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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 13: Building the Integra



The first thing I noticed waking up the following morning was the thick jaw and soft, tender cheeks of Fizzlepop BerryTwist on my belly. It felt so warm and comforting and… protective. Added to which, she had a hoof extended across my legs as well. There was no denying it any longer - Fizzlepop was in love with me.

And being brutally honest, I was too.

My eyes flickered in slumber as the gentle but somewhat resonant breathing of Fizzlepop filed the bedroom air. Right on cue, my alarm clock went off, shattering the silence.


“Time to rise, my little ponies,” I announced, albeit groggily. “We’ve got another busy day ahead of us.”

“No playing or parties?” Pinkie pouted as we washed up in the tiny bathroom.

I shook my head. “Believe me, I’d love to have some fun time, but work calls. Maybe tomorrow or the weekend.”

“Aw! But that’s so far away!”

I dried my hands, gripped her body, and held her close to my chest. “The least I can do is give you this.”

“You’re so nice, Xavier,” Pinkie replied, hugging me back.

“We’ll try to be back earlier this time.”

“Pinkie Promise?”

“Pinkie Promise.”

Joyce had already left for work, indicating that we’d overslept. I rushed into the kitchen and whipped up some scrambled eggs, toast, and several bowls of hot milk.

“Have some of these,” I said, coaxing Skystar with a bunch of organic green grapes.

“Hey, thanks!” she replied with… wait, was that a little blush?

Oh, great. I sighed and forced a smile. Did I have two lovers now? Maybe I was as charming and hot as I was kind and helpful.

Figuring to just roll with it, I hand-fed Skystar one grape at a time while gently stroking her head and neck. My fingers felt like they were in heaven - her feathers and fur were so soft!

“I love your feathers,” I whispered with a wink.

“Heheh, thanks,” Skystar replied, gobbling up the rest of the grapes.

“Ah-hem!” Twilight cleared her throat loudly.

“Oh. Sorry.” I quickly turned around and continued eating up my cereal, which was now barely warm. Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, and Twilight ate up theirs, while Rarity was enjoying the eggs.

“I never thought eggs could taste this good!” she exclaimed. “How do you cook them so well?”

“Hold up a minute!” Applejack interjected. “You actually eat… eggs?”

“Not with chicks inside them,” I corrected with a stifled giggle. “Unfertilized.”

“Oh, phew, ya scared me there a little.”

“No worries, sugarcube.”

Now it was Applejack’s turn to blush at me using her own signature friendly term. Guess I really was a hot card.

We all finished our meals and prepared to head off to work. Since I was running late, I wish I could just clunk all the dishes into a dishwasher - but we didn’t have one.

“I’ll wash them,” Skystar offered, her face bright and eager.

“Thank you,” was all I could say. It was just amazing how well we got along. I made a mental note to treat her to something special, as well as everypony else.

“Hey, what are those big jars on your bureau?” Pinkie asked, just as I was about to slip out the door.

“Oh, that’s my coin collection from when I was a kid. No rare foreign ones, just a couple of savings. I gotta find time to count it all and give some to the bank.”

Out on the road, we walked back up Dowling Avenue - with Pinkie and Skystar staying behind as usual. Skystar’s wound was improving fast, and I hoped it would be fully healed by the weekend so she could be fully integrated into the awesome fun adventure I planned to have with all my friends. I was starting to feel bad always keeping her at home. Even with somepony as cute, energetic, and positively thoughtful as Pinkie, that little basement could get boring real fast.

“Hey, look!” Fluttershy exclaimed as we reached Queen Street. “It’s the tram! Pinkie told me about it.”

“Indeed it is, Fluttershy,” I replied, leading them around the corner. “Maybe we can take a ride later on it during lunch break. Or the bus.”

“How about a train?” Twilight suggested.

I smiled sadly and shook my head. “That’d be if we were to visit another city entirely. But hey, I’ll ask my mom. There’s a zillion attractions and events in this wide cluster of cities, towns, and counties.”

“What do you mean?” Rainbow Dash asked.

I pulled out a map from my pocket and unfolded it.


Folding up the map, I gave a little smug smile and we continued walking, in spite of the attention we got. Tempest and I walked side by side, with her looking more casual and friendly this time. I hoped my other pony friends wouldn’t notice, and that they’d simply view Tempest as a loyal and supportive friend. But the stinging question struck just as we reached the shop.

“Xavier,” Twilight said, her voice rather thick and slightly interrogative.

I spun around like a ballerina. “Yes, Twilight?”

“I didn’t want to believe it at first, but… it looks like you and Fizzlepop are… in love.”

“What?” I blurted out, pretending to sound oblivious. Twilight wasn’t frazzled, and continued talking.

“You and her.” She pointed directly at Tempest, who was now standing alert and observant for customers.

“She’s… well…” I bit my tongue and sighed, accepting defeat. I scooted Twilight to the side around the corner. “She loves me, though she hasn’t said it straight up. I kinda just fed into her acts of affection, and I… well. I-I found myself loving her too. That’s it! I can’t really say more about it than that. I had plans for us to go out for lunch together later today, but I don’t want to leave you all hanging.”

“If you want to confirm your love,” Twilight said, “then do it with conviction. Don’t worry about us. Now let’s get working.”

We strode through the large garage door, giving everyone a warm friendly greeting.

“Ayo Rodney! Good morning sir!”

“Good morning, sir.”

“Hey all, hope your morning’s going well.”

My Integra was still parked in the front as it had been yesterday evening, with the engine parts still neatly arranged near the back in Brian’s section. He was there too, doing the final touch ups on the Gran Torino’s engine before it hit the dyno. The primary focus today, however, was Max’s Camaro. Its transmission needed a rebuild. Trannies were not my specialty, so I left that work to the pros of Maverick and Rodney’s crew - specifically Brian.

Instead, we worked on my car’s engine. Most of the money had gone into the block and the fuel system, which I’d spent weeks doing extensive research on how to do properly. I had a fresh pre-built and bored block shipped from the U.S., and bought most of the parts from a place up north, and the turbo kit online. My plan was to turn the Honda into a full-on race car, though its daily driver abilities would be highly questionable.

“Up we goooooo,” Spike sang as he pressed the red button, lifting the Integra up on a lift. With Gabriel’s help I drained all the fuel and cleaned off the excess. I disconnected the fuel rail and removed the lines, along with the fuel pump itself. With those out, I replaced them with a more efficient race- spec system sporting a Walbro 255 and Bosch 044.

With that out of the way, I turned my attention back to the engine. Over the next two hours, Twilight, Brian and I worked together to build it up - installing valves and springs, plugging in lines for the turbo system and pumps (water and oil), assembling pistons and properly sliding them into the block. It really was a lot of work, but thankfully my intensive research had paid off. Brian only had to give a few bits of advice here and there. Twilight also learned a lot about how an engine was really put together.

“There seems to be more technological and more efficient aspects to a B18C1 than there is to an old V8,” she noted.

“Indeed,” Brian replied, torquing a nut on the head. “Car engines have changed a great deal over the past sixty years.”

I then installed the fuel line connectors and the massive 1000cc injectors, which would feed the engine with enough fuel to keep a proper ratio with the air sucked through the big GT3076R turbo. The cams, cam gears, and all other stuff under the rocker cover were in. Finally we double-checked the crankcase and began installing belts, gears, and sensors which would hook up to the wiring harness.

Meanwhile, Garrett and Marcus were busy with the body. Marcus decided to paint the sides with a nice red stripe, and Garrett tried his hand at installing gauges. Because my budget was limited, I chose just two gauges - boost pressure and air/fuel ratio.

Finally lunch time arrived. The engine was pretty much done, with all necessary fittings in place. The intake manifold and vacuum lines were ready to be hooked up, as well as the fuel lines and other electrical stuff. To make the engine reinstallation easier I chose to add the exhaust manifold and finish assembling the turbo kit after doing so. But first, our stomachs needed to be filled.

“Pizza?” Applejack inquired.

Rodney shook his head. “Not this time ‘round, sadly. Everyone’s got their own lunch.”


I headed into the office where Tempest was chilling on the sofa.

“Feels good to relax, doesn’t it, Fizzy?”

“It sure does, Breezy. What brings you here, darling?”

My eyebrows shot up like shrapnel from a detonated block. Did she really just call me ‘darling’? I thought only Rarity had that personal trademark.

The more you know, I guess… My thoughts were lost as Fizzlepop rose to her feet and snuggled up next to me like a giant cat.

“How about a luxury lunch?” I proposed. “Just you and me. Together.”

Tempest shrugged - a slight, cute shrug. “Sure.”

We walked down the road to a nice little juice shop, with tables outside. I could see the fearful body language from other people inside as we approached. Tempest pouted and shook her head, so as to appear innocent and non-threatening.

“Now I have to act sad just to cool their blood,” she sighed.

“It’s alright,” I reassured, stroking her thick tall mohawk before flipping my flirtatious switch to the ‘on’ position for a second. “What flavor would you like, sweetie?”

Sensing this, Tempest looked up at me with a gingerly expression. “Anything with grape or strawberry sounds good.”

While she waited outside, I ordered two drinks - strawberry-flavored soda and orange mango. For a meal, I got two filled bagels - strawberry jam and cream cheese. With the drinks and meals ready, I stepped outside. Fizzlepop was there, sitting all alone by a table, gazing at the traffic and giving the best non-threatening smile she could manage.

“So what’s the topic this time ‘round, Breezy X?” she mouthed disinterestedly.

I slid the soda and strawberry bagel over to her side of the table and sat down with my smoothie and cream cheese bagel. “I… well.” She’d caught me good. I wanted to get deeper into love talk but hadn’t really figured out where to start. But I quickly assembled a question and spat it out.

“What is it about me that has won you over?”

Now it was Fizzlepop’s moment of silence. We’ve exchanged flirtatious words and gestures before, but it wasn’t sincere - just me playing along with her overbearing acts of protection, love, and care.

“I want to know if you’re really sincere about this,” I added in a more serious voice, past experiences ringing in the back of my head. I’d been used as a tool before with snitchy girls in high school and had quit dating ever since. Fizzlepop was the “new girl on the block” in this area, and I wanted to get it right this time. I did not want to be manipulated or overly submissive.

“I… I do love you,” Fizzlepop mumbled, then shuffled her chair closer to me with a pleading smile. I bit back a sigh - I’d seen this tactic before and wasn’t going to fall for it. At least, not yet.

“What is it about me, truly, that you love?” I pressed further, taking a big swig of my smoothie.

“Your devotion to your work, and how helpful and caring you are to those close to you, and those whom you see in need. But… you’re also quite wise. And strong. And… have a beautiful face.”

I took another sip and paused. I’d heard that kinda talk before, but only the second half of it. Fizzlepop had made some good points, and I didn’t doubt she could tell me many more. But it was time to pass the horseshoe.

“Now what do you enjoy?” I asked, before pausing again. “Or what did you enjoy in your previous life - before it all crashed down, you know?”

Fizzlepop shut her eyes and looked down slightly. “Yeah. That life. I was mostly just running around playing ball with my filly friends, not really caring much about the world. I wanted to improve my magic at the time. I lost my horn while trying to protect my friend… all over a little ball. My broken horn never functioned properly after that, and many ponies became fearful or deemed me an oddball It hurt, badly. Then I left Canterlot…”

She trailed off, describing her encounter with the creature called Grubber, serving under the Storm King, and her failed attempt at capturing the hippogriffs’ source of power. Right towards the end she looked like she was about to cry. I hand-fed her some of the strawberry jam-filled bagel in attempt to stifle the sad feelings inside her.

“I just want to turn back the tides and make everything right again…” Fizzlepop broke down again, burying her face into my shoulder. I turned and pulled her close to me in a hug.

“I understand,” I whispered, gently caressing her thick, strong neck. “Time can’t be turned back, but it can go forward. It’s about what is being done now. I understand why you love me now, and I accept your friendship as a close guardian of me and my friends. In fact that’s exactly it. Use that same determination of proving yourself and staying loyal to those close to you to better your life. You’ve got eight friends and a special somebody right by your side. It’s not too late, sweetie. But believe me, there will be hurdles and tests that will come up. Stay strong, use wisdom, valor, and merit, jump over them and chase the goal.”

“Thank you, Xavier.”

“Always there when I can be.”

Hug over, we finished up our lunches. Fizzlepop couldn’t hold her soda, so I held it for her as we walked back to the shop.

Right as we entered, Fizzlepop rose up on her back legs and planted a thick smooch right on my cheek. An affectionate kiss displayed for all shop workers to see. Even over the deafening sound of the dyno, the act was head-turning. It was we’d cut off all the electrical power or something.

“Awww, you’ve found yourself a girlfriend,” Rodney cooed. It was hard to tell if he was legit or just teasing.

I simply shrugged and stroked my sweetheart’s mohawk, before making my way over to the Integra, where Twilight was busy rewiring the harness and Brian was plugging in the S300 ECU.

“Ah-hem!” Fizzlepop announced rather loudly. “Um, just a quick announcement as to what took place. Yes. Xavier and I… are in love. He is whom I choose to stay committed to and protect, in return for the love and support he has given me.”

“Thanks… and you may now get back to work,” she finished with a blush, skipping back outside, almost like Pinkie Pie.

“Oh um…” Now I felt awkward after the ‘secret’ was out. “How’s the work going?”

“Your waifu is sexy,” Brian whispered, and I shot him a venomous glare.

“Just kidding! The Integra’s wiring is almost done, and Max’s Camaro is nearly ready to roll. Had another customer come over with her Trans Am to quickly check for any loss of power.”

“Shall we slide that 302 back in?” I quipped.


Spike lowered the Camaro back down close to ground level, but not so much that it would be hard to get under the car. Brian wheeled over the engine and transmission and together we slowly and carefully placed it back in. To our surprise, Rarity pranced over and in a flash, organized and reattached every single electrical component, even the starter.

“How did you that?” Spike, Brian, and I exclaimed all at the same time.

“Oh, I’ve been doing some reading with Twilight,” Rarity replied casually with a shrug. “Although the upholstery department is still more of my specialty.”

Brian glanced at me, and Spike just shrugged back at him. “That’s Rarity for you. Fabulous, pretty, and quite resourceful.”

With the Camaro’s engine in, it was time to put it on the dyno.

“This is where I need YOU,” Brian called out, pointing up at Rainbow Dash. “Time to put this machine through the awesomeness test.”

With Garrett and Gabriel’s help, we pushed the car onto the dyno neatly so its wheels were properly snug between the rollers. Next came the blocks, which we fastened securely, then tightened down three straps to stop the car bouncing.

“So you keep it fixed while it speeds to measure what it’s got,” Rainbow Dash commented. “Much like when I had to train in a wind tunnel. Sure felt awkward flying in place!”

Brian then plugged the ECU into his laptop and set up the tune as accurately as he always did, and I hopped into the driver’s seat.

“Put it through the gears!” Twilight cheered, standing off to the side.

I started up the engine and gently tapped the throttle to get the fuel going, then eased into the RPMs. I slowly brought it up to 6000, then really high to 8000 before shifting. In mere seconds I had topped 4th gear, with my eardrums barely hanging on.

“That was CRAZY AWESOME!” Rainbow Dash cheered, simultaneously doing a backflip and a loop-de-loop in the air.

“That’s on low power!” Brian boasted. “I think I can still turn it up a little bit while still remaining on the safe side.”

I eased into the throttle before rowing through the gears, filling the shop with the deafening noise of an open throttle DZ302 before finally letting off.

“Awww yeah! Ha ha!” Rainbow Dash whooped, gazing excitedly at the monitor. “350.84!”

“Solid run for a little 8-cylinder block from Granny Smith’s time,” Applejack noted when she could be heard over the noise.

“Time for a call!” Rarity announced excitedly, running into the office and picking up the phone.

I gulped. Rarity talking to Max? Oooooooooh boy, this would be funny.

Because the Camaro’s engine was still running, I could barely hear the conversation. Still, Rarity’s iconic adorably charming voice seeped through the V8’s vanishing noise, and I found myself giggling at her word choices.

“Oh, darling, there’s so much to enjoy!”

“This little puppy can just roar like crazy, you have to try it! Pretty please?”

I broke out laughing so hard I doubled over and my face fell into the steering wheel, resulting in a loud horn blare that startled everyone.

“BREEZY!” Rainbow Dash yelled, and I jolted back upright in the seat, still a little shaky from my laughing session.

“Sorry,” I muttered, climbing out. Brian put away his laptop and we resumed work on my B18C. With the engine remounted into the bay, reconnections and fluids were all that's left. Spike hoisted up the Integra and I attached the intercooler piping, MAF sensor, and exhaust sensor. Garrett, always the watchful one, prepared all the fluids while Brian hooked up the rest of the wiring harness. Finally it was time for a transmission bleed and a startup. Garrett slowly poured in the transmission fluid while Brian added some Ultra 94 to the tank. I hopped into the driver’s seat and slowly began pumping the clutch at a smooth rate. It took almost half an hour, but finally the clutch was fully bled and the transmission ran smoothly.

“Why don’t we attach the new brakes and bleed them now instead of later?” Twilight suggested.

I shrugged. “I don’t see why not.”

Brake bleeding was tricky, because you had to ensure no air was caught in the line at any point, or the pressure would cause abrasion and rupture to the valves.

“If this fluid were to escape, it would shoot out at such a high pressure that a slab of wood could be pierced by the jet of fluid,” I said, pointing at the brake line connecting to the system behind the calipers.

Applejack’s jaw hit the floor. “That is crazy.”

I nodded and hopped back in, gently pressing the brake pedal. Clear and precise communication was held between Garrett and I as we carefully cleaned out the system.

With the brakes done and all fluids added, it was time to start it up.

I flicked the fuel pump switches, and turned the key. The engine coughed and sputtered a little, but eventually roared to life, before dying just moments after.

“Aw!” Rarity pouted.

“Don’t feel the blues too fast, Rares,” Garrett reassured her with a gentle horn stroke. “The engine needs time to accept the fuel. It’ll be a couple rounds of startups before it flows efficiently and equally through the engine’s internals.”

I primed the fuel, waited a good amount of time, and turned the key. Again it died just seconds after. Brian pulled the fuel out of the head using a siphon and we tried again. And again. Finally after seven attempts the engine started… and stayed on, much to the joy of me and my pony friends.



“We finally did it!”

“Great job everyone!” Rodney exclaimed with a happy clap. “Now let’s see how much power we can squeeze out of this thing. There’s one small thing though… those tires aren’t going to hook up well, if at all, under the power of that turbo.”

I sighed and headbutted the steering wheel in frustration. Out of all the parts to buy, how could I have forgotten the most important thing of all? There was no point in building something fast if you couldn’t control it.

Just when I felt like accepting defeat and running a turbocharged Integra on stock, partially worn tires, a shout was heard from the office - and it didn't sound excited or positive.

Author's Note:

Finally got this done. There's been some events happening elsewhere during this time... Find out in the next chapter!

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