• Published 26th Oct 2017
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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 2: Station Retaliation

“Remain relaxed and composed,” Tempest repeated over and over in her head as she stepped out onto the balcony. All of Twilight’s friends - Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Rarity were all there. So were Princess Celestia and Luna. As inviting as their face were, their presence somehow boosted her anxiousness.

But she lied to herself. As she reached the very edge her hooves felt twitchy. Sighing, she began her speech, which she’d thought over in her head for a brief while.

“Thank you all for attending. I really do… do not have much to say. But what I do need to say will be said. I need you all to understand who I am and what happened to me. I lost the most precious thing in my life to an accident while saving old friends, and the outcome of it only drove them away. For a long time I trekked across Equestria, feeling worthless and lonely. Everyone I met always questioned me about my horn or shied away on first contact...It was as if no one loved me…”

Fighting back tears, Tempest rose her head high again, biting her lips to stop them trembling.

“It was through the love and compassion of Princess Twilight Sparkle that I was able to see the error of my ways, dare I say foolishly believing the tyrant that is the Storm King could restore what I wanted back so badly. Looking in the now, the healing process comes from both sides. I understand that the true value of a pony is not how they look like, but what lies inside of them - their heart and their mind. I wish to give back to you all with a bid of the same kindness and compassion that Twilight gave me. Will you contribute to your side of the healing process just as much as I contributed to mine? The choice is entirely up to you - and know that your actions and behavior affect not only me, but everypony in Equestria.”

Looking back, Tempest turned to face the townsfolk of Canterlot once again, tears spilling onto the golden railing.

“It is from you that I seek love, respect, and harmony, oh citizens of Equestria. Please love me and let me love you. Thanks again… for coming.”

Tempest gave a low bow and sulked away, expecting a wave of boos and insults. But to her surprise, a torrent of applause erupted from over 2,000 pony throats.

“Are you… is it true?” she whispered, turning back to the cheering crowd. Celestia shot her a told-you-so wink.

“I LOVE YOU TEMPEST!” came a loud shriek, considerably louder than the others. Looking straight down over the railing, Tempest noticed a young little filly, hovering high up in a desperate attempt to stand out.

“Love you too, little one,” Tempest whispered back loudly, giving the youngster a little wave before leaving.

“So, got plans to stay in Ponyville, Fizzlepop?” Rarity teased as they all re-entered the castle hall.

“I think I actually will,” Tempest replied. “For the time-being, until I can make a final decision where I want to go. Maybe I can try to find my old fillyhood friends, though I’m not sure if they’ll remember me…”

“If they are really are your true friends, then they’ll recognize you for how awesome you are on the inside!” Rainbow Dash beamed.

Tempest smiled back. “I’ll keep that in mind.”

At the train station, Twilight and her friends waited patiently, only to be interrupted by a horde of Canterlot nobles.

“You didn’t attend the event, huh? Huh?” Rainbow Dash barked, already in their faces.

“That dark beast has no place in our fair city!” one shouted back, clearly not fazed by Rainbow’s tough attitude.

“Everyone is welcome to Canterlot!” Rarity responded in retaliation.

“Be gone, you block-faced purple donkey!” another older stallion shouted.

Before Twilight could even get out a word, Tempest charged at the group of big-mouthed nobles. Swallowing with regret, she unleashed a powerful bolt from her horn directly at their heads, throwing them into a seizure which physically shook them.

“Tempest, what are you doing?” Twilight cried. “Let them go!”

Tempest ignored her and locked her eyes on the ponies she’d temporarily held in a paralyzed state. “Don’t you ever call me - or any pony for that matter - such names ever again. Now you tell your elitist friends exactly what you said to me, and tell ‘em there’ll be more coming from Tempest.”

With that, Tempest gave a hard stomp to establish her seriousness and released her magical grip, casually dropping them like a stack of cans onto the station platform. Without a word, they fled back to the city like bees seeking honey. Other ponies on the station platform stepped back in fear, others rushing inside the main building, waiting for the train inside instead.

“Why…” Tempest muttered, her bulk slumping down to the ground, her eyes welling up. “Why can’t you see…”

“Fizzlepop, darling,” Rarity began, setting a hoof on her shoulder. “Did you really have to do that?”

“You could’ve killed them!” Pinkie Pie screeched, before biting her lip upon realizing the weight of what she’d just said.

Killing. That was something Tempest had fond but excruciatingly painful memories of almost doing to the rulers of the land she resided in. And now they were back to haunt her along with the reprimand talk of who she was that she just received.

“Tempest, I - we,” Twilight began, but Tempest turned away quickly, her head down.

“I’ll come with you to Ponyville, just for you, Twilight,” she muttered, a hint of anger and frustration in her voice. “But, I’ll stay on top of the train, where no one will notice me or say anything about me.”

“Are you sure about that, sugarcube?” Applejack inquired. “Seems like going a long way out just over the opinions of a bunch of snooty-nosed meanies.”

“I just need time to feel better about myself and what I can do to put a smile on other ponies’ faces. And I need to do it alone,” Tempest confided harshly.

The train pulled up, its loud brakes shattering the conversation. Tempest leapt to her feet and hid behind the station building. Twilight, Pinkie, Applejack, and the others organized their luggage and lined them up neatly on their respective carts before boarding the train.

“I sure hope Tempest will be okay,” Fluttershy whispered sadly, looking out the window at the empty station as everypony else settled down.

“She’s just emotionally unstable due to what was said about her.”Rarity replied. “She just needs time to chill and recover.”

The train’s whistle blew, and it began slowly chugging away from the station. Checking to ensure no one was watching, Tempest crept out from her hiding place and watched the caboose pony through the windows as the train sped away. As soon as his back was turned, she stepped onto the tracks and ran after the train, invisible to anypony.

The train picked up speed, getting faster and faster. Tempest galloped as rapidly as she could in an attempt to catch up. At full tilt, she finally reached the caboose. Grabbing the coupling, she used all her strength to pull her muscular body up. With a mighty push of her hind legs, she heaved herself up onto the roof and lay flat, getting a firm grip. At last, she was where no one could see or hear her, and was still on the journey to a town where at least, the chances of being loved and accepted were higher.

Author's Note:

I'll be honest, Tempest's behavior here was modeled on my own teenage emotional fits. Hit that "track" button - got a lot more coming.

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