of her saddlebag totaling 10 dollars more than the fare, gesturing with persistence. “Keep the extra, you’ve earned it.”

David could only smile and wave as Tempest stepped out and shut the door, waving goodbye as he drove off.

Re-adjusting her saddlebag, Tempest headed off down the trail, her eyes wide and happy with anticipation, now that her journey had finally come to an end. It was now simply a matter of enjoying what the little town and its surroundings had to offer.

“I wonder what lies here?” she whispered in curiosity, taking in the somewhat overwhelming sights and sounds of the tall trees that grew alongside the trail and throughout the park. Her excitement was rather reduced when she came upon a big field with white metal frames standing about.

“Placed at opposite ends to each other, with a net. Ball game, maybe?” Tempest wondered, before noticing a playground set. “Probably too big for me. And any little fillies here would be less than eager to play if they saw me around.”

Briefly, she thought back to the sight of the ‘other animal’ she noticed upon approaching the town. Maybe the answer lay with them. But first, she decided to chill out by doing one simple thing: lying down in the grass.

Even with her armor on, just maintaining the posture of lying on her back in the soft grass was so satisfying. Sure, she’d slept in the same position just the night before, but doing so out in the open, in a park far away from the big city, was a different experience altogether. The sun beamed down, warming her belly. It was too tempting – Tempest found herself wiggling her body and rolling about, unknowingly easing out the soreness in her muscles from sitting in the back of that taxi for so long. It really was refreshing, and soon, she settled down and drifted off into a nap.

About an hour later, Tempest was awoken by the loud noise of chattering kids, and a few gasps. As she awoke, she could hear their lines of question, doubt, suspicion, and fear.

“Is that a knight’s horse?”

“What’s a horse doing out in the neighborhood park?”

“It’s a unicorn? But, what happened to her horn?”

“Hang on, that’s Tempest Shadow, ain’t it?”

“Indeed I am,” Tempest declared rather loudly, stretching awake and waving rather sheepishly at the children – who obviously had come to play a ball game. “You don’t need to worry about me, I’ll be on my way soon.”

“Alright. Where you headed? You could come play with us.”

“Hmmm. Okay. But it may not be as you want. I’m going to need some major self-adjusting.”

“What do you mean, self-adjusting?” a teenage chaperone inquired.

Tempest trotted over and took one of the soccer balls that were in a net bag he was holding. With a brief flick, she threw it about fifteen feet into the air. Then she made a tremendous leap, sending her body straight up. Pulling her legs out in a turning posture, she made a quick, hard bodyspin. Her back foot hit the ball, hard, sending it flying at breakneck speed towards a goalpost, bursting the ball like a party balloon and leaving a dent in the metal upon impact.

“Still need a dictionary?” she huffed, plummeting back down and rolling upon landing to break her fall. Everyone was left speechless, some unable to even move.

“I thought so. Now, I’ll have to tone that down a lot to play safely. Think I can do it?”

“Go for it,” the chaperone urged. “We have plenty of balls. Just be mindful of the kids.”


So Tempest got a crash course in the dynamics of soccer, and chose to be a goalkeeper, where she’d be less likely to cause any damage. Given the relatively low strength of the kids’ kicks, it wasn’t too hard for her keen eyes to spot the ball coming, and she blocked it with every move. Even aiming for the top of the net did the opposing team no good. After three rounds they were completely spent, having lost 3 to 9 against Tempest’s team.

“Haha! The win has been tripled!” she scoffed, rolling about in the grass and letting the losing team players’ pants of defeat soak into her ears. “Now, I must go. Time to find some food and water.”

As she turned to leave, the lead member of the opposing team held out a bottle of fruit juice. “Hey, here. You’ve earned it for that epic game. Yeah, we lost, but it was fun having such a challenge. More power to our practice, right?”

“Indeed. And thanks.”

Now feeling energized yet tired, Tempest slid her saddlebag back on, took the bottle, and dropped it in. Then she waved goodbye and headed out on the road.

Her quest now was to find those ‘other animals’ which looked much like her. Logically, you could only fit such large grassy areas in the open, so Tempest headed east, back to the main road, and headed further north. It didn’t take long before she found what she’d been looking for.

A farm, with barns, silos, a house, and fenced pastures. And in one of those pastures, that same animal. Feeling a little excited, she ran up to the roadside fence and sat quietly and watched.

A man entered the area, holding a rope with a clasp at its end. He made a couple cooing noises of attention and encouragement. Amazingly, the animal obediently turned around and stayed still, allowing the man to attach the rope’s clasp to a halter around the animal’s head. With a gentle pull, the animal obediently followed, and the two walked back to the barn together. However, due to the clear, quiet air, Tempest caught wind of a quiet chatter the man had, and one word struck her:


“So that’s what these are,” Tempest concluded. “Strong, obedient, and quite beautiful.” Then, out of the blue, Tempest found herself questioning reality.

Am I actually a horse? A different, unique horse who has feelings and a soul like the humans who enjoy keeping them? And what does that say for my friends?

Pushing the thought aside, Tempest turned her attention to the smooth, flowing plains of grass in front of her. Weirdly, she found it welcoming, inviting even, as if it was calling her to… try it…

Unable to mentally fight the compelling grasp, she leaped over the fence, not even caring to seek permission first. With a quick check to make sure no one was watching, she carefully lowered her head, pursed her lips a little, and took a bit of grass. Grimacing at its rather dry flavor on her tongue, she then chewed it up and swirled the mashed-up bits in her mouth.

“Hmmm, not bad. A little bitter first, but gets sweeter once I get into it.” Shrugging it off, Tempest took in another mouthful, then another. And another. And chewed it all up and swallowed it with pride… wait.

Why do I… what?! Why am I eating grass, and why do I actually…uh, er… like it?

Tempest’s conflicting internal thoughts were soon awakened by a shout of shock and a mumbled sentence of bewilderment. By the accent, she could tell it was the same man. Pretending not to notice, she paused for a moment, then moved around to another patch of grass and took in another mouthful, flicking her tail as if in annoyance. To break the silence, she simply made a little noise, followed by a whisper – a teeny tiny whisper.

“Mmm-mm. Good stuff.”

“I, what, did…”

A few mumbled words came out of the man’s mouth before he fell to the ground with a thump, startling Tempest.

“No! I…”

Now she felt bad. All she wanted was to try the grass, and now she’d given the poor guy a heart attack. For a moment she froze and thought through the situation quickly. If she did offer help, then it’d be likely other people nearby would notice and then she’d likely be accused of hurting him on the spot. She couldn’t just leave him in such a state.

At last, Tempest made up her mind. She rushed up to the gate, flicked the latch, and pushed it open. Sitting down next to the man, she pulled the half-full bottle of water out of her saddlebag and unscrewed the cap with her teeth. Gingerly holding the bottle with her front hooves, she then gently drizzled some of the water over his face, startling him awake. Before he could even get a word out, she immediately put her hoof out to restrain his panicked movement.

“Relax, it’s okay,” Tempest whispered. “I’m sorry. I never meant to cause you to faint and hit your head hard, or indeed trespass. That grass just seemed so inviting.”

Still shaken, the man struggled to get his words out.

“Y-y-you just t-t-”

“Yes, I talk,” Tempest replied annoyingly. How many times would she have to explain this? “I am sentient, like you. But I have a shape and form somewhat like that of your prized animals here.” She glanced at the gravelly ground, where a small red spot lay. “Looks like you cut yourself a bit too. Come, let me get you to the house, so we can get that wound washed. What’s your name, if I may ask?”

“Leo. H-how do you know about wounds? You’re so much like a horse…”

“A commanding warrior who led ruthless armies and served under a tyrant who tried to enslave every land he came across, yeah. I’m not even from Earth regardless. That’s why I still have my more well-known name – Tempest Shadow.”

“Alright. Now I see,” Leo replied with a slight smile as Tempest offered herself as a makeshift crutch. Together they walked down to the farmhouse, where a large Q and A session – and many more events – were about to unfold.

Author's Note:

Yeah, this was looooooooooooong. I had to cut it into two. Stay tuned for part two (which will be shorter, I promise! xD)

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