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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 28: Returning Home



“You’re really determined,” Zack complimented as he observed Skystar attempt a backside 180. While everyone had been caught up watching Breezy duck it out in the pool, she’d snuck away to bike with the other kids in the park – thus learning many more tricks, given her ability to pick up pretty quickly and her resilient body.

“It’s been a great day, but it’s time to head home now,” Joyce announced, her arms still around Xavier. It turns out the photographer had caught wind of his arrival and had made it just in time for the grand finale at the pool. He’d worked with Xavier early on and so yet another reunion was made. Xavier agreed to let the photo be published, but only on magazines – to which Patrick, the photographer, agreed.

Having got the hang of the basics of skateboarding, Tempest found herself at ease and serenity when cruising, performing flatground tricks, or simply speeding up and down ramps. She didn’t really want to admit it, but she enjoyed being on the board.

Zack was just happy to share his love for BMX with his two new friends, but also knew that they were under Xavier’s legal protection – which meant he’d have to say goodbye.



“Do we really have to… go?” Pinkie pouted, as I packed up my board and Tempest’s into the back of the Forester.

“It was so much fun being with you! Please don’t leave me, sweetie!” Skystar sobbed, throwing herself into Zack’s chest. I gulped and sighed – this would be a tough one. With a quick thinking, I called Twilight, Tempest, Spike, and the others over and got them to stand in a row.

“Listen, all of you,” I announced sternly. “It’s been an amazing day, right? It started out joyful, let’s not ruin its ending with sadness. Rather, let’s end it with an important reminder of what lies ahead. Zack’s got school and I’ve got work back at the auto shop. We can always meet up again next weekend and have fun at a good skatepark or even a well-laid-out street spot. Tempest, Skystar, and I need to prepare for the upcoming court case, which will be the determining factor as to your fates – and I mean all of you. Added to which, we need to start backtracking to find out how you all ended up here, so I can try to find a possible way of helping you all return home. We can find some fun stuff to do together in other parts of the city over the course of the week, alright?”

“Okay, Breezie,” Pinkie sniffled. She then joined Skystar, gripping her friend’s leg.

“We love you, Zackie!” they both chorused with a sniffled.

Holding back tears of his own, Zack smiled and lifted Pinkie up, nuzzling and kissing her as if she was his daughter. Kneeling down, he then gave Skystar a big kiss on her beak and a long, comforting hug.

“It’s been great meeting you both and having fun. Keep your bikes at Breezy’s house. They’re yours now and forever. If you have any issues with them, don’t hesitate to hit me up.”

Skystar and Pinkie hugged him hard, then slowly let go, as if they were letting go of something they knew deep down inside they felt they needed, but had to go on without.

Which in a way, Zack was. And so was I.

Sucking in a shallow breath to hide an impending sob, I quickly turned to the Forester’s door and pulled it open. “Come on everypony, it’s time to go.”

We loaded the bikes into the back on the side, so as to give Tempest more space to rest down. I leaned down a little and peered under the trunk door at her with a solemn smile. She simply shifted her eyes in my direction, almost glaring, but managed a pleased sigh and a smile back – a tiny, content smile.

I shut the trunk and hopped into the front seat with Spike in my lap, and we drove off, the Forester’s engine’s iconic rumbles resonating through the cabin. As we cruised down the highway, I thought back to the developing relationship between Skystar and Zack – how he was inviting them into his life, and how he grew on them. For some reason it brought up a song I’d played a few times before in my freshman years. A quick flick through my GPlay song list revealed I still had it, so I synced my Galaxy S to the Forester’s stereo and turned up the volume.

Mere minutes later I had my head leaning back, relaxing my sore muscles and my eyes gazing longingly out at the downtown skyline when the air became vibrant and gray with internal thoughts being ejected in the form of clear salty fluid and body movements. Five of them – Spike, Rarity, Pinkie, Skystar, and Tempest – were all sobbing. I even found something hard pressing between my legs… from on top of me.

“Whoa, easy boy,” I whispered to Spike. “Damn I didn’t even know you were that mature. Hold back the red meter on your rocket.” However, before I could ask anything about his love life, Twilight spoke up and explained how he fell for Rarity and their experiences over the years. I was starstruck – I’d never thought of Spike like that, ever. Or Rarity, for that matter, even though I knew how strikingly beautiful she was.

I glanced over at Pinkie and Skystar in the rearview mirror, passing tissues and breathing heavily. Now I felt bad. What began as a humble attempt to add tunes to fit the mood had only amplified the gloom level by a million times, not to mention causing a little dragon to feel kinky. And I didn’t even want to know how crushing Tempest felt in the back. But Twilight and the others seemed to like Abel’s voice, so I played another song.

This one was more upbeat while still running rich on dark RnB vibes, and slowly the smiles started to come back. So I put it on repeat, until my mom asked to pause for her to be heard.

“I’m getting the feel that your friends are starting to worry that their positive emotions of attraction will fade away because the situation will force it to be temporary,” Joyce remarked in a serious voice as we stopped at an intersection. “You have to give them hope that they will still be able to be with you and be accepted by society. They really love you, more than you can imagine. Especially Tempest.”

I swallowed and sighed, the weight of the whole of Toronto suddenly on my shoulders. I really had a big responsibility. But I had to take it one at a time and take small but highly influential and impactful steps.

“I have to get through the legal system first,” I stated flatly. “Then we can move forward. But before that, I believe we need to fix up things at home and figure out a good schedule to accommodate both you and I. I think I’ve just been running on dry steam – rushing out, workout with cars, come back, work on a bit of music, and that’s it. I… I’m sorry for not chatting and sharing much, Mom.”

“It’s alright, son,” Joyce replied with a warm smile. “Just remember to stay consistent with your word.”

I switched to ambient progressive house on my phone and we continued on our journey home.

Some forty minutes later, we entered Parkdale. Glancing back, Pinkie, Skystar, and Twilight Sparkle were all fast asleep. I coyly smirked at how their thighs were wide open, and two beautiful, smooth-rimmed holes of different sizes were clearly visible, before my smile suddenly shrunk and my mind started thinking hard and fast; I realized – this would be seen – and most likely had been seen – by practically everyone. Sure, their tails hung down when walking, but tails move naturally as part of a quadruped’s walking cycle. And what about running? They’d fly right up and flash for all to see.

I rubbed my temples so hard they felt like they were being crushed. I couldn’t believe I’d failed to realize this dead-obvious reality. I didn’t know about Toronto’s levels of bestiality among predators, but why the heck should I even take a chance?

For a moment, an image of myself, face fallen, at an ATM flashed through my mind. I still had to pay the fees for the court case with Tempest, Skystar, and I. Now the urgent need for clothes came along. How amusing and fun that would be, especially with Rarity! But like so many things in life, it’d have to wait.

“When is the court date, exactly?” Joyce asked.

I opened up the calendar app on my Galaxy S. “Thursday.”

“Alright. I’ll have to call my boss to request an exemption for then.”

“Ha! Me as well.”



The sun was just setting as we all stepped out of the Forester. Right away, I rushed to the trunk and pulled it open. Tempest was lying there, front legs crossed, just sleeping peacefully.

“You know, for such a big strong warrior she’s actually quite cute and lovely,” Joyce whispered, suddenly appearing next to me.

I nodded and sat on the edge beside her, leaning close. “Fizzy, Fizzy my love, May you please rise, rise, the sun’s beaming, it’s last shine, shine, it’s time to relax and dine, dine…”

Tempest just sighed in her heartbeat pattern of sleep. I reached out and ran my fingers through her mowhawk, then gently scratched her ear. She twitched, then blinked, before slowly raising her head to find me smiling lovingly into her eyes.

“We’re home, Tempest,” I whispered, caressing her muscular, crested neck. “Feeling sleepy, sweetie?”

“Stop that,” Tempest spat, before holding back a little smile of her own. “It’s a good thing you’re here, Breezy.” She turned to see Twilight, Spike, Joyce, and the others all gathered around. “And you all, too.”

Author's Note:

A little short, but I worked a little more to make this one more interesting.

It's been a whole year since I started this story, and I just wanna say thank you all for all the support. Your viewership, faves, likes, and comments mean everything to me. I know it's so long, and I want to wrap it up in the best way possible. I hope to finish it off by the end of the year at most, or mid-December at least, inshallah (God willing). Stay tuned for the court case!

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