• Published 26th Oct 2017
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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 1: Public Reception



“Are you sure about this?” Tempest asked sleepily as she stepped out into the kitchen, where Twilight was already preparing breakfast.

“I’m positive it’ll work,” Twilight replied, a confident smile across her face as she poured a glass of apple juice.

Tempest trudged over to the dining table and slumped down. “I sure hope so, Twilight. I barely managed to make it here last night without being the source of fright and small-scale panic.”

Twilight swallowed, wishing that what her friend said didn’t occur - but it was true. Not long after Songbird Serenade’s concert, Tempest attempted to go her own way, but stayed in Canterlot at the insistence of Twilight and her friends. A simple evening walk to a hotel room had the townsfolk of Canterlot so terrified that they sent in report after report of a possible invasion or attack, which led to Celestia having to schedule a global meeting to publicly redeem Tempest in the eyes of everypony. Even the hotel manager was spooked, and the duo barely managed to scoop up a room for the night.

“I am still not sure about my future at this point,” Tempest admitted, making use of her hoof to hold a large mug. “I could simply restart where I left off in the badlands and semi-desert near the Storm King’s residence, but the love and harmony of Canterlot is too much to resist. If only it was believable…”

“Of course it’s believable!” Twilight insisted, almost spitting out her oats. “Equestria is a land of harmony, it-”

Tempest cut her off. “I know it is.” She got up and walked over to the balcony which overlooked the lower elevated parts of the city. Twilight followed in earnest as her friend pointed to a group of frightened market-goers who were shakily pointing a hooves at the balcony. “The behavior of those around us is making it hard for me to believe so. Inside I know it, but on the outside it’s tough to convince myself so.”

Twilight nodded sadly. Having been through Trixie and then Starlight Glimmer, she knew how difficult it would be to get Tempest assimilated back into Equestrian society, especially one as hostile and uptight as Canterlot. Not to mention the damage that she’d done - physically and mentally.

“Are you sure you’ll need that?” Twilight asked as Tempest began reattaching her plated armor.

“I...uh, I just feel more confident when I wear it,” Tempest replied admittedly. “At least I had that painful reminder rubbed off my hind plate. You ready?”

Twilight rolled up a couple sheets, closed a few books, and slid them into her saddle bag. “Yep, I’m ready.”

As the morning sun rose up, the two ponies left their hotel room and locked the door behind them. Taking the stairwell to avoid any scares, they trotted down to the lobby, where a couple receptionists already began shaking in fear.

“Have no fear, it is Fizzlepop Berrytwist here,” Tempest announced in the calmest tone she could, setting down two slips of paper and a key card.

“Thanks for letting us stay,” Twilight consoled, setting down her key card.

With that, she and Tempest headed out the hotel’s grand entrance and out into the streets. Hardly had the duo taken ten steps before literally everypony’s heads spun around and attempted to run.

“E...e-e-enough!” Twilight panted, using all her magic power to hold as many ponies in their positions. “Stop it! Enough fear!”

“I could do with some real respect right now,” Tempest mumbled. Twilight looked back at her, mustering all the strength she had to pull a confident face.

“And you’ll get it… soon enough.”

Shocked by the sudden magical auras that were restraining, the townsfolk looked back to see Twilight, her horn alight and her head dripping sweat.

“Let us go, Princess!”


All eyes shifted to Tempest’s face. She’d spoken - and in a serious tone, the same tone she’d used just weeks prior when demanding the magic of the Royal Sisters.

“The Elements of Harmony were about to be destroyed by the Storm King, and guess who saved them from being encased in stone and having their magic taken? You know who? ME.”

The last word left her lips in a clear, loud, and thunderous tone that seemed to shake up the minds and hearts of those whose ears picked it up. A few frowned and attempted to talk back, but Tempest was unfazed.

“Even I was about to be imprisoned in stone, until Twilight Sparkle here rescued me and brought me back.”

“So it goes without saying that you should give her the respect she deserves,” Twilight concluded. Without waiting to notice any significant responses, she urged Tempest forward, and they continued their walk towards the royal castle, where many stagehands were already preparing for the big event.

As they approached the royal gates, Tempest looked up at the castle’s tall spires, then back at the close-knit buildings of the city. Aside from the hostile upper-class community, there wasn’t much to dislike about Canterlot. From what Twilight had told her about Ponyville, it sounded like a much more open concept, smaller town - and hopefully with more accepting residents. Whichever angle you looked at it, both places were inviting, especially after living a life of constant travel and endlessly serving under a ruler claiming to restore what you lost - quite painfully.

“Halt!” boomed two voices, which Tempest had quickly learned to associate with the Royal Guard. In spite of her power, she felt too timid to speak, so Twilight had to step in.

“I am Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship and mentor to Her Majesty Princess Celestia. I have arrived with Tempest Shadow for the event that Celestia had announced yesterday night?”

One of the guards lowered his head slightly and sighed, as if he regretted even performing such an act. The other gave a proper bow and moved his spear aside. “Very well, your Highness, you and your friend may enter.”

Tempest’s eyes narrowed slightly and she bit back a sigh as they entered the castle. Sure, she liked Twilight’s company and her sound advice on friendship, but didn’t consider her a very close friend. At least not yet. Her horn - or, what was left of it - still stood as a sharp reminder of how different she was from Twilight, and how attempting to be a unicorn again only drove ponies away from her. She was a pony in a whole different area where literally nopony else was.

“Think you’ll like Canterlot, Fizzlepop?” Twilight remarked.

“It’s not about the location, it’s about those who inhabit it,” Tempest confessed.

“Well, here’s your opportunity to prove their thoughts wrong,” Twilight stated, confidence all over her face.

With a big sigh and a loving hug from the one pony who helped and supported her, Tempest Shadow headed towards the large balcony doors and pushed them open.

Author's Note:

Let's get this storm started! I have big plans for this story, it's going to be a long one.

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