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Adventures in The 6ix - Wiz Ahmad

After a malfunction with the Crystal Mirror during a demonstration, the Mane 6, Spike, Tempest, and Skystar get transported to another world - Toronto.

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Chapter 36: Tempest Comes Home

Author's Note:

WARNING - Breezy and Fizzy's relationship gets serious here. You have been warned.

I may have to edit it later to keep this T-rated. Mods, hit me up if it's so.



“I still can’t believe it’s been this long,” Leo said sadly, lowering the ramps on the trailer. “You’ve known us for two whole months, and now you’re leaving…”

“Ee-yep,” Tempest nodded flatly. “It’s been a wonderful experience that’s uncovered a new side of me. I am embarrassed to admit it, but… I liked you guys treating me like a horse. Wearing tack and being urged to run across grassy land was a great thrill!”

Holding the lead rope attached to the halter she was wearing, Leo smiled warmly at her and stroked her neck. “In that case, you deserve to have what you’ve enjoyed.”

Tempest tilted her head like a dog. “What do you mean?”

Leo grinned and leaned in to her ear. “The tack is yours to keep. My kids have observed you enjoying wearing it. If you really love it, then you should have it. I can always buy some more in the future, you know – ”

Before Leo could even trail off, Tempest pulled him into a hoof hug, nearly on the verge of tears.

“Th-thank you so much, Leo.” She turned to notice two little figures by her side. “And you two too, Ashley and Nathan.”

Madeline, on the other hand, was unable to cope, and retreated to the house. Tempest sighed sadly. As much as she loved working on the farm and being treated like a horse, her true calling was with her friends, and her home in Equestria. Her hours of community service were all complete, and had been fully approved. Now she had to return to sign a few completion documents and reunite with her friends. With Xavier busy at work, Leo offered to drive Tempest down to Toronto himself, with his kids in tow.

“Know that I’ll always love you guys, and I won’t ever forget all that you’ve done for me,” Tempest stated solemnly as Leo closed the trailer’s doors after safely tethering her inside.

With Tempest secured in the trailer, Leo and his kids piled into the truck and hit the road.



Work felt rather dull today. I simply told my co-workers that it was “just some odd reason”, but inside I knew the true reason – I needed to get started on an important mission that I should’ve carried out months ago: finding any clues from the crash site when my friends originally landed on Earth. They represented the Elements of Harmony, which held a large amount of magical energy, so it should make sense to wear the necklaces when they started up the portal.

It got so bad, I almost stumbled and hit my head on a Corvette’s tranny while attempting to undo a bolt with a breaker bar. Garrett caught me in time.

“You okay bro?”

“Yeah, just heavily preoccupied mentally. I’ll grab a spot of early lunch.”

In the office, I made a cup of coffee and heated up some pizza. As I sat back and reflected, it seemed like there was more than just the guilt of delaying the most important goal. Yep, I was yearning inside for my girlfriend, Fizzy. I missed her a lot.

“Having some breakup issues?” Brian asked, sitting down beside me on the couch with a large burger and a can of pop.

I sighed and shook my head. “Far from it. Just been separate for a long time. I haven’t had the best luck with girls all my life, until Fizzy came along. Mostly because I usually was the one with problems and ended up projecting them onto my girl. But this time, it’s my girl who was inflicted with previous pain, problems, and mental issues, and I was the one to help her recover from her past. So it…” I held back a tear. “It makes me feel better that I’ve done something good for a girl I love, rather than just ‘love’ per say, ya know?”

“I could see that,” Brian admitted. “I’ve been in relationships before, and not all have been the best. Even when knowing someone you love is leaving only temporary, it can still feel permanent after a while. It’s only after you spend some time seriously and deeply thinking about the reasons why, does it come back into proper perspective. Basically, it gets better with proper thought.”

Hearing this, I sat back and pondered. It’d been a short time since Tempest and I had gotten together, but so much had been accomplished within that time that it felt longer than it actually was. Maybe Tempest did have a point about needing to get away from the hustle and bustle of crowded city life. I had no idea how serious my mom would be about almost the same thing.

With lunch over, I continued work on the transmission, pulling it out and removing the worn-down clutch, bearings, and seals, and replacing them with upgraded, new ones. I’d done these many times before, and before the next hour passed, I had the tranny back onto the engine and back in its housing, firmly mounted to the chassis and driveshaft.

I wasn’t the only one though – I could see a solemn and longing look on Garrett’s face, albeit a brief one.

“You’re missing them all, aren’t you?”

“Yeah. Mostly Spike. He’s such a cool, obedient, and helpful kid. Watching him eagerly operate the lift just seems to make this otherwise dirty and arduous job so much more enjoyable. Fluttershy, too. Out-of-this-world kind and polite. Sucks that they’re all going to be leaving soon, for good.”

I simply nodded and said nothing more, cleaning the wheel arches and replacing a rusted control arm, before lowering the Corvette back down to ground level, slowly and quietly.

“I’m gonna have to put three diamonds on the customer service chart or someth…” Maverick trailed off as a truck hauling a large trailer came into view by the front bay door. From my angle, I couldn’t tell who was driving, exactly, but I could hear a voice – a kid’s voice.

“So this is it, the place where Xavier works,” Ashley nodded in confirmation, stepping out of the truck, followed by her younger brother. “Lookin’ pretty sweet.”

“Come help me,” Leo called, already pulling down the trailer’s ramp. Ashley and Nathan simultaneously pulled the door latches and yanked the doors open, while Leo stepped inside. Tempest was napping, but soon awoke at the gentle caresses of Leo’s hand.

“C’mon, Tempy, we’re here. Someone special is waiting to see you…” he whispered, unlatching the rope and leading her out of the trailer, into the light.

“Uuunnnnfffff,” Tempest murmured, blinking rapidly in an attempt to adjust to the intense light of the afternoon sun. “Even in the city it’s bright.”

With Tempest out of the trailer and her eyes re-acclimatized, Leo unclipped the rope from her halter.

I could barely believe my own vision. She was here, and here to stay. Well, not technically, but still.

“FIZZY!” I gasped in excitement, rushing forward, nearly tripping. I pulled off my dirty gloves and threw my arms around her neck in a warm hug, tears already spilling.

“Well, this marks a reunion and separation at the same time,” Tempest stated humorously. “But it’s all good. It feels great to be back here in the city with you, Breezy.”

“I…I’m happy that, you’re back with me, sweetie.”

Ashley held up the Western saddle, with the saddle pad, reins, breast collar, straps, a lasso rope, tail wrap bandage, shin guards, and bridle delicately balanced atop it. “Mr. Xavier, this is yours. Tempest loved wearing it, so it’s only fitting that I leave it with you, your sole lover and guardian.”

“A whole tack, set, huh?” I replied, beaming. “I don’t know how to ride, and I wouldn’t ride my lover, at least not that way! But, thank you very much. Looks rather expensive, so I’ll be sure to keep it safe. And thanks for taking great care of Tempest for me.”

“All in a good equestrian’s life,” Ashley replied proudly.

I then got a good crash course in equestrian work. Leo, Ashley, and Nathan showed me how to lay down the saddle pad and properly place the saddle on Tempest, how to put on the bridle and run the reins, and hooking up the breast collar. I was astounded. I could not believe that Tempest actually loved the feeling of being in this state.

Spike would have a blast on her back, provided he could stay on, I briefly thought, before being interrupted by Leo. “Oo-kay, time for us to go.”

“Wait a minute,” Nathan said, rushing back to the truck and returning moments later with a small duffel bag.

“Almost forgot, here’s Tempest’s armor and black jumpsuit.”

Xavier gently took it and draped it across Tempest’s back. “Thanks for not forgetting this. It’s been a pleasure knowing you three,” I said, giving Leo, Ashley, and Nathan a firm good-bye handshake.

“You too, Xavier. Take care.”

“Well, that’s one thing I can cross off my list of ‘weird stuff I’ve seen in my life’,” Maverick chuckled, assisting Garrett and I as we pushed the fixed Corvette onto a flatbed trailer, ready for transportation to its owner in the eastern part of the city.

“Tempest’s a… unique and interesting character, to say the least,” I whispered over to him as I tightened the holding straps.

I continued work on other cars until the evening, when Maverick and Rodney closed up. I wiped my forehead and examined a bruise and a small cut on my arm. I entered the office area and washed up in the bathroom. Tempest was lying on the couch, looking cross and bored – and still in her tack.

“Why didn’t you head home?” I inquired.

“Like I’d ever leave you,” she huffed, in her sarcastic gruff voice, though I saw a tiny little pout at the tip of her lips.

I had to grin as a part of my heart melted away. Was she playing the loyal doggie card?

“C’mon, the day’s ended. We gotta head home and regroup. I need to execute the first part of my plan.”

I leaned down and stuck out my hand, and she placed her hoof in my palm. Then she stretched and pushed herself upright.

“For somepony so strong, you sure seem delicate inside at times,” I mused. I flicked off the light switches as we walked out, pulled out the special key for the front entrance, and locked the door behind us.

With the duffel containing her armor flung over my shoulder, and Tempest fully clad in tack, we walked down the streetlight-lit streets of Parkdale together, as the couple we were.

Reaching home, I undid the bridle buckles so Tempest could give her mouth a rest – and speak properly.

“Uh, guys?” I called down the steps as we entered. “We’ve arrived.”

“Hmmm,” Tempest muttered, taking note of the absence of lights. I too realized it was pitch black beyond the foot of the stairs. Nonetheless, Tempest and I descended. We just reached the last step when…

“SURPRISE!” came Pinkie’s indignant shout. All the lights went on, and I could see my LED strip lights flickering.

Joyce, Twilight, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Rarity were arranged in a circle around the living room coffee table, on which lay a plate with the most beautiful cake I’d ever seen, with two candles stuck atop it.

Rainbow Dash and Spike blew horns simultaneously while firing a small confetti cannon.

Tempest had to hold back an eye-roll. She loathed excessive parties. But on the inside, her heart was beaming with joy – and that soon manifested itself on the outside in the form of happy tears.

“I…I don’t know what to say. To all of you. F-for doing something like this. I’ve only been away for two months.”

“And that’s why I threw you a happy two-month party!” Pinkie exclaimed, literally wrapping herself around Tempest’s neck in a hug.

“Well, I can truthfully say I love it,” Tempest confided. It was then that Applejack took note of how her friend was dressed.

“What’s with the saddle and straps across your face?”

“What?” Tempest mused, stealing a glance at Rarity. “Don’t you like it?”

It was now my turn to give joyful greetings. I gave my mom a warm hug and lifted Spike right into my arms as if he was my little brother, giving a little forehead kiss. Twilight, Fluttershy, Applejack, and Skystar all received hugs and kisses too, while I gave Rarity a nice ear scratch and a firm brofist to Rainbow Dash.I changed into more casual clothing, gave Tempest a quick sponge bath, and quickly dried her with a hair dryer.

“Ready for the party?” Pinkie said in an anticipating, slurred voice.

“Yes I am!” I snapped confidently.

“Then let’s get started, darling,” Rarity replied.

We began with a game of chess - which Twilight won twice, but I won the third match. Afterwards, Tempest blew out her candles and we ate the cake together, along with other deserts. Then we had a little dance-off to some of Joyce’s favorite traditional music. I ate so much I had to walk about and skate a little outside to burn off the excess calories.

“So, what’s the special plan?” Twilight and Pinkie inquired, as we settled down to relax by my bed. Joyce was reading a story to Spike, Skystar, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash, while Tempest was curled up on the bed, her tack all neatly placed by the footboard.

“It’s simple,” I explained, pulling off my socks and crossing my legs. “We return to where I first discovered you guys, and leave no stone unturned, no person unquestioned until we find definite clues to your arrival on Earth. If we’re lucky, we might be able to find the Elements of Harmony necklaces.”

Twilight nodded. “That sounds like a good step. Shame we didn’t get around to doing this the day after it all happened.”

I nodded in agreement. “Absolutely true, Twily.”

All at once, Tempest slid across the mattress behind me and kissed my ear, uttering a sly whisper that only I could hear.

“Take my spandex off.”

I twitched and pulled my head away as if a wasp had flown into it, before pulling my composure back into position. “Later, ok?”

“I heard that, Tempest!” Twilight sneered, resulting in some serious blushing. I smiled and sipped some water from a bottle atop my bedside table, then – in full view of everyone in the room – held it up, deliberately spilling the remainder in a thin dribble all over Tempest’s face and onto her lips. She promptly lapped it up and gasped tensely, as if slightly short of breath.

Yes, I am a savage, I thought evilly.

“Xavier!” Joyce snapped, slamming the book down on the couch.

Rarity blushed, while Rainbow grimaced and staggered backwards.

“Ya ah real dirty fella,” Applejack remarked crossly.

I just sat on the bed, my face pale from fright and embarrassment at what I’d actually done. Meanwhile, Tempest was taking it all in, lapping up every drop of the water. In a sudden jerk, I righted the bottle and screwed the cap back on. The moment the bottle hit the tabletop, Tempest groped me and pulled me around to face her, her eyes pleading with pleasure. I myself had to hold back and fight my own urges.

“I can’t go all the way,” I confessed. “We’ll have to formally work this out. But we can sleep together. Just a minute.”

I craned my neck around to face the others. “Uh, girls? Spike? Let’s get to sleep. I’m tired and Tempest’s a little… preoccupied at the moment.”

Twilight nodded and brought the old mattresses into the studio, and everypony settled down, dozing off in the next half hour or so. Joyce's lights were soon out. Now it was just me and Tempest in the living room.

I shut the lights off – except for the faint light of my phone.

“Listen…” I whispered, softening my voice. “Just because we’re close, doesn’t mean we can get that close. There’s a time and place for everything. I’d prefer for us… to be married. Back in Equestria. I seriously am considering moving there with you.”

“R-r-really?!” Tempest gasped excitedly, wrapping her hind hoof around my ankles.

“Really. There are certain things that I've come to understand. High expectations can kill a simple man. I've been trying to master the art of distant, foreign love. But only so much can keep a girl like you warm.”

“We've been living in a cold, difficult world. But at least I have you to rely, even if for a short time. We both have been relying on each other for so much. As long as you know when I arrive in Equestria, you're mine, and I’m yours. Now, where’s that zipper?”

We sat up. It took me literally a second to find it and pinch it hard. Tempest literally shivered with glee as I pulled it back and peeled her jumpsuit off her body. Her cute purple fluff came out, and I instinctively rubbed and ruffled. Having got it off, I found a shocking yet obvious secret – it was so hot below it was literally glowing.

I tossed the jumpsuit on the floor and massaged her midriff as she licked my nose like a dog, before shuffling her hind legs closer.

Oh, you really tryin’ girl, I thought, squeezing my legs together to block access to what lay within. I rolled over and she wrapped her hind legs around mine, letting her chest fluff tickle and comfort my back, as well as wrapping her front hoof over my midriff, caressing my abs a little. Easing the tensions, we soon dozed off to sleep. Tempest knew of her playful, naughty, and dirty sides, and had become bolder in displaying it. I’d slept with girls before and taken off their bras – I knew of the behavior. But this wasn’t what I wanted at this point in time. It’d been a test, merely, to get to understand her purely as a person – er, pony.

Now that many of her bottled-up favorites and guilty pleasures were coming out, I had to handle them more carefully.

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