• Published 26th Oct 2017
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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 14: #CupcakesForToronto

“I just can’t take it anymore!” Skystar whined. “I have to get out and explore! It just feels so cramped in here, and there’s literally nothing to do!”

“I know, Sky,” Pinkie replied with a sigh.

“It’s such a bummer that we have to stay hidden from people who might hurt us just because they don’t know or understand us, and thus are fearful.”

“But they don’t have to - THAT’S IT!”

“What is it?” Skystar asked eagerly.

“What if we could… get them to change? Win their hearts over and let them know who we really are!”

“Bring everyone together to show love and harmony, just like you did with my mom!” Skystar added excitedly, catching on to the concept. “But… how will we do it?”

With a smile, Pinkie ran to the computer and typed in “toronto tram”. Within seconds she found herself viewing a web page on streetcars and the various routes.

“Could you fetch Breezy’s spare map please?” she asked.

Skystar brought it back in seconds. Together they unfolded the map and observed the roads and routes, before understanding the levels of money amounts. Using pen, paper, and a calculator, Skystar sketched a complete route and Pinkie calculated the fares and time.

“Just to be on the safe side, I’ll take thirty dollars,” Pinkie suggested, unscrewing the jar and slipping several toonies, loonies, and quarters into an old change purse she found on Xavier’s bureau.

“How about instead of just talking, let’s give everyone something special,” Skystar suggested. “I’ll ask Joyce if I can use some of her shells to make necklaces and bracelets, and you…”

“Can make my super-duper special sprinkled and frosted cupcakes!” Pinkie excitedly finished.

So Skystar picked up the phone, while Pinkie raided the kitchen cupboards for all the ingredients she needed.

“Hi Joyce.”

“Still at work.”

“I’ll make this quick - can I use your shell collection to make some bracelets and necklaces?”

“Hmmm. Just the jars that contain the small ones - I really don’t need those ones anymore.”

“Thank you!”

“No problem, Skystar. Have fun.”

Pinkie made four batches of cupcakes, while Skystar constructed thirty friendship shell bracelets and fifteen shell necklaces. She’d arranged them in unique patterns, using beads to add more color.

After a good two hours of preparation, it was time to hit the road. Skystar looped all of her bracelets and necklaces onto a piece of cord and looped it around her neck, to make them easier to carry. Pinkie put all her fresh cupcakes inside two large containers lined with foil, neatly arranging them in stacks separated by wax paper. Then she slid them into a large drawstring sports bag and tied it to her back.

“I’ll hold the money and the map!” Pinkie declared excitedly, looping a cord around her own neck and tying it to a small pouch, inside of which she placed the change purse and Skystar’s hand-drawn map.

“Wait,” she paused right before they climbed the stairs. “Does your leg still hurt?”

“I…” Skystar shrugged. Boldly, she undid her dog wheelchair straps and attempted to place some weight on it.

“Ow! Still hurts a little. But it looks like the wound is all healed.”

Skystar parked her dog wheelchair aside and slowly limped around the living room for a few minutes. Every step hurt.

“Probably just needs some exercise,” Pinkie concluded. “Or the muscles need to flex more. Once they get used to constant, but gradual movements, they’ll get their strength back. Besides, you hippogriffs are some of the toughest creatures I’ve ever met.”

“Yeah, we’re pretty enduring,” Skystar blushed. “So, shall we head to the CN Tower or Yonge-Dundas Square?”

“CN Tower has a lot more visitors and is the city’s primary attraction, so it makes sense to visit there. I’d love for us to go up in the tower but it’s too costly.” Skystar concluded, walking into Xavier’s room. “Just need something a little more special for this trip - your board.”

Skystar strapped herself back into her dog wheelchair, Pinkie grabbed her little blue penny board and they headed out the door, setting it to automatically lock behind them.

“CN Tower, here we come!”

A quick run up Downings Avenue landed them right at the transit stop. Skystar took the opportunity to unstrap herself and lay down on the concrete sidewalk, while Pinkie stood and watched. A couple people walked by and gasped in surprise, but for the most part no one was around. After a good twenty minutes, the streetcar pulled up.

“Here it is!” Pinkie squealed with excitement as if she was a kid about to go on her first camping trip. Almost instinctively she waved.

“Impressive, in the way it moves,” Skystar noted. “Looking forward to a great ride to deliver cupcakes and bracelets!”

The streetcar slowly eased to a stop. Skystar pushed back to her feet and strapped herself back into her wheelchair with some assistance from Pinkie. The two strode forward into the street and stepped up onto the tram. Right on cue, the driver’s eyes grew to the size of saucers.

“W-w-who are you?”

“Hi, I’m Pinkie Pie, and this is my friend Skystar. May we board, please? Thanks.”

“You’ll need coins for a fare.”

Skystar stepped up beside Pinkie and opened up the fat change purse. “Got plenty.”

One by one, Skystar gently plucked coins from the purse using her beak and slipped them into the machine until it added to the right amount for two.

“Here you go,” the driver said, handing out the two paper fares.

“Thank you,” Pinkie replied politely, gingerly taking both.

“You’re welcome. Enjoy your trip.”

With the fares paid, Pinkie and Skystar carefully made their way across the floor of the moving tram. Skystar gestured to the front row seats, and they both sat down, the road ahead in clear view. Instantly all eyes were on them, especially a teen with curly, windswept hair and freckles. He looked sullen but relaxed. Pinkie smiled at the skateboard by his feet, but shook her head in dismay at his worn-down jeans. It was too much for her - she sided up to him.

“Are you okay?”

The young chap lifted his cap-covered head to find two oversized bright eyes looking back at him, letting out a yelp that startled everyone else.

“Shhh, it’s alright,” Skystar added, gently caressing his knee with her hands.

“Great. First I lose my job and now I’m being coddled by a freakin’ pink pony and a yellow hippogriff. How more messed up can my life get?”

“And that’s why I am here. My name’s Pinkie Pie. My original intention was to just have fun with my friend Skystar, but that changes now for both of us, because of you. You now are my top priority. I will not rest, nor will I leave, until you are happy again.”

“I’m Zack. Are you serious, Pink?”

“Yes. Now how about a hug?”

Pinkie hopped onto his lap and wrapped her arms around him, causing a little “awww” to be heard from the back of the bus.

“Now, what exactly was troubling you?” Skystar intervened.

“I lost my job for some dumb reason, and then tried to find another one that paid well. It’s not easy around here, and I also currently have to handle some paperwork at a government services building northeast of here. I miss when I was with my high school friend. We used to hang out all the time and have fun together. I’d find cool skate spots and we’d just have a great time performing tricks, jumping, and even simply just cruising around. Recently I’d saved up some money beforehand to give back to him as a thank-you for how much he’d helped me in life, if I knew where he was…”

“Seems like you feel depressed due to losing the most important things in your life,” Pinkie concluded. “Do you remember his name?”

“Not exactly, but all the skateboarding groups around here called him Breezy X.”

Skystar and Pinkie’s faces lit up like Broadway lights.

“We… are his friends too! He took care of us since we obviously aren’t from around here.”

Zack’s eyebrows shot up like springs. “Really? Tell me everything!”

“He still lives with his mom, and now works at a car repair shop. He doesn’t skate anymore, but still has a collection in his room. Right now he’s at work, but you could come home with us later…”

“I’ll even pay your fare,” Skystar offered.

“Sure! Thanks!” Zack exclaimed, giving her a caress on the neck. “Where are you two headed, exactly?”

“We’re heading down to the CN tower to give out some of my special frosted cupcakes with sprinkles!” Pinkie whispered.

“And my shell friendship bracelets,” Skystar added excitedly, pointing to her neck.

“You know what? Forget the paperwork, I’ll do it tomorrow. Let’s all head down there and spread some love and joy together. I don’t know exactly how, but you both have made me feel much better now and my worries are eased. Thank you.”

Zack’s eyes could barely stay dry as they all shared a three-way hug.

The trio continued their journey on the tram all the way down to Spadina Ave.

“There it is – the CN Tower! Right there, right there!” Skystar squealed, before Zack glared at her.

“Sorry, it’s just… I can’t believe we’re so close!”

“Well, this is our stop,” Zack bluntly announced. “Let’s get off here and start walking… and skating. Pinkie, I’ll carry your board.”

Pinkie stuffed her fare paper into her poofy pink mane and hopped off the bus, Skystar in tow. Zack stepped off, holding both boards.

“So now that we’ve arrived in the thicket of downtown, let’s get to selling,” he offered. “There are like ten-thousand people out and about at any one time here. But…”

“Yessssss?” Pinkie asked in a droney tone.

“I just want to give you a few quick tips,” Zack said, dropping her penny board on the hard concrete. “I used to work in retail – selling clothes. You have to show how unique and special those super-duper cupcakes are. Like, what makes them different from something at the local bakery? You know your baking techniques best, present the food in a way that those who eat it will recognize it. Also, don’t pull people into wanting to buy something. Let them decide, but coax them in with a couple short but cleverly-worded questions. Like, how they’re feeling and what their idea is of a delicious treat.”

“Okie dokie loki!” Pinkie exclaimed, hopping onto her board and racing off down the sidewalk. Zack chased after her, with Skystar now flying behind him, overwhelmed with the architecture and general sights of the busy street.

“Wait! We didn’t come up with a proper plan yet.”

“Oh, yeah, sorry.” Pinkie giggled. “How about I go along the streets first and then towards the tower?”

Zack took one glance around and shook his head. “It’s unlikely we’re going to encounter many people willing to have some cupcakes here. Let’s get to the epicenter by Bremner Boulevard. There are a lot more buildings there. We can wait for the LRT or walk, which would take longer.”

“I vote LRT!” Pinkie hooted.

“It’s not really that far…” Zack coaxed. “Just gotta get down there and then over a bridge and past some tall condos and then turn left…”

“Zack’s right, Pinkie. Let’s just walk,” Skystar suggested.

You can walk,” Pinkie teased, pushing off on her penny board. Zack twirled his board with his hand, jumped onto it, and sped off after her.

Guess that leaves me with the one advantage I have… flight, Skystar thought, flapping her wings and gliding through the air at a reasonably low altitude.

Pinkie was finding getting around easier than before when on four wheels that she had total control over, in spite of the bag of cupcake containers atop her back. Zack, who had been skateboarding since he was in middle school, was ollieing and kickflipping over practically anything that was under three feet high and just enjoying himself.

“Whoa!” Skystar exclaimed, her eyes wide and her mouth aghast as she flew over cars in the rightmost lane. “How do you do that?”

“Lots of practice and precise movement of feet, legs, and body,” Zack mused proudly. “I’ve been doing this for years, though honestly Xavier was much more talented than me. His movements were even more precise and fluid – in fact that’s how he got the nickname Breezy X, because his skating was so smooth, fast, and extreme. Ask him about his skate life – he can do a lot more tricks consistently than I can. And… I think you should come down before you attract unwanted attention.”

Skystar flew down onto the sidewalk and casually sided up to Zack, trying to play it cool in front of all the shell-shocked eyes that were locked onto her.

It wasn’t long before they reached the bridge, and Skystar immediately took note of the trains passing underneath.

“Lots of trains here!”

“Yes. When they’re finished doing their daily rounds, they’re parked here until the next day, and also to be serviced,” Zack explained. “Now let’s get going.”

Skystar bounded alongside Pinkie while Zack brought up the rear, paying careful attention to how everyone was reacting to the two. Some gasped, others just ignored them, amazingly enough.

Good, he thought. The less attention the better.

Finally they arrived at Bremner Boulevard and walked across the street, with Pinkie looking more eager than ever.

“We are almost there,” Zack whispered excitedly as they approached a large round building. “This is the Rogers Centre – a stadium to hold events of sports games.”

“It’s as big as the one in Cloudsdale!” Pinkie beamed in awe. “And look – there’s more people!”

“Correctamundo!” Zack exclaimed. “This is where all the action happens. We’ll see how the environment is like and offer one or two people some cupcakes. The adults may not be too keen on the friendship bracelets, but children certainly will be!”

With the goal closer than ever, the three friends raced down the narrow sidewalk to the other side of the Rogers Centre – and were greeted with new attractions left and right. There was a small stand where several guys were playing music, a big fountain gushing with cold water, a railway museum across the street, the grand entrance to the Ripley’s Aquarium, and the actual CN Tower!

“Wow!” Skystar and Pinkie gasped at the same time. “It’s so tall!”

“And all the people here ready to be cheered up!” Zack added, already helping Pinkie open her bag and taking out one container of cupcakes.

“Let’s find a little place for us to sit down and offer out,” Skystar suggested, glancing around for a table or ledge of sorts that would be in plain view. Soon she spotted it: a couple of smooth, thin concrete ledges right beside the fountain. Pinkie arranged a few cupcakes on top of the container lid while Zack set their boards aside, and they both began calling out.

“Cupcakes ready and fresh for everyone!”

“Come get a sweet treat!”

“All free!”

It didn’t take more than a minute before the duo became the center of attention. The first customer was a little boy. Although looking a little scared, he held up two fingers and held out his palm, showing a couple coins.

“Too much!” Pinkie said, plucking one large coin from his hand and dropping it into a small container.

“I think you’re under the assumption that one coin from your world is enough for one cupcake,” Zack said, shaking his head. “Here currency is much smaller, so one cupcake would be around three.” He held up the coin she’d taken from the little boy.

“This is a dollar, so I’d say from grocery store estimates… about two or three dollars would be sufficient.”

“Okie dokie loki!” Pinkie then turned back to the boy with a sweet smile. “Do you have another coin like what you gave me?”

The boy held out his hand again, and this time Zack noted them – a couple quarters, a toonie, and one loonie. After a one-minute explanation, he took the loonie and Pinkie handed the boy one cupcake.


“Aw, you’re so very welcome!” Pinkie replied with a loving smile.

Zack then pointed to the little container. “How much do you think we’ll make this afternoon?”

Pinkie shrugged. “Twenty bits?”

“If bits equal dollars, then yeah, a fair guess.”

After about a dozen customers, the afternoon was past its prime and began to slowly fade. There were still many cupcakes left, and most of the people were preparing to leave. One person had been kind enough to let them use a table, but he’d left now, so they were now forced to set everything on the ground.

“Let’s reposition ourselves towards the aquarium, so we can catch the attention of those leaving,” Zack suggested.

But as they packed up their stuff to shift around, a couple women ran up to them, several men with cameras following close behind. One held out a microphone.

“Argh, the annoying press.” Zack clenched his teeth. This was not something he wanted at all – either for himself or especially Pinkie, given how foreign and naïve she was to their annoyance, treachery, and attitude.

“Listen up, I don’t have time for this, and neither does she,” he hissed, standing straight up and pointing to Pinkie. “If you want a thick paycheck, go report on someone else. This is public property, but both our personal spaces still apply. Don’t like it? Too bad. We have rights to deny just as you have rights to ask.”

The reporter fell silent, a mixed look of stubbornness and disappointment across her face.

“I just wanted to ask if you knew about the interesting fish that’s somehow made it into the aquarium, since one of you looks familiar to her…”

Zack’s eyes bulged in shock and Pinkie’s head simultaneously whipped around, both of them realizing exactly what was going on.

Author's Note:


My schedule is still wonky and I have Firestair Brigade to work on as well, so don't expect the rest to come flooding in quickly.

More epic stuff is coming though.

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